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COUNTDOWN Trailer (2019)
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  • Joamir Serra
    Joamir Serra 3 hours ago

    Os criadores deveriam levar mais a sério o Shazzan como herói

  • Rody Dactyl
    Rody Dactyl 3 hours ago

    9:15 Every zombie gangsta till' the koala mascot zombie gets shot

    LEO GAMER MOD 3 hours ago

    you will also float, you will also float, you will also float, we will all float if you don't want to float leave your like

  • theContainer &theContents

    Sigh... The infinite repetitive meh of modern day hollywood...

  • Gordon Hamilton
    Gordon Hamilton 4 hours ago

    *AMERICA WINS A WAR IN ............ SPACE ................ ITS ............. SPACE FORCE........ NO PROPAGANDA HERE HUMERICANS ............... SPACE FORCE HELLL THE FUCK YEHHHHHHHHHHHH .......... SPACE FORCE... WINS AGAIN ... LMFAO* !!! Brad Pitt (Slang for 'A shit" Scalped an Alien Grey... cos he wants his scalps) SPACE FORCE !!!

  • BowlofIndoMee
    BowlofIndoMee 5 hours ago

    Shane Black is a lousy director, this is awful and so does Iron Man 3

  • MatschiHD90 YT
    MatschiHD90 YT 5 hours ago


  • pnle
    pnle 6 hours ago

    Want to watch it but the first one scared the crap out of me. I hope they get to kick that clowns a..

  • wow man
    wow man 6 hours ago

    I would be like " if you kill me I'll rate your app 1 star"

  • Happibunni Art
    Happibunni Art 6 hours ago

    Countdown looks like every other horror film

  • Max
    Max 6 hours ago

    Clone Wars saved? More like My life saved

  • Chute Mii52262
    Chute Mii52262 6 hours ago

    I approve of the music choice👍👍

  • Ramona La Fon
    Ramona La Fon 6 hours ago

    Hey 👋 is your

  • GabrielPoopsTV
    GabrielPoopsTV 6 hours ago

    -Batman v Superman- Ford v Ferrari

  • Dr Bendover
    Dr Bendover 6 hours ago

    that's right Ford beat Ferrari!

  • Suga Boga
    Suga Boga 7 hours ago

    Danplan brought me here

  • De Von
    De Von 7 hours ago

    Countdown looks pretty intense

  • RoxyGirl ASMR
    RoxyGirl ASMR 7 hours ago

    OMG I Cant wait to see this IT LOOKS AWESOME 🎈🎈🎈🎈 🎈🎈🎈🎈 Scary & Creepy MY KINDA MOVIE 🎈🎈🎈🎈 🎈🎈🎈🎈

  • AnonRanGER01
    AnonRanGER01 7 hours ago

    It unreasonably upsets me that shit like "Countdown" exists.

  • Taliyah Pyawasay
    Taliyah Pyawasay 7 hours ago

    But the picture for the movie is well done

  • Taliyah Pyawasay
    Taliyah Pyawasay 7 hours ago

    I had high hopes for this movie it let me down I heard they are supposed to be making a second one and if they do it better be better than the first one

  • Abdalelah Almalki
    Abdalelah Almalki 8 hours ago

    It looks awesome

  • trooper 20202
    trooper 20202 8 hours ago

    I love that you guys are back

  • Renato de Carvalho
    Renato de Carvalho 8 hours ago

    Filme completo teu cu. A chamada fala em filme completo

  • God 4.
    God 4. 8 hours ago


  • theylied1776
    theylied1776 8 hours ago

    What Envo actually said was... go fuck yourself, I'm not selling.

  • B uppy
    B uppy 8 hours ago

    Chritian Bale is hilarious in Ford v Ferrari... Want to see Midway badly, and Little Monsters...

    • B uppy
      B uppy 6 hours ago

      @Mxyzptlk Says the person who thinks that is a clever statement. Just wait, your mom will catch you writing this and she'll take the computer out of your room...

    • Mxyzptlk
      Mxyzptlk 7 hours ago

      B uppy I think it’s great 👍 you’re a Virgin

  • Jyusatsu
    Jyusatsu 8 hours ago

    I love biopic of great scientists so definitely Radioactive is a must-watch


    The World is Flat

    TECHNO TIPS TUBE 8 hours ago

    Countdown is just like final destination and the ring had a baby 😂

  • His Infernal Majesty

    The movie was suck so bad.. Why? Because of James Wan directed it. Look at all films he directed, all of it was a disaster.

