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Know Me - Animation
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Why I HATE Flying - Animated
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thank you.
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How To Be A Hero in 2017
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My High School Love Affair
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Getting My ASS BEAT part 1
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  • that’s so yahya
    that’s so yahya 56 minutes ago

    your life seems so...interesting like wdf😕

  • Jay ØhhTwøø
    Jay ØhhTwøø 57 minutes ago

    I can pyo a barber I'm from atx

  • Princesslanna
    Princesslanna 58 minutes ago


  • deadgirl1o4
    deadgirl1o4 Hour ago

    I didn’t discover anything I have never been on corn chub

  • NBAJaYBoomiN
    NBAJaYBoomiN Hour ago

    i wondered what xxx was so i searched it up then magic happend

  • Cxrtains zzz
    Cxrtains zzz Hour ago

    I have AdHd

  • Pineapple :D
    Pineapple :D Hour ago

    Smh people in my school started watching the hub in 3rd grade 😂😂😂

  • Jas Rawls
    Jas Rawls Hour ago

    Is no one talking about how much he IMPROVED and WORKED on his artstyle? Like that is some dedication here!

  • Skhonasonke Madinane

    This shit be funny af

  • qt rise
    qt rise Hour ago

    My G Cameron showed me the hub and I felt the same as you lol

  • coke and pepsi
    coke and pepsi Hour ago

    gang: *pulls up* others: why do i hear a boss theme....

  • Jah
    Jah Hour ago

    Relatable as fuckkk 😂😂😂😂

  • Crystal Goddess
    Crystal Goddess Hour ago

    😱 I live in Texas....

  • ツVxgle
    ツVxgle Hour ago


  • yuxganthony
    yuxganthony Hour ago


  • Luciano Star
    Luciano Star Hour ago

    Pfft the 8th grade, dude i found these typa videos when i was in the 4th grade

  • Dr KAPA
    Dr KAPA Hour ago

    This my first video here ... I came coz of a friend and I stayed coz of the akatsuki themes .

  • Carlyns Pierre
    Carlyns Pierre Hour ago

    This reminds me of a youtuber Hotdamnirock R.I.P keiko carter

  • Kel Up next
    Kel Up next Hour ago

    Funny asf

  • Ronny Molina
    Ronny Molina Hour ago

    Don im pretty sure many people did it before 8th dont lie people

  • Chocolate Diva
    Chocolate Diva Hour ago

    Bruh this is how I found it: when I was about 7 or 8I got my first phone, it was a hand me down, my grandma forgot to delete her history so when I opened google it popped up, I watched and watched, I'm 13 now and still watch

  • LaughableYT
    LaughableYT Hour ago

    My cousin was brave enough to slay his dragon using my playstation 4, i respect him for that so i didnt tell his momma lmao

  • Kalaluka Kangulu

    Is Jamaica in Africa?

  • Phoenixkiller
    Phoenixkiller Hour ago

    0 cause I’ve never been in a relationship 😭😭😭😔😔😣😖

  • Rayquaza Kidd
    Rayquaza Kidd Hour ago

    800,000 views on the bicycle vid...... Where thr vid at bruhhhh

  • caleb jacobs
    caleb jacobs Hour ago

    When u gunna drop that banger😤

  • Amari
    Amari Hour ago

    Im amari

  • Poke Poo
    Poke Poo Hour ago

    Squirrel room block scam don’t know big shock

  • Rayquaza Kidd
    Rayquaza Kidd Hour ago

    Where the hell is dis animation don lmao

  • Cereal Killer
    Cereal Killer Hour ago

    Found the forbidden knowledge in 6 grade my G. I was on the dark magic quiiiiiick.

  • XxGolden PandaxX

    I already know I’m not finna get the AirPods so congrats on the winner anyway🤷🏾‍♂️

  • 180 Mikeyyy
    180 Mikeyyy Hour ago

    “Of the hub”

  • AkTemplar907
    AkTemplar907 Hour ago


  • Dominic Sincere
    Dominic Sincere Hour ago

    Anyone else watch some bad videos after this good video?

