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  • Jackson Bennett
    Jackson Bennett 6 hours ago

    TNT is a perfect name for Ty because he pretty much TNTd the TV!

  • Michael Monteath
    Michael Monteath 6 hours ago

    That spit ball gun is from vat 19

  • William Moore
    William Moore 6 hours ago


  • Mysterio YT
    Mysterio YT 6 hours ago

    CarryMinati also broke his monitor

  • Frogfrog 17
    Frogfrog 17 6 hours ago

    911 bomber but first are Sponsor raid shadow legends

  • Elijah Fjerkenstad
    Elijah Fjerkenstad 6 hours ago

    I really hope Taylor Swift comments on this video 😂

  • Mr,Lemon Games
    Mr,Lemon Games 6 hours ago

    Yes do the willhe do it segment

  • 1 Subscriber Before 2090?

    Dude perfect: has Really nice game room. Also Dude perfect: let’s play raid!

  • Rhi the kitty Cat
    Rhi the kitty Cat 6 hours ago

    I think I might be able to go to the fort worth on the tour!!!!!!!!! My first dude perfect one!!!!

  • The king ninja
    The king ninja 6 hours ago

    Game box big green

  • connor grenier
    connor grenier 6 hours ago

    Captainsauce theme

  • Saketh CVES
    Saketh CVES 6 hours ago

    OHHHHHH VAT 19teeeeeeen dot com

  • Memo Cabrera
    Memo Cabrera 6 hours ago

    You forgot about koby brytan

  • Xavier Rogers
    Xavier Rogers 6 hours ago

    I agree

  • AJ Sim
    AJ Sim 6 hours ago

    Go to Youngstown for the new city

  • Sky Libby
    Sky Libby 6 hours ago

    Poor Will, but so much respect to him!😂😂

  • Michael Griffin
    Michael Griffin 6 hours ago

    Will killed it! Wheel Unfortunate is the best

  • javier hevilla santos

    Man not raid shadow legends again pls

  • Connor Clips
    Connor Clips 6 hours ago

    I like this one the best because am a potter head and a big Star Wars fan

  • Sale xD
    Sale xD 6 hours ago

    I vote NOT COOL for this video just because of raid shadow legends add

  • James Hotya
    James Hotya 6 hours ago

    What a waste of a game room

  • HyperCris - Roblox
    HyperCris - Roblox 6 hours ago


  • Christopher Davi
    Christopher Davi 6 hours ago

    Would of been funny if Taylor swift walked in and saw that

  • Souza 2606
    Souza 2606 6 hours ago


  • Benjamin Tsai
    Benjamin Tsai 6 hours ago

    when I say "T", give me a "T"

  • ScoDucks2020
    ScoDucks2020 6 hours ago

    That new Star Wars was awesome!

  • Brandon Rose
    Brandon Rose 6 hours ago


  • Andy McManus
    Andy McManus 6 hours ago

    Worst sponsor

  • Was204b
    Was204b 6 hours ago

    Thumbs down for game time choice. Not cool. Better ads out there.

  • Devon Limbani
    Devon Limbani 6 hours ago

    Judge dudy isn’t the greatest series

  • Orion Delsener
    Orion Delsener 6 hours ago

    tt breaking the tv

  • Spin Box
    Spin Box 6 hours ago

    Dude I will NEVER get sick of this oh ye like this vid (not the comment cause no one does) and also comment what was your favourite overtime I would like to know mine is the one where Cory got stuck in a TUB IF SNAKES 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lisa Fernando
    Lisa Fernando 6 hours ago

    I agree

  • Wolfgang 730
    Wolfgang 730 6 hours ago

    # tt

  • Henry Guzeika
    Henry Guzeika 6 hours ago

    I screenshots it

  • Seabass
    Seabass 6 hours ago

    Come on guys, you easily top ten earning channels. Did you have to play raid?

  • Brandon Rivera
    Brandon Rivera 6 hours ago


  • fish dish
    fish dish 6 hours ago

    bro i was like yay they are doing game time. then i see the sponserded by raid shadow legands thing and now im so mad cuz its such a boring game

  • surya Teja
    surya Teja 6 hours ago

    best of luck for the year 2020 guys ... huge fan from India

  • Minh Bui
    Minh Bui 6 hours ago

    This video published 3 hours ago Comment: minutes ago

  • Kamikazedillon12 YT
    Kamikazedillon12 YT 6 hours ago

    Me and my mom already purchased the tour I’ll see you in Tacoma,Washington on July 10 🙂🙂

  • Matt Christensen
    Matt Christensen 6 hours ago

    Tall guy is just the worst in Cool, Not Cool.

  • Wakanda_ King87
    Wakanda_ King87 6 hours ago


  • Jen Stull
    Jen Stull 6 hours ago

    DudePerfect: what more can you ask for Me: a bigger house Other people: ohhhhhhhhh

  • Chase McNeil
    Chase McNeil 6 hours ago

    2018: Mincraft! 2019: Fornite! 2020: Raid Shadow Legends?

  • Ja Morant MIXES
    Ja Morant MIXES 6 hours ago

    RIP Kobe

  • Ryan Zielinski
    Ryan Zielinski 6 hours ago

    Oh TT

  • Braydon Pointer
    Braydon Pointer 6 hours ago

    Do you feel bad about Kobeye Bryant’s death

    xd NIGHTLAZAR 6 hours ago

    Spitball trickshots

  • opi ip
    opi ip 6 hours ago

    It's hard to say that we lost most important person in the world, Rip Kobe, Gianna Bryant and 7 others on the chopper

  • Connor Maguire
    Connor Maguire 6 hours ago

    Rip Kobe bryain

  • Аnna - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO

    Me: sees garret holding giant coffee mug. My mind: so that’s why he’s so hyper today.

