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Rosemary Clooneytunes
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Come On-A Our House !
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Art Lund - I Wish I Wuz
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Kiki - Betty Clooney
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Bing Crosby - Church Bells
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  • Thanks N Please.!
    Thanks N Please.! 2 days ago

    Only you have that Magic technique Make me SWAY the way Only you know how 👘💌

  • Jubal Calif
    Jubal Calif Month ago

    Holy Underwear, Batman ! What a great version of one of my all time favorite tune ! What a gifted singer the late great Rosemary Clooney was ! THANKS for sharing this marvelous clip with us ! CHEERS !! :-)

  • Marcelly Dos Santos

    Still listennig 2019...🎧🎶🎵🎻🎤🎸

  • Marcelly Dos Santos

    Braziilans here!!because we like good music too... A big hug from Brazil to everyone...RIP Rose

  • 松田穂
    松田穂 Month ago


  • Lynne Henderson
    Lynne Henderson Month ago

    Aunt Rosie!!! :-)

  • Langley Bryant
    Langley Bryant 3 months ago

    1:02 some good stuff

  • Jourwalis -
    Jourwalis - 5 months ago

    What a poor picture quality! The worst I´ve seen! You can hardly recognize their faces. On the other hand the sound quality is very good! Strange that picture and sound doesn´t match better!

  • Alex Claypotbear
    Alex Claypotbear 5 months ago

    Who is that fuzzy wuzzy bear? :3

  • Nan Fitzsimonds
    Nan Fitzsimonds 5 months ago

    Rosemary had a recording of "Hey There" that was just beauiful!! I saw here in little venue IN SMITHVILLE,NJ .the act was called 4-GIRL-4.It was Margarent Whiting, Helen O'Connel & Barbara McNair. They were wonderful.Pardon the spelling ,I'm really old"I seen dozen & dozens of ct's I love ,love , music film & theatre but I was given NO TALENT! (tears)

  • Yasir 1919
    Yasir 1919 5 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Dorilla Gagné
    Dorilla Gagné 5 months ago

    Thank you so much for these beautiful moments <3

  • James John
    James John 6 months ago

    Just sway my way thug life.

  • Steve Endicott
    Steve Endicott 6 months ago

    Did Gene Autry ever make a recording of this?

  • JakulaithWolff
    JakulaithWolff 6 months ago

    Her voice~

  • Dorilla Gagné
    Dorilla Gagné 6 months ago

    Thank you so much for all these beautiful moments still in our memories <3

  • Tee Mont
    Tee Mont 7 months ago


  • Butch 78
    Butch 78 7 months ago

    Warren one of the greats of the modern era. Mr Appleyard too.

  • cadicorniche
    cadicorniche 7 months ago

    From the beginning to the end - there is nothing that she didn’t sing beautifully. A great singer of any type of song. She brought life and depth to everything.

  • James Carson
    James Carson 8 months ago

    What the hell was that?

  • Trent Austin
    Trent Austin 8 months ago

    man this is burning!!!

    BRANDMADE.TV 8 months ago

    Caterina Valente's duet work in the mid 60's with Dean, Bing, Danny Kaye is incredible - and all on TVclip. She was (is) a unique talent (Singer/Dancer/Guitarist) and of course a true polyglot who was comfortably fluent speaking and singing in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, (and probably more...).



  • Butch 78
    Butch 78 8 months ago

    Warren and Pete what a double act.

  • Jim P
    Jim P 9 months ago

    Rosemary looks like she's not 100% convinced!

  • John Morris
    John Morris 9 months ago

    Correction above. That is not Ross Bagdasarian in the scene but veteran character actor Lloyd Corrigan in a loosely portrayed role of Ross. And that isn't a harpsichord.

    • rustymonkee
      rustymonkee 5 months ago

      bruh you obviously don't know what ross look like because that's him

  • John Morris
    John Morris 9 months ago

    As Ray Manzarek related to me in 1965 (before the advent of the "Doors"), his style of playing and the harpsichord sound he preferred, was influenced by Stan Freeman's harpsichord playing on this record.

