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  • Peter Jhon
    Peter Jhon 2 minutes ago

    Become a Muslim accept islam

  • Reshma Panjwani
    Reshma Panjwani 4 minutes ago

    I am aries moon and my person is sag sun having venus in scorpio

  • All Roads Lead Here
    All Roads Lead Here 4 minutes ago

    I suppose if this is a technological paradise I really am Satan.

  • Dilyst Kesete
    Dilyst Kesete 12 minutes ago

    Nice advice thaks you so much,

  • Leela Lakshmi Narayana
    Leela Lakshmi Narayana 12 minutes ago

    IAM B +... ANY ONE MATCH TO ME.. 😘

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    Follow me on Instagram:chee.thao Footlovers message me on there!

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    This is so tru

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    Wizard Loki 20 minutes ago

    Love this ♋

  • Emma Sheppard
    Emma Sheppard 23 minutes ago

    Oh and just to point out the stupid ones here. It's never been physischematic at all, it's a fault in the central nervous system you bunch of spanners!

  • blue heart beat
    blue heart beat 23 minutes ago

    Im a libra btw.

  • nahin islam
    nahin islam 28 minutes ago

    can i use some parts/clips of your video for my youtube channel. i will present the organise of my informations with your some informations .

  • Catherine To
    Catherine To 28 minutes ago

    Men can have the same shape. When do people be kind to women ?

  • PyroJayxX
    PyroJayxX 31 minute ago

    1:50 is when the video starts.

  • jolanta kaunas
    jolanta kaunas 32 minutes ago

    I do not consume all of these products except sweets and dark bread. When I quit all of this I started to feel significantly healthier and look younger

  • Princess Dork
    Princess Dork 34 minutes ago

    You will live in a mansion, pisces OF COURSE NOT I WANNA LIVE IN THE HOUSE LEO DOES!!

  • Kattichii_ ღ
    Kattichii_ ღ 36 minutes ago

    I’m Aries, and that’s not really correct, but mostly.

  • Sherry Singleton
    Sherry Singleton 36 minutes ago

    Don't breakaway..... distant yourselves and regulate the distance!

  • Genesis Salguera
    Genesis Salguera 37 minutes ago

    Im a virgo and i fell in love with a capricorn

  • Brown S huggable
    Brown S huggable 38 minutes ago

    Fair enough but wasn't there something going and we are not using honey but they have fake honey but its worth the try

  • Kathy Ortiz
    Kathy Ortiz 41 minute ago

    Okay so what kind of sugar can we eat if we are diabetic or if we're not let me want to watch our sure context Stevia or which one can you tell me text me back and tell me what kind of sugars are we can have if you're not diabetic and want to cut down on sugar pain with sugar is there let me know and I hope you guys responsible

  • Pete Carpio
    Pete Carpio 46 minutes ago

    I love being an aries...

  • Claire Butler
    Claire Butler 52 minutes ago

    yeah.... im a pisces and i think i would rather die than have five kids ill stick to cats

  • ali habib
    ali habib 53 minutes ago

    I don't know what my blood type is; where can I know my blood type without even going to the doctor?

  • Paul James
    Paul James Hour ago

    This is full of inaccuracies. Even the Christmas cracker was portrayed as a box. I think you are comparing 2019 USA with 1919 UK 😂 You are welcome to come and spend Christmas with me one year so you can see just how inaccurate this is and see how we really celebrate it 😊 Have a lovely Christmas!

  • starbucks da wae

    yaas no school boiz les goo YHANKS FOR TEACHING ME HOW TO GET A FEVER

  • Sam 25
    Sam 25 Hour ago

    I love being alone, spending time alone, but also connect quite easily with other people and so I have many friends.. Is this video meant for me?

  • Joe Troutt
    Joe Troutt Hour ago

    I would love to tell you how I write the letter X but I would have to consult with my other 7 personalities.

  • Mr.AyaPapaya
    Mr.AyaPapaya Hour ago

    im a leftie and sucks at math.

  • Killer Rex
    Killer Rex Hour ago

    I got it right !!

  • Black powder Productions

    Got 2 daughters neither one can tell the truth , and have absolutely no idea what truth means anymore. So long gals , grow up then we will see 🤷‍♂️ there both in there thirties , and whores . 👋👋👋👋

  • Êrëñ Jãêgēr

    I have Philophobia really badly, at first I just thought it was commitment issues but later found out it was in fact a phobia, I've had so many relationships but I've always had to end them because I just lash out and have really bad anxiety and panic attacks, and end up having to leave the person and it's now leaded me to avoid relationships full stop

  • Info Planet
    Info Planet Hour ago

    How I can live without spices, pizza and burger 🙆😫😱😭😭😭😭

  • Hackxella uwu
    Hackxella uwu Hour ago

    Everyone b+ while I'm b- :(

  • Sara P
    Sara P Hour ago

    I am o+

  • CycloneFear
    CycloneFear Hour ago

    I’m Germini, and I’m not mischievous, i’m usually quiet and once a teacher said I showed maturity with my homework.

