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Oh My God
Views 12K9 months ago
Sweet Child O' Mine
Views 521Year ago
One In A Million
Views 1.2MYear ago
You're Crazy
Views 166KYear ago
Nice Boys (Live)
Views 33KYear ago
Reckless Life (Live)
Views 64KYear ago
Used To Love Her
Views 134KYear ago
Views 112KYear ago
New Rose
Views 205KYear ago
Hair Of The Dog
Views 143KYear ago
Views 110KYear ago
Down On The Farm
Views 233KYear ago
Ain't It Fun
Views 481KYear ago
Raw Power
Views 112KYear ago
Human Being
Views 148KYear ago
Black Leather
Views 108KYear ago
Since I Don't Have You
Views 394KYear ago
Views 74KYear ago
Catcher In The Rye
Views 135KYear ago
Shackler's Revenge
Views 200KYear ago
There Was A Time
Views 245KYear ago
Views 214KYear ago
Chinese Democracy
Views 488KYear ago
Views 89KYear ago
Views 196KYear ago
Views 690KYear ago
This I Love
Views 598KYear ago
Street Of Dreams
Views 227KYear ago
Views 76KYear ago
If The World
Views 157KYear ago
Riad N' The Bedouins
Views 73KYear ago
Bad Apples (Explicit)
Views 100KYear ago
Don't Cry (Original)
Views 13MYear ago
Live And Let Die
Views 678KYear ago
Don't Damn Me
Views 435KYear ago
The Garden
Views 207KYear ago
You Ain't The First
Views 307KYear ago
Dead Horse
Views 256KYear ago
November Rain
Views 9MYear ago
Coma (Explicit)
Views 486KYear ago
Views 281KYear ago
Paradise City
Views 552KYear ago
Out Ta Get Me
Views 194KYear ago
Welcome To The Jungle
Views 913KYear ago
Rocket Queen
Views 173KYear ago
You're Crazy
Views 122KYear ago
My Michelle
Views 170KYear ago
Sweet Child O' Mine
Views 942KYear ago
Anything Goes
Views 68KYear ago
Mr. Brownstone
Views 411KYear ago
It's So Easy
Views 244KYear ago
Think About You
Views 153KYear ago
One In A Million
Views 485KYear ago
Views 137KYear ago
You're Crazy
Views 123KYear ago
Move To The City
Views 63KYear ago
Reckless Life
Views 103KYear ago
Used To Love Her
Views 99KYear ago
Mama Kin
Views 61KYear ago
Nice Boys
Views 58KYear ago
Views 2.6KYear ago
Welcome to the Jungle
Views 1.9KYear ago
Live and Let It Die
Views 203Year ago


  • gib00343
    gib00343 36 minutes ago

    Slash is my Guitar Hero!

  • gib00343
    gib00343 41 minute ago

    This Sound Is Awesome!

  • uhgt
    uhgt 55 minutes ago

    2nd grade Thoreau, N.M. Boarding School ... damn,,, this song is nostalgic

  • Finneonfan555
    Finneonfan555 Hour ago

    God left and right both suck tbh. Everyone is so insistent that their opinion is right that they don’t even try to see their own faults in their opinions.

  • Gianni Schmidt
    Gianni Schmidt 2 hours ago

    I love this song and band. Great memories of when they first came out. Rock on👍

  • logan rage
    logan rage 4 hours ago

    Eddie furlong and arnie 4 the rest of our days.

  • Josh McIntyre
    Josh McIntyre 4 hours ago

    This was on my son's cd when he was baby now he listen to it every dsy

  • BlackDeath60 8
    BlackDeath60 8 4 hours ago

    this song made me pick up the guitar :) especially the solo

  • The Rival
    The Rival 5 hours ago

    he throws in “LITTLE BITCH” because he had a falling out with her ??

