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  • Sonam Adinolf
    Sonam Adinolf 9 minutes ago

    I love Bercow's elocution and consideration... combined with his neckties :)

  • Gary Dodgson
    Gary Dodgson 50 minutes ago

    How do these project fear remoaner’s think we existed before 1973 ,led the industrial revolution were responsible for advancing the world with steam railways & built an Empire .Do the idiots realise all the planes flew & we traveled ,lived ,worked ,ran businesses in & exported to & imported goods from mainland Europe also before we joined the EU .Good job this shower of remoaner’s & snowflakes weren’t around in 1939 .We would have had Hitler & his mob goosestepping down the Mall & speaking kraut !

  • Joseph Hawkins
    Joseph Hawkins 54 minutes ago

    I wonder how the show will do with out him

  • Michael King
    Michael King 54 minutes ago

    Reunite Ireland under the Republic of Eire...sorted.

  • Königstiger
    Königstiger Hour ago

    Bercow is not fit to be speaker. He is not apolitical

  • Autodidact2
    Autodidact2 Hour ago

    Don't address me as "hey" and my name isn't "there", asshole!

  • Igaluit Stuart
    Igaluit Stuart Hour ago

    None of those options are realistic except that of Boris ignoring the bill since it's illegal anyways. Or, he could have sat on the bill and not present to to the Queen until prorogation.

  • Igaluit Stuart
    Igaluit Stuart Hour ago

    But, will he? His performance hasn't been stellar so far.

  • Lenny Robinson
    Lenny Robinson Hour ago

    For me charity starts at home But also it all depends which religions you give it to and what country Don't for get some will bit the hand that feeds them which has been proven time and again

    OPEN DISCUSSIONS 2 hours ago

    I don’t agree with his resignation

  • Vladpryde
    Vladpryde 2 hours ago

    Hopefully the next speaker isn't someone who is insecure about Trump, and isn't a social justice clown of any sort. Which pretty much rules out anyone in Labour.

  • Mark George
    Mark George 2 hours ago

    1:11 ..... his approval rating is about 94% amongst the Republican party which is the highest ever (even higher than Reagan) You are biased, sir.

  • Ruben Kelevra
    Ruben Kelevra 2 hours ago

    Well, if it works out like everything these days the parliament won't decide on a speaker any time soon.

  • nfcopier1
    nfcopier1 2 hours ago

    I like Bercow's tie here.

  • AdrianPG
    AdrianPG 3 hours ago

    All this video does is list off some advantages Trump has in 2020, without acknowledging the obvious biggest factor; who he’s running against.

  • Matthew Hemmings
    Matthew Hemmings 3 hours ago

    I like how they try to pass this as a worst case, but everything in the scenario is basic stuff. Like, a true worst case is if Brexit happens within a probable world recession, like there could be. Or if a potential war broke out between Iran and the US, or if investment bank in the UK go crazy and the liquidities were to run low, like these are true worst case scenarios. Just listing basic cause and effects are à base scenario, which is what this document is.

  • mj101inf
    mj101inf 3 hours ago

    Running for President is like running away from a bear: you don't have to be faster than the bear, you just have to outrun somebody else so it eats them instead. Becoming POTUS you don't have to be wonderful or amazing, you just have to seem preferable to your competition. Clinton, Sanders, Biden, Warren, Harris... Trump owns 2020.

  • Matt Davies
    Matt Davies 3 hours ago

    Harriet Harman

  • TomLuTon
    TomLuTon 4 hours ago

    The writers will bring him back.

  • Alexandre Izokaitis
    Alexandre Izokaitis 4 hours ago

    I really like bananas and. My homeboi got me like three bunches of bananas and i’mma bout hella smoothies yo

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  • SteveVerstaka
    SteveVerstaka 4 hours ago

    But who will provide ORDAAAAA t0 the house of commons?

  • NothingMaster
    NothingMaster 4 hours ago

    No-one could replace Bercow in wits, character, style, entertainment factor, fairness, presence of the mind, his absolute mastery of the English language, eloquence, conversational abilities ..........., try as they may. He is the only interesting figure in that otherwise den of flying flamingos. Oooooooorrrdddaaaaaa!

  • Todd Bollinger
    Todd Bollinger 4 hours ago


  • StephenDHenderson
    StephenDHenderson 4 hours ago

    Wonder what happens if the Father of the House becomes Speaker?

