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Claire Redfield - Biography
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Resident Evil 2 - 1-Shot Demo
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RE7 - Welcome Home Trailer
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  • 김철수
    김철수 2 hours ago

    God, Chris is very hot 0:13

  • Jaron Evans
    Jaron Evans 12 hours ago

    Damn it! I already bought RE 4 for the switch........ screw you Capcom!

  • Ludo Adonai
    Ludo Adonai 12 hours ago

    RE 3 remake please, not this piece of crap , even free i dont touch it

  • accelerator
    accelerator 16 hours ago


  • blaakheart8
    blaakheart8 Day ago

    Scrap this and bring back what we really want Battle mode

    WONHO JB Day ago

    I like it ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Matheus Henrique

    what's the problem with making an Outbreak style game? will you do a spin-off? Let it be an Outbrake!!!! PLS


    Es te juego es ta chido

  • John26qq
    John26qq Day ago

    I am getting de ja vu I wonder why...

  • Redd Fox
    Redd Fox 2 days ago

    Should have remade operation raccoon city

  • Stanley Lam
    Stanley Lam 2 days ago

    I don’t know why people don’t like RE6, it’s epic! Plz, port RE7 and RE2 to switch with cartridges!! Whole RE series on Switch, very cool!!!!

  • brandon mora
    brandon mora 2 days ago

    what made them think people want to play this lol

  • Elenilson Silva
    Elenilson Silva 2 days ago

    kit muito bom de

  • OfallTrades
    OfallTrades 2 days ago

    I for one think this is a good idea it has a lot of potential to be one of the best games to be added to their line up

  • Daniel Donchev
    Daniel Donchev 3 days ago

    It's time to make it free to play.

  • Daniel Donchev
    Daniel Donchev 3 days ago

    As same one thet pre order the game it's time to go free to play capcom save this game or at list make it start 1v1

  • A.A
    A.A 3 days ago

    This is Leon

  • Jason Maiden
    Jason Maiden 3 days ago

    Blatantly using textures and models from RE2 (not to mention RE2 also uses textures and a few models from RE7). Clearly this game was originally meant to be and should have been the much needed multiplayer for RE2. This game is a clear cash grab. You can already see how heavily monitised this game will be. No way will I be paying full price for this.

  • SGHTerror
    SGHTerror 3 days ago

    While the game isn’t great, personally I feel the story line was solid. Playing across many favourite heroes and seeing them cross paths was really nice to see.

  • Evil Save Data
    Evil Save Data 3 days ago

    Versus mod for Resident evil 3

  • polanskyf
    polanskyf 4 days ago

    I got it! The french guy is a tribute to Mathieu Cote

  • Вячеслав Дубанов

    Нельзя так просто взять и не обосраться (с) Capcom

  • Archie Alderton
    Archie Alderton 4 days ago

    Who wants to play this with me drop your Nintendo switch friend code and I’ll add you

  • Archie Alderton
    Archie Alderton 4 days ago

    Who wants to play this with me drop your Nintendo switch friend code and I’ll add you

  • Rayan Raik Dz
    Rayan Raik Dz 4 days ago

    Sa sent le putain de jeu sa mere

  • Jon Konstantin
    Jon Konstantin 4 days ago

    отстой полный !!!Не научились на своих ошибках???сколько г... выпустили Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City,Project Resistance,Umbrella Corps...вы серьёзно???думайте в это кто то будет играть...все ждали совершенно другое таких игр хватает и серавно это похоже на L4D2 ....Давно ждём ремейк таких игр как Dino Crisis ,dino crisis 2,Resident Evil outbreak 1 и 2,Resident Evil Code: Veronica,RESIDENT EVIL 3 REMAKE которую ждём с нетерпением,но то что выпустили это полное разочарование ......

  • Darkoes1
    Darkoes1 5 days ago

    You're going to need to launch with several maps and multiples of nearly everything, if you want people to play for more than a few weeks.

  • FateLyre
    FateLyre 5 days ago

    There isn't one thing that Resident Evil should be. I think the international name of the series shifts the expectations of what every game should be rather than can be.

