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  • Farouqi Amin
    Farouqi Amin 9 hours ago

    I was fooled and so was the entire High School the principle even had to address it over the intercom... I miss the days of believing it proud to have been a part of it all....

  • Dee Miller
    Dee Miller Day ago

    This is great

  • Prettyflyforawhitegirl

    sooo cute

  • Captain Barrett Coldyron

    Rocking those Stone Cold Steve Austin jorts. The only thing that could make this more 90’s would be if they were listening to Korn or Mudvayne.

  • Kelly Huffaker
    Kelly Huffaker 5 days ago

    Those 3 are New Balancin the shit outta those shoes

  • Tactical Minds
    Tactical Minds 6 days ago

    I woke up in a new Bugatti

  • Memey Chicken
    Memey Chicken 8 days ago

    How about Upper Lower Melinda? OWO

  • Jordin Goff
    Jordin Goff 11 days ago

    So excited!

  • Gooburger 11
    Gooburger 11 11 days ago

    number 100 view baby

  • Christina Powers
    Christina Powers 11 days ago

    Lawd, help the hair here! LOL No kids, that isn't 90's, that is straight-up 80's. Actually, the bald guy with hair on the back is straight-up just ridiculous.

  • Shawn Kuse
    Shawn Kuse 13 days ago

    The early years of C.O. Piscatella.

  • gandalf0987
    gandalf0987 13 days ago

    this is awesome! great ending

  • Laufield
    Laufield 13 days ago

    I thought The Blair Witch Project was real when I was kid

  • Thiago Oliveira
    Thiago Oliveira 14 days ago

    Will they finally be releasing it?

    • Mitch Klein
      Mitch Klein 14 days ago

      It has been a long road. I'm glad there are fans of Don and gang that are still interested. That helped keep me going to finish. :)

    • Thiago Oliveira
      Thiago Oliveira 14 days ago

      @Mitch Klein Thanks for letting me know. Wow, after more than 15 years, this is a dream coming true. I'm an enormous fan of the late Don Dohler, as well as Joe Ripple, Richard Dyszel, Leanna Chamish, George Stover (he HAD to be there) and the also deeply missed Don Leifert, among so many others. Ever since "The Alien Factor" I've been following DD and his productions. Saw all of his movies, except for the preliminary/discarded version of Blood Massacre (I wonder if his family and friends could dig it up and bring it to the surface) and Crawler. I though Crawler was a done deal, an abandoned project gone to the place where all incomplete movies go to die never to be heard from again. But now hope is reignited. To see so many of these talented people reunited once more (specially when some are no longer among the living), is gonna be memorable.

    • Mitch Klein
      Mitch Klein 14 days ago

      We’re working on that now. Shooting for early 2020.

  • John Kinhart
    John Kinhart 15 days ago


  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas 15 days ago

    Irish witch

  • Quiksilversurf311
    Quiksilversurf311 18 days ago

    Great documentary guys, would be cool to see a new one from y’all and what all the areas look like now.

  • Shawn
    Shawn 20 days ago

    I bet these dudes own a vape shop in the UK and have a death metal band

  • Dude
    Dude 21 day ago

    id like to see more like this! :)

  • C T
    C T 21 day ago

    These guys def have a black metal band on the side

  • Lowell Shaw
    Lowell Shaw 24 days ago

    This video is will great!!

  • A L
    A L 24 days ago

    Watching in 2019. ;)

  • Princeofcups Poc
    Princeofcups Poc 25 days ago

    Dracula was real too! Just fuck off.

  • GhostCity Shelton
    GhostCity Shelton 26 days ago

    The Garenet House (filmed in the movie) was also a hotel for some time. I don't think that was spoken about. The house is from 1858 & was featured on Haunted History show. Just thought I'd add that. It's a shame it was left to just be torn down IF that indeed happened to it. The place must have been well built to have lasted so long.

