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  • Alex LeBuis
    Alex LeBuis 10 minutes ago

    I was watching this video late at night and it paused and buffered right in the creature at 2:37

  • Faith Uwu
    Faith Uwu 38 minutes ago

    FOOL (I probably did it wrong but) I GOT 19 YOU CANNOT FOOL ME

  • Cup Kaity
    Cup Kaity 41 minute ago

    Ok but why’d the second one sound like a serial killer

  • Arwen Edhel Of Jotunheim
    Arwen Edhel Of Jotunheim 43 minutes ago

    I love yall reviewing this together 😂 Business Mom and Business Dad thank you for your business sensibilities. (P. S. I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT TWO HEADED MONSTER WAS ABOUT)

  • nick the art kid
    nick the art kid 44 minutes ago

    how much did danny and drew pay him to say “motherfuckin little stinker”!???!?! w h a t

  • Arwen Edhel Of Jotunheim
    Arwen Edhel Of Jotunheim 50 minutes ago

    Unrelated, but I do like Danny's hair like this

  • katsuki bakugou
    katsuki bakugou 52 minutes ago

    Ah the classic *i sure hope it does*

  • Maduhhson nope
    Maduhhson nope 54 minutes ago

    What's the difference between a "fitness" gym and a regular gym?

  • Owenh_23
    Owenh_23 57 minutes ago

    Man he got someone I actually watch, I don’t know how I feel? Btw it’s Tyrone magnus

  • Obito
    Obito Hour ago

    He’s just eating eggs outside a girls house

  • the mexican rat
    the mexican rat Hour ago

    Yo my screensaver is the dvd screen

  • Christopher Higgins

    The people having nothing better to show than their money and things are uncreative people who could only succeed on a platform like TVclip.

  • Merly Moreira
    Merly Moreira Hour ago

    How you didn’t include him singing drunk in love I’ll never now it’s hilarious

  • Isabel Cuevas
    Isabel Cuevas Hour ago

    I've watched this atleast 40 times

  • Gacha Wolf
    Gacha Wolf Hour ago

    omg lol i watched this like a week ago on mistory sicence theater 3000

  • Branden JSR
    Branden JSR Hour ago

    *”please poop in my mouth Danny,”*

  • Karla D Feliz
    Karla D Feliz Hour ago

    The dad looks like Brandon Rogers’ grandpa character

  • marmar stiehler
    marmar stiehler Hour ago

    My child was telling people they were dumb and ugly

  • Merly Moreira
    Merly Moreira Hour ago

    Wtf lmao 😂

  • Anya_Bubbles
    Anya_Bubbles Hour ago

    Le Tråšh bœš

  • Aaron Rendon
    Aaron Rendon 2 hours ago

    Drew:gooby Curtis:tall girl Danny:tall gooby

  • tristanallstar Mewbourn

    I'm a little stinker

  • Texas Metal Guy
    Texas Metal Guy 2 hours ago

    "Fs in the chat" sounds like a future figure of speech in 2419 where people would be like "Eyo what does that even mean?" and then they google it and find the wikipedia page for "Early 21st Century Art Movement (see "memes")"

  • Adrock 99
    Adrock 99 2 hours ago

    Arnold did it better for Jingle All the Way.

  • werdnandez
    werdnandez 2 hours ago

    Why do I always come back to this video? Pretty sure it’s Drew’s best video

  • CriSis SpyroJabber
    CriSis SpyroJabber 2 hours ago


  • Livy The Unicorn
    Livy The Unicorn 2 hours ago

    When this vid ended I got an ad for inkbox and kurtis was promoting it 😂

  • Sarah no
    Sarah no 2 hours ago

    I like this video

  • RipVanTacitusCornwallWinkle III

    The only thing I like about him is his voice

  • Adrock 99
    Adrock 99 2 hours ago

    E.T looking a bit werid? Did he get taller?

