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  • Story and Blue
    Story and Blue Year ago

    Hey, Would you mind checking out our cover mashup of Shut Up and Dance by WALK THE MOON and Dancing On My Own by Robyn. I hope you like it! :)

  • ken williams
    ken williams Year ago

    You want to treated equal... You want you to be treated special cause your women... You want people to conform to your to your beliefs because your always right... You are hypocrites... If a women hits a cop, a guy, a another women, that is assault and should be hit back! You people forget that we are animals and have to learn things, sometimes unpleasantly... Oh, I'm sorry I'm bullying you.

  • etillema
    etillema Year ago

    I take my last comment back. It is not laughable, it is sick.

  • etillema
    etillema Year ago

    It is laughable that "The Talk" ladies are so outraged about a shark being towed behind a boat, but awhile back male genital mutilation was laughed at.

  • William Donovan
    William Donovan Year ago

    i don't watch the talk anymore they never respond tweets or messages that i sent the host of the talk . we need talk show that will respond to people tweets and messages not ingore person because they dont like what say or post or tweets , its seems cbs geting be like this

  • Brian Prince
    Brian Prince Year ago

    We all have our opinion but that dose not meant that they are right. For example You were talking about the bakery that did not want to bake a cake for some people. So the question is who has rights and where do they begin and end. Now when the people asked for a cake and then denied, could have just when to an other bakery with out making an issue. But that was not their intent. They could have just asked for a cake without explanation of what it was for. They do this deliberately to get the reaction they got. Now what would have happened if say Hitler came in and demand them to make a cake or he would shoot them. Who's rights are taken away and if they chose not to make the cake he then would shoot them. I realize that this is an extreme case. Ok what if somebody comes in and demands that they make a cake or they will sue them. Now who's rights are violated. Like I said where do ones rights begin and end??

  • anandguruji83
    anandguruji83 Year ago


    • anandguruji83
      anandguruji83 Year ago


  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Year ago

    If you're just going to mark all your videos 'private', then take your channel down. Why bother having a youtube channel?

  • jean sorrell
    jean sorrell Year ago

    When I discovered your show, I felt that Cheryl Underwood was there solely for comic relief, and not a serious contributor. Then she spoke about her former marriage, and I hurt with her. She then spoke about rape, and other issues concerning abuse of women. I saw inside her pain, for I share it. Then she spoke about her sister, and I cried with her. I have a mental health diagnosis, and was estranged from my family for a period of time. Cheryl then spoke about her sorority, and I saw this very smart, aware, compassionate, caring woman that anyone would be proud to call a friend. I cried once again, because I had been so very wrong about this woman, and I was ashamed. I now watch the show through new eyes. The respect and admiration that I feel for Miss Underwood is great, and I look forward to hearing what she has to say daily. Thank you for having this amazing lady on your show, she has touched me deeply. Jean

  • Susan Orr
    Susan Orr Year ago

    also think that story/video should be played at all high schools and driver education classes

  • Susan Orr
    Susan Orr Year ago

    I think the 911 response center should take some responsibility for the terrible accident which could have been avoided had they taken action after they received two phone calls regarding the person driving erratically. shame on them

  • Mary Broadcast
    Mary Broadcast Year ago

    nice channel, have a look at my videos too, if you like pop music, thx! cheers mary

  • Instagram Hack
    Instagram Hack Year ago

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  • Carol Coleman
    Carol Coleman 2 years ago

    If Aisha Tyler doesn't stop with "you know what I mean", I'm going to stop watching the show. Once in a while, okay, but at the end of every sentence...uh, uh, no way.

  • High Eagle Media
    High Eagle Media 2 years ago

    I would like to share The Talk hosts opening comments about the election, on my FB and Twitter. Can you help me do that?

  • Valerie Fisher
    Valerie Fisher 2 years ago

    No longer watch The Talk , They support Hillary

  • Bill Torch
    Bill Torch 2 years ago

    Today, 10/20/2016 the "talk" ignorant pinheads were discussing Trump's possible not conceding the election and condemning Trump for it. But these myopic ladies forget to mention their hypocrisy when they did not include this fact in their short sighted discussion. How soon the "talk" knuckheads forget Al Gore Democrat did what the dumb talk ladies are condemning Trump for. Typical pinheads with low information and no common sense and forgetful memories.

  • Bill Torch
    Bill Torch 2 years ago

    Today, 10/20/2016 The talk has the low life Pitbull on the show. Pitbull is an idiot and his music is TRASH.

