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  • Test Test
    Test Test 7 months ago


  • Test Test
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  • Redix
    Redix 7 months ago


  • Tomohito
    Tomohito 8 months ago

    lemme get a on a track with you

  • XLNT
    XLNT 9 months ago


  • K_tothe_A_Y
    K_tothe_A_Y 10 months ago

    This entire video is on point.

  • Byrdee Entertainment
    Byrdee Entertainment 11 months ago

    i like this

  • Children Of The Sea
    Children Of The Sea 11 months ago

    Good page and great content!

  • Amir Beats
    Amir Beats 11 months ago

    Keep bringing that fire

  • supremecam
    supremecam Year ago

    Yaaaas this is dope

  • Lyssa Driscoll
    Lyssa Driscoll Year ago

    Hey CC, your lofi hip hop radio is dope. Thanks for doing what you do. ~Your fan, Via


    Hello, we are a metal band from greece and we would like to thank you for your support. (Giorgos Tsigos & Black Circles) The National Scrim

  • Velanz Productions

    Ayo..U gonnamak money wit this channel

  • BREMusic
    BREMusic Year ago can you put this on your channel... this is mine yea baby

  • Jenna Heidmann
    Jenna Heidmann Year ago

    ok so I've been trying to find this one song (who the fuck by Athena) on like soundcloud and youtube but I couldn't find it :0 could u post it on soundcloud???

  • R E C O R D I N G

    I need you........... Sub channel...........Pls.........

  • Alberto Di Rosa
    Alberto Di Rosa Year ago

    I love the stream and listen to it pretty much 24/7. I have a tv that I only use to connect to my Chromecast and the stream just keeps playing at every time, no matter if I'm sleeping or I'm not home. Since the stream got online again I noticed that now it just restarts every few hours and I really hate this. When this happens the stream turns off and so does the tv. I wish it could just stay online like it did before the copyright issue. Cheers

  • Jade[d]
    Jade[d] Year ago

    is there a discord?

  • Christmoplast
    Christmoplast Year ago

    Love the channel. Keep up the good work.

  • Palms McGee
    Palms McGee Year ago

    love the stream man, beautiful little corner of the internet that seems to attract the chill ones. chat has got a bit toxic recently i guess because your channel has grown and reached a wider audience, maybe worth putting some kind of bot on to cut out some of the heavy racism/abusive stuff? i dunno.. big love x

  • Jake
    Jake Year ago

    Hey, ChilledCow, thanks so much for this channel. It has gotten me through many homework all-nighters as well as helped me to fall asleep on other nights. Those seem like contradictory purposes but this channel hits the sweet spot. I usually listen to the live radio feeds, and occasionally a particular piece comes up that I'm very curious about. It features a sample of Robin Williams' speech from the movie Jack. "Life is fleeting, and if you're ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky..." It's absolutely lovely. I know that you provide individual pieces on your channel but I have not yet been able to find this one. Is it around on its own somewhere?

  • DisorderlyDoc
    DisorderlyDoc Year ago

    Ever consider a yule log stream?

  • Vaughny Sins
    Vaughny Sins Year ago

    dope content keep growing!

  • PyroLink
    PyroLink Year ago

    Thank you so much for coming back !!!! I've waited for so long ! I'm just sad about the background animation getting changed, I prefered the old one, it was less colorful, and enhanced the lofi / nostalgia trip !

  • Lay Blanket
    Lay Blanket Year ago

    Congratulations on 1 Million subs!!!! You deserve it, I love the chill music you put out.

  • Francisco Luna
    Francisco Luna Year ago

    1M GG :D

  • Justarandompurp Oof

    I'm glad that you're live stream is back up.Now I can do my work and listen to music.

  • Connor Holden
    Connor Holden Year ago

    Congrats on 1 mil!

  • bradstar556
    bradstar556 Year ago

    999K!!! LETS GET HIM TO 1MILLION!!!!!

