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Love Music
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  • casey melville
    casey melville 33 minutes ago

    i like this music

  • Султан Садырбаев


  • Samrawit Hagos
    Samrawit Hagos 16 hours ago

    My favourite song I love you wonderful voices

  • Diana Baltramonaite
    Diana Baltramonaite 21 hour ago

    I live to eat pizza :3🍕

  • 박향선
    박향선 21 hour ago


  • Ag
    Ag 22 hours ago

    Someone you loved singer didn't even get a mention in your video title or description. U urself can't respect artist and just bothered to mentioned Big names in your video. And ironically the first song is of him in your video.

  • Debasis Chowli

    All songs of Ed Sheeran is very nice but my favorite song is perfect. God bless you,l want in this you can sing and entertain us🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🤗🤗

  • Thea Alexa Santos

    All music is my favorite

  • Susan P. Davis

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  • Carmen Ho
    Carmen Ho Day ago

    Omg i love this version of A Team Who is here watching in 2020 😍😍😍😍😍😍nice music 💕💕💕💓💓💕 I love Ed Sheeran I love his voice

  • Katalyne Cummings

    It skipped Stitches!

  • Aina Teixidó
    Aina Teixidó Day ago


    GOULI BEST Day ago MUSIC 2020!!! BEST OF

  • אוריאן חגחגח


  • Mr.Pickles 666
    Mr.Pickles 666 2 days ago

    Waw amazing

  • Gilles-stephane Boni

  • Karima Abdulkadir
    Karima Abdulkadir 2 days ago

    You skipped stiches ,take it off and others

  • Luci
    Luci 2 days ago


  • Felicia Prince
    Felicia Prince 3 days ago

    Love all of you your songs

  • Peter Joseph Nacionales

    Hello Ed Sheeran i loved the way you wrote your songs, the way you sing that make my days complete and thank your for making my blood alive ty. Keep it up bro👍

  • French Art Creator
    French Art Creator 3 days ago

    My playlist of Ed Sheeran in Spotify : Listening !!

  • Helena Ježková
    Helena Ježková 3 days ago

    I just can't help myself but I like shallow by KEiiNO more than the original🤷🏽❤️💕

  • walter veliz
    walter veliz 3 days ago

    esta rebuena

  • Nino Gaspar
    Nino Gaspar 3 days ago


  • Flaviagro
    Flaviagro 3 days ago

    Who is here watching in 2020 😍😍😍😍😍😍nice music 💕💕💕💓💓💕

  • Matthew
    Matthew 4 days ago

    143 - 021410 - 20

  • Leonardo Jaxson
    Leonardo Jaxson 4 days ago

    You skipped #10

  • labed sabah
    labed sabah 4 days ago

    I like this song

  • Arnorld Abaine
    Arnorld Abaine 4 days ago

    thanks bro for the love music

  • Marina Venuto
    Marina Venuto 4 days ago

    Eu acho que marshmallow é o Shaw mendes

  • Kykee 1116
    Kykee 1116 5 days ago

    You forgot bts boy with love

  • Jullia Euzebio Bento

    Love music top

  • Nakis Drummer
    Nakis Drummer 5 days ago

  • Billy Murray Fan
    Billy Murray Fan 6 days ago

    Terrible music direct from satan

  • Creampuff Master
    Creampuff Master 6 days ago

    Where bad guy at

  • only pro fortnite diego

    I love your songs

  • bogdan pajdzik
    bogdan pajdzik 6 days ago

    I. Like. Your. Baby🎙🎤🎧📻🎷🎸🎼

  • bogdan pajdzik
    bogdan pajdzik 6 days ago

    I. I love. You. Ed. Sheeran😍🐮😭😢🍉and 🍟🍔🍕🍿🍿🍿🚼🎤🔮

  • bogdan pajdzik
    bogdan pajdzik 7 days ago

    I. Jove.

    MARIO COMEQ 7 days ago

    𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗮 𝗳... , 𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗻𝗲𝘄. All the same sounds, the same voices like robots. You listen one song and do not need to continue. I do not accuse Love Music, but the industry.

  • Andrew Abarca
    Andrew Abarca 7 days ago

    where is photograph

  • Supawadee Chuamang
    Supawadee Chuamang 7 days ago

    LOVE dis songs

  • Nikisss CZ
    Nikisss CZ 7 days ago

    dobry pisnicky tu jsou :D

  • Igor Komkov
    Igor Komkov 7 days ago

    Too many ads !!!

  • Nea Cayang
    Nea Cayang 7 days ago


  • Nea Cayang
    Nea Cayang 7 days ago

    Cool songs.....

  • de 20SY
    de 20SY 7 days ago

    check my song it's self made !

  • Katarína Riecka
    Katarína Riecka 7 days ago

    Nice songs!

  • Daniela Schmiedeke
    Daniela Schmiedeke 7 days ago


    • Billy Murray Fan
      Billy Murray Fan 6 days ago

      Daniela Schmiedeke pop music from hell. Pop music was great before 1950 NOT TODAY. It is terrible noise without any meaning dirkt from hell

  • Aicha Elahouel
    Aicha Elahouel 7 days ago

    I love this musik englich

  • Francis Mwangi
    Francis Mwangi 7 days ago

    I just love the song and that voice is soo dope

  • Rachel Goldman
    Rachel Goldman 7 days ago

    Listening to this as I'm at the gym. I listen to it every day. Sweet but psycho baby.