  • Soothing feeling of darkness Flores

    (Spoilers) Eddie dies so he wouldn’t be in the future

  • Missandei
    Missandei 9 hours ago

    Matt Damon vs Christian Bale Jason Bourne vs Batman Who wins? _________________________________ Like for Batman Comment for Jason Bourne

    • Mxyzptlk
      Mxyzptlk 7 hours ago

      Missandei thirsty asf

  • DaBurritoOs
    DaBurritoOs 9 hours ago

    Can't wait for radioactive. I feel like it s gonna be such a good movie

    • DaBurritoOs
      DaBurritoOs 7 hours ago

      @Eple 812 true

    • Eple 812
      Eple 812 7 hours ago

      I will be so mad if they don't have the song, radioactive in the ending😂😂😂

  • Eric Robin
    Eric Robin 9 hours ago

    New movie um really great and very cool ever this movie is so amazing ever very interesting again um I really like these characters on this video mat d and the other characters on the show I even like the cars racing are so unique and very awesome ever

  • Bryan Doucette
    Bryan Doucette 9 hours ago

    Why the hell is anakin’s hair gray lmao

  • Ian Salmond
    Ian Salmond 9 hours ago

    Countdown is that final decision on holiday

    ZETRA GAMING 9 hours ago

    6th comment

  • Paris!
    Paris! 9 hours ago

    Slender man: It was okay..not the greatest 🤷‍♀️ Truth or Dare: it was good 👍 A Quiet Place: hated it 😶 Day of The Dead: it's alright 😳

  • zain sayed
    zain sayed 9 hours ago

    Cool 🇱🇧

  • treway videos
    treway videos 9 hours ago

    all this are shit

  • FilmSelect Trailer
    FilmSelect Trailer 9 hours ago

    00:00 - Ford V Ferrari 02:28 - Countdown 04:59 - Midway 07:29 - Radioactive 08:35 - Little Monsters

  • Annie Miranda
    Annie Miranda 9 hours ago

    3rd like

    • treway videos
      treway videos 9 hours ago

      Annie Miranda bro shut the fuck up 123 I don't give a fuck

  • G1 Grimlock
    G1 Grimlock 9 hours ago

    Countdown is a curse

    RCS_ AUTOMOTIVE 9 hours ago

    First like and comment... Can't wait for Ford Vs Ferrari. God bless you for showing this trailer

  • Junpei ANIMATES
    Junpei ANIMATES 9 hours ago

    I'm excited for Radioactive! That movie musta taken a lot of work.

  • Slideanimator 101
    Slideanimator 101 9 hours ago

    Aww man I wanted to put the movies and time stamps to get pinned and hearted but you did it already

  • Snickles Dude
    Snickles Dude 9 hours ago


  • Sharran Sharran1234
    Sharran Sharran1234 9 hours ago

    First view👍

  • Etiquite TV
    Etiquite TV 9 hours ago


  • Desiree Lottman
    Desiree Lottman 9 hours ago


    • treway videos
      treway videos 9 hours ago

      Desiree Lottman no one give a fuck if your FIRST

  • Gyanankur Patgiri
    Gyanankur Patgiri 10 hours ago

    im excited...nothin more to say

  • walker liguer the Divenname

    the swroste traler ever

  • Eline Van de Mieroop
    Eline Van de Mieroop 10 hours ago

    They should make a movie about every creepypasta character. But it has to be as good as other horror movies.

  • Алина Олефиренко

    Excellent my dear friend! Wonderful! Thank you so much for your friendship!

  • Jabitacá Detectorismo

    JOINHA 👍👍🇧🇷😃

  • Ruby Mejia
    Ruby Mejia 11 hours ago


  • Ant G
    Ant G 11 hours ago

    By the way, Can you survive "Us"?

  • sahil Shah
    sahil Shah 11 hours ago

    Ford VS Ferrari is like America VS Italy

    • Bigg Papa
      Bigg Papa 11 hours ago

      AND AMERICA!! is a DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE PLACE!!!!!!!! DISGUSTING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danny Hansen
    Danny Hansen 11 hours ago

    Hmmmm.. a film about ford and Ferrari, made by Americans with American actors.. pretty sure that's gonna make Ford look more glorious then it is compared to Ferrari.. basically Americanized the fuck out of that story.

