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Hitting Kids
4 months ago
My Voice Is Back!!
4 months ago
Losing My Voice
5 months ago
Open Relationships
6 months ago
Chad & Mayim Time
8 months ago
Take The Oath
11 months ago
NY Trip
Year ago
Quiz Time!
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Comments: 158

  • Curtis9ohh9 curt
    Curtis9ohh9 curt 16 days ago

    Get cancer.

  • Camel76
    Camel76 17 days ago

    The Truth About Thanksgiving

  • Jess Waltz
    Jess Waltz 20 days ago *If you had a son he would look like this

  • plainbob V.2 boo
    plainbob V.2 boo 20 days ago

    How about a nice shower and a trip to a warm oven?

  • Unknown Zone
    Unknown Zone 20 days ago

    Your a stupid cow and Big BAng Theory is ruined for me now because of you. FUCK OFF

  • Iwatch Vids
    Iwatch Vids 20 days ago

    Stupid tedious cuntbag.

  • Iwatch Vids
    Iwatch Vids 20 days ago

    You stupid, useless, unhistorical, humorless, drycunt.

  • Angry Goyim
    Angry Goyim 20 days ago

    Revelations 2:9
    I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. -God

  • Aurora Wesker
    Aurora Wesker 20 days ago

    May God have mercy on your pitiful little soul.

  • The Wandering Musician

    As a Neuroscientist ,what are your thoughts on the cause,affects and possible cures of Alzheimer's ???? ....

  • Mike Maidens
    Mike Maidens Month ago

    Hi Mayim Bialik Are Yore Sons Circumcised

  • Glenda Peterson
    Glenda Peterson Month ago

    Mayim, please stop letting other people tell you how to speak or believe. You seem to be the only person in Hollywood with anything approaching morals; you owe no one an excuse for that. Have the courage to be what you are, a very intelligent, moral person in a world that admires stupidity and sin.

  • subbtopp
    subbtopp Month ago

    Hi, have been loving your vids.  I live in England and just saw this on our news and wondered if you'd bring this to peoples attention some how. Why does the US have so many child brides? - BBC News I don't know how maybe just talking about it to your mates and friends. any who thanks for being awesome.xx

  • Joãozinho Perlin

    Send hello from Brazil

  • martin alexis
    martin alexis Month ago

    WEN IZ SEZON 12 COMING¿¿¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Ben Newton
    Ben Newton Month ago

    omg....just say a commercial for u a Koothrapali in Drop the Mic. Cant wait

  • Darksmith Word Press

    From a fellow Vegan and someone who has watched you grow up on television : Please Wake The Fuck UP and pull your head out of your ass ... Do you know what you represent these days? Look into it and please breath a little before you cram your head back up the Leftist poop chute...

  • Arjen Laan
    Arjen Laan Month ago

    Just want to say, thank you for, even if it may have been inadvertedly, triggering the "metoo" storm. I know your words come from a good place, and in this case, I shared the sentiment, especially since I know the context, which, of course, was for a large part, lost when the story hit the internet.
    But hoo boy, reading and hearing from woman after woman that they had been through at least one horrible experience, and in some cases, about some details... was shocking to say the least, and especially gut wrenching were the testimonies of women who, as best as they could, kept to the strategies and limitations that they were taught as girls- and then not only were they still assaulted: if they even dared to talk about it, they were implicitly or explicitly blamed themselves, and even when they remained silent, their minds tended to wander where their training had taught them to... blame.
    I can (now, finally) imagine that many women read the "how women should also take responsibility for their own safety" bit in your article as just rehashing what they had already been hearing from even before they were teenagers, and how that might grate on them. But personally, I believe that the silence and the shame are really the bigger problem here, and that we really needed this storm to happen. And for you to be the Amazonian butterfly in this was brave and constructive, and I really hope that most people will take it that way, or come to take it that way, at the very least.

  • madamantiou
    madamantiou Month ago

    Thanks for your interesting and informative videos, I especially found Kittens & Kids and Building my Sukkah really thought provoking. Thank you and all the best for the future, Mark

  • marizcona
    marizcona Month ago

    I love your work!  Thank you; thank you!

  • AC Stokes
    AC Stokes Month ago

    I just read your NYT op-ed and I know everyone everywhere is probably dragging you for what you wrote. I wanted to say that i appreciated many of your comments. You seem to have a perception of control over whether you are a target of unwanted sexual attention but you don't. If you haven't experienced it, it's probably the result of luck, quite honestly. You'll never know, of course, and it always feels better to think that you have control of your own destiny. You're comments ring of respectability politics, which I am familiar with from the perspective of being a Black person in America. It took me a long time to realize that there is no number of degrees I can earn or smiles I can flash or thoughtful responses I can give, if a cop or neighborhood watch member wanted me gone, I'd be gone. Similarly, I have been catcalled and followed while wearing sweat pants and a tee shirt in the suburbs. It's a hard psychological experience to grasp that I don't have control over how people treat me, ultimately, and whether I am safe in the world. The sense of powerlessness is crippling. For those of us who have been targeted in these variety of ways, it's enough to make a person not want to leave the house again. If you have a bad outcome, it's not because of anything that you did or didn't do other than leaving the house that day. I'm glad you don't have to feel this weight. You're lucky.

  • Marcielle Brandler

    Beautiful Mayim. I love your intelligence and humor.

  • Kelsey Lynch
    Kelsey Lynch 2 months ago

    Wondering if you and my fellow Grokites might be able to help us spread the word. We're a team of four friends in Charlotte, NC, that are trying to help out our friends and neighbors down in the Virgin Islands to recover after the two Category 5 hurricanes. We are collecting supplies and donations from anywhere and everywhere. Our gofundme page has information as to what we are trying to accomplish, and I would be happy to answer any questions you or anyone might have!

  • Jeremiah Watson
    Jeremiah Watson 2 months ago

    OMG YOU HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! I would love to see you discuss life issues with Hank and John Green. Mindsplosion!!!!

  • Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    Putting "Mayim Bialik here, from The Big Bang Theory and Blossom!" in the description of all your videos makes you sound like Wolowitz after he came back from space.
    What is your opinion on Israel?

