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I'm Almost Done!I'm Almost Done!
I'm Almost Done!
2 months ago
I Blame AlodiaI Blame Alodia
I Blame Alodia
8 months ago

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  • The Bowman's Vlog
    The Bowman's Vlog 18 days ago

    Great content

  • jrmy jrin
    jrmy jrin 5 months ago

    Wil Dasovich ( CANCER CURE ) pls send me an email. FREE my cousin and a family friend was cured. NOT NETWORKING. jrmyjrin@gmail.com. just want to help a fellow filipino

  • Graeme Xyber Pastoril
    Graeme Xyber Pastoril 5 months ago

    Hi Wil! I know that you're having some bad time right now because of your cancer but continue to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! I love your Vlogs that made me inspire to start my own :D I hope you'll be healed in God's Perfect Time ^_^ Godbless and Take Care ...

  • Ethan Jeshua
    Ethan Jeshua 5 months ago

    Hey Brother Wil umm.. im new at your channel and i subscribe bcoz i was inspire to your channel i saw you in kapuso mo jessica soho.... well im just 13 years old then i have a channel too and you want to have million of subscribers right well i want it aswell so take care and we miss you and i want to see you and GOD BLESS im FILIPINO btw..

  • xamorose_
    xamorose_ 5 months ago

    Get well soon and please do not be contented on what you've been through. There's a lot more ready to be serve in your plate. Excited to see your future adventures. #DasoFam #Tsonggo's are always there. Thank you for being one of the best vloggers out there. Thank God, we met someone like you. Sincerely, your silent viewer, subscriber, fam.

  • Giselle Palmares
    Giselle Palmares 5 months ago

    Tsonggo! i am one of your biggest fan. you inspired me a lot that energy of yours ay sobrang nakakahawa...i watch almost all of your videos kasi nakakatuwa ka, at hindi scripted yong videos mo. i started my travel vloggs because of you (but i stopped for now because im a graduating student).. i know you can fight this, i am praying for you. remember this Wil, na mas powerful si God sa lahat. kapit lang..kasi ikaw ang pinaka mahal kong tsonggo.

  • Bong Bahala
    Bong Bahala 5 months ago

    happy birthday Wil! #TsonggoStrong! #1M4Wil!

  • Buen Almanzor
    Buen Almanzor 5 months ago

    Happy Birthday Wil! Get well soon!

  • Beric Chong
    Beric Chong 5 months ago

    I'm 46 yrs old, old enough to be your tito, but I gotta tell you I'm someone who enjoys your vlogs not only about the different travel destinations & healthy lifestyle, but most of all learning about the importance of a close family relationship & having close friends for support. You inspired me through your vlogs to be carefree, to just enjoy life with family & friends. Let me inspire you back by saying that all is not lost as we have Someone to rely on. May God heal you completely Tsong & just KEEP THE FAITH. HINDI PA TAPOS!

  • Lynne Garcia
    Lynne Garcia 5 months ago

    Hey Wil, I know you will get through this! Just keep being positive and keep praying for complete healing! I know you said that the only way we can help you is to get to 1M subscribers...hey, you are the first channel I subscribed to! We are all here for you! #Wil'sPrayerWarriors #Rallyfor1MSubscibers

  • Chad Villegas
    Chad Villegas 5 months ago

    Hi Wil. the greatest Vlogger of the Philippines. :) I hope you will get well soon. kayang kaya mo yan Tsonggo :D Stay positive like you say to us in your vlogs :)

  • Carmen Hazel Quibal
    Carmen Hazel Quibal 5 months ago

    nakasubscribe na din,,,,,praying for you wil.

    METAPHOR 6 months ago

    Praying for your speedy recovery. You can beat that, Will. You're always in my prayer...

  • socalflipat
    socalflipat 6 months ago


  • RodAr Araรฑa
    RodAr Araรฑa 6 months ago

    www.patreon.com/ihealthtube Dr. Leonard Coldwell states that every cancer can be cured within 16 weeks. Dr. Coldwell states how that's possible in this video. He recommends using natural cancer cures as opposed.... Wil, kindly see this and his suggestions.... i think you have said in ur last 2 vlogs that your in a vegan diet with haley..

