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We Made Star Wars R-Rated
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Electric Skateboard Jousting
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  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh 11 minutes ago

    VFX Artists React to "The Irishman" there was some facial de-aging that took me a while to recognize

  • misster490
    misster490 14 minutes ago

    0:11 Title of the movie?

  • lotrgirl27
    lotrgirl27 15 minutes ago

    I really don't wanna be Tom Cruise's insurance guy.

  • Umul Moha
    Umul Moha 15 minutes ago

    fuck you gays is the fake video go the hell

  • Bryan Stobie
    Bryan Stobie 16 minutes ago

    Dark City (1998) is worth a watch. The Matrix was heavily influenced by it and it has some cool VFX.

  • Charles Jorge
    Charles Jorge 17 minutes ago


  • Sealdogg
    Sealdogg 20 minutes ago

    The question is.. Did he have the right to bear arms??

  • Sapta hari Sagar
    Sapta hari Sagar 20 minutes ago

    Atomic Blonde: Car chase scene..Single shot fight scenes that looks realistic.

  • Trigger Random
    Trigger Random 26 minutes ago

    You Guys React To GMA CGI

  • Jam Jar
    Jam Jar 26 minutes ago

    i have audible

  • Bhargav Desai
    Bhargav Desai 29 minutes ago

    Do a hulk buster scene from age of Ultron

  • TheBrownWelsh
    TheBrownWelsh 29 minutes ago

    I was pretty young when Lawnmower Man came out, but I remember seeing it when it came on TV - at the time, it was one of the most intense and scary movies I'd ever seen. ...I refuse to gl back and rewatch it for fear of it running my rose-tinted memory. The sequel was pretty good too. Ya know, subjectively speaking.

  • S C
    S C 33 minutes ago

    please react to one of the final scenes in the movie: "the wave" or in Norwegian: "Bølgen" how the water physics genuinely are in the movie, please I want to see ur guys' thoughts on it.

    ATHEIST SINCE BORN 40 minutes ago

    Bc itna kon notice krta hai dekho or niklo

  • Not
    Not 47 minutes ago

    Please react to Ad Astra, particularly the space shootout scene (sorry for spoilers). I loved the VFX in that movie, would love to get your guys thoughts!

  • Brandon Zabinski
    Brandon Zabinski 53 minutes ago

    Office James Bond

  • NateE501
    NateE501 56 minutes ago

    Bruce Willis Impersonator Battle

  • Christopher Polletta
    Christopher Polletta 59 minutes ago

    Fred clause Scene where Willy the elf picks up Fred in the sleigh

  • crushcastles23
    crushcastles23 59 minutes ago

    You should do the final shootout scene in Scarface. The prop firearms were equipped with electronic synchronizing devices so that they would only fire when the camera shutter was open. The result was that the guns' muzzle flashes are much more visible and consistent than in most movies. And when Al Pacino grabs the gun by the barrel. Though only blanks were used, his hand was badly burned, and he couldn't film for a few weeks. The production used that time to film the final gun battle sequence from numerous angles using numerous cameras.

  • CoolsonGames
    CoolsonGames Hour ago

    Fury. tiger tank battle scene

  • Sake Hump
    Sake Hump Hour ago

    I was in 2nd grade when lawnmower man came out. It was life changing. I remember watching it over and over wishing VR would hurry and come out. Friends and I thought it was a awesome movie... lawnmower man2 now that is a different story.

  • TytoAlbaSoren
    TytoAlbaSoren Hour ago

    1:10 It's good to hear I'm not the only one who reacts like this on this particular scene in Polar Express.

  • Hassan Syed
    Hassan Syed Hour ago

    They should have just deepfaked Henry cavill

  • Leandros Talman
    Leandros Talman Hour ago

    Could you do the Stargate effect as shown in film and series? The film one was a very well done practical effect involving a jet engine!

  • James Carongoy
    James Carongoy Hour ago

    13:03 CGIce

  • R Bailey
    R Bailey Hour ago

    I saw Lawnmower Man in the theater because it was supposed to be based on the Stephen King short story. I was incredibly disappointed with the movie largely because it had NOTHING to do with the story, but also because it was a pretty dumb movie anyway.

  • Arctic Fox772
    Arctic Fox772 Hour ago

    Transformers any big scene

  • galacticlegend27

    Can you react to the opening scene of Armour of God 4? Would be really cool

  • Ethan Keck
    Ethan Keck Hour ago

    Star Wars: The Older Republic (all cinematic trailers)

  • Emerald Duke
    Emerald Duke 2 hours ago

    The Mandalorian?