  • mamata chand
    mamata chand 8 days ago


  • Surati Rina
    Surati Rina 8 days ago


  • Djabar Sourou mou
    Djabar Sourou mou 8 days ago

    tu est bon🌹

  • Angela Viviana Bustos

    i like all this music

  • Shadow Black 0
    Shadow Black 0 8 days ago

    Where is "Lose You To Love Me" from Selena Gomez?

  • Awet Barakial
    Awet Barakial 9 days ago

    I love u Ed Sherran u are the best👍🎤👍🎤👍🎤

  • Soham Malusare
    Soham Malusare 9 days ago

    Did you get monetize your channel by YT.....!???

  • Was geht Sie das an


  • elsa Solomon
    elsa Solomon 9 days ago


  • Yogi Asmadi
    Yogi Asmadi 9 days ago

    You Good

  • Lynn Fernandes
    Lynn Fernandes 10 days ago

    robbie ladron Farruko.

  • Usman Arif
    Usman Arif 10 days ago

    One of Ariana grande’s sang is in here so why did you mansion everyone else except her???

    • i’m allergic to cats
      i’m allergic to cats 9 days ago

      Bruh they mentioned kidz bop... WHAT THE FUCK WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT 😂😂😂

  • Dimitri Bardel
    Dimitri Bardel 10 days ago

    Super musique remix

  • maria clara santos
    maria clara santos 10 days ago

    Love you😍

  • Sophia Beeson
    Sophia Beeson 10 days ago

    Love this playlist. It has all the best songs from 2019!

    • Billy Murray Fan
      Billy Murray Fan 6 days ago

      Sophia Beeson No songs from 2019 is great. Hitlist music of the 21th century is made by satan himself. If you like this music you like satan

  • Antonio Silva
    Antonio Silva 10 days ago

    2020!!! Só música top!!! :3

  • Jasmin Paraiso
    Jasmin Paraiso 11 days ago

    i love these music ed sheeran you are my idol

  • ali kassem
    ali kassem 11 days ago

    any body this vid in2020 put a like for the vid and for my com.... (; (:

  • Carolina Nicolau
    Carolina Nicolau 11 days ago

    I love you Ed sherran

  • Kaitlyn Skinner
    Kaitlyn Skinner 11 days ago

    I love listening to this music when I'm doing homework and dishes

  • Petra Steinkogler
    Petra Steinkogler 11 days ago

    I LOVE you Songs😘😘

  • Petra Steinkogler
    Petra Steinkogler 11 days ago

    I LOVE 💝💝😝😝😘😘

  • Yudi Hernanda
    Yudi Hernanda 11 days ago

    Salaam Dari Indonesia

  • Gabriel Duarte
    Gabriel Duarte 11 days ago

    where is Never Really Over

  • Hamza Malik
    Hamza Malik 12 days ago


  • 이준성
    이준성 12 days ago


  • 이준성
    이준성 12 days ago


  • Gianpierre Fabricio Quispe Gavilan

    thinking out loud my favorite

  • le monde de alyssia b


  • le monde de alyssia b

    Love musique you nams wathe you Biehe

  • le monde de alyssia b

    Withe you mi fan girl you byat

  • Gabriella Shepherd
    Gabriella Shepherd 12 days ago

    Add Bruno Mars!!!!!!

  • Colette Acar
    Colette Acar 12 days ago

    c une des meilleures playlist en anglais c genial bravo

  • sunstar marie
    sunstar marie 13 days ago

    Wow good job Ed sheeran u are a cool singer I'm a fan of u

  • Mckenzie Nicholson
    Mckenzie Nicholson 13 days ago

    I wish I was at every single concert of urs I wish I went to go see u when u came to Canada because I live in Canada U ARE MY FAVOURITE SINGER I love you 😘 my favourite song of urs is ...? ALL.but seriously I love the song happier😘

    • Alex Mason
      Alex Mason 11 days ago

      Mckenzie Nicholson this isn’t the channel of Ed sheeran

  • Roshan Sundas
    Roshan Sundas 13 days ago

    My favourite Hollywood singer

  • Amzara V.Z
    Amzara V.Z 13 days ago


  • Adrian lupo
    Adrian lupo 13 days ago

    I love music

  • Leny rose Laplana
    Leny rose Laplana 13 days ago

    I like it

  • ĀngeŁ Čutįepįě

    NyC songs I like it👌👍

  • NyroXx
    NyroXx 14 days ago

  • Brown Brown Brown Brown

    the first song is my favourite song

  • Dante Nero
    Dante Nero 14 days ago

    90% trash , but popular, iam need this)

  • Karla Morales
    Karla Morales 14 days ago


  • Karla Morales
    Karla Morales 14 days ago


  • Karla Morales
    Karla Morales 14 days ago


  • Karla Morales
    Karla Morales 14 days ago


  • Angeline Gomez
    Angeline Gomez 15 days ago

    I love it the song