  • Connor Holden
    Connor Holden Year ago

    Almost there man

  • LanceS133
    LanceS133 Year ago


  • Michael Guevara
    Michael Guevara Year ago

    Glad your stream is back, the copy cats don't cut it

  • Rodion Lee
    Rodion Lee Year ago

    Hail to the Godfather of lofi hip hop stream, he's back! <3

  • Temmo Rijken
    Temmo Rijken Year ago

    Damn I like the new loop used for your livestreams even more

  • skelliott
    skelliott Year ago

    Today is the day chilledcow will once again be allowed enlighten us with his stream. what a blessing

  • AzyleeZ Studio
    AzyleeZ Studio Year ago

    Good Luck reaching 1mil subscribers! bro!

  • Mauro MmMmM
    Mauro MmMmM Year ago

    I want your livestream back again :(

  • harprabh sangha
    harprabh sangha Year ago

    Thanks for the music, it really helps me stay focused at work. Looking forward to the live stream coming back.

  • Peeps001
    Peeps001 Year ago

    how long is there ban for?

  • Dendesu
    Dendesu Year ago

    You don't stream chill hop music anymore? D:

    • LanceS133
      LanceS133 Year ago

      Shut down on TVclip for 3 months for copywrite BS from the image artist. Hopefully will be back up within the month.

  • JontusMaximus
    JontusMaximus Year ago

    Hey mate, how does your cooperation with the artists work out?


    do seem anymore

  • Mia Hsia
    Mia Hsia Year ago

    What happened to your livestream ;-; I miss listening to it while pulling all nighters to work on assignments that I've procrastinated to the last minute

    • Mat Mc
      Mat Mc Year ago

      If I've sub'd to your channel will I get the notification to say its back online? :-|

    • Fawn Whisperer
      Fawn Whisperer Year ago

      Can't wait!!

    • ChilledCow
      ChilledCow Year ago

      +Mia Hsia copyright issues unfortunatly, it will be back next month

  • bhagwant singh
    bhagwant singh Year ago

    Hello Do you still do they live Stream ??

  • ENKii
    ENKii Year ago

    hey there! check out my music please,its Lo-Fi etc. thanks allot!

  • Caio Falconi
    Caio Falconi Year ago

    Could you please send me the link (or point me to where it is atm) with the artists and songs list from the former livestream for me to listen to it while you work on getting it back online? I think other people might benefit from it too. Thanks a lot!

  • gaiden
    gaiden Year ago

    i dont really care for the stream, but i cant believe you had to make "get some rest" private :( such a great mix! not DMCA worthy, you mixed that yourself. def shouldnt have to hide that shit. fuck youtube.

  • Rat Soup
    Rat Soup Year ago

    Hey man ik ur a big channel and will not read this but if u do u think u could teach me some of the stuff u do to make this music?

    • ChilledCow
      ChilledCow Year ago

      +Licky hey, I don't produce the music on my channel, I promote it only :)

  • iamprodigyable
    iamprodigyable Year ago

    Hey man, I just found out about that copyright issue, and I'm really upset that they made you take down your stream. I"m really hoping that it'll come back. Have they gotten back to you about it??

    • ChilledCow
      ChilledCow Year ago

      +iamprodigyable unfortunatly, they haven't send any reply yet about it

  • Arian Heidari
    Arian Heidari Year ago

    is the lofi radio ever gonna come back???????

  • Dylan Shah
    Dylan Shah Year ago

    hey ChilledCow, where is ur 24/7 stream gone i'm really missing it

  • ty s
    ty s Year ago

    What happened to the live stream? :(

  • Jonathan Cousins

    When will the live stream go back up?

    • Llefty
      Llefty Year ago

      so the stream is going back up after that date? nice!

    • ChilledCow
      ChilledCow Year ago

      +Jonathan Cousins takedown is over 29 october except if I find a way to negociate with studio ghibli

  • Juan Jerónimo Salgado

    Where is the Lophee stream? :(

  • StopYouViolatedTheLaw

    What happened to the live stream ma dudes?

    • ChilledCow
      ChilledCow Year ago

      +StopYouViolatedTheLaw it is taken down until 29 october for copyright issues (the gif)

  • c a s h
    c a s h Year ago

    man im waiting for you guys to have a discord :(

  • RePuBliCMDTV
    RePuBliCMDTV Year ago

    why are lofi hip hop mixes part 1 and 2 unavailable. My favorite was 2. I miss listening to them to fall asleep :(

    DLC ENERGY Year ago

    there's a fake channel copying yours was made only a week ago. starting to get as many views as you.

