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CATS Trailer 2 (2019)
Views 43K2 days ago
SEBERG Trailer (2019)
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SCOOB! Trailer (2020)
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GRAND ISLE Trailer (2019)
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SOUL Trailer (2020)
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SERVANT Trailer (2019)
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THE BANKER Trailer (2019)
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DRACULA Trailer (2019)
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LITTLE JOE Trailer (2019)
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THE GRUDGE Trailer (2020)
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ANTLERS Trailer (2020)
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AGE OUT Trailer (2019)
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DOOLITTLE Trailer (2020)
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PORTALS Trailer (2019)
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1917 Trailer 2 (2019)
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WOUNDS Trailer (2019)
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  • Suraj Kumar Soreng
    Suraj Kumar Soreng 2 minutes ago

    Awesome !!!😎😎😎😎😎

  • Shakxy
    Shakxy 4 minutes ago

    Did you try turning it off and on again ?

  • Jade Dragon Studio
    Jade Dragon Studio 10 minutes ago

    This is what all dog lovers want! Dogs that show expression faces.

  • The AniReview
    The AniReview 11 minutes ago

    There's so many movies about dogs now and they decided to go with a CGI dog? Meh.

  • nanay mo hiphop
    nanay mo hiphop 12 minutes ago

    Scooby movie: a white knight,feminist,the geek and the hipster

  • Javier Fernandez
    Javier Fernandez 12 minutes ago

    More mindless entertainment brought to you by the small hats... Gotta love all this exposure to lurid images and films, An element of psychological control to methodically destroy the moral compass... Yet the Lemmings are still heading for that blissful cliff... Enjoy the jump MF..

  • Fredbro5673
    Fredbro5673 22 minutes ago

    The trailer is SO loud

  • Mohammed Alsubai
    Mohammed Alsubai 23 minutes ago

    12:33 Me: *facepalms*

  • Brandon Yeet
    Brandon Yeet 40 minutes ago

    *Deja vu* : the movie

  • Johnny Wishbone
    Johnny Wishbone 44 minutes ago

    Ahhhhhh fyi that baby rattlesnake fact is bullshit lmfao just sayin!

  • WristGang BA Official
    WristGang BA Official 48 minutes ago

    #Salute 💯💎

  • Honey
    Honey 49 minutes ago

    it’s coming tomorrow

  • BecauseICan
    BecauseICan 50 minutes ago

    Jumanji looks like a blast!

  • ѕ σ м ι
    ѕ σ м ι 53 minutes ago

    Spoiler the voice is her mother calling her.

  • ѕ σ м ι
    ѕ σ м ι 54 minutes ago

    Ive seen the full movie and its pretty good!

  • cvci
    cvci 54 minutes ago

    I'm already crying.

  • Mr Hater
    Mr Hater 56 minutes ago


  • myristicanz
    myristicanz 59 minutes ago

    I’m soo watching this 👍

  • Hshdb Tgdd
    Hshdb Tgdd Hour ago

    yeah, only i think it's good

  • 澳門仔
    澳門仔 Hour ago

    2:16 i didn’t have

  • Evelyn5000
    Evelyn5000 Hour ago excited for this.

  • NyosTV
    NyosTV Hour ago

    snapchat filters gon wrong

  • timotheus kazama

    Too bad it’s only 12 episodes hopefully it will be an 1 hour per episode

  • ky1e
    ky1e Hour ago

    that cowboy dance shit ruined the whole movie.

  • jimmy deuxfois
    jimmy deuxfois Hour ago

    rien à voir avec le roman... quelle déception !

  • Wells fargo
    Wells fargo Hour ago


  • Yngve Balmsteen
    Yngve Balmsteen Hour ago

    LOL Vin Diesel is the worst. And "I call them nanites"? Literally everyone calls them that.

  • Pasi Mysiini
    Pasi Mysiini Hour ago

    After the disappointment of the second Sonic trailer, I'm glad Cats stuck to its guns. I haven't been this excited for a movie about ghastly nightmare horrors of flesh since John Carpenter's The Thing.

  • christian peralta

    ''' i will never let you go''' sana all :<

  • Tim T
    Tim T 2 hours ago

    Why.... Cgi the dog.....

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 hours ago

    The trailer was better than the movie!

  • Tia Sharma
    Tia Sharma 2 hours ago

    Man when is this going to release!!!!!!