  • Em
    Em 6 months ago

    *May you be healed soon!*

  • Al Ahmad
    Al Ahmad 6 months ago

    don't call yourself travel vlogger Asia if you never visited Indonesia

    • BiBo
      BiBo 5 months ago

      you're taking it too hard bruh,

  • Wilbert Legacion
    Wilbert Legacion 6 months ago

    WatS uPss Tsong&Tsonggo. Juts wanna say hi, your vlogs are entertaining. So? Marathon from vlog 001 and currently in vlog 363. - OFW Fan from Riyadh KSA. Tpos Tpos Na.

  • Delightful Travellers
    Delightful Travellers 6 months ago

    Really enjoy your channel. Keep up the fantastic work and awesome vids!

  • FransenOrvilleWorld (#PinoyCH)

    Wil Dasovich is the one who inspired me to start VLOGging! I owe you one because I never knew what I really want to do in life and you made me realize that YT is where I belong. your comments on my vlogs means alot to me and my family! we are truly greatful and thankful. my son Wayne always watches your Vlogs, he even watch your vlogs more than my Vlogs lol! Stay grounded and AWESOMENESS brother!!!!! Hope we can collaborate when I get 10k or 100k subs! O.o #DASOfam4life #OrvilleFam

  • LJ Martin
    LJ Martin 6 months ago

    Hi Will, question, have ever been to a shooting range? if not i would to invite you guys to join me and check out the gun culture in CA.

  • Aniel Ramhiet
    Aniel Ramhiet 7 months ago

    Hello Wil and everyone, I might have a strange question. I'll be flying to the Philippines next Saturday (july 29th) and I want to bring my drone. Is it true that you need to have a permission letter for your drone from the aviation department of the Philippines, before entering the country? I hope you guys can help me with info..

  • pedro totorts
    pedro totorts 7 months ago

    no to ninja squad. mas ok yung hokage squad. hahahahaha

  • rodolfo yema
    rodolfo yema 7 months ago

    yo will what happened this the longest time that you haven't upload a VLOG :)

  • Ed Pavlina
    Ed Pavlina 7 months ago

    I'm a 65 year old U.S. follower of the VLOG SQUAD, I watch and enjoy all of your You-Tube videos. What I would love to see a collaboration between you and Marlisa Punzalon. Your talents would mesh beautifully with hers.

  • Larry Lambott
    Larry Lambott 7 months ago

    All I can say after watching Mr. Dasovich's vlogs is that is must be nice to have money because he stays at the best places, he parties all the time, and he never seems to worry about money. Unlike many other TVclip vloggers. Young, wealthy, and spoiled, it is no wonder he always has a smile on his face. It is not the real world and other vloggers are more down to earth than he is. Watch Sezstyle and you will see what I mean. Life is not an every day and night party and this guy and his Irish friend have no idea what that is. Must be nice t travel the world on someone else's dime, and party party party. Anybody would have a smile on their face all the time if their lives were like this every day and night. Regardless of all that hard work they do sitting down and editing footage of their parties....get a real job that requires sweat, determination, and manual hard work that deserves a vacation then maybe I will think differently of your vlogs.. I think I will continue watching Sezstyle, it is more down to earth than dreaming that life it actually likes the way Mr. Dasovich shows it to be.

  • rodolfo yema
    rodolfo yema 7 months ago

    vlog??? #wilodia #danwil #jakwil

  • rodolfo yema
    rodolfo yema 7 months ago


  • Jollibee
    Jollibee 7 months ago


  • Paula K
    Paula K 7 months ago

    Hi WIL. I started watching your channel around the holidays and instantly got hooked. It inspired me to start posting TVclip videos again, although my old videos consist of me singing. Anyway, keep on inspiring people Mr. Tsonggo :)

  • kabayo bondat
    kabayo bondat 7 months ago

    I fully supports with wil .. Komusta na tsong .

