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  • Yogesh Yogs Ram
    Yogesh Yogs Ram 6 days ago

    This is a really great video whoever put this together is a genius. It's exactly what I was looking for. I've seen seen these bag options been looking on Google for weeks! Thank you

  • Sketch Horse
    Sketch Horse 7 days ago

    First comment... I... Guess...

  • Ainul Fariha Ahmad Zikri

    Love these two translators: 1) Langogo 2) Smark Which one do you recommend, Gadget and Gear? My reasons (at first) to have both because the SMARK seems useful to talk in meetings (you know different people speaks different languages) and for Langogo seems to be perfect for traveling (eg. Japan, Russia or even France etc.) I can't decide which one. Would you kindly give your opinion? I would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Gadget & Gear
      Gadget & Gear 5 days ago

      Your choice is good. I would recommend u to go for langogo. But if you want an offline translator device then definitely go for ili . Thanks my friend

  • Ranjeet Kumar Das
    Ranjeet Kumar Das 9 days ago

    Nice wow

  • F15Ranger
    F15Ranger 11 days ago

    All these bikes suck ass for power. This video is a joke

  • Crystal Robinson
    Crystal Robinson 15 days ago

    I was looking for something simple for my rental apartment. I could not make any changes to the furnish of the apartment. An inexpensive system with easy installation of motion sensors and window/door sensors by HeyKangaroo has become a great solution for me.

  • emily eseleh
    emily eseleh 19 days ago

    Alcohol wipers Earmo

  • goatman86
    goatman86 19 days ago

    6:06 Please don't be THAT tourist

  • Luxi Turna
    Luxi Turna 20 days ago

    *the music is so loud that i had to stop watching at **1:27*

  • Kainen M
    Kainen M 21 day ago

    I absolutely hate video that has mindless noise playing in the background especially if the commentators have to talk over the top of the noise.

  • Kainen M
    Kainen M 21 day ago

    I never engage commentary that has to have distracting and confusing music playing in the background. It makes it harder for the 60 + crowd.

  • SHEIJUDAH's point of view

    That little device should be standard office equipment Bye bye Bilingual people..Now all Americans can get any job without being bilingual. πŸ˜›πŸ˜„ just speak into the device I'll be right w it you!... You can have a seat over there. LOLπŸ˜„πŸ˜‹We need only One bilingual person in the office not ten of you. You people will not replace Black people in the U.S. We qualify for any job regardless of our ability to speak a foreign language.

  • Dodcio Challenger
    Dodcio Challenger 22 days ago

    um excuse me but none of them are great they such ass jesus crise they are awful i mean am using the 30.000$ IW-R1 from Imperatorworks with a Xidax x-10 PC alright used it for a year almoust and let me tell you its way better then these top 5 am not saying your stupid or the channel sucks its my opinion to say that you need better ideas so i will unlike it cuz its terrible but i will subs to you cuz i love it XD

  • twochaudio mg
    twochaudio mg 23 days ago

    1 # is a creepy Comerical

  • Shashank Rao
    Shashank Rao 23 days ago

    Bro please tell me best lense for vivo v9

  • Alin ΠœΠ°Ρ€ΠΈΡƒΡ

    4:13 Vr in 1994??WTf!! Serioasly! β˜ΊοΈπŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ‘Œ

  • George Wendle
    George Wendle 25 days ago

    I wish those first two asked for a one way ticket to Aokigahara....

  • I'm Green
    I'm Green 26 days ago

    Yeah the first one, not a good idea. Also, good lord the one with the blond girl With in πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ was Annoying.

  • Prometheus
    Prometheus 29 days ago

    Why is the music the same sound level as the talking. You can hardly understand most of the information.

  • Tommylee Busby
    Tommylee Busby 29 days ago

    the second one

  • nissi khan
    nissi khan Month ago

    I want

  • Kehinde Afolabi
    Kehinde Afolabi Month ago

    please what is the cost

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago

    Why buy this? When i have google translator! And its FREEE!!

