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  • R.L. Newman
    R.L. Newman Hour ago

    The absolute dumbest shit my eyes have ever experienced.

  • Al Smith
    Al Smith Hour ago

    Ok..being totally blunt and honest here...Its obviously a low budget maybe first film for the actors and director... is this a theater trip? HELL NO...But this is the perfect kinda shlock Red Letter Media Covers all the time, and it has that low budget b movie kinda charm to it. I dont know if thats intentional or not, (I kinda hope it is) but its cute and harmless, so im going to applaude the film makers for their effort! I just dont know if i'd watch this willingly on my own. Maybe if i was in the mood for that kinda thing!

    xSMOKExEMxALLx Hour ago


  • Xeno Renger
    Xeno Renger Hour ago

    Harry Potter And The Bullet Chamber Of Secrets.

  • TheHunterWolf
    TheHunterWolf Hour ago

    Ah, it's one of those so hilariously bad it's good movies 🤣

  • Echo Base Network

    Dumbest thing I have seen in a long time. Lol 😂

  • Jarell Badgett
    Jarell Badgett 2 hours ago

    😆 what hell did I just watch

  • iSurvived 76
    iSurvived 76 2 hours ago


  • Will Donahue Director

    Tell me this shit is a joke

  • Lukasz Kieltyka
    Lukasz Kieltyka 2 hours ago

    Still better than most of oscar nominated movies... 🤣🤣🤣

  • kamilo Adonis
    kamilo Adonis 2 hours ago

    Bruh...I need a bowl of weed to watch this movie.

    DJ SLAY3R 2 hours ago

    And I thought Sharknado was bad this is 100x worse 🤣🤣

  • Iwut Here.
    Iwut Here. 2 hours ago

    2:17 the caption said "father" wth?

  • Carlos Huaman
    Carlos Huaman 2 hours ago

    Q estúpido...un tiburón ...q.llamama.d la ouija me parece estúpido como zoombies o castores zombies . totalmente ridículo sincerally !!!

  • MalcolmRandall
    MalcolmRandall 2 hours ago

    If it were made by junior high students it would make sense.

  • Captain Ireland
    Captain Ireland 2 hours ago

    From jaws to this why people whyyyyyyy

  • ProductionSktT
    ProductionSktT 2 hours ago

    0:20 RIP My earphones

  • Ethan  Smith
    Ethan Smith 2 hours ago

    I can't wait to see this 😂😂

  • The Burger King
    The Burger King 2 hours ago

    It’s not as funny when terrible movie are aware of how terrible they are

  • HammoudPlays
    HammoudPlays 2 hours ago

    😅😅 same birdemic movies

  • Homero Habbo
    Homero Habbo 2 hours ago

    Jajajajaja WTF is This

  • Davi Minguta
    Davi Minguta 2 hours ago


  • josh lancaster
    josh lancaster 2 hours ago

    Pfffhahah 😅

  • Mohammed Mubeen Kumandan

    why do they keep making shit like this......."Ouija Anaconda" coming 2021

  • JoBlo Movie Trailers

    Oh yes saw it right...a ghost shark is out killing teenage girls and it's hilarious! #OuijaShark

  • ProfoundClarity
    ProfoundClarity 2 hours ago

    This trailer is making me unsubscribe....dear god what is this bullshsit.

  • mongo mongo
    mongo mongo 2 hours ago

    what have I just seen it looks absolutely fantastic

  • Highlander001
    Highlander001 2 hours ago

    There is 1:23 I will never get back. Lmao

    DJ SLAY3R 2 hours ago

    Oh god 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • daddymoon666
    daddymoon666 2 hours ago

    Referring to Affleck...As the famous Chris Griffin once asked about Kevin Coster "How does he keep getting work...???..."...

  • Quinten Cools
    Quinten Cools 2 hours ago

    Absolute cringe

  • Pranav Nair
    Pranav Nair 2 hours ago

    I can see passion 😀

  • Hunter Trevorrow
    Hunter Trevorrow 2 hours ago

    This is what I love to see!!!

  • Not your average Bear

    Batman, Catwoman, Vulko, and Renee Montoya all walk into an international bar...........

