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  • John A. Rupkalvis
    John A. Rupkalvis 5 months ago

    It is obvious that a serious typographical error has been made. "The One Thing We All Agree On: 2-D Movies Must Die" is the correct title. Normal human vision is 3D. 2D, where everything from the near point to infinity is squashed down to a single flat plane, is a gross distortion of the highest order. 2D has been around far too long, and the sooner it is eliminated and replaced by 3D, the better. 3D is far superior to 2D in all characteristics. We must all work to hasten the day when all images are in 3D, and we no longer have to look at distorted 2D at all.

  • cipherrrr
    cipherrrr Year ago

    Can you give the names of the songs used in the JR smith 8bit video game vid?