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Becoming #1 in PAPER.IO!
Views 2.4M11 days ago
I'm Releasing A MOVIE!
Views 1.2M22 days ago
I ESCAPED in Granny 2!
Views 1.9M25 days ago
GRANNY 2 is out NOW!
Views 2.6MMonth ago
My Minecraft House CAN FLY!
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I Tried To Save THE WORLD!
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The Minecraft MAGIC MIRROR!
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i vlogged something..
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A BIG Minecraft Throwback!
Views 2.3M4 months ago


  • Fionn McManus
    Fionn McManus 49 minutes ago

    Dan shouts:*lemme touch you* Me:hmmmm....

  • demon killer
    demon killer 49 minutes ago


  • MixItUp;
    MixItUp; 49 minutes ago

    No wonder why the old times were the golden times for TVclip.

  • Zack Flyer
    Zack Flyer 49 minutes ago

    Who s from 2019👋

  • TomasV
    TomasV 50 minutes ago

    who else went back to see if the dead bushes were there 3:10

  • DankBoi
    DankBoi 50 minutes ago

    at 3:40 justin cusses!!!!

  • montydoesgames
    montydoesgames 50 minutes ago

    13:59 it was the gateway to Oblivion. Yeah, I saw DanTDM on Tour.

  • boyce hubbard
    boyce hubbard 50 minutes ago

    9:15 dan: I'm going to go sleep so no one destroys it. Me: there is no one in that minecraft world but you.

  • PrinceMelo717
    PrinceMelo717 50 minutes ago

    4:02 HE CUSSED!!

  • the bandanaMc.gruffen show

    I can't wait to see him

  • cool dudes rampage 2609
    cool dudes rampage 2609 50 minutes ago

    Damtdm I am your biggest fan

  • gabriel Cooper-smith
    gabriel Cooper-smith 50 minutes ago

    Does anyone else notice the clock ending trophy is crying child but happy?

  • Tania Cruz
    Tania Cruz 50 minutes ago

    Dan how do you mine dimond? Becuse i don't know.

  • KateDab21
    KateDab21 50 minutes ago


  • The One True MINECRAFTER Yah

    dan the "glitch" of going into a 1x1 area is not a really a glitch, its was added on propose by mojang

  • DoggoPup
    DoggoPup 51 minute ago

    Dan: I'll go into replay later dont worry Black Hole: How 'bout NO

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 51 minute ago

    Hello,Humans. The Monitor: In order for billions to survive this coming Crisis, The Flash must die. ( The Flash Season 6) TERRANCE OUT

  • sir poopington 64 on the roll

    you should make more

  • Lefty Adidas gaming studios

    Btw anyone in October 2019?

  • RainbowPsycho Cat
    RainbowPsycho Cat 51 minute ago

    Dantdm: I’m just going to get a water tank. Me: Get a coop or the tabby’s will die and plus I am going to get this game! It’s awesome

  • Michael Jacques
    Michael Jacques 51 minute ago

    make more roblox videos

  • Audrey A
    Audrey A 51 minute ago

    get elytra

  • Typing Tiger
    Typing Tiger 52 minutes ago

    Dan you should make a tunnel under you’re whole base and make it lead to something important Because it’s a safer way, mobs won’t spawn there is you add torches,

  • Ricardo Orengo
    Ricardo Orengo 52 minutes ago

    2 day chaper 2 22 ===~]]···θΩ¤¤·····Г¬μ¿¬Г 698 sea 90974 10001111000911111199751257

  • Abigail Campbell Grant
    Abigail Campbell Grant 52 minutes ago

    *Foxy Dumdy mu dum dums* Dan: ARIGht tHatS THe NoISe FoR FrEDdy

  • The neon Gamers
    The neon Gamers 52 minutes ago

    Oh yes

  • TBJ it's neo
    TBJ it's neo 52 minutes ago

    Sac rafice ink sacs

  • Binary Mashups
    Binary Mashups 52 minutes ago

    Don’t subscribe me

  • Wolfie And Chico
    Wolfie And Chico 52 minutes ago

    Hey Dan Can You Play More Horror Games??

  • M A Y R O
    M A Y R O 52 minutes ago


  • Jack O Riordan
    Jack O Riordan 52 minutes ago

    Is he useing a mod pack?

