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  • lei Tea
    lei Tea 2 months ago

    i want to like winn

  • Leilani Teachout
    Leilani Teachout 2 months ago


  • Bernardo Velasquez
    Bernardo Velasquez 2 months ago


  • Nageli Colon
    Nageli Colon 2 months ago

    you are the queen of all slime

  • LIL Simp
    LIL Simp 3 months ago

    Hi, I am enjoying watching your slime videos. It's great how you try different methods and we get to see the different outcomes ! I would love to see you do some magnetic slime videos.

  • Kelli Cooper
    Kelli Cooper 3 months ago

    you should get a stress ball and put slime in it it is so cool

  • Lauryn Williams
    Lauryn Williams 3 months ago

    Karina i would like to see a slime video where you add colored sand without borax

  • Kylie w
    Kylie w 3 months ago

    I also wish I could win your give away, I've been watching your videos since day 1

  • Arianna spears
    Arianna spears 3 months ago

    how did she become famous

  • Stephanie Hanson
    Stephanie Hanson 3 months ago

    i really want your slime kit

  • KayVvibes
    KayVvibes 3 months ago

    IS SQUSHII BUNNII SLIMES YOUR BOYFRIEND???????????????????????????????????????????

  • Camila Cruz-Jimenez
    Camila Cruz-Jimenez 3 months ago


  • Antonia Zavala
    Antonia Zavala 3 months ago

    i liked the blue and the red

  • Amber Thornal
    Amber Thornal 3 months ago

    do you just do slime on this channel?

  • Slippery  Butterfly
    Slippery Butterfly 3 months ago

    go to this url the little girl is adorable tvclip.biz/video/FOhtpgmLgms/video.html

  • Sophie Chris
    Sophie Chris 3 months ago

    hey girl hey! i love you girl you are my hero and i love your you so much and i what to win your give away

  • Cristian Joel
    Cristian Joel 3 months ago

    Support my channel please

  • Victoria G.
    Victoria G. 3 months ago

    hey karina...i was wondering if you can make a video on how to make a Glitter Glue Fluffy Slime!! i really love watching your slime videos and of course all the other ones too. :)

    • Sophie Chris
      Sophie Chris 3 months ago

      i so think the same thing victoria G.

  • Antonia Zavala
    Antonia Zavala 3 months ago

    and i subsribed to youre 2 channels

  • Antonia Zavala
    Antonia Zavala 3 months ago

    i relly want to win your giveaway i only have a tablet and everybody in myschhol has a phone and i dont thats wy i waned.

  • jeremiah lowery
    jeremiah lowery 3 months ago

    boy your chesse head

  • Annaliese_w Watson
    Annaliese_w Watson 3 months ago

    same x

  • Hillary Mai
    Hillary Mai 3 months ago

    You're so cool

  • Kaitlyn Grayson
    Kaitlyn Grayson 3 months ago

    Do you get payed on you tube?

    NIGERIA AGEE 3 months ago

    i love your videos

  • Simone Bird
    Simone Bird 3 months ago

    you are the best slime maker ever

  • 78Jenna Yonish
    78Jenna Yonish 3 months ago

    did she anounce the signed slime kit give away winner yet

  • KINZ
    KINZ 3 months ago

    Hello I don't know how to text you but I would love to talk to you

  • Liliana Hartley
    Liliana Hartley 3 months ago

    I think the color of slime is gonna be brown.

  • The Pastel Donut
    The Pastel Donut 3 months ago

    soon you will have 6,666,666 subbies

  • margaret bishop
    margaret bishop 3 months ago

    do a testing slime balls from walmart please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna Dollar
    Anna Dollar 3 months ago

    can u enter me in your giveaway

  • Liliana Hartley
    Liliana Hartley 3 months ago

    I think that Karina won the ghost, pumkin, and clown. And I think her boyfriend won the witch, and zombie.

