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  • Donna Broadnax
    Donna Broadnax Minute ago

    She is Sheldon’s dream wife lol

  • echoingamy
    echoingamy 2 minutes ago

    Update? Where’s the dress now?

  • wikedwhich1
    wikedwhich1 28 minutes ago

    Its so much nicer Bernadette, when you are slower...sorry to go on about it, I am sure you want to fit so much in, but I feel you are communicating...and part of that is communicating your the feeling that is inspired within the other is so important, and there is so much potential in this video is so good now.!! xx

  • Batmary21
    Batmary21 30 minutes ago

    Yo! I never realized how long your hair is!!!!!

  • Lalie
    Lalie 33 minutes ago

    Simply beautiful

  • salomaedances
    salomaedances 33 minutes ago

    This is a fairly uncomplicated hair style that those of us who are cursed with hair that only just reaches the bottoms of our shoulder blades can do. I have been doing something similar with my own hair for when I am history bounding. Minus the hair spray, dry shampoo, curling iron and hair pins. However if you could work your magic in this poor muggle's hair and give me long flowing locks that are simply TDF, I would be most abliged I'm sure there are rules against this, but aren't rules meant to be broken? 😉

  • Calvin Mccrimon
    Calvin Mccrimon 38 minutes ago

    I wanna learn to speak like her

  • Calvin Mccrimon
    Calvin Mccrimon 38 minutes ago

    This lady is the most passive aggressive person I’ve ever seen

  • Sinister Sister
    Sinister Sister Hour ago

    Bernadette, I've just caught up with your backlog of videos! Each one is so entertaining, and I can't wait for the next one :)

  • Gina Chu Cheong
    Gina Chu Cheong Hour ago

    You are an old soul. Maybe your sister is too.

  • Rose Forjam
    Rose Forjam Hour ago

    I didn't know that in Middle Ages ladies wore so classy dresses...but why did you make this beauty?!!

  • hanabira anee-chan

    Minimum wage where I’m at is $8.75 and that’s not enough to afford living.

  • Tudorosities by Maureen Benfer

    Always enjoy the various sewing videos. Although my favorites are the hair tutorials, flea market video, garment district video, and the creation of your sewing room. Neo-Victorian at its utilitarian best, great content and thank you for sharing a little window of life with us viewers.

  • Molly Smith
    Molly Smith 2 hours ago

    I love and miss doing historical interpretation. I did volunteer at Lincoln's New Salem while a teenager with my mother. We would be assigned a house in the village and talk about the family who lived there and how the house would be run in the 1830s, as well as talk about how the village was created in the 1930s to create jobs. I'm so glad this was talked about! It brought back so many wonderful memories.

  • Benicia Livorsi
    Benicia Livorsi 2 hours ago

    How long have you been growing your hair? Have you ever cut your hair? Is the length a style choice or a religious choice (such as Pentecostal beliefs)? If you were to cut it into a new style (not just split end trim), what style would you like to try? What do you do to enhance hair strength, length, and thickness? It is very difficult to grow hair to your length so kudos to you.

  • Erika Cronje
    Erika Cronje 2 hours ago

    The whole style, clothes and hair fits you perfectly!

  • Peg Purcell
    Peg Purcell 2 hours ago

    It is quite zen to watch your lovely hands hand sewing. Thanks!😍

  • OctJean
    OctJean 2 hours ago

    Very Mrs. Crocombe of you 🤣

  • Metheus
    Metheus 2 hours ago

    I wonder how people manage it with hairspray. I always feel like I need to wash my hair on the same day to get the product out, so using hairspray daily is not possible. Does anyone have some trick on this? Maybe use a certain kind of hairspray?

  • Johanna Tallgren
    Johanna Tallgren 2 hours ago

    You are so elegant! And I love the "The Victorian way"- reference with the ingredients 😃

  • Joelle Jansen
    Joelle Jansen 3 hours ago

    I have an undercut pixie, so this hair tutorial is useless to me. But I am aesthetic trash, so I loved it anyway. ❤

  • Mori Mori
    Mori Mori 3 hours ago

    i'll be acting in a play the day after tomorrow, and i'm glad i found this video.

  • Mi ss
    Mi ss 3 hours ago

    So beautiful :)

  • passionfruitfruit
    passionfruitfruit 3 hours ago

    Kathy, bless her Crocombe soul, barely lets Hana say anything 🤣

  • LeighAnneNight Art
    LeighAnneNight Art 3 hours ago

    Have you seen the movie Somewhere in Time? I feel like you would dig it.