  • Some noob with a channel

    He wants to be a dad but I haven’t heard him make a single dad joke smh

  • Bri
    Bri 3 hours ago

    that's not a mosquito bite, that's a sprouting unicorn horn

  • Lee Roby
    Lee Roby 3 hours ago

    "Paint art coming soon" *Uh, yea, I sure hope it does.*

  • Rachel Percival
    Rachel Percival 3 hours ago

    Is it bad that I like their attempt at ASMR

  • zombieinasuit48
    zombieinasuit48 3 hours ago

    50 cents

  • Swoopeth
    Swoopeth 3 hours ago

    How bad at parenting can you be to take your kid to this

  • emma
    emma 3 hours ago

    BCU - brat cinematic universe

  • bro lemme hit your juul

    12:46 tell that to rasputin

  • ugly migraines
    ugly migraines 4 hours ago

    anyone else slightly put off by Danny's hair? looks epic tho

  • Communist Trash
    Communist Trash 4 hours ago

    THIS GUY GOES TO MY FUCKING SCHOOL HES IN ONE OF MY CLASSES Dennis goes to my school and he has mega beef with a friend of mine named Jesse this is fucking crazy

  • kate1603
    kate1603 4 hours ago


  • Optimal Bean
    Optimal Bean 4 hours ago

    Lmao how is no one talking about how will is literally the kid from My Babysitters a Vampire??

  • estupido pepino
    estupido pepino 4 hours ago

    @ David dobrik but like his brand is literally clickbait so nvm im dumb

  • CriSis SpyroJabber
    CriSis SpyroJabber 4 hours ago

    Eggs? Howtobasic.

  • jirou :3
    jirou :3 4 hours ago

    his voice makes me so uncomfortable omg

  • Wolfie Does Stuff
    Wolfie Does Stuff 4 hours ago

    Wait your the road work guy..???!!!/()-$(4$ ooooh SHIT

  • ANaturalDisaster
    ANaturalDisaster 4 hours ago

    14:16 Here’s the amazing thing about Jenna, she seems to do everything in the first take. I don’t mean that she doesn’t care about the video, she absolutely does. It’s that everything she does is so genuine. Like the strange-ness of her videos has never changed, it’s not like she's bragging about her house or her money, because that’s never been who she is. She’s so genuinely weird and every time I watch her I feel like a little kid. Everything she does is so fascinating to me. Like, the entirety of ”i want a new face” just shows that she's doing videos just cuz she wants to

  • jordan is a jellybean

    Was the girl in the mama boy trailer from Ant farm or does she just look like Paisley? (That show was my childhood someone please tell me)

  • Veronika Doll
    Veronika Doll 4 hours ago

    Tilla... it’s uh, it’s pronounced (tih-LAH). Like Tada but with L’s. (Sarcasm, it’s Tea-Uh)

  • Bad iMovie Editing
    Bad iMovie Editing 5 hours ago

    Oh wow when musically was slightly good and not tik tok where everybody hates each other

  • Byron Murray 453
    Byron Murray 453 5 hours ago


  • Alien
    Alien 5 hours ago

    drew is such a good man

  • Leah Cook
    Leah Cook 5 hours ago

    Drew needs a podcast

  • Aimee
    Aimee 5 hours ago


  • CaliB_2.0
    CaliB_2.0 5 hours ago

    im unsubbing because you play fortnite

  • WitchyBoyDraws
    WitchyBoyDraws 5 hours ago

    The marker face kid is absolutely me because adhd impulsiveness is a bitch

  • Michael Irrgang
    Michael Irrgang 5 hours ago

    i sobbed. such an emotional roller coaster. my favorite part was when gooby threw the hotdog at willy- it seems to be very popular. how i wish i could have gooby for myself. my depression and anxiety might be cured, and my aids might go away at the mere sight of such a divine being. i spend every waking moment wondering when the next time i'll be able to watch gooby is, fantasizing about his beautiful matted fur and mesmerizing eyes. i wish i could have such luck to have my only god fall for me, so we could reminisce and i could hear his sexy voice murmur, 'do you remember our first night together?' in my ear. all in all, this movie is better than i could've hoped for. if you watch it, make sure you join the gooby religion. #praytogooby2019

  • Elle Hogg
    Elle Hogg 5 hours ago

    why aren’t we talking about drew’s amazing shirt?

  • Joyden Breezy
    Joyden Breezy 5 hours ago

    Okay but the MC Anarchy joke was actually really funny

  • Gehrig Trombetta
    Gehrig Trombetta 5 hours ago

    I just realized their initials are the same

  • Stella Mayes
    Stella Mayes 6 hours ago

    If anyone actually joins they are a savage, I mean 1000 bucks ha

  • Isa_735
    Isa_735 6 hours ago

    They look like a boy band

  • Trinity Carlson
    Trinity Carlson 6 hours ago

    When I was in 5th grade I had some how managed to type in the right pin number in Amazon, and spent $100 on Victorious episodes.

