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still dre
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Nines - Can't Blame Me
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WSTRN IN2 - piano cover
Views 1.2K3 years ago
Mclean - My Name (piano)
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Cam'ron - Hey Ma - Piano
Views 69K11 years ago
Piano Duet
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Shenmue Piano Solo
Views 7K11 years ago
Zelda - Lost Woods Theme
Views 48411 years ago


  • Denon Reed
    Denon Reed 3 days ago

    Mad talented

  • Chris Lewis
    Chris Lewis 7 days ago

    Have you got the sheet music?

  • Denon Reed
    Denon Reed 14 days ago


  • Daniel_xd Aj
    Daniel_xd Aj Month ago


  • Mo Gold
    Mo Gold Month ago

    Man your sick, you should have way more likes and subscribers. Asian Scott Storch Right here 👏🏼🔥🔥🔥

  • Not Elon
    Not Elon Month ago

    Le Epic

  • mystique
    mystique 3 months ago

    tutoriall ??

  • iqra ikram
    iqra ikram 3 months ago

    AMAZING BRO!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlie Schneider
    Charlie Schneider 3 months ago

    If you are ever thinking of making a tutorial I beg it is of this, this is incredible😁

  • Nikola Surdilovic
    Nikola Surdilovic 3 months ago

    Amazing, even better than original score!

  • Stoynov666
    Stoynov666 4 months ago


  • Christopher Ramrattan
    Christopher Ramrattan 4 months ago

    Nah this is too hard 💣

  • Sam g
    Sam g 4 months ago

    Whoever disliked SUCK UR MUMS

  • K0H3N _
    K0H3N _ 4 months ago

    Damn this is pretty good, I love this theme it really does suit lord of the rings

  • Mehul Basu
    Mehul Basu 4 months ago


  • Trevor Vallo
    Trevor Vallo 5 months ago

    The only one that I know of that has done a cover for Shadow of War. It was incredible to listen to.

  • VisiualProwess
    VisiualProwess 5 months ago

    Amazing dude. What a great cover choice. I’ve put so many hours into that game not only because I think it’s an amazing game but because it’s Tolkien’s world! Haha

  • Abarai Gun
    Abarai Gun 5 months ago

    Actually this is too fast

  • Lydia Fautua
    Lydia Fautua 5 months ago

    cant stop watching this vid by the way beast chourus

  • Lydia Fautua
    Lydia Fautua 5 months ago

    there should be no dislikes this piece is sensational

  • Lydia Fautua
    Lydia Fautua 5 months ago


  • Connor Breitenbach
    Connor Breitenbach 5 months ago

    Beautiful piece, very impressive you did that by ear, Great job man!

  • Fernando Cirino
    Fernando Cirino 6 months ago

    Please the piano sheet

  • 01dee1
    01dee1 6 months ago


  • Veled Videosu
    Veled Videosu 6 months ago

    No dislike wow

  • Faith Sephora
    Faith Sephora 6 months ago


  • James R
    James R 6 months ago

    Great Job Man! This is so epic, it gave me goosebumps 😅☺

  • Kayla Barnett
    Kayla Barnett 6 months ago

    Can u do a tutorial and say the notes please

  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul 7 months ago

    Best cover of Sicko mode I've ever heard 😍😍

  • Vladimir Sorokovikov
    Vladimir Sorokovikov 7 months ago


    SUPERTOHOREMIX 7 months ago

    Permission to use this amazing cover for a video please? Will provide credit and link if requested. Keep up the great work :).

      SUPERTOHOREMIX 5 months ago

      @P4R4G3 Better late then never! Thank you. And not to worry, could potentially repurpose it.

    • P4R4G3
      P4R4G3 5 months ago

      Sorry for late reply, but yes go for it if its not too late!

  • JustsayOK
    JustsayOK 7 months ago

    Can I have the chord sheet for this.. this is amazing

  • ENDZ
    ENDZ 7 months ago


  • Madison Fox
    Madison Fox 7 months ago

    This is so cool

  • Aj Johnson
    Aj Johnson 7 months ago

    This is perfect bro, good work left a like

  • Amelia stephenson
    Amelia stephenson 8 months ago

    Wow beauty this is the best piano version I've heard from this song

  • Justin Ramirez
    Justin Ramirez 8 months ago

    Dope bro this fye

  • crrr
    crrr 8 months ago

    really enjoy your channel

  • Mahfuz Ali
    Mahfuz Ali 8 months ago

    I wanna know what scale this is in. Would be really interesting to see why the song fits the lyrics

  • Emmanuel Baah
    Emmanuel Baah 9 months ago

    You should really do tutorials uno ur acc so talented ✊🏾

  • AJ
    AJ 9 months ago

    How do you play this?!?