  • CheeseyJ 28
    CheeseyJ 28 Hour ago

    Don talking about thicc girls “ they so soft and smell like cookies” Me asking my sister what I smell like 😂😂😂

  • Kalaluka Kangulu

    Ps. Am an awesome story tellerfrom Zambia

  • Juxe _
    Juxe _ Hour ago

    There is a 0% chance imma win those AirPods

  • The Brownie Man
    The Brownie Man Hour ago

    Ohhhh!!!! He’s talking about shrek

  • person
    person Hour ago

    Ayyy, getting trending in Jamaica

  • Alexander Traficante

    Oh you got AirPods MYYYYYYYYY GGGGGGGGG?

  • Donovan Sims
    Donovan Sims 2 hours ago

    Liked and followed

  • RIK ThePrick
    RIK ThePrick 2 hours ago

    Bro i did this 😂

  • Melissa Downer
    Melissa Downer 2 hours ago

    8th grade bruhhhh, I learned in about grade 5

  • Ssundee Fan
    Ssundee Fan 2 hours ago

    Paper was entrence Asked if he was 18+ was sword You know what’s final and that is the boss

  • ekevu skates
    ekevu skates 2 hours ago

    I love it when he says "bish whut?" Lol 😆😂

  • Its 2
    Its 2 2 hours ago

    The Pain Theme Song at 1:22 had me rolling😂😂😂

  • Brianna Whyte
    Brianna Whyte 2 hours ago

    i found out through a friend too but not the clearing of the history part soo lets just say it was sad week for me after

  • Komedic Titan
    Komedic Titan 2 hours ago

    All the words I was learning 😂😂😂

    KTL44LIFE 2 hours ago


  • rohan mukherjee
    rohan mukherjee 2 hours ago

    Yo what are the songs he uses in the vid

  • Having Tea With the Devil

    I found my first video by accident lol. When i was a kid in the 2000’s i was on a kids gaming website (looking back on it it was one of those sites with a bunch of links sketchy looking links to other websites). So i click on a link to what i thought was a dress up game, was actually linked to a “bad” website. I’m like *ooooooh this some nasty stuff!* but i watched. All of it. To this day I’ll never forget my first video. 🤣

  • Alejandro Peña-Acosta

    The power of the hub I fucking give up

  • B1ueJay
    B1ueJay 2 hours ago

    Is that why u got on the headband bc of the haircut

  • Kalaluka Kangulu
    Kalaluka Kangulu 2 hours ago

    You've become so good at animating my gee

  • Katherine P
    Katherine P 2 hours ago

    I'm a clean neat freak and I whoop my son's behind for eating on the sofa or thinking of bringing food in the room

  • GusGus
    GusGus 2 hours ago

    I followed u on tik tok

  • Malcolm Pitts
    Malcolm Pitts 2 hours ago

    I want Airpods 🤞🏽💯

    BIBLIMATION ! 2 hours ago

    he was joking but it really does attack your soul. Trust Jesus

  • _skatermane_
    _skatermane_ 2 hours ago


  • David Huff
    David Huff 2 hours ago


  • Saima Mumtaz
    Saima Mumtaz 2 hours ago

    If kids are watching this video Don't ever watch 18+ videos. For God Sake

  • Logan Castillo
    Logan Castillo 2 hours ago

    5th garde my friend showed me and ya there you go that's how I found the bad video

  • Adam The one and only Adam

    Good method

  • Legendary AnimationXD

    Whoelse automatclly knew the site he was talking about

  • Dream Sisters
    Dream Sisters 2 hours ago


  • Lincoln Boggus
    Lincoln Boggus 2 hours ago

    I followed you

  • Imdaad Pobon
    Imdaad Pobon 2 hours ago

    I know they are bad videos but You shouldn’t call out Jake Pauls TVclip channel

  • Ҝίllєя ǤØĐ
    Ҝίllєя ǤØĐ 2 hours ago

    Yeah uhh porn :/

  • Edgar Partida
    Edgar Partida 2 hours ago

    And those are the two reasons why I should get them

  • Marvin B.
    Marvin B. 2 hours ago

    “Buy plan b” 🤣 never forget that

  • Edgar Partida
    Edgar Partida 2 hours ago

    I can’t dalode it but I’ll give you 2 reasons why I should get them 1. I’ve never had AirPods and I really want them 2. My mom will be happy for me and she will think your a good youtuber

  • almog samon
    almog samon 2 hours ago

    I dosnloaded a ''gta san andreas'' apk on google and it sent me to a porn website.

  • Steffi Emmylou Emilien

    Dude miss me with that..never cutting my hair again... I had that heck once I almost died 😡😡

  • Horacio Jimenez
    Horacio Jimenez 2 hours ago

    I just seen some 😂

  • Aaron Desbonne
    Aaron Desbonne 2 hours ago

    Who's watching this before there going to the barbers.😂

  • Zakee On the world 0620

    same but my friend did not tell me how to remove my history and my mom caught me

  • Beep beep Gaming
    Beep beep Gaming 2 hours ago

    AirPods pls 🚲🔞

  • Vidsonley Oliver
    Vidsonley Oliver 2 hours ago

    I like how he did the holl firework thing that shit was nice

  • A random youtube kid

    "8th grade" bruh try 4th grade (my friends made me dude dont judge me)

  • K’s corner
    K’s corner 3 hours ago

    i literally liked all your videos on tiktok, youtube, and insta 😂 and got the post notifications for everyone social media i have im way past that point lol

  • Julian Rodriguez
    Julian Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    He’s starting to give off this “I’m the shit” vibe I don’t like, it’s not prominent, but it’s there.

  • Briggy Dude
    Briggy Dude 3 hours ago

    1:37 where it starts

  • Vidsonley Oliver
    Vidsonley Oliver 3 hours ago

    🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹I feel you man

  • Scott Svarrer
    Scott Svarrer 3 hours ago

    Same my boi hooked me up with incognito

  • Nofilter YT
    Nofilter YT 3 hours ago

    people were talking about the “videos” in the 5th grade

  • blade Mata
    blade Mata 3 hours ago

    I go incagntio

  • Thomas Graham
    Thomas Graham 3 hours ago

    I remember back when I first started watching porn on my PSP, I hated the fact I couldn't play videos on the browser so I had to download them all. Didn't. Regret. A. Thing

  • lynn nguyen
    lynn nguyen 3 hours ago

    Does anyone know what happened to the cringe story that don made

  • HNLB
    HNLB 3 hours ago

    0:16 you mean the ”snichy UH”

  • Josh Carvajal
    Josh Carvajal 3 hours ago

    this is hella funny I swear I had the same story lmao I used the PSP too the first time XD

  • petit Haadii
    petit Haadii 3 hours ago

    Learn the same way u did

  • rav3n_repx裏面
    rav3n_repx裏面 3 hours ago


  • K1xlz
    K1xlz 3 hours ago

    4:18:4:25 or something, where i live (in the Caribbeans) I recently got in 7th grade and honestly idc that there are some 18 year oldd next to me a 12 year old I do what I want🤷‍♂️

  • Nahmir P
    Nahmir P 3 hours ago

    Lemme get dem pods

  • GGs PS4 GOD
    GGs PS4 GOD 3 hours ago

    The videos are getting shorter 😭

  • axndreww
    axndreww 3 hours ago

    This is the most relatable most factual most middle schooler self of me video ever bruh lmfaooo if I could go back to when I was younger to that first time I would

  • Sack Runnas
    Sack Runnas 3 hours ago

    Don I want a free headband

  • Lilly Bon
    Lilly Bon 3 hours ago

    Ooo I've been following I already his vids on Tik Tok 😅

  • Jacob Zilkoski
    Jacob Zilkoski 3 hours ago

    Omg a hype-beast thats a aculy funny. Guys this is like seeing Bigfoot.

  • Hornysquirrelman 69
    Hornysquirrelman 69 3 hours ago

    I started watching THOSE VIDEOS when I was in 3rd grade