  • Troy Willis
    Troy Willis 5 hours ago

    If you love some country music as well check out Troy Willis, ""Six Strings and boots". Modern day country/southern rock from southeast, ohio

  • Ricardo Pereira
    Ricardo Pereira 5 hours ago

    década de 90 não tinha pra ninguém!! Era Guns!!!! Só competia com os clássicos!! Ou seja , os melhores , Led, Black , Queen, etc...Mais.....

  • angel giovani venancio ibañez

    wow que gran nostalgia

  • HH HH
    HH HH 6 hours ago

    I love this Song!!!

  • Emirhan Aydın
    Emirhan Aydın 6 hours ago

    Lan bu spaghetti incident ta değil miydi aq

  • treena bean
    treena bean 6 hours ago

    Izzy fuckin Stadlin. Enough said.

  • Aaron Shensky
    Aaron Shensky 7 hours ago

    Polish and nigggas

  • Marcelo Rocha
    Marcelo Rocha 7 hours ago

    Caralho, sinceramente não tem como não curti muito um som desse, concorda deixa o recado

  • Gwinukian 'nuker'
    Gwinukian 'nuker' 7 hours ago

    This song could've been great with slash

  • Juliana Angelo watanabe

    💓💓💓💓💓amo muito desde criança 🔝

  • Ollie Molloy
    Ollie Molloy 8 hours ago

    Best version of this song......gnfr....

  • Pierluigi Magon
    Pierluigi Magon 9 hours ago

    a good age

  • Lloading
    Lloading 9 hours ago

    Juan la chupa,arriba españa viva Guns N Roses y Queen un saludo Jesús Grande

    CUISINED 9 hours ago

    *"What's so civil about war anyway" - War & Civil.*

  • un-named channel
    un-named channel 10 hours ago

    I remember in 6th grade my teacher, Mr. Brunner said " you know what? I'm playing guitar!" Then he pulled out a guitar from his closet and started playing this song.

  • Cody Bryson
    Cody Bryson 10 hours ago

    Good Christian music see the cross on this guns and roses appetite for destruction album cover. It's exactly the Grimm view I Cody Bryson have of Christian's and my view of cops is grimmer than that that's why I Cody Bryson have RENOUNCED my Christianity fuck Christian's and fuck cops too crooked ,dirty ,and corrupt pieces.of shit

  • grape grape
    grape grape 11 hours ago

    This Song is Epic!

  • Queen Fanatic
    Queen Fanatic 11 hours ago

    I dedicate the song to me. Telling myself to back off

  •  11 hours ago


  • tony cappiello
    tony cappiello 11 hours ago

    Gun N roses illusion 1 am 2 both great Album

  • Amy Woods
    Amy Woods 11 hours ago

    Thumbs down what the actual fuck!!

  • Sosa Mateo
    Sosa Mateo 11 hours ago

    I dedicate this song to the love of my life. we broke up after 8 years, know her since she was 16,damn she is my first love and also love of my life . I 've also sad so many manic bad things I regret it HARD now... well she lives 1 km from me and in this point it seems hopeless..I will give me my best as a person and I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HER,NO MATTER WHAT!..btw I told her about Guns N Roses :)

  • Adam Mucha
    Adam Mucha 11 hours ago

    Love's do strange... .

    • Adam Mucha
      Adam Mucha 11 hours ago

      This song i exekly..👍👍👍👍👍

  • roux orellana
    roux orellana 12 hours ago


  • Thomas Maycock
    Thomas Maycock 12 hours ago

    oh you're a villain alright, just not a super one

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money 13 hours ago

    Awesome song! I love Axl on the piano on this album.

  • Icecream Lover
    Icecream Lover 14 hours ago

    Guns n roses rocks yeh man 😁

  • john lafirenza
    john lafirenza 14 hours ago


  • Trippy Boy
    Trippy Boy 14 hours ago

    Yet to hear one bad gnr song they deserved being the biggest band on the planet

  • ron mir
    ron mir 14 hours ago

    I saw at the amount of people who listen to this there must be some else

  • jorge soza
    jorge soza 15 hours ago

    Me quedava horas escuchando este tema...