  • The BenC
    The BenC 2 months ago

    I hate that you are vegan ♥

  • 2Chooks - Lj Emerson
    2Chooks - Lj Emerson 2 months ago

    After watching all of her videos I only noticed 2 differences.... I have a PHD in Avian Psychology and I'm not totally vegan, though I am working on it.

  • Cheryl Thomas
    Cheryl Thomas 2 months ago

    You are a wise woman. I just watched your vlog about your divorce and the one about what you got wrong about relationships. While I am old enough to be your mother, I would like to be more like you in your ability to share deep insights clearly. Many blessings from an older Baptist clergywoman.

  • Don English
    Don English 2 months ago

    I think Mayim is a truly awesome person. Good role model for women and girls. I'm just so disappointed she's doing a commercial for soda stream which is on occupied Palestinian land. The company is being boycotted all over. I'm surprised someone with her pull would do that.

  • Konrad D
    Konrad D 2 months ago

    I'm really curious of your opinion on this video that was realised last month on the misogyny in the Big Bang Theory. Do you agree with those comments? I guess you might not be allowed to comment on that since you're part of the show but if you can I'd love to hear your opinion on that.

  • Noé Velasco
    Noé Velasco 2 months ago

    If You haven't been to the Jelly bean Factory, You need to go... its in Fiarfield Ca.  so much FUN!!!

  • carollol
    carollol 2 months ago

    Hi Mayim, I love your chats and discussions about your view on things like feminisme and veganism.
    So i would loooove to hear your view on this video;
    Im a fan of tbbt, so i never took it as offensive, but the video has a point. So i hope you get the chance to react.

    • carollol
      carollol 2 months ago

      (Ps; Im revering to the end of the video about the way they look at woman.)

  • videogamepleasures
    videogamepleasures 2 months ago

    I so wanna know what you think about this:

  • Ke ka
    Ke ka 3 months ago

    Mayim What do you think about letting babies cry? Talk about that! =)

  • Yana Mi
    Yana Mi 3 months ago

    I'm so happy you're on YouTube. You're just the best💖

  • theoto15
    theoto15 3 months ago

    Would be really interested to hear your thoughts on this video: Misogyny and the Big Bang Theory

  • Angela Forcey
    Angela Forcey 3 months ago

    I have been going through watching all of your videos (a great way to procrastinate ^_~) and one of the things I love is that while I agree on much that you have to say, I don't agree with you on everything, and that's okay. Even though we've never met, thanks for the connection you provide for your viewers ^_^

  • Dutch Ray
    Dutch Ray 3 months ago

    Ms Bialik:  Stupid nerd question.  Why does your character in BBT have Todd and Sanford:  Clinical Diagnosis on her bookshelf.  I have the same manual from a previous career as a medical technologist, and this book has little to do with neuroscience.  I'm an admirer of yours because you're a real neuroscientist playing a neuroscientist.

  • hobart59
    hobart59 3 months ago

    I want to thank you for your channel. I just discovered it in the past week. It helps me think about things that I may not have thought about. It makes me feel better. I have a chronic health issue that can not be diagnosed or really treated. Something about you helps me focus on the world in a more positive way.

  • CaptApril
    CaptApril 3 months ago

    Any chance of any Blossom callouts? Like former castmates showing up, or perhaps Amy, when nobody else is around, dancing around like a maniac in front of a webcam to a certain Dr. John song, that sort of thing. Of course, that begs the question of whether Amy CAN dance, which could make it even funnier...

  • Ralph McCoy
    Ralph McCoy 4 months ago

    How do you keep up with changes, updates, new discoveries etc in the neurosciences ?

  • David Sharp
    David Sharp 4 months ago

    I have to say your theory on not hitting kids is right to a point. It doesn't say any where in the bible about hitting anyone when it comes to discipline. And I'm pretty sure you know the difference between hitting and spanking. I was spanked as a child because of my bad decisions and I don't have any long term affects of any kind. You are probably someone who doesn't even have children and trying to tell us not to hit ours. Maybe if parents would have stepped up to raising their children with discipline and respect the children and young adults of today's society wouldn't be so rude and disrespectful. Spanking should be the last resort if time outs and grounding dosent work. Everyone should have a chance to make it right with their own opinion and the guidance of their parents. But you don't hit them or beat them out anger. There's a big difference. Disciplinary correction is to be done out of love. Sometimes you both need to cool down and take a different approach at the situation. If there can not be a happy medium then the parent needs to step up and somewhat it right. You raise your children the way to want and we'll raise ours the biblical way. Shin the rod spoil the child. Thanks to you my daughter has posted this trash of not hitting a child on Facebook. Thank you for corrupting my child's mind. Your a disgrace to parenthood.

  • Misunderstood78ca
    Misunderstood78ca 4 months ago

    Wow People take everything so personal these days, Snowflakes calling out other snowflakes its becoming a snowflake inception! I'm here to say it doesn't matter your faith, gender, sexual orientation or whether your a geek or nerd! People are putting down good people to make themselves feel better! Humanity is going down the tubes just like that movie idiocracy... I hope Mayim reads this cause she is beautiful and needs to hear it now and again!  Just another geek passing on a message!

    • kibara
      kibara 4 months ago

      you're an idiot

  • Melanie S
    Melanie S 4 months ago

    I like your channel and I'm glad that you have one because you talk about very important topics in a way that is easy to understand and nice to listen to :) Keep up the good work!

  • Denise Fallin
    Denise Fallin 4 months ago

    I hope, Dr. Bialik, that you will ignore the multitude of vitriolic comments spewed on your discussion page. Love always conquers evil/hate. Keep on being you and I hope the positive comments will outweigh and dismiss the trolls out there. Sheesh!  Just because we have brains and an ability to formulate our own opinions does not make us ManHaters. Sheesh!!  Keep on with your lovely videos, no matter how you make them-silent, talkies, pictures....whatever!

  • Steysi Centeno Moo
    Steysi Centeno Moo 5 months ago

    Hola Mayim nada mas pasaba para decirte que esta genial tu canal y que te vemos desde Yucatán Méxicoooooo :D

  • Kaythia Star
    Kaythia Star 5 months ago

    Mayim, I suffer from Severe Depression and Anxiety (therapy and meds don't help). I saw a news report on Reuters about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Does this work? And if it does, what is stopping me from making an electromagnet at home and using that? Reports suggest this type of therapy is between 6-12 thousand dollars. I am reluctant to believe that magnets can help depression by "rewiring" the brain. And I refuse to pay that amount of money to find out. What are your thoughts on this type of therapy? Do Electromagnetic Fields damage the brain? Can an EMF be too large? Sceince, not snake oil! LOL

  • Alberto Beylán González

    Hi Mayim, I know you are still in recovery, I send you all my best wishes for your recovery, greetings from Mexico :)

  • Darkpooower
    Darkpooower 5 months ago

    Gays gonna be gay.
    what is your opinion?