  • GhostCity Shelton
    GhostCity Shelton 26 days ago

    When the Keeper's house (also haunted) across the street from a haunted lighthouse was 167 yrs old a man was found inside the house dead from gun shots to the head & abdomen, he was wearing 3 layers of clothing and was ID ed from finger prints as he'd been dead for about 1 month. (This was before the house had been restored) His name was Lance Alan Miles, 34, of Essex in Baltimore, & the body was found at 4:30 p.m., he'd been reported missing (yrs ago) on March 11th. & to this day the murder is unsolved. Lookout Point Lighthouse is also another very haunted place.

    • George Mead
      George Mead 21 day ago

      @GhostCity Shelton Where is the Keeper's house at?

  • Joey m
    Joey m 27 days ago

    That was pretty good up until the ending that was kind of corny LOL

  • Justin M
    Justin M Month ago

    These guys fuck

  • I like Likes Lmao

    Who would want a house in the woods

  • Ubermensch Theos
    Ubermensch Theos Month ago

    The only real things are serial killers like Rustin Parr who really do the killing. Witches are purely fictional.

  • Brandon Blackfrye

    I live only like 30 mins from this place. Born and rasied in Baltimore Maryland. I might go check this out and see how it looks in 2019. Looks like people go there and try to use this stuff as a real conjuring place for evil

  • Brandon Blackfrye

    Im from baltimore and live in Maryland I never paid attention to this that much. I might drive up there and check this out. Its only like 45 mins from where I live.

  • simonpenum
    simonpenum Month ago

    This is TVclip before TVclip- 3 nerdy guys with a camcorder filming horror film locations ..... and I love it!

  • Lejon Forrest
    Lejon Forrest Month ago

    Wow this was awesome thank you

  • Иван Петров

    maybe you will shooting at night next time

    • EA Crowell
      EA Crowell 10 days ago

      Иван Петров we did! Watch this video!

  • carmine sanger
    carmine sanger Month ago

    I wanna look for the real blair witch which i have not found any evidence of anyone looking in the right area rustin parr was a real guy he murdered children and claimed to see somone in the forest known as the blair witch that part is a true story but the griggs house is fake that is just a movie prop rustin parr lived in the woods next to burkitsville not an hour away which is where that house is located just like great Seneca is 40 miles away from burkitsville it had to be gathland which is the forest right next to burkitsville so the question is what is in the gathland forest

  • justin girard
    justin girard Month ago

    666subs wtfff

  • v1per187
    v1per187 Month ago

    Great video!

  • Andrew Lawrence
    Andrew Lawrence Month ago

    13:45 Hey guys it's scarce here ☺️

  • Kirstein Martin
    Kirstein Martin Month ago

    That's a lie she said Rustin parr killed the children he lived in the woods he was a hermit and told police he got told to do it by a woman

  • Thegaminlam 36
    Thegaminlam 36 Month ago

    Did anyone else see the person in the background?

  • alan pelc
    alan pelc Month ago

    7:08 bleeping out all the "um's"

  • T_Rex Diaz
    T_Rex Diaz Month ago

    What the blairs witch project achieved cannot be repeated again, was an amazing movie

  • Lyricflower Gaming

    But what forest did the kids go missing in?

  • Krusty Buttons
    Krusty Buttons 2 months ago

    1:25 that walk though

  • Kevin G Shinnick
    Kevin G Shinnick 2 months ago

    Was it ever completed?

  • Jorge Puello
    Jorge Puello 2 months ago

    12:00 🙄

  • Sun Warz
    Sun Warz 2 months ago

    there is 72 demons you can fuck with and 72 angelic counter parts that are actually more violent when it comes to desiring victory or domination over a person,place,or thing.

  • Sun Warz
    Sun Warz 2 months ago

    wanna call on demons? go to a forest and walk in circles counter clockwise and recite a prayer in arabic in reverse. you will need black rum,candy,tobacco,sea salt, mugwort, wormwood,and sage. you dont even need to sacrifice a baby or a animal. make sure you have a reason for contacting them though, dont waste there time they will fuck you up.

  • Control Oz
    Control Oz 2 months ago

    Such a shame that house is gone now. It’s a piece of movie history. It’s the first ever found footage film that made people half believe that what they were seeing was real.