  • Sky ViviisVibrant
    Sky ViviisVibrant 3 hours ago

    Yeah, whatever the hell tiktok is

  • Sophie Jud
    Sophie Jud 3 hours ago

    Whate did you get your dress? i love them! Did you make them?

  • Charlie The unicorn
    Charlie The unicorn 3 hours ago

    I think they got 15 year olds who just learned how sewing machines work to do this. (Literally what the poodle skirt I made looks like but it was cotton and my aunt helped fix the garbage fire I made)

  • Farrah Hendi
    Farrah Hendi 3 hours ago

    For such an elegant look, it was relatively simple to put together.

  • Conejo Rabbit
    Conejo Rabbit 4 hours ago

    I totally think you should sell the dresses people ask for just give em a price and they can either pay upfront or go somewhere else, but at the end of the day you get $1000+

  • emily goodwin
    emily goodwin 4 hours ago

    Thanks to you I now exclusively wear my hair in Victorian/Edwardian styles and have never felt more comfortable in my own skin 🥰

  • Kanelle88
    Kanelle88 4 hours ago

    There is something satisfying about hand sewing a project.... Actually I want to hand sew something... I'm going to make a pillow case. I need a couple of them. Anyways nice video!

  • CultureShock 99
    CultureShock 99 4 hours ago

    Curious:You're a vegan? Why not use cruelty free *products?

  • SaslJr
    SaslJr 4 hours ago

    Nice to hear we have the same hair are routine! People are always impressed with the length, but it’s largely a result of not wanting to pay for a cut.

  • Kate Wood
    Kate Wood 4 hours ago

    How many hair pins do you use to achieve looks like this, on average? Because I use probably a million. I'm bad at hair.

  • Crystal Dahlk
    Crystal Dahlk 4 hours ago

    Oh goodness your hair is beautiful 🖤

  • Sarah Bent
    Sarah Bent 4 hours ago

    I will never not appreciate your encouragement to all of to live our best, strange, time-travelly life. Because I love mine. :)

  • fianorian
    fianorian 4 hours ago

    Oh my goodness. I no longer sew, although watching all your clips is making me reconsider. I do, however, papercraft and I feel your dilemma. Does a pot of glue bring me joy?

  • Alien Venus
    Alien Venus 5 hours ago


  • Barbius Cakes
    Barbius Cakes 5 hours ago

    Chatsworth is amazing. I go each year with my husband (kid free weekend). The house is always decorated with the most fabulous themes. The year before was fairytales. Also has the most fabulous stalls. Walking around drinking mulled wine is the best.

  • Jaxon TM
    Jaxon TM 5 hours ago

    I think that wearing furs is ok depending on where you got them from. If you get them from a small, cruelty-free company that (possibly) donates the meat to butcher shops or soup kitchens/shelters. If you get it from a large corporation, don't count on that animal to have died a healthy, happy animal, and wasn't killed early in life.

  • Ms Danig
    Ms Danig 5 hours ago

    Please tell me you went out like that! You look amazing!

  • KiraTheUsagii's Workshop

    Simple, but ack so pretty! <3

  • Rachel
    Rachel 6 hours ago

    How very awesome!!! 🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈❤️🕊💟💟😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Not Your Average GLOW Up

    I LOVE this hairstyle on you 🖤👀

  • Teresa Anderson
    Teresa Anderson 6 hours ago

    I've always found asymmetry to be much more attractive when it comes to organic forms anyway. I would venture to say most humans do. Never you mind the comment trolls, they will eventually drown in their own bitterness after all. 😉

  • it's Das!
    it's Das! 6 hours ago

    Bernadette, I love your videos and often binge them when I need soft and lovely energy in my life. However, when you say things like "cue a hundred comments that say I'm doing this wrong" and "every time I put a pin in a different place the internet demands a new hair tutorial" I feel unpleasantly taken aback. I like watching content that creators are excited about making, and those comments come across a little resentful or defensive. Maybe that's not what you're going for and I'm misreading your dry humor? But I'm just dropping this note to say you don't need to make anything "by popular demand" or spend your energy cutting off potential criticism by calling it out. You're talented and hard working, and I genuinely admire you. If you end up reading this, I hope the rest of your day is lovely x