  • Just Browsing
    Just Browsing Month ago

    This is awesome!

    • Gadget & Gear
      Gadget & Gear Month ago

      Thanks Dear. ❀️❀️❀️

  • Best Tech
    Best Tech Month ago

    Nice vid

  • Damian_ai9
    Damian_ai9 Month ago

    bad audio

  • Best Tech
    Best Tech Month ago

    I saw those on amazon too. This video is really helpfull

  • Alex T
    Alex T Month ago

    A friction drive system is going eat up your tire pretty quickly

  • Eisa
    Eisa Month ago

    Vive is the best

  • beerborn
    beerborn Month ago

    Any of these translators would work good on lazy Mexican's who come to the US and don't want to learn English and just want to go on welfare and breed kids who end up joining street gangs.

  • Tom Bardy
    Tom Bardy Month ago

    Why.. ?

  • Nate
    Nate Month ago

    2009 : mirror selfie * where you take a photo of your mirror image 2019: mirror selfie... this

    RICE EVO Month ago

    I came here for the thumbnail

  • Alexander 23
    Alexander 23 Month ago

    Clickbait. Where’s the faucet in the picture? You liar. πŸ”ͺ

  • Veach On The Beach

    No links btw

  • Lookin Atcha
    Lookin Atcha Month ago

    I need wheel chair e trike

  • Linda Gray
    Linda Gray Month ago

    Would these devices understand Glaswegian or Geordie ? πŸ˜„

    • Linda Gray
      Linda Gray 13 days ago

      Ken Scott Don’t you? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

    • Ken Scott
      Ken Scott 13 days ago

      Does anybody understant that

  • Noel Aves
    Noel Aves Month ago

    These gadgets are a TOTAL rip-off. Beware, they promise simple conversations CRAP. P5000+ to the Garbage Can

    • Gadget & Gear
      Gadget & Gear Month ago

      Not all the devices are same my friend. And translators are used for simple conversation, definitely people are not gonna use these devices to make a long conversation with the locals.

  • Raul Izquierdo
    Raul Izquierdo Month ago

    so this is great for 90 day fiance show lol. oh i thought it was a sopository

  • alex Escudero
    alex Escudero Month ago

    It's a fuck#$ comercial

  • GemoTourixFr
    GemoTourixFr Month ago

    I've seen a bad review of the first one, don't know for the others

    • Gadget & Gear
      Gadget & Gear Month ago

      It's pretty normal to have some bad reviews. Becoz everyone's experience will not be the same.

    • Gadget & Gear
      Gadget & Gear Month ago

      It's pretty normal to have some bad reviews. Becoz everyone's experience will not be the same.

  • Top 5 Products
    Top 5 Products Month ago

    can i use your video....

  • cheecan nugget
    cheecan nugget Month ago

    All the effort to make this vid for bad comments and no views lol

  • Doggo Henriquez
    Doggo Henriquez Month ago

    0:33 Who the hell is touching the phone.

  • Chrysandra Mylinder

    Seems like I don't need to learn another labguage.

  • GT Bentley
    GT Bentley Month ago

    what is the future in Malay..Bahasa...Philippines? Cool ty

  • Kevin mcneil
    Kevin mcneil Month ago

    Why is it always English to Chinese? Is this an ad? Probably.

    • WhoSpilledMyTae ?
      WhoSpilledMyTae ? 15 days ago

      there was only one guy speaking Chinese the rest was Japanese or spanish... But they where in japan most of the time

  • Vincent Chung
    Vincent Chung Month ago

    First mirror under development still Second mirror is a scam because the link from their actual video is to a narcotics screening page

  • Tibor Majoros
    Tibor Majoros Month ago

    They look like they're drugged.

  • kiss my grits
    kiss my grits Month ago

    I could turn your world upsidedown in a heartbeat!