  • Sebastian Sellebjerg

    Now Han Solo has a new harry sidekick

  • Itama Uchiha
    Itama Uchiha 2 hours ago

    This looks sooo fucking wack

  • Wailand Karisma
    Wailand Karisma 2 hours ago

    this gone be epic

  • Anditha 16
    Anditha 16 2 hours ago

    Be ready parents. Elsa have a whole new wardrobe. Your daughter need that 😂

  • GeorgiePlayzYT
    GeorgiePlayzYT 2 hours ago

    So many furrys

  • GeorgiePlayzYT
    GeorgiePlayzYT 2 hours ago

    So many furrys

  • eric gallant
    eric gallant 2 hours ago


  • Pchelolizz
    Pchelolizz 2 hours ago

    bitch when?

  • A Man Of Culture.
    A Man Of Culture. 2 hours ago

    Spoilers Buck dies.

  • samts16
    samts16 2 hours ago

    this was favorite book as a kid. i reissued this book at least 5 times from the library. dont mess it up please.

  • CatToonz
    CatToonz 2 hours ago

    Ironically, my class is reading this story right now. I just...can't get through it after chapter 5... :(

  • CamShot videos
    CamShot videos 2 hours ago

    No way. Please stop doing digital dogs. No way a fake dog can touch your feelings.

  • Thud Thud
    Thud Thud 3 hours ago

    "Hey, instead of using a real dog, why not just use some 3rd rate CGI? We could have used some green screen and CGI for the dangerous action shots, but...why bother? We could have used 1st rate CGI, but that's too expensive. We have Harrison Ford to distract people from our CGI dog anyways." - How to lose money by making a movie logic tip #254

  • Sasha McQueen
    Sasha McQueen 3 hours ago

    Forget movie tickets we saw the whole movie in one god damn trailer.

  • John-Michael Mustchin

    Ah, this is one awesome movie! Very philosophical and thought-provoking, but at the same time with fun and exciting scenes (put together much better than Batman v Superman); not to mention visually dazzling. Very character-driven. One of the truly Great movies.

  • Sim Heart
    Sim Heart 3 hours ago

    ok so, the original movie came out when i was like maybe 10 or 9 and now im 13 and boi im real excited for this lmfao

  • WolfieWolfgangTV Official

    Let's just face it, everyone clicked on this video just due to CLEAVAGE!!!!!! Agree - Like 👍 Disagree - Comment

  • Jayda Iordanidis
    Jayda Iordanidis 3 hours ago

    Hell naw This shit be creepier than me EW IT DANCES

  • Chieludz
    Chieludz 3 hours ago

    I thought this meant call of duty or something.

  • From Thepast
    From Thepast 3 hours ago

    Will I just watched all the movie in just 3 minutes

  • LolloTrollo
    LolloTrollo 3 hours ago

    Please no…

  • Ittybittyree33
    Ittybittyree33 3 hours ago

    This hurts me... as a lifelong CATS fan.. this hurts me deeply.

  • Th W.
    Th W. 3 hours ago

    Bloodshot = Universal Soldier

  • Von Trumpet
    Von Trumpet 3 hours ago

    The black ones have a black one 😂😂

  • Tech_ Hammer
    Tech_ Hammer 4 hours ago

    Toothless's kids aren't going to find any other night furies since they are the only ones left so... Will they go extinct

  • Lol Player
    Lol Player 4 hours ago

    The best moments is probably will Smith saying *THATS HOT!*

  • / ЗнүүнэТ11 \

    I like Mulan the movie ....but watching the Huns to attack China and one part is that I’m a Mongolian person

  • HaloHamstur
    HaloHamstur 4 hours ago

    Car runs into a statue and has no damage

  • Greavesy399
    Greavesy399 4 hours ago

    Fast and the Furious but with only some explosions and guns....hello 2003

  • レナードShiro
    レナードShiro 4 hours ago

    dafaq is this what a generic plot.

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 4 hours ago

    Wow thats a really great mo- *MAN DIES*

  • Mark Taps
    Mark Taps 4 hours ago

    Not 1 new trailer....tx

  • Muhammad Seleem
    Muhammad Seleem 4 hours ago

    Am i suppose to feel emotional about a CGI dog????

  • dyshr d
    dyshr d 5 hours ago


  • Saad Anwer
    Saad Anwer 5 hours ago

    Iam only here for dislike this shit

  • Colorful_ BOI
    Colorful_ BOI 5 hours ago

    Did he just die

  • Da blue One
    Da blue One 5 hours ago

    The sonic movie isn’t animated

  • kawaii shoot
    kawaii shoot 5 hours ago

    The movie was so great I want to watch it again😭😭 For me this is better than the first one but both are great! Good job once again to everyone who made this movie I loved it!💖❤️😍😭

  • Paula
    Paula 5 hours ago

    As Ive grown I have learned my view of reality varies from most people. Never assume you understand anothers reality. The only one youll see until you ascend is your own.