  • Liliana Hartley
    Liliana Hartley 3 months ago

    I love your slime it's amazing!!!!

  • Liliana Hartley
    Liliana Hartley 3 months ago

    Do a collab with laurdiy plz!😊

  • vane2760 vane2760
    vane2760 vane2760 3 months ago

    don't you just scroll through comments and see one particular comment with soo many like and ur like *i wish i said that*

  • Averie Dumais
    Averie Dumais 3 months ago

    please pick me I want anything from karina garcia

  • Sizzling Sammy
    Sizzling Sammy 3 months ago


  • courtney greenford
    courtney greenford 4 months ago

    i love you thousands i would love to get one of your giverways next time i am subscribed and i follow your insta i love you xxxxxxxxxxx

  • StarWarsAndMinecraftComedian2004 EDCP AUTTP AVGCP

    Karina, When I was watching Toys And Me on youtube, Babysitter Jordon blamed Tiana that she sprayed something in wall and made his family accept Tiana into Trouble and she got Grounded. Description: tvclip.biz/video/bj4m1qflK2s/video.html&t=41s Also keep in mind they live in England is to talk to them Toys And Me PO Box 10496 NOTTINGHAM NG13 8QW

  • Briana's squishy world

    karina you inspier me

  • Ellieana 26
    Ellieana 26 4 months ago

    I wish for Karina Garcia to have 100 million subs

  • Ellieana 26
    Ellieana 26 4 months ago

    I really want to win a giveaway for my mother

  • Pippa Adam
    Pippa Adam 4 months ago

    can i win the giveaway plz

  • Belinda Zhou
    Belinda Zhou 4 months ago


  • MidnightRunner AJ
    MidnightRunner AJ 4 months ago

    Love the new kit!!

  • Celene Ortiz
    Celene Ortiz 4 months ago

    i really hope you see this because i love your videos and you inspire me to keep going in life instead of xx -----

  • kate2 rainbow
    kate2 rainbow 4 months ago

    You know when you tried using airwick as an activator it didnt work as it has to be 6 in 1 i use airwick all the time

  • stiven luna
    stiven luna 4 months ago

    hola reina del slime saludos me guto tu video co mariale u como eres amiga de ella porfavor dile que me de chanse para ganar el kit siiii nunca me ierdo un video de ella

  • Oh! Giiselle
    Oh! Giiselle 4 months ago

    PElitenida, falsa, engreida . . que pa que estudie medicina que soy una plastica y malcreada que vivo como en un cuento de hadas))) es una cancion, hi karina is beatiful

  • The Stellar Team
    The Stellar Team 4 months ago

    Gracias por estar en el canal de Mariale eres de verdad la reina del slime gracias besos

  • Ibrahim hassan
    Ibrahim hassan 4 months ago

    hey karina,I really want you to come to England espieccaly Newcastle because no youtuber comes to Newcastle and i hope that this message reaches you and good luck with your tour

  • Kaitlyn Grayson
    Kaitlyn Grayson 4 months ago

    Can you subscribe to my channel please REPLY

  • Veronica Hill
    Veronica Hill 4 months ago

    love ya Karina

  • ECO ML
    ECO ML 4 months ago

    Hii Karina .....Can i pls have a shout out on your next video for my new made channel

  • Shena Roundtree
    Shena Roundtree 4 months ago

    hey Karina I love your slime .

  • eliana Paulino
    eliana Paulino 4 months ago

    your cool

  • eliana Paulino
    eliana Paulino 4 months ago

    I love you

  • Ronni Watkins
    Ronni Watkins 4 months ago

    hi i am a huge fan of yours

  • brook stanley
    brook stanley 4 months ago

    so in the video where you tried to make slime out of the glitter glue you tried to use the detergent but the glitter glue is a different type of washable glue so I think thats why it wasn't working......I think elders makes clear glue with sparkles in it but I'm not sure...it was also from the dollar store so I don't think they would have it there

  • OkaySamira RBLX
    OkaySamira RBLX 4 months ago

    Apparently, i won your giveaway..? Someone told me on ROBLOX.