  • Anne Nielsen
    Anne Nielsen 2 hours ago

    And then what moon or sun sign you are affected by, and upbringing and all those different things that make each and every one of us special.. That's what makes people find each other, despite what any chart is telling them...

  • Ikoghs Icon
    Ikoghs Icon 2 hours ago

    I'm a taurus I don't like the ranch no offence to ranch lovers. I'm looking for a big house

  • m00ntvx
    m00ntvx 2 hours ago

    I dont believe in compatibility because I've met people with signs for taurans and they can be complete immature jackasses, I think it just depends on the person.

  • Richie Griffin
    Richie Griffin 2 hours ago

    Great video!

  • fe javier
    fe javier 2 hours ago

    Better watch out... im a tiger, a cancer... very protective to their loved ones. Ultra terribly sensitive with a tiger eyes, but cry like a baby. A lunatic can cry and laugh at same time. Do not have a lot of friends, but very loyal as a friend.

  • Maro Nogoy
    Maro Nogoy 2 hours ago

    Libra here

  • Stephenson Coney
    Stephenson Coney 2 hours ago

    Taurus all day 4-24

  • fatima Pudted
    fatima Pudted 2 hours ago

    I am A+

  • Richie Griffin
    Richie Griffin 2 hours ago

    Awesome video

  • Dnjdjxjcpfod Jwjjdjd

    Love you

  • Paula Mugabi
    Paula Mugabi 2 hours ago

    Led masks work

    PHILIP BLESSING 2 hours ago

    Please were can i get green tea .here in Italy dey don't have green tea

  • Jo Nyu
    Jo Nyu 2 hours ago

    Except if youre from a country where the water is not treated with fluoride☹️

  • Sal Blasker
    Sal Blasker 2 hours ago

    I've never been jealous of anyone as an adult so why should I have to put up with someone being jealous of me especially when I have come from disadvantage and had to work hard for everything I have got. In what sick world would people be jealous of people who have been less fortunate and had to work for everything.

    BASIRUDDIN MOLLA 2 hours ago

    Have it any side effects or what happens when someone eat it regularly quite extra amount. Which amount of backing soda doesn't harm our body

  • adam mendoza
    adam mendoza 2 hours ago

    Spot on!!

    CLAUDIO HUTTICK 2 hours ago

    Always make sure to leave early. Sometimes airports like JFK takes over 20 minutes from security to your actual gate. And it’s nice to arrive early get settled and enjoy food drinks at the lounge with enough time to navigate and not be too stressed out.

  • Darya _xoxo
    Darya _xoxo 2 hours ago

    Can I just say most of these are the opposite of most pisces 🤣🤣 except being very emotional 👌🏻

  • Jennifer Cushman
    Jennifer Cushman 2 hours ago

    I been a depression sufferer for over 10 years. It all has to do with the lost of idol MJ. And the only exercise on here that I can really do is walking indoors on a treadmill. Since I live in an unsafe town. So walking outside is not possible for me. Another exercise I can't do is ride a bicycle. I am almost 40 and I never once learn how to ride a bicycle. I can't run because of my leg health problems that I have. I can't do push ups, pull ups, and sit ups. Ever since I was a kid I been unable to do them. No matter how hard I tried. As for chest pressing I don't even know what that is. Since I never even heard of it before. And besides at one time I used to exercise all of the time on the treadmill. But it never made me feel any better. So I have since stop. Only video games, My love that I have for India mainly their movies and music, and my Christian religion are the only things that made me feel better. So much that my depression is not as bad as it used to be.

  • Everything awesome
    Everything awesome 3 hours ago

    You are my bestie 4ever.Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Kiran Varghese Vinu
    Kiran Varghese Vinu 3 hours ago

    1:45 I do that everyday

  • Great jls
    Great jls 3 hours ago

    Capricorn ♑️

  • Always Wondering
    Always Wondering 3 hours ago

    Some unfortunates survive in a window which precludes medical help. They cannot afford private health care, and they are unable to recieve help from the state, ironically, because , ostensibly, they can. They literally are unable to seek medical attention. A design which fosters the free good grace of free enterprise ? Or something rather odd and perhaps perverse ? Interesting. Opinion can not answer this. The questions which make up all human ethic will go forever onward - in perpetuity. And the poor bastards in 'the middle' can only sit by the window and wonder.

  • Asen Meyor
    Asen Meyor 3 hours ago

    Charming LIBRA.... Hit me up......

  • Fatima Pereira
    Fatima Pereira 3 hours ago

    Chilly is good

  • Erika :3
    Erika :3 3 hours ago

    Sometimes I hit myself, it's more satisfying. But just when i’m sad

  • veronica croskey
    veronica croskey 3 hours ago

    Yay i'm a Scizor

  • Roca Asir
    Roca Asir 3 hours ago

    Your face are young? Ur age are old, your grave are soon,,for what the young face

  • Katherine Wagoner
    Katherine Wagoner 3 hours ago

    Tomatoes are the nite shade that produces inflammation. Dark chocolate unsweetened is good. What they fail to say is that the refined sugars in the dark chock candy bars negate the healthy effects of dark chocolate. Organic is very important for berries and anything that is thin skinned.