  • Denise Fallin
    Denise Fallin 5 months ago

    Sadly, I see quite a lot of vitriol spewing. I think there is no place for the venomous comments seen here. If you do not like TBBT or Dr. Bialik's views, then simply don't watch. But to put things on here like I am seeing makes me embarrassed to be linked as a fellow American to some of the people on here.

  • Cnd Brn79
    Cnd Brn79 5 months ago

    Your maturity and honesty is sexy to me. P.S. I bet you rock in the sac.

  • Jill Seufert
    Jill Seufert 5 months ago

    Boy I would give anything to sit down and have a conversation with you. I adored you growing up, and you disappeared for a while, and the fact that no one in the media really gave much interest into what you were doing, which to me is a complete crime I think of all the young girls like myself who needed someone like you doing something so big to look up to, but to see you now, and have the same opinions and struggles I have, it's like having a best friend you've never met. Anyway I love you to death and congratulations on your well deserved successes.

  • Cheryl Rhoades
    Cheryl Rhoades 5 months ago

    WOW, I just got on here for the first time and was scrolling down and reading some of the messages sent to you and I am amazed at the pure hatred I have seen on here I mean really!!  What ever happened to common decency and polite statements between what is supposed to be somewhat intelligent adults WELL I sure did not see any on here my goodness such hatred it is truly what is wrong right now with this country and it needs to stop.  This hate mongering can not go on we need to pull together as a COUNTRY because either wise Russia will have won by breaking us apart it is just that plain and simple.  You can have differences of opinion but you do not need to drag each other through the mud for God's sake!  Get a grip people!  Wait to see what happens after the Special Counsel finds out what is going on then we will get back to being AMERICA where you STILL can voice your objections FREELY but not with such hatred towards ANYONE!

  • Ox Bone
    Ox Bone 5 months ago

    you are a top shelf IDIOT

  • C. Carter Smoot
    C. Carter Smoot 6 months ago

    Hi Mayim! LOVE your channel and your insights. I know that you're a practicing Jew and please forgive me if my language is not correct. I am watching a documentary about the plight of "Chained wives" in the Orthodox faith and am wondering, since you are divorced, are you orthodox and did you have to have a "get" from your ex husband? The doc I am watching is centered in the UK and Isreal and I wondered if the same laws apply in the US since these are supposed to be universal for all Orthodox Jews.

  • IngLouisSchreurs
    IngLouisSchreurs 6 months ago

    As a sexually abused boy, now adult hetero male, my focus is kind of obsessive compulsive towards sexiness of woman. Each woman that only has a hint of attractiveness to me, gets my brain in overdrive. This is not funny, not pleasant and if I'm not constantly aware of this OCD and exercise self-control, it may get awkward for me and/or someone else. In this context I like to mention that in many TV shows, especially with a male audience focus, you get shoved down your throat all kinds of short close-ups from all kinds of woman with attractive or sexy features or clothes or whatnot. I find this very unpleasant in the aforementioned way, and also in the way that I think is the topic of this video. Also young boys get a certain message.The knife cuts deeply on both sides.
    I'm putting a lot of myself and a lot of effort in these comments on your channel, Mayim, yet I don't see a response from you, even though you ask your audience to comment en masse. It could be a marketing thing, which I understand, but if it where only that without any personal commitment or intrest from your side of the channel, I feel not pleasant about it.

  • elen mys
    elen mys 6 months ago

    Hello Mayim. I recently subscribed to your channel and I love your videos! I just watched your video talking about you being a vegan and I was very glad to find someone I trust to ask the following question: I just decided to become a vegan and it' s been almost two weeks and feels really good but I' m concerned about my vitamin intake, especially about B12 and D3 because everybody keeps telling me I can't get those vitamins if I am a vegan. I know that' s probably true for B12 though. So, could you please give me some help on the matter and maybe explain to me what supplements should I start taking? Thank you very much, you are inspiring! :)

  • IngLouisSchreurs
    IngLouisSchreurs 6 months ago

    And then there was solo-sex. Mostly safe without any devices or attributes. As a male I would suggest that this became an accepted topic and activity for girls and women for I believe it would increase their ideas about what and where they like to experience with their partner. Notice - partner -, not boyfriendd or man, so not intended as egotistical sexist bullshit, but a serious suggestion to make this a better world. I wonder if this is a suitable topic for girling up. My personal idea about this would be as of 15 yrs of age, but that's not scientifically researched by me. Also I think it depends on one's personal development. Your thoughts please, Mayim? Since I value your opinion very highly. Though mostly very critical of your (non-religious) beliefs, I concur for 95-99 %, really.

  • Odolinda Aviera
    Odolinda Aviera 6 months ago

    Hello, Mayim! I have seen some of your videos today and found them simply as brilliant as you are. Subscribed!

  • Josh Gellis
    Josh Gellis 6 months ago

    Why are you a Liberal, Mayim? I love Fowler, even Blossum-

  • Jasmine BP
    Jasmine BP 7 months ago

    Hi Dr. Mayim Bialik,
    I really appreciate your work and empathy. I fell in love with Big Bang because it reminded me of my friends and the people I feel most comfortable around. Your addition in the sitcom has made my mother so nostalgic and has become a point of conversation when she show is on. I recently stumbled upon your channel here on youtube and your website. I wanted to say thank you for approaching intimacy with such thought. I weirdly feel connected to you in that you remind me of close friends of mine. I appreciate your kindness, your refusal to separate how you can be both religious and scientific, your honesty, vulnerability and bravery to put pieces of yourself on the internet. I am sorry people have used this platform and others to voice hate towards you. I know how painful that can be and no one deserves that. In summation, seriously thank you for being your authentic self and respecting who you are in all your nerdy awesomeness. Your willingness to share allows for countless others to feel connected and less alone.