  • Hush Whisper
    Hush Whisper 5 months ago

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  • The Reincarnated
    The Reincarnated 5 months ago

    I found a no glue slime tvclip.biz/video/_LEQ1GcC0ps/video.html

  • Jay Sierra
    Jay Sierra 5 months ago

    hey karina im trying to start my youtube channel and singing career youu know what thats like please help me out and make my dream come true by liking subcribing and commenting on my videos. It would mean the world to me. Thank you

  • Let's Do with Lave'
    Let's Do with Lave' 5 months ago

    On your next tour can you come to Fl? Preferably near Tampa.

  • Patrick Gray
    Patrick Gray 5 months ago

    hi am your biggest fan my name is poppy

  • So Really Kawaii
    So Really Kawaii 5 months ago

    I was here before 1 mill and it's been a pleasure to see you grow

  • Gabby Cat-Girl
    Gabby Cat-Girl 5 months ago

    i think karina garcia is amazing and so kind its just she might be getting to much credit for just making slime and doing diys

  • cookie monster sweet
    cookie monster sweet 5 months ago

    hi karina you are my inspiration I am only a kid but I want to be a youtuber have a good day

  • spacelover676653
    spacelover676653 5 months ago

    Hey, Karina, I was wondering if my any chance you could come to Reno Nv I am your biggest fan and my birthday is Friday Sept. 8th so that would mean a lot if you could come to Reno

  • Joanne Cook 39
    Joanne Cook 39 5 months ago


  • isabella Jaime
    isabella Jaime 5 months ago

    love you

  • Strikkly HipHop
    Strikkly HipHop 5 months ago

    hi karina i really want to win your giveaway

  • Jack M
    Jack M 5 months ago

    i love slime

  • Jack M
    Jack M 5 months ago

    hi karina i,m a big fan

  • David Vences
    David Vences 6 months ago

    Hi Karina! I love your creativity! Here is my channel: tvclip.biz/channel/UCK-TjrUWwZtjlfXjzOYWGKA

  • Candy's Jounery
    Candy's Jounery 6 months ago

    I love u videos so much

  • killer girl14
    killer girl14 6 months ago

    I just love this pretty gal and her awesome diys and hacks, super talented she is!

  • Ayla Gharavi
    Ayla Gharavi 6 months ago

    yes make a new video your so amazing

  • Esme Campbell Fletcher


  • Angela Chan
    Angela Chan 6 months ago

    u r the best slime maker ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^

  • Cherisha Deendiallo
    Cherisha Deendiallo 6 months ago

    yor so cool ;p

  • Noor Jghiri
    Noor Jghiri 6 months ago

    try a great experiment by adding slime to your food and loosing weight you fat , greasy cheetos eating machine

  • Sarai Villanueva
    Sarai Villanueva 6 months ago

    i karina i love you

  • panda bear
    panda bear 6 months ago

    i really hope you guys are my friends

  • panda bear
    panda bear 6 months ago

    hi my names panda

  • Aleeyah Vandiver
    Aleeyah Vandiver 6 months ago

    when will your slime come to amazon Karina because my mom said i can buy slime supplies for my b-day and i would like to buy some of your slime

  • Sara slime
    Sara slime 6 months ago


  • Megan Meyer
    Megan Meyer 6 months ago

    Why don't u go to nebraska or Iowa?