  • Ignition Z
    Ignition Z 6 hours ago

    cardboard taylor HAHA

  • Aritra Maji
    Aritra Maji 6 hours ago

    Lol Cody in Judge Dudy..... Now restore the pantry.😂😂

  • Trevor Wilcox
    Trevor Wilcox 6 hours ago

    Of course it was Raid y'all sellouts. Jumping on the band wagon.

    BENJAMIN JAMES 6 hours ago

    You guys should make a segment called TT

  • Magma Eclipse
    Magma Eclipse 6 hours ago

    Raid shadow legends... Sad

  • Jason Zulick
    Jason Zulick 6 hours ago

    Will was a beast he didn’t get flustered at all during the segment

  • Bendy Gwendy
    Bendy Gwendy 6 hours ago

    Today we will be play raid sha- skip

  • Supernova Gamez
    Supernova Gamez 6 hours ago

    Didnt know overtime was still a thing!

  • Jameseco 123
    Jameseco 123 6 hours ago

    Rip kobe

  • Lattater
    Lattater 6 hours ago

    9:29 Coby got left out lol

  • Malik Campbell
    Malik Campbell 6 hours ago

    I know I’m not the only person who skipped game time

  • Andrew
    Andrew 6 hours ago

    Let’s all have a moment of silence for Will A legend in his own time

  • Emery Girling
    Emery Girling 6 hours ago

    For wheel unfortunate you guys should put “wear a full suit of hockey goalie gear on a date”

  • Abbey Chapman
    Abbey Chapman 6 hours ago

    You need to make a nether video like this

  • Pajama Fox
    Pajama Fox 6 hours ago

    out of all the games on any console or pc they choose a mobile game.

  • Mr_CakesYT
    Mr_CakesYT 6 hours ago

    willydoit ??????

  • mini boy mark
    mini boy mark 6 hours ago

    This video was created on my birthday 😄😄

  • Owen Puah Gaming
    Owen Puah Gaming 6 hours ago

    I've been waiting for this for days

  • Andrew Brucker
    Andrew Brucker 6 hours ago

    Yoo Will is a champ, that was amazing.

  • ScoDucks2020
    ScoDucks2020 6 hours ago

    R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

  • Landon Sibley
    Landon Sibley 6 hours ago

    F tyler for leving coby

  • Braydon Pointer
    Braydon Pointer 6 hours ago

    Hey can you give me a shout out

  • David Dallos Blair
    David Dallos Blair 6 hours ago

    rip Kobe😥😰😭

  • Renner Dye
    Renner Dye 6 hours ago

    👻 Boo

  • Theo Schmitt
    Theo Schmitt 6 hours ago

    Horrible w brand deal naaaa

  • Armaan Haq
    Armaan Haq 6 hours ago

    Where is wheel unfortunate

  • Bassil Kurdi
    Bassil Kurdi 6 hours ago

    go to utah for tour

  • Smitty C
    Smitty C 6 hours ago

    Will should win an Oscar Award

  • Alpha Gaming STAR
    Alpha Gaming STAR 6 hours ago


  • annie here
    annie here 6 hours ago

    Ya know... if Cody keeps kissing fish then he might get the Corona Virus

    NOLAN SIMMONS 6 hours ago

    game time was boring

  • elinor gilad
    elinor gilad 6 hours ago

    Next time pick to go to San Diego

  • Fazx
    Fazx 6 hours ago

    I’m the complainer 😂

  • Jonathan Townsend
    Jonathan Townsend 6 hours ago


  • Kingston Andrews
    Kingston Andrews 6 hours ago


  • EX Lite
    EX Lite 6 hours ago

    im a korean but i still like the ring of TT

  • Dalton Roy
    Dalton Roy 6 hours ago


  • JTU Gamer
    JTU Gamer 6 hours ago

    To all the filipino's out there you know what's "TT" HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Isaac Moore
    Isaac Moore 6 hours ago

    the bonus segment theme song is Captain Sauce's theme song...

  • #watchmeanimate
    #watchmeanimate 6 hours ago

    Will FTW! That was hilarious!!!

  • Katniss Mellark
    Katniss Mellark 6 hours ago

    garett: because im nore of a harry potter guy, rEd he's officially my favorite-

  • Erwin Chong
    Erwin Chong 6 hours ago

    When you're single af haha🤣🤣🤣

  • imanoobmanz 6
    imanoobmanz 6 6 hours ago

    The spitball cannon is from vat19

  • buby0917YT
    buby0917YT 6 hours ago

    Who else saw the spitball gun on vat19

  • Caleb Saucedo
    Caleb Saucedo 6 hours ago

    who else was not able to sign up to text with them

  • Loganwolfeman
    Loganwolfeman 6 hours ago

    please respect kobe

  • sourcedrop
    sourcedrop 6 hours ago

    It's ok my initials are tt aswell

  • CluelessKitty
    CluelessKitty 6 hours ago

    1:03 2021 is the first year of the new decade... Just think about it 😂

    • ScoDucks2020
      ScoDucks2020 6 hours ago

      No it’s 2020. 2000 was the first year of the century