  • kabayo bondat
    kabayo bondat 7 months ago

    I like wil vlog all of them are worthy and meaningful. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Arthur Solomon O. Tabbu

    When will the snapbacks be available again? I'm dying to have one!

  • Rasshell Tabuena
    Rasshell Tabuena 7 months ago

    Hi Wil!, I saw you and Alodia at Dinner In The Sky Restaurant vid shared by the OMGFacts and Thrillist. bakit wala pa dito sa vlog mo? papanood naman.

  • Christine Simpson
    Christine Simpson 7 months ago

    My husband & I along with our 3 kids ages 3, 6 & 13 (mestizo at mga mestiza like you & Haley) have been watching ALL of your videos. We're preparing for our first visit home as a family Aug of 2018 (I was born in the Phils & moved to the US when I was 8. I visited when I was 17.) We are super excited to go, but also travel more bc of you! Just got our first Go Pro. hopefully we'll make you proud and make some decent vids of our adventures! Tinuturuan ko ang mga bata kung pano mag tagalog. Yung anak namin si Charlotte (6 yrs old), in love na in love sa Wil Dasovich catch phrases. "Chibog Time!" "Para sa vlog!" (kahit wala pa sya ng vlog naman lol). Cute talaga. May tutoong Pinoy accent pa. Sabi ko sa kanila, "the Filipino vowels are mad as hell! American ones are relaxed. You have to say your vowels like they're yelling at you." And it worked! LOL

  • Deo Wanders
    Deo Wanders 7 months ago

    Hey Wil!! Truth be told, you're one of the (very) few awesome vloggers who inspired me to get into vlogging and am grateful! Started recently and though mine are so amateurish still, I continue to do better each time by drawing awesome motivation from yours :) ..... if it's not too kuch to ask, as a fan and as an avid supporter. Would really mean a lot to me if you could consider to subscribe to my channel ... that will be my seal of recognition from no less thN my idol himself! Again, thanks much and keep inspiring us! Cheers! Read more Reply

  • Joel Benedict Sayo
    Joel Benedict Sayo 7 months ago

    Hey Wil... have you done Jollibee's "Everything in the menu" challenge? if no, we challenge you...! ^_^

  • rampototot tv
    rampototot tv 8 months ago

    Hey Wil, any update with your sister? She's been in hiatus for weeks now. :(

  • Rod Christopher Chan
    Rod Christopher Chan 8 months ago

    what kind of camera did you use for your vlog?

  • Norine Belen
    Norine Belen 8 months ago

    hi Wil, by the way your commercial of jollibee with Janina Vela and Jasmin Curtis is so lit.. #FlavorfulAdventure #GarlicandCheese :)

  • Norine Belen
    Norine Belen 8 months ago

    hi Wil (again).. when will you go to mindoro?. just asking . :)

  • Aasdasdasd afdfsddffsf

    hey wil make a video about fidget spinners thanks.

  • Dwight Dominic
    Dwight Dominic 8 months ago

    Hey Wil! I am one of your silent viewers actually. I really don't create social media accounts other than Facebook but I decided to create a GMAIL account and subscribe to your page because dude, your Videos are CRAZY! The way how you create your videos are cool! The simplest way is the best. I live here in the Philippines and I really don't have that much positive things to say about this country but after I watched your VLOGS, It made me want to VLOG as well about this place but I do not have that much confidence tho even if i kinda look good (MAHANGIN PRE!). I even had my family watch your videos but not as much as I do because they are such a spoiler. Also, if you still have those cap of yours which has the Tsonggo print or what not, I really need one of those. Your videos are cool and it inspires a lot of people even a simple, crazy, loud guy like me in some ways. DGAF DGAF DGAF DGAF DGAF DGAF DGAF DGAF-