  • kittycatqueen
    kittycatqueen 6 months ago

    i love you karina you are the best your giveaways are awsome you make the best vids ever i love you <3 <3 <3

  • Rheanne Prince
    Rheanne Prince 6 months ago

    Just search kitty crazy

  • Carli Rowlands-Mowle
    Carli Rowlands-Mowle 6 months ago

    I meant video

  • Carli Rowlands-Mowle
    Carli Rowlands-Mowle 6 months ago

    Do a no glue slime recipe vedio

  • LariBla Gaming
    LariBla Gaming 6 months ago

    Hi karina i love you so much my marshmellow :)

  • DiamondPumaIlusion
    DiamondPumaIlusion 6 months ago

    im going to be at the sf

  • DiamondPumaIlusion
    DiamondPumaIlusion 6 months ago

    who's going to the tour

  • Rebekah Tabosa
    Rebekah Tabosa 6 months ago

    you should go to orlando on your tour

  • Britney reed
    Britney reed 6 months ago

    hey can you do a slime video on how to turn flarp putty into slime!!!! pleaseeee guys like this so she will do it. spam the comments guys

  • Leena Loyola
    Leena Loyola 6 months ago

    Love you Karina

  • TheFirstOrder
    TheFirstOrder 6 months ago

    Hi it's Anakin I've been watching your videos and I just wana request for u to mail me some slime my address is Fremont CA 32835 mono lake lane

  • Mys'Destiny Polk
    Mys'Destiny Polk 6 months ago

    hi i was wondering if you were still doing give away gifts?

  • Jakuzure Nonon
    Jakuzure Nonon 6 months ago

    This fat ho do porn or what?

  • Hello Yuli
    Hello Yuli 6 months ago

    Karina you should make a slime video when you ask your subscribers for slime recipes

  • john jameswright
    john jameswright 6 months ago

    i dar you to prangc collins key

  • Zo and Ash
    Zo and Ash 7 months ago

    Do diy phone cases and plz give us a shout out on one of ur videos

  • Amir Black12314
    Amir Black12314 7 months ago

    I just subscribed love the DIY's , slime videos, I also like your editing!!!!! what editor do you use!!!!!

  • Queen Sis
    Queen Sis 7 months ago

    do a vid on what you do with all your diys! like if you agree

  • Nicole Rothwell
    Nicole Rothwell 7 months ago


  • Monica Ayesh
    Monica Ayesh 7 months ago

    Her personality bro is so amazing like I cant think of another youtuber that seems so friendly as her and her eyebrows lmaoooo LIKE GIVE ME UR EYEBROWS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicky Ashley
    Nicky Ashley 7 months ago

    Hi I love watching your videos. I want to start my own Channel. Anyway you would be willing to help me out?Thanks so much. If not I understand.

  • Goodluck2b
    Goodluck2b 7 months ago

    can you do a collab with wengie?

  • Mariam's Creations
    Mariam's Creations 7 months ago

    hey is there any new youtuber? if anyone wants a friend plz

  • Shona Easingwood
    Shona Easingwood 7 months ago

    How are you going to contact the winners?

  • Shona Easingwood
    Shona Easingwood 7 months ago

    Karina I love you so much I love your DIY's and you are so pretty and inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iliana garcia
    iliana garcia 7 months ago

    kariana i am going to your meet and greet

  • Ashlyn the diyer Vincent

    who won the giveaways?????

  • green Bean
    green Bean 7 months ago

    you should make a clear slime with gold flakes

  • ur mom is the bomb
    ur mom is the bomb 7 months ago


  • Julia Harms
    Julia Harms 7 months ago

    @karina you should do a kinetic sand stress ball

  • Kayla Ripi
    Kayla Ripi 7 months ago

    when do you announce the winners for the july giveaway

  • Kayla Ripi
    Kayla Ripi 7 months ago

    when is the giveaway

  • helen oxley
    helen oxley 7 months ago

    Karina you should give away slime in a slime container! Plus you should do a video where you are making slime with your feet! please listen to my idea-I am a big fan!!!!

    • helen oxley
      helen oxley 7 months ago

      plus I subscribed(if you reply or like Karina, it will be the best day of my life!

