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  • Dyl Pickle
    Dyl Pickle 3 hours ago

    That's the best gift you can give someone...your time.

  • Jayden 0918
    Jayden 0918 3 hours ago

    Why is tjis in my recommendation °_°

  • VIXXlight_9098 #VIXXComeBack

    That knife needs a karma is a b*tch vid xDDDDD


    Do all Japanese people have, like, A really fancy knife that only you can use? I mean Rie and Jun are perfect examples

  • Achandra Shahzad
    Achandra Shahzad 4 hours ago

    I m here because of the thumbnail😉😁😍

  • Dead Frosty
    Dead Frosty 4 hours ago

    3:38 everyone fucking PANIC

  • Dead Frosty
    Dead Frosty 4 hours ago

    Ngl Chief I cant see for shit lmao

  • Cobugged
    Cobugged 4 hours ago

    AV1 Video Pog

  • Archie Animations
    Archie Animations 4 hours ago

    dont even like sushi, just like the videos

  • Paul Castonguay
    Paul Castonguay 4 hours ago

    I had to train my cat to not slurp the garlic butter sauce from it's container when I got pizza, it went from slurps to gags but that wouldn't stop him, even when I heard the sounds of him doing it the 1st time and went into the kitchen he just looked up at me and went back to it, I made sure to never leave it out again But I'm surprised the garlic didn't throw him off , idk I do know that he hates the smell of bananas tho haha I also trained him to jump onto me and climb around my back and shoulders since he was a kitten, and again had to train him to not jump on my back when I wasn't wearing a shirt , his favorite time was more often in the kitchen while I did the dishes, I have a video of him on me on my channel he's a cool cat his mom, who I also have , made him just for me

    KAVISH KANAK 4 hours ago

    *where do you live... in heaven* ???

  • Luna and Stella
    Luna and Stella 4 hours ago

    And I love you take Haku shopping and he really seems to love it

  • Sora Noona
    Sora Noona 4 hours ago

    I really love the whole concept of Jun's Kitchen videos. The calming and classic Japanese vibe brings childhood and inspirational thought stand. Thank u for your vids Jun! And Nagi, and Haku!

  • Luna and Stella
    Luna and Stella 4 hours ago

    Ok, now I want a japanese man who can cook. Your sushi is amazing

  • darkskies oof
    darkskies oof 4 hours ago


  • Judee Judee
    Judee Judee 5 hours ago

    So relaxing. Thank you for the nice non-jarring music and for sharing your lovely cats with us.

  • Phimploy Reuanglit
    Phimploy Reuanglit 5 hours ago

    I won’t stop watching this is sooo satisfying

  • VIXXlight_9098 #VIXXComeBack

    Dude, you should open a restaurant 0.0

  • Roel Diaz
    Roel Diaz 5 hours ago

    I like how the cats are sitting there watching

  • 锅大侠
    锅大侠 5 hours ago


  • Bts Forever
    Bts Forever 6 hours ago

    Jaclyn hill should take a note about making beauty product opss

  • boomitchell77
    boomitchell77 6 hours ago

    This looks so good

  • iLoveELOKIM1
    iLoveELOKIM1 6 hours ago

    5:27 "poki is just... poki..." 🤣 lmao

  • Gabby Norman
    Gabby Norman 6 hours ago

    Poor mr crabs

  • hogensan
    hogensan 6 hours ago

    First class.

  • giraainek
    giraainek 6 hours ago

    Awww... Todo estan bonito. Las tomas, paisajes, los gatos, el detalle. TODO!

  • ElizaTheOppisit
    ElizaTheOppisit 6 hours ago

    WOW, JUST WOW...Now I understand why he let his cats sniff the ingretions all the time

  • Kyrie Espayos
    Kyrie Espayos 6 hours ago


  • jkluvs
    jkluvs 6 hours ago


  • ElizaTheOppisit
    ElizaTheOppisit 7 hours ago

    LOL, the butter almost look like ice cream, that i almost want to eat eat.