  • Rebecca Weir
    Rebecca Weir 7 months ago

    So, I'd like your opinion on something. I am currently scheduled to start grad school in the fall and get my PhD in molecular biophysics, but I don't really know if I want to. I also was accepted to an MFA program, but have to turn them down because of finances. You have a PhD, and yet you've ended up doing something creative with acting. I love writing, and will always do that, but instead of a PhD, I am considering going after game development. My undergrad wasn't in comp sci, but I have experience in it. I know it wouldn't be an easy road, but I guess what I want to know, is do you think it would be stupid to go after something because it seems more fun, instead of going after what could be my full intellectual potential? Like with you, I'm sure acting is great fun (and hard work), but it's definitely different than research, so how do you feel going creative has affected your life (aside from the whole being a star bit)?

  • cameradudehdr
    cameradudehdr 7 months ago

    Really enjoy your videos...would like to have a written version of the Liver and Onions. I'm Ashamed to say... My name is Kelly...I'm a Mushroomhalic. :) P.S. I Grok

  • Margie Hessick
    Margie Hessick 7 months ago

    We would talk for hours.

  • 66RB
    66RB 7 months ago

    Listen, you are an actress, right? So you can play 'make-believe' really well, great. Why do you feel that anybody cares what your political stance is. I certainly don't care one bit if you are upset about Mr. Trump being president. Go make your TV show and STFU about everything else. You live in a different world than pretty much everyone else.

  • Tammy Stuckey
    Tammy Stuckey 7 months ago

    I like your channel.. I would like to see what you eat in a day (vegan) since of love those kind of videos. Actually, I like all your videos...

  • Bleh is my name
    Bleh is my name 8 months ago

    why are there so many hate comments on this page u all should be ashamed mayim bialik is a very smart and amazing person and all of u are just jealous

  • bram duprez
    bram duprez 8 months ago

    why are you not posting my stuff also, dracula not pleased

  • ann
    ann 8 months ago

    Mayim Bialik can you make a video about this or answer my question on an other way?
    How could it be that you put yourself out for diversity and against sexims and on the other hand like to play a role in such a clishe series as the big bang theory?
    I mean i don't know EVERY episode but enough seasons to question myself everytime i see it: How does it come that amy and penny have a greater friendship than for example amy and leonard? the have nothing in common expect beeing female and doing "female things" like painting they nails together. isn't amy a person who prefers a good talk over freshly painted nails? thats just an example. there are so many more cliche things like the way howard is treated by bernadett like she has a child not a husband and the way he can't cope with housework on his own. sure they all are just character with their own character traits, but do you really like to be part of a series that tells people how life works in such a way?
    Besides that i really appreciate your channel and sometimes even the big bang theory :D! I just wonderd.

  • The Flame Silver Hunter

    thank you for defending a muslim rapist that attack my sister, i am totally grateful. and also defending 1000 muslim who raped more than 1000

  • lindinle
    lindinle 8 months ago

    dumb girl needs to know her place.

  • Leonartist
    Leonartist 8 months ago

    MAGA Mayim

  • Nocti Flora
    Nocti Flora 9 months ago

    Hey Mayim! I've just discovered you've got this youtube channel, which makes me really happy because I appreciate your work. All the things you're doing are just like my dream. I'm 16 years old and I'm very interested in biology, especially in neurobiology. Actually, I've become more interest in neuroscience thanks to the character you play - Amy Farah Fowler. But I also would like to do more artistic job and when I've found out, you're a neuroscientist in real life and that you're doing bunch of other very important and remarkable things, it has inspired me so much. I hope, one day I'll be as great as you.
    Thank you for everything! :)
    P. S.: Sorry for my English, actually I'm from the Czech Republic and don't speak English very well.

  • Sin Wave
    Sin Wave 9 months ago

    Also and most importantly, serious scientific endevour requires mammalian subjects to experiment upon. As in mice. How can you be vegan and a neuroscientist? You must not care about truth or scientific progress.

  • Sin Wave
    Sin Wave 9 months ago

    Your character is so fucking hammy and ridiculous it's making watching one of muh shows ((Big Bang theory) less of a good time. And now you're all SJW too? God. And you're antivaxer? Sheldon's awkward autistic shit is funny and lovable. But you're acting makes your character repugnant. Thanks for that. Thanks for making the female neuroscientist (which is the best science as you well know) the most awkward, repugnant, and cunty. You suck.

  • JoannsRebornBabies2015

    Hi, Mayim! My name is Joann, I will be 50 years old in August, and I am a very big fan of yours as Amy in the Big Bang Theory TV show. I also watched Blossom back in the 80's and loved it! You are a very beautiful and talented young actress, and I was just wondering what is it like to work with Jim Parsons, who plays your boyfriend Sheldon, in The Big Bang Theory?

  • Thomas Clark
    Thomas Clark 9 months ago

    Some of your points regarding the pain of being different intrigue me but also inspire some debate in my mind. Rather than attempt to distill a complex discussion into a short post on a video I am wondering if you might be interested in a serious discussion.

  • AnonyMoose Plays
    AnonyMoose Plays 9 months ago

    Just saw the episode of GMM you did with Rhett and Link and I have to say you are just as hilarious outside of TBBT
    Would love to see more of ya as a recurring guest on GMM. One of my fave episodes so far.

  • Soli2de
    Soli2de 9 months ago

    So I have a question for you Mayim. I have been quite impressed by your background and have a lot of respect for you that you've taken the time to study to become a Neuroscientist! But when I mentioned that to my douchey friend who's working on their Ph.D in psychology (mainly the psychology behind whether or not violent video games result in violent behavior, and it's ironic he studies that considering how heated he can be when playing games) he got all in my face about how your a "neuroscientist" and have not had any papers published or done anything with your degree and you pretty much wasted all that time and $ for no reason.
    I kinda was hoping to come back at him and throw something in his face to shut him up, but i'm not as educated as you two are. lol.
    So i was just curious if you had anything published, or if your degree helps in any of the behind the scenes things on The Big Bang theory or whatever. I mentioned your book for teen girls, but yet again he had a snarky response about it not being a peer reviewed book.
    I'm not about to bash you like it seems most of the comments here are. I cant believe the hate being thrown your way. Completely uncalled for. And makes me feel rather ill that this is the world we live in.
    You have a lot of respect from me! And i appreciated your guest appearance on Good Mythical Morning!

