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  • Linda Lombard
    Linda Lombard 3 seconds ago

    I couldnt stop laughing

  • Michelle Cercado
    Michelle Cercado 3 minutes ago

    Myyyy faveeeee. Grabeee nakakailang ulit na din ako panuorin lahat ng performance ni zeph. Nakakakilabot talaga nakatayo lahat ng balahibo ko hahahhaa. Congratulations sa journey mo zeph. 💗❤️

  • Morning Midnight
    Morning Midnight 8 minutes ago

    He has good layers to him but his voice has limitations that he needs to respect

  • Miki Sokobanja
    Miki Sokobanja 17 minutes ago

    Degenerik izopaceni.

  • su_hendra_ 1
    su_hendra_ 1 24 minutes ago

    Anjirrr , kadal beruang

  • kapafa pautu
    kapafa pautu 31 minute ago

    When a man is interrogated - it's fine When a gay is interrogated - that's discrimnation. This generation is a meme

  • John Derosett
    John Derosett 56 minutes ago

    Wow. ..!!!♡♡♡♡♡

  • Francis HC
    Francis HC Hour ago

    I love you girlllllllllllll

  • Varsha Telange
    Varsha Telange Hour ago

    me ye video 100 baar dekh chuki hoo bt yese kabi nahi huaa ki mere aankhome aansu nahi aaye. I love song. and parlen is very good singing

  • Jefferson & Jhonny

    Poxa vida alto nível,cantores inacreditáveis parabéns

  • sanjeevkumar sada

    Nice song

  • Joseph Randazzo
    Joseph Randazzo Hour ago

    LOL... LMFAO Simon kills me, he cracks me up.

  • Kanaka Kanaka
    Kanaka Kanaka Hour ago

    One of the best song

  • Rachel Wharton
    Rachel Wharton 2 hours ago

    Okay now that I've heard it... She is a PERFECT example of "just because you can physically hit the note does not guarantee that your voice is in any way appealing to listen to." Grating, rather pitchy tones and even more grating and pitchy (with a b) personality.

  • T Hyslop
    T Hyslop 2 hours ago

    Tragic he got hit, but he is/was not good. This was more a feel good back story.

  • eX iLlyoix
    eX iLlyoix 2 hours ago

    He sings so bad he sucks they should've put marc martel as their front man for queen Marc martel sounds exactly like Freddie mercury this guy right here sings so bad he sounds gay

  • Rachel Wharton
    Rachel Wharton 2 hours ago

    I watched this silently from my homepage and it honestly it was super hilarious 😂 Watching her mouth bobbing open and closed like a wind up dentures toy, plus the judges faces, oh my wooorrrddd 😵 Confusion and terror and cringe Now I need to watch it with sound......😈

  • Rakesh Thakur
    Rakesh Thakur 2 hours ago

    Miss you Bhai😥😥

  • Mrcancer 123
    Mrcancer 123 3 hours ago

    They have to be troling

  • Adam Pulido
    Adam Pulido 3 hours ago

    And now he is filling in for the biggest band ever... Metallica. How far he has come

  • Yin Eh
    Yin Eh 3 hours ago

    Im in love with the judges❤💜❤💜❤ He's saying wash me nani 😂😂

    TERAHITUP 3 hours ago

    G the Sylvester Stallone comment took me out!!!!! I’ve been up since for 2 hours watching these videos!!😭😭

  • Salim Rasyid
    Salim Rasyid 3 hours ago


  • Lucas Barbosa
    Lucas Barbosa 3 hours ago

    That's it, im cutting my hair, shaving my beard, and being born again

  • Lucas Barbosa
    Lucas Barbosa 3 hours ago

    I would break up on the spot and ask her to dinner

  • Marty Party
    Marty Party 3 hours ago

    Paula had good pussy at one time

  • Lucas Barbosa
    Lucas Barbosa 3 hours ago

    Guy just got a free pass to go out with his friends any time he wants

  • Damiao Fusquinha
    Damiao Fusquinha 3 hours ago

    Marc Martel + queen

  • Angie Witter
    Angie Witter 3 hours ago

    Wow what

  • Buddha Baby
    Buddha Baby 3 hours ago

    Katy Perry hasn't written an original song in her goddamn life! She's not fit to judge anybody. She was a pretty face with an okay voice. And an insane marketing machine behind her. She was lucky. Catie with a c is talented. Big difference.

  • Buddha Baby
    Buddha Baby 3 hours ago

    Somehow Katie always makes it about her.