  • lloyd12328
    lloyd12328 8 months ago

    hi wil your vlogs was so good and your from Mindoro too but San Jose is so far But nice to have a kababayan na Mindoreneo well hope ill see more of your vlogs and thanks for making me see countries i want to go God Bless Bro Gora lng ng Gora

  • humanporch11
    humanporch11 8 months ago

    Wil, I discovered your channel just a couple weeks ago and I have to say you've inspired me to not only keep working out, exercising, and eating healthy (which I've been doing consistently for the past year) but also cherish and appreciate the little things in life. I'm leaving for college soon and I basically have one more full summer at home with my family. I thank them every single day and seeing you display such affection to your own family warms my heart. Over the years, I've begun to view my Filipino heritage (I'm full Filipino) as a blessing, rather than an embarrassment; you've inspired me to immerse myself in the culture I'll forever be bound to. Thanks for all the great work you put into your channel and I look forward to your newest uploads! P.S. Haley's a babe.

  • darryllvis
    darryllvis 9 months ago

    Hey @wildasovich. can you give me tips on how to make intros?

  • Anthony Legaspi
    Anthony Legaspi 9 months ago

    Tsonggo's HELLO everyone :) New youtuber here and i would like to welcome my self HAHHAHA. Subscribe please :)

  • marccarlos de leon
    marccarlos de leon 9 months ago

    HI pambansang tsonggo!! ๐Ÿ˜โค sa pbb kita unang nakita and yun yung start din ng panunuod ko ng vlogs mo grabe nakakainpired din gumawa ng vlogs dahil sayo and bagay na bagay sayo yung award mo na most influence asia ba yun? hahaha basta, congrats sa mga achievements mo tsong hahahaha nakakatuwa manood ng vlogs mo, sana hindi ka magsawa and love you tsong sana ma notice moko and sana makita kita sa personal thankyou and love you!๐Ÿ˜โค๐Ÿ˜โค

  • Norine Belen
    Norine Belen 9 months ago

    hi Wil DaTSONGvich.. :) ;) .. I am really addicted to your vlogs... wish you'll notice me.. I badly wanna be your friend..

  • christian paulino
    christian paulino 9 months ago

    bro wil im ur masugid na fan..... i really want to start a vlog, hope u discus more about starting a vlog, what are the benifits and so on.... bro i watch ur blog but i think i didnt see u cooking real food?!?!?!?! its a nice vlog though, wil in the kitchen making food for chibog with dan the taster hahahaha.... hope u read this.... oo nga pla im still waiting for ur sky diving adventure....... ingat lagi en more power and energy.... duces, peace out

  • jason delarosa
    jason delarosa 9 months ago

    Wil, My channel's niche market and/or content category are growing, but relying on TVclip's ads only brings in penny revenues. What is your recommendation or advice so i can do this as a full time gig? Anyone who can see this can also comment here or msg me in my channel, but i don't want this to turn into a chat room. My contact is on my about section. thank you Sgt DelaRosa/ USMC Vet

  • Angelyn Villeno
    Angelyn Villeno 9 months ago

    Hi Kuya Wil. I've been watching your vlogs, and I had a lot of fun. I also got more knowledge 'bout interesting places. Hehehhehe. Hope you'll continue to do more vlogs Kuya. I hope we could meet someday, it would really make me happy. โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ŠAnyways, you're doing good in speaking Tagalog. Keep it up! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘ You look cute whenever you speak tagalog. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜โค God bless you Kuya! Hope you'll notice me. โ˜บ๐Ÿ‘‹

  • Chuck W
    Chuck W 9 months ago

    Hi Wil, this is Chuck and Karen Wyson from the Washington DC area. We would like to say we are great fans of your videos--always good and fun to watch. We have picked up some great travel destinations from your Vlogs, and in fact are visiting the Philippines in a few weeks, and wanted to pitch an idea of maybe doing a quick Vlog about travel tips when you are island hoping in the Philippines? Some questions would be: 1) What's the best/reliable cell plan to get when traveling across the islands? 2) Where do you usually find good, reliable Wifi? 3) Are there ATMs around, especially in the remote island locations, to get cash from? 4) If not, what's a good amount of pesos to bring? Any more tips would be greatly appreciated, especially from your viewers overseas. Thanks!