  • TIPS Artist
    TIPS Artist 9 months ago

    yo brother I beg you do a recorded version on the piano as a instrumental for me I will pay

  • Maxime Widemann
    Maxime Widemann 9 months ago


  • Shakib ahmed
    Shakib ahmed 9 months ago

    Bro, can you do Dave - funky Friday or 6ix9ines new joint with Tory?

  • Nhoel DaBoss
    Nhoel DaBoss 9 months ago

    Free 69

  • Awang Wow
    Awang Wow 9 months ago

    dope asf

  • Michael Scheller
    Michael Scheller 10 months ago


  • Richard Barbosa
    Richard Barbosa 10 months ago

    How is name of music?

  • Sam Daulton
    Sam Daulton 10 months ago


  • AJAdam D
    AJAdam D 10 months ago

    Had to subscribe, certain to grow 🙏

  • Own Dialect
    Own Dialect 10 months ago

    yes fam !

  • Jollocho
    Jollocho 11 months ago


  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul 11 months ago

    Plzz do dappy oh my

  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul 11 months ago

    This guy should have a million subs

  • Yxng Smokey
    Yxng Smokey Year ago

    Too underrated

  • Sharon Fisher
    Sharon Fisher Year ago

    Fantastic xx

  • Bronco Mex
    Bronco Mex Year ago


  • Dan Lew
    Dan Lew Year ago

    Whats the chords for jakaye

  • Dan Lew
    Dan Lew Year ago

    Can i have the chords for start please

  • Heavy Jules
    Heavy Jules Year ago

    You from London?

    • P4R4G3
      P4R4G3 Year ago

      Heavy Jules yea bro

  • Aaliyarrhh
    Aaliyarrhh Year ago


  • Craig Sounds
    Craig Sounds Year ago

    Apsolutley great :)) extra sub for you :) hope you sub back in return 😋🤓

    1ANTIHEROSK8R Year ago

    Big up to you bro. Nice one!

  • RD
    RD Year ago

    This is amazing 👌🏽 can you do oh my?

  • Don Marcus
    Don Marcus Year ago

    i bet u can !!! please do my brother

  • Don Marcus
    Don Marcus Year ago

    DUDE U'RE SICK PLAYIN IT LIKE THAT OMG!! Can u just play the instrumental till da end?

  • •G4SP4RIN•
    •G4SP4RIN• Year ago

    I'm 10 years late... And the sheet is not more avalaible :(

    • •G4SP4RIN•
      •G4SP4RIN• Year ago

      Yeah, I’m trying, there are only a few videos like this and I really appreciate it, anyways, thank you so much for these type of content ;)

    • P4R4G3
      P4R4G3 Year ago

      I tried to find it for you but I cant :( .. try to learn it from ear?

  • Dellilah Jamal
    Dellilah Jamal Year ago

    Woww!! How do you find all the chords and notes for all these songs? Do you pay by ear coz if u do that’s amazing 😩😩🌊🌊

    • P4R4G3
      P4R4G3 Year ago

      Dellilah Jamal yeah I play by ear. Thank you!!

  • Dellilah Jamal
    Dellilah Jamal Year ago


  • dmarcya jackson
    dmarcya jackson Year ago

    That’s hard

  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul Year ago

    I loved this but can you please do a cover for juice wrld Lucid dreams. It will mean the world to me bro. Keep up the awesome piano playing

    FAITH Year ago

    Do “079 me” b young

  • Daniel Downey V
    Daniel Downey V Year ago

    Thanks you very much my friend! I wish there where more colors of this masterpiece if a song. Keep up the good work you just gained a sub.

  • T Mayxx
    T Mayxx Year ago

    This is sooo good 🔥🔥

  • Teun
    Teun Year ago

    Sound perfect! Can you send me the chords?

  • Pro Calla
    Pro Calla Year ago

    This is amazing

  • Major Ash
    Major Ash Year ago

    Well played bro!

  • Parsa Sabet
    Parsa Sabet Year ago

    the most talented pianist strikes againnnnn, this is insane - what chords are you playing in the right hand?