  • Liemer Bande
    Liemer Bande 4 hours ago

    Galing neto nakakapangilabot pag kumanta .

  • Lilibeth Hong
    Lilibeth Hong 4 hours ago

    Ganda ng boses mo Bhe go3x....Congrats

  • Randall Whitehead
    Randall Whitehead 4 hours ago

    OMG love is ❤️

  • crybaby
    crybaby 4 hours ago


  • Baimanisan Emblawa
    Baimanisan Emblawa 4 hours ago

    Katy is so cute😍

  • Marty Party
    Marty Party 4 hours ago

    Why does Victoria wear a dick on her fucking head. She is ugly as fuck.

  • Jade Babor
    Jade Babor 4 hours ago

    Ngayon ko lang napansin na si Ate Vice ang Pinoy Version ni Simon ng AGT. Lahat ng kanilang sinasabi tungkol sa isang talentadong tao ay nagkakatotoo.

  • Marty Party
    Marty Party 4 hours ago

    Oh gee what a fag

  • Michael Hubbard
    Michael Hubbard 5 hours ago

    WIG. Noah Davis is my fav from 2018

  • Baybee
    Baybee 5 hours ago

    I hate it when people confuse passion with yelling. Obviously amazing singer, amazing technique.....but i didnt felt it

  • Carllee Collier
    Carllee Collier 5 hours ago

    She was about to cry and her eyes were squinting

  • albums sz
    albums sz 5 hours ago

    I preferred the girl in the blue tbh

  • Luiz Dinarte
    Luiz Dinarte 5 hours ago

    Essa Katy Perry é muito exagerada. Não consegue deixar de aparecer mais do que todo mundo. Affff.

  • Justin Schwartz
    Justin Schwartz 5 hours ago


  • Shamar!
    Shamar! 5 hours ago

    This performance was really humbling like I just smiled throughout the entire thing

  • HEY Mrs. Jones
    HEY Mrs. Jones 5 hours ago

    Well, that was interesting! Not!

  • Jane Feeney
    Jane Feeney 5 hours ago

    I thought Kelly Clarkson did a good audition.

  • Jose Laboy
    Jose Laboy 5 hours ago

    This guy is so talented, but so humble at the same time.

  • Katanna Girl
    Katanna Girl 6 hours ago

    3:28 What...the f*ck is she doing

  • Ashley
    Ashley 6 hours ago

    Okay brotha go ahead 👏🏽 Had me SHOOK

  • Anish Agarwal
    Anish Agarwal 6 hours ago

    The Diamond song was not for you..Guy Better luck next time...Probably not u actually made the diamond dull

  • hellolamby
    hellolamby 6 hours ago

    The first guy killed it. But I think he may be an incel and just bitter at the world.

    AFROJ CINEMA 6 hours ago

    Dil Ko Tadpa Tadpa Ke tune Ashu Gira Diya yaar

  • anidha tasya
    anidha tasya 6 hours ago

    i only know "danke" man wtf

  • Lowfi dari
    Lowfi dari 7 hours ago

    Ngl kara was being a bitch for no reason

  • addisons vinegar
    addisons vinegar 7 hours ago

    remember me was 100% the best

  • addisons vinegar
    addisons vinegar 7 hours ago

    oh jeez colors of the wind was not it

  • Karma N The Chaos
    Karma N The Chaos 7 hours ago

    They did great but ?

  • Rohit Shetty
    Rohit Shetty 8 hours ago

    Marc martel is better than him for queen

  • Flávio Moraes
    Flávio Moraes 8 hours ago


  • Chris Durant
    Chris Durant 8 hours ago

    shitty overlap

  • Tvrtko Harapin
    Tvrtko Harapin 8 hours ago

    6. Broke his string hahaha

  • First Last
    First Last 8 hours ago

    It is PAINFUL to listen to Steven Thoen's "audition."

  • SergeantSilly
    SergeantSilly 8 hours ago

    When all you wanted was an audition and you end up in the jury

  • Nik Athwal
    Nik Athwal 8 hours ago

    not as good as the original

  • Kassey Taylor
    Kassey Taylor 8 hours ago

    I feel bad for Mary she has some mental problems that haven’t been dealt with properly... and if she’s not lying, then all her friends and family lied straight to her face about her voice 😭

  • Alejandro rubion
    Alejandro rubion 9 hours ago

    Stupid try to sing.