  • niki
    niki 6 hours ago

    honorable mentions: - mean girls 2 - grease 2 - tooth fairy 2 (also starring Larry the Cable Guy)

  • EnchantedSoul247
    EnchantedSoul247 6 hours ago

    How about call this, “why I love the office,” just to avoid confusion

  • MimiTheOreo
    MimiTheOreo 6 hours ago

    This dude is looking like the next James Charles

  • merile
    merile 7 hours ago

    King of the hill did a great episode about this.

  • Soladat
    Soladat 7 hours ago

    Amanda is so pretty i love her so much i know this is your channel but.

  • Catalina Alejandra Tassara

    Drew's faces are priceless

  • It’s Spinel Now
    It’s Spinel Now 7 hours ago

    God there’s such a thing as consent!!!! That little girl clearly doesn’t want to be filmed!!! Uhh it makes me sick.

  • Omega luuul
    Omega luuul 7 hours ago

    im 13 but for some reason i have a Funclup cart leying around XD

  • Lilly Mingle
    Lilly Mingle 7 hours ago


  • Tini
    Tini 7 hours ago

    watching this high is so much fun lmaoo

  • Ace Strange
    Ace Strange 7 hours ago

    “I’ll get a mid view ad-“ *AD POPS UP*

  • Ethan O’Brien
    Ethan O’Brien 7 hours ago

    Me: I’m not hungry ALSO ME: yeah I’ll take some cake 😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌😭😘😍😘😍😍😂😂😂

  • trying to get 2k subs without content

    13:29 why yes i have. in the "aethstetic" tik tok vids

  • Yxllow Baeley
    Yxllow Baeley 7 hours ago

    haha it’s funny because fortnite is gone now

  • Satan 666
    Satan 666 7 hours ago

    Drew...that wasn’t whiteout It was toothpaste It doesn’t make it better...but...

  • Fab H
    Fab H 8 hours ago

    My bf might join the military. It keeps me up at night. These “pranks” are so distressing to me that | *I CRIED*

  • TheLegoBrickery
    TheLegoBrickery 8 hours ago

    Sharknado is the best shark movie since jaws

  • Soladat
    Soladat 8 hours ago

    why does it look like drew got self conscious about his eyebrows and proceeded to try and pluck one of them, didnt like how it turned out, and just left the other one as is?

  • Ameliaye’s Music
    Ameliaye’s Music 9 hours ago

    “What the hell, this isn’t me!” “I didn’t want to look like an idiot so I just went along with it” We love this

  • AverageGini
    AverageGini 9 hours ago

    Hipity hopity your vine is now my property

  • ArchCraftGaming
    ArchCraftGaming 9 hours ago

    I like Drew’s version

  • melissa
    melissa 9 hours ago

    danny, please keep this hairstyle. thanks

  • Freida Brielle
    Freida Brielle 9 hours ago

    uh oh... Gooby

  • Saramel
    Saramel 9 hours ago

    10:55 danny trying to think of what to say next

  • Megan Gerow
    Megan Gerow 10 hours ago

    There’s a rumour going around that Trevor Holt has the biggest....... Amount of Pictures of Drew Gooden on his walls and ceiling.

  • uwu its bee / rose !
    uwu its bee / rose ! 10 hours ago

    0:26 i literally expected them to kiss not joking

  • Pink Spider
    Pink Spider 10 hours ago

    Petition to cancel out ace family

  • Jayden SweetPotato
    Jayden SweetPotato 10 hours ago

    Can we just appreciate drews T-shirt “Mr.Ass”

  • sarah M khan
    sarah M khan 10 hours ago

    I just got an ad of Game of Sultan 😂😂😂

  • Neta Raz
    Neta Raz 10 hours ago

    Wait I like the Big Bang theory

  • fingerknitter
    fingerknitter 10 hours ago

    I’m glad all 3 of them shop for T-shirts at target lmao

  • Katie C
    Katie C 10 hours ago

    Omg Danny's hair

  • ariana me lene
    ariana me lene 10 hours ago

    The office is the best show ever

    THE AGI 10 hours ago

    Proof that Drew Gooden is the Conan O’Brien of TVclip comedy

  • dyla1520 dyla1520
    dyla1520 dyla1520 10 hours ago

    me stinker

  • Apple Ciderr
    Apple Ciderr 11 hours ago

    I love how they went from cheering for Gooby to wake up to absolutely hating him in just a few minutes.