  • Steve20127
    Steve20127 9 months ago


  • Larry Shaver
    Larry Shaver 9 months ago

    Is that Nelson Riddle and his orchestra in the background?

  • M j D
    M j D 9 months ago

    Rosie was THE BEST! Top Drawer!

  • DarlaT C
    DarlaT C 10 months ago

    This Very Special & Unique Lady Was & Still is a Total Delightful Talent ~ I 'm So Very Happy & Proud to Share Her Name thru being IRISH ~ ~ ~ ~

  • Jon Mason
    Jon Mason 10 months ago

    I first "discovered " Ms. Clooney when I was about 7 or 8yrs old via a television commercial. I've been and still am a devout fan since. I've a collection of her records 40s-90s. Even when her voice was so affected due to her smoking, she sent me off to the moon. As a birthday gift in the 80s, I was taken to see her live at the Venetian Room in the Fairmont Hotel. I had to be picked up off the floor. She was magnificent even when she would begin a song in the wrong key, flubbed a lyric or questioned an accompanying musician in mid song, "Was that where I was supposed to begin singing again?" As I began singing years later, under the mentorship of Cab Calloway's daughter, Chris Calloway, she recognized my "mix" was Nat King Cole, Mel Torme, Frank Sinatra, all heavily on the foundation of Rosemary Clooney. She allowed me to perform with her band to their delight. Thank you, Rosemary. You boosted me to make a dream come true!

    FILM MAKER 10 months ago


  • Joop Sjorson
    Joop Sjorson 11 months ago

    Daar zit muziek in. Jazz Yes.

  • kenny gray
    kenny gray 11 months ago


  • DarlaT C
    DarlaT C Year ago


  • Big Bang'o
    Big Bang'o Year ago

    ❤ 2018


    That ain't Jimmy Crawford on-screen, however...wrong shade.

  • Tall Man41
    Tall Man41 Year ago

    Rosamary was always a beautiful lady. She looks so cute in this clip.

  • Tidiest Flyer
    Tidiest Flyer Year ago

    There seemed to be a lot of lil johnys in that era

  • Agent Fungus
    Agent Fungus Year ago

    Gawd. I used to entertain my elders while singing this song back in the early '60s. And the old Boomer farts say music is dead. Too funny.

  • johnblakeH
    johnblakeH Year ago

    It always amazes me that anyone could sing with such precision and clarity, yet without a hint of pretension. Perfection, and still so relatable and touching.

  • Maristella Tonello

    Fantastica Caterina Valente

  • flyseventeenthirtytw


  • Glenn Johnson
    Glenn Johnson Year ago

    Glenn Johnson Well,i knew he wrote the song but never heard him perform it.So,great to hear this for the first time.Brilliant.

  • jutka
    jutka Year ago

    Rosemary Clooney..I heard a lot about her but I never heard her singing..Now I can tell she had amusing voice she had that Magic Technic to sing.

  • arturo perez
    arturo perez Year ago

    Dont be stu....

  • arturo perez
    arturo perez Year ago

    Any one if u dont speak sapnish its fine translate in google 😵😵😱😎

  • arturo perez
    arturo perez Year ago

    Jajajajaj speak english ok no hablen espanol cabrones

  • Francis Alan Wormald

    at 81 I am back & it dont get any better!!!! we r missin soo much today.... so sad!!!!

  • Raymond Elrick
    Raymond Elrick Year ago

    My friend had the single and it was an orange vinyl.

  • Maila Benesisto
    Maila Benesisto Year ago


  • castellanodrclaudio

    but what a song, Warren Vache !! An "exciting" trumpet, imaginative, driving, amazing, which makes you "peel" by the applause. Listening to it is a real pleasure for jazz lovers, an "icon" of the Great Artists of the musical firmament. The song, however, is beautiful, beautifully executed, arranged and also interpreted by all those other jazz artists who have accompanied him in this amazing "kermesse", to which my sincere congratulations go. c.castellano, Italy