  • Phantom Fade
    Phantom Fade 9 months ago

    Please don't bare with me for I just want to say thank yo for being a positive embodiment of awesome example Wil. Your videos are really wonderful and great. Keep up the grind, I won't complain when you don't post because I see how hard you work but yeah, don't stop the awesomeness. You are truly appreciated. - AG

  • Annbie Armas
    Annbie Armas 9 months ago

    Hi Will can you suggest of a video editor for phone please??? Thank you and God bless :*

  • Lester Troy De Gracia
    Lester Troy De Gracia 9 months ago

    Sir Wil ano gamit mong pang edit ng vids, need for project sir

  • Barbara Urdaneta
    Barbara Urdaneta 9 months ago

    Hello, I'm From Venezuela, I'm a University student, my career is English specifically and I would like to know if any Philippine person could help me with a work from my University, And it's about interviewing a foreigner, The country I picked was Philippines because I'm really interested about that country and that's why I'm looking for somebody from there, If you could help me I will be very thankful, please! Thank youโ™ฅ By the way, I found your videos because I was searching philippine things and people, and I really enjoyed watching them.

  • Noctis Caelum
    Noctis Caelum 9 months ago

    Hi Wil!! I've been watching your vlogs since I became a subscriber like more than a year ago. I was really inspired by your videos and the way you perceive life. I also love travelling but I'm still chained by my study duties. But I would like to recommend having a trip in Mt. Apo, you can drop by Lake Agco where you can enjoy the hot spring which naturally comes from the lake water. There's also Lake Sebu where you can enjoy the scenery of the seven waterfalls and enjoy a ride in the zipline while watching those falls below, there's also a lot of stairs in there, so it's probably good for the balik alindog project. Hahahaha.. Anyways, more power Wil and I'm looking forward to more inspirational videos you'll bring to your fans. Deuces. :D

  • Ira Lampayan
    Ira Lampayan 9 months ago

    hi kuya Wil my name is Ira clark Iยดm from Philippines but now I live in sweden,, Iยดve watch all your daily vlogs , and I like it, itยดs pushing me towards my dream to become a vlogger... and hope you go here in sweden , and hope to see you soon in the philippines.. :) ps pa shout out po sa susunod niyong daily vlog..!

  • siony saberon
    siony saberon 9 months ago

    hi will what kind of video editor you use t.y.

  • jerson mascardo
    jerson mascardo 9 months ago

    what lenses do you use? i saw on your caramoan vlog that you use 2 lenses... can you share it to us what are those?

  • jerson mascardo
    jerson mascardo 10 months ago

    Hi Wil... Do you got some copyright claims when you use some famous rap songs on your vids?

  • Jeffrey Estabillo
    Jeffrey Estabillo 10 months ago

    Hi Wil! im a filipino living in Japan, and i am enjoying watching your videos. Nakaka alis ng homesickness and gives me a lot of ideas where to go when i go back sa Pinas. Sana ipagpatuloy mo lang ang pag gawa ng videos na nakaka inspire talaga! Fave ko ung Valentines Date nio ng Mommy mo, nakaka bilib ung love mo for your Family! Lalo na ung closeness nio sa isat isa. Salamat uli and napapasaya talaga ako ng Videos mo! More Power and God Bless!

  • Marcky MADAO
    Marcky MADAO 10 months ago

    will, how did you get your chiseled jawline? is it natural for some people?

  • Shadow Rampage
    Shadow Rampage 10 months ago

    great element video.. nice keep it up bro

  • rhen tao
    rhen tao 10 months ago

    Congrats for winning 3 awards ! good job :)

  • Enix 005
    Enix 005 10 months ago

    Congrats sa 3 awards wil! haha napanuod q sa vlog ni alodia :))

  • Hans On Ya
    Hans On Ya 10 months ago

    Hi kuya wil. i want to start a vlog channel. i just want to know what are some great cameras for vlogging and what kind of editing system do you use. i will really appreciate it if you respond =))) thanks kuya wil. i really want to meet you soon hehe

  • Dawn Julius bleza
    Dawn Julius bleza 10 months ago

    Love all your vlogs wil.... Im one of your silent viewer from Dubai..