  • K Field
    K Field 7 months ago

    I have a suggestion, if it hasn't already been suggested.....when trying to get the slime/play dough in to the balloon, roll it out in to a long snake like piece until it is small enough for it just to slip in to the balloon instead of you trying to push it in. I hope this helps!

  • Genisis Salazar
    Genisis Salazar 7 months ago

    i love your channel 😊😎

  • Poppy Hall
    Poppy Hall 7 months ago

    Hi everyone, I am buying Karina's book for someone and I want to get the supplies to go with it. Does the book have a list of ingredients/supplies? Thank you!!!

  • Magda Mondersir
    Magda Mondersir 7 months ago

    if you dont pick me i will cry because you hate me pleasse i beg you

  • Magda Mondersir
    Magda Mondersir 7 months ago

    can you pick me for your 1000 girft card plesae i am your fan plesae i am dieing cry because i never get some from my fan and i subscribe your both yotube channels

  • Ace ?
    Ace ? 7 months ago

    Am I the only one who though Karina was the one who posted the fat people life hacks? Or did the Mandela Effect happen 😂😂

    • Ace ?
      Ace ? 7 months ago


  • diamond pedrez
    diamond pedrez 7 months ago

    i love your youtube vidoes

  • Savannah Praytor
    Savannah Praytor 8 months ago

    Karina, you should try fabric glue and water. It makes an awesome slime. It surprisingly works. The glue itself is like clear slime, but the water makes less sticky.

  • Taylor Rose
    Taylor Rose 8 months ago

    she was just on nickolodion

  • AdrianaDenova
    AdrianaDenova 8 months ago

    Dose Karina have Snapchat?

  • DIY With Kai
    DIY With Kai 8 months ago

    hi i entered the give away and put my city in a long time ago and i don't know who to find out if in the give away i won writ me back soon bye

  • Ashleysunlight
    Ashleysunlight 8 months ago

    OMG they just showed you on TV on NICK AHHHH That is so cool. It was on the Beach waves Vid.

  • Jazmin Ramos
    Jazmin Ramos 8 months ago

    make slime with suave kids frozen with elsa and old spice swagger it works fine and put three baby pinches of salt

  • ToriTubeTV
    ToriTubeTV 8 months ago

    hey karina what about an iphone 7 plus giveaway

  • Guest
    Guest 8 months ago

    Hi Karina, I know there's little to no chance that you will see this comment, but I'd like to give you a slime recipe that you can hopefully make a video on. The reason I won't make my own video is because I don't have a good videorecorder, and less people would see it (I have 0 subscribers, haha). Here's the recipe: How to make fluffy slime without shaving cream or contact solution (I call it marshmallow slime) Ingredients: glue, borax, shampoo (I used Pantene; I don't know if the brand matters), foaming hand soap, lotion, coloring (optional) 1: pour your glue into your bowl and add coloring if you're using it 2: add foaming hand soap (about 2/3 to the same amount as the glue) 3: in a separate container, put in the same amount of shampoo as you used glue, and mix it up until it is foamy 4: mix the shampoo into the glue/soap mixture 5: add borax 6: play with it until it is less sticky 7: it will be non-sticky, but very stiff, so add lotion to make it stretchier The texture is less like traditional fluffy slime and more like the inside of a marshmallow, but it is still fluffy. It has a lot of tiny air bubbles and looks just like a melted marshmallow when you squeeze it in your fist. Again, you probably won't see this comment, but if you do and decide to make a video on it, thank you SO much!

  • PrikzzHardwell
    PrikzzHardwell 8 months ago

    It Is Very easy to enter a give away But it us very hard to win..I have been Trying Give Away from 1 year But I Never Won. I Want a iPhone You are so rich You can buy as Many iphone you want. But A Middle class People Like can Just Only Dream Of it...Pellzz Can You Give Me....And BY THE WAY YOUR CHANNEL IS SUPPAP I WATCH YOUR VIDEOS SINCE 2 OR 3 YEARS I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL VERY MUCH.....PLEZZ CAN U GIVE ME THAT IPHONE PLEZZ...I HAVE MANY HOPES FROM U....I WOULD LIKE TO WIN MY 1ST GIVEAWAY FROM YOU..PLEZZ Show less REPLY

  • Paulo Santos
    Paulo Santos 8 months ago

    Good vídeos, glue girl very sexy.