  • Mel Christensen
    Mel Christensen 6 hours ago

    CLOCK HATS. So I'm a bit obsessed with clocks, that is my thing. CLOCK HATS. Okay, this was lovely to watch. You made a lovely space and that bookshelf if gorgeous tbh. Making a personal space like this is so much fun, and so much fun to watch other people do! I love it. It's very hard too to work with limited space but you did a gorgeous job. When I bought my house a few years back, I had close to10,000euro (about 11,000dollars) saved to furnish it. You'd be surprised how fast that goes once you buy appliances etc, and my house has 3 bedrooms, (one of which I made into a studio/office) kitchen, dining room, lounge and appliance room. So there was a lot to furnish. I also learned a lot of DIY as I went (I now own a lovely scrollsaw, bandsaw, skillsaw and a wonderful Dewalt hammer drill amongst other things, so I can cut and fit things pretty darn well) But like you, I went for older and well made pieces as much as I could find them, traveled a little far to collect some of them, but they were keepsakes that I knew I could pass down or potentially sell on in the future, if I had to and there are zero regrets for that. I love second hand furniture, I love antique stores: I love pieces that have history. I'd rather save for a piece I really like than buy something temporary and 'settle'. It takes more time, yes, but the reward is worth it. Weirdly, I did the same thing as you, re: the dressers and countertop for my studio. It works really well as a combo, especially with a nice heavy countertop. Also, those lamps are completely gorgeous. I am in love. Where where where did you manage to find them?

  • Fiurgeist
    Fiurgeist 6 hours ago

    oh, those tiny tophat thingies are pinned down... I always wondered how they don't fall off all the time :D

  • Ruys Clan
    Ruys Clan 6 hours ago

    I shall watch this every time I need a burst of fireworks to my heart.

  • Garnet Seren
    Garnet Seren 6 hours ago

    I love your asthetic

  • Smeraldo Karma
    Smeraldo Karma 6 hours ago

    the older lady voice..i- fall in love..shes can be narrative for movie..

  • Maike Baier
    Maike Baier 6 hours ago

    Oh damn for me who doesnt speak english as motherlangueage... This is quite a challenge hahaha😂❤

  • Smeraldo Karma
    Smeraldo Karma 6 hours ago

    plot twist..she is the gurl from painting..the reincarnation..okay bye..

  • Chiara Rossi
    Chiara Rossi 6 hours ago

    Ahahah same. I have really long hair and everyone is like "HOW DO YOU LOOK AFTER IT??"... uhhhhh.... Nothing? Btw I love your videos. Always so soothing, I could listen to you talk for hours keep it up! :D

  • admirathoria 00
    admirathoria 00 7 hours ago

    Rag curls.

  • Angela Secilia
    Angela Secilia 7 hours ago

    At times like these I regret cutting my hair

    THE0CULT 7 hours ago

    Wow you are beautiful

  • Angela Secilia
    Angela Secilia 7 hours ago

    Sometimes I can't understand you

  • Linda Pesnell
    Linda Pesnell 7 hours ago

    ❤️ Love your work and your back ground music. Thank You ❤️

  • Carla Morgana Moura M. Rodrigues

    What a great roast!

  • Ruys Clan
    Ruys Clan 7 hours ago

    Thank you for your wonderful videos! I learn so much from them without even realising and they are so beautiful!

  • Linda Pesnell
    Linda Pesnell 8 hours ago

    ❤️ Love your work. Thank You ❤️

  • Studio_Ntea
    Studio_Ntea 8 hours ago

    Oh yes! Gorgeous! :D I have to admit, watching you, Cathy Hay and and big chunks of the costube community, have inspired me to start the long journey of growing my own hair out. Due to various reasons such as chronic illness and weak arms, I have opted to go with a complete buzzcut for several years now. And that would most likely have continued being my style of choice, if I had not fallen in love with the historical (inspired) hairstyles from all the wonderful videos around. So here we go, I shaved my hair for the last time some time before christmas, and I'm looking forward to be able to do try this style myself in 5-7 years ;P Thank you for a, as always, very inspiring video! <3

  • Helen Loney
    Helen Loney 8 hours ago

    very cute. Yes, the secret to having long hair is to a) not cut it and b) leave it to cultivate itself. And it's cheaper that way too.