  • Lichtblick
    Lichtblick 10 months ago

    I love that you are vegan ♥

  • Richard welch
    Richard welch 10 months ago

    i agree you a fucking idiot, just like nadonna, sarah silverman and ashley judd

  • blessall4ever
    blessall4ever 10 months ago

    Being a big fan of TBBT, admiring your achievements as an actress and a human being, myself being German by birth, Indian by citizenship, but basically just a human being wishing for a world without restrictions of religion or politics, a world of peace and prosperity without demons ruling, speaking from ♥ to ♥ i have to tell you i am admiring you for standing up like you did!! i am proud of you! Reading some of the hateful comments below i can imagine what you have to go through. The world needs stars like you. Sending you and yours positive thoughts and Love in abundance! ♥ Ma from Bangalore

  • Droid-Life Interface
    Droid-Life Interface 10 months ago

    White males rock!

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller 10 months ago

    Trump is great = going to have to rethink my watching TBBT

  • Jae
    Jae 10 months ago

    You're amazing and definitely a role model for me. Thanks for opening up here on the internet. I wish more people in television were as kind and intelligent like you are.

  • Colin Ely
    Colin Ely 10 months ago

    Am Yisrael Chai

  • Third Position
    Third Position 10 months ago

    Please gas yourself

    • Angry Goyim
      Angry Goyim 20 days ago

      OH MY GOD! I am trolling this and here I find one of my SUbscribers,
      Wow! This is fate my friend! group hug!
      don't be shy! gather around!
      Gott mit uns!

  • David Wing
    David Wing 10 months ago

    Take a good look at who you support and ask self why. Mayim, you're young and you do not realize the gravity of what is going on. They use your good intentions against you. There are about 100 million of you fellow Americans that are really hurting in this country. And our leaders, our media do not tell or show. Our economy is suffering and it is INTENTIONAL. We where and ARE the greatest workforce on the planet. We where the best in quality of all we did in the world. NONE could complete. For the last 30 years or more it has been slowly bleed off. And that is not the worst of it all. Many are waking up to what is really going on. BOTH PARTIES ARE TO BLAME. And WHY we needed to elect an outsider. We do not hate our fellow Americans but many are frustrated as hell. Many are hurting and yet they continue to try and divide us. They teach you in school DIVIDE AND CONQUER? We need to be UNITED. And UNITED WE STAND. People need to let the frustrations go and talk. It plays into our enemies hands.

  • yicl jol
    yicl jol 10 months ago

    I used to watch the big bang. I will never watch it again having heard some of the ridiculous ill-informed comments you have made. Why can't people like you just accept that Trump was elected and for good reasons. He's not perfect as we all know, but Clinton belongs in jail and would have been far worse. One of the polices that trump got right is immigration and if you don't believe me come to Europe and see how the open border polices has degraded our city's, caused lawless areas to come about, check out the rapes that go on, especially in Sweden and OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES!! I thought you were supposed to be clever? well start searching on you tube and educate yourself to whats really going on. Oh wait.. are you one of those liberals that will brush it all off as fake new?.. Don't be naive, the evidence is there and is overwhelming.

    • Crash Underride
      Crash Underride 6 months ago

      +Josh Gellis Because yes, ALL liberals are idiots...just like all conservatives are racist bigots. Do you see how stupid that sounded? That's how stupid YOU sounded you fucking retarded jackass.

    • Josh Gellis
      Josh Gellis 6 months ago

      It hurts to watch such a smart woman and remember she's horrendously Liberal in real life. Free speech yes, but the whole left party, believes in employment... FOR other nations. :.|

  • ManOWar
    ManOWar 10 months ago

    I didnt know u have a YouTube channel

    • Andrew Chapman
      Andrew Chapman 3 months ago

      I've only just discovered Mayim's channel too.

    • ManOWar
      ManOWar 10 months ago

      I'm subbing

  • Rock -N- Ruin
    Rock -N- Ruin 10 months ago


  • Wishspell
    Wishspell 10 months ago

    This could be handled without the animosity. An intelligent conversation showing facts works better than insults.
    From what I am reading here, many are right. In the Islam religion, Jews would be killed instantly. Women have no rights at all and in the Islamic religion, girls around the age of 6 or so are genitally castrated so when they marry, usually around 10 +, they will never experience pleasure. Genital castration is the removal of the clitoris and it is not done in hospitals. They usually hold the girl down and use a broken piece of glass. If a girl is raped, it's her fault and she will be stoned to death for being unclean. Women can not learn to read, write, drive and are allowed to be beaten. It's all in the Quran.
    If you are not part of the Islamic religion, you have the choice to join or be killed. Those are the only two options. If you are of the Islamic religion and want to opt out, it's not an option, it's a death sentence.
    I have been reading some of your vlogs Mayim, I am a geek as well. Just do googling or pick up the Quran and read it. The whole book is violence.

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin 10 months ago

    Be mindful of what you say Blossom cause in 10 years, you might reflect and regret... But I gather you've had a pretty big mouth all your life and embarrass your kids as much as you did your parents!

  • Remo Ruine
    Remo Ruine 10 months ago

    what a SNOWFLAKE !!!!!!! why is it all you dumb ass liberals are against democracy i use to think you were cool no i just see you as another moron and this is coming from a person that lives in a communist country (CANADA)

    • Don English
      Don English 2 months ago

      I'm canadian and I certainly don't live in a communist country. If anyone is an idiot its you Remo.

    • taylorlovesLzzyhale
      taylorlovesLzzyhale 4 months ago

      the most easily triggered and angered ppl refer to others as "snowflakes"

    • Crash Underride
      Crash Underride 6 months ago

      +Remo Ruine Way to be a generalizing dumbass. (From a semi-liberal anti-SJW).

  • matterbob5x
    matterbob5x 10 months ago

    I have Jewish neighbors and we have a wall between us. Must me a anti-semetic fence! Die fucking Nazi fence!

    FUN DANGO 10 months ago

    Self hating, deluded, hystrionic, liberal cuntbag.