  • Bruce Adams
    Bruce Adams 5 hours ago

    Good, Bad, or Ugly, get the Fuck out of the EU and stop being slaves to it. Why any country or countrymen would willingly give up their nation and sovereignty be beyond Idiocracy...

  • Eric Feldmann
    Eric Feldmann 5 hours ago

    if the uk leaves then Germany will rule the EU. go Germany down with France

  • Heathcote Pursuit
    Heathcote Pursuit 5 hours ago

    The more Brexiteer comments I read, the more tempted I am by the notion that voting should not be a right, but something you have to qualify for. Of course I am in favour of universal suffrage, but i can't help thinking that we'd be better off if we disenfranchised the stupid.

  • Spozster
    Spozster 5 hours ago

    At the time of the referendum I wonder how many people who voted leave did so because they believed that the UK would get a deal? If we are generous and say 50% did so that equals 8,705,371 voters (a good few which have now passed away) did so because they either didn't want a deal or believed the UK wouldn't get one. This means that we are going to be all less well off because of 13.2% of the population, does this sound right??? I don't think so!

    J BULLIONAIRE 5 hours ago

    I prefer lemon aid...

  • THX 91
    THX 91 5 hours ago

    How can a a conservative government hell bent on austerity and making the lives of many vulnerable and worse off UK citizens miserable, spend so much on foreign aid? £14Bn could help fund the NHS, homelessness, welfare and disability cuts, public services to name but a few. Sort out the UK first and if there’s a surplus, then of course help those in other countries who are less fortunate.

  • vvv vvv
    vvv vvv 5 hours ago

    What steps have been taken to mitigate these issues? Has that ever been published anywhere as an assurance?

  • Luke Wheeler
    Luke Wheeler 5 hours ago

    We want more videos on Scottish independence, especially; - Polls now saying Yes is in the lead (Ashcroft poll ) - The resignation of Ruth Davidson (The only real threat to the SNP) - SNP likely to win 50+ seats at any Westminster election

  • S
    S 5 hours ago

    The EU clearly states that the intention is "Ever Closer Union" .... That ultimately means a United States of Europe. Do you want to go along with that?

  • Dan Mackey
    Dan Mackey 6 hours ago

    Why doesn't Trump wear glasses? Because he's got 2020!

  • Bart Krist
    Bart Krist 6 hours ago

    Bercow 4 PM <3

  • Shai Schiller
    Shai Schiller 6 hours ago

    I am personally hoping for Sir Lindsay Hoyle even though he is a Labor MP.

  • Peter King
    Peter King 6 hours ago

    There is a little poem about Yellowhammer. YELLOWHAMMER REPORT Dear Teresa, here is your Yellowhammer report. This will make all the lorries wait at the port. If my Yellowhammer cynical scaremongering report is works, it will mean all the lorries on the dock will have to sit and wait This will make all their edible goods turn smelly and in a bad state But no need to worry, I can pass a new law telling the shops they have to change the sell by date Then all the Brexiters will be sick and ill, they’ll go to the NHS and get anti-sickness pill. Whoa and behold the shelves are all bare and not a pill to spare, I’ll teach them by making them ill!! There not going to change me from a remainer to a brexiter …. how do they dare! Phillip dear, was I only dreaming, as everyone is still working, eating and sleeping and they have money to spare? My Yellowhammer scaremongering cynical report has not worked and now I look a right knob. Worst of all I’ve lost my job.

  • Lindani Bhengu
    Lindani Bhengu 6 hours ago

    2:35 What is said here?

  • Jamie Lancaster
    Jamie Lancaster 6 hours ago

    Im hoping he runs for prime minister

  • daniel hobson
    daniel hobson 6 hours ago

    Too many adds... seriously thinking of unsubscribing...

  • queenredspecial
    queenredspecial 6 hours ago

    I really can't take this news. For the past 48 hours (after a long trip away from the computer by Brexit-time standards,) I have been inhaling all there is about this moment in time. I just can't take a world in which my favourite athlete is taken away from my favourite sport. Or as many commenters have said -- the best character is leaving before next season. I just can't take it! What are we without Bercsy?! Just a bunch of depressed confused angered people in a depressing confusing anger-inspiring world. We NEED the "OOOORDEEEER" only HE can provide us. And those ties. And that vocabulary. And that swagger. The sincerity of it all... I really can't take any of this crazy world without him. What's next -- they cancel GBBO?!