  • The Beki Moves
    The Beki Moves 10 months ago

    Alohamora Will, Thanks for inspiring us to create Vlogs , you do the Tsonggo Moves, We will do our Beki Moves. Ciao

  • Rynelle Cabauatan
    Rynelle Cabauatan 10 months ago

    Its been so long since your last vlog!! where are you WIL?

  • Ernesto Anunciacion jr II

    What about Vlog Squad Unite and collaborate each other with Lowla on Jollibee since she's in Manila.

  • CoMickoy
    CoMickoy 10 months ago

    Hi'๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ˜Š kuyaWil, can u join me? in SmartGigaMovies:GhostInTheShell Premiere tom. Mar29. 6:30PM, in Cinema4, @RockwellPowerplantMall! i got 2 tickets and since wala nman din akong alam na makakasama tom. din.. so ikaw nalang ang naisip ko bigla! kasi i'll be vlogging in there too!, diba kuya parang malapit naman yun doon sainyo? tama ba ako? since may naririnig ako na prang RockwellMall din sa mga Vlogs mo and nga' pla.. i'm a big fan narin nyo po' kuyaWil bcuz' of watching your Vlogs. & it would be an honor to bond, hangOut, & do Vlogging with u sobra! and kuyaWil there's a ChibogTime!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜„if kung meron man dung PizzaHut? that's what only i can afford lang eh' KuyaWil๐Ÿ˜Š, Hope you see & read this message of mine.. para sayo๐Ÿ˜„โœŒ.

  • Kmar - IX
    Kmar - IX 11 months ago

    Hey Will, I noticed that you had 400k plus subs. now. Congratulations dude! The next thing you know, you'll probably hit 500k in a few days or even more (a million subs perhaps ^_^) Keep it up the good work my idol tsonggo friend.

  • keith talens
    keith talens 11 months ago

    I am one of your Fan Will and also Casey but to tell you the truth ?? mas gusto ko yung vlog mo kaasi may sense :) kay Casey more on film halo halo kasi yung topic nia O baka kasi d ko lang masyado maintindihan kasi pure ENGLISH hahahaha just kidding :) Goodluck Idol GB!

  • regine milan
    regine milan 11 months ago

    hi wil I want to ask something...bat nawala yung ibang videos mo yung may kasama ka with the other housemates?

  • nujs pogi
    nujs pogi 11 months ago

    just saying waz up. nice vlog. been watching for awhile..

  • Kent Palma
    Kent Palma 11 months ago

    SOME OF YOUR PBB VIDEOS ARE GONE :(((( NOOOOOO :((((((((( Best quote: "Because of the ulam" =)) BUT UGH :(((

  • Ahsi yram
    Ahsi yram 11 months ago

    Hi Wil when will you vlog with cora and daniel marsh again?

  • Ernesto Anunciacion jr II


  • Gerber Manalo
    Gerber Manalo 11 months ago

    Tsong(go) what's up?! where can I find your Japan vlog? (maybe I just missed any announcements...??). Take it easy!

  • Myra Aguilar
    Myra Aguilar 11 months ago

    You've deleted some of your PBB videos Wil why?

  • Rad Trรจs Maria

    Hello! A hudge FanGirl from Norway here po

  • Rex Cabarloc
    Rex Cabarloc Year ago

    What wide lens are you using on your everyday blog wil?

  • Shadrach Dasalla

    How to Vlog Idol Wil ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Iyash Sumlom
    Iyash Sumlom Year ago

    sup wil :) I'm from iligan city and new subbie here :)) all episode po ng vlog mo napanood ko <3 kayo ng kapatid mo si pretty Haley <3

  • Jenna Ilagan
    Jenna Ilagan Year ago

    tsong Wil, where can I have a cap like yours? It's so cool I want one.. More videos.. More subscribers.. more power to you and to #vlogsquad..