  • castellanodrclaudio

    ma che brano, Warren Vache!! Una tromba "emozionante", fantasiosa, trainante, strepitosa, che ti fa "spellare" dagli applausi. Ascoltarlo è un vero piacere per gli amanti del jazz, una " icona" dei Grandi Artisti del firmamento musicale. Il brano, peraltro, è bellissimo, magnificamente eseguito, arrangiato ed interpretato anche da tutti quegli altri artisti del jazz che lo hanno accompagnato in questa strepitosa "kermesse", ai quali vanno i miei sinceri complimenti. c.castellano, Italia

    ALAIN DRILLON Year ago

    Warren is the best

  • Judi Corvette
    Judi Corvette Year ago

    Love ❤️ this

  • Judi Corvette
    Judi Corvette Year ago

    Notice her starting to laugh when she sings the first course of the fish... she makes a word mistake.

  • Stepan97
    Stepan97 Year ago

    AMAZING!!! With Perez Prado orc...

  • 喫茶綾織
    喫茶綾織 Year ago


  • Francis Alan Wormald


  • Rayan Agarm
    Rayan Agarm Year ago

    that johnny baggsy chipmunkz baghdasarian...sez happy him rite dsong

  • J Noble
    J Noble Year ago

    Dear one the world is waiting for the sunrise Ev'ry rose is covered with dew And while the world is waiting for the sunrise In my heart is calling you Dear one the world is waiting for the sunrise Every little rose bud is covered with dew And my heart is calling for you The thrush on high his sleepy mate is calling And my heart is calling you

  • tom dehm
    tom dehm Year ago

    Fell in love with Rosemary along about 1953. Still my gal!!

  • VinylToVideo
    VinylToVideo Year ago

    How horrible they omitted the best duet from the album, "Love Won't Let You Get Away!"

  • knoodelhed
    knoodelhed Year ago

    Ross sounds so cranky, as though he'd just earlier encountered Alvin riding a skateboard through the building.

  • Adam Griffith
    Adam Griffith Year ago

    Didn't care for the Leilani song.

  • Ana Butler
    Ana Butler Year ago

    Where the lyrics?

  • Roger Munyon
    Roger Munyon Year ago

    One of radio's most pleasant diversions. Bought several Bing/Rosie collections, and, yes, Buddy's work is incredible. Fortunately, the internet has a good number of these shows available to enjoy anytime.

  • Isabel Johnson
    Isabel Johnson Year ago

    I want to share this with my friend Kiki, but I don't know if I should!

  • Jeffrey Richardson


  • Em Jay
    Em Jay Year ago

    0:21 Any idea who was Rosemary referring to? A screen actor renowned for being 'moody and mean' circia 1940s?

  • Em Jay
    Em Jay Year ago

    Thank you for sharing! We love this song, it brings us together in fun and tough times.

  • Sands Family
    Sands Family Year ago



    That's my trumpet teacher!

  • sandaglad
    sandaglad Year ago

    "Van and Frankie" are Van Johnson and Frank Sinatra, the bobbysoxer's favorites in 1947.

  • Mohammad Yusuf
    Mohammad Yusuf Year ago

    Greet Live from east kalimantan indonesia

  • singinjohnny
    singinjohnny Year ago

    This recording clearly brings me back 62 years to when I was a child of 5. My mother would buy 78RPM records at a local store when they were still being sold regularly. I had a kiddie record player that only played 78RPM records. This was one of them. The warmth of Rosemary's voice reminded me of my mother, who also sang in her younger years with a local band near Pittsburgh, PA. I also was intrigued by a new sound heard on the record that my mother correctly indicated was a harpsichord. Thank you so very much for uploading what is a most special recording for me.

  • Ted Pope
    Ted Pope Year ago

    Rosemary Clooney was great. Even when a larger woman in her later days. She did not like this song but had to sing it to make the flip side. Maybe somethng about Let's bake a Birthday Cake. This song was very suggestive and Rosemary did not like it. But it made her a household word.

  • Ruth Hildenbrandt
    Ruth Hildenbrandt 2 years ago

    i aimply love this.

