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The Teehee Song! (Dear Ryan)
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I Made an Energy Drink!?
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DJ on a Budget! (Dear Ryan)
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If I Quit Youtube...
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Goodbye Sean...
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The Pun Challenge!?
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Will You Fight Me?
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Rant on Award Shows!
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The Nintendoe Paper!
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YouTube ReRyan FAIL!
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I Dare You: GOING BALD!?
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"IT" Parody (Dear Ryan)
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How to be Gangster 2.0
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The RHPC Squad!
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Over Dramatic People!
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Fidget Spinner Haters!
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Life of a Youtuber!
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Musicals in Real Life!
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  • Gin Toxic
    Gin Toxic 2 hours ago

    🤣 it’s not intelligent to say things like “mental issues are less worse than third-world-problems”. They can be just as serious. And people of those “third world countries” have the same issues. An imbalance of brain chemicals is not dependent on culture nor environment.

  • Exodus ChezAndBubble

    Paco owes them to 9488448$ worth of money in water

  • Stuti J
    Stuti J 2 hours ago

    Me, an Indian: I'll vote for him.

  • Torrid 229
    Torrid 229 3 hours ago

    Aww, look at those cute little kids...

  • OBI1_TRQ
    OBI1_TRQ 3 hours ago

    Can you do something about Avengers Vs Justice league

  • Aparna Shandilya
    Aparna Shandilya 3 hours ago

    Last was lit

  • Marian the spade
    Marian the spade 3 hours ago

    No, its Mcdonalds vs Jollibee in Philippines

  • Jan Zadorozny
    Jan Zadorozny 3 hours ago

    Guys it starts at 4.14 ur welcome!!

  • Pearl Burned my Cremated Body

    Nobody: Elsa: *I will Hakuna her Tatas!*

  • Gatcha Wolf
    Gatcha Wolf 3 hours ago

    He actually did really well seeing as he couldn’t use the song

  • Priyanka Ghosh
    Priyanka Ghosh 3 hours ago

    I wish he'd do the "Beat the devil otta the brush" part

  • Thành Trương
    Thành Trương 3 hours ago

    Now it's thriller

  • tiara K.L OwO
    tiara K.L OwO 3 hours ago

    The frozen is new

  • Ana DJ
    Ana DJ 3 hours ago

    I think it’s a move with a bad word I’m still 😡

  • Ana DJ
    Ana DJ 3 hours ago

    Really really I didn’t like it I so hate it I hate it so much 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 Like and comment if you agree

  • SomeSmiley Boi
    SomeSmiley Boi 3 hours ago

    11:21 Will is me when I hear the food is ready

  • Ana DJ
    Ana DJ 3 hours ago

    Hey anna dont have powers and its fake you know anna Ist like that I love the original but the fake one I don’t thinks so 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Cassi Diaz
    Cassi Diaz 4 hours ago


  • mikael .m
    mikael .m 4 hours ago

    Dear Ryan, can you do a TVclip Re-Ryan 2019

  • Miles Andrews
    Miles Andrews 4 hours ago

    Seems legit.

  • mehul
    mehul 4 hours ago


  • Mommy Jane
    Mommy Jane 4 hours ago

    dear ryan can you do a mukbang video?

  • Swayam Ananda Das
    Swayam Ananda Das 4 hours ago

    Rykki Higaj - "You like my butt what" Part 2 pls.

  • Jade Maldonado UwU
    Jade Maldonado UwU 4 hours ago

    Oh my God I would watch this when I was a little! XDXDXD

  • Basile Ryan
    Basile Ryan 4 hours ago

    4 y/o me at break time:

  • CaTtEaRs 093
    CaTtEaRs 093 4 hours ago

    Dear ryan can you make a meme movie

  • Lil ComiKons
    Lil ComiKons 4 hours ago

    What will you if there is a child right in front of you? Anna: 0:48

  • controllable 3771
    controllable 3771 4 hours ago

    Brunt? Should it be COAL? Cause lce and fire makes coal

  • Pumpkinari오레오
    Pumpkinari오레오 4 hours ago

    Anna: *gets fire powers* Elsa: *makes puns*

  • Lagari Haryati Channel

    FROZEN 2:BURNT (in fake trailer)

  • Natsume YAMAKAWA
    Natsume YAMAKAWA 4 hours ago

    can you please make more conspiracy theories videos?