    • SōkaN
      SōkaN Month ago

      Its not the first found footage movie , "cannibal holocaust" was the first and the second one was "guinea pig" back in the 80s

  • Nathan Sikes
    Nathan Sikes 2 months ago

    I’m not really into the Blair witch movies that much but I’m pretty close to the state line between pennsylvania and Maryland and I kinda wanna explore the area

    • Sam
      Sam Month ago

      Explore what none of it is real

  • EA Crowell
    EA Crowell 2 months ago

    Great doc!

  • IA
    IA 3 months ago

    Movies were mediocre

  • Joaquín Raúl Ramírez

    Hey dude that house is there now on days???

  • don't worry be happy
    don't worry be happy 3 months ago

    Hope your going to go to that road and put the car in nutral

  • Nathan Drake {Team_Silent_1718}

    I'm lost here a bit. After Mike drops his camera, who's holding the other camera while slowly making their way downstairs?

  • tykiren Willingham
    tykiren Willingham 4 months ago

    That ending was mad cheesy.

  • ertertwert1
    ertertwert1 4 months ago

    Cool video. Had no idea there were alternate endings.

  • Robert Higham
    Robert Higham 4 months ago

    There are stood where 7 kids got brutally murdered 😑😑

  • Joaquín Raúl Ramírez

    One Question that house is there now in these days that appear in the movie??? Or not?? Who can tell me that?? And it is down,..... in what year down the house?? Or stil there ??

    • EA Crowell
      EA Crowell 3 months ago

      Joaquín Raúl Ramírez hi, that house was torn down over 15 years ago. Nothing remains.

  • A guy named something
    A guy named something 5 months ago

    Fart 2 is a good film

  • Enrico Fischer
    Enrico Fischer 5 months ago

    Where are they now? They never left this place after filming. They are still there.

  • Marie xo
    Marie xo 5 months ago

    Shirts tucked know shits bout to go down

  • Jack F
    Jack F 6 months ago

    this was an excellent vid! awesome job fellas

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel 6 months ago

    Great documentary, I have to say that since this movie came out I became a great fan of the horror movies, damn! I love it!

  • Katie Rogers
    Katie Rogers 6 months ago

    Found the video of the alternative endings for the Blair witch movie really interesting to watch. Recommend to any movie fan.

  • Randall Littleton
    Randall Littleton 6 months ago

    i am the blair witch of burkitsville and youre childrens souls are mine we're here always have been in some form or another and always will be hahahahahaha runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn it wont help you legends are truth now and forever killlll themmmm alllll hahahahahahaha

    • Dr170
      Dr170 Month ago

      That's no excuse for poor grammar, Ms. Witch.

  • 00Kuja00
    00Kuja00 6 months ago

    11:57 and 13:51. Other people at the house? or ghosts? ;D

  • wendy maisey
    wendy maisey 6 months ago

    Awesome! One of my fav films. So wish it were true ☠️

  • Ave
    Ave 6 months ago

    I would buy this on blu ray just to keep it in the case it gets deleted from TVclip someday. What a great video, thanks for that!

    • Sam Lawry
      Sam Lawry 20 days ago

      You can save video from youtube with some apk or video convecter

  • Brian Hewitt
    Brian Hewitt 7 months ago

    Great job to everyone who worked on this video

  • Cassie Ennis
    Cassie Ennis 7 months ago

    We have a spook hill in Lakeland, fl same thing put your car in neutral and you'll roll up the hill

  • Lance Snow
    Lance Snow 7 months ago

    Didn't I just read that it's a work of fiction??

  • Anthony Quigley
    Anthony Quigley 7 months ago

    1:25 the guys walk in the middle, i can't go any further I'm afraid. PLEASE tell me this guy has never seen a Vagina on purpose?

  • Green Queen
    Green Queen 8 months ago

    I am a Blair Witch Fan 😁 . I didn't know that was Parks house 🤔. That's just crazy 🤪 .Thanks for sharing this video Mitch Klein !! I really enjoyed it 🌹

  • Lynx Dominance
    Lynx Dominance 8 months ago

    That Mayor was lying, she’s truly The Blair Witch incarnate...