  • XxQ0an T6anxX
    XxQ0an T6anxX 7 hours ago

    Now that is a gentleman

  • crocus sativus
    crocus sativus 7 hours ago

    Cats in cages and on leashes? Idiot

  • Mellon Walker Movies

    The noodle tree looked fantastic! It is very relaxing watching you cook and I love how your cats just watch and don't try to steal anything!

  • Golden Hour
    Golden Hour 8 hours ago

    I love how he is so careful with the food. It’s makes me feel at peace 😃.

  • Unknown
    Unknown 8 hours ago

    El video, los "escenarios", sus gatos, los regalos que le hizo, la música, todo me enamoro, me encantó el video. 😍❤ ya quisiera encontrarme con alguien así de lindo.

  • bvochidisimo fan
    bvochidisimo fan 8 hours ago

    Esa hoja era de marihuana?

  • Ashie Min
    Ashie Min 8 hours ago

    I love how jun justs lets haku smell it to make sure its perfect even thought haku isnt gonna eat it just thinking about it warme my tiny heart

  • Vinomeos art Animations studios

    If that place is Japanese of China, I really wanna go there it looks so pretty <3 and also amazing video as every single video’s you made, by the way you just gained a new subscriber, and more and more subscribers every day! <3

  • Erica C
    Erica C 8 hours ago

    *WHY YOU LET THE CAT SMELL IT BUT YOU DONT GIVE IT ANY!! YOU TEASE IT* *your cooking is still legendary though*

  • The Ninth
    The Ninth 8 hours ago

    What's the piano music? I want to use it to sleep.

  • 난틀리지않았어

    Wow apple swan. What an impress

  • should i ?
    should i ? 9 hours ago

    His cat is a mood

  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe 9 hours ago

    So this is the same guy who train his cat

  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe 9 hours ago

    Polish your cat too Your cat are so rusty

  • Ethan Been
    Ethan Been 9 hours ago

    That’s bad ass

  • Alyssa Bennett
    Alyssa Bennett 9 hours ago

    Omg the cats reflection in the pan was the cutest thing ever

  • Chris Cas
    Chris Cas 9 hours ago

    Best part 9:06 hahah

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 9 hours ago

    Your cat : That flame is lovely my Butler My cat: Oh sweet Jesus it's on fire! Put it out with the cotton curtains!

  • Trover19
    Trover19 9 hours ago

    0:32 what the hell

  • Floral_Bun
    Floral_Bun 9 hours ago

    I feel like we all his cat too were like watching him cook while we all drool xD

  • Ashly Jose
    Ashly Jose 10 hours ago

    Which world am I living? Japan is so progressed

  • Tricky_ Wulfx
    Tricky_ Wulfx 10 hours ago

    I'm watching this for the second time, youtube chose this vid again. So i'm watching it again. Why? Because this is youtube

  • Zain B. Zaza
    Zain B. Zaza 10 hours ago

    +1 subcriber

  • Ice
    Ice 10 hours ago

    The cats weren't crazy when they saw the cucumber

  • Ice
    Ice 10 hours ago

    I dont have cats, I don't like cats, but somehow I randomly enjoyed this video

  • Ice
    Ice 10 hours ago

    It's my 4th time watching this video

  • 后辈
    后辈 11 hours ago

    Nagi's what you think of when you think of little cats, while haku is he fluffy one and poki would be the fat cat well he's not really that fat but he's the chunky boy that loves his food :o.

  • Saraf Anjum
    Saraf Anjum 11 hours ago

    You are so awesome ❤ I'm blessed.

  • ᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋ 11 hours ago

    9:07 😂😂😂😂

  • Malika Mmatene
    Malika Mmatene 11 hours ago


  • ThatGuyTobyPlayz
    ThatGuyTobyPlayz 11 hours ago

    So we are just gonna ignore the fact he hasn’t uploaded an amazing video in months ? Where are you !!!