  • Beer Elf
    Beer Elf 8 hours ago

    Eeeep! Great Central Railway! It's lovely, their Santa Trip used to be my kids favourite pre-Christmas treat 😍, I used to work in Loughborough, so I'd thought Bells or Socks but this was a real treat! Damn that Dr Beeching!

  • Ess Dee
    Ess Dee 8 hours ago

    I'm not sure if the interior of the rooms were white back then...please correct me

  • Shae Stewart
    Shae Stewart 8 hours ago

    Bernadette, you are brilliant and quirky and arguably anachronistic yourself...and for that I adore you! I am no longer a high school English teacher although were I, I would show my girls your channel as a lesson on being yourself, taking pride in everything you do, and meeting every challenge with confidence and poise while recognizing if you do so, the outcome doesn’t matter (but will be successful more often than not if one consistently devotes her best self to the process).

  • Kristina Cummings
    Kristina Cummings 8 hours ago

    Where do you source your hatpins?! I am needing to find some... but I got hung up on wanting some pretty ones.

  • SHD
    SHD 8 hours ago

    So beautiful! Thank you!

  • Gigi Beal
    Gigi Beal 9 hours ago

    God I hope I could be this mature and graceful one day 🥺 Bernadette you really carry yourself differently then most and I respect that sm. Also, it was fun getting to see a peak into ur bag lol those gold scissors are adorable too

  • Simone O
    Simone O 9 hours ago

    My hair is way too short for this but I'll try to convince my mom to let me do it on her head😂

  • Tara N
    Tara N 10 hours ago

    I logged onto my computer to throw my CV at a recent job opening I spotted. Thus CV still hasn't been uploaded and instead I am very much enjoying your videos Bernadette!

  • yasmin choudhury
    yasmin choudhury 10 hours ago

    I know nothing about dress history but seeing the amount of passion they have for this field is inspirational!!

  • Michelle Chandler
    Michelle Chandler 10 hours ago

    Curious if the floofy twists on top actually give enough for the hatpins to hook into to keep the hat in place. They don't look like the hair would be dense enough to hold the pin very well. Lovely hairdo though :)

  • Prabhroop Kaur
    Prabhroop Kaur 10 hours ago

    We have the same hair routine and my hair is also extremely long. I've noticed that the best way to do curls is by taking extremely thin sections of hair, wrapping them around 1 or 2 fingers and sticking a bobby pin into the curl. I usually curl to the neck and if the section is too thick just put in 2 bobby pins going opposite ways. I don't use hairspray and have fine hair and these curls stay in my place all day.

  • Mihaela Zlate
    Mihaela Zlate 10 hours ago

    You talk so fast but bad, gave me headache

  • Aquila
    Aquila 10 hours ago

    Maybe you should try rag curl for this style?

  • Lauren Gerig
    Lauren Gerig 10 hours ago

    I thought that was the steampunk hat with the clock and almost screamed.

  • Joely P
    Joely P 10 hours ago

    You should do rag curls if you want to avoid the heat.

  • Tristan G. Lundevall
    Tristan G. Lundevall 10 hours ago

    I love you 😭😭

  • DipityS
    DipityS 10 hours ago

    Very lovely! I've got my eye on that dry shampoo - I'm not sure if we have that available in Australia, but I'm sure someone will carry it - perhaps a pharmacy - I think that might help with my everyday up-do! Thank you.

  • dexter floy
    dexter floy 11 hours ago

    omg, your hair is to die for! just love it!

  • Laura Granado
    Laura Granado 11 hours ago

    Very pretty.

  • Thimblesand Unicorns
    Thimblesand Unicorns 11 hours ago

    *Most muggles tend not to know what you are doing with your life* I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life, but I’ll do it with fabulous hair now

  • Mist Seer
    Mist Seer 11 hours ago

    I wish I could give you a parasol to go with every possible combination of hair and apparel you desire, yet I lack funds as expected

  • mastersadvocate
    mastersadvocate 11 hours ago

    For some insane reason, I thought you looked like Miss Peregrine! If you have ever seen the movie MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN, then you will know what I mean. I love the hairstyle, Bernadette! Alas, I have very short hair, and cannot follow suit! ~Janet in Canada