  • BC Blades
    BC Blades 10 months ago

    I am truly shocked at your stance on our president and your willingness to algn yourself with a religion that cuts off the heads of those not willing to convert. A religion where gays are stoned to death or thrown off buildings. A religion where women are chattel and girls can be married and forced to have "relations" with a man she didn't choose at a time in her life which she had no choice and at an age that she couldn't choose. Big bang theory was my families favorite show and now you have completely blown that for us. There is no way we can continue to watch and not think about you said and the position you've taken. I'm absolutely disturbed and baffled at your statements.

    • DesmondCreighton
      DesmondCreighton 19 days ago

      Do you really tell yourself that Conservatives want to stone gays to death and cut off the heads of people who don't convert? That's some next-level delusion. Trump is hardly anti-woman either, did he raise his daughters to be obedient, silent and uneducated or highly intelligent, political and business powerhouses? Exactly, the answer is obviously the latter. If he's anti-woman, why is he lobbying to increase maternity leave and allow childcare expenses to be deducted from from taxes? If he's anti-woman, why do his daughters, raised with his morals, raise millions for disadvantaged women thanks to his influence? I could go on and on - so, how are you holding up?

    • Arjen Laan
      Arjen Laan Month ago

      I wonder, BC Blades, how do you think about this now? Your current administration, led by an out and proud sexual predator, is very much anti-gay, very much anti-woman, and very much supported by ultraconservative Christians who basically subscribe to just about everything you wrote, these eight months ago... if this is about the arguments, I imagine you must be rather shocked and dismayed by this point- so, how are you holding up?

  • Give Gore
    Give Gore 10 months ago

    I came here to watch the meltdown , also you are about as funny as a weeping anus

  • 2cookiesNOmilk
    2cookiesNOmilk 10 months ago

    are you the most disliked character on a tv series that is also a pretty disliked series in general?
    are you autistic as fuck?
    do you belive that the religion which is dedicated to your extermination is a religion of peace?
    you may just be.....Mayim Bialik

    • IngLouisSchreurs
      IngLouisSchreurs 6 months ago

      I love Amy 2.718 times better than Mayim, hihihi, giggle giggle.

    • Crash Underride
      Crash Underride 6 months ago

      I love the fact they said "...a pretty disliked series in general" while the show is watched SO well that it's going to go for at least 12 fucking seasons. lmfao

    • Bleh is my name
      Bleh is my name 8 months ago

      i love mayim bialik and amy ferrah fowler so u fuck off

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    ZS6JMP 10 months ago

    Seems your intellect from BBT hasn't quite translated to real life.

  • Valeria Saint
    Valeria Saint 10 months ago

    hola mayim me encanta tus videos saludos desde uruguay

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    Tingle lingaling 10 months ago

    I bet you would be a lot of fun just to go have coffee with.

  • nathan faust
    nathan faust 11 months ago

    How many lines do you have to memorize during each week? And is it really hard to remember so may lines?

    • Tingle lingaling
      Tingle lingaling 10 months ago

      I saw her in an interview. She said she has some what of photographic memory. She can remember pages but gets a little messed up when they change lines at the last minute. It was really interesting.

    • nathan faust
      nathan faust 10 months ago

      Or do you reherse so many times that you can remember you lines easily?

  • nathan faust
    nathan faust 11 months ago

    Mayim, you are one gorgeous lady. You probably get hit on more then a pinata on cinco de mayo. I love watching Big Bang Theory and have almost all the season series on DVD. I know what it like to be as popular as a porcupine at a balloon tying contest. That's pretty much my life. I was in the US Navy almost 8 years. And later graduated from college at 46. I was almost 8 years older then the school president himself and 4 years older to the day then one of my professors who taught alot of history classes that I took. Have a great day,

    • nathan faust
      nathan faust 11 months ago

      I have my own Youtube channel too Nathan Faust, go and click on some of my videos if you want too.

  • Mia Blue
    Mia Blue 11 months ago

    Hello Mayiam! I'm glad I came across your YouTube channel and found your great videos. You're such an awesome talented and very intelligent woman. It sure does feel great to find and hear that a well-known celebrity like you, is real and so open and honest about herself with insecurities, imperfections and being a unique nerdy cool positive influence for many people. I'm glad that I'm not alone and I can relate to you with so many things you've shared on your videos. Your positive energy is a great dose of joy to many people who are struggling with personal issues and you help many; bring light and hope into our lives. With that said, Thank You for being an amazing person and a true shining star in these times of darkness in this world.

  • TheSearchandfind
    TheSearchandfind 11 months ago
    This is a very interesting interview from Dr.Michael Brown off his website. Dr.Brown has a show on the NRB network Wed. at 7:00 est time. I don't always agree with everything he say's. But I still I think he's a great biblical teacher.

  • Blithering Nincompoop
    Blithering Nincompoop 11 months ago should get the people from The Big Bang Theory to change the title to How To Bully Someone with Asperger's Syndrome. I seriously can't watch TBBT anymore. If I wanted to feel bad about being smarter than everyone else I'd just go out in public. Peace Jim Harper

  • Denise Fallin
    Denise Fallin 11 months ago

    Really enjoying you on BBT and thanks for your videos. I'm a lil envious about your working/positive relationship with your ex husband. Kudos to you both for working together for the kids. I know how hard this is and wish i had had that sort of outcome with my ex husband so many years ago. Thanks again for your honesty.

  • EmpressLishy
    EmpressLishy 11 months ago

    More Vlogs please! I just found them today and have watched them all. Thoroughly enjoyable! :)

  • pete25zelda
    pete25zelda 11 months ago

    You TRULY inspire me Mayim!

  • aclifton37
    aclifton37 11 months ago

    You are literally the best friend I never had, but I've always wanted.

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    You're such a fun person and insightful, happy I found your channel :)

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    I like your videos and hope you keep them up.

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    Happy Hannukah!

  • Emilie L.
    Emilie L. Year ago

    Hello im doing a project for my finals exams on people vegan and i would like to add an interview to my projet and I found your youtube channel. I would like to know if you are ok to answer some questions and be mentioned in it. Im sorry if i made some spelling mistakes english isn't my first language, i com from Switzerland :) thank you.

  • RCWorks
    RCWorks Year ago

    Will there be an 11th season?