  • E-AY!
    E-AY! 2 hours ago


  • Hedgehogking5
    Hedgehogking5 2 hours ago

    Would you guys do videogame cutscenes? I was thinking specifically Halo: Reach (2010), and the classic Starcraft (1998) cutscenes, and there's plenty more with Square-Enix games like Final Fantasy. I'd love to see the Elite ambush cutscene from the first mission, and I always loved Fenix's death cutscene, although for starcraft there are much better more interesting scenes like the Brood War intro.

  • Max Moeller
    Max Moeller 2 hours ago

    The Expanse or Darth Maul Apprentice would be really cool

  • Vivek Ramachandran
    Vivek Ramachandran 2 hours ago

    thanks to you guys i now know what bump maps and pore stretching are. I knew nothing about CG before.

  • William Williams
    William Williams 2 hours ago

    You should react to The Irishman. And show a comparison of de-aging at the start of the decade with Tron: Legacy.

  • Effy Traveler
    Effy Traveler 2 hours ago

    First few seconds me: corny Me hearing the fake siren screech: cracking up laughing

  • NewVillagePictures
    NewVillagePictures 2 hours ago

    Have you guys done Pirates of The Caribbean yet?

  • Ronald Hodgson
    Ronald Hodgson 2 hours ago

    Skill with your weapon makes a huge difference in that. I've seen people draw and shoot in under a second and I've seen guys clear 20 feet in the same amount of space. Its amazing.

  • mike142857
    mike142857 2 hours ago

    hi guys, i love the videos, i would like to made VX, I don´t know if you already made a video including the READY PLAYER 1 movie, wich is, basically the geek world on a movie

  • Nine90Group
    Nine90Group 2 hours ago

    I mean in Lawnmower Man, it was a virtual reality, so of course it supposed to look hokey as fuck, shit it even does in VR today.

  • FutureMaxz
    FutureMaxz 2 hours ago

    Go to the beginning I died of laughter

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 hours ago

    The Drake sprite commercial next

  • Anirban Banerjee
    Anirban Banerjee 2 hours ago

    Cover k-pop vids... Specially BTS

  • Daniel Hoff
    Daniel Hoff 2 hours ago

    The Lawnmower Man reminded me of Ivan Ooze from the Might Morphin' Power Rangers moive

  • Elizabeth Salinas
    Elizabeth Salinas 2 hours ago

    Anyone who dislikes the cgi lion king because the animals can't be expressive obviously doesn't own animals.

  • AVI Gaming
    AVI Gaming 3 hours ago

    Kingsman umbrella scene breakdown

  • Maxwell Hohensee
    Maxwell Hohensee 3 hours ago


  • TVMilkyMcGee
    TVMilkyMcGee 3 hours ago


  • Maxwell Hohensee
    Maxwell Hohensee 3 hours ago

    Meat butter and dirt beans make an excellent meal.

  • harsh yadav
    harsh yadav 3 hours ago

    Most Entertaining Video ever.

  • The Art Shit
    The Art Shit 3 hours ago

    Personally I think a worse CGI shot than this Scorpion King is from Daredevil (2003) when the digital double hops up the alley walls. The rigging and keyframe are atrocious.

  • Malfattio
    Malfattio 3 hours ago

    You could always take a look at those old Animusic videos

  • Chara
    Chara 3 hours ago

    React to Godzilla: King of the Monsters' CGI

  • Jonathan Waldrip
    Jonathan Waldrip 3 hours ago

    Transporter 2 any of the cgi scenes the biggest one is the jet scene

    • Art work
      Art work 3 hours ago

      New Iron man vfx

  • DontWorry I'llWait
    DontWorry I'llWait 3 hours ago

    Not sure if you guys have ever done it, but it would awesome to see what you guys think about Stephen Kings The Langoliers lol

    • Art work
      Art work 3 hours ago

      New Iron man vfx

  • Tomás Severo
    Tomás Severo 4 hours ago

    Die-Hardman's Confession from Death Stranding, the facial animation in that scene is incredible.

  • Agmyat Kyaw
    Agmyat Kyaw 4 hours ago

    React to the good place

  • Martijn Dingenouts
    Martijn Dingenouts 4 hours ago

    *E X T E R M I N A T E* -daleks and anywone who sees this trailer thing

  • Sin
    Sin 4 hours ago

    Should react to Ninja Assassin

  • Lula R
    Lula R 4 hours ago

    React to Life of Pi or the last Godzilla :D

  • Marc Paradis
    Marc Paradis 4 hours ago

    I always strive to be original. Without looking I think I will be first to suggest «Come into my world» by Kylie Minogue, made by Michel Gondry. You should in fact do an entire episode of MIchel Gondry. If so, you have to do: «Sugar Water» Cibo Matto, «Come into my world», «eternal sunshine of the spotless mind» movie. Probably more.

