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Oh My God
Views 16K11 months ago
Sweet Child O' Mine
Views 620Year ago
One In A Million
Views 1.5MYear ago
You're Crazy
Views 215KYear ago
Nice Boys (Live)
Views 40KYear ago
Reckless Life (Live)
Views 77KYear ago
Used To Love Her
Views 167KYear ago
Views 127KYear ago
New Rose
Views 259KYear ago
Hair Of The Dog
Views 183KYear ago
Views 142KYear ago
Down On The Farm
Views 299KYear ago
Ain't It Fun
Views 615KYear ago
Raw Power
Views 142KYear ago
Human Being
Views 189KYear ago
Black Leather
Views 138KYear ago
Since I Don't Have You
Views 513KYear ago
Views 95KYear ago
Catcher In The Rye
Views 176KYear ago
Shackler's Revenge
Views 255KYear ago
There Was A Time
Views 318KYear ago
Views 275KYear ago
Chinese Democracy
Views 635KYear ago
Views 116KYear ago
Views 259KYear ago
Views 913KYear ago
This I Love
Views 860KYear ago
Street Of Dreams
Views 296KYear ago
Views 101KYear ago
If The World
Views 200KYear ago
Riad N' The Bedouins
Views 94KYear ago
Bad Apples (Explicit)
Views 132KYear ago
Don't Cry (Original)
Views 14MYear ago
Live And Let Die
Views 914KYear ago
Don't Damn Me
Views 575KYear ago
The Garden
Views 275KYear ago
You Ain't The First
Views 393KYear ago
Dead Horse
Views 335KYear ago
November Rain
Views 12MYear ago
Coma (Explicit)
Views 665KYear ago
Views 377KYear ago
Paradise City
Views 997KYear ago
Out Ta Get Me
Views 256KYear ago
Welcome To The Jungle
Views 1.5MYear ago
Rocket Queen
Views 229KYear ago
You're Crazy
Views 160KYear ago
My Michelle
Views 223KYear ago
Sweet Child O' Mine
Views 1.4MYear ago
Anything Goes
Views 86KYear ago
Mr. Brownstone
Views 594KYear ago
It's So Easy
Views 327KYear ago
Think About You
Views 202KYear ago
One In A Million
Views 626KYear ago
Views 146KYear ago
You're Crazy
Views 174KYear ago
Move To The City
Views 83KYear ago
Reckless Life
Views 134KYear ago
Used To Love Her
Views 135KYear ago
Mama Kin
Views 78KYear ago
Nice Boys
Views 78KYear ago
Welcome to the Jungle
Views 2.6KYear ago
Live and Let It Die
Views 248Year ago


  • Casey Terry
    Casey Terry Minute ago

    I was 5 or so when this was released, but my mother played GNR all the time. I can remember waiting for her in the car line at school with the bass in our little car thumping to these songs. When she died in 2016, I went to see them perform live in KC in her honor. I knew every single word, and when I need to feel close to her, I listen to this.

  • Rocco ‘Shatterproof’ biagioni

    Why does this song remind me of avenge sevenfold?

  • Mhaísa Senna
    Mhaísa Senna 29 minutes ago


  • Mhaísa Senna
    Mhaísa Senna 36 minutes ago

    A predileta🤘🏼🔥

  • Flowmaster925
    Flowmaster925 44 minutes ago

    i use to do a little, but a little wont do, so now i do alot

  • js32dv
    js32dv 48 minutes ago

    No no just fucking no! Fuck that shit axle you cannot do this song any justice.

  • Beyond Limits Productions

    WOW !

  • Domino
    Domino Hour ago

    The piano!! Do they even play pianos anymore in music?

  • Ildar Ildaar
    Ildar Ildaar 2 hours ago

    Easy money - John Connor

  • eric nollow
    eric nollow 3 hours ago

    Original is better.

  • Guigui Le Rappeur - La Chaîne

    Vocals are so good

  • Angie
    Angie 3 hours ago

    megamind is a musical genius

  • Moises Lacerda
    Moises Lacerda 3 hours ago

    isso não é apenas um allbum é uma obra prima ! GNR FOREVER !

  • Travis King
    Travis King 3 hours ago

    Bullshit and contemplation Gossip's their trade If they knew half the real truth What would they say Well I'm past the point of concern It's time to play These last four years of madness Sure put me straight You don't get back fourteen years In just one day So hard to keep my own head Just go away

  • evan dirga
    evan dirga 4 hours ago

    im in country that internet not free

  • Vel Borges
    Vel Borges 4 hours ago

    November 2019 anyone ?

  • Ravda Katirci
    Ravda Katirci 5 hours ago

    Body of Lies last jeneric

  • Enes Yıldız
    Enes Yıldız 5 hours ago


  • Plateau J.
    Plateau J. 6 hours ago

    what a wholesome song

  • Gabriel Lopes
    Gabriel Lopes 7 hours ago

    Iron Man, Megamind... CJ?