  • Paul Lewis
    Paul Lewis 5 hours ago

    Looks like Hollywood has finally run out of original ideas and gone full blown misandrist. $12 popcorn? Pass.

    VAL PLAYS 5 hours ago


  • Backstagemovie0
    Backstagemovie0 5 hours ago

    Dude: What am I doing? Also dude: **Destroys hundreds of dollars**

  • Backstagemovie0
    Backstagemovie0 5 hours ago

    This looked pretty cool until they are the soul things

  • M Chan
    M Chan 5 hours ago

    Pennywise dance copyed? 1:14

  • Potato Power
    Potato Power 5 hours ago

    How did they get all of these famous people to play in a furrie movie

  • AnEnglishLad 66
    AnEnglishLad 66 5 hours ago

    Yeah this is gonna suck

  • Silent Human
    Silent Human 5 hours ago

    I wouldn’t mind Love Island been Fantasy Island. I.e them getting siked on after all their dreams come true. Man, the world would be better if that’s how it was played.

  • Raymond Watt
    Raymond Watt 5 hours ago

    The budget of this movie is $297 Million USD

  • Kool-Wade Man
    Kool-Wade Man 5 hours ago

    Trailer drops a *year* ago *One year later* *WE ARE STILL WAITING*

  • Richie Nomura
    Richie Nomura 6 hours ago

    Maybe if they all wear some sort of clothes then it wouldn't look as weird..

  • MasterN 012607
    MasterN 012607 6 hours ago

    So instead of redesigning sonic, they decided to make all the characters look like anthro nightmare fuel? Lolololol

  • Karl The Butcher
    Karl The Butcher 6 hours ago

    Maybe a good movie, definitely bad CGI!

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 6 hours ago

    I really wish someone would stop BAY from makin movies....Jesus.

  • Mr Ken General
    Mr Ken General 6 hours ago

    The 'King's Man' looks like another 'cartoon' type 'special effects' driven film.

  • Javsco
    Javsco 6 hours ago

    Hmmm, OK. Charlie's Angels looks like the movie Kristen Stewart finally remembers how to act differently to Bella Swan.

  • Alexis Leininger
    Alexis Leininger 6 hours ago

    Can't wait for the sonic movie! *"Ahh, GIVE ME A BIG, FAT, BREAK!"* -Best line of 2020

  • Christoph Schröder
    Christoph Schröder 6 hours ago

    Yen has to do the Crow-trough-the-head-thing. In every episode, every minute. Even out of context :D

  • The Wide Awake Club
    The Wide Awake Club 6 hours ago

    Has anyone found the word SEX yet?? I think it’s in the group of trees. There is a persons face if you look carefully. He makes the So above and below code of the bathomet. And his fist looks like a penis. A friend of mine said he keeps mentioning ‘Purple.’ For anyone who doesn’t know Disney was a Freemason. They often hide sexual messages in the movies. For example the remake of Dumbo. The guy with the boa constrictor around his neck. The markings on the snake clearly shoe the word SEX. The mother elephants head piece showed the masonic square. Then there the part of the circus tent fire. The two men standing watching it burn. As if it was some kind of ritual sacrifice. One said ‘Irs a tragedy.’ The other guy replied ‘It is, let’s go and get a hotdog.’ Hotdog is paedo code for little boy. Wake up people. These films are conditioning your children.

  • Emiasis
    Emiasis 7 hours ago

    This looks so terrible. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tony D
    Tony D 7 hours ago

    anyone know the music playing at "The Sweat Shop" Bunny place i guess

  • Yeetus Thefoetus
    Yeetus Thefoetus 7 hours ago

    Wtaf is this

  • DosingBrick
    DosingBrick 7 hours ago

    palps back

  • Lowe Runkle
    Lowe Runkle 7 hours ago

    When can disney make an actual movie with character that have normal proportions?

  • creator Space
    creator Space 7 hours ago

    That's a good one.

  • creator Space
    creator Space 7 hours ago

    That's a good one.

  • creator Space
    creator Space 7 hours ago

    That's a good one.

  • nara shin
    nara shin 7 hours ago


  • Stoni Supersonic
    Stoni Supersonic 7 hours ago

    Love the books and absolutely love the games but this is gonna be filmed in the same type as game of thrones. And unlike most people i stopped watching it after the first season because I saw that they wanted to appeal to public with vulgarity first and story telling second. Im afraid this is going to be the same thing, with -B quality production, and no one will remember this series for the rest of there lives. Shame, today is all about making money (in this case just fast cash grab ) rather then legacy ( which will make you more money but in slower rate, next 20 yrs. )