  • Ja Ma
    Ja Ma 8 months ago

    That was then what about the witch from now 2019 I heard she un follows you on Instagram and follows you for real when you least expect it

    • Brandon Blackfrye
      Brandon Blackfrye Month ago

      Im from Maryland.. never really heard of any witches around here. A bunch of scary stories but never any witches

  • Lunar
    Lunar 8 months ago

    the spider @17:58 freaked me out the most

  • Lost Soul
    Lost Soul 9 months ago


  • Espo 718
    Espo 718 9 months ago

    Those are some crazy outfits and haircuts. Even for 1999. Lol

  • Super British Cheese
    Super British Cheese 9 months ago

    I can see it in their eyes, they were dying for something unexplainable to happen 😂

  • yea02
    yea02 9 months ago

    I would love to watch a movie about elly kedward and rustin p. Like proper expensive movie not a found footage. U know old times and great story.

    • EA Crowell
      EA Crowell 8 months ago

      yea02 on the Blair Witch dvd featured, watch “Curse of the Blair Witch”. It’s a big budget look at the mythology on Ellie.

  • The Original Kirbi
    The Original Kirbi 9 months ago

    Why have I never stumbled onto this video until now?! As a resident of Carrol Co, Md, I freaking loved going to Spooks Hill at night and do the neutral drive "up"the hill and ride it out back to the cobble stone road -haha. To be young again. Honestly never had the guts to had gone out into the woods and look for the house. I love to explore abandoned stuff, sad to have read it was demolished many years ago.

    • EA Crowell
      EA Crowell 8 months ago

      The Original Kirbi glad you liked our video 👍🏻

  • Sandra Weilbrenner
    Sandra Weilbrenner 9 months ago

    Nice doc and yes the house is gone

    JASON CHRISTIAN 10 months ago

    Love of the best

    JOHN SMITH 10 months ago

    Seeing Josh levitate would turn me white! a horse hoff would be the mother of endings!!! but it was never explained what hit Heather and what shadow? There was no shadow!?! Are we to assume Josh was possessed to stand in that corner? And how exactly where they killed!?! That basement makes my hair rise!!! who owned that building? Who purchased the property to level it?

  • LoveLetters FromElvis
    LoveLetters FromElvis 10 months ago

    Thanks for filming this!

  • dale merwin
    dale merwin 11 months ago

    Proves it was play along..going off a Indian ledgend

  • Carnyzzle
    Carnyzzle 11 months ago

    seeing the house was pretty dang cool

  • Kasey Johnson
    Kasey Johnson 11 months ago

    Same person who walks past the window at 13:52 is outside the door at 12:00

  • ahmad phrayra
    ahmad phrayra 11 months ago

    11:59 is there someone out side ?????

  • cheeky chinese cheese
    cheeky chinese cheese 11 months ago

  • Yuliya Demydchuk
    Yuliya Demydchuk 11 months ago

    can you tell me where the house is pls

  • Jordan Dossas
    Jordan Dossas Year ago

    Does anyone know if any parts of the house r still there. Like wood beams or other items from the house

    • EA Crowell
      EA Crowell 10 months ago

      Jordan Dossas the House is long gone. Nothing remains

  • mark tilles
    mark tilles Year ago

    Im wondering where is the director now? He/she deserved to worked on a hollywood production.

  • Greywind92
    Greywind92 Year ago

    you do realize the witch isn't real right?...

    • EA Crowell
      EA Crowell 10 months ago

      Greywind92 of course we did. We shot this video the week the film was released in 1999. We had the producers backing on this project.

  • Trust nobody Trustsnuthin

    Very good job guys!

  • Mya Re
    Mya Re Year ago

    That was funny 😂

  • Jason Lake
    Jason Lake Year ago

    Are any of these original pieces found in the house/basement available to purchase? Like the bunny etc

    • EA Crowell
      EA Crowell 10 months ago

      Jason Lake those were sold off loooong ago.

  • Sour Gummy Worms

    Legend says he is still suspended on that stick figure to this day...

  • Jason Lake
    Jason Lake Year ago

    Wow!!! Thank you so much for this