    • Bigg Papa
      Bigg Papa 11 hours ago

      AND AMERICA!! is a DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE PLACE!!!!!!!! DISGUSTING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • H Khan
    H Khan 11 hours ago

    I'm only here for DanPlan.

  • Wiggo The Jiggalo
    Wiggo The Jiggalo 12 hours ago

    Looks good but I don't like the name.

    UMAIR KHAN 12 hours ago

    Looks like Mr Wayne still isn't tired of fast babies. 😂

  • Matthew Lands
    Matthew Lands 12 hours ago

    Two films I am looking forward too. Top of the list is JOKER, this is second on the list

  • GuidedPrism 0w0 *Notices Buldge*

    Hopefully they stay accurate with this, Id hate to see a movie like this be butchered

  • exciteart
    exciteart 12 hours ago

    When it comes Mercedes vs Ferrari, i will be on Ferrari side. My eyes on you Lecrec

  • Eric Robin
    Eric Robin 12 hours ago

    Ford trailer um I think the show is really amazing and terrific character in the video um I think it is fantastic ever I really like true story they r very interesting and very awesome show I even like the character mad d he is great character on the show it is the best show ever and very cool ever

    HOTICE KENYA 12 hours ago

    Kali sana

  • Roberto Buatti
    Roberto Buatti 12 hours ago

    I really liked the trailer if it's based on real events hope it's faithful and not glamorized or Hollywoodised.

  • Abdul wajahat
    Abdul wajahat 12 hours ago

    Hummmmmmmmm interesting

  • BlankSpace
    BlankSpace 12 hours ago

    If you fuck this up someone is gonna die

  • Faris
    Faris 12 hours ago

    For those looking for a car crash 2:13 You're welcome.

  • Phon Am
    Phon Am 12 hours ago

    1 For you

  • FilmSelect Trailer
    FilmSelect Trailer 12 hours ago

    Second trailer for Ford v Ferrari

  • Jan Kuča
    Jan Kuča 12 hours ago

    The first

  • SAI Santhosh
    SAI Santhosh 12 hours ago

    The first view

  • G1 Grimlock
    G1 Grimlock 12 hours ago


  • Rhely Putra
    Rhely Putra 12 hours ago

    It should be batman vs loki copycat

    FAHAD XV 12 hours ago


  • Raul7261
    Raul7261 12 hours ago

    Not first

  • muhamad Ali
    muhamad Ali 12 hours ago


  • Jordan Bastari Thamrin


  • MP Prod
    MP Prod 12 hours ago


  • Bück Dich
    Bück Dich 13 hours ago

    Cinlere bak aytim hacker gibi takiliyorlar

  • MrJohnnyLighting
    MrJohnnyLighting 13 hours ago

    This is bullshit. They used all these nostalgic characters to get us in the theater just to casually brush them aside or kill them off so they can start a new franchise.😠

  • kageemo
    kageemo 13 hours ago

    I’m watching this trailer because of Danplan too

  • Tyler Nunez
    Tyler Nunez 13 hours ago

    Solution: Go sky diving with your friends.

  • Kian Tamblyn
    Kian Tamblyn 13 hours ago

    In the quiet place I would die due to my stomach rumbling 😂

  • Alex Stone
    Alex Stone 14 hours ago

    Im not sure if this is real or not

  • Winniefaith Mutula
    Winniefaith Mutula 15 hours ago

    This movie is STUPID. I expected more than this, I mean🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Achmad Ichsan Thaib
    Achmad Ichsan Thaib 16 hours ago

    dat humble song so lit

  • •N e m e s i s•
    •N e m e s i s• 16 hours ago

    Who else is here because of DANPLAN XDD

  • Jayden Garcia
    Jayden Garcia 16 hours ago

    0:44 - 0:46 Nah don’t worry, my man is just t posing

  • roman lazicius
    roman lazicius 17 hours ago

    Cover my boys,going full screen

  • Yasouki
    Yasouki 17 hours ago

    What is my man M'Baku doing here?

  • pa van
    pa van 18 hours ago

    app for the death time 😱😨

  • Suriaya Hassan
    Suriaya Hassan 19 hours ago

    Wow, never knew Nakia had a dark past

  • Suriaya Hassan
    Suriaya Hassan 19 hours ago

    Mom: Why do you always sit in your room Me: So I don't do silly things so my shadow would be happier with their life

  • Nirvana TV
    Nirvana TV 19 hours ago

    _how Venom Vs BATMAN_