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    RIDETHESUNSHINE 13 days ago

    “Don't you know that a midnight hour comes when everyone has to take off his mask? Do you think life always lets itself be trifled with? Do you think you can sneak off a little before midnight to escape this?” ― Søren Kierkegaard . . . . Will

  • Amy Kirkwood
    Amy Kirkwood 15 days ago

    Oh my god don’t buy your guns hero yal

  • Martin Weiss
    Martin Weiss 15 days ago

    Always will be one of my favorite Bruce albums. Dark, simple, cruel and perfect. I learned and still play each of these songs on my guitar. Personally, I liken the album to the musical equivalent of The Grapes of Wrath.

  • cathy struska
    cathy struska 17 days ago

    Here's a poem inspired by Nebraska and Earnest Hemminway's The Killers Shake It Up Forget the logistics when I'm Tucumcari. Hit some Indian bars. Lay up with some homegrown girl. Buzz round the flowers, Get my drift. Shouldn't shot up that place in West Texas. I knew that old lady scream for sure. Floyd, You done messed up again.Fucking half wit, I took my chances. Fuck it anyhow. Shake it up. Run Arizona Like a sidewinder slim, Get you back to par By California. Fuck the furlough jim, I got Cobol On my mind. Ah- clean you Up for down there. It's all Black and white to guys Like us. Let's hit this place, I gotta leak. Let's go numb nuts. The women drip class down there. Long ladies With a taste for the Finer things. You know Who's got a plan? That's Right you retard, I got a plan. A fucking can't miss. If bot will ask questions later. You get my drift Copernicus. We're tied to The wheel my brother. Shit, we was tied when We popped out that old lady. Only we didn't know it then. Your to dumb to notice, And I'm to tired to care. Let's roll. By TJ STRUSKA

  • Gregory Hurst
    Gregory Hurst Month ago

    Pure American music...

  • tim slone
    tim slone Month ago

    Life in a nutshell

  • Moussa Elijah Moses NDIAYE

    En souvenir de mes années de jeunesse a Dakar Plateau

  • karadiberlino
    karadiberlino 2 months ago

    What a stupid song. A disgrace to all the victims. Plus terrible singing and the harmonica made my ears bleed...eww.

  • cathy struska
    cathy struska 2 months ago

    Stark, desolate and haunting, like a barren Nebraska cornfield in January. A perfect portrait of Charles Starkweather.....TJ STRUSKA

  • Alfonso Ricca
    Alfonso Ricca 2 months ago

    Bruce... La musica della coscienza che ci brucia dentro

  • Stacy Link
    Stacy Link 3 months ago

  • Edward Chamberlin
    Edward Chamberlin 3 months ago

    Those last lines are so impactful.

  • Trevor Madden
    Trevor Madden 4 months ago

    the man that sees beauty in whats darkness to the unaware

  • mocha mochiña
    mocha mochiña 4 months ago


  • steve brindle
    steve brindle 4 months ago

    Great album, bought it back in the day, not many people today have the patience to listen to a full album, just flip from one crap to another crap modern computer algorithm based songs

  • Riel Boire
    Riel Boire 4 months ago

    I can really relate to the struggles of bruce springsteen in my songs google riel boire and you will see god bless

  • Wilhelm Heinrich
    Wilhelm Heinrich 4 months ago

    I once requested this song on a college radio station. The DJ said I was a little different.

  • ricky rodriguez
    ricky rodriguez 4 months ago


  • Chris Canfield
    Chris Canfield 5 months ago

    I hope everybody knows its about charles starkweather.

  • james sams
    james sams 5 months ago

    2019 still in love

  • Vincent Ramirez
    Vincent Ramirez 5 months ago

    .. there's just a meaness in this world..

  • Nad Neslo Music
    Nad Neslo Music 5 months ago

    I bought Nebraska on vinyl from the only record store in our town. I still remember flipping through albums in the bins and when I came across Nebraska there was something about that cover that I had to buy it. I wasn't even aware of Springsteen at the time. I took it home and just loved it. It was so stark and hauntingly beautiful. The lyrics told stories and with my vivid imagination they really came to life. It had a big impact on me. Years later I would go on to write and record music of my own. My first release, Back From Gone, was chock full of songs that told stories. I wanted people to be taken for a ride like I was when I heard those songs on Nebraska so many years before.