  • Nathan Reese
    Nathan Reese Year ago

    hey dude when your playing octives in your left it looks like you are playing with your pinky finger and ring finger on the bottom note of the octive. Is there a reason for this? Im just curious.

    • P4R4G3
      P4R4G3 Year ago

      hey bro well I'm not exactly sure to be honest with you.. when playing octaves quickly i do it like this. it could be because when I tense up the left hand for the octaves its easier to put the tension through the ring finger and lock it in place so theres less movement when going up and down notes on octaves.. more of a habit thing more than anything else i guess

  • Shiyam Sivathas
    Shiyam Sivathas Year ago

    This is amazing. Do you learn by ear?

    • P4R4G3
      P4R4G3 Year ago

      Shiyam Sivathas thank you 🙏🏼 yes I do

  • Shakib ahmed
    Shakib ahmed Year ago

    Cold, can you do Travis Scott-Goosebumps?

  • Egg Deception
    Egg Deception Year ago

    is there an midi for this

  • Bhav P Music
    Bhav P Music Year ago

    Best cover of this I've heard on here. Inspired me to work on a cover of this myself. Any chance you'd want to do a guitar and piano collab on another song?

  • had gh
    had gh Year ago


  • Prod by HYE
    Prod by HYE Year ago

    Somehow theese are always nice


    i could listen to this all day

  • S. K
    S. K Year ago

    Hey man even though this video is not new, just know that im your biggest fan! The way you arrange music is just flawless.... Your play motivated me to learn this one - YRF, but it’s very difficult to see what exactly you’re playing... Maybe you could help me out with the notes? Maybe the basic guitar chords or .... Big up once again mate... all the best with your piano covers!

    • S. K
      S. K Year ago

      P4R4G3 yo man appreciate that. We stay tuned for your new UK rap covers. Would love to see Loski or some new faces in tha game 🔥🚫🧢

    • P4R4G3
      P4R4G3 Year ago

      Intro right hand: C-C#-F-Bb (repeats) Intro left hand: C-C#-Bb-F#-F#-F#-F-Bb-Bb(one octave lower)-Bb-D# The chorus starts with: F-F-F-AbBb-Bb-F-D#-D#-C#-C#D#-D#... etc

    • P4R4G3
      P4R4G3 Year ago

      S. K thank you so much. grateful ❤️ will try post the notes/chords here in a few days 👊🏼

  • HyperFuSions
    HyperFuSions Year ago

    Yo you don’t have to write out a sheet can you just record it so we can see it from the top view

  • Parsa Sabet
    Parsa Sabet Year ago

    this is insane - could you tell me the chords?

  • YSJ Chin
    YSJ Chin Year ago

    you're too wavey man I can't eveeeen

  • Re Ro
    Re Ro Year ago

    yo bruv could you makeideaa couple tracks like dave hangman. as a wav or mp3 or i can convert i have an ideaa

    • Re Ro
      Re Ro Year ago

      P4R4G3 thanks Boss

    • P4R4G3
      P4R4G3 Year ago

      Reuben Robert I’ll try g msg me ur email

  • Spidey101
    Spidey101 Year ago

    you dont understand your channel would blow up if u did tutorials or if you put camera somewhere where people can see piano from above

  • Amir Samonji
    Amir Samonji Year ago

    Ur too sick

    • P4R4G3
      P4R4G3 Year ago

      Amir Kadri love

  • Rahima Sankoh
    Rahima Sankoh Year ago

    Soo beautiful😍😍

  • Franklin Freshman

    Sick !!

  • Antonio Phillip
    Antonio Phillip Year ago

    How long does it take you to compose these covers?

    • P P
      P P Year ago

      Usually around 1-2 days

  • Antonio Phillip
    Antonio Phillip Year ago

    I'd be grateful if you can tell me the left hand notes/chords for the verse please.

  • Chris Darcy
    Chris Darcy Year ago

    Holy shit, I'm a UK rapper from reading but I live north. I would love for you to come up with an instrumental for one of my songs, please get in touch chrisdarcy227@gmail.com p.s. my first single drops in 2 weeks 👀 for anyone who sees this

  • Ryan
    Ryan Year ago

    you should do the skyrim theme song

    • P4R4G3
      P4R4G3 Year ago

      Bloak thanks for your comments 👊🏼 don’t get a lot of time to play these days but Skyrim one of my favourite games ever, so always the possibility

  • Ryan
    Ryan Year ago

    Would buy this on itunes tbh