  • Dianne Rowley
    Dianne Rowley 7 hours ago

    Think of the good things

  • christo velasqua
    christo velasqua 7 hours ago

    this is my fav song of GNR after locomotive

  • corey lawrence
    corey lawrence 7 hours ago

    Fucken awesome 👏👏👏

  • gerson Flores
    gerson Flores 8 hours ago

    Si ando tomando y que sigue siendo mi banda favorita saludos rey lagarto 😀😘

  • Jefferey Reynolds
    Jefferey Reynolds 8 hours ago

    why dont you just fuck off!!!!

  • Jefferey Reynolds
    Jefferey Reynolds 8 hours ago

    best fucking album ever

  • Anton A.
    Anton A. 8 hours ago

    This song is so badass and fits T2 musically so well, you don't realize how lyrics have nothing to do with the movie and are just about Axl's troubles with his fiance or wife.

  • The Villain
    The Villain 8 hours ago


  • calipachanguero
    calipachanguero 9 hours ago

    Kurt Cobain called this Axl a racist, homophobe and a misogynist back in 1992. So don't give me that snowflake "imagine if this would happen today" bullshit. Using the N-word wasn't cool then and it isn't cool now...

  • werisson sales
    werisson sales 10 hours ago

    i love this song,amazing,perfect°/²¹³³³4£³£³¬/¹¹¹¹¹

  • werisson sales
    werisson sales 10 hours ago

    hopelless,but...wait... But it is written if the evil spirit Arms the tiger with claws Brahman provided wings for the dove Thus spake the super guru" save the mistake

  • Billy Pearson
    Billy Pearson 10 hours ago

    i just lost my fiance last aug and her names michelle but i dont get sad listening to this miss ya baby one day someday well well well ya just cant tell

    • Billy Pearson
      Billy Pearson 10 hours ago

      brings back the good times i had rip baby

  • 43462cmt
    43462cmt 11 hours ago

    My uncle Bruce

  • Doug Masters
    Doug Masters 11 hours ago

    Who's listening in 10,000 BC.

  • Ian Polando
    Ian Polando 12 hours ago

    Love the drums in this solo!

  • dnt trip
    dnt trip 12 hours ago

    Love this song

  • cleyson alapenha
    cleyson alapenha 13 hours ago

    ouvindo aqui em Recife-PE Nov 2019.

  • Flávio Aguiari
    Flávio Aguiari 13 hours ago

    Só posso curtir o som. Não preciso dizer nada ...e nem precisa!!!

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 13 hours ago

    God i miss the 80s! I literally can't live in the 21st century.. I reached my limit of tolerance and acceptance to new techs and cultural marxism in 2010.

    LIGHT 13 hours ago

    I can wipe my own ass

  • Sally Garcia
    Sally Garcia 14 hours ago

    Oh man, oh man!! I'm 56 yrs & can melt in this mans arms. I wish he would come 2 El Paso, Texas.

  • Nico Gonzalez
    Nico Gonzalez 14 hours ago


  • 101 On Evreything
    101 On Evreything 14 hours ago

    I have one word JUMANJI

    • 101 On Evreything
      101 On Evreything 14 hours ago

      And please don’t call me out I know that wasn’t only one word

  • Edi Damanik
    Edi Damanik 14 hours ago

    adler solo's in namm get to make me adler sloless drummer

  • Bowser's Castle Entertainment

    A big, big stairway! Leading to a secret place! All made of Chocolate

  • Bowser's Castle Entertainment

    A long long long road! Leading to the Underworld. Made of TNT.

  • Federico Millo
    Federico Millo 15 hours ago

    Fuckinngg Duff impresionante como suena ese bajo

  • Ogata Jun
    Ogata Jun 15 hours ago

    Amazing‼️You guys are legendary musicians‼️🔥🤗

  • Xx_m4st3r s14y3rxX ???

    play this at my funeral please.

  • Geoffrey Hyde
    Geoffrey Hyde 15 hours ago

    Tell my wife and kids I love them. !!

  • Ronald Wotruba
    Ronald Wotruba 15 hours ago

    Oafoach geil

  • Ronald Wotruba
    Ronald Wotruba 15 hours ago

    Find i geil

  • The Pro Towel Waver
    The Pro Towel Waver 16 hours ago

    fuck dr strangelove

  • Cristian Rivero
    Cristian Rivero 16 hours ago

    G'N'R forever,,,,!!!

  • Angelo Márcio
    Angelo Márcio 16 hours ago


  • LightBulbRomance
    LightBulbRomance 16 hours ago

    My mom listened to this song a lot when I was little. Love it to this day!!!

  • Kevin Sellers
    Kevin Sellers 17 hours ago

    U remember axle?we've came along way

  • Marcos Bomfim
    Marcos Bomfim 17 hours ago

    Essa música eu curto até hj ela e Foda me lembro do rock in Rio de 1991👊🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

  • JulValMau Contreras
    JulValMau Contreras 18 hours ago

    Lo mejor que escuchado

  • mago aaa
    mago aaa 18 hours ago


  • honeytos28
    honeytos28 18 hours ago


  • Farrucarbon1996
    Farrucarbon1996 18 hours ago

    Axl eres el mejor de todos los tiempos GNR Forever ♥

  • V.I.P
    V.I.P 19 hours ago

    noviembre 2019

  • nian a
    nian a 20 hours ago

    this i love

  • Allysa W
    Allysa W 20 hours ago

    Best song ever!!!!!!! LOVE it soo much. Especially the lyrics Ughhhh 🖤

  • Pervez Hossain
    Pervez Hossain 20 hours ago

    Breaking anything is Legal when u r listening to this song! Oh mine!!!!