  • Jose Pedregosa Diaz
    Jose Pedregosa Diaz 5 months ago

    Me atrevo a decir, con total seguridad es el mejor disco de Bruce para mí, después the River,también un gran álbum,pero este es especial 10/10

  • Bernd Klüver
    Bernd Klüver 7 months ago

    .....and on the 8th day god created Springsteen.

  • Bennett Brauer
    Bennett Brauer 7 months ago

    That harmonica

  • Charles Kunz
    Charles Kunz 7 months ago

    When I was in law school someone asked me why I defended the death penalty. I said “I guess there’s just a meanness in this world”

  • Anna Monrose
    Anna Monrose 7 months ago


  • Lop-i i
    Lop-i i 8 months ago

    Unglaublich schön♡

    • karadiberlino
      karadiberlino 2 months ago

      Was ist an einem Lied über zwei jugendliche brutale Killer schön??? Ein 18jähriger hat mit einer 13jährigen mehrere unschuldige Menschen abartig umgebracht und dann macht noch jemand ein Lied drüber... Völlig bescheuert.

  • Valquiria Bueno
    Valquiria Bueno 8 months ago

    Bruce Springsteen 💘💕💕💕 é o maior 💎

  • Jay Duffy
    Jay Duffy 8 months ago

    I'm here because I'm Johnny, I just got paroled, now they call me Johnny 33

  • Skylar Hough-Anderson
    Skylar Hough-Anderson 9 months ago

    Beautiful and sad. Love the poetry

  • Boblennon1012
    Boblennon1012 10 months ago

    Is it me or are the chords for this taken from ‘This Land is your Land’ by Woody Guthrie but slowed down a bit?

    • eddie petrofsky
      eddie petrofsky 3 months ago

      Awesome though isn't it..just makes it that much better

    • Lynn Turman
      Lynn Turman 7 months ago

      Not really. They both use the same I, IV, and V chords but that's pretty common. There are literally thousands of other songs that use the same three chords. But that's pretty much where the similarity ends between this song & Guthrie's song. They both have the same three chords but have a different progression. This Land starts on the IV chord, this song starts on the V chord.

  • William S
    William S 10 months ago

    Beauty from the bleak cold middle of America nowhere 1958

  • Jeremy Keen
    Jeremy Keen 11 months ago

    No Emmitt - I'm also listening in 2018. Best version of this gorgeous song.

  • emmitt brown
    emmitt brown 11 months ago

    Am I the only one listing in 2018

  • Tyson Strommen
    Tyson Strommen Year ago

    I’m come here every year in until I die

  • Gaillard Sebastien

    Vive l'Amérique et son peuple noir ou blanc et de toute les couleurs d'ailleurs 🐞🌞🌎 2430gaillard@Gmail. Com

  • Rod Duster
    Rod Duster Year ago

    Watched a documentary about Bruce a few years ago, it said that the basic old school home type tape he recorded the album on fell off his kayak and ended up at the bottom of a lake! He retrieved it and attempted to re record the album in a studio but could not match the feel so the tape that ended up in the lake is essentially what you hear!!!

  • The James brothers band

    I love the movie badlands of anyone hasn’t seen it check it out.

  • Leigh Jolley
    Leigh Jolley Year ago

    I used to stand on my front lawn, twirling my baton. Sometimes I still do.

  • Fedus Fe
    Fedus Fe Year ago

    Pj harvey Rid of Me?

  • blogward
    blogward Year ago

    I'm guessing Bruce wasn't related to any of Starkweather's victims.

  • Jake Stewart
    Jake Stewart Year ago

    I'll try anytime once

  • Jake Stewart
    Jake Stewart Year ago


  • Nathan Palacio
    Nathan Palacio Year ago

    i like it i supscribed

  • Robert lawrie
    Robert lawrie Year ago


  • J2 Martnz
    J2 Martnz Year ago

    I'm not a Springsteen "fan" but this album is amazing ...

  • Kayde Kai
    Kayde Kai Year ago

    Got here from the A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, y'all should check it out.

