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  • aftonafton
    aftonafton 14 days ago


  • H8J5S
    H8J5S 18 days ago

    PLEASE do "73 Questions" with:
    Matt Damon
    Michael Phelps
    Travis Pastrana
    Anna Kendrick
    Clint Eastwood
    President Obama
    Robert Redford
    Jimmy Fallon&Justin Timberlake(together)!!!!

  • H8J5S
    H8J5S 18 days ago

    PLEASE do "73 Questions" with:
    Matt Damon
    Michael Phelps
    Travis Pastrana
    Anna Kendrick
    Clint Eastwood
    President Obama
    Robert Redford
    Jimmy Fallon&Justin Timberlake(together)!!!!

  • markdogg
    markdogg 19 days ago

    Vouge... Nice video collection.

  • Patricia Lui
    Patricia Lui 20 days ago


  • kelm00
    kelm00 21 day ago

    Will there be a behind the scenes video for Rooney Mara's Oct 2017 cover?

  • Sean Gruenboeck
    Sean Gruenboeck 28 days ago

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    Hi have account channels for sell or not??

  • Gold&Society inc
    Gold&Society inc Month ago

    What do you think if the beaches will settle the names of the models are similar to the walk of fame in Los Angeles! #Models

  • unicorn
    unicorn Month ago

    Please 73 question with Charlie Puth !!

  • Lisa Alley
    Lisa Alley 2 months ago

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  • Ioanna Maria
    Ioanna Maria 3 months ago

    can you please make 73 questions with SHAWN MENDES ? ♥

  • Lisa Alley
    Lisa Alley 3 months ago

    Express Shipment Gifts
    Lisa Alley - Curry
    30 Meadowhawk Lane,
    Las Vegas NV 89135
    Stephen Curry official statement: Final Notice Tribute

  • TotVegan cruelty-Free
    TotVegan cruelty-Free 3 months ago

    hi do you use products free of Animal testing and free of Animal ingredients? i love Animals. Maybe having an article on cruelty-free products and how they can really help the Animals would be Amazing

  • Ebeidat Mohamed
    Ebeidat Mohamed 4 months ago

    un procee reçu

  • Ebeidat Mohamed
    Ebeidat Mohamed 4 months ago

    un procee reçu

  • Bracha sonbolian
    Bracha sonbolian 5 months ago

    Please make 73 questions with Ivanka Trump

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  • Judy S
    Judy S 6 months ago


  • the king toothpick
    the king toothpick 6 months ago

    do one with Redfoo

  • Nguyễn Mẫn Nhi
    Nguyễn Mẫn Nhi 6 months ago

    73 questions with Halseyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

  • Aleksandra Lipień
    Aleksandra Lipień 7 months ago

    QUESTION: I wolud love to know the song that was used to the video from Selena Gomez Vouge photo shoot. Can you tell me the title?

  • Prashant Rajput
    Prashant Rajput 7 months ago

    please !!! do 73 questions with Zac efron . please!!!!!

  • My Latest Review
    My Latest Review 7 months ago

    Hi Vogue,
    I really like your Youtube Channel. It is fun to watch. Your videos are great.
    Please keep up the good work!

  • Shraddha Hudale
    Shraddha Hudale 7 months ago

    73 questions JOSEPHINE SKIVER & GIGI HADID please

  • shanke87
    shanke87 7 months ago

    Liked 73 questions concept . Could you do one with Kevin Hart ?

  • McGuires Tutorials
    McGuires Tutorials 7 months ago

    attractive banner...

  • themagstetrcat
    themagstetrcat 7 months ago


  • The Murray Lifestyle
    The Murray Lifestyle 8 months ago

    We appreciate everything you are doing!

  • H8J5S
    H8J5S 8 months ago

    PLEASE do "73 Questions" with: Matt Damon, Michael Phelps, Travis Pastrana, Anna Kendrick, Clint Eastwood, President Obama, Robert Redford and Jimmy Fallon&Justin Timberlake(together)!!!!

  • NataschaO
    NataschaO 9 months ago

    Love your banner with Michelle. We're going to miss her. <3

  • Shania Irani
    Shania Irani 9 months ago

    Do 73 questions with Tyler Joseph, Josh Dun, Melanie Martinez, and Brendon Urie.

  • LeonoJlbD
    LeonoJlbD 9 months ago

    Do 73 Questions with Elon Musk!
    By his big fan Leo.

  • sweaty churro
    sweaty churro 9 months ago

    fuck me in the ass

  • kaysanglaa
    kaysanglaa 9 months ago

    please make a 73 question with gigi hadid and selena gomez

  • Lubie Tivolta
    Lubie Tivolta 10 months ago

    I wish if You can do 72 questions with Ariana Grande :(

  • charlotte quenardel
    charlotte quenardel 10 months ago

    make a 73 questions with JESSICA BIEL please, she's so fabulous

  • emmanuel ogoudai
    emmanuel ogoudai 10 months ago

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  • Kid Studios
    Kid Studios 11 months ago

    make a 73 Qs with KIM KARDASHIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily Kuehn
    Emily Kuehn Year ago

    73 questions with Sophia Bush!!