  • Steven Singleton
    Steven Singleton 8 months ago

    stop makeing your videos

  • Steven Singleton
    Steven Singleton 8 months ago

    your chanil stiks and you suck lol

  • barrett83801
    barrett83801 8 months ago

    help!! 4 yr old loves slime. my first batch turned out epic but my second batch stays sticky no matter how much powder i put in. am using Gain for laundry detergent. i tried using flour when i couldnt find powder, but now i have powder and it is still too sticky. what can i do?

  • Everyday Tumbling
    Everyday Tumbling 8 months ago

    in ur featured channels u should have awesomeness tv

  • Deborah jaimes
    Deborah jaimes 8 months ago

    hey karina you are the best!!!!

  • Deborah jaimes
    Deborah jaimes 8 months ago

    you guys should subscribe to my channel plzzz!!!!!

  • 3Kat_Gaming3
    3Kat_Gaming3 8 months ago

    Karina I saw ur snap with wengie And did u know that wengie went to see laurDiY and Alex?

  • Makayla Shao
    Makayla Shao 8 months ago

    BTW, anyone want 2 b friends? I don't have any vids, but I would like to have more than one subscriber. thx!

  • Makayla Shao
    Makayla Shao 8 months ago

    Hi I'm new. Just make sure u read this Karina: RainbowPlayMaker wants u 2 make slime inside a store. Just saying.

  • sully amelia
    sully amelia 8 months ago

    hey Karina! You are my favorite youtuber! You are amazing and you always make my day especially when im at the hospital. Thank you so much

  • JJ P
    JJ P 8 months ago

    Hi karina i love your videos.you should make some that are challenges.bye

  • Angelina223344551
    Angelina223344551 8 months ago

    hey how do i join the give away

  • Aneri007
    Aneri007 8 months ago

    Hey Karina! If you are reading this then please do this! Do the #SlimeInPublic challenge! Its when you go to a store like walmart, and you buy the supplies there then you make the slime at the store. Also this idea was from RainbowPlayMaker and she gave you a shoutout and wanted you to try it. Also everyone that sees this please give it a like so ahe can see this. From a big fan :)

  • E'Manee Walker
    E'Manee Walker 8 months ago

    I am up for a friend I will be your friend if you want U_U^_^^_~O.OX_X

  • Alexis Gonzalez
    Alexis Gonzalez 8 months ago

    karina do you have to use that eye solution that you use

  • epicwooz
    epicwooz 8 months ago

    hey if any of you guys wanna be friends with me by liking this comment and subbing to my channel i will like all ur videos and sub to ur channel for everyone who subs to me and likes this ( will be checking)

  • Bryana Elaine Cronk
    Bryana Elaine Cronk 8 months ago

    Karina I adore your vlogs and Vids keep it up W/ luv BC

  • Bryanna Graham
    Bryanna Graham 8 months ago

    HI guys! I'm starting a new channel, tell me what you want to see! :)

  • Queen Sis
    Queen Sis 8 months ago

    make more DIY'S

  • andrea
    andrea 8 months ago

    I subscribed to your main channel and your vlog channel!! hopefully i can win the giveaway

  • glitergirls forever
    glitergirls forever 8 months ago

    can you subscribe to me

  • Dwayne Robles
    Dwayne Robles 8 months ago

    are you filipino

  • Crazy Hamster Lilly
    Crazy Hamster Lilly 8 months ago

    Is slime really the only thing you know how to make?

  • Marinelly Rivera
    Marinelly Rivera 8 months ago

    love you karina

  • Primