The Global Goals
The Global Goals
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Zero Hunger Film
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  • MordorMolle
    MordorMolle 9 months ago

    Fuck the NWO , the UN , the EU , SOROS , Agenda 21 , Agenda 2030 and all other corrupt organisations !!! We , the people need to unite and get armed against ALL those 'elite-psychopats' who are KILLING us right now !!! Wake up people : it's all there : weather manipulation by HAARP , the invasion of our country's by those raping muslimterrorists or so called 'refugees' , the chemtrails , GMO's , the forced vaccinations , soon they will force us to get those RFID-implants , the California wildfires are caused by Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) , same shit as those fake hurricanes : they are controlling it !!! We need to hurry and destroy ALL those corrupt agencies , the elite and theire sick plans! Get armed and KILL THEM !!!! FUCK YOU GLOBAL GOALS !!! FUCK YOU NWO !!!

  • Winnipeg School Division

    Sustainability projects are encouraging our students to create innovative solutions for a better world and contribute in achieving global goals. Watch our 2 videos on here - and

  • Ædrián Lozano
    Ædrián Lozano 11 months ago

    Hi tehre. I'm using the "HOME" video ( as part of a conference promoting self adoption of the SDG 2030 Agenda. I had translated the speach to spanish, since the automatic translation is really not good at all; but now I find the collaboration option is blocked. Can you allow me to contribute by sending the translation to you?

  • 1nc4Rn4t10n
    1nc4Rn4t10n 11 months ago

    free voice and disable comments xd fck logic.

  • Krzysztof Tokarski
    Krzysztof Tokarski 11 months ago

    You are full of donkey shit jewish bastards u can suck mine dog's dick

  • homikkkk
    homikkkk 11 months ago

    Fucking maggots.

  • Dawid
    Dawid 11 months ago

    Stop blocking comments liars.

  • rbshns aesthetic
    rbshns aesthetic 11 months ago

    stop editing your likes/dislikes

  • Kraki Lox
    Kraki Lox 11 months ago

    27k muslims hate this video about girl freedom

  • Drunkenstein Picklester

    Sorry, but the UN will fall to the same problems the League of Nations did.

  • Tunny
    Tunny 11 months ago

    I hate to break it to you, but if you're going to post controversial videos, you don't get to disable comments and pretend that they don't exist. People on this page are seriously hateful, but sometimes you get legitimate feedback on how to better your content. For example, I (a woman) would love to see a video promoting Boy's day, there's no reason to turn a blind eye to it if you TRULY believe in equality between genders/sexes.

  • Brock Baronn
    Brock Baronn 11 months ago

    Fuck the UN

  • jag panzer
    jag panzer 11 months ago

    resist george soros and his paid puppets pure evil using children wow satan will be destory

  • Jacob Stevens
    Jacob Stevens 11 months ago

    I like how there are 25K dislikes!!! Eat that feminists.

  • PrussiaBall
    PrussiaBall 11 months ago

    Jebany feminizm

  • Grubbylyra
    Grubbylyra 11 months ago

    Freedom - International Day of the Girl blocked us from commenting on their video! If it's freedom then why block the freedom of speech?!

  • a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming

    💁⚠ It is extremely important to enable comments for the videos you make. PEOPLE WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT THEY THINK!

  • JoaoVLA
    JoaoVLA 11 months ago


  • ooOmegAaa
    ooOmegAaa 11 months ago

    celebrating woman's day by letting my wife spend more time in the kitchen

  • blogblock
    blogblock 11 months ago

    You disabled comments on yourr latest video so imma tell you here "Freedom - International Day of the Girl" is such a cringy video, hence the dislikes.

    • a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming
      a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming 11 months ago

      I disliked the video for disabling comments because: 💁⚠ It is extremely important to enable comments for the videos you make. PEOPLE WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT THEY THINK!

  • ripka
    ripka 11 months ago


  • Angery Angery
    Angery Angery 11 months ago

    To your shit ass girls Video. Dude, there was one guy, that said the right thing. He was black and hatet racist, he didnt say stuff like "I find it nice when white People saying: "BLACK LIVES MATTER" I find it nice IF YOU WOULDNT TALK ABOUT IT" just dont fucking talk about it. You only making it worse... Otherwise, i have nothing against the Girls day, but wtf is with boys day?

  • Julian OlveraGordon (Student)

    girls are slaves

  • Julian OlveraGordon (Student)

    stop sucking dick

  • Raffulous
    Raffulous 11 months ago

    ffs the whole point is to give people a chance to show support for the "Freedom for Girls" yet you disable comments?!

    • a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming
      a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming 11 months ago

      I hate videos with comments disabled because: 💁⚠ It is extremely important to enable comments for the videos you make. PEOPLE WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT THEY THINK!

  • Willian PS
    Willian PS 11 months ago

    fuck you and your progressive agenda, who are you to tell what and how people should live? that your left ideology destroy you first before you try destroy humanity.

  • Bongos
    Bongos 11 months ago

    Fuck this sheety chanell!!!

  • IdkDraws
    IdkDraws 11 months ago

    *Disables comments on Video*

    • a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming
      a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming 11 months ago

      💁⚠ It is extremely important to enable comments for the videos you make. PEOPLE WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT THEY THINK!

  • Dank Chat
    Dank Chat 11 months ago

    wtf with the Girls day? Feminism?

  • Bogdan Bogdanoff
    Bogdan Bogdanoff 11 months ago

    Fucc the feminism. White Sharia now.

    • Bogdan Bogdanoff
      Bogdan Bogdanoff 11 months ago

      your videos hardly have a 1000 views at average. Pathetic.

  • rbshns aesthetic
    rbshns aesthetic 11 months ago

    also you disabled comments, you fucking pussies. lol. #DislikeSquad

  • Marijan Karaula
    Marijan Karaula 11 months ago

    *Featured channels: TheEllenShow.*

  • rbshns aesthetic
    rbshns aesthetic 11 months ago

    hello, when can i expect International Day of the Man, to celebrate the fact that the platform you are sharing this video on was made by a man, the coding that made this website possible was made by a man, and the fact that the internet you are putting this on was invented by a man?

  • Matthew Chen
    Matthew Chen 11 months ago

    FUCK FEMINISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Giulio Dionisi
    Giulio Dionisi 11 months ago

    Shitty as arrogant spot, the cause COULD be good but you are doing it wrong. Your marketing team should be replaced, even a group of baboons can make a better work. I'll never speak about it, nobody will do, they will leave a dislike or even a comment and just forget about your cringy shit. Why are you doing this job instead of shoveling shit?

  • Alec _
    Alec _ 11 months ago


  • Alec _
    Alec _ 11 months ago

    Globalist cunts you wont succeed in your agenda we are stronger than you

  • mihxiii
    mihxiii 11 months ago

    Hello, sadly your Freedom - International Day of the Girl video has an equal rate of likes and dislikes.. Can you post somewhere the statistics(demographics) about those?

  • RingsideMovies
    RingsideMovies 11 months ago

    Just thought I'd stop by to let you know yous are a bunch of cunts.

  • Crab
    Crab 11 months ago

    Fuck off

  • HipHop Nation
    HipHop Nation 11 months ago

    So where is the video titled "Freedom - International Day of the Boy" ? Or are boys/men not important? #FckFeminism

    • iKeno
      iKeno 11 months ago

      pretty sure it's on november 19th, but it usually isn't publicized which is a shame.

  • maurice meerts
    maurice meerts 11 months ago


  • Rainbow Nigga
    Rainbow Nigga 11 months ago

    as a person who has to spend a year in prison for having a dick (read: undergo compulsory military service) I just can't take your last video seriously, sorry

    • Chris Forrest
      Chris Forrest 11 months ago

      Ha, fuck your tiny country, my big stronk country has more than enough retards to fill up its military. Murica

  • CivilAviation1
    CivilAviation1 11 months ago

    BOYS NEED FREEDOM AS WELL. Fuck your agenda you incompetent fucks.

  • Ourumov1
    Ourumov1 11 months ago

    Empowering all girls in the world we live in now? Don't make me laugh. Your goals are a fucking joke.

  • abrahamWCE
    abrahamWCE Year ago

    just don´t mess with the age of consent...

  • IzzyNChrist
    IzzyNChrist 2 years ago

    You Globalist idiots are going to burn in hell if you don't stop lying to the world! We can see right through you assholes!!!

    • IzzyNChrist
      IzzyNChrist 2 years ago

      I do blame the government, but I also blame anyone who puts out this garbage propaganda that is being used to lie to people!

  • Eugeni Ganchovski
    Eugeni Ganchovski 2 years ago

    The Earth has unlimited resources for a limited number of people and very limited, often exhausted resources for the incredible burden created by the insanely reproducing human population. There is no point in giving life to miserable creatures who have almost no chance of becoming human beings with dignity and respect. There is no point in wasting the Earth"s resources in order just to try to keep billions upon billions of humans alive. I am very much surprised that there is no such goal That is why I suggest that the most urgent global goal should be to immediately discontinue the population growth and the next one - to considerably lower the human population. I call this global goal MINUS FIVE E. Here MINUS FIVE stands for a five times smaller human population by the end of the century, and E stands for Eugeni - my name.

    • Chris Forrest
      Chris Forrest 11 months ago

      Just teach those savages how to use a condom. Or stop sending them aid so they realize that it's not okay to have 14 children when you can't even grow a tomato

  • flintJuglife Water
    flintJuglife Water 2 years ago

    #flintjuglifewater how do you go about posting a video of your city state

  • Ryan Sherwood
    Ryan Sherwood 3 years ago

    Trying to make good food, clean water, and health-care accessible? My god, the absolute horror! Trying to educate the next generation? Blasphemy! Improving industry and enhancing technology? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!! You see my point. Most of the comment section is comprised of people who believe Germans are still Nazis, the holocaust never happened and all history is fabricated to move along the plans of some evil overlord. Now look, I can agree some of these goals are out of reach. But can you really blame them for trying? I mean, I dunno about you, but no hunger sounds pretty good to me. So is quality education. I'd like some clean drinking water as well if you don't mind. I also don't see anything saying anything about "Combine all governments into a single entity" on here. These goals are signed by nations, and will be worked towards by each nation independently, with support from other nations. Is it really bad that we as humans want to help other humans?

    • Chris Forrest
      Chris Forrest 11 months ago

      The UN has nothing in mind past their own benefit

  • Jan Johnson
    Jan Johnson 3 years ago

    Good to see that the gloBULLists will NEVER shut up everyone.

  • Roboterize
    Roboterize 3 years ago

    I don't get it. The UN exists since 70 years, they release these goals since then and offer aid and a forum for the world leader to discuss. Yet still there are people who call Illuminati, new world order and conspiracies. Pretty fucked up people on the Internet.

  • MrCharlieSurf
    MrCharlieSurf 3 years ago

    Disgusting psychopaths... Your time is up. You have been called out.

  • Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg
    Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg 3 years ago

    I do not identify with United Nations.

  • Robert Bryant Lock
    Robert Bryant Lock 3 years ago

    This channel is nothing more than Agenda 21 propaganda.

    I AM SPARTACUS 3 years ago

    you people are monsters against all that is true freedom. you are possessed with a greed to control that is beyond belief......we who are awake do not want it!!!! you will burn in a hell of your own making......I will not submit... I AM, WE ARE, SPARTACUS!!!!!!!!

  • Keith Schroader
    Keith Schroader 3 years ago

    You can be anything you want when you grow up! Just work hard enough and earn it; where there is a WILL there is a WAY! If someone tells you that you can't do something that you know you obviously can; then they are your first obsticle to success! If it's too hard and you give up; then I guess you can't do that...Never give in to others, and never give up on your hopes and dreams. DO NOT let someone else rain on your FREEDOM parade! Any and Ever...y child deserves the future they EARN! I believe whole heartidly that it is the older generations' job to allow this future to happen. If the Fuddy Duddys are the ones determineing the future of our youth, then they are the main problem! WE must, and I repeat, WE MUST work for our futures. We all get what we deserve in the end, so let's deserve Eutopia, let's deserve Paradise, let's deserve TRUE FREEDOM!

  • Pino Gallo
    Pino Gallo 3 years ago

    Per quanto credo sia difficile, non è irrealizzabile. Si faccia subito. Abbiamo bisogno di fatti tangibili a seguito delle parole. Buon lavoro

  • pierluigi lanzini
    pierluigi lanzini 3 years ago

    L'ONU oramai e' in mano ai paesi Musulmani o piu' in generale nemici dell'Occidente. Il fatto che l'Arabia Saudita dove l'anno scorso si sono tagliate almeno ottanta teste sia stata eletta chairman dell'organizzazione per la difesa dei diritti dell'uomo, che e' come dire eleggere un pedofilo a guardiano di un asilo, lo prova. L'Occidente ha avuto nei secoli passati molte colpe ma nessuno dice che quasi l'intero sapere in tecnologia, scienza, filosofia, arte proviene da esso e che tutto questo e' stato dato gratis. I Musulmani brillano per non aver fatto nulla se non guerre e nefandezze e ora invade l'Occidente con la precisa intenzione di distruggerlo, non con la forza militare ma con quella delle nascite che ridurra' in poche decine di anni ogni nazione Europea e Americana ad essere in minoranza e a dover accettare la sharia. Agli Occidentali resta solo la possibilita' di abbandonare il nostro pianeta ma e' una possibilita' per ora impossibile. Percio' prima della fine di questo secolo ci saranno solo Giappone, Cina, Russia e pochi altri paesi del estremo Oriente a guidare l'umanita' verso il futuro e L'occidente sara' ridotto a un medioevo ancora piu' terribile di quello gia' passato. Questa e' la cruda realta'. The UN is now in the hands of Muslim countries or more in general enemies of the West . The fact that Saudi Arabia that last year have cut at least eighty heads has been elected chairman of the organization for the defense of human rights, that it is as to elect a pedophile guardian of a kindergarten, prove that. The West has had in past centuries many faults but no one says that almost the entire knowledge in technology, science, philosophy, art comes from it and that all this' was given free. Muslims shine for not doing anything but wars and atrocities and now invades the West with the intention of destroying it, not by military force but with birth rate that will reduce 'in few years every European and American country to be in the minority and having to accept sharia. The West remains the only chance to abandon our planet but the possibility there is not. So 'before the end of this century there will be only Japan, China, Russia and a few other countries in the Far East to lead mankind' into the future and the West will be 'reduced to a Middle Ages even more' terrible than that already ' past. This is the harsh reality'

  • Tyler Cook
    Tyler Cook 3 years ago

    Thank God no agrees with this shit. I was worried until I saw the discussion page. lol

  • Kristina
    Kristina 3 years ago

    GOD has to let you have your new world order, don't forget who is chief in command.

  • vittorio ballini
    vittorio ballini 3 years ago

    Quando l'uomo riuscirà a sconfiggere la povertà il mondo cadrà in una profonda miseria

  • Juppy Jukebox
    Juppy Jukebox 3 years ago

    give me a break, the most corrupt BS org on the planet(UN) is going to set goals about injustice? hows about they clean their own house 1st. oh and hows about Google keeping their propaganda off my screen also....climate i get free hockey sticks with that?

  • Matthew Stene
    Matthew Stene 3 years ago

    the un is a evil group of people that are trying to enstate the new world order and ruin the united states! All you americans that think this shit is good are in for a rude awakening, but by then it will be too late! down with the un , long live america!

  • Anon Nymous
    Anon Nymous 3 years ago

    All conspiracy BS aside...(which I am neither rejecting or accepting because I have proof of neither...) 1.)Someone will always be hungry. 2.)There will always be newly evolved diseases. 3.)Global Warming, climate change or whatever the hell its being called today is retarded. The Earth has existed for billions of years. How arrogant are we to say what the average temperature should be? 4.)...What does the UN exactly do again? Keep people safe? I'm not sure if you've seen the news for the past decade, but terrorism and hostile states such as Iran, North Korea and many others have been allowed to continue existing. And who has been fighting predominantly against radical factions of islam, or communism or anything else malignant to freewill? The United States, not the UN. 5.)Everyone will have food, water, medicine and a toilet, huh? I don't even know what to say to that... Thats one enormous bill to foot. ...How are we going to pay for this again..? 6.)Gender and racial equality? Do you REALLY think it is possible to truly eradicate that? Really? Human nature is a bitch. 7.)I'll just stop right here and say this: World peace is impossible. Period. There will always be one asshole who wants more and would be willing to get it by whatever means. World peace without some kind of divine intervention is nothing more than deluded wishful thinking unless human freewill is removed. Ladies and Gentlemen, to achieve any of these goals, your God given right to choose good or evil must vanish. When I say good and evil I mean exactly that. Take religion out of my sentence, if you're an atheist and replace those words with any other synonyms that don't offend you; the point is that the only way to obtain this utopia is the take the human essence out of humanity, and that scares the living hell out of me as it should you too. -Oh, and getting idiot celebrities to push your cause really, REALLY shows us how impotent and insipid it is. Jesus, I really hate Hollywood... Idiots parading themselves on BS like this not out of genuine concern for the impoverished or suffering, but seeking self promotion and publicity for pretending to care. They are truly the scum of the Earth. -Oorah.

  • Kurt Flaig
    Kurt Flaig 3 years ago

    Kiss my azz socialist wealth distributor job killing communists. Let see, Take all of you Hollywood nuts & every dollar you have & give to the UN, then stop & work a real job like the rest of us. U would never make it. So do not tell us what to do. Leave our tax's & our jobs along & go f your selves.

  • Sidney Kindred
    Sidney Kindred 3 years ago

    Y'all are uneducated it'd seem. Go back to school and learn about these problems before saying "FUCK UN THEY TURN WORLD COMMUNIST" without even researching more into the cause or even what it's trying to do. That way you can be less ignorant and rightfully express how you feel about the global goals program. I personally don't have an opinion formed, and probably won't form one either, I essentially do not care, and I do not plan on caring about what it is beyond this passage. tl;dr go read a book you fucks

  • Jeffrey Hofreiter
    Jeffrey Hofreiter 3 years ago

    In 1992 the UN passed a resolution calling on all signatores (sp?) to "reduce the living standards of the average American". As far as I'm concerned, that was a declaration of war made by a diplomatic body of which we are a member. It's called Agenda 21, and no one talks about it even though it's being implemented all over this country right now. Learn more or lose your freedoms, America.

  • Sri raja Doctor
    Sri raja Doctor 3 years ago

    I find from the comments still people are grumbling the possibilities, JUST relax and find the solution still we can make a dream world It would mean that peoples would have to give up their identities and beliefs, we are living in a extraordinary and beautiful life in this era., with the best technologies. we are in the top of the animal KINGDOM. WE SHOULD LIVE A BLISSFUL LIFE., MAKE OTHERS HAPPY AT ANY COST YOU WILL BECOME HAPPY. ONE OF THE RESPONSIBILITY. THERE ARE SEVERAL THINGS TO BE LISTED OTHER THAN RESPONSIBILITIES IN OUR AGENDA.

  • MadMage86
    MadMage86 3 years ago

    Well, reading the comments here pretty much confirms why none of this shit has been done already. Some of you just need to go kill yourselves.

  • Sri raja Doctor
    Sri raja Doctor 3 years ago

    Social responsibility in each and every individual should be made realized/induced through educational and debate programmers constantly through philosophical and preaching from GOD MAN like Sri Sri Ravi Sankar, Jaggi vasudev Nithya Nandha and other wise teaching personalities.Right from child hood responsibility or each person level contribution to peace and prosperity of the future should ensured and this mission should make a convincing life mutually happy life. Make a utopia global.

  • D.A.N D.A.N
    D.A.N D.A.N 3 years ago

    Only God's Kingdom is going to solve all of those problems. Jehovah's Witnesses have been preaching that for years. Only God's Kingdom will solve those issues.

  • Tracie Dent
    Tracie Dent 3 years ago

    The UN is "Organized Crime" Crimes against Humanity... and all you actors who did these promos.. I know to watch out for your traitorist actions. Just remember this Actors/tresses , look how long Jane Fonda "hanoi Jane" is remember for her play in Viet Nam... She will NEVER get a ;lifetime Achievement Award.. not as long as Veterans live and remind others what she did.

  • Tracie Dent
    Tracie Dent 3 years ago

    The UN is just a group of people bent on world power.. AKA One World Order... I will fight to the death as an American Veteran before I allow you Blind Dimm witted mother fuckers take my rights from me... and put the the friggin Anti-christ in charge.

  • Tracie Dent
    Tracie Dent 3 years ago

    here look this up. Un peace keepers involved in Human Trafficking of minors... in several countries,

  • Now Clarity
    Now Clarity 3 years ago

    Jobs - - will end poverty. Stop sending jobs other places.

  • AgnosticProle
    AgnosticProle 3 years ago

    If you want to end injustice you should disband the U.N.

    • Nehriim
      Nehriim 3 years ago

      +AgnosticProle no * grabs popcorn *

    • AgnosticProle
      AgnosticProle 3 years ago

      Well piss off then.

    • Nehriim
      Nehriim 3 years ago

      +AgnosticProle yeah, why not?

    • AgnosticProle
      AgnosticProle 3 years ago

      You talking to me?

    • Nehriim
      Nehriim 3 years ago

      or you should shut up and die of diseases you could easily be vaccinated for

  • francis ruiz
    francis ruiz 3 years ago

    i feel like it is too late already ... we should have started to make a difference a lot earlier to be honest

  • kelu vil
    kelu vil 3 years ago

    papapi,et papapo,blabla bla bla and don't forget to give money (for un) not for poor people

  • coffee grinder
    coffee grinder 3 years ago

    Fuck this BS channel! This propaganda charade doesn't work any longer.

  • Ron Curtis
    Ron Curtis 3 years ago

    I hate to inform everybody, Global warming does not exist! IT is all made up by liberal democrats who think they know what's best for us. well they, so piss on them. Get out of my fucking face I am tired of hearing about

  • Kellen Degenhardt
    Kellen Degenhardt 3 years ago

    #BiggestWasteOfMoney #ClimateChangeHoax 'Climate Change' regulations are ONLY worth while if our economy isn't crippled

  • Phil Burdine
    Phil Burdine 3 years ago

    End Poverty, Climate Change, and Injustice. Unattainable goals created to give the UN validity. Anyone with common sense knows better.

  • nunya beeswax
    nunya beeswax 3 years ago

    Just remember what John Coleman of KUSHI says on TVclip

  • flashing5word
    flashing5word 3 years ago

    All of these goals sound nice. My question is, who is providing the food, medicine, etc. and what are they getting in return? Will the aid required to provide relief from poverty be wielded as a political weapon to get populaces to conform to their laws and values? Will local autonomy be removed in return for providing these things? If so, the world is probably better off without this initiative.

  • Jim Martinez
    Jim Martinez 3 years ago

    The United States needs to dissolve it's membership and severe any and all ties with this criminal organization called "the united nations".

  • Lupita Padilla
    Lupita Padilla 3 years ago


  • Moholy Thanu
    Moholy Thanu 3 years ago


  • Cheryl Solis
    Cheryl Solis 3 years ago

    It would be good to know exactly which world leaders are joining this movement, and what their comments are on the program. It would also be good if you had, under Jobs, a listing that includes jobs from each of your partners listed---so that people who want to join in this movement can actually work within any of these companies/organizations. If someone is not interested in a concert ticket and wants to be part of this movement through working with a particular organization, such a job site would be helpful. Yes, one could go to each and every organization's site and look up jobs available, however, that would be terribly time-consuming. I think that it would be helpful for action-oriented people to be able to access some kind of employment page that included positions open in all your member organizations, i.e. Oxfam, Save the Children, TakePart, etc.--This kind of page on your site would encourage those who truly want to work toward this goal in a sustainable way. Also, the jobs you have listed are all in the U.S. or Britain--what about China? Africa? South America? How can supporters in those countries join up and take action, besides clicking and going for a concert ticket? What if an US citizen wants to join the cause by working within another area of the world. Your site is informational but very limited. I'm looking for practical ways to help through a career change, a life path change, in other areas besides the U.S. and U.K. Where on this site could such a person find the information they need in order to implement this great world change?

  • Carol Wontkowski
    Carol Wontkowski 3 years ago

    Sentiments are all well and good but all these millionaires and billionaires advocating for the cause don't know what sacrifice is in order to achieve this goal. Talk is cheap. I think we'd be hard pressed to see Bill Gates or JLo live on a portion of their fortunes in order to help make this succeed.

  • cataldo martino
    cataldo martino 3 years ago

    e' una trappola x topi atto a realizzare il NWO. ergo impensabile che trilioni di demoni rinunciano al loro nutrimento.

  • hillbd42
    hillbd42 3 years ago

    The first problem they're going to run into is to end world poverty, they're going to have to convince EVERYONE to work towards ending poverty. Not everyone is willing to actually work. Its easier to rely on and expect someone else to do the work so they can reap the benefits of someone else's labor. There are right now hundreds of thousands of young men fleeing from ISIS instead of taking up arms against them. If we can't expect people to fight for themselves, what makes you think they're going to work for themselves. The next problem, since not everyone is willing to put forth the effort, someone is going to have to give to end poverty. Why should I work very hard and take away from my family and friends that work very hard and need help to give to someone who would rather not have to work at all? Then of course you have the corrupt people at the top who are going to take their share whether they are warlords, sheiks, CEO's, presidents, or politicians...someone at the top is going to take their cut which leaves the hard laborer stuck with the morsels that are allowed to be distributed among the poorest. Its easy for a wealthy actor, musician, or politician to stand up and say these things. If they are so worried about it, why don't they give up 40 or 50 percent of their multi-million dollar income? They obviously think I can afford to...Liberal Hollywood thinking, I'll advocate for this (as long it doesn't cost me my million dollar home, diamond ring, or security detail...)

  • CDM M
    CDM M 3 years ago

    Translation; The United States must support the world..which for the most part is too corrupt and/or irresponsible or blatantly stupid to take care of itself...And so it's nasty old American greed and capitalism to the rescue? We are the cleanest carbon burner on the planet and we must be punished? What a steaming pile of Leftist cacada...

  • Alexandra German
    Alexandra German 3 years ago

    Shame on them pretending to be humane while defend all the evil in the world.

  • HowDo ILogin
    HowDo ILogin 3 years ago

    I'm supposed to take the U.N. seriously when they're unironically listening and believing professional victims Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian? SJWs can bitch and moan about privilege all they want, these cunts literally have the privilege to ask the MOTHERFUCKING UNITED NATIONS to censor the internet because it hurts their feewings. Not even the goddamn President can do that.

  • Gregory Lupton
    Gregory Lupton 3 years ago

    Awwww.....look at all the brainwashed little sheeple without enough critical thinking ability to realize that they are falling for the UN's Agenda 21. The UN and the global elite can bite me!

  • Sauvegarde de Yannick Magic

    Un organisme de bon augure qui incite à devenir meilleur envers les autres! Magicalement à tous ceux qui prennent de bonnes initiatives... Yannick Magic.

  • Michael Samples
    Michael Samples 3 years ago

    Involving any government entity in anything only makes things worse.

  • The Ghost Man Cometh


  • Bruno Vercelli
    Bruno Vercelli 3 years ago


  • Barry Wind
    Barry Wind 3 years ago

    Here we go with more of the G.W. lies. We need to rid ourselves of the U.N. and get them out of the U.S.! I have paid for their fine dining for way too long and they have nothing to offer. They just put more gold in their pockets and want to run the world on their terms... NO WAY. Get em out!

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 3 years ago

    The problem and the solution are not what you think they are .

  • The Ghost Man Cometh

    F U C K the U N ! You don't tell America what to do, even with your sick, demented, mind-controlling propaganda delivered through the voices of the famous elite! Lick my American testicles & go to HELL.

  • Bill Doyle
    Bill Doyle 3 years ago

    and to create Agenda 21

  • Esteban Armada
    Esteban Armada 3 years ago

    and global targets drug trafficking matter ?

  • Brian Crowder
    Brian Crowder 3 years ago

    Jeremiah 10:23 Says it all

  • Caring Citizen
    Caring Citizen 3 years ago

    So, I assume the makers and participants in this video, and google, are talking foremost about: * Banning abortion, such as overturning Roe vs. Wade in America and stopping the government-sanctioned and forced citizen-funded baby killing holocaust? * Putting an end to ISIS and their mass murderous atrocities against Christians and others, and eradicating radical Islam entirely? * Expanding free-market capitalism, the best economic system ever known to mankind, which has raised more people out of poverty than any other system in human history (perhaps with some ideas from “Be the Solution”

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith 3 years ago

    Wow you're all talk! PASTOR SAEED ABEDINI(an American citizen) has been in an Iranian prison for over 3 years and the UN is doing 0[ZERO]. Pastor Saeed has been beaten many times and on AT LEAST 1 occasion was bleeding to death internally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(he only survived by the Grace of God). A few days ago was taized during an interrogation by only God knows who? You are doing a GREAT JOB UN of: NOTHING! The UN is useless and should be disbanded!

  • Jason Peters
    Jason Peters 3 years ago

    So.... Who's paying for all of this. I hope you're not expecting me to. Just remember, socialism only works well until you run out of other peoples money to spend.

  • Robert Steckel
    Robert Steckel 3 years ago

    Seriously? Are the zillionaires who own Google this gullible, signing on with one of the most corrupt organizations in the history of the world? Do you know how many authoritarian regimes are represented in that body? Unbelievable. Get your noses out of your algorithm code strings and read a little history.

  • Long Johnathan
    Long Johnathan 3 years ago

    Agenda 2030 here we come.. evil son of a bitches

  • C. Royce Collins
    C. Royce Collins 3 years ago

    This is ridiculous in my honest opinion. You can NOT stop climate change. It is a naturally occurring event. The climate is always changing, and has from the beginning of the Earth. There is nothing humans can do to prevent the climate from changing.

  • Anita George
    Anita George 3 years ago

    Whoever it is UN Team, its a good thought indeed, it happens only when Angels dwell on this earth, because we human never walk our talk, when you say Leaders are "Serious", please specify the term Serious here, thanks!

  • D Avid
    D Avid 3 years ago

    It's good to see the people waking up. The only conformists on these comments are probably nothing more than paid government shills.

  • Bleu Chevalier
    Bleu Chevalier 3 years ago

    il video è già un inno all'arricchimento dei soliti "oligarghi".a chi vede,a chi ha gli occhi aperti capisce che è la più classica manipolazione mentale mediatica...fate,do it,muovetevi...non manipolate la gente,le popolazioni,le diverse culture sociali...fate,do it something...abbattete queste problematiche "mondiali" se realmente esistono...senza essere coercitivi e prepotenti,impositori,invasori globali delle diversità culturali.Amerika,Amerika.....sei il risultato finale di un calderone di "razze" e mentalità medievale...Amerika from Amerigo Vespucci.

  • D Avid
    D Avid 3 years ago

    The NWO can take their frickin Agenda 21 and shoveituptheirass. I WILL NOT CONFORM!

  • Ordrakon
    Ordrakon 3 years ago

    You'll never get your New World Order!

    • giovanni leon
      giovanni leon 11 months ago

      nwo doesn't exist

    • Marijan Karaula
      Marijan Karaula 11 months ago

      Oy vey the Goy know. Scheise.

    • Jan Johnson
      Jan Johnson 3 years ago

      Sure u r... that's why u gave God thanks.

    • Emiliano Ezequiel Parenti
      Emiliano Ezequiel Parenti 3 years ago

      +gerjan alons Thank God I'm an atheist

    • Nehriim
      Nehriim 3 years ago

      +Emiliano Ezequiel Parenti but the christians say that god is god, jezus and the holy ghost/spirit, satan is not one with them, satan is pure, satan is the rightful master of this world! *refill bucket of popcorn*

  • Frank Scott
    Frank Scott 3 years ago

    Socialism always sounds so great on paper doesn't it? Good luck!

    • Chris Forrest
      Chris Forrest 11 months ago

      Translates well into a live test too!

    • Frank Scott
      Frank Scott 3 years ago

      Capitalism ... Profiting on the labor of others... Is the natural condition of the human race. Some have adopted a value system to progress from that, but most haven't.

    • MadMage86
      MadMage86 3 years ago

      Capitalism always sounds so good on paper, doesn't it?

  • Jamie Cooper
    Jamie Cooper 3 years ago

    The UN needs to be taken out of the UNITED STATES!!!! The people don't want you, we don't want the One World Government Agenda, and we are WELL aware of who is behind all of this. There are MANY people who are awake and aware of the Agenda, we will not be sheep, be warned because we are prepared for what you are trying to cram down our throats.

  • Mike C
    Mike C 3 years ago

    Who care what the UN wants? I do not and will not EVER live under UN rules. I am an American and will NEVER allow anyone or anything to come before that.

  • Shitty World
    Shitty World 3 years ago

    Shortsighted Republican Americans are going CRAZYYY!!&$*(#)$&*!@!@!@!!!!!

  • Joan Lee
    Joan Lee 3 years ago

    Fuck the UN, like he said.

    • giovanni leon
      giovanni leon 11 months ago

      the u.n is better then america due to them being atheist

  • Anthony Naranjo
    Anthony Naranjo 3 years ago

    Beautiful idea, but it will never happen. It would mean that countries and peoples would have to give up their identities and beliefs, not to mention money. Unless Jesus comes back or Aliens land on this planet or we experience some other sociological (such as global catastrophe or world war or economic collapse), world event that would be felt on a global scale, it will never happen.

    • Riccco Swava
      Riccco Swava 3 years ago

      Mr.Anthony well pointed except for it's " When" Jesus comes back period...... global and economic already hapnin we christians have known for 100's of yrs. we have been discussing these on Sun. morns and nights. There's a research book to back up facts check it out The Holy Bible....66 books what happened and what "is" to come.

  • Joseph Haile
    Joseph Haile 3 years ago

    Firstly, to address the Americans who are saying that they don't want to help for any number of reasons, be it to protect the 'sovereignty' of the US or to ensure the US remains 'free' I would just like to take some time to remind you of something, as Franklin D Roosevelt said, "The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little." It might be worth thinking on that before you advocate helping yourselves before others. Many of you have implied that the West is the height of civilisation and progress and yet you are advocating abandoning those who are, need I remind you, exactly as we are. For all those wondering who the true savages are, it might be time to stop looking in the direction of the East and looking a bit closer to home. Secondly, whilst it may be true that these goals are a little ambitious and may be beyond our capabilities, that does not mean we shouldn't try. I agree that overpopulation is an issue but I can say with complete certainty that a cull, which many of you have indeed implied whether you admit to it or not, is most assuredly not the answer. We must try. We might not succeed, but when has fear of failure ever stopped us before? Finally, whilst many of you will simply dismiss me as a silly liberal, I will be getting involved in this scheme and doing anything and everything in my power to help it succeed and if any of you have a shred of human decency, you will to. It's time we stopped thinking about ourselves and started helping each other out. We live in a global community, and if you pretend otherwise you show yourself to be little more than a Luddite.

    • Long Johnathan
      Long Johnathan 3 years ago

      This is coming from someone who said "Freedom? This is coming from a guy whose country was built on the backs of slaves?" Slaves also had NO relevance to the topic

    • Joseph Haile
      Joseph Haile 3 years ago

      I don't deny that. The British Empire did own a lot of slaves, as I said earlier, it was once the biggest slave machine in the entire world. However that doesn't, by any means, invalidate my point.

    • Long Johnathan
      Long Johnathan 3 years ago

      +Joseph Haile "Your country was built on slaves" says the guy who's country owned more slaves than any nation on the planet

    • Joseph Haile
      Joseph Haile 3 years ago

      No. I'm a man and my name is Joseph. That's all. I see no reason to place any more labels on myself.

    • Joseph Haile
      Joseph Haile 3 years ago

      You'll forgive me if I don't put much stock in what you say. Oh, and one other thing, I am not a 'bloke'.

  • WoodworkTV
    WoodworkTV 3 years ago

    Lügen Lügen Lügen, sie WOLLEN ändern????? warum machen sie es nicht.?????

  • Vgo Loquendo 5
    Vgo Loquendo 5 3 years ago

    Unuiĝintaj Nacioj estas nur krima sindikato , ili ŝajnigas helpi la mondon , sed anstataŭ preni la tutan monon kaj doni ilin al Obama . vi ĉiuj faŝistoj de merdo . al ĉiuj usonanoj kaj aliaj angl merdo , mi ne parolas vian lingvon , mi ne parolas mian lingvon mi parolas en esperanto por la fakto ke mi rifuzas paroli la anglan, ĉar ĝi estas la lingvo de la kapitalistoj de la koko .

  • aedantoconnell
    aedantoconnell 3 years ago

    What a bunch of foolishness, who are the UN to run the world? If you are so loving peacekeeping , why are you armed?

  • Robert Forester-Lake

    Usual bunch of posturing well-off, indeed rich, Liberals bossing us around and spewing all the usual bullshit. It is this appalling mentality with its support for tyrannical regimes and religions that has created so much misery and so many problems in the world. Vile hypocritical liars.

  • Robert Forester-Lake

    Man - made climate change. A scare and a lie created by the Left and Liberals to attack the West and technology, steal even more money from us to feed into corrupt schemes and to make us even more subservient to the Big Greedy Bully STATE.

  • Anita Vejar
    Anita Vejar 3 years ago

    I know some do gooder/nwo un employees , they are as disturbing as my phd mao loving chinese friends.

  • Robert Forester-Lake

    What about all the hypocritical, lying Liberals and corrupt scum on their vast salaries in the vile UN? These preening, self-regarding greedy bastards in the media and the entertainment industry? Get rid of all these greedy, lying bullshitters and their support for tyrannies and corrupt governments, then people could be helped. Helped by decent leaders, science, technology and honest people who care NOT the lying scumbag UN run by tyrants and supported by all the Liberal media luvvies striking 'caring' compassionate poses in the middens of their wealth and greed. These corrupt liars and execrable phonies ARE the problem!

  • Bryce Cherry
    Bryce Cherry 3 years ago

    Until the Ad Council comprehensively addresses issues in the 10 point plan written by Ad Council Watch on Facebook starting with stopping the delivery of Ad Council PSAs outside the US, women shouldn't be a CEO; they should be at home working in the garden. I also see the death penalty as a form of "population control" - one penalty for everything!

  • Tuhljin
    Tuhljin 3 years ago

    This is the promotional text Google stuck on the bottom of the new tab window in Chrome that pointed me to this channel: "The UN's Global Goals to end poverty, climate change, and injustice." What sort of gullible saps are they targeting?? It's all unachievable feel-good nonsense but what immediately stood out was "*end* climate change". END it? The climate has been CHANGING since, oh, I dunno, FOREVER. You can't END it. Even by the anthropomorphic global warming theory, it's *impossible* to really stop the warming let alone stop ANY CHANGE AT ALL. And yet *we're* the anti-science ones, amiright, alarmists? And end injustice? How ya gonna do that, exactly? Build up a super army and invade all countries the world over? No, seriously, how *else* could you *possibly* do that? You'd have to overthrow every dictator the world over (not to mention plenty of legitimate leaders who won't bow down to you) in order to enforce your supposedly "perfect" system of law. Anyone falling for this is just not rational. Period.

    • Rehan Ashraf
      Rehan Ashraf 11 months ago


    • Chris Forrest
      Chris Forrest 11 months ago

      They're targeting grandmas who could find their grandson's Facebook page

    • Jan Johnson
      Jan Johnson 3 years ago

      Whom are they are targeting? Only 95% of the world's population. Research Georgia Guidestones

  • Count Mahdrof
    Count Mahdrof 3 years ago

    The UN still exists?

    • Sinbad George
      Sinbad George 3 years ago

      Yes, of course it still exists...but only because US taxpayers pay for it. And if not for the un, where else would bitch Clinton have a forum to lie to the American people about her illegal activities?

  • Ed Bogaard
    Ed Bogaard 3 years ago

    Een organisatie die weinig doet aan het tegengaan van islam-oorlogen met alle daarmee samenhangende (vluchtingen-)problemen, maar zich wel bemoeit met een puur Nederlands kinderfeest op 5 december is voor mij niet meer geloofwaardig. Afschaffen die U.N. en ons lidmaatschapsgeld beter besteden.

  • aj66561
    aj66561 3 years ago

    How about the goal to convince everyone that they are responsible for themselves and their actions? In every country, there are people who exist and survive only because they live off the efforts of others. Mother Nature is not amused! Are you concerned about all the people on the about to capsize refugee boat? The good ship "Earth" is floundering right now with too many "non-paying" passengers aboard!

  • Ronald Russell
    Ronald Russell 3 years ago

    There is a very simple and humane way to alleviate starvation and hunger. The math does not allow for it to ever be fixed with our current way of doing things. let's say there is a husband and wife in Africa that are starving to death. They had a total 8 kids but 4 died from hunger. Aid comes in the form of food and medicine. Donated by the loving, caring people of the world. The husband and wife and their 4 surviving children, bellies full are feeling better than they ever did. As a result of this aid, the next couple only lose 2 of their children and the first families 4 children each have 8 babies......... now the tons of food and medicine is not enough to provide for them and people begin to starve...... so we increase the aid...and it plays out all over again.... a perpetual game of "catch up". The people in these centers of extreme poverty need to be, at the very least, limited in their ability to reproduce. Nothing else will suffice. The populations in areas where food is scarce need to have their numbers reduced to a sustainable level, yet done in a humane way. There is nothing evil or sinister about sterilizing people who without intervention would bring children into this world and subject them to a life time of extreme hunger and all of the worst illnesses the planet knows.

    • Chris Forrest
      Chris Forrest 11 months ago

      Send them condoms instead of last years leftover can of green beans

    • Peter Stanton
      Peter Stanton 3 years ago

      Ron...You are logical and more "caring" than 99% of the "feed the hungry" people who make the problem worse. !!

    • MadMage86
      MadMage86 3 years ago

      I suppose no one thought to point out Japan as an example of what happens when population gets too high - you've been watching too much TV. Overpopulation is actually self-correcting.

    • CDM M
      CDM M 3 years ago

      Send Planned Parenthood to Africa and India...

  • Mark DellaBarba
    Mark DellaBarba 3 years ago

    One world Gov can kiss my Ass....

  • Maureen Locken
    Maureen Locken 3 years ago

    We don't need the UN to globally be telling our Americans what to do and how to live and what fuel to use ETC. We need to opt out of the UN!!! We need to get some new blood in the whitehouse that have some integrity, morals and some accountability and honesty to take care of our America. I stand for our freedom from any kind of tyranny. I stand for Jesus Christ and the country that was founded on IN GOD WE TRUST!!! Our AMERICA land of the free and the home of the Brave!!!

    • giovanni leon
      giovanni leon 11 months ago

      also fuck jesus atheism 4 life

    • giovanni leon
      giovanni leon 11 months ago

      fuck the u.s

    • Nehriim
      Nehriim 3 years ago

      +xXSorvaino5PorveroneseXx wow you think so positively /s we have the Illuminati at our back (at least so i have heard in these comment sections) they wont let us starve because it will make profit, we can trow out Greece for sure, but that will make it more likely that countries that matter ( Spain and such )quit, what will be most unbeneficial to the rest of Europe, plus ISIS want to spread their caliphate through Europe partly, we will be defenseless if the EU is no more, these matters have been discussed and discussed but the answers aren't that simple. the Netherlands has one of the best economy's, in the unlikely scenario that what you say will become true we will still be rich as fuck, in the Netherlands we are being educated that we first need to think about others and the ourselves ( probably in good oll Germany too) we will help, i can promise you that, and if my government turns their back i will make my own party that actually cares about others like you guys :) not everybody is entirely evil, its more like nobody is entirely evil, but in moments of struggle our real nature will be revealed.

    • Vgo Loquendo 5
      Vgo Loquendo 5 3 years ago

      you , you're still free , but not for long , there is a crisis in Greece , and will soon hit also Italy spain ireland and portugal . in the future , unfortunately, you end up even you, who knows , in 2100 if we continue like the Greeks will hunger as Africans , we Italians Spaniards Irish and Portuguese will be degraded as africa and the holland belgium and austria will be the same shit that's in Greece nowadays , the Germany and Britain are the only ones who will not make the hunger , at least here in Europe .

    • Nehriim
      Nehriim 3 years ago

      +xXSorvaino5PorveroneseXx i know what you are saying and i am partly with you, German, English and dutch come from the same language tree, that's why its a little easier for us, the reason most part of the internet speaks English is because the internet began in america, and the programming codes and if you are in the ICT like me you will need it for programming and stuff. where i am not with you is that you say that because i can speak English they have me in control, that's false, i can still choose how i live, if you think because of reasons that they already control me you will be wrong. i hate how america handles things, immigrants but their "democracy" too. English is an fairly easy language, i tried more Latin based languages like french but i just cant do it, its totally illogical to me, i can even speak better Japanese, and that says something. we use English on these site because we have all one thing in common: we can all speak a little English, so it would be easier to speak English for all of us than lets say Italian or Esperanto because most people cant even speak a word of it

  • Peter Stanton
    Peter Stanton 3 years ago

    What a bullshit video! Tell Islam to be "tolerant and peaceful" Control population growth in the Muslim countries, India and So America. Our problem is not "global warming" my idiot non scientific friends....It's over population and pollution. Liberals....*think* rather than react emotionally. If not, you R part of the problem.

    • Alyshia Jenkins
      Alyshia Jenkins 2 years ago

      LOL OK.

    • Jan Johnson
      Jan Johnson 3 years ago

      +Alyshia Roberson Thank you for proving the point of Common Core. We live in a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Do your due diligence in researching where all this hype comes from. #CecilRhodes The America Roundtable Council on Foreign Relations. No one is trying to take anything from you. You are enslaving yourself by your very own philosophy.

    • Peter Stanton
      Peter Stanton 3 years ago

      +Alyshia Bea Jenkins Aly...UR are ignorant and emotional. Please take a sedative. There have been perhaps 2-4 Abortionists killed in the past 20 yrs at most yet thousands killed by Muslim terrorists (Jews too) and thousands of females killed in honor killings and genitally mutilated by men in the Muslim world in between killing homosexuals. Where is your concern? I think you are a homophobe, anti woman, anti semetic an Islamic apologist and anti Christian bigot.........oh and also ignorant. Columbia grad by any chance?

    • Alyshia Jenkins
      Alyshia Jenkins 3 years ago

      Hard core Christians just bomb abortion clinics and kill people, same end result of cutting someone's head off, wouldn't you say? Christians have enslaved people. It's in the bible and says it's OK. China also still has a lot of people. Western civilization didn't shape shit for slavery considering what I posted yesterday states it was done during BC, before Christianity, and in Asia. And you really want to go on about DEMOCRACY and individual rights? Seriously? Right wing Republican CHRISTIANS are trying to strip rights away from women constantly. I think you need to get some eyes and common sense.

    • Peter Stanton
      Peter Stanton 3 years ago

      +Alyshia Bea Jenkins Now you are going off the rails. I already said "NOT EVERYONE OF THEM" when referring to Islam. Hard core Christians don't cut off head, enslave people, remove rights from females and engage in genital mutilation. China has had a population control program for 30 years. Slavery is still practiced in Africa and to a lesser extent Asia. Western civ shaped the world to end slavery yes and promote democracy and individual rights. Slavery is not tolerated in any form in the Western world. I think U need to read a little more.

    SHANKAR k 3 years ago

    good goals- but first of all the political leaders to be corruption less,then change all the governments corruption less to implement the aims of UN. make the paperless government to make global green, oppose deforestation,encourage the agriculture,the common food items to be available for cheaper rates for all category of people.

  • Matthieu Quéval
    Matthieu Quéval 3 years ago

    je ne suis pas matthieu quéval j'ai été reconu handicapé et toute ma famille me laisse dehors malada mémé le 115 car je n'étais pas bien je vais comettre l'irréparable car je suis considérer pire qu'un pestifére mais tampis c eux ki auront tout fait plein d'imcompréhenssion .maintenant je sais ke l'enfer est sur terre et kil ni a aucun paradis

  • Michael Karnerfors
    Michael Karnerfors 3 years ago

    These are good goals... except for the energy goal on connection to the climate change goal: we need 100% *fossil free* energy first, only *then* can we move on to 100% renewable energy. Nuclear energy is fossil free and vital contributor when it comes to keeping carbon emissions down.

  • prguy787
    prguy787 3 years ago

    I understand about ending poverty & hunger, but while you have corrupt governments diverting resources away from their own people because of greed and other selfish reasons, realistically, this will never be achieved, also gender equality is a joke, try making women equal to men in Islamic countries that follow sharia,..good luck!! also, climate change is a myth, its real, but WE the human race are not the cause of it!, how do you account, for all the ice ages, and warming periods before the industrial age??? how about the solar maximus/minimus, coronal mass ejections that wreak havoc on our atmosphere.. can we control that?? I hate to burst your bubble, but Im a realist, not a dreamer!

    • Chris Forrest
      Chris Forrest 11 months ago

      Well yea, the majority of people don't have the means or knowledge to figure out for themselves. They can do little more than trust those smarter than them.

    • Jim Smith
      Jim Smith 3 years ago

      APPLAUSE APPLAUSE prguy787!!!!!!!!!!!!: Well said! And you must either be a scientist or have some good scientific knowledge. What are coronal mass ejections? The only point i would disagree with is: Anyone who chooses can be a realist and a dreamer. But we certainly don't need the UN for any or all of the above mentioned points.

    • Robert Forester-Lake
      Robert Forester-Lake 3 years ago

      +Ronald Russell Well said. Most people are just cattle to be herded and scared by the State and by destroying Free Speech and education the State is gaining power apace. Greenism is another way to bully and scare unthinking people.

    • Ronald Russell
      Ronald Russell 3 years ago

      Ahhh the cult of global warming, Just give money and it will all be fixed. I remember when I was a kid, we used to go to the grocery store and bring our groceries home in a paper bag,...... but then "settled science" told us we were causing global cooling and soon ice would cover the world and we would all be dead. To argue with "the Facts" only proved how foolish you are. To fix this we had to convert to plastic bags ( never guess what industry championed this cause). And then all was silent....... for years no one brought up the word global cooling......until it was forgotten that this farce ever happened. Enter a new generation of adults, free from the scam of global cooling..... easier to manipulate. The world is going up in flames, the science is settled, to doubt or question only proves how foolish you are...... same dance different song. Now they are telling us those plastic bags they forced on us are killing the planet... and its all our fault. So many sheep, so few people... Believe it or not the data used to convert people to "Man Made Global Warming" is highly manipulated. Numbers are changed or omitted to return a result that achieve the desired outcome. Scientist who have data that disagrees with the prevailing theories are punished if the insist on making public their findings..... The science is not settled, science is never settled. A scientific fact is nothing more than something that is believed to be true..... and very often it is wrong

  • Joachim Murat
    Joachim Murat 3 years ago

    The UN aims for nothing less than complete tyranny in the form of a global government, and no matter how you press your agenda, know that we are vigilant!