  • Arched assassin
    Arched assassin 52 minutes ago

    Minecraft nooobs at red stone

  • Christa Haggard
    Christa Haggard 53 minutes ago

    Dan: *hits self with arrow* Minecraft achievement: take aim 😂

  • Nicole Thomson
    Nicole Thomson 53 minutes ago


  • Evelyn Huang
    Evelyn Huang 53 minutes ago

    its not working cuz the sheers broke the more u know

  • Rayne Allan
    Rayne Allan 53 minutes ago

    Ze map must have been made for you cuz half the map was blue

  • soAp_flammable
    soAp_flammable 53 minutes ago

    Name your pants skinny jeans

  • INF HollowSnake
    INF HollowSnake 53 minutes ago

    Only OG's remember when there weren't these type of comments 👇

  • Nightfury 86
    Nightfury 86 53 minutes ago

    GRIM HAS RETURNED (officially)

  • Granny momo 123
    Granny momo 123 53 minutes ago

    7:51 me when my brother throws a bucket of boiling water on me

  • Just some Yuggler with internet access

    No one: Dan: *LET ME TOUCH YOU!!*

  • vannewell
    vannewell 53 minutes ago

    Do you remember ethen gamer tv

  • gabriel Cooper-smith
    gabriel Cooper-smith 53 minutes ago

    He was always called auto chipper

  • The muffin man
    The muffin man 53 minutes ago

    Play rlcraft

  • Eth Manz
    Eth Manz 54 minutes ago

    The floor is lava in 3 2 I already know you are on an object

  • Debs Hutchison
    Debs Hutchison 54 minutes ago

    ME and Dan pls make a a teddy bear for a themem please i have watch your videos since i was 5

  • Garbage Disposal
    Garbage Disposal 54 minutes ago

    1:33 life sucks and it isn’t fair.

  • Flame Thrower
    Flame Thrower 54 minutes ago

    How do u close it on the inside

  • Sara Cirelli
    Sara Cirelli 54 minutes ago

    Dan, you need lapis to enchant an item.

  • Nightfury 86
    Nightfury 86 54 minutes ago


  • Natemt17 X
    Natemt17 X 54 minutes ago

    Im glad the quotes ended ~Me 2019

  • WHT_C0mbat
    WHT_C0mbat 55 minutes ago

    Started the vid and he said he was gonna get a dog with a name I knew it was Grim from his vids from a couple years ago

  • Twitch Elimzz
    Twitch Elimzz 55 minutes ago


  • boyce hubbard
    boyce hubbard 55 minutes ago

    Dan: I think imma make a secret base. Me: y u make a secret base in a SINGLE PLAYER SERVER

  • kitty Zois
    kitty Zois 55 minutes ago


  • Leilani Ward
    Leilani Ward 55 minutes ago

    dan so I know last vid friends have died moment of silence plz..........OKAY DATS NOT MEH POINT Im sayin that you should make snowmans and Iron golems they both atacc things I think..... but I dont think that you can let the snowman go into the water I POSING DIS ON ALL DA VIDS INTELL YOU SEE

    YO YO PIZZA 55 minutes ago

    What are those blocks I want them in my world

  • water sheep
    water sheep 55 minutes ago

    “Water is going to be the death of me” -dantdm 2019

  • Liberty Barile
    Liberty Barile 55 minutes ago


  • KUBA
    KUBA 55 minutes ago

    *pleas subskribe to my channe*

  • Aaryan Vlogs
    Aaryan Vlogs 55 minutes ago

    Just do hardcore

  • Naina Gill
    Naina Gill 55 minutes ago

    Dan can you pls play slime rancher and make it a series because it is a very good game and I love it. I am also in the hospital right now because of an accident and watching your videos makes me feel very good

  • Scott Root
    Scott Root 55 minutes ago

    Dan why don't you do anymore of Trayaurus

  • Fox God
    Fox God 56 minutes ago

    Just finished the livestream of the true pacifist undertale very nice ending

  • Peggy Manley
    Peggy Manley 56 minutes ago

    dan if your reading this YOU THE BEST YOUR ARE THE 1 TVclipR EVER thanks dan for being the bet youtuber :)

  • Luisa Dionicio
    Luisa Dionicio 56 minutes ago

    It's not a glitch, it's a feature.