    • Zovvi
      Zovvi Year ago

      It is really funny cause that guys channel is gone now due to impersonating ChilledCows channel. Sometimes TVclip does the right thing.

      DLC ENERGY Year ago

      wait, scratch that last one his channel uploaded 205 hours just to get 60k views. you only uploaded a 3m vid and got 70k views xD

  • momo chan
    momo chan Year ago

    the 10m mix playlist is quite lovely.

  • CurtBroad Bocks
    CurtBroad Bocks Year ago

    Hey Anybody know where the big playlist of music he had set up in a google drive thingy went?

  • TRIXZOR311
    TRIXZOR311 Year ago

    where are streams?

    • Rex
      Rex Year ago

      copyright issues

  • CalmPanda
    CalmPanda Year ago

    love your chilled tunes

  • Geoff Caffo
    Geoff Caffo Year ago

    I miss the stream so much...there's a hole in my heart.

  • Austin Riggs
    Austin Riggs Year ago

    Any update on the stream?

    • oppai
      oppai Year ago

      No stream for the next 3 months due to copyright strike

  • LanceS133
    LanceS133 Year ago

    I miss your live stream so much, played all my faves, the other options out there don't compare.

    ETHER TJ Year ago


  • Lukas Pettersson

    Rip your livestream... :/

  • KizerKid28
    KizerKid28 Year ago

    I guess his computer crashed

    • oppai
      oppai Year ago

      No stream for the next 3 months due to copyright strike

  • eskimo bob
    eskimo bob Year ago

    What happened to the first to lofi mixes?

  • lionel rodrigues

    The Radio is gone :( why ?? It was everything i needed for music and now it's gone :(

  • Robo Snipes
    Robo Snipes Year ago

    what happened to the chill livestream dude

    • ChilledCow
      ChilledCow Year ago

      +Robo Snipes copyright issues because of the gif :(

  • Andy T
    Andy T Year ago

    please live stream again, chilledcow!

    • ChilledCow
      ChilledCow Year ago

      +Andy T i'm trying my best to make it possible :D

  • PyroLink
    PyroLink Year ago

    Sooo are we gonna see livestreams again one day ? :c

    • ChilledCow
      ChilledCow Year ago

      +PyroLink definetely! :) i'm trying to find a solution to make it back as soon as possible

  • ChilledCow
    ChilledCow Year ago

    Hello, I just wanted to post a comment here to let you know about the situation: As most of you may have noticed, the lofi radio on my channel got taken down by Studio Ghibli for copyright infringement (I didn’t have a written permission to use the gif on the radio). - Because of this copyright infringement, I received 1 copyright strike on the channel which made the stream removed from TVclip. - Also, (and it’s probably the worst part) the streaming feature won’t be available anymore on my channel for the next 3 months. - 3 copyright strikes on this August-October period could make ChilledCow removed from TVclip. To avoid the worst case of studio Ghibli striking other videos containing their illustration from my channeI, I also had to put on private the 2 first parts of the lofi hip hop mixes: get some rest/to be alone (they’re still available on my soundcloud page) as well as few other uploads from the channel which had visuals from their studio. I tried to contact studio Ghibli copyright team by email yesterday to find some sort of arrangement for the copyright strike but I’m still waiting for them to reply. In the worst case where I wouldn’t get any reply/negative reply from them, I will probably launch a ‘temporary’ stream for the next 3 months either on the ‘lophee’ channel I manage with a friend or I will create a new channel for this 3 months duration to host the livestream. In that case I will also upload the get some rest and to be alone mixes again with different visuals.(édité) For the last part of this message, I’d like to thank you all (viewers/artists/labels) from the bottom of my heart for all the support you’ve given. This year has been amazing for the lofi community and for me, ChilledCow is now almost at 1 million subscribers which is a milestone I never believed the channel could ever reach. And the fact that so many of you send support messages really helps me to keep a positive mind on the situation. I will let you informed on the advancement of this situation in the comment section on a future upload (probably within 2 weeks) P.S: -if any of you (or know someone who) has a way to get in touch with someone from studio Ghibli ‘easily’, please let me know I’d be extremely grateful. -I’m looking for drawers who are able to make animated illustrations similar to the one I had on my radio, if you think your work could fit well the channel please send it to my email address : I would be really happy to feature you on the channel’s radio and future uploads :) Thank you again Dim