  • androstempest
    androstempest 6 hours ago

    If I’m honest, the dead in a gutter option would please me most.

  • Evenst3vn
    Evenst3vn 6 hours ago

    Wouldn't another option be for Johnson to convince one of the EU countries to vote against an extension (presumably in a discreet way) before he formally requests it? He only needs to convince one country to do so.

  • hardfishskur
    hardfishskur 6 hours ago

    Anyone who believes this report is a deluded brainwashed fool.

  • lee mills
    lee mills 7 hours ago

    My vote would be for wishart! But heard he’s pulling out

  • Zadeel dotcom
    Zadeel dotcom 7 hours ago

    time to change your page banner to boris?

  • Daniel Walters
    Daniel Walters 7 hours ago

    Parliament should enact personal consequences for Boris and those who are claiming that this document is a "worst" case scenario. If no deal happens, and 2/3 of these predictions come true he should be... (insert your favorite consequence here)

  • ryan alving
    ryan alving 7 hours ago

    It's entirely possible that this is a stupid idea, but what if he asked them for an extension until November the 1st at 12:01am? If they say no he gets to no deal on the 31st, if they say yes; he gets no deal on the first.

    • monika laosi
      monika laosi 2 hours ago

      EU law, and therefore superior law. If he ignored it, it would be for parliament to try to circumvent his office and have a civil servant try to deliver it instead.

  • stsr11
    stsr11 8 hours ago

    8 Ways you can be distracted for a few more weeks!

  • Alexander Lees
    Alexander Lees 8 hours ago

    🤷‍♀️ what does this mean for hard brexit!?

  • Georgia Raynes
    Georgia Raynes 8 hours ago

    Bercow was clearly biased and most likely receiving bribes from the elites to ruin Brexit. I thought he was arrogant and rude. For me...good riddance is the best I can say. Glad to see the back of him.

  • Richard Rider
    Richard Rider 8 hours ago

    Why couldn't Boris suggest JRM???? to replace him(am I missing something. I'm American)....rr

    • monika laosi
      monika laosi 2 hours ago

      On point 7 it is ludicrous to suggest that Boris would go to prison. The Benn-Letwin bill is not constitutionally viable and does nothing to repeal the Article 50 legislation which

  • Richard Rider
    Richard Rider 8 hours ago

    He should RESIGN, guarantee his honor then win in a landslide whenever...rr Normandy, France

  • Noah R
    Noah R 8 hours ago

    What a douche.

  • Gabriel Laureano
    Gabriel Laureano 9 hours ago


  • The Mover
    The Mover 9 hours ago

    No it doesn't. The whole report has been debunked

  • trevor Norman
    trevor Norman 9 hours ago

    oil and gas companies already have plans to move pipe lines to England the scots will not get a penny from them. can only tax where comes to land as rigs in international waters so scots fucked

  • Age case documentaries

    I would say Germany and France needs the UK in the EU more than we need the EU. When we leave Germany and France will have to cover our payments, whch is why an FTA will be signed very quickly if not before 31st Oct

  • trevor Norman
    trevor Norman 9 hours ago

    with any luck they will leave the uk then get bleed dry by the eu parasites don't expect any money from the english

  • peter leonard
    peter leonard 9 hours ago

    Yes! And Welsh and Northern Irish too. Leaving the rest of us poor English to the mercy of the Tories.

  • steve prentice
    steve prentice 9 hours ago

    Revolution is needed. Power to the people, excluding the foreign ones.

  • The Howling Misogynist

    Harriet Harman, or, Stab Vest Hattie - well known for not liking men and for promoting paedophilia in the 1970s with her support for Paedophile International Exchange along with Patricia Hewett. Patricia Hewett who recently called for the age of consent to be lowered to 10.

  • steve prentice
    steve prentice 9 hours ago

    You people are disgusting and exactly why this country is like it is.