  • Colin Hession
    Colin Hession 2 hours ago

    "You dancers" lol

  • Weirdlyoneoffs
    Weirdlyoneoffs 2 hours ago

    Guy Ritchie excelled himself here.

  • I am Groot
    I am Groot 2 hours ago

    Hi all...

  • D F
    D F 3 hours ago

    Iran Contra Breakdown 1. Communists expand their influence globally (Nicaragua) 2. US attempted to combat the expansion of communism (in Nicaragua) 3. US provided support to Nicaragua rebels until congress cut off funds 4. US government (CIA) had to find creative ways to finance the proxy war on communism in Nicaragua 5. US traded weapons to Iran (via Israel) in order to fund their rebels in Nicaragua without congressional approval 6. US also allowed the flow of drugs from Central America into the US in order to help aid in the rebels in Nicaragua Anything I missed?

  • John Ta
    John Ta 3 hours ago

    that notification bell at the end had me looking around my house for it.

  • Jon Slater
    Jon Slater 3 hours ago

    this man should have never been an actor, he is very bad at it

  • Mr.Wayne
    Mr.Wayne 3 hours ago

    First Triple Frontier, now this?... Let’s Go Ben!!!!!!!!! Good job, Netflix... good job.

  • Matt Mayse
    Matt Mayse 3 hours ago

    My horrible town created Billy Crystal. He wanted to become a baseball player and went to college for it and then they closed the program. He left and became a comedian.

  • MalcolmRandall
    MalcolmRandall 3 hours ago

    No more Disney remakes, I want something new. _This_ is something new.

  • Silvia Ng
    Silvia Ng 3 hours ago

    Batman and Catwoman

    • Archit Gupta
      Archit Gupta 2 hours ago

      @Melvin Butler Renee Montoya as well

    • Melvin Butler
      Melvin Butler 3 hours ago

      Green Goblin somehow got into a DC movie too...

  • Ferhat Ferhat
    Ferhat Ferhat 3 hours ago

    Donnie yen in filmleri niye yok

    DIYTFY 3 hours ago

    Fart Buttleck.

  • Spock 11189
    Spock 11189 4 hours ago

    1:21 hope that this isn’t Ammi Pierce

  • STraTeG
    STraTeG 5 hours ago

    What is the name of music in trailer?

  • SmallzBass
    SmallzBass 5 hours ago

    Can we talk about just how damn good and sinister Palpatine’s voice sounds? Like genuinely his voice alone gives me chills.

  • מהממת מהמיק ואני הכי מקורית

    He is movie 🍿 good!🥰

  • Chad Peterson
    Chad Peterson 5 hours ago

    I hope Maul get a lot of screen time in this season since I mean come on is Maul AKA the 3rd best antagonist in the franchise only beaten by Vader and Palpatine

  • John Bellizzi, Jr.
    John Bellizzi, Jr. 5 hours ago

    Chuck Norris is the real expert, 9 time world champion. AND Clay could beat either of them! Not even a contest.

  • Jako
    Jako 5 hours ago

    This is basically gta but guy is a NPC who relised

  • ㄥ乇丨
    ㄥ乇丨 6 hours ago

    damn max theriot is the hottest

    LOUD HARMONY 6 hours ago

    Me sees this on netflix My brain: *Do it just do it*

  • Cassie Younqq
    Cassie Younqq 6 hours ago

    I can not wait to see this! I've been waiting and waiting for this since Bad Boys 2😂

  • Vince Tyy
    Vince Tyy 6 hours ago

    Interviewer: ... And not kick his ass... (Laughing) Yen: Speechless..... Am i a joke to you? Im the one broke his finger lol

  • Mark Clark
    Mark Clark 6 hours ago

    Gona try pissing in the sink

  • Kyle Sheldon
    Kyle Sheldon 6 hours ago

    His arms are the wrong colour still...