  • Teyshaun Palmer
    Teyshaun Palmer Year ago

    73 questions with JOHN CEEENNNAAAAAA

  • Thracian
    Thracian Year ago

    if my vlog were half as good as these...

  • Fan Fei
    Fan Fei Year ago

    Please make 73 questions with Ellen Pompeo!! Love her soooo much~

  • widad arabi
    widad arabi Year ago

    Please make 73 questions with Lily Aldridge pleaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee <3

  • Raquel H
    Raquel H Year ago

    PLEASE make a 73 questions with CARA DELEVINGNE!!!!!!!!

  • Trung mai bao
    Trung mai bao Year ago

    73 question with Anna Kendrick.

  • Kasham Hoe Vlogs

    73 questions with thundercat

  • kenz zone
    kenz zone Year ago

    73 qestions with camilla belle pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssseeeee vouge

  • Simon Davies
    Simon Davies Year ago

    Where's the Gucci FW 2016 review?????

  • Kate K
    Kate K Year ago

    73 questions with Jennifer Aniston,yeees!

  • LeslieWensli
    LeslieWensli 2 years ago

    73 questions with Jennifer Aniston, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

  • carmelatte
    carmelatte 2 years ago

    Hi Vogue x please come and see my channel where I aim to show the most current fashion weeks reviews and interviews with fashionistas x

  • mantsuwtlove
    mantsuwtlove 2 years ago

    please do 73 questions with Stana Katic!!

  • Bazaaarr Voguezz
    Bazaaarr Voguezz 2 years ago


  • danielcmusic
    danielcmusic 2 years ago

    Love thisI I just subscribed. Can't wait to see more! Hope you subscribe back :)

  • inge anggraeni
    inge anggraeni 2 years ago

    Por fin

  • Billy James
    Billy James 2 years ago

    I'm too good and to hot for your brand

  • Kev Cha
    Kev Cha 2 years ago

    Hey Vogue, I just want U 2 know that the one who does the 73 Questions has an awfull & annoying voice, seriously, sounds as if that one's been running or something like that U can't barely understand the questions, & by being a Fashion empire U should use something better, the idea is really good & it works, but use another interviewer please, the SJP was the one I liked the most but for her, cause it seemed as if they were running out of time, or is this just a project of the interviewer, that's running betwen work & free time???? & please DO a NICKI MINAJ, MADONNA, LADY GAGA iterview ASAP

  • The Rondevo
    The Rondevo 2 years ago

    one word, the Cross, look into it..

  • David Smith
    David Smith 2 years ago

    cool video

  • Jesús Del Valle
    Jesús Del Valle 2 years ago

    Need + 73Q's 

  • John Maccer
    John Maccer 2 years ago

    Please upload more videos there are super awesome of inspiration!

  • mangoes and bananas
    mangoes and bananas 2 years ago

    please visit my channel MANGOES AND BANANAS and watch Look You Like on models

  • TheAliveandKickin
    TheAliveandKickin 2 years ago

    please do 73 Questions with these actors: Michael Douglas, Helen Mirren, Michelle Pfeiffer, Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey. if it's not too much to ask. :)

  • Oc L
    Oc L 2 years ago

    why the videos here don't match the ones on the website? There are way more up-to-date videos on vogue.com...upload more videos PLEASEEEEEE 

  • Luke Burr
    Luke Burr 3 years ago

    you're missing an opportunity as in not calling your blogs vlogues please

  • Ϫ
    Ϫ 3 years ago

    uhhh love ,,the banner is nicelygreat <3))

  • Joshua Daniel
    Joshua Daniel 3 years ago

    Piece of shit tablod magazine.. Im pulling Vouge to my business. I dont sell tablods.

  • Who doesn't like fish-flavoured ice cream?

    Leave coverage of The Kardashians and there shameless quest for eternal fame to the tabloid press because the tabloid press covers that Lot and mess of a family all too well. 

  • Who doesn't like fish-flavoured ice cream?

    I think it is disgraceful that VOGUE has unwisely chosen to put Kim Kardashian and her ill-mannered lout-of-a-boyfriend, Kanye West of its April, 2014 cover. That family is shameless, and misbehaves willy-nilly, all in the interest of being entertaining, or what Mrs. Bruce Jenner thinks passes for it. 
    I think what VOGUE has elected to do is simply disgraceful, shaming, embarrassing. 

  • calafeast
    calafeast 3 years ago

    Kim Kardashian. On the April cover.

  • Simone Gold
    Simone Gold 3 years ago

    You should have Barbara Palvin on your model wall

  • matmicmj
    matmicmj 4 years ago

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  • pamela wurst
    pamela wurst 4 years ago

    so the videos are only 3 or 4 min, it seems like they would be longer, like this is a tease for something longer?

  • keepcalmandcollabx7
    keepcalmandcollabx7 4 years ago

    :))) <3

  • Lola Payne
    Lola Payne 4 years ago


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  • from360degrees
    from360degrees 4 years ago

    HAPPY to be subscribed to your channel ... we, ARTISTS (of all factions), should support each other as much as possible ... so PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to mine, as well ... THANX! ( :-D)

  • esteban garcia
    esteban garcia 4 years ago

    the fashion found

  • Acácio Acacio
    Acácio Acacio 5 years ago


  • Acácio Acacio
    Acácio Acacio 5 years ago