  • Chloe's Random Channel
    Chloe's Random Channel 56 minutes ago

    Dan; Is this the prize? Map; Prize is locked restart map to unlock it. All of Dan's worst nightmares coming true.

  • Lefty Adidas gaming studios

    He sounds so different in 2016 though

  • Jakob Pichler
    Jakob Pichler 56 minutes ago

    this made me cut of my pube hair

  • Cpra peplinski
    Cpra peplinski 56 minutes ago

    Why did Dan make a water elevator that goes down if he jut jumps down anyways?

  • tripplegamer3000
    tripplegamer3000 56 minutes ago

    Dantdm can you please gift me the battle pass I have never got the battle pass my name is Tripplegamer3000 it is with a double p

  • Jevan
    Jevan 56 minutes ago

    This video was the reason why dan does not have a door to enter his Minecraft hardcore base

  • KateDab21
    KateDab21 57 minutes ago


  • Morgan VW
    Morgan VW 57 minutes ago

    Even though Dan says his favorite color is blue, it's clearly green. Edit: OMG I JUST FIGURED IT OUT HE'S TURNING INTO A SEPTIC EYE

  • Dark Gokubeast123
    Dark Gokubeast123 57 minutes ago

    Play tomodachi life pls

  • leroy fan
    leroy fan 57 minutes ago

    Dan u could have use comparator and redstone u can figure it yourself

  • Pantsdude 8000
    Pantsdude 8000 57 minutes ago

    Do more happy wheels Dan

  • lasagna & cheese
    lasagna & cheese 57 minutes ago

    You should put all your kitty cats inside ;-;

  • Ruan Barnard
    Ruan Barnard 58 minutes ago

    OMG so jealous!

  • Amy Is A Random Deer
    Amy Is A Random Deer 58 minutes ago

    Put all your cats in it too! +”Mystery” dog

  • Calvin Neve
    Calvin Neve 58 minutes ago

    I wish the best of luck to you two.

  • Elena Perez Romero
    Elena Perez Romero 58 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who thought this? ... Potato Dan, potato Dan does whatever a potato can. Lol 🤣

  • Karlie Mitchell
    Karlie Mitchell 58 minutes ago

    Dan you need to look at a fort its horror map!!!

  • Xue Xiao
    Xue Xiao 58 minutes ago

    crul? you put grim in it

  • syclone 3600
    syclone 3600 58 minutes ago


  • Cavan Shelley
    Cavan Shelley 59 minutes ago

    Turkey boy is back Dan and trust me I was more surprised we love you turkey boy in your kindness and Dan you would of never guessed that key was there without his instructions and how does turkey boy know all about hello neighbour?

  • Freddie Cowan
    Freddie Cowan 59 minutes ago

    Who's watching in 2022

  • Pug Land
    Pug Land 59 minutes ago

    I love your vids

  • Brickblox Productions
    Brickblox Productions 59 minutes ago


  • wolf yoink
    wolf yoink 59 minutes ago

    Dan, im gunna break the unbreakable minecraft, your under arres for illegal terms Me, uhhh dan why is the fbi here

  • Snakes Bliskin
    Snakes Bliskin 59 minutes ago


  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith 59 minutes ago

    Can u do five nights at Freddy's vr again

  • Dylan Lambert
    Dylan Lambert 59 minutes ago

    In 2019 people use golden carrots as shields

  • Logan Blake
    Logan Blake Hour ago

    Damn do you wanna those things that you can cheat death with we have a clone yourself though with dogs

  • queenofunicornz7_7 Gaming

    Dan: you Door: oldest/youngest sibling Who can agree?

  • Mister Minecraft

    Why Are You Making A Secret Base In A Single Player World? And If It Wasn’t People Would Find It Because You Made A Video Of You Making It.

  • DocRo68
    DocRo68 Hour ago

    i haven't been this early since buddy didn't have a nametag

  • Gremy Wolf
    Gremy Wolf Hour ago

    11:56 is that Is ThAt it IS tHAT IT Me: yes

  • De Dark Assailant

    Use a piston to push your self down

  • AlanTube !
    AlanTube ! Hour ago

    The villagers are teaming with the creepers