  • 4de
    4de 5 days ago

    ДАЙТЕ ТРИ!!!!

  • Edgar Fsoto
    Edgar Fsoto 5 days ago

    Resident evil outbreak #file 3 pleaseeeeeee

  • Mark Gross
    Mark Gross 6 days ago

    Capcom is turning things around with this game.😎👍💯💯💯💯💯

  • Tylan Bell
    Tylan Bell 6 days ago

    What happened to resident evil 8!? Wtf is this??

  • Yuteisis
    Yuteisis 6 days ago

    I read the back of the box info. For those playing on Amateur they can enable a support feature that literally has the game play for you. I HOPE you guys turned off Agent Hunt by default for this difficulty. It was nigh impossible to kill players on Amateur and even worst if they were using the defense skill. With that feature added on, Hunters literally stand no chance at all. I hope you guys removed First Aid Drops from beating Hunters, because it causes a lot of toxic behavior. Piers also needs to be nerfed in Survivors BADLY. He's too powerful after Agent had his Magnum ammo nerfed.

  • David Szcz
    David Szcz 6 days ago

    Resident evil 3 remake?? ???

  • BAD CP
    BAD CP 7 days ago

    Apparently, the Switch doesn't deserve its own, unique RE game like the Wii. Install base and architecture difficulties are no excuse, either. Love Capcom, but these re-releases show a severe lack of confidence in their new teams. Start hiring new talent if you're afraid your current teams can't succeed on new projects.

  • Twisted Evil Twin2705

    What about PS4 ?!!!

  • Flashing Colors
    Flashing Colors 7 days ago

    In the words of The Nerd What a god damn motherfuckin load of bullfuck.

  • Made In Heaven
    Made In Heaven 7 days ago

    The Xbox 360 version kept at a smooth 30fps at all times. The Switch version keeps an unsteady 20-28 fps at all times....?

  • Tristan Laurens
    Tristan Laurens 7 days ago

    Not only did they add other costumes to be playable in Campaign (which is nice) but they also finally put the ammunition and health bar stuff in the ugly black squares on the side of the screen while playing with another player. That is finally something smart. What I don't get is why haven't they done that for other console versions and why on RE5 Switch, the health bar is still on the screen and in the ugly black square?

  • Triple-D26
    Triple-D26 7 days ago

    Weird... No motion blurs

  • David Szcz
    David Szcz 7 days ago

    Resident evil 3 remake?? ???

    • Archie Alderton
      Archie Alderton 4 days ago

      David Szcz yeah I’d love one too but for the time being these will satisfy me

  • David Szcz
    David Szcz 7 days ago

    Resident evil 3 remake?? ???

  • Boudjema Houcine Gaming

    It's gonna the most best experience ever at Resident evil 5 on nintendo switch.

  • btecndcomp
    btecndcomp 7 days ago

    This looks like shit Capcom is the worst publisher on switch

  • TLazy Blogger
    TLazy Blogger 7 days ago

    Hmm..... o(TヘTo) cancel this project ...this just Waste your money

  • BellowD Gaming
    BellowD Gaming 7 days ago

    So we can get Samurai Chris fighting Pirate Leon in the cutscene?! Ok that kinda sold me

  • BellowD Gaming
    BellowD Gaming 7 days ago

    motion control boulder punching

  • SpyengoEen
    SpyengoEen 7 days ago

    A game that gets better with age.

  • Shatter Shot
    Shatter Shot 7 days ago

    Mediocre port for a mediocre game

  • Lord Ecke
    Lord Ecke 7 days ago

    The best Resident Evil

  • aaron laymon
    aaron laymon 8 days ago

    Now were talking Nintendo! 5 and 6 will be mine once again. Take my money

  • Mr X
    Mr X 8 days ago

    resident evil 3 invasion mode play on nemesis??