    • Geoff Caffo
      Geoff Caffo Year ago

      Welcome back home!! xD

    • y0bo3000
      y0bo3000 Year ago

      you're the man broski hope you get it back up and running

    • Daphunkyzz In Da House
      Daphunkyzz In Da House Year ago

      Ah ça craint... Merci pour l'info, vraiment le meilleur stream ;)

    • Sarah Bear
      Sarah Bear Year ago

      Thank you so much for the information! I listened to the live stream radio on a daily basis while I studied and wanted to say that I truly appreciate what you do on this channel. No other does it quite like you do. Hoping everything is resolved soon and ends well! ♪

    • JuanMTech
      JuanMTech Year ago

      I feel for you man. I wish you the best. I wait for your come back.

  • Sidney Robinson
    Sidney Robinson Year ago

    So the stream is now down??

  • fmmetamc
    fmmetamc Year ago

    seriously, we need the chilledcow livestream to come back. Just use some other pics or whatever, it aint gotta be anime...after all it IS about the music lol

    • Temmo Rijken
      Temmo Rijken Year ago

      he isn't allowed to do livestreams anymore for the next 3 months or so :(

  • Adam T
    Adam T Year ago

    My life is not the same without your radio station. Any chance of an ETA? My work days have been draggin on without your wonderful tunes

  • Marisol Gallo
    Marisol Gallo Year ago

    NECESITO la radio. Triste que no esté más...espero que vuelva

  • William Liew
    William Liew Year ago

    Hey, 2 of the originals have been set to private? Please be a mistake

  • Muchomorism
    Muchomorism Year ago

    Hey men, you should start kickstarter project and just start online radiostation.

  • Ba Khoi Pham
    Ba Khoi Pham Year ago

    I really like your livestream, it has been a great source of my relaxation and new music. Everyday I would just turn on my lap and almost go right ahead to youtube to see your livestream nearly always popup first, but now it's not there and I really feel like something's actually missing. You really brought lo-fi to me and made me fall in love with it with your sweet music taste and choice. Please bring it back, thank you!

  • Lucas Hazard
    Lucas Hazard Year ago

    Really fucking disappointed in whichever company/artist shut the live stream down. A curse upon your house. Here's *most* of the playlist on SC:

  • Satire
    Satire Year ago

    I miss the stream terribly. :/

  • John
    John Year ago

    Best of luck getting the stream back! I really enjoy it!

  • Sebastián Mackay

    The Stream is down? :(

  • badracho
    badracho Year ago

    come back!

  • Shinjikun1
    Shinjikun1 Year ago

    to ChilledCow: may I suggest that you use a generic image(s) in a loop for your livestream comeback (if you finally decide to do so). For your CPU issue: if it's not burned, you could clean, polish and put new heat compound to it and its heatsink, and a new fan(s) . Most CPU issues are heat related.

  • Linus L.
    Linus L. Year ago

    Is there any chance of this comming bac???

  • Benjamino
    Benjamino Year ago

    Please fix the stream <3

  • L3ssl. N0mes
    L3ssl. N0mes Year ago

    What's happened with your live videos? I love it and miss it....

  • Will M
    Will M Year ago

    Hey man, Miss your stream. Too bad studio Gibli didn't approve of it

  • Aimee Louise
    Aimee Louise Year ago

    please come back to us :) i need you to pass my law units....i need you

  • 황상선
    황상선 Year ago

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. where are you?!!

  • Tanapoom Sermchaiwong

    rip copyrights. hope live stream comes back soon.

  • Samson Mathew
    Samson Mathew Year ago

    What happened to your live stream

  • alienpansy
    alienpansy Year ago

    </3 hope you bounce back soon

  • Matthew Olivarez

    What happened to the LoFi Hiphop mix?

  • Dino Kadric
    Dino Kadric Year ago

    Does anyone happen to have the Tracklist he used on the Livestream?

  • TheWeavingTempest

    Do you know any animators that could do a fan created loop to replace the coveted Ghibli loop ?

  • mjvsbj
    mjvsbj Year ago

    Want to let you know we all support you. I find it ridiculous that they'd strike a 3-second looping gif but whatever. It doesn't matter what the loop is, we'll be waiting here for you. We'll come back when it's up. Keep up the good work.