  • pedro silva
    pedro silva 21 hour ago

    De Portugal Lamego, acabei de conhecer esta música mágnifica, it's a masterpiece.

  • Jamie Fowler
    Jamie Fowler 21 hour ago

    President Trump : what on earth is that noise? Nancy Pelosi and the democratic party : *blasts sweet child o mine* President Trump: *gets phone and calls the DOD* president Trump : bring in the air strike

  • Matithyahu Matithyahu
    Matithyahu Matithyahu 22 hours ago

    I think this song sums up everything that's wrong in America today. Never thought I would say this, but Axl Rose was ahead of his time for being an ignorant and backwards ass wife beating piece of trash. [spits on ground]

  • Roman gaming_official
    Roman gaming_official 22 hours ago

    My mom loves this song so she just put it on so yeah I'm like..... REALLY MOM!

  • Alison Chang
    Alison Chang 22 hours ago

    I love this album of all time.

  • Erwin Hechter
    Erwin Hechter 23 hours ago

  • Rogger Rocha
    Rogger Rocha 23 hours ago

    Meus 16 anos <3 Esse álbum é lindo! Ah quem não tenha vivido ele nesta época. Thank you GNR!

  • Vice Grip
    Vice Grip Day ago

    This is the song that I judge all other songs by. GnR set the bar. The heart beat beat, guitar shredding and vocals are perfect. The narrative is so strong, and the fact you can listen to the whole 10+ min and still want more is like nothing else I listen to.

  • Tamvan 48
    Tamvan 48 Day ago

    make this song 1 bilion viewers

  • David Crockett

    If anyone gets offended....fuck you. Freedom of speech mfs and it's a beautiful thing

  • Joaquin Santillan

    What is he/she writing? Jojo comunity answer me

  • Sonny
    Sonny Day ago

    how doesthis only have 100k views

  • Erwin Hechter
    Erwin Hechter Day ago


  • Sii Gull
    Sii Gull Day ago

    You were trying to knock on heavens door, but it appears that you have just bit the dust.



  • Alisa Long
    Alisa Long Day ago

    This is life and more anyone could put words to make a new 1 Never will always remain in my SOUL&LIFE Forever never the BEST of The BEST love you ALISA LONG XOXO

  • Андрей Червонович Ган

    It's not my mother toad!

  • Кёртис Вульф

    FlatOut Ultimate Carnage OST!!!!!!!!

  • Кёртис Вульф

    Lei Bing's theme

  • Кёртис Вульф

    Jill Richards's theme from Flatout Ultimate carnage

  • Кёртис Вульф

    From FlatOut Ultimate Carnage and Terminator 2

  • lucas Camilo
    lucas Camilo Day ago

    Acho o Use Your Ilusion 1 melhor, mas esse aqui tbm é mt bão Civil War, 14 years, You Could be mine e So Fine, carai, curto muito

  • Bilbo Baggins
    Bilbo Baggins Day ago

    This is real Guns N' Roses. I loved this album. Great to see all those Appetite and pre-Appetite era live performances and some very interesting that I've never heard of before. This is the GN'R I know and love.

  • Hektor Pan
    Hektor Pan Day ago

    This song describes a person very important to me and she helped me out of many things

  • bob esponja pantalones cuadrados

    A nadie le importa si lo ven/ o vieron en 2019, se sigue disfrutando este tema ;)

  • Akira Suenaga
    Akira Suenaga Day ago

    兄貴の位牌 ヤクザ!

  • HeatWave
    HeatWave Day ago

    Burnout 💪🚗🚗🚘🚘

  • Ivan andres Guerra mendez


  • Caboose Productionz

    It upsets me how I can't find this version of the song on Instagram for my stories. I'm honestly really disappointed about it.

  • Wayne Henson
    Wayne Henson Day ago

    I make driving fun, to much fluoride in the water(:

    TAY LOR Day ago

    Underrated my asss.....worrying is a waste of my FUCKIN time

  • Grinlathak
    Grinlathak Day ago

    Sorry Axel but the way the shitlibs are destroying this country civil war looks inevitable.

    • zoznammic
      zoznammic 21 hour ago

      you spelled "trumptards" wrong man

  • Kolby olson
    Kolby olson Day ago

    What ever happened to the version of this song with the ooooh voices at the beginning sung by Clapton? All the Clapton versions on TVclip are some twangy original nit what I'm looking for though. Am I thinking of the right artist?

  • b
    b Day ago

    🥰😘😍if I ever met axl rose 😍😚😳 i would beat his little white ass to death 😳😳😳☺️🥰🥰😍