  • 24kᎷᏆᏟᎪᎬᏞᎪ Insta micaela_24k

    Since November 9, 2018, I have not eaten Sukiyaki again because the only one who did it was my grandfather, and since I died I could not eat ma 😭(╥﹏╥)

  • Pheyzie
    Pheyzie 12 hours ago

    P sure this guy is a witch and the cats are his familiars

  • 24kᎷᏆᏟᎪᎬᏞᎪ Insta micaela_24k

    Is that the lettuce called Hakusai or something? minute 1:35

  • Жизнь Джака
    Жизнь Джака 12 hours ago

    *My cat loves walk I think he is half cat half-dog sometimes) I love cats!*

  • Mundo de Desenhos
    Mundo de Desenhos 12 hours ago

    its just me or see jun cooking its very relaxing?

  • DinoRapter Gaming
    DinoRapter Gaming 12 hours ago


  • mogznwaz
    mogznwaz 12 hours ago

    I take my cat for a walk without a harness, he follows, comes when he's called and makes sure we're close by.

  • Park James
    Park James 12 hours ago

    완손( left paw), 오른 손 (right one)... clean and nice cook for cats

  • Flier The Blier
    Flier The Blier 12 hours ago

    to do this when your a child is gonna be hard especially when your parents don't believe most of your story's like me... except for the paw trick and maybe the fetch one or whatever

  • Kostas
    Kostas 12 hours ago

    Cool video, your laugn sounds like an asthma crisis.

  • Xander Khan
    Xander Khan 12 hours ago


  • Алина Ветер
    Алина Ветер 12 hours ago

    Это одно из самых милых и трогательных видео, которые я видела в последнее время!

  • Pheyzie
    Pheyzie 12 hours ago

    This is such studio ghibli vibes

  • Two Ways Out
    Two Ways Out 13 hours ago

    One of the most intense cooking videos I've ever seen. Excellent

  • SCP 079 but it’s a shitty Ms Paint drawing

    When a country steals another countries dish and they steal it back

  • Becky Lima
    Becky Lima 13 hours ago

    I just wanna be that cat with the easy life :(

  • Youxuf Khatri
    Youxuf Khatri 13 hours ago

    You are such a AMAZING GUY 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Youxuf Khatri
    Youxuf Khatri 13 hours ago

    You are AMAZING 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • SYukimi
    SYukimi 13 hours ago


  • Youxuf Khatri
    Youxuf Khatri 13 hours ago

    You are AMAZING...😍😍😍😍😍

  • Blalang Tempur
    Blalang Tempur 13 hours ago

    Ah, you are in Japan. No wonder, 'cause at the beginning of the video I saw the rice fields. Just realised it at 03:49.

  • Noory AQ
    Noory AQ 13 hours ago


  • GachaCrystal
    GachaCrystal 13 hours ago

    But everything changed when the Jun nation attacked

  • Leia Rajan
    Leia Rajan 14 hours ago

    Jun loves his knifes!!!

  • A Z
    A Z 14 hours ago


  • Navdeep Singh
    Navdeep Singh 14 hours ago

    Man's got some real skills

  • Chris L
    Chris L 14 hours ago

    That's considerate, amazing and adorable. You're a great husband. Thanks for being a good guy.

  • Jenny is a lenny
    Jenny is a lenny 14 hours ago

    My cat will play with it and then leave

  • Валентина Артемьева

    Какие милашки

  • Simona Pacetti
    Simona Pacetti 15 hours ago

    I gatti al guinzaglio non si possono vedere 😐

  • arianna einar
    arianna einar 15 hours ago

    Che belli!!!!! Stanno scoprendo il mondo.

  • uh hi
    uh hi 15 hours ago

    Still trying to find the intro music...

  • Mels_ Yoongi
    Mels_ Yoongi 15 hours ago


  • tOnKy wOnKy
    tOnKy wOnKy 15 hours ago

    4:18 it’s an egg roll!

  • Nadir Yusuf
    Nadir Yusuf 15 hours ago

    40m views.Brilliant

  • Przemysław Faltyn
    Przemysław Faltyn 15 hours ago


  • Elizaveta Tsvetkova
    Elizaveta Tsvetkova 15 hours ago

    Это так мило и так трогательно, Вы превосходная пара !

    • Victor Bolde
      Victor Bolde 4 hours ago

      Я думала, что одна буду из русских

  • Chrism8ts
    Chrism8ts 15 hours ago

    2:42 wtf japan it literally looks like pepe