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I'm a Dad now!
Views 4.7M17 days ago
Who KILLED Santa?!
Views 2.3MMonth ago
Let's Talk
Views 2.1MMonth ago
I'm a FISH!
Views 2.4M2 months ago
Views 2.3M2 months ago
Views 2.4M3 months ago
Views 588K3 months ago
The UNFAIR Minecraft Door..
Views 2.8M3 months ago
Becoming #1 in PAPER.IO!
Views 3.9M3 months ago
I'm Releasing A MOVIE!
Views 1.3M4 months ago
I ESCAPED in Granny 2!
Views 2.3M4 months ago
ME vs 100 ANGRY Ragdolls!
Views 4.4M4 months ago
I had a Minecraft DREAM..
Views 2.4M4 months ago
GRANNY 2 is out NOW!
Views 2.9M4 months ago


  • Jayden Barfoot
    Jayden Barfoot 29 minutes ago

    look a chca skin

  • Melissa Bradford
    Melissa Bradford 32 minutes ago

    Can you play more sea of thieves. PLEASE😯🙏💜💛💚💙

  • PlayStations and vlogs
    PlayStations and vlogs 32 minutes ago

    Why you slap me

  • Dawson Irving
    Dawson Irving 32 minutes ago

    Who is Kevin? K3VLAR my friend?

  • Toa Sawyer
    Toa Sawyer 33 minutes ago

    R.I.P Peggy

  • KitttyCat Lover
    KitttyCat Lover 33 minutes ago

    But you already showed his face in the ultrasound! :P

  • Rainier The Young
    Rainier The Young 34 minutes ago

    It can’t snow in the desert.🌵🏜

  • Furno Sluggy
    Furno Sluggy 35 minutes ago

    1:43 when you put to much salt on your chicken

  • Tracie. Phung
    Tracie. Phung 35 minutes ago


  • GameGirls
    GameGirls 36 minutes ago

    For me, I’d rather have Jessie be with Petra not because of the ship but friendship. And plus, in beacontown, Lucas and Axel and Olivia and even Radar have eachother while Petra would have been alone.

  • Flinders Bean
    Flinders Bean 37 minutes ago

    R.I.P Minecraft hard-core

  • BlackTheJason Universe
    BlackTheJason Universe 37 minutes ago

    You need to make a cursed IMAGE

  • Ann Rose
    Ann Rose 39 minutes ago

    I wonder if his baby boy is going to watch all of his videos

  • pot p
    pot p 39 minutes ago

    27:04 there only can be one grim and he said brand new so it must be different idiot

  • SxK Stonecobra
    SxK Stonecobra 39 minutes ago

    Dang I had been watching your videos ever since you started and now your a dad congrats man.

  • Lilly Coombes
    Lilly Coombes 40 minutes ago

    Hęłłø Just hold on the letter you want and they’ll comeup

  • Jeverson gabrian
    Jeverson gabrian 44 minutes ago


    EVERYTHINGPLAYZ 44 minutes ago

    I love your accent i have a English friend

  • Lindsey Roth
    Lindsey Roth 46 minutes ago

    I am crying

  • Lily Law
    Lily Law 47 minutes ago

    Excuse me? Bones? *reeeeeeeeeeeeeerererrerererrRerrerererefRERERRERERERDRER*

  • sean moulder
    sean moulder 49 minutes ago

    He cheated on Jemma with a fish and EVEN THE FISH SAID NO!!!! 😅

  • Lily Law
    Lily Law 49 minutes ago

    U forgot about FNAF

  • pot p
    pot p 49 minutes ago

    Don't complete hardcore if u dad

  • Brian Rinckenberger
    Brian Rinckenberger 50 minutes ago


  • Rainier The Young
    Rainier The Young 50 minutes ago

    Wow.your home is old right!!!🤩🤩🤩

  • Josiah Salinas
    Josiah Salinas 50 minutes ago

    Thanks Dan you gave me the best child hood well your still giving me a good childhood Thanks Dan🙌🏽

  • Chen You Sheng
    Chen You Sheng 51 minute ago

    Ah Grim is back. Dan it's been FOREVER since we saw Grim. Glad you brought him back.

  • The X
    The X 51 minute ago

    An arbalist, also spelled arbelist, is one who shoots a crossbow.

  • bono 2
    bono 2 54 minutes ago

    Dan the REAL old logo is dynabloxs i saw it on opera touch mabey search it up

  • ShadowFN
    ShadowFN 55 minutes ago

    You have a son now btw

    EVERYTHINGPLAYZ 55 minutes ago

    I love u i am a subscriber

  • ShadowFN
    ShadowFN 57 minutes ago

    Oh btw u have a son now

  • DragonLord 1
    DragonLord 1 57 minutes ago

    I have made a prison that has EVERYTHING IN THE GAME SO YOURS IS TINY

  • Nathan Greenway
    Nathan Greenway 58 minutes ago

    2:27 stocker

  • A74 WindFort
    A74 WindFort 59 minutes ago

    stress caused dan to go fast narrator mode with high luck

  • Tas3
    Tas3 59 minutes ago

    Still waiting for Bijuu Mike to end up in one of these vids

  • Brookie And Olivia

    Wait it’s been 9 months since I watched your vids. Woah

  • Xiegene Loresto
    Xiegene Loresto Hour ago

    Poor peggy..😭😭

  • Phet Phonyhachit

    i hate dab 😠😠😠😠😠

  • MooseCraft Fan
    MooseCraft Fan Hour ago

    Look on rhe anvil 18:38

  • MrBeast
    MrBeast Hour ago


  • Jayed Banks
    Jayed Banks Hour ago

    I hate The dab

  • Dawson Irving
    Dawson Irving Hour ago


  • Buddy Boy
    Buddy Boy Hour ago

    I feel as if I grew up with this guy and his channel, and now he has a kid.