  • ruth bashford
    ruth bashford 9 hours ago

    I think the person making these videos is a remainer trying to be 'impartial'

    • Aaron Okeanos
      Aaron Okeanos 8 hours ago

      That's okay. Everyone can have an opinion, it's almost impossible to have none for humans. When you carefully watch yourself and try to show all facts, all views without changing them or value them ... in short ... when you try to give them to viewer without including your own opinion, that's what we call "impartial". TLDR tries to stay in the middle (although it's getting harder seening events) but he is a saint compared to the stuff the propaganda machines makes today.

  • monika laosi
    monika laosi 9 hours ago

    Johnson and his cabal of eejits.

  • Georg Helpenstein-Michels

    i still wonder what is to be gained for the british population by a brexit. There will be the same deals as they are now, just without any say in creating the framework of the laws that determine them. In a time where there is no real chance (nor sense) in falling back to nationalism. The britsh people were made believe they can take part in an open market with all the benefits without the drawbacks. So obviously a lot of the politicians are some sort of elitists, who think the common man is an idiot. Constructing a brexit from being unhappy with some of the european legislation and decisions is like constructing a war because someone in another country does not act like you want him to. I can not remember that as a result of free trade there has ever been a war, i definately can remember wars coming out of nationalistic stupidity, especially in europe.

    • Georg Helpenstein-Michels
      Georg Helpenstein-Michels 6 hours ago

      @Aaron Okeanos thank your for your elaborate opinion. But to your mind, what should the future of GB look like? Is the wish for "ruling the waves" that strong in Britain? As you can imagine my wish for grandeur in the fatherland tends against subzero, but even here, after our history, the demagogs gain ground with the old and foolish idea that the right germany only can be a teutonic, christian one. My fear is less about what was screwd up in the last 40 years the political rise of nationalism reminds me painfully what got screwd up 80 - 100 years ago that got fixed by a common market that made setteling differences by discussions the norm and not the exception.

    • Aaron Okeanos
      Aaron Okeanos 7 hours ago

      Watching the events over the last weeks I come to the conclusion the current events are either a travel back in time for 40 years and getting all the problems once more for another 40 years OR this is the big british emancipation event, getting rid of past mistakes and shortcomings in the political system and certain establishment draining UK's people now for 40 years. It is in their hands now to either move forward or repeat history. This has nothing to do with the EU, the EU was maybe the catalyst to force the issues now and it is also the anchor to hold it back from falling onto the wrong side for 3 years now. But I'm absolutely sure the next 3 months will decide the future of Britain for the 21st century. It's time for the people to put aside resignation and give someone who didn't screw up the country in the past a chance to do his or her job. And if the old 2 alternatives had their share of problem-making and are not to peoples liking maybe it's time for a new party in the center to give left and right a viable new alternative. And choose wisely, or it may end up even worse than the last 40 years. Either as a fellow member in the EU or not, the EU will stay close in any case and current resentments can be smoothed out again.

  • Cromwell
    Cromwell 9 hours ago

    I want Sir Edward Lee

  • S
    S 10 hours ago

    The title of this is so misleading and clearly written by a remainer suffering from anxiety. Yellowhammer is speculating the worst possible outcome and isn't an accurate assessment. The truth is that nobody knows what the economic result of Brexit will be. Lastly Brexit isn't about money.

    • Aaron Okeanos
      Aaron Okeanos 5 hours ago

      @S Maybe in a 100 years but not anytime soon. Brexit has shown that there is a very long way to go. Members first have to solve their current internal problems especially the UK. Either in or outside of the EU, it has a lot to do to fix it's problems. It may actually be, that the leave of the UK might even accelerate this a little bit, because of all countries in the EU UK never felt really comfortable with this in the first place. So you might actually supporting the very thing you are afraid of. The same now with Brexit, even if you ignore Yellowhammer complety and it never happens chances are good that it has the opposit effect of what people wish for. If it ever comes to that degree of cooperation, in the EU, it would not be any different than Scotland, Wales, North-Ireland and England being in the UK. Every country in the EU has this structure, and it will stay like this because the EU don't want to loose cultural identity and diversity of cultures, regions and languages it would be shame to loose this rich treasure. The EU just add another common layer above that to the outside. And it will remain a cooperation of states and not A state for a long time maybe never, because it's not really needed to go that far. At the moment UK has a loss of maybe 1% sovereignty over it's laws which are regulations from the EU level. And those 1% are rules and regulations which concerns all members in the EU and allows cooperating and living with each other and are the same for all members. The other 99% are UK own's laws. And those 1% are created and voted on with UK representatives either elected by yourself or appointed via UK's government. And on top of that UK has 4 control mechanisms like veto, to prevent the worst things from happen, but so far UK accepted almost everything and never really needed this.