  • Bill Torch
    Bill Torch 2 years ago

    Hillary is a criminal and should be prosecuted, but the fix was in with the FBI Director Comey and even though Comey has all the evidence he needs to successfully prosecute Hillary the fix was in and Comey covered for the lying Hillary. The phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance that says "And justice for all" now is a big lie. There is no justice for all because a private and a 4 star general among others went to jail for less mishandling of classified documents than Hillary. The pinheaded ladies on the "talk" conveniently don't talk about Hillary's criminal activities. Hillary is a liar no matter what a bunch of ignorant women on the biased "Talk" say she is not.

    • Valerie Fisher
      Valerie Fisher 2 years ago

      I agree with you I am sick of them degrading Trump and his family and praising Hillary, we know now which station to watch and its not CBS

  • Bill Torch
    Bill Torch 2 years ago

    The Talk cast today 10/20/2016 were ignorantly discussing the presidential looser accepting the outcome of the election and stupidly saying that the looser should accept the outcome. The biased "talk" view conveniently left a few facts out of their myopic discussion. First, puerto ricans are coming to america from puerto rica to illegally vote for president, when that is forbidden by law. Channel 8 News in Tampa reported on this fact. People that are forbidden to vote for president are illegally voting. Second, 5 states vote on proven hackable by Princeton University touch screens without paper trails. Those no paper trail voting machines in 5 states have been proven with no doubt to be easily hacked by virus software and change the real vote count to a fraudulent vote count. The liberal pinheads on the "Talk" are so biased the don't see all the facts and don't want to acknowledge the inconvenient facts they just want to put out their liberal fact less bullshit.

  • Rebecca Orr
    Rebecca Orr 2 years ago

    Does anyone remember Search for tomorrow

  • Maria Martinez
    Maria Martinez 2 years ago

    I'm sorry that your show is not available online in my region as well because I'm a big fan. I admire the fact that all of you ladies always speak your mind. Except for yesterday, you were all silent about Donald Trump's video shown over the weekend. Even Sheryl Underwood, who is always outspoken about important issues, was very silent. Maybe because she admitted she's a republican, is this her way of supporting her candidate? Are all of you ladies republican as well? Or are the heads of CBS republican and you were asked not to comment on this topic in order to remain neutral? It's kind of disappointing, I expected more from you ladies. I heard more talk from the ladies at The View than from you all.

  • darre23
    darre23 2 years ago

    Dear The Talk. Why are your videos not possible to Watch in Europe? I have tried from several countries and it is not working. Is it a copyright problem? All the other channels/shows have the same set-up and those can be watched without any problems. I hope you find a way to make it work. Best regards from Sweden.

  • Jane Stevenson
    Jane Stevenson 2 years ago

    this show is truely for people who dont have nothing better to do than to mind everyone elses business but their own come on ladies put your lives out their talk about your own life and you wont have time to gossip about anybody elses sharon talk about ozzie with the audience ieshia talk about your trouble with your husband cause you loveeeeeeeeeee put your two cents in everybody elses problem

  • Jane Stevenson
    Jane Stevenson 2 years ago

    Ieshia tyler is the most talkative person on show always has a comment about somebodies life ask the audience to comment on her personal life she is truely a gossiper she loves to run her mouth she needs to shut up sometimes

    GAM FAN 2 years ago

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    Great afternoon Show!

  • Delete name Delete name

    today show of comments made about older couple who had a baby in there late age so what if someone made a comment about transgender people on your show u would not make funny comments because u know your show probably would be in a lot of trouble, the older couple wanted a child, Transgender people are causing uproar for everyone because they decide to change their sex. What is the Difference? to make fun of someone.

  • C J
    C J 2 years ago

    Why have a TVclip channel and not have any videos available to watch???? Delete this channel so nice folks will not waste their time coming here.

  • neemo0o0o
    neemo0o0o 2 years ago

    Why are videos not available in the UAE any more?? I watched everyday. Please put them back!!!!

  • Angela Nelson
    Angela Nelson 2 years ago

    Why are videos not available in the UK any more?? I watched everyday. Please put them back!!!!

  • Donna Gilbert
    Donna Gilbert 2 years ago

    Can't believe you would have Kathy Griffin guest host your show after her 2007 Emmy slam at Jesus. She also hosted New Years with Anderson Cooper, which I find disgusting. Condoning her actions by furthering her career is wrong!! May God have mercy. Normally watch daily but changed channel as soon as I heard your guest host's name! No respect at all for such a vulgar mouthed person as Kathy Griffin!