  • Gustavo Cavalcante
    Gustavo Cavalcante 15 hours ago

    GNR é foda demais!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🎸

  • Bon Baro
    Bon Baro 16 hours ago

    What a fucking great album

  • Speek Fraely Wayan
    Speek Fraely Wayan 16 hours ago

    Divine, epic well performed and mixed too. Awesome!✨

  • Gdezd 23052007
    Gdezd 23052007 16 hours ago

    У меня песни Guns'n Roses звучат в игре FlatOut Ultimate Carnage

  • Marc Knott
    Marc Knott 16 hours ago

    i hope this is being played from speakers by the soldiers at the area 51 raid while all that copper hits the dirt. Because WHY NOT???

  • Gdezd 23052007
    Gdezd 23052007 16 hours ago

    Саундтрек к игре FlatOut Ultimate Carnage

  • Sueli Freitas
    Sueli Freitas 16 hours ago

    Música para meus ouvidos!😍

  • Gdezd 23052007
    Gdezd 23052007 16 hours ago

    Пошли нахооооой те которые дизы поставили, эта самая пиздатая песня моего детства

  • Gdezd 23052007
    Gdezd 23052007 16 hours ago

    Особенно хорошие: Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Civil War и Don't Cry (Original). Это песни моего детства

  • Gdezd 23052007
    Gdezd 23052007 16 hours ago

    Дизлайков должно быть 0

  • Gdezd 23052007
    Gdezd 23052007 16 hours ago

    Чтобы дизлайки превратили в лайки, я тем которым дизлайки поставили

  • Gdezd 23052007
    Gdezd 23052007 16 hours ago

    Я больше всех люблю Linkin Park, Guns'n Roses, AC/DC, Rammstein, The 69 Eyes, Kansas, Metallica, Bon Jovi и 32 Leaves

  • Gdezd 23052007
    Gdezd 23052007 17 hours ago

    Самая лучшая и пиздатая песня

  • Gdezd 23052007
    Gdezd 23052007 17 hours ago

    Хочется уебать тех то ставит дизлайки, они специально для вас стараются, а вы недооцениваете их творчество

  • B.J. Blaskowicz Gamer
    B.J. Blaskowicz Gamer 17 hours ago

    a musica do burnout ... algum br

  • ラヴァ
    ラヴァ 18 hours ago

    3:33 兄貴の位牌・・・・・・・・・・・ヤクザ

  • tony cappiello
    tony cappiello 18 hours ago

    love Gun, N roses Used To love Her great Album

  • JarJar
    JarJar 19 hours ago

    Alcoholics at a bar

  • Danny Manuel Valdez Moquillaza

    La voz de axel esta como la de una quinceañera, tiene todo.el potencial al 100%, su voz taladraba timpanos.

  • Juan Cabanne
    Juan Cabanne 19 hours ago

    The band is said to have the hallucinogenic effects of some fungi when "My World" was recorded. Axl says he didn't notice because a friend of his put the drug in his tea.

  • mick gietema
    mick gietema 19 hours ago

    Why have this song not 100 mil views??

    WHITE CATS 20 hours ago

    guys check out our covers!!

  • vladimir lojanica
    vladimir lojanica 21 hour ago


  • yogesh chavan
    yogesh chavan 22 hours ago

    O.. sweet child of mine

  • hugosophy
    hugosophy 23 hours ago

    Trump's 2020 Election Song and Theme "One in a million"

  • placeborick
    placeborick 23 hours ago

    Masterpiece of music

  • Angela Patterson

    ❤️❤️❤️ Classic! Bring the 80's back!