  • Giampaolo Manfreda
    Giampaolo Manfreda 2 years ago

    Ooooh, I loved this clip. Is the only one or there are more? Hope to listen more stuff. Incredible :)

  • Arman Nazerian
    Arman Nazerian 2 years ago

    isn't it supposed to be "private elmer johnson stationed up alaska way saw the strangest animal walking thru the woods one day." one of the only wartime songs to acknowledge that the US was engaged in an Alaska campaign during WW2...

  • Anita Streiffert
    Anita Streiffert 2 years ago

    I think this is the first time I heard the song. I knew the poem from way back. Cute.And much much better than that Duck Song!

  • i'm baby
    i'm baby 2 years ago

    LOVE THIS SONG. Am I the only one who wants Lana Del Ray to cover this?❤

  • George Margo
    George Margo 2 years ago

    Back then ..she. ..was HOT

  • Norma Fearns
    Norma Fearns 2 years ago

    First heard Rosemary singing this beautiful song on the Perry Como show probably 1957, love her voice

  • mary morgan
    mary morgan 2 years ago

    Love rosemary Clooney

  • Kwame Benneh
    Kwame Benneh 2 years ago

    lovely song

  • mark edward schwalm
    mark edward schwalm 2 years ago

    i am not owner

  • Jan Anderson
    Jan Anderson 2 years ago

    spectacularly good voice ! love her variety especially

  • Jan Anderson
    Jan Anderson 2 years ago

    quite a special collection, thanks for posting. i saw rosemary clooney in concert 5 times in Detroit in the 1980s - 1990s, in part because she was just so personable and intelligent in her presentation. i was in my 20s, and struck by the skill of the entertainers of my mom's generation, but i thought it might just be because she was so seasoned by this time. well, these recordings show an equal accomplishment and polish, though she was just in her 20s at the time. really impressive !

  • 519 Forestmonk
    519 Forestmonk 2 years ago


  • Jan Anderson
    Jan Anderson 2 years ago

    i would LOVE to know the details behind this recording ! love it, wish rosemary had a chance to do more of this, she's so natural

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure 2 years ago

    If a girl wont give me-a peach and-a pear and-a pomegranate like-a dis, I think I might as well sing myself a funeral march.

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure 2 years ago

    Would they made women like this nowadays.

    • Jubal Calif
      Jubal Calif Month ago

      @Rossbach2 Well said and well put ! A good woman is worth searching for and waiting for !! :-)

    • Rossbach2
      Rossbach2 Year ago

      There're around. Don't give up.

  • robin mos
    robin mos 2 years ago

    Fancy meetin you here ;)

  • Topsy part 2
    Topsy part 2 2 years ago

    can somebody tell me what mic. picked up her voice. I know she was singing live. ?

    • rmo52
      rmo52 2 years ago

      Guessing it was a powerhouse condenser i.e. Telefunken on a boom, just barely out of view. Anybody else have an idea?

  • Jan Anderson
    Jan Anderson 2 years ago

    perfect! two superb swingers, enjoying themselves to the max


    She made singing seem so much easier than it actually is. Or maybe it was that easy for her. The exquisite phrasing, the respect for melodic beauty, yet always with that unparalleled warmth and originality. It all poured from her with such seeming lack of effort. Rosemary Clooney was a true artist, arguably the best of all the traditional female stylists. What a beautiful sound was that voice.

  • DECL
    DECL 2 years ago

    Rosemary you are the best, One of the top three best, the other two being Ella Fitgerald and Keely Smith. Thank you for all you have given us! I listen to every thing you have ever recorded

  • DB Pierce
    DB Pierce 2 years ago

    I love how the trumpeter (is that Warren Vache?) keeps an eye on her while he plays - so good together!

    • Barc's Jazz
      Barc's Jazz Year ago

      Rose is just swinging it and in that wonderful relaxed style with great tone and timing from the horn.

    • Jan Anderson
      Jan Anderson 2 years ago

      i do too ! there is such genuine enjoyment of what they're doing, you can tell at the finish how joyful she is. they are all obviously first class musicians, and her timing and phrasing has to be god-given. but that genuine feel is what always struck me, the 5 times i saw her live her in Detroit