  • Kamil Dębosz
    Kamil Dębosz 7 hours ago

    Soo....why aren't the knights fat, after they transform back? : |

  • Nico Robin Cosplay-Kigurumi

    the only reason Im looking this up is just to see Wilem Dafoe Ryuk

  • Jack Caffrey
    Jack Caffrey 7 hours ago

    1:16 Dude, I was so thinking the same thing, I'm so glad there are other people who still understand logic. The watchmen the comic was about superheroes, crime and peace. It had science fiction and incredible story telling. Nowhere in there at any point was race even a subject at all. How in the hell can anyone in their right mind go from that to this piece of shit series I can't even fathom it. Not only that, the story is a piece of shit, it makes no sense whatsoever, the plot is beyond dumb and it feels like the whole thing was made to have an appearance of a race war condoned by the government against itself?! What? Then you have some moron with foil on his head testing people for racist thoughts, test black people then too and asians, soon you'll be committing genocide, oh wait, you were already doing that, holy flying f, is this like some kind of race war schindler's list. Did this stupid producer just try to outdo Spielberg by trying to make a race war genocide type of feel where everyone is supposed to admire that stupid actress walking around dressed like a fat racoon and believe that her husband is John or Dr Manhattan because he chose her he changes shape into another person, still shows his dick all the time (wtf hbo seriously, I'll sue them for this) and not only that, the fact that Dr Manhattan was disinterested in people and their events, that's what the comic and the movie said and the plot made sense and now suddenly he's on earth living with a woman and with other people, god, it's like I live in a parallel universe where story telling actually had meaning... I mean the reasoning behind this bullshit must have been done between about 2-3 brain cells that committed suicide afterwards. Not to leave out the time travelling bullshit where dr manhattan talks through time with people (what in the f) or the whole Ozimandius thing where he's sent to Io and before that a cleaning lady just happens to know where he keeps his sperm in a safe so she opens it and makes a daughter I mean who in the hell, what the hell, what kind of a human being do you have to be to have such nasty filthy disgusting ideas and then the morality of showing that in prime time to other people while they're relaxing with their significant others or family or even children I mean what in the hell! I can't even fathom the depravity of the mind that would do that let alone the impossibility of that even happening as it was done because she could not of had his computer codes, she's just a cleaning lady, also sperm is kept in a freezer, she injected it right away, she walked around obviously with a sperm icestick in her pussy. This is all fu*king disgusting but I didn't write this, the moron who made this series wrote that and hbo approved that piece of shit like a dog approves of eating shit. The producer should be tried for crimes against humanity for making this abomination. This is the worst thing to ever come out of HBO and I've seen some of the game of thrones. This is beyond stupid, at least game of thrones had story before the writers destroyed the ending

  • karma tam
    karma tam 7 hours ago

    Why didnt they cast the guy from shaolin soccer he looks exactly like lee

  • Gowtham Chand Narayanan

    Yeah, Joaquin is kinda crazy. Just do it.

  • William Palmer
    William Palmer 8 hours ago

    Brenton I selected you. Good job. Happy to have you on my team 👍💪😎🎭🎥🎬🌎🌏🌍💯✈✈✈✈✈

  • Vladimir Morkoffkin
    Vladimir Morkoffkin 8 hours ago

    Сарик Андреасян снимал?

  • Cynane
    Cynane 8 hours ago

    wtf LOL

  • Laurence Croft
    Laurence Croft 9 hours ago

    It,s payback for the Japanese.

  • kelvin Mungai
    kelvin Mungai 9 hours ago

    Bjon iron side



  • ThatVenomousCat96
    ThatVenomousCat96 9 hours ago

    No. just no, i'm fine with the pokemon. But the humans look horrific.

  • ELS FT
    ELS FT 9 hours ago

    I watched this movie because I was dating a girl at the time and she took me for this movie. It was a open theater. But damn, it was so boring 😂😂😂😂it isn't like I don't watch Philosophical movie but I didn't find the point of this movie at all. Not to mention the poetry sucked

  • Chris stenton
    Chris stenton 10 hours ago

    he is a good director.

    HWORANG LAW 10 hours ago

    I really hate this scene I wish they cut this part one day those people who made fun of his legacy will get what's coming to em

  • Susie Q
    Susie Q 10 hours ago

    Awe I wished he was on 3 too :(

  • luke wilson
    luke wilson 10 hours ago

    this is all well and good but nobody realizes that over 7,000,000 indian soldiers fought and over 3,000,000 died in both great wars combined....