  • Gauri Chhatwal
    Gauri Chhatwal 3 hours ago

    Lucky mw

    BEN FRANKDALIST 3 hours ago

    Lady luck Virgo

  • Mhadi Tome
    Mhadi Tome 3 hours ago

    Dis is so cool

  • Selena Pettiford
    Selena Pettiford 3 hours ago

    Thanks I'm going to try it.

  • Nuristani Dabli
    Nuristani Dabli 3 hours ago

    Red wine 😆 all the Docter recommended not drinks any alcoholic beverages but here 😆

  • Barbora Breza
    Barbora Breza 3 hours ago

    Cancer ♋️

  • Luis Trueba Garcia
    Luis Trueba Garcia 3 hours ago

    I think Golduck it´s more accurate than Ninetales for Scorpio...

  • Speak Easy
    Speak Easy 3 hours ago

    Where can I find kemchi?

  • Kushal C
    Kushal C 3 hours ago

    Hustle Loyalty Respect

  • A. Pathan
    A. Pathan 3 hours ago

    seriously it is awsom to get axact topic when u feel so... best chennel named besties

  • Oluonye Victoria
    Oluonye Victoria 3 hours ago

    O here🙋😘😙😚

  • janet bennett
    janet bennett 3 hours ago

    I keep track of my mental health the ENTIRE TIME I'M CRYING 😭...

  • LornaTheFreakWithAutism

    Honestly I used to be friends a Leo and she is so untrustworthy and dishonest ngl

  • ahadi k _kenya
    ahadi k _kenya 3 hours ago

    Yes, we like doing this and that to make ourselves busy Yes, we hate following rules that don't make sense Yes, we always like to correct someone when they lie Yes, we like being alone with our thoughts rather than have 100 fake friends Yes, we don't get angry that often but when we do, SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED Yes, we never show our emotions easily Yes, we are picky sometimes coz we don't trust nobody and when we do we trust 100% Yes, we always see the best in everyone no discrimination from aqua Yes, we love 100% break our hearts, we ex you 100% Yes, we are weird and funny,that's we always misunderstood Yes, we stand out from the crowd especially if there is music involved

  • Silver Moons
    Silver Moons 4 hours ago

    Libra squad .you here?😜

  • Azilana Raymundo
    Azilana Raymundo 4 hours ago

    It helps our face scne free

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    Sam Wilfork 4 hours ago

    Eww 🤣🤣🤣

  • Seeja S R
    Seeja S R 4 hours ago

    I have those pimples on the back just like the thumbnail... H E L P

  • Selena Pettiford
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  • Juana Palacios
    Juana Palacios 4 hours ago

    I don't run but a do brisk walking, and it makes feel free as a bird and the feeling that I can do anything.... really.👍😊 I'm going to incorporate situps.

  • Steve Cedrone
    Steve Cedrone 4 hours ago

    Sugar/Carbs are the enemy. Fats are not. Ancel keys data which all this is all based on is ridiculous. Watch "The Magic Pill" on Netflix

  • Eleanor Lisa George
    Eleanor Lisa George 4 hours ago

    Wow spot on.

  • Imom 3420
    Imom 3420 4 hours ago

    Whatever they said about A blood type is all in my personality.🤣

  • Irfan Lol
    Irfan Lol 4 hours ago

    Fam so lucky i am a Capricorn

  • Drakku
    Drakku 4 hours ago

    I have red eyes...... > :-)

  • Olive Honey
    Olive Honey 4 hours ago

    I love to dance for exercise. It's the only way i can exercise without feeling like I'm exercising. Lol

  • Miles Andrews
    Miles Andrews 4 hours ago

    Both my parents are signs of earth and I'm a sign of air

  • Ririzelle Nadura
    Ririzelle Nadura 4 hours ago

    Im Scorpio

  • Sidhu Boy
    Sidhu Boy 4 hours ago

    It was happened with me now I am suffering from OCD 😞😭 Please help me make a video on OCD

  • Ririzelle Nadura
    Ririzelle Nadura 4 hours ago

    Im grade 4 in 2019 and my section is gemini

  • Cyndi Grajeda
    Cyndi Grajeda 4 hours ago

    I get txt's from nasty ass bitches who don't want relationships but just want sex how sick is that I'm a great grandmother not looking 4 a fun time . They use other person's pH. # I plan on getting a new ph. & Have my daughter who is a internet wise

  • Masood Alam
    Masood Alam 4 hours ago

    Don't take any Food :-) If u want Looking Young than U Hungary any time like Fasting:-):-):-)

  • Sonia S
    Sonia S 4 hours ago

    Never been a good idea

  • Emerald Midnight
    Emerald Midnight 4 hours ago

    Is only hear to get good names for OCs.

  • Sherry Villacorta
    Sherry Villacorta 4 hours ago

    Spicy foods ??? And how come koreans have flawless skin though they are known as a spicy lovers......