  • Dang Xuan Hieu
    Dang Xuan Hieu Year ago

    f**king youtube man, please for the love of god, bring back the radio.... I will beat your ass >:|

  • Pablo Soto
    Pablo Soto Year ago

    Chilledcow I do not know when that happened. Always, no matter the time I entered the youtube and could listen to that relaxing music that you knew to put, that jazz hip hop had no comparison, it is that music that my head always looked for that calm my moods. I hope you can come back and hopefully find some way to keep following you if there is any other streaming there do not hesitate to share it, you have made that music my favorite: /

  • Pablo Soto
    Pablo Soto Year ago

    Chilledcow donde esta la musica en linea?? se extraña ese relax :/

  • Haven Barrow
    Haven Barrow Year ago

    What happened to the live stream? I just now saw that it's privated

    • TheWeavingTempest
      TheWeavingTempest Year ago

      It was a tribute to Studio Ghibli. I wish they would have seen that.

    • ChilledCow
      ChilledCow Year ago

      Copyright issues by studio ghibli for the visuals used

  • Brandon Limary
    Brandon Limary Year ago

    Your live stream got me through my junior year. Whether I was starting an essay at midnight or cramming for finals, the lo fi beats played in the background. I appreciate you and the community, hope it returns

    • ChilledCow
      ChilledCow Year ago

      Thanks a lot for the support, i try my best to make it back!

  • Patrik Müller
    Patrik Müller Year ago


  • Anissa Valero
    Anissa Valero Year ago

    <3 you have got to come back

  • Alice Stancu
    Alice Stancu Year ago

    I AM HEARTBROKEN. I keep this channel open every single day at home. It's become the background of my life.

  • Francisco Luna
    Francisco Luna Year ago

    Le dieron strike a la radio por el gif de studio ghibli o por la musica?

  • Bhrianna M
    Bhrianna M Year ago

    hope you're able to bring the livestream back at some point, but if not, thanks for the memories!

    • Adam T
      Adam T Year ago

      My life is not the same without your radio station. Any chance of an ETA? My work days have been draggin on without your wonderful tunes

    • ChilledCow
      ChilledCow Year ago

      thanks for your message, i'm currently trying to make it back

  • TheHumanoidPrime

    i hope you get your livestream back up, it's one of my favourites to listen to :D

  • MAHF
    MAHF Year ago

    I'll miss that livestream chat and its folks.

  • Ricksflicks
    Ricksflicks Year ago

    Studio Ghibli brought down the hammer! Why...why would they do that...? These are dark times.

  • #
    # Year ago

    FUCK YOU WHO EVER COPYRIGHTED THIS CHANNEL!!!! FUCK YOU COPYRIGHT NAZI ASSHOLES SON OF A BITCH!!!!! p.s. can some one tell me who copyrighted him? i feel a dos coming on...

  • Bryant Guajardo
    Bryant Guajardo Year ago

    So sad the stream is gone. D: D: D:

  • Keoni Fisher
    Keoni Fisher Year ago

    Will the Lo Fi station ever be back? Stay tuned

  • Temmo Rijken
    Temmo Rijken Year ago

    Why is mix pt. 1 and pt. 2 listed private and tell me the livestream will be back

    • Ricksflicks
      Ricksflicks Year ago

      copyright strike that I think had to do with the visuals and not the music. I bet he will bring it back with different video at some point.

  • windowzombie
    windowzombie Year ago

    Please fix the copyright strike (seriously studio Ghibli??) so we can enjoy the endless lofi hip hop!!

  • Jeongheon Kim
    Jeongheon Kim Year ago

    please come back

  • Oliver Lancaster Smith

    Wondering if anybody can help me? What was the mix which has a remix of 'Childish Gambino - Bonfire' - can't find it (may have been taken down) - it's so fire!

  • LuNeY AgOsTo
    LuNeY AgOsTo Year ago

    i think it got striked because of the gif

  • Martin Marburger

    oh no, my favorite Station went down because of the bullshit of the copyright questions of today, so sad! loved your stuff!