  • Justin Myslive
    Justin Myslive Year ago

    this is about Charles Starkweather and Carol Fugate

  • liam mc manus
    liam mc manus Year ago

    Just reading through some of the comments and someone has said they like Bruce's music but not his politics?? Is there not a contradiction in there as a lot of his music stems from his beliefs???

  • Sean Mitchell
    Sean Mitchell Year ago

    Wouldn't have thought of posting it, since I thought it was well-known and obvious, but some of the comments below prompted me to.

  • いわさきあやね

    大杉漣さんの追悼で聴きに来ました。 ありがとう。どうか安らかに。

  • Stefania Aio
    Stefania Aio Year ago

    For me top 10 songs ever..

  • Charles Williamson


  • Ol' Hickory Ham Mike

    This is so disturbing yet beautiful.

  • alex arolas garcia
    alex arolas garcia 2 years ago

    Esta buena canción la compuso BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN y la canto y la publico en el año 1982

  • 123ubuntu666
    123ubuntu666 2 years ago

    Natural Born Killers.

  • BJandthe_Bear
    BJandthe_Bear 2 years ago

    Better harmonica player than Dylan. There, I said it.

  • A_ Hernandez
    A_ Hernandez 2 years ago

    Michael Bayer

    ROSEMOON 2 years ago

    Charles starkweather and caril Anne fug ate committed their crimes right after ed gein committed his.

  • Joshua Ibarra
    Joshua Ibarra 2 years ago

    Bruce Springsteen's main inspiration for the song was not only Charles Starkweather but the song Frankie Teardrop by Suicide(which is about a factory worker who ends up killing his wife and son after being fired and evicted) was an inspiration for Bruce to write this song!

  • Tim Fitzpatrick
    Tim Fitzpatrick 2 years ago

    John Lennon loved Bruce Springsteen...thats enough said really right there!!! You rock Bruce!!!!!!!

    • joe429t
      joe429t 9 months ago

      Tim Fitzpatrick John Lennon was a piece of shit

  • john de laender
    john de laender 2 years ago

    simply great.

  • Nella Crosiglia
    Nella Crosiglia 2 years ago

    to listen in silence

  • Bruce Game
    Bruce Game 2 years ago

    is this about bonnie nd clyde

    • Bruce Game
      Bruce Game 2 years ago

      thank you

    • Quan Ootsutsuki
      Quan Ootsutsuki 2 years ago

      Bruce Game This is about Charlie Starkweather and his girl There is a movie about it called Badlands. This song and Badlands are the best portrayals of the tragic story.

  • doɔʇoɹ ɯıdnıƃɥʇ

    The Boss.

  • Vera Stewart
    Vera Stewart 3 years ago

    love the offer. love this song. 💘 Bruce.

  • SuperiorNizzle
    SuperiorNizzle 3 years ago

    Thank you dad for showing me what music truly is

  • Alex Taubin
    Alex Taubin 3 years ago

    only Bruce can make you feel something for a murderer

    • Greg Radcliff
      Greg Radcliff Year ago

      Check out Billy Austin by Steve Earle..

    • Bubba Bubberson
      Bubba Bubberson Year ago

      Daniel Didit I came here to say that, I'm happy somebody already did.

    • atheling1066
      atheling1066 Year ago

      Sorry I meant Fugate

    • atheling1066
      atheling1066 Year ago

      The only feeling I have for Starkweather is one of disigust. My sympathy is with the victims and I include Caril Ann Felgate as one of his victims

    • Daniel Didit
      Daniel Didit 2 years ago

      Alex Taubin sufjan stevens came pretty close

  • j on his way
    j on his way 3 years ago

    Bruce just on The Late Show w/Steven Colbert and said this was in his top 5 favorite songs. Also Thunder Road, Jungleland, and Born To Run, all from my favorite Springsteen album. First heard it when it came out all those years ago. Dylan just awarded Nobel Prize this AM. Bruce far behind?