    • S
      S 6 hours ago

      @Aaron Okeanos The EU clearly state that the intention is "Ever Closer Union" .... That ultimately means a United States of Europe. Do you want to go along with that?

    • Aaron Okeanos
      Aaron Okeanos 6 hours ago

      "Isn't about money" ... you have no idea. It is purely about money, every other reason is a cover-up they don't really care about.

  • D Mac
    D Mac 10 hours ago

    Reasons you won't go into like fukin genocide.

  • Rembrandt Shadows
    Rembrandt Shadows 10 hours ago

    I vote for Harriet, as long as she is called Harri. When some gets a dressing down, they can say they are 'well harried'. Seriously, Parliament IS under attack from the Executive, as evinced by Tory attempts to have Parliament rubber stamp their agenda (May kept submitting the same legislation over and over again which is not allowed when twice rejected), and a political felon, in the form of Boris Johnson (he had to pay fines for knowing lies told during the 2016 Referendum), as that chief Executive. Alternately, absolutely no partisan Conservatives and NOT the SMP nut job who wants to move Parliament around the UK. Raising three fingers of whisky to the excellent work of Bercow PROTECTING THE RIGHTS AND PREROGATIVES OF PARLIAMENT. And for any deranged Leavers, I wish to remind you I classified BJ as a felon and the SMP candidate as a nut job, taking care to call out failures on both sides.

  • Zachary Bohlman
    Zachary Bohlman 10 hours ago

    Bercow never had an "agenda". Leavers will find anyone but themselves to blame for the reason brexit was never possible and they need to find blame for being conned rather than admit their mistake.

  • Jason Ball
    Jason Ball 10 hours ago

    Corbyn a throwback to the 1970's ..? Total out of touch with today's world.. government aren't very good at running anything..!

  • Sadab Tajuddin
    Sadab Tajuddin 10 hours ago

    Kwasi kworteng is Eton and not bias ;)

  • Rosie207
    Rosie207 10 hours ago

    Can you do a video explaining the policies of the Labour, Lib Dems, SNP, DUP, Sinn Fein, Plaid Cymru, Conservative, Change UK, Green, and Brexit Party? Not just Brexit but their stance on immigration, health, education, crime, housing, economy, etc.?

  • Ray Dowle
    Ray Dowle 10 hours ago

    I don't care who replaces him, as long as there not biased

  • sogghartha
    sogghartha 11 hours ago

    You said convention is the speaker doesn't voice their opinion.. watch. Conservatives don't give a damn about convention, when it suits them.

  • orion khan
    orion khan 11 hours ago

    I hope they vote Jeremy Corbyn as speaker... it’s the only way to get rid of him...

  • J V
    J V 11 hours ago

    I reckon lindsay hoyle would do a good job and would be my pick, failing that harriet harman. Elanor lang has put me right of with talks of needing a female speaker, as if we hadnt had a woman in the post previously with one of the best speakers of all time in betty boothroyd holding the office for 8 years. Gender politics dont really have a place.

  • Wargey
    Wargey 11 hours ago

    I really want Lydsay Hoyle as speaker seeing him as speaker he has the power to control the house unlike bercow instead of condescending remarks he just tells them to be quite he is very forceful and is very impartial I couldn’t tell you what Hoyle thinks the rest I can easily that’s why I think he’s the best although I think the current parliament will put Harman in to try and do as much damage to the Brexit process as possible

  • Seraaron
    Seraaron 11 hours ago

    Lindsay Hoyle has an amazing voice, and he's acted as a temporary Speaker on previous occasions. He'd have my vote!

  • YiXiong, Joel Li
    YiXiong, Joel Li 11 hours ago

    As Brexit comes to a crashing ... extended.. ending. The UK people should once again review and re-see "Yes Minister". Specifically the "Devil you know". Might help them tremendously.