  • Anastasia Kelleher

    I don't know if you (Mayim) read the comments but I'm just going say
    thank you for your videos. They have helped me so alot with my anxieties
    and things. I don't know if this is why you make them or not but you
    helped me and I'm sure others feel abitless alone. So I say again Thank

  • Xiwen Wendy
    Xiwen Wendy Year ago

    Amy!!!!!!! The reason of my subscription towards your channel~ (and because you are a vegan yay!)

    • Sin Wave
      Sin Wave 9 months ago

      Vegans are idiots. I'll kill a squirrel in your honor.

  • ann kiszt
    ann kiszt Year ago

    Just want to send happy birthday greetings out to the smartest actress the world has ever enjoyed! I loved you as Blossom and I love you now as Mayim as well as Amy!

  • Karin Barone
    Karin Barone Year ago

    I am a teacher and I just shared your Hurts to be Different video with the parents of my students. I teach gifted kids in grades 4th-6th and they tend to struggle a lot with being different and not being able to relate to kids their own age. A parent already thanked me for sharing it with them. I was also able to relate to your thoughts personally. I've always felt like I was on the outside especially because I am a bit of an over achiever. Thank you for this channel and your videos.

  • Khryz Opferkuch
    Khryz Opferkuch Year ago

    It is so relieved that someone in the film industry is into 3.5 !!! D&D is a big part of my life and I have a group that plays EVERY Sunday evening (unless we're playing Shadowrun 5e)
    We would love for you to be a guest if you were ever interested :)
    Enjoy your day

  • Jules Hinmon
    Jules Hinmon Year ago

    Amy Farrah is the type of girl I like to be around. Thank you for playing her.

  • Allison Thompson

    can you do a video with Jim

  • Vinícius Weiller dos Reis

    Hey. I love you for having your own youtube channel!!!!
    I just saw your video on science and religion and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!!
    Our greatest minds should strive to have the vision you have.
    Thank you so much for that glimpse of brillance!
    I am a 33 year-old brazilian lawyer who always dreamt of living in the USA, and I am finally going to do it!
    I'm coming to California on 2018. And, guess what? I'm going to college again!!!
    Well, maybe a little too much about me. hehehe
    It's amazing to be able to see the real you, not the actor, but the person. And, I am stunned.
    You are, clearly, a lot more impressive than I could ever imagine. Congratulations on all your success! I hope one day I will be as successful as you.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Beijo do Brasuca muah

  • norman rose
    norman rose Year ago

    would love to know what makes you laugh or cry. also thanks for some wonderfull entertainment and for being what god intended you to be

  • Israel Villa
    Israel Villa Year ago

    Hola Mayim mi nombre es Israel y te escribo desde Ecuador, quería pedirte si puedes poner subtítulos en español a tus videos si no es mucha molestia GRACIAS.

  • DreamLand
    DreamLand Year ago

    My gosh! I'm writing to Mayim! I feel like that time when I first had a forbidden crush on one of my girl cousins. Don't worry, I didn't cross that forbidden line. I'm your biggest fan! I weigh 940 pounds. Make that 941, my thoughts of you are heavy........but clean. All kidding aside. Please do a video of you either singing or playing the trumpet. If this is too lighthearted, then talk about something deep while playing the piano. You can have fun with that, you have creative friends and you're just a natural talent. Wow, just wow, I'm writing to Mayim!!! God Bless YOU! If you ever need a handsome man to paint your nails I've mastered a technique using a spray can. Nails done in 4 seconds. :) P.S. Please don't let Hollywood make Blossom into a movie. They will mess up a treasure.

  • tamera solomon
    tamera solomon Year ago

    Hi Mayim i'm such a huge fan of Amy but mostly of you as a person. Im a young mum and i get judged for the attachment i have with my son and it wasn't until finding your videos on youtube about mammalian parenting that i built the confidence to tell people 'this is my child and i know what feels right for us and our bond. I believe you're such a great role model for young/old people who are different and you make it feel like it's okay and that we have someone who is just like us to look up to

  • Sensitive Atheist

    just watched your newest episode - "we put the girl's retainer in the toilet and back in her mouth" - that got a laugh??????????????????????? seriously?bullying?????????????????????

  • Truece Custody & Coparenting App

    Hey did you still need that divorce app? Its called Truece.

  • Maltiok Shiroshi

    First off, you have great taste in DnD (3.5 for the win). But more than anything, thank you. Not just for your character on Big Bang Theory, but also for these videos. Your video on divorce hit an important point for me personally, and your more recent video about being different summed up feelings I have had for years. You also show you don't have to just be one thing, you can be a parent, have a science degree, be a Hollywood star, be an activist; all while still being you. Thank you for that. Keep doing what you do.

  • Emma jarvis
    Emma jarvis Year ago

    Could you do a video on attachment parenting and how you feel its benefitted your family. I recently found your book and was pleased to find out my parenting style was similar to attachment parenting just by following my instinct and now very interested in the science behind it. Mum to two beautiful children and possibly another in the future and want to ensure I can do all I can to give them a loving nuturing home. Also love the Big Bang Theory :)

  • Ray Liams
    Ray Liams Year ago

    Hey I just wanted to post this here, this really aggravates me! I mean seriously these are beautiful creatures, a majestic wild horse is like the personification of freedom. These lovely animals should be a symbol of America not slaughtered....

  • Samantha June
    Samantha June Year ago

    I'm so excited that you're making these videos !! Thank you for being so down to earth Mayim, Shalom.

  • Lee Zee
    Lee Zee Year ago

    Mayim...I loved your modest bathing beauty video. I need to stay covered up not for religious or modesty reasons, but because I burn easily. I usually don't take a dip in my condo's pool until sundown. 65 years later, I still lament having to sit all wrapped up in towels under a huge umbrella at the beach, while my gorgeous date played volley ball, built sand castles and cavorted with the other kids (and girls especially), in the bright sunshine. I still got sunburn from the reflection of rays bouncing from the sand up under the umbrella. Nothing's changed. I've tried cooliBar swim clothes, but none of them come up to your stylish garb, reminiscent of the knit wool swimsuits of the 20's and 30's. Tried another brand from Amazon, but they were not swim-worthy. So...please tell me if yours is commercially available. Also, where can I get a swim cap that is efficient, attractive and doesn't creat a headache. Just joined a gym so I can swim all year. SOS!!!