  • Michael Ridley
    Michael Ridley 3 years ago

    His voice has a spiritual quality. There's an exquisite blend of romance and horror and in this song

  • Antonio Fioore
    Antonio Fioore 3 years ago

    Happy 34th to this album

  • James Tussey
    James Tussey 3 years ago

    "Well, sir, I guess there's just a meanness in this world" might be the most terrifying line ever recorded in a song.

    • Tony Orsini
      Tony Orsini 9 months ago

      Why? Don't you know what humans are? I been kicked around by em too long to be afraid anymore. All I am now is tired. I don't know who has it worse: you or me.

    • Henry Bemis
      Henry Bemis 2 years ago

      Evil is not some abstract concept but a Personal malevolent force on this Earth. You don't have something like the Holocaust because of wrong thinking or poor social conditions.

    • Ian Thomas
      Ian Thomas 2 years ago

      Yes, James, the whole age-old problem magnificently distilled into a few short words. Despite the best efforts of the pseudo-intellectual analysts (who have carved lucrative careers for themselves by offering solutions that turn into dust) the simple fact is that there have always been, and always will be, nice people in this world and bastards. The big mistake is to try to understand and psychoanalyse the bastards. Don't waste valuable time and money - just remove them from the planet.

  • Mark Winberry
    Mark Winberry 3 years ago

    doesn't anybody ever recheck the lyrics again' the song before publishing it? jeesh

    • Steven Campbell
      Steven Campbell 3 years ago

      +Mark Winberry Ah that makes sense lol. It's my favourite Springsteen album.

    • Mark Winberry
      Mark Winberry 3 years ago

      @Steven Campbell lol no I was referring to the lyrics in the description. I was following along with the song and they were clearly wrong. It's not like you can't understand the singing. It's not like it's heavy metal and You need to guess. Haha

    • Steven Campbell
      Steven Campbell 3 years ago

      +Mark Winberry I thought you were referring to the intensity of the lyrics obviously wrong lol

    • Mark Winberry
      Mark Winberry 3 years ago

      @Steven Campbell​ well I wouldn't go that far but what does that have to do with my question.

    • Steven Campbell
      Steven Campbell 3 years ago

      It's probably the most brutal song ever recorded and it's amazing.

  • Tyler Harrington
    Tyler Harrington 3 years ago

    Being born and raised in the great state of Nebraska myself, I can tell you Bruce captured the mood brilliantly. The cover of the album alone says a great deal. Good stuff.

    • Tyler Harrington
      Tyler Harrington 2 years ago

      You are correct, Heather. My mother and father grew up in small, Nebraska towns and were teenagers when Charlie and Caril went on their infamous crime spree. Farmers formed shotgun wielding posse's looking for the two of them. It was a crazy ordeal that had the entire state in panic mode until they were finally caught. I graduated from Lincoln High School in Lincoln, where Charlie attended and eventually dropped out. Though obviously at different times

    • Elizabeth Smisek
      Elizabeth Smisek 2 years ago

      Tyler Harrington I did not know that. Thank you

    • Heather O'Riordan
      Heather O'Riordan 2 years ago

      Elizabeth Smisek it actually has a LOT to do with Nebraska... the song is about Charles Starkweather who along with his young girlfriend Caril Fugate , from Lincoln Nebraska went on a killing spree in 1958 murdering eleven people beginning with Caril's parents and 2 yr old baby sister. They went on the run killing ppl along their way through Nebraska to Wyomimg, and baffling the police. They were finally caught in the badlands of Wyoming and Charles Starkweather went to the electric chair.

    • Elizabeth Smisek
      Elizabeth Smisek 2 years ago

      Tyler Harrington Umm.... do you know what he's singing. It's about him going on a murder rampage with his love. It has nothing to do with Nebraska....

    • ledzep22100
      ledzep22100 2 years ago

      Tyler Harrington sounds shitty

  • Marie Michaillard
    Marie Michaillard 3 years ago

    Real thank's!

  • Lairdist Lairdest
    Lairdist Lairdest 3 years ago

    Bruce's best.

  • peppersdog1
    peppersdog1 3 years ago


  • bruce wouters
    bruce wouters 3 years ago

    wow GO GO GO BOSS

  • dagda54
    dagda54 3 years ago

    Oh Dear God, this so Americana...