  • Lubomir Kolev
    Lubomir Kolev Month ago

    stupid video...

  • Giselle Juarez
    Giselle Juarez Month ago

    for strangers i think that the earpiece is very unreasonable, no one is going to want to put that in their ear. however, if you get it for a family member that doesn’t speak the language as you, or even a significant other, i can see why it would be extremely helpful

  • Tina's  Channel
    Tina's Channel Month ago

    So, all of this needs wifi

  • Javier Arteaga
    Javier Arteaga Month ago

    I have a question, if you travel and there is no wifi or mobile network, the translator works? or it is needed to be connected to the internet to work?

    • Mia倧仙儿
      Mia倧仙儿 9 days ago

      I see one of them is a portable wi-fi hotspot itself.

    • Gadget & Gear
      Gadget & Gear Month ago

      ili offline translator will work. But the other translator devices will require an internet connection. That's why our top pick translator is ili. You can check it out from here. ----------------- πŸ₯‡ Our Top Pick πŸ₯‡ ----------------- [1] ili - Instant Offline Language Translator Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐ [ 4.0 out of 5.0 ] Full Review - -------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Diego Montoya
    Diego Montoya Month ago

    This video sucks baseball sacs

  • zagreb boris
    zagreb boris Month ago

    this video is garbage

  • Brian Hibbs
    Brian Hibbs Month ago

    So.... the first three are only one-way and all of them would be useless over Skype?

  • Planet Venus
    Planet Venus Month ago

    Funny how ideas come into existence . I came up with a similar idea 43 years ago and the largest high tech company said it was not interested well. Que sera sera

  • Pizza
    Pizza Month ago

    Alfred should be #1

  • Michael G
    Michael G Month ago

    I would really like to know when the Newer earbuds come out with the 40 different Languages ???? That would be awesome !!!!

  • vaduzcrew
    vaduzcrew Month ago

    How much does it cost? Wish you have a dealer in Indonesia

    • Gadget & Gear
      Gadget & Gear Month ago

      Sorry my friend. These items are not available in Indonesia.

  • Henry Seidel
    Henry Seidel 2 months ago

    An ideal gadget to be sold to all lazy and naive idiots of this world to help them find the way to the next cemetery. Yet it is better than no brain at all.

  • oday murad
    oday murad 2 months ago

    Why didn’t you say the price

  • Tamara Spieling
    Tamara Spieling 2 months ago

    It appears that these products need to be connected to an app on your cell phone, which must be connected to the Internet constantly. But that even then, the remote translations are of limited quality. Maybe in 30 years. Obviously the video does not represent a real situation, but preselected phrases.

  • АлСксандр ΠšΡƒΠ»ΡŒΠ³Π°Π²Ρ‹ΠΉ

    Π›ΡŽΠ±ΠΎΠΉ смартфон Ρ‚Π°ΠΊ ΠΌΠΎΠΆΠ΅Ρ‚

  • 2 months ago

    NICE πŸ˜‰

  • Karelle
    Karelle 2 months ago

    The links must be inside the 2 way mirrors bcuz I don't see them

  • Tim Swoveland
    Tim Swoveland 2 months ago

    Only translates one way, no good

    • Vax Not
      Vax Not 12 days ago

      In the video, it's translating both ways.

  • Cats rule
    Cats rule 2 months ago

    i asked siri what the weather was once and it showed F. U . then said to me, "i don't know how to respond to that." it thought i said F.U., this could end badly all i'm saying.

  • paul Smith
    paul Smith 2 months ago

    Surely an app on your smart phone will do the same thing.

  • ΠŸΡƒΡ‚ΠΈΠ½ Π΄ΡƒΡ‚Π΅Ρ€Ρ‚Π΅

    7:03 >go to japan >ride a Taxi >use voice translator to ask local japanese taxi driver to take you to los angeles. very nice!

  • Bruce Covell
    Bruce Covell 2 months ago

    why not just use google translator on the phones.....I know I do.