    • Art work
      Art work 3 hours ago

      New Iron man vfx

  • ThatSpecialNobody
    ThatSpecialNobody 4 hours ago

    Try out the Godzilla 2014 and 2019 movies. A lot of the CGI is REALLY impressive

  • caspa7
    caspa7 4 hours ago

    I thought the lawnmower man was epic and bizarre at the same time

  • Crazyasian123456
    Crazyasian123456 4 hours ago

    I wonder if there was CGI in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory or if it was all practical. And the CGI from "The Lord Inquisitor" which is a WH40k fan film.

  • Nathan de Vries
    Nathan de Vries 4 hours ago

    For the new Star Wars, VFX Artists React to Star Wars movies, old and new. You guys could really sink your teeth into it, it's a rich area

  • Lizard Mods
    Lizard Mods 4 hours ago

    Lawn mower man was pretty good at the time it was released. But on another note ya it did not age well.

  • the chosen 1
    the chosen 1 4 hours ago


  • Puddin
    Puddin 5 hours ago

    Reacting to and reviewing the various Christmas Carol movies that have been made over the years would be perfect for this Christmas season! They’ve each had some creative ways to portray the “spirits” that haunt Ebenezer Scrooge.

  • Paul Fraszczynski
    Paul Fraszczynski 5 hours ago

    You don't have to be so animated. Chill.

  • Rax Ho
    Rax Ho 5 hours ago

    Guys, can you react to Christopher Clements' Star Wars SC38 Reimagined?

  • toklop i
    toklop i 5 hours ago


  • EllisauceInc
    EllisauceInc 5 hours ago

    Let’s see how organized the Gear Room stayed after a year

  • Murilo G.P.
    Murilo G.P. 5 hours ago

    can you react to bumblebee movie? i want to see how they make those cool transformation!

  • Matrix Gaming
    Matrix Gaming 5 hours ago

    Skywatch short by Colin Levy so much work was put into it

  • Marc Valley
    Marc Valley 5 hours ago

    Bought Godzilla 98 on 4k last week. I know it's bad. But there's so much of this film that's genuinely great. Godzilla making landfall in NY for the first time is perfectly done in terms of build-up and direction. There's a whole lot of dumb in the film that pulls it down unfortunately

  • Mr.Trashman
    Mr.Trashman 5 hours ago

    And they said hunting humans was the most dangerous game

  • Frenz zone
    Frenz zone 5 hours ago

    You're own animation are much worst then others and guess what ,,you all are proud of it

  • Krišjānis Pleiko
    Krišjānis Pleiko 5 hours ago

    Clint is best representing himself.

  • Abhishek Abi
    Abhishek Abi 5 hours ago

    Saaho movie

  • Joshua Garza
    Joshua Garza 5 hours ago

    Super late on the comments but I wanted to suggest silver surfer/human torch scene from fantastic four......figure it would have a lot of details that would be worth talking about......thanks an I’ve loved you guys since “dubstep guns” BUHH WUB WUB WUB NAH NAH NAH NAH!!!

  • HeatherJinmaku
    HeatherJinmaku 5 hours ago

    I was a teen in the audience when Young Sherlock Holmes came out, and yes, it was just mind blowing.

  • Jim G
    Jim G 6 hours ago

    Best coffee commercial of all time, the behind the scenes with you guys is fantastic. How are there 500 dislikes? If they don't think you guys are genius they shouldn't be watching in the first place.

  • Arnold fernandes
    Arnold fernandes 6 hours ago

    Lol it’s my birthday too

  • Krzysztof Cieślak
    Krzysztof Cieślak 6 hours ago

    So bright, computer generated flying bees and robot shooting gun, where you can see how missiles fly. Who will you try to cheat ?. A man shoots so accurately at a target ?

  • Erik Hamburg
    Erik Hamburg 6 hours ago

    All this shows just what magic every living creature is. It shows the magic of life. Which I really cannot describe how impossible it seems.

  • 1000 subs without a video challenge

    React to Robot 2

  • Max Yeaman
    Max Yeaman 6 hours ago

    1:49 lol everyone laughs at her😂😂😂

  • TnA Plastic
    TnA Plastic 6 hours ago

    14:52 Erm... Look at Adobe...

  • 1000 subs without a video challenge

    I did'nt even not knew what. Cgi is

  • Tim Spencer
    Tim Spencer 6 hours ago

    So just when it comes to stunts you guys should do a whole thing on Tom Cruise and his insane-ness

  • Brandon ly vlogs
    Brandon ly vlogs 6 hours ago

    *these guys are laughing at order 66*

  • Night and Knighty
    Night and Knighty 6 hours ago

    Back to the future

  • Ethan Martin
    Ethan Martin 6 hours ago

    Clint really needs to watch more movies