  • cha colom
    cha colom Day ago

    De lo mejor

  • Noodle Poodle
    Noodle Poodle Day ago


  • Nick King
    Nick King Day ago

    Ya know u are....woooooooooooooooooahhhh c'mon.....ur all f ckn crazy

  • LolFasbear
    LolFasbear Day ago

    Burnout paradise forever...

  • Aj Armas
    Aj Armas Day ago

    November rain , dont cry , patience , 🖤🔥

  • MyCanaleta
    MyCanaleta Day ago

    Metanle esto en el cerebro a sus hijos! Put this music in your children's brains

  • Interdimsional insights for Existential evolution.

    Revolution for fuck sake. Government is slavery.

  • axl luis
    axl luis Day ago


  • MusicMan197 !
    MusicMan197 ! Day ago

    “I may be a little young but honey I ain’t naive” where are the milfs at?

  • Wilmer Peña
    Wilmer Peña Day ago


  • Cammie Schaffer

    Drum cover anyone? But with another different drum beat pattern this time unlike that of Frank Ferrer's, alongside two others' and many more! - Bigdog12345 X XL the Great

  • Cammie Schaffer

    Gonna miss out the removed parts from 2001 especially the initial parts of the song (short intro, "like if you ass were your head you can tell" lyric). LOVE IT THOUGH! 10/10 - BIGDOG12345 X XL THE GREAT

  • Ana Paula Leow


  • Aiden Dunham
    Aiden Dunham Day ago

    You rock

  • D Bear
    D Bear Day ago

    They make no sense to me....

  • Mumu
    Mumu Day ago

    maior bosta do mundo

  • Daniel Purnell

    Love this song one of my favorites on the album 🤘🤘🤘

  • Julian Sergio Arce

    oooh ohh beleza de obra de arte! esa guitarra , una de las mejores canciones de los guns! axl quemaste tu fuego muy rapido!

  • Ana Filipa Lopes

    One of the best songs ever made. Love it <3

  • Diego Bruno
    Diego Bruno Day ago


  • misterfrias
    misterfrias Day ago

    A great band. So sad how it imploded.

  • Ale Schz
    Ale Schz Day ago

    Canción vergas 🥺❤️

  • billy67868
    billy67868 Day ago

    If this song is about 'Trannies', its remarkable how progessive it is. Who signed off on this song? This was 87' Hollywood but still, ahead of its time; bold, gutsy move and my fave song on a sick, all-time classic record.

  • Velizar Spasov

    Who remember it from GTA San Andreas?

  • guitar covers 307

    This could have been added to the original as lyrics after the original just without the solo again or maybe another solo

  • guitar covers 307

    3:18 Axl Rose people!

  • kristdelgado
    kristdelgado Day ago

    A great credit goes for the late mixing engineer Mr. Bill Price whom achieved the particular sound for the Illusion albums. Just listen to Matt's drums with these reverberation, Duff Mckagan's bass and Slash's stinging guitar tone... Not even replicated on "Chinese Democracy". Many fans say this albums sound very polished, but I think Bill should have put Izzy Stradlin guitar tracks more upfront. The rest is fantastic.

  • Bummville
    Bummville Day ago

    GTA San Andreas trailer!

  • Laura Mac Lean

    ☠🌵🌼🎼☠🌵🎼🌼🌵☠🎼☠ 💀🎼🌵☠🎼☠🎼☠🌵☠🎼💀 🎼☠🎼🎼🎼☠🎼🎼🎼🎼☠🎼 🌼☠🌵☠🌼🌵☠🌼🌵☠🌵🌼 🎼🌹🎼🌹🎼🌹🎼🌹🎼🌹🎼🌹🎼🌹🎼🌹🎼🌹🎼🌹🎼🌹🎼🌹☠🎼☠🎼☠🎼☠🎼☠🎼☠🎼☠🎼☠🎼☠🎼☠🎼☠🎼☠🎼

  • Jungle Inc
    Jungle Inc Day ago

    Who is Rocking this Song Still in 2019!!!

  • Daniel Korosec

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