Talent Recap
Talent Recap
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  • Tahana Herbert
    Tahana Herbert 14 minutes ago

    Alma brought her A game 😎😎😎😎😎

  • Yomam Boii
    Yomam Boii 45 minutes ago

    Katie kadan is a really good, but all of her songs sound the same. She never does anything unexpected, but with rose short, every performance is different this is why I think she will win the voice but Katie will come really close.

  • Lucky
    Lucky 54 minutes ago

    It's Aisha Tyler just wait.. :)

  • Kkdoglover 1
    Kkdoglover 1 57 minutes ago

    Sometimes it really be : Americas got sob stories not Americas got talent smh

  • Rym Merdjemak
    Rym Merdjemak Hour ago

    turn on captions you won’t regret it

  • Adam Shan
    Adam Shan Hour ago

    He is beyond singing. The future he will have is better than 100 men put together to make 1 future

  • The puppet show BY NATHAN WOLFORD

    Thats awesome

  • john appleseed
    john appleseed Hour ago

    When simon hopped up at the start 😂

  • Strong Family
    Strong Family Hour ago

    He is amazing!!!! I was like he's not going to make it very far, but then, oh then he blew the roof off

  • A Val
    A Val 2 hours ago

    IC XC NIKA JESUS CHRIST WINS 3:10-3:30 blasphemous joke with Jesus Christ 1st saying I'll be back and 2nd by finishing his show throwing a bird crap when mentioning the answer to the 2nd question about who's said I'll be back sneaky passing blasphemous messages Sadly everyone was clapping and laughing Christians BE AWARE IC XC NIKA JESUS CHRIST WINS

  • remy lapointe
    remy lapointe 2 hours ago

    O didn’t get to talk shut up this is a grown women that crus over a girl that can’t sing for 💩💩💩💩

  • Polar Pop
    Polar Pop 2 hours ago

    1:55 my grades BLOWING up in my face. Okay no jokes tho, this man is so talented!! Holy mother flying fox of oden what?!

  • D-Wattz
    D-Wattz 2 hours ago

    Reminded me more of Mishon. Killed it.

  • JustcallmeMAZZA
    JustcallmeMAZZA 2 hours ago

    Crazy how big his song is now good on ya lad

  • Elliottpower bmx
    Elliottpower bmx 2 hours ago

    I nearly cried when he walked off and he nearly cried saying “I didn’t ever think I’d get a standing ovation”

  • Dea Dolenjashvili
    Dea Dolenjashvili 2 hours ago


  • John O'neil
    John O'neil 2 hours ago

    Blimey the tiny size of her!

  • John O'neil
    John O'neil 2 hours ago

    She is the best of the young girl sopranos!

  • Ms. Hendricks
    Ms. Hendricks 2 hours ago


  • Matthew Perrin
    Matthew Perrin 3 hours ago

    Next level shiz

  • وعد اللقيا
    وعد اللقيا 3 hours ago

    I do not know the English language and do not know what to say. But he cried he was his talent

  • ROCK 143
    ROCK 143 3 hours ago

    Omg so much people.....❤️❤️❤️ Watching 2019.... 👍👍👍

  • Mr.Abacho
    Mr.Abacho 3 hours ago

    Honestly his playing is impressive and all it’s just his sheer shred wankery kinda ruins the musicality. He’s still good don’t get wrong

  • ShaQuila T Broxie
    ShaQuila T Broxie 3 hours ago

    Billy Porter. And His Cubs That One Of The Comments Mentioned Is The LGBT community. He Is A Proud Supporter And godmother to so many. On The Late Show he wore the Same outfit almost identical to the leopard's and the oh so confusing Tuxedo Dress at the Grammys. Dead giveaways. Before Kinky boots he was a singer back in the 90s. His fierce personality is definitely The 🐆

    KATHRYN SMITH 3 hours ago

    Amazing voice

  • azzy840
    azzy840 3 hours ago

    Zhavia would’ve been ace if she sang one of Cher loyld’s songs. She’d be able to nail them with such accuracy because she sounds exactly like her.