  • terry hayes
    terry hayes 2 years ago

    Seen on KMOV 4 at 10 news 1/10/2016 about the lottery. I Thought the tickets the people bought paid the lottery pot. If the government is just giving on the bases. When just resent they caught People can cheat in the game of lottery. In the main frame sencarity and Joy of giving in a world like today. People cheat in the lottery should get the death penalty. The high ratio of homicide not solve in Saint Louis Missouri shows. Shows the need for a Bi-partisan approach to Death Penalty and safety to OUR CHILDREN of the future. A news segment tilte and about, Illinois Legislature states they are working with no budget since July. Cause corruption the news said. Promises of money, surely some took advantage like alway. I ask Wheres the tax money going to keep thing in perspective. Who ever we can trace through career activity since July time. Now or never. They willingly benn obvious Criminal nation Related. The way things been operating. It fell like its time for "THEE Criminal Rights Law Island". Law makers like these who are found guilty should be the first Constituted Forcing any lawyer made low standing on that bar they mention to certify should give 10% of what they make for funding of island. Politician Lawmakers should pay 20% of Personal Interest made in career to help fund "THEE Criminal Rights Island" as they fund it they live on it and assiated by The Criminal Defense Sect. Constitute Forcing of Multiple annual backup recording of criminal Records Database to stop criminal erasing of criminal records. All registered revolvers legal to all over 25 at the threshold alert mark of adulthood. Anyone with unregistered revoler not in their name get 5 year manditory, if caught doing crime with it 25. Cause if you need it that bad it should been registered.

  • koolbreezeuk
    koolbreezeuk 3 years ago

    Until recently, we in the UK were able to watch your videos. Why has this changed all of a sudden ?

  • torey Roberts
    torey Roberts 3 years ago

    Im from the UK only place I could watch the Talk was on here so disappointed i cant now hopefully this will change soon

  • robert7567
    robert7567 3 years ago

    Why aren't you making your videos available outside the US? A quick response would be nice.

  • dani abittan
    dani abittan 3 years ago

    YESSS but it doesn't say they blocked it by country - it just seems like they're uploading them incorrectly or something?!

  • HelenaCederholm
    HelenaCederholm 3 years ago

    I'm from Sweden and i love you're show and i've always been able to watch it but now all of a sudden it says that it's not available anymore and this is the only place i used to actually be able to see it through. Is it possibly for you to maybe fix it and make it work again? Thanks :)

  • Julie Levac
    Julie Levac 3 years ago

    Are Canadians not allowed to watch your You Tube videos anymore? This is so disappointing. I work during the day so I like to catch the highlights on here. I hope I get a response. If not I will obviously have to unsubscribe because I'm sick of clicking on videos and being told it's unavailable.

  • J.D. K
    J.D. K 3 years ago

    what do people think of what Jamie foxx said about bruce jenner of the cardations and what hapin there vrs what hulk hogans going through behind the n word coment and the wwe. does the punishment fit the crime , do we hold black people acountable like we do white people for saying cotriverceal coments ?

  • B-doe - ThatsHowitBdoe

    Hey there!! My name is B-doe! I'm a new TVclipr that would love to for you to watch at least 1 or 2 videos of mine. If you like my videos please SUBSCRIBE and tell others too as well. You seem to have great taste in the clips you watch so I would like you to check out mine as well! I hope to talk to you soon! Favorite Videos: "Sia's Makeover" & "Cups rap remix" @ThatsHowItBdoe

  • Sylvia Smith
    Sylvia Smith 3 years ago

    I think it is great that a major star gives a nod to healthy lifestyle which is a way to go to be feeling great and be at her best Ia contrast to junk food and so on.

  • Edie Smith
    Edie Smith 3 years ago

    find Jesus before he returns, with His judgement on you

  • adonis apolo
    adonis apolo 3 years ago

    So, I see that you've taken down all the shows we could actually watch. Guess that we that don't live there aren't important. That's why there's THE VIEW. But WE the people will crap on your copyrights, for WE run the net and WE shall do to you what you did to THE VIEW, WE shall copy every single episode and give it out FOR FREE. As was said in a simple little film "You have no power here! Be gone, before someone drops a house on you too!"... oh sorry did I say house? Nowadays we use plains!!!!!!!

  • LL Haarlem
    LL Haarlem 3 years ago

    Finally some MARK Harmon, why can't I see the full length of the interview even when I join the channel?

  • Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith 3 years ago

    Hello Ladies of The Talk! My name is Morgan, in S.D., CA. I have a comment about Mike Samm competing on Dancing With The Stars. I remember the day that he was accepted into the NFL, and he kissed his boyfiend on national tv. When I had seen that, I was so proud to be a gay American! I was commenting to all of my friends that I hoped that someday soon, he would appear on DWTS. I am not really a fan of that show, but I wanted him to do the show because I was hoping that he would have a MALE dancer partner, and all of American would be forced to watch such a performance! That would have been awesome, and a very proud moment for Gay Americans! However, instead, Mr. Samm agreed to have a female dance partner! Why did he do that!? Why did he SELL OUT!? I wonder if the producers of the show told him that unless he chose a woman to dance with, he would not have been allowed to go on. If that was the case, he should have INSISTED on a man to dance with! If the producers would have said no, then Mike Samm could have held a press conference in protest, and could have called for a nationwide boycott of the show, until they came to their senses! That is what I would have done! Where is this guy's self respect!? He should have taken into consideration the millions of gay teens in this country who desperately need a gay role model to look up to - especially a gay MALE role model! Too many gay teens suffer from harassment, bullying and even kill themselves! Mike Samm - SHAME ON YOU! This is DWTS - not the NFL! This is 2015! What a HUGE letdown! You are a sell out and a coward! One more thing: DWTS has a substantial audience of CONSERVATIVE people! Let's have 2 men dancing on the dance floor - and get right up in their faces - and force them to acknowledge that we gay people are fed up, mad as hell, and we're not going to take this ***** anymore! If the right wing people would be offended by that, then they will have to just go boink themselves!

  • Judy Dagg
    Judy Dagg 3 years ago

    Love the show and watch every day but PLEASE!!! Sheryl makes me sick the way she eats!!! Please take the camera off her during a cooking segment. When she is eating I walk away from the TV children have better manners than her.

  • Ellen Fauble
    Ellen Fauble 3 years ago

    I just wanted to comment on the talk segment regarding the little girl refused by officials to go to the father/daughter dance with her Mom. The discussion was almost all one sided and I wanted to point out that you are totally forgetting that the purpose of the dance is to foster the loving caring father/daughter relationship. It is so unfair to make the other daughters suffer because she has no father in her life and therefore passing along her problem to the others. This is why it is so important for all of us to realize when we bring a child into the world to do our best to make sure all factors are considered financial, psychological and health. Do I feel sorry for her..yes..but only her Mom should harbor that heartache..not the other students!!!

  • Johnny Unitas
    Johnny Unitas 4 years ago

    Leah Remini > you phony phux

  • Carol Bird
    Carol Bird 4 years ago

    Have a great day <3

  • Carol Bird
    Carol Bird 4 years ago

    My husband loves your show and now I have to watch everyday, just for a few minutes.

  • Carol Bird
    Carol Bird 4 years ago

    On the subject of poor Honey Boo Boo, having a stupid mother, while the world is watching. Instead of staying an idiot, she should tell the world to stop sexual abuse of children, Now! Put her children in safe hands.

  • Ruby Goble
    Ruby Goble 4 years ago

    I am not very good with a computer, but u were talking about people's natural look. in 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer the type was inflammatory, I was blessed to catch it in stage one. I am now 66 years and I never got my hair back in places, hardly any eyebrows, and very few eyelashes. my big, big problem, is I am ugly now what do I do?

  • jim hatten
    jim hatten 4 years ago

    If "The Talk" were to add a sixth co-host, Marie Osmond would be the PERFECT candidate, in fact, sign her on already ! : )

  • Deleted Account
    Deleted Account 4 years ago

    longer clips pls

  • Nardia McPhee
    Nardia McPhee 4 years ago

    Can you PLEASE upload Chi McBride 2nd May you have every other guest for todays show soo unfair since he is off CBS

  • Debbie Martin
    Debbie Martin 4 years ago

    As for the no kissing..... I worked with an Air Force Lt Colonel that sat any young man down and tell him expectation. No holding hands for a few week, a few weeks more was kissing. Just a sweet peck. All else is forbidden til marriage.

  • Stomper Joe - Jays Barely There

    Great Channel

  • Pamela Tulanko
    Pamela Tulanko 4 years ago

    I once was called from work about my son at school. And was a Manager and needed to stay at my job. But my family comes first so I stopped by our home and got a belt put it in my purse and proceeded to his school at that time was junior high. Met with the guidance councilor of coarse they would not paddle him for his action and I asked them to shut the door and proceeded to give him 3 sacks from my toes and let him know he was going to get it again at home. I was raise in the military. And was the disciplinary parent. And it worked my son is a wonderful father and a respected person in our community. No regrets

  • kedesmro
    kedesmro 5 years ago

    I can't wait to see today's episode (11/7) on here so I can hear what Vicki Lawrence said. She talked about a name Betty White mispronounced or something and CBS censored it but everyone was laughing. I hope you post it tomorrow. :)

  • odgfb35
    odgfb35 5 years ago

    Please make your videos available to everyone! I love The Talk, but can't view the videos because they're not available in Canada :(

  • pinkdollphinz
    pinkdollphinz 5 years ago

    Julie Chin I am a black lesbian from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I find you and CBS to be vary shaaadddyy!! Dr. Will and Mike called women bitches and hoes on big brother and you never challenged them only joked with them. Aaryn is young and immature and even if she is a bigot she has a right to be. By the way I can't stand Andy cause he is a shady queen!!!