  • Jack Hunter
    Jack Hunter 8 days ago

    I opened this shit just to give dislike

  • Ran Mouri
    Ran Mouri 8 days ago

    Hmmm buy digital get neat discount of 66% for both tittle but buy physical get a neat box and RE4 as physical cartridge Decision Decision and capcom is really sly too cuz sales ends 28 October

  • Ran Mouri
    Ran Mouri 8 days ago

    Yay now we can use chris to punch Dwayne Johnson again

  • Dancy Lerochka
    Dancy Lerochka 8 days ago

    Survivor mode?) 🤔

  • Darkar Muu Muu
    Darkar Muu Muu 8 days ago

    #Outbreak #Remake #Outbreak #Remake

  • Darkar Muu Muu
    Darkar Muu Muu 8 days ago

    #Outbreak #Remake #Outbreak #Remake

  • l LordofGod
    l LordofGod 8 days ago

    Resident Evil: Giraffe Blowjob

  • Karate Is a Language

    a game made by japanese people, starring white people

  • DC funny ever
    DC funny ever 8 days ago

    these characters looks nothing interesting lol.

  • Chance Paladin
    Chance Paladin 8 days ago

    Did they fix mission 6-1? lmao

  • DC funny ever
    DC funny ever 8 days ago

    resident evil 3 remake please Capcom, im oredy keep my money for it.

  • WhatsHisName26
    WhatsHisName26 8 days ago

    Never played these games before. Did they just invent them?

  • TheAbz2037
    TheAbz2037 8 days ago

    Trust the switch make a ps3 game look like a ps2 game. Hahaha

  • Daniel328
    Daniel328 8 days ago

    Wow Re 6 on the Switch cool! $30 for the game. Oh...

  • Classy Lampshade
    Classy Lampshade 8 days ago

    Not in the shop

  • SilverDragonEyess
    SilverDragonEyess 8 days ago


  • Hi Raam
    Hi Raam 8 days ago

    So why can’t I pre-order and play the demon already? I thought the whole point of this trailer was to announce preorders and the demo are available

  • zombieplasticclock
    zombieplasticclock 8 days ago

    Wouldn't be the first time Capcom released RE5 with all content on disc heyoooo

    • zombieplasticclock
      zombieplasticclock 8 days ago

      @Chance Paladin Oh I thought 360 was the same way? Either way my crummy joke still works HAHA

    • Chance Paladin
      Chance Paladin 8 days ago

      if I'm not mistaken there's only ever been 1 copy of that, which was ps3, I believe?

  • Tofu - Hazard
    Tofu - Hazard 8 days ago

    20 gig download 😳💔

  • CrimzenDagger
    CrimzenDagger 8 days ago

    strange i cant find resident evil 5 on canada eshop what gives

  • Drip Killer
    Drip Killer 8 days ago

    I love this Game 💙

  • Kenese Su'e
    Kenese Su'e 8 days ago

    The Nintendo DS has more games than this shit you’re putting on. I want some new games damn it!!!

  • AlcatraZ
    AlcatraZ 8 days ago

    Stop milking

  • Alex MaGanda
    Alex MaGanda 8 days ago

    Man it shouldve been a fuking outbreak game not this crap man i was so hoping for an outbreak game

  • Articus Ramos
    Articus Ramos 8 days ago

    Pro tip for easy money and egg collecting, the first level of the marshlands with the hovercraft island hopping has chicken island and the entire treasure filled stops. Oh and the RPG on the sunken boat. Remember you can only carry one of those so plan accordingly.

  • Kamelot19
    Kamelot19 8 days ago

    rehash after rehash after rehash after rehash......

  • Garenox
    Garenox 8 days ago

    Nudity rlly last time i bought this for xbox one it said partial nudity NOW NUDITY WHAT THEY ADDED A NEW CUTSCENE

  • Gardevoir Trainer
    Gardevoir Trainer 8 days ago

    Aww yeah, the retro 64bit costumes will be usable in the campaign.

  • Alexelle Pomidorcoola

    Can we hope on campaign costumes in PC version?