  • Lori Koenig
    Lori Koenig 4 hours ago

    Lainey for the win😁

  • Dylan O'connor
    Dylan O'connor 4 hours ago

    What about will

  • Hjalle :/
    Hjalle :/ 4 hours ago

    This Guy can play the piano without seeing and I can barely type on my keyboard while looking at it

  • Linda Röth
    Linda Röth 4 hours ago

    ashley hess plays the piano and sings beautifully. she gives a person a nice feeling.

  • Wilmer Avilés
    Wilmer Avilés 4 hours ago

    Only untalented and underskilled performaers would feel intimidated by Saeed Renaud. Where in the world is this man's record deal?!?!

  • Stuffed Animal Land
    Stuffed Animal Land 4 hours ago

    1. Katie 2. Rose 3. Ricky 4. Jake

    INDIAN GAMERS 4 hours ago

    Kodi lee nobody remember you for your talent..people remember you bcoz of v.unbeatables fourth place and you got 1st...kind off grat jokes of agt..and peoples show it dislikes more then likes...this is what honest peoples

  • Sailor bout 2 Sail
    Sailor bout 2 Sail 4 hours ago

    Julianne hottest bitch out of all the female judges. I literally googled America GOT all judges to know her name.

  • Meth Productions
    Meth Productions 4 hours ago

    Are you going to make a top three next week with only 4 acts?

  • Khloud Khalid
    Khloud Khalid 4 hours ago

    I still watch this video every once in a while, and everytime I do? I hate Meghan more

  • kokorodn I
    kokorodn I 6 hours ago

    Why did Julianne bough got fired

  • 18sophiej
    18sophiej 6 hours ago

    Simon was a proper judge in this.

  • jeremiah swihart
    jeremiah swihart 6 hours ago

    Codi after he wins the $1,000,000: Haha I'm actually not blind

  • Benji Jemu
    Benji Jemu 6 hours ago

    Sounds Indian Very cool

  • Javeria irum
    Javeria irum 6 hours ago

    his eyes are always full of tears... Dont know in what hells he had been through out his life before american idol.. And he makes me cry always 😞😞 ...

  • Anton Dedy
    Anton Dedy 7 hours ago

    For hundred years i never cry , now i cry

  • Arpit Chaudhary
    Arpit Chaudhary 7 hours ago

    21k dislikes speaks all about😄......nothing to say...🇮🇳(Best forever)... ❤

  • Arpit Chaudhary
    Arpit Chaudhary 7 hours ago

    What the hell.... Its cheap joke America we will show you who we are.... Whole world love us and of course we will roar and ingulf you(V-Unbeatables)... Sorry to say that your are developed but not from mind......from🇮🇳....but we Hindustani(Indians)❤all

  • Hazel Rios
    Hazel Rios 7 hours ago

    Megan knows Alma was guna pick and beat Whitney she was playing Mama Bear

  • liana pacsa
    liana pacsa 7 hours ago

    He is amazing🥺🥺🥺❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣👀

  • 陽陽
    陽陽 7 hours ago


  • Jason Lor
    Jason Lor 7 hours ago


  • Moza Alsuwaidi
    Moza Alsuwaidi 7 hours ago

    can you give me the name of song ..?

  • Kawaii Shishtar
    Kawaii Shishtar 8 hours ago

    Omg she had so much explosive diarrhea it errupted out of her ahh

  • jon higgins
    jon higgins 8 hours ago

    I know its mozart but what song

  • lovely wright
    lovely wright 8 hours ago

    I love these so dedicated guys.

  • Sofia Mesquita
    Sofia Mesquita 8 hours ago


  • francesco casciana
    francesco casciana 8 hours ago


  • SimXRush
    SimXRush 8 hours ago

    Song name ?

  • hb54
    hb54 8 hours ago

    People must’ve clicked the dislike button

  • Siena Ivy Grace Bisgrove

    Kendyle is better in my opinion. ( I personally don’t like Zhavia’s voice.)

  • Ayan Pokemon
    Ayan Pokemon 8 hours ago

    Do you have anything to say to other moms Other moms: my son loves to play Fortnite I will encourage my son to play more

  • Jose Velazquez
    Jose Velazquez 8 hours ago

    That shit isn't even fair lol

  • Jack Kircher
    Jack Kircher 9 hours ago

    He should have gotten the golden buzzer but I don't think they had it yet.