  • McCartney Green
    McCartney Green Year ago

    Well done, Mayim, on your vlog about religion and science! My husband sent me the link to the video and asked me if you had been listening to me, lol. Your description of what God is NOT is reflected in my book, Messages from Transcendent Beings. (Also love the name...Grok Nation.) Wishing you much joy!

  • Day2DayWithMcK
    Day2DayWithMcK Year ago

    In a previous video you spoke about avoiding gossip. I know that that is what I SHOULD do... but I fall SO short. And especially in this world where we are often living so far from those we love - that all talk about those folks can turn into hearsay. I have a emotional struggle about what IS gossip and what is not. How to avoid it... I'm not sure I can.
    Can you speak on your feelings on this? I'd be interested in hearing about it from someone else who holds this as a concern.

  • vid0clip
    vid0clip Year ago

    did you been at comicon this year?

    DOUG BOYD Year ago

    Hi Mayim, I was just wondering and you've very likely answered this in the pass but what percentage of your lies from Big Bang do u write yourself? Amy's character seems so u that it's hard too believe that others would provide u lines. Just asking...keeping it simple, mellow and non-confrontational... :)

  • Lisa Parker
    Lisa Parker Year ago

    Mayim have you heard of SuperMeat?

    • Jennifer Lin
      Jennifer Lin Year ago

      I hope she will she can help this cause!

  • Metal Nicks
    Metal Nicks Year ago

    Mayim I love you :-) Been a fan of yours for quite sometime and love you on Big Bang Theory

  • Rafael Baptista
    Rafael Baptista Year ago

    Congrats! Record a video about the funny things on being a PhD student or your experience during your PhD...

    EZE ARAUJO Year ago

    hello from argentina !!! i hope see more of your vlogs

  • PureDevil007
    PureDevil007 Year ago

    Glad you have a channel! Good luck :)

  • Moonlight Shadow

    Hi Mayim, how are you?
    In your first vlog you said we can comment on topics that we would like you to discuss. I know you are a vegan and care about animals, and I also know you have a PhD in neurosciences. I know many researches in this field are done by animal testings, especially on mice. I'm very interested in this field but I can't see myself involved in animal testings. I'm wondering if you ever had to face that dilemma and how did you solve it - do you see this topic differently, because it is done for science and not for eating? and If you disagree with animal testing - how did you finish your degree and research without touching an animal?
    Thank you in advance and I'm sorry for my English, it isn't my native language. I can write better in Hebrew if you want me to ;)

  • John Resler
    John Resler Year ago

    ms.bialik I first saw you way back when i was well not much older than you are currently and I immediately became connected because you were like me in that you were like no one i really knew and that was fantastic. It was the same type of thing that brought my wife and i together we were like no one else . We were you might say reversed from the norm. I tended to be passive liked housework raising kids cooking and art and theater. She was aggressive and business oriented and constantly thrilled with sports. I went into nursing and counseling and she went to industrial world we married and have been together 40+ years most the people we knew are divorced or dead . So all in all being different is really good if you find someone who is equally different too and you're best friends on top of it all. You're great don't let anyone tell you different.

  • Csm3PO
    Csm3PO Year ago

    Looking forward to this! Wish you the best!

  • Sarah Airis
    Sarah Airis Year ago

    I think it's a great idea this youtube space. I didn't fit in high school and know in the university I have the same problem again. I love science, I love reading, I love my career, I love science fiction and I don't like to go out for drinking or dancing and because of these things ,I have to deal with strange looks and it's hard to me find new friends. You are an inspiration. I'm waiting forward new videos =)

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    subscribed! cheers

  • Virginia Chepko
    Virginia Chepko Year ago

    Having seen your "first vlog," I note you said discussion. Which is back and forth. So, I would like you, yourself to define the word feminism. This is not a shot-over-the-bow question. I honestly do no longer know what it means. I would like your take on the definition.

  • Willem van de Beek

    I cannot believe you have social anxiety (just like me) with your profession; you are my freaking hero! I watched all your (3) videos and really looking forward to your future videos; please don't stop what you are doing. :)

  • The Big Bang Theory Brazil

    Hello I love your channel Mayim sends a kiss personally here in Brazil samos your fan! :D

  • Valorie Plummer
    Valorie Plummer Year ago

    I just watched your video on Passover and you nailed it!! I wish I had seen it before I went shopping because it would have calmed me down!! LOL... Thank you for showing that Jewish women can be smart, funny, strong, beautiful and proud of their heritage! I am a convert, divorced and have one daughter (11 years old) and really appreciate the way you embrace ALL the aspects of who you are and really share them with your viewers. You are amazingly talented, funny, beautiful and smart and I pray that G-d will continue to bless you and your wonderful boys! With Love from Houston Texas, Valorie

  • Sariel Leon
    Sariel Leon Year ago

    Hi Mayim! I'm happy and thrilled with your Vlog. I have a lot of questions about you, how you connect neurosciences and Judaism, your opinion of intersectional feminism, your insights about body positive movement, and so on. I'm from Chile and I'm psychologist. I've followed you since Blossom. This character had a very positive impact in my life. You are intelligent, beautiful, talented and funny. Best vibes!

  • Earle Ali
    Earle Ali Year ago

    Hey, I just wanted to say Hi! I remember seeing you in "Beaches" when it came out, your appearance on "Macgyver" and the "Blossom" years. I'm so amazed by how much you've accomplished off screen as well as on and I wanted to congratulate you on it all

  • StarWish246
    StarWish246 Year ago

    Congratulations on your People's Choice Award. :-) Well done, richly deserved.

    • Sin Wave
      Sin Wave 9 months ago

      No she deserves scorched roses and dead squirrels

  • Yoni Dunbar
    Yoni Dunbar Year ago

    I feel kinda silly I said anything here now...

  • Yoni Dunbar
    Yoni Dunbar 2 years ago

    Mayim, I follow you on Facebook. Too many times I've seen you apologize to morons who have nothing to do but twist anything you say or do into a reason to be offended. I'm afraid you might say screw it, and just decide to get off of the social stuff all together. I wouldn't blame you. I hope this doesn't happen, because I enjoy your articles in Kveller and Grok Nation. I think you're a lot of fun, and even though you and I don't always agree (It's been like one time. LOL) I know you're a very intelligent person. Don't let these jerks chase you off even though I'm sure for you they're exhausting. G*d bless.