  • alisha
    alisha 3 years ago

    Oh they're so good at copying huh. 😒 steal my girl is still better.

    • Sean Brennan
      Sean Brennan 11 months ago

      You do realize this song was written 44 years before steal my girl, before those twats in one direction were even born

  • Shiro
    Shiro 3 years ago

    I usually listen to death metal but this rocks

  • Randy Ventresca
    Randy Ventresca 3 years ago

    Opening song of a masterpiece album!

  • Valentina Sacco
    Valentina Sacco 3 years ago

    a bleeding song of violence from Bruce at his best

  • S Swan
    S Swan 4 years ago

    Lyra Greene was here.

  • Steve O
    Steve O 4 years ago

    From the New Years Eve 1980 show, one of his best a 3 hour 45 min marathon.

  • Thaddeus Vixon
    Thaddeus Vixon 4 years ago

    All music is inspired, however some is much more so than others. Bruce is one of the best. Incorporate inspiration into your life today. *Go to the truthcontest,com website and read The Present.*

  • K Lips
    K Lips 4 years ago

    the baseline for this song is simply amazing! gives me chills!

  • Anthea Ferrari
    Anthea Ferrari 4 years ago

    Amo sta canzone

  • Ana velazquez
    Ana velazquez 4 years ago

    💔💔triste Amor....

  • Phil McGrath
    Phil McGrath 4 years ago

  • kirdot2011
    kirdot2011 4 years ago

    "about Alex" movie sent me here

  • JAR_3_6_12
    JAR_3_6_12 4 years ago

    @kat wellington do you have any more info on the story about the desk? What you wrote about your grandfather and now father having the gas station desk the Bruce Springsteen sings about in "Nebraska" just blew me away.

  • Kat Welander
    Kat Welander 4 years ago

    My Granddad had the desk of the gas station attendant who was killed by Starkweather, where Starkweather, after killing the gas station attendant, put his feet up on the desk, smoked a Lucky Strike cigarette and then put it out on the desk. My father still has it to this very day. Its very chilling to even walk past the desk sometimes.

      SAM SMITH Year ago

      A symbol of others pain....and it seems you look at it as a pop relic in memory of some evil person's hate and indifference to another's life. Glad you are so proud to own it.

    • Ashley Phillips
      Ashley Phillips 2 years ago

      ummm..... he was killed in a vacant field. no desk around..... so.......

    • thewagesofben1
      thewagesofben1 2 years ago

      Kat Welander If your father ever wants to sell that desk, I want it.

  • Tassie G
    Tassie G 4 years ago

    Bleak, beautiful, brilliant. Bruce.

  • jean DUTAILLY
    jean DUTAILLY 4 years ago

    so haunting, we are travelling with the music, we're watching a white grey endless landscape.

  • jordan
    jordan 4 years ago

    great Sunday album

    • Paul Knight
      Paul Knight 4 years ago

      I totally agree Jordan especially as its Sunday.

  • Deltachord
    Deltachord 5 years ago

    Bob Dylan Poetic Story Teller 1. “Tangled Up in Blue” 2. “Hurricane” (written with Jacques Levy) 3. “All Along the Watchtower” 4. “The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll” 5. “Simple Twist of Fate” 6. “Isis” (written with Jacques Levy) 7. “Joey” (written with Jacques Levy) 8. “Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts” 9. “Sara” 10. “Ballad Of Hollis Brown” Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues Ballad Of A Thin Man Lo And Behold! Visions Of Johanna Desolation Row Only A Pawn In Their Game The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power) Black Diamond Bay (written with Jacques Levy) Talkin’ World War III Blues 4th Time Around Masters Of War

  • Emilie asmrose
    Emilie asmrose 5 years ago

    superbe chanson !!!! et cet harmonica, cette chanson a inspire Sean Penn pour son premier film Indian Runner , si vous l'avez pas vu je vous le conseille vivement :)

    • Emilie asmrose
      Emilie asmrose 4 years ago

      ah oui je me suis trompee, en tout l'album est superbe comme le film :)

    • Alvise Cervetto
      Alvise Cervetto 4 years ago

      Highway Patrolman,Emilie, non Nebraska

  • tom
    tom 5 years ago

    them drums!