  • Bryan Perez
    Bryan Perez 2 months ago

    Gigity gigity

  • tm502010
    tm502010 2 months ago

    Your top pick is different from your number one on Amazon. Why? It’s confusing. How are these better than something like Google Translate? Couldn’t an app on your cell phone and Bluetooth earbuds do the same? You could do an entire structured series of videos on this (without all the music and other flash) and provide a real, honest public service... as well as a video series many folks would happily watch. Thanks!!!

  • padam aero
    padam aero 2 months ago

    number 4 product doesn't exist any more

  • Ady Bush
    Ady Bush 2 months ago

    i have the carrera crosscity and it should be in the top 5 very good bike.

  • James Hackman
    James Hackman 2 months ago

    I'm thinking of getting a Cub Cadet 3000 psi gasoline pressure washer

    • Gadget & Gear
      Gadget & Gear 2 months ago

      You can consider these pressure washers.

  • GameTubeYT
    GameTubeYT 2 months ago

    Are they allowed in the UK

  • Christian Duerig
    Christian Duerig 2 months ago

    Mit WISH gibt es diese Übersetzer bereits ab Sfr. 6.00. Installieren Sie WISH und ab geht die Post !!!!

  • Charles Thao
    Charles Thao 2 months ago

    My man! Go get that tight hairy Asian pussy!

  • J Scott Upton
    J Scott Upton 2 months ago

    Does it work in "jive" if I go to the "hood"?

  • Steven Elliott
    Steven Elliott 2 months ago

    Dont buy muama enence it is a piece of non working shite!

  • Mike Allan
    Mike Allan 2 months ago

    Google translate on your phone is the same.. plus it is free

    • P. Herrmann
      P. Herrmann 2 months ago

      only if you wanna sound like a parrot trained to speak

  • Vera 1957
    Vera 1957 2 months ago

    How does it get the water temperature tight?

  • Aamey Playz
    Aamey Playz 2 months ago

    We all know what you came for (*-*)

  • Chris Christensen
    Chris Christensen 3 months ago

    This video is a fail

  • Josielyn Canona
    Josielyn Canona 3 months ago

    Where to order and how much?

  • Mani Kandan
    Mani Kandan 3 months ago

    1 vime

  • djinnov8
    djinnov8 3 months ago


  • Arman Nagapetian
    Arman Nagapetian 3 months ago

    Just fucking learn English majority of the world knows it and it will be very helpful to know it too, it's not a perfect solution but with knowing English you can get already quit far.

  • Figy Art
    Figy Art 3 months ago

    Wish they sold the mate x via Amazon😒

  • Tech Traveler
    Tech Traveler 3 months ago

    Recently I checked searched on see any Pesu voldador on TVclip not show any model on list. Only sell is monster. Sound like that Pesu suck!

  • Tech Traveler
    Tech Traveler 3 months ago

    Also, I check all ebike video that’s not fastest in the world. They all wrong!

  • Tech Traveler
    Tech Traveler 3 months ago

    I researched Pesu Voldador any website don’t carry any for sale or own website. But only for sale is Pesu Monster on amazon.

  • Raphael L. Rodriguez Rivera

    Me: Electric Foam Rollers. TVclip : Oversized Vibrator for couples....

  • The mad Tuk tuk
    The mad Tuk tuk 3 months ago

    Finally ! A tool for cockneys to communicate with people who reside beyond Watford ! (Not too far north though, doubt the technology exists to translate Geordie into English)

  • Carlos Alberto
    Carlos Alberto 3 months ago

    Muito bom

  • Carlos Alberto
    Carlos Alberto 3 months ago

    Onde encontro

  • J R
    J R 3 months ago

    #3 on the list...Moon Selfie company does not deliver. Orders placed over a year ago are still not fulfilled. They are also non-responsive to requests for updates and refunds.

  • Karurosu Aguirre
    Karurosu Aguirre 3 months ago