  • Steven Gruber
    Steven Gruber 9 hours ago

    "It was like the first time I watched forest gump" - ffs

  • James Fox
    James Fox 9 hours ago

    It seems to me watching these that being ugly and gross automatically makes you a bad singer. The two go hand in hand, it's a scientific fact.

  • Melo Barbosa
    Melo Barbosa 9 hours ago

    Bet na bet ko yong isa pang araw 😊

  • Noel Fowell
    Noel Fowell 10 hours ago

    Thats blondes stunning

  • Herry Qhenzue
    Herry Qhenzue 10 hours ago


  • Annette Allen
    Annette Allen 10 hours ago

    Thank you guy#1 for butchering one of my favorite songs of all time.

  • Brittany Vest
    Brittany Vest 10 hours ago

    Kara was the worst. So rude and condescending. She's the judge that I'll always skip past bc I can't handle her. Especially the way she acted with the first guy.

  • fadly zonk
    fadly zonk 10 hours ago

    marc martell is the best

  • Davis Grubb
    Davis Grubb 10 hours ago

    0:32 so that's where Jaoquin Phoenix got his laugh...🤔

  • Makennah Desadier
    Makennah Desadier 10 hours ago

    Just watched him perform last night. He was 5 feet from me. He is absolutley amazing and the sweetest thing you will ever meet!!

  • Muhammad Fadil
    Muhammad Fadil 11 hours ago

    Mulia kali cita" kamu dekk 😭😭

  • Ralfs
    Ralfs 11 hours ago

    marc martel better lol

  • Auramae Valdez
    Auramae Valdez 11 hours ago

    She looked like adele

  • tiwari vivek
    tiwari vivek 11 hours ago

    Javed sab ki bat glt hui.

    AEYLA ANTIQUE 11 hours ago

    Tbh I love Tarren. Even when the Judges told Payton that she was going to HollyWood, Tarren didn’t interrupt or be rude, she just pretended to be happy for Payton. And she was happy, but what can you do in that situation except try not to cry? I love that when they came out the door, Payton waited for Tarren to show her success first instead of bragging about how the judges were being dicks (Katy) and picking her instead of her sister. And how Tarren, right after, hugged Payton because she knew that they were still sisters and that Payton tried to step out of the spotlight to give her the day that she deserved. ❤️

  • Twolip -
    Twolip - 12 hours ago

    Swedish gang where you at!?!🇸🇪🇸🇪 Chris är bäst!!

  • Indra Indra
    Indra Indra 12 hours ago

    siapa yg setuju paling suka lauren peserta terakhir nyanyinya pake hati Dan humoris

  • Yoongisbaby 0903
    Yoongisbaby 0903 12 hours ago

    Hey fucker leave Freddie in peace plz

  • abdullah khandakar
    abdullah khandakar 12 hours ago

    Psychiatrist should recommend such videos to the patients suffering from depression.

  • Rahmat hermawan
    Rahmat hermawan 12 hours ago

    Sumpah gua sampe nangis gays 😭

  • that one awkward person

    Why are they all so dramatic

  • Lina Rose
    Lina Rose 13 hours ago

    Lamar just need some voice training he wasn’t that bad but just need some training and the fact that he 20 and look 35 is outta pocket

  • Dwi Nuryati
    Dwi Nuryati 13 hours ago


  • Shannon Davidson
    Shannon Davidson 13 hours ago


  • Joseph Murray
    Joseph Murray 14 hours ago

    Well all of your friends lied too you bitch!

  • Deiphi Kordor
    Deiphi Kordor 14 hours ago

    Wait a minute...that guy looks like Bella Thorne ....just saying

  • Grace Victoria White
    Grace Victoria White 14 hours ago

    EVERY person that auditioned on this video IS completley Dilusional .

  • Garif Warsid
    Garif Warsid 14 hours ago

    "I believe na... malayong mararating ng batang 'to." -Gary V, 2019

  • Grainne Gowen
    Grainne Gowen 15 hours ago

    She could sing but she crayzy

  • -jnnylve cha2-
    -jnnylve cha2- 15 hours ago

    Look alike ni Liza Soberano

  • cassbridge28
    cassbridge28 15 hours ago

    First guy Andrew has this vibe: hits girlfriend in the face and says "stop hitting yourself" punch "why are you hitting yourself?" punch punch "stop hitting yourself!" smiles '.

  • Let Me Think About It
    Let Me Think About It 15 hours ago

    No one is taking about "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" that one was gorgeous