    ГАЛАКТИКА 10 hours ago

    Жаль, что в этом фильме так опозорили Брюса Ли.

  • masterzombie161
    masterzombie161 11 hours ago

    I don’t get why people hate this scene when clearly it’s from Cliffs perspective so of course it’s exaggerated.

  • Dao Yang
    Dao Yang 11 hours ago

    For Anton Yelchin! RIP 1989-2016 Act 5th New Kid's Story Part 3 The Antares is Strike back Arc saga END!

  • Mono kura
    Mono kura 11 hours ago

    Oh, the year my cousin was born 2009

  • Jitendra dev
    Jitendra dev 11 hours ago


  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 12 hours ago

    Such a bad movie and feels fake af, go watch after earth it’s a lot better and has will smith in it

  • K G
    K G 12 hours ago

    There was a real story about a "horse guy" in Enumclaw, Wa USA but instead of alien abduction he had sex with a horse.

  • aylmer666
    aylmer666 12 hours ago

    I like how the car gets pre-crinkled right before Bruce Lee flies into it.

  • Potatoy Dri
    Potatoy Dri 13 hours ago

    Looks like this funny humor is not so bright after all, and I dare to say, Eproctophilia it’s been increasing partly because of this kind of comedies.

  • Potatoy Dri
    Potatoy Dri 13 hours ago

    Wether this is funny or not, depends of from what point of view you see this “comedy”. From a common spectators point of view, it is hilarious, it is something unable to harm anyone, and thus, funny. But, there are actually individuals affected negatively, some of them condemned to live without the lost minimal self respect, tortured by their own minds. You maybe know what I am talking about... Eproctophilia. If you don’t know what it is, is a paraphilia in which the person feels SEXUAL ATTRACTIONS FOR FLATULENCE, and yeah, you will think, “Oh, how disgusting” but, this humor it’s been on one of the most influential electronic devices of the humanity, the Television, so it’s more common that you think. If you really want to know side effects of this fart comedy, go to any university website, where they have trustable information, and search it up.

  • y K _ T_ R _ i _ N _ X y

    Brasil fica em 2° lugar com essa

  • Ricardo Lui
    Ricardo Lui 13 hours ago

    The REAL Bruce Lee would have had “Mr.Booth” on the ground in SECONDS.

  • m4mario
    m4mario 13 hours ago

    I can never again see Bruce Lee the same way I used to look at him when I was a kid. Now when watching a movie if Bruce Lee goes “ooOuooOUuoooo” I begin to ROTFL.

  • Yo Ron
    Yo Ron 13 hours ago

    Why must they always make Bruce a caricature. Furthermore all of you who put him down, he was a pioneer in American film, ending decades of Asian stereotypes. Not only was he a tremendous athlete but more importantly, his charisma overpowered the screen. He was an actor, stop comparing him to a 250 pound MMA fighter of today.

  • Murder Museum
    Murder Museum 14 hours ago

    Filmed in my town of Columbus Ohio! I eat in the same spot arnold sat in the Donut shop all the time.

  • Fabiola Vivanco
    Fabiola Vivanco 14 hours ago

    There"s something in THE LODGE

  • Midwest Protagonist 7
    Midwest Protagonist 7 14 hours ago

    Anyone who has seen film footage of Bruce throwing a chain punch in close quarters ought to know right away, Brad Pitts character never stood a chance. But hey, even Michael Jai White says he could beat Bruce Lee so..🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Shiftstart
    Shiftstart 14 hours ago

    This looks like something borrowed from Japanese Manga comics.

  • XxxSwegMachinexxX
    XxxSwegMachinexxX 14 hours ago

    “Say the line Sheev!” *sigh*”... dew it” *uproarious laughter”

  • Shiftstart
    Shiftstart 14 hours ago

    Whyyyyyyy!? FUTH millennials!

  • Ian Owens
    Ian Owens 15 hours ago


  • The Viewer Lure
    The Viewer Lure 15 hours ago

    Bird up

  • lulu 73
    lulu 73 15 hours ago

    I want to watch this movie, looks good.

  • bulldogscolby
    bulldogscolby 15 hours ago

    Looks good glad to see they didn’t try to reboot it