  • TheTraceDeJute78

    Where is the radio bro

  • VoxArteX
    VoxArteX Year ago

    the livestream got copyright striked ;-; the one thing that made me happy is gone i dont wanna be here anymore

    • Phil
      Phil Year ago

      hey guys you can go on his second channel "Lophee" there he still has the same stream up with another gif. Same guy, same music, other channelname

    • David G
      David G Year ago

      i used to like studi ghibli, but now i see theyre just money hungry asshole pieces of shit like most other companies, wow over a 2 second looped gif and they bitch about it, what a bunch of fucking assholes fuck them, im pirating their movies from now on, no money for those shit clowns

    • Minaminami
      Minaminami Year ago

      I miss this stream so much! I've always listened to it while I was working. Now something's missing and it's hard for me to fill in the blank. Other streams don't have this amazing selection of tracks... I found a lot of gems here. Still hoping for a comeback. ='(

    • Graeme Sherman
      Graeme Sherman Year ago

      Guess it's time to crawl into the bunker and await the coming nuclear apocalypse in silence.

    • Kamila Nishida
      Kamila Nishida Year ago

      I'm so sad =/

  • Tim Coates
    Tim Coates Year ago

    Hi there please if you have a spare 2 mins have a lil listen to my song! Think it would fit in nicely with your amazing live feed!

  • austin tate
    austin tate Year ago

    Is there any place to submit some music :)?

  • OneRoomShed
    OneRoomShed Year ago

    Love the live stream. I've been down with lofi beats for a long time now. This is my fav style of music. Simple yet very powerful. Just thought I would say thanks for the live stream. Everytime I turn it on I end up leaving it on because it's that damn good! Lo-fi on my hi-fi for life.

  • Loularkilla
    Loularkilla Year ago

    Hi, i love your channel and the sounds and beats you share. Take a look on my beats ad tracks here, I I think some of them can satisfy your channel ;-) (i'm on youtube too if u want). Musically

  • Tim W
    Tim W Year ago

    Hey ChilledCow, I made my first Low Fidelity song. Let me know what you think - you're more than welcome to use it:

  • Alexandra Bellows

    amazing amazing mixes you have!!! perfect for my mind

  • Plum
    Plum Year ago

    What happened to the radio :(

  • Alexander Star
    Alexander Star Year ago

    where your stream ?(

    ETHER TJ Year ago


    ROHITH Year ago

    please start streaming your live relax study music

  • Alex Bull
    Alex Bull Year ago

    Where'd the stream go ?! Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • 21stcenturyoptimist

    what happened to the live radio?

  • Letrakmo
    Letrakmo Year ago

    were is live please?!

  • Its Yo Gab
    Its Yo Gab Year ago

    That live stream was great. i could always come back to it and know that i was gonna get some good tunes to fall asleep to, or maybe chat with some interesting folks online, or just be able to relax a while. I'm really gonna miss that livestream, hope you start a new one or consider starting another soon. Love you for introducing me to my new favorite kind of music.

  • Mekishiko
    Mekishiko Year ago

    What happened to your live streams?

    • Fabian Brito
      Fabian Brito Year ago

      For how long did it stays online?

    • Xqrement
      Xqrement Year ago

      Hope it can be fixed easily! Thanks for all the hard work. Looking forward to see the stream on again!

    • ChilledCow
      ChilledCow Year ago

      I have an issue with the cpu of the server, i'm currently trying to fix it

  • ohyea
    ohyea Year ago

    wheres the live vid at ?

  • Marisol Gallo
    Marisol Gallo Year ago

    Valga la redundancia: feliz de que existas. Gracias por haber creado tan lindo lugar en youtube. Fiel compañero. Saludos.

  • Mert
    Mert Year ago

    Hey ChilledCow, I saw one of the animations you use in 'Garden of Words'. What other movies/shows do you use? I wanna watch em :)

    • ChilledCow
      ChilledCow Year ago

      Hi, it's always credited in the description of the video :)

  • Savilionbeats
    Savilionbeats Year ago

    OK you just gain a sub! hit my page back let me know what you think

  • Aiden Misao
    Aiden Misao Year ago

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    PINTERAPTOR !!! Year ago

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    Daniel Hurtado Year ago

    chilledcow are your beats copyrigth free?? i wanted to use it to write a song on top of it.

    • ChilledCow
      ChilledCow Year ago

      you need to ask the artists for permission, you can contact them via soundcloud

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