  • The Real King T.G.P

    Nice now I can play this masterpiece at 10fps

  • Darkest SouI
    Darkest SouI 8 days ago

    When is capcom gunna fix the online servers for xbox one

    RETRO GEEK GAMER 8 days ago

    Lo quiero en físico entendiste CAPCOM

  • Jared Music
    Jared Music 8 days ago

    No Gyro aiming? If it has gyro, that would make it worth purchasing.

  • Uzi
    Uzi 8 days ago

    delay the game and make it better smh

  • Bryan DC
    Bryan DC 8 days ago

    Wow i'm very excited i need pre-order

  • Borat. Sagdiyev
    Borat. Sagdiyev 8 days ago

    What year is it? 2009?

  • Borat. Sagdiyev
    Borat. Sagdiyev 8 days ago

    What year is it? 2012??

  • Ashan Avila
    Ashan Avila 8 days ago

    Un nuevo refrito, y conociendo a capcom de seguro estará mal optimizado.

  • Keynan Martinez
    Keynan Martinez 8 days ago

    While it's the lowest point in the franchise it's still a good game and worth getting.

    • kareem pride
      kareem pride 7 days ago

      @Chaoxytal Resident evil 7 is a terrible game. The worst game I've never played. I don't see how anyone with a brain can praise that generic hillbilly game as the best thing since sliced bread. Fuck RE7 and fuck the people that like it so much.

    • Chaoxytal
      Chaoxytal 7 days ago

      7 or Code Veronica are easily the worst in the series tbh. RE6 was at least a fun action game in the same way that MGS5 was a fun action game (but a beyond terrible Metal Gear game).

    • kareem pride
      kareem pride 7 days ago

      @Keynan Martinez Yes. It was just some shitty PT, Outlast knockoff.

    • Keynan Martinez
      Keynan Martinez 7 days ago

      @kareem pride No.

    • kareem pride
      kareem pride 7 days ago

      Resident evil 7 is the lowest point in the franchise.

  • Keynan Martinez
    Keynan Martinez 8 days ago

    Still one of the best co op games in Resident Evil.

    • Undead zombie
      Undead zombie 2 days ago

      @Archie Alderton I see

    • Archie Alderton
      Archie Alderton 3 days ago

      Undead zombie must of been the highest pre orders or something as I know it did something more but I can’t remember what it is

    • Undead zombie
      Undead zombie 3 days ago

      @Archie Alderton false resident evil 5 sold 11 million copies more than any other resident evil's

    • Archie Alderton
      Archie Alderton 4 days ago

      Chance Paladin re6 sold the most if I’m not mistaken but correct me if I’m wrong though

    • Undead zombie
      Undead zombie 7 days ago

      @Bulwort Baggins it is good dumbass

  • cow moo
    cow moo 8 days ago

    console no good, support mobile high graphics pvp instead

    • cow moo
      cow moo 8 days ago

      @Daniel328 u are so fat poo poo head go bush yor teeth u so smelly wow come on

    • Daniel328
      Daniel328 8 days ago

      @cow moo I am dying or is Fornite dying?

    • cow moo
      cow moo 8 days ago

      @Daniel328 you are dying,HURRY

    • Daniel328
      Daniel328 8 days ago

      quack moon like Fortnite? Please don't say yes

    SPACEGAMING! 8 days ago

    we want resident evil 3 REmAke not resident evil for switch, GIVE US WE WANT

  • Crazed Cynic
    Crazed Cynic 8 days ago

    WHO ASKED FOR THIS!? Why is Capcom stuffing their dirty laundry into the Switch? First DMC2 and now this?

  • Mode7
    Mode7 8 days ago

    merceaires mode online ?

    • Daniel328
      Daniel328 8 days ago

      Mode7 It has all the content just like gold edition including mercenaries reunion which can be played online. You need an online subscription to play over the internet.

  • Mode7
    Mode7 8 days ago

    mercenaires mode online ??

    • Mode7
      Mode7 7 days ago

      @Daniel328 yeah i realise that you need to have online subscription ????? i have that, thats not what i asked twat

    • Daniel328
      Daniel328 8 days ago

      Mode7 there is a mercenaries online. You'll need Nintendo Switch Online paid service to access it.