  • Jack Kircher
    Jack Kircher 9 hours ago

    What a priceless father son relationship! Sure hope his beautiful gf took him back. What a lovely couple they would make!

  • Carole Merckel
    Carole Merckel 9 hours ago

    IMO maybe she would have placed higher in the finals if this was her choice with live instruments instead of the one that she performed which to me was not as well known. I believe that Simon said that what she chose was also not familiar to him.

  • Romy Peyuan
    Romy Peyuan 9 hours ago

    “God Only Knows” is by Beach Boys not Lady Gaga she may have covered it but it’s by Beach Boys

  • Arslan Abdurachmanov

    Малодец, ты супер играещь. Играй ради АЛЛАХ. АЛЛАХ ВСЕГДА ПОТДЕРЖИТЬ ТЕБЯ.

  • Scott Helms
    Scott Helms 9 hours ago


  • Lize Koolhaas
    Lize Koolhaas 9 hours ago

    You la loser

  • g ho
    g ho 9 hours ago

    i watched this again and again. Do not know if i ever mention this: he is so adorable when he said " thank you....support and I love you all". Oh that expression on his face so cute, so adorable...

  • Flordiane Tobias
    Flordiane Tobias 10 hours ago

    I make cry. love her voice!

  • Ruby Aguilar
    Ruby Aguilar 10 hours ago

    I can’t get enough of Kodi Lee. I just love him and no matter how many times I watch his AGT performances, I still get teary eyed. God bless you young man🙏

  • UnLucky BOY
    UnLucky BOY 10 hours ago

    They are Legends..

  • debbi austen
    debbi austen 10 hours ago

    The Masked Singer will be on both Tues Dec 10th and Wednesday Dec 11, two different episodes.

  • Jignesh Pandya
    Jignesh Pandya 10 hours ago

    Don't worry v unbeatable, u win heart and make us proud, now try for next level dance, jai ho. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tamara Dorsett
    Tamara Dorsett 10 hours ago

    I can't stop crying 😭💔😢

  • Shelby R
    Shelby R 10 hours ago

    This is the only song that she sang well during her run on AI. She’s otherwise very pitchy. “The best voice I’ve ever heard” is such a stretch. I don’t get why they keep pushing for her to get in 😂

  • Emtheihi Tang
    Emtheihi Tang 10 hours ago

    Well done India , keep it up 👍

  • Will Werner
    Will Werner 10 hours ago

    Little Asahd is like this is too much 😂😂

  • Lyssa Pique
    Lyssa Pique 11 hours ago

    I think if she sang a different song that brought out her voice better, she would’ve gone through. Honestly i was waiting for that break through moment in her performance... that last bit, that surprise and I didn’t get it, i think maybe that’s what Diddy meant. Though, Diddy could have told her in a less heated way and he should’ve been more professional about it. That was out of order.

  • Gospel Musicians
    Gospel Musicians 11 hours ago

    Who keeps coming back to this???

  • Beth Licayan
    Beth Licayan 11 hours ago

    So nice wow

  • Jell L
    Jell L 11 hours ago

    You guys should stop hating on her. lt's not like it's her fault that she won.

  • Jell L
    Jell L 11 hours ago

    Sorry but l'll stop watching big four from now on

  • Jell L
    Jell L 11 hours ago

    If l'm Zhavia l would tell them: She's just copying my voice

  • john dolores
    john dolores 12 hours ago

    Good technical skills, but jusy boring dude. I'd rather listen to the original. And you gotta do something original. There's a lot of guitarists that do the tapping and crap already, it's not new or impressive anymore.

  • Feliciano Lopez
    Feliciano Lopez 12 hours ago

    He is not from earth.....

  • Éva Martonosi
    Éva Martonosi 12 hours ago


  • TheMemphisLovers
    TheMemphisLovers 12 hours ago

    Yeah I have a autistic friend his name is John he's able to walk and stuff but he can barely talk I'm autistic too but I can talk pretty well but I have a few disorders which is tics and everything a autistic person would have and I'm mild autistic

  • Jihadul Islam
    Jihadul Islam 13 hours ago

    Khaled everytime : U know what um saying.🤣🤣

  • Amour Niiece
    Amour Niiece 14 hours ago

    Megan is soooooo disrespectful !!