  • Lean LDO
    Lean LDO Year ago

    Tsong Musta Lang from KSA..... Luv your Videos.... Clap Clap Clap.....

  • lollmylifex3
    lollmylifex3 Year ago

    What green tea do you drink on the regular? (brand names, etc.)

  • wilfred cabajon
    wilfred cabajon Year ago

    yo wil! I was away or busy because of work so I wasn't able to follow you for a long time however I got a question for you man. where is the daily vlog playlist? I am lost right now and don't know what is happening in your channel. from what I've heard you join PBB. please bring back the daily vlog. change is good but still keep it simple. I am a big fan so please bring back the daily vlog or please arrange it like it used to or something so that I can catch up to what is happening in your vlog. Thanks Man!

  • Joem Madrazo
    Joem Madrazo Year ago

    Wil!! Your squad is nominated!!

  • Sheena Barcelona

    wil wil wil wil wil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marc Palaruan
    Marc Palaruan Year ago

    can you have more travel vlogs with erwann!!! you too are so cute! #ErWil! Lol

  • adrian atanacio
    adrian atanacio Year ago

    hey wil. where do you get your music from. and how do you copyright them?

  • Atoy Vitug
    Atoy Vitug Year ago

    Hey Wil!! Can you make a video or a part of the video on the stretching routine you do everyday

  • Mr. Lolongo
    Mr. Lolongo Year ago

    Tulongan natin si Kuya Tsong na mag 100,000,000 sub para pa tuloy tuloy hindi masasawa si Kuya tsong sa pag aangat ng mga Fans Fight lang kuya tsong

  • Ryan Tan
    Ryan Tan Year ago

    when are you going to post a video ( i hope this gets noticed lol) :(

  • Divine Grace Labagala

    300k na Tsong ikaw na talaga!

  • Blu Chalce
    Blu Chalce Year ago

    Yehey!!! you are now at 300,000+ Subs... More to Come!!! Godbless Wil... Hope you come back to Bohol! :)

  • Gian - Ianne Raloso

    Hi Tsong!!! Wil, im one of your subscribers here in SG!!! I watched PBB coz of you hehe,, anyway I wanna know how to purchase your Tsonggo shirts and caps,,, please please ive been wanting to have those... for me and my hubby :)

  • O'Neill aguilar
    O'Neill aguilar Year ago

    Hey Wil! Tsong! Kamusta? Ayos ba tayo pare? I'm an OFW here in Qatar and just recemtly subscribed to your channel. I find your vlogs very entertaining and inspiring and informative. Kasi thru your vlogs, sa mga travel adventures nyo i got the chance to see yung mga places na di ko kaya mapuntahan. I love your energy and passion in doing your vlogs. And napaka down to earth mo na tao and you know how to make people happy. You brought so much positivity to everyone. I'm also a dad and I know how proud your parents are for having a son like you. Job well done Wil! Keep it up! Two thumps up Tsong!!! Ingat Tol!!!

  • Mr Samstar
    Mr Samstar Year ago


  • Raggedy Man
    Raggedy Man Year ago

    Hey Will , I'm Thai I've been subscribed to your channel a while ago , You're such a nice guy and very funny . I apologize for some "rude and insulting" comments of Thai people made on your video .They're just dumbasses kind of shit people you know.... Anyway , I hope you have a nice day .Peace!

  • Kenkoy Records
    Kenkoy Records Year ago

    I've started making videos on youtube since 2007 but last November 2016 was the month and year I've started doing vlogs Because of You and Haley Dasovich... Love you guys for inspiring me. Watched all of your vlogs since then, mainly and mostly whenever Haley is on it. :) but still watching every vlog you've made and Enjoying it. hope to meet you in person. :) <3

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  • Fun ToysReview Tv

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