  • Natsume YAMAKAWA
    Natsume YAMAKAWA 4 hours ago

    dear Ryan, can you try to sing Ariana Grande`s high notes?

  • Mizuko kishiyama
    Mizuko kishiyama 4 hours ago

    Dear ryan can you make an avengers parody

  • iiDinq
    iiDinq 4 hours ago

    oH chArlIE

  • That Animation Guy
    That Animation Guy 4 hours ago

    So we’re can I find the Kickstarter?

  • Kbella perez
    Kbella perez 4 hours ago

    Wow, this is the exact opposite of the 2nd movie!😂

  • Catherine Hernaez
    Catherine Hernaez 4 hours ago

    Ryan what dude a musical is geret bro so what are you saying musical is bad 😐

    MARMMZ 5 hours ago

    I've heard this song about a hundred times still love the super saiyan rap.

  • Justine Milne
    Justine Milne 5 hours ago


  • Choney Wangmo
    Choney Wangmo 5 hours ago

    Dear ryan can you teleport yourself in my country and go to outer space then kiss donald trump then make a movie of and feel humilated in a toilet then repeat all that and make a music video of it.

  • Galaxy Wolf _Playz
    Galaxy Wolf _Playz 5 hours ago


  • Alexis Mansilla
    Alexis Mansilla 5 hours ago

    Hes rants and talks have always been my favorite

  • TastyMattyBurrito :D

    Plot: Ice vs Fire Todoroki: am I a joke to you?

  • Justine Marie Esperanza

    Dear Ryan can u explain why men find butts and boobs sexy.

  • Dalton S
    Dalton S 5 hours ago

    Finding Dory you're going down because you're a little round because they're dead and you also hit a thousand dislikes on every single video and you only got one subscriber eat that hahaha

  • Count von Snuffleupagus

    ReRyan 2019 anyone?

  • Alexi Felton
    Alexi Felton 5 hours ago

    I’m sorry but you need a WEBSITE TO TELL YOU TO GIVE UP AND SETTLE Pshh I learned that in therapy

  • Eon Polip
    Eon Polip 5 hours ago

    make more kpop songs

  • Yoh Vang
    Yoh Vang 5 hours ago

    You should be 1rod1reel lol

  • A B
    A B 5 hours ago

    What about the burimda triangle

  • Zina Noxchi
    Zina Noxchi 5 hours ago

    That was sooooo satisfying 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Deadknight12 can we get 100 subs on comments

    I see no cons to this 🙂

  • ELM _Cobra
    ELM _Cobra 5 hours ago

    Has anyone tried switching on the subtitles

  • Count von Snuffleupagus

    Ngl I would watch this

  • Zafrul Zaidi
    Zafrul Zaidi 5 hours ago

    Dear Ryan can you do a gaming channel

  • Lyle Justiniano
    Lyle Justiniano 5 hours ago

    Anna you are so cruel. You kicked a kid who is dressed as Elsa. And Elsa what did you said in the xxxxxxxxxxx.

  • City Gun gamer
    City Gun gamer 5 hours ago

    My friend is a corner guy and does it loud

  • Andrey Tran
    Andrey Tran 5 hours ago

    Total cost? $69,721,001.85 Crazy.

  • Neon Faon
    Neon Faon 5 hours ago

    Dear ryan can you cut your hair it looks like a dirty mop

  • MUSTANG GT fourpointsix2valve

    Or you can upload videos

  • LunarSquire8051
    LunarSquire8051 6 hours ago

    Sad thing is that this video is 8 days older than me.