  • S Silver
    S Silver Hour ago

    Been watching Dantdm since 2015

  • lilian giron
    lilian giron Hour ago


  • pixthekitten 1
    pixthekitten 1 Hour ago

    He got the vengeful spirit and didnt notice?

    IMNOTCAFE YT Hour ago

    I still i think he is a twin for 5 years lol

  • Gt Gt
    Gt Gt Hour ago

    Me realizing what dan had to do to get his wife pregnant

  • Atticus Goldenbaum

    Dantdm: let's get to combat level 12 Me: uh huh your going to do that in a day?

  • UWU snazzy
    UWU snazzy Hour ago

    when u see ur GF in a bed 0:20

  • Backflow Prevention


  • Backflow Prevention


  • Backflow Prevention


  • Landon Thornberry

    HEY GUYS!!! If you pause it right on 1:01:42 you can see a girl!!! (Aftons girl???) You need to pause it and change the video speed to 0.25 and when golden freedys head go's away the game over will appear and you will see a girls face!!! It won't appear at any other Golden Freedys jump scares. Edit: I just realized that "Orcatenor" saw it when the stream was live.

  • Nicholas Shillcox

    Imagine just after he does all this forgets to put armor on and gets shot in the side of the head by a random skeleton and dies

  • Backflow Prevention


  • Daddy Thickems
    Daddy Thickems Hour ago

    Asher has the same birthday as my mom, and is a day before my birthday

  • Dylan Gonzalez
    Dylan Gonzalez Hour ago


  • Emiliano&Helen Torres

    I would press the button at 6:31 if I can hear Chypher 4 from BTS but I don't want to live anywhere else

  • bruce woods
    bruce woods Hour ago

    Dan plays back to school murder happens at my school

  • Jessica Byerly
    Jessica Byerly Hour ago


  • Nicky Scoular
    Nicky Scoular Hour ago

    reset with a grind stone

  • Goon Yao Jun
    Goon Yao Jun Hour ago


  • Jeremias_isback
    Jeremias_isback Hour ago


  • Callum Hughes
    Callum Hughes Hour ago

    Sing dan a lullaby

  • Chloe Kypreos
    Chloe Kypreos Hour ago

    If you were a fruit you would be blueberry 🔵

  • sharon silaghy
    sharon silaghy Hour ago

    Dan tedium doesn’t know twisted wolf

  • Shawna Hanks
    Shawna Hanks Hour ago

    I love DAMTDM

  • Dark Phoenix
    Dark Phoenix Hour ago

    Dan:it's a beautiful day outside Me: megalovania starts blasting*

  • TCubed3
    TCubed3 Hour ago

    Did u get the all potions at once achievement

  • Samuel Lane
    Samuel Lane Hour ago


  • Maritza Rivera-Gonzalez

    But youre dantdm

  • Jiraiya Ramil
    Jiraiya Ramil Hour ago

    How about the baby chick? will he get a nametag?

  • Anh Tran
    Anh Tran Hour ago

    They have mods

  • Micah Grothe
    Micah Grothe Hour ago

    I just dabbed

  • Potato Face
    Potato Face Hour ago


  • Lloyd W
    Lloyd W Hour ago

    Anyone 2020 here? Still love this vid 🤗🤗🤗

  • The Adams Family

    Dantdm : Hey look it's bendy! Me : bruh

  • craftguypeterhere 888

    The kidney damage and that was supposed to be there

  • Zane Robson
    Zane Robson Hour ago

    Dans team: Does something Mimic ball: Double or nothing Edit I know I’m late but there’s a meme for ya

  • Enderprincess of Slytherin

    Lets be honest. The best was when dan was crying on the floor.

  • Deboomp
    Deboomp Hour ago

    bruh hes got nothing on my noscoping skills

  • RobloxNoob
    RobloxNoob Hour ago

    1M subscribers YAY

  • Spongebon Squarepants

    Play Head horse

  • RobloxNoob
    RobloxNoob Hour ago

    R.I.P Peggy

  • craftguypeterhere 888

    Do you remember the one that you did the spider this one

  • Cole Gerberface
    Cole Gerberface Hour ago

    Anyone else remember the good ol' days

  • rabeya marwan
    rabeya marwan Hour ago

    You got trolled

  • Zoila Vargas
    Zoila Vargas Hour ago

    Please create jemma

  • Lily Z
    Lily Z Hour ago

    You are DanTDM

    STHILZA Hour ago

    My aunties grandparents house got burnt down in the NSW bushfires. I like= 1 prayer for their house to be rebuilt. 🙏

  • elcoslick
    elcoslick Hour ago

    Dad tdm Also I have a cousin named asher

  • nitin  talwar
    nitin talwar Hour ago

    U know i play roblox to but i have send u a friend recuest😎

  • Backflow Prevention

    me to I have never beat Minecraft

  • Gustavo Salcido
    Gustavo Salcido Hour ago

    Yo i was in the video

  • Postcat MCV
    Postcat MCV Hour ago

    morgz intro

  • Backflow Prevention

    at 413 in the cornor trere was a minecart

  • Lily Z
    Lily Z Hour ago


  • elcoslick
    elcoslick Hour ago

    Nostalgia intro