  • Ruby Rea
    Ruby Rea 11 hours ago

    Me with shaved head: 😭😭😭 SO PRETTY I CANNOT EVEN

  • Iduna Black
    Iduna Black 11 hours ago

    love it, I want to see your wardrobe ahh, I wanna see more of your outfits

  • James Perez
    James Perez 12 hours ago

    Honestly it looks awesome!! Two things from your vid 1. It's easy to find a natural heat protectant if you're not into heavy chemicals. Personally use a little (like very little! cause it can get greasy) Coconut oil or Shea Butter whenever I subject myself to using a flat iron or hair dryer. 2. If you ever want to cut your hair, consider donating it - many salons offer a discount to those looking to cut their hair to donate to charities (and many charities have partner salons that you can locate on their pages.) but keep in mind you might have to have a minimum amount to cut off but it goes to helping people in need.

  • The Crazy German
    The Crazy German 12 hours ago

    I absolutely love how long your hair is

  • Jaxon TM
    Jaxon TM 12 hours ago

    Is it just me, or does she look like she's sped up when she talks?

  • Chloe Wilshaw-Sparkes
    Chloe Wilshaw-Sparkes 12 hours ago

    I did the Mrs. Crocombe vibes :P

  • Tatyana Valda Belinda Hill

    Maybe a "Artisan vs Fast Fashion" exhibition? I can see those two pieces as the centrepieces with the cost/time/craftsmanship breakdown on museum boards beside each mannequin. You could ask other TVcliprs and or designers or hobbyists who have been in the same position to collaborate with you. Also maybe for some if viewers have just sent in images next to the real thing, those could be on the walls with commentary from the craftsmen who were affected... Ordinary people (I hope) can see the huge difference in quality immediately. However, the same ordinary people are pretty clueless in most areas actually just how much difference the cost, quality and effort is between a cheap, sweat-house, throw-away version and a high-quality version made with local labour. This is such a problem everywhere - not just in fashion. People expect the world for nothing now because everything is presently so cheap or even free. It would be great if you could do it.

  • Exactpi
    Exactpi 12 hours ago

    I love your comical disdain for trend videos. Your videos are wonderfully special.

  • Megan Gaukroger
    Megan Gaukroger 12 hours ago

    Really enjoying the music you've been using lately! This video is lovely, but really, they all are.

  • sphinxios
    sphinxios 12 hours ago

    With just some simple things one can create something exceptional, i am very sure that turned lot of heads. No matter of what era somehting comes from style, class and beauty is timeless.

  • JamesGallagher1990
    JamesGallagher1990 12 hours ago

    Reading the comments...I'm I living in some alternative universe here? If you are not from a western get a pass, of course. But if you are...what BS is this? You know EXACTLY what Christmas's inescapable. I'm not Christian nor is my family but my goodness...I've sung carols, was told stories of Santa, decorated the Christmas tree etc etc...of course! It's such a gigantic part of western culture. It's practically rammed down our throats. And some of you are talking like you have no clue what it is? BS. I'm sorry. Total BS. And if it isn't...and you are from a western country...then I'm sorry then you are unbelievable ignorant and or stupid...beyond belief. You must've never read a book in your life! A CHRISTMAS CAROL BY CHARLES DICKENS IS A CLASSIC FFS. OMG!!!!!!

  • PeanutGalleryKid
    PeanutGalleryKid 12 hours ago

    Ribbon hack: thread the ribbon under your hair band/elastic/tie once, and then tie as normal, and that will help keep it from escaping on you, especially if like me you have fine slippery hair.

  • JamesGallagher1990
    JamesGallagher1990 12 hours ago

    I'm still confused as to why you never really celebrated Christmas before, though? It's about the birth of Christ...and America is one of the most religious/Christian countries in the world. Far more so than the UK. I'd understand if you were Muslim, for example, or lived in a Muslim majority country...but how do you not know the traditions of Christmas when you are American? I'm not even religious nor is my family but Christmas here in the UK is so huge...that my experience is pretty much Cathy's's so part of our culture that you can't really escape's undoubtedly the biggest holiday of the year without question. But I know it's part of American culture too, big time...The Simpsons were big on Christmas...Friends...all of your films and television clearly show Christmas and the traditions around it. I mean your music of Mariah Carey's biggest hits was 'All I want for Christmas is You'. I love your channel...have a huge amount of respect and admiration for what you do...but my scepticism around your alleged lack of knowledge about this topic is massive lol. I'm sorry but I'm not sure I buy it...unless you literally grew up living under a rock. :P