  • Messy Jess
    Messy Jess 6 hours ago

    Ryan: literally defies the law of gravity Will: Anything else?

  • Michael Minh Khang Pham

    I’ve been calling you “Ryan Hee-ga” since I found you. Have people really been thinking it’s Higga? Well, that’s dumb. Anyways how I found out about you was my school was giving away books and I took yours. Also, if you still have no idea what the difference between your and you’re your means the opposite of mine and you’re means you are.

  • You won't Know me
    You won't Know me 6 hours ago

    I dare u to eat some aloe vera with some booger in it

  • Riki Hasan
    Riki Hasan 6 hours ago

    Wait so Tham was a girl?

  • WenzelSays
    WenzelSays 6 hours ago

    I can still quote this video. I haven't seen it in YEARS. I'm having elementary school flashbacks

  • Hamza Ali
    Hamza Ali 6 hours ago

    Dear ryan kiss a girl

  • haowen shen
    haowen shen 6 hours ago

    Dear Ryan can you pretend that you’re drunk

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 6 hours ago

    Man growing up sucks. I remember I was around 12 when I saw this

  • S l e e p y P ø ø
    S l e e p y P ø ø 6 hours ago

    Pika!!! 😢

  • Qais Iman
    Qais Iman 6 hours ago

    What iPhone is that iPhone poop? 💩

  • Naru Naru
    Naru Naru 6 hours ago

    I wish this Was the real frizen 2 movie

  • Reynalyn David
    Reynalyn David 6 hours ago

    Dear ryan can you do another theory video

  • You Name It I Make It!

    I Need a Part 2! Amazing Idea! 😃

  • Dharmini Lourdes
    Dharmini Lourdes 7 hours ago

    I hate scary movies

  • Cookiebunch M
    Cookiebunch M 7 hours ago

    Oh okay I guess Mario is the evil 🦹‍♂️ Wizard

  • •Høpë•
    •Høpë• 7 hours ago

    TeEeGoOgLyCoFfEeMeAt!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Huanchun Ren
    Huanchun Ren 7 hours ago

    Did he die

  • Wallstreet Wolf
    Wallstreet Wolf 7 hours ago

    I want to cut that strand of hair dangling on stevens forehead so badly

  • Miguel PH XD
    Miguel PH XD 7 hours ago

    Elsa is a savage

  • Marco Magtibay
    Marco Magtibay 7 hours ago

    I will gona her tatas hahahahahahahhahahaha

  • Trick shot Man
    Trick shot Man 7 hours ago

    Dear Ryan can give me a shoutout

  • DaYeet Master
    DaYeet Master 7 hours ago

    Wait... Ryan is Japanese? Me too!

    **HAMMERBONG** 7 hours ago

    Dear Ryan can you make hat trick shots

  • Chennille Gundayao
    Chennille Gundayao 7 hours ago

    i broke out with the “hakuna her tatas”

  • Alberto
    Alberto 7 hours ago

    That time of year.

  • David Trinidad
    David Trinidad 7 hours ago

    My Goodness Flatulence, the earth is fart not flat, a solid fart Lol Hahahahahahah

  • Gacha Girl2000
    Gacha Girl2000 7 hours ago

    I will hakuna her tatas ~ Elsa 2019

  • 陳楚正Bill Chan
    陳楚正Bill Chan 7 hours ago

    why is everybody acting like they watched this the first time

  • Dia Verjorie Tabat
    Dia Verjorie Tabat 7 hours ago

    3:27 This is Sparta!!!

  • Bizarre Noob
    Bizarre Noob 7 hours ago

    Lmfao Ian was im the vid

  • Istal Animates
    Istal Animates 7 hours ago

    Tbh I think a rice flavoured gum would be gross ( so a ricegum)

  • FC Barcapool
    FC Barcapool 7 hours ago

    This was released 4 days after I was born 😳👶