  • Andy Leak66
    Andy Leak66 11 hours ago

    Treasonous should be taken to the tower his wife not been the same since you left the travellers caravan

  • Radical Rainbow
    Radical Rainbow 12 hours ago

    This could end with British troops murdering the Irish again!!!! Unite the Ireland of Ireland 🇮🇪

  • Marshall Bacon
    Marshall Bacon 12 hours ago

    The question should be , does the world need the EU , a bunch of self serving dictatorial megalomaniac assholes

  • Patrick Vernon
    Patrick Vernon 12 hours ago

    Trump has to win Wisconsin and Michigan to win, or win Florida. It's not gonna happen again. He fucked over workers

  • yan chang
    yan chang 12 hours ago

    EU doesn’t want to lose Britain’s membership payments. That they use to prop up loser Nations.

  • Christine Bernard
    Christine Bernard 12 hours ago

    Well whoever replaces him MUST be impartial. He was a total disgrace and so rude.

  • haiironezumi
    haiironezumi 12 hours ago

    Interesting to contrast this to the Australian role of Speaker of the House (of Representatives). The speaker here is generally chosen each session of parliament, but by convention the incumbent is chosen. They invariably come from the party which holds a majority in the House, and they do not resign from the party.

  • mrjak900
    mrjak900 12 hours ago

    Can you do a video on the HKEX attempting to buy LSE and how it would affect the UK and Hong Kong.

  • Jake CE
    Jake CE 13 hours ago

    Liked. I enjoyed this video, please do more. How do you go about responding to a survey request please?

  • Scott McCloud
    Scott McCloud 13 hours ago

    The worse case is, simply, not leaving.

    • Scott McCloud
      Scott McCloud 6 hours ago

      @Aaron Okeanos If what you say is true won't these Globalist's suck EU as well? The EU, the rich nations anyway, are destined to pay for Greek social welfare in any case. Better free trade and minimal or no borders with North America.

    • Aaron Okeanos
      Aaron Okeanos 6 hours ago

      @Scott McCloud Go right ahead. Torys and globalists waiting for you to free yourself of this obstacle called EU. So that they can drain the country for 40 more years at will.

    • Scott McCloud
      Scott McCloud 11 hours ago

      unelected bureaucrats run/rule the EU. better to be ruled by those closest to you (easier to give the bum's rush when they are inevitably found to be corrupt).

    • Scott McCloud
      Scott McCloud 12 hours ago

      @Aaron Okeanos Better temporary poverty with your own, than tyranny from the unelected

  • Callum Woodward
    Callum Woodward 13 hours ago

    Becow will be missed

  • Mark Cooper
    Mark Cooper 13 hours ago

    14 month out document?. Don’t believe this crap published yellow hammer, (would could might could be ) crap

  • Heiner Ali
    Heiner Ali 14 hours ago

    Wow...a pledge he intends to keep. Ya think that his fellow politicians will be motivated ... doubt it.

  • ImpendingStorm
    ImpendingStorm 14 hours ago

    the fact this is the channel's top watched video makes me chuckle whenever I see it.

  • H.A. Treesong
    H.A. Treesong 14 hours ago

    Its about sovereignty which is more important than economics and over time the UK will sort that problem out. Why would the UK hand over its sovereignty to the dictators and the unelected, corrupt cockroaches in Brussels.

  • JRwhite
    JRwhite 14 hours ago

    Really concise, informative video. I have to say though, the audio editing was off on this one, cuts and levels etc. I realise there's been a lot happening lately in parliament, so a lot of content to cover in short space of time!

  • M XP
    M XP 14 hours ago

    The fuel strikes of the early 2000s were engineered by the right to harm the Labour government. They have been curiously silent as fuel prices have risen at least 10% since the referendum. Unfortunately, real people won’t get angry, even when the shit hits the fan. Refinery protests will never happen.

  • Charles Griffiths
    Charles Griffiths 14 hours ago

    Oh to be a politician - tasty salary, tidy pension, payment for signing-in (but not actually entering parliamentary proceedings), subsidised meals, travel allowances, good office allowances, great staff (including spouse) payouts, excellent second-house/accommodation support, and hidden side benefits. Of course, to get all these, it helps if you can tell lies and be generally disingenuous and free to alter your party allegiences as well as pretending to honour your constituents but in reality pressing your own agenda. The "Hon or Right Hon" lady/gentleman is a title and nothing more. If I sound scathing about politicians, you'd be absolutely right; I wouldn't trust them to hold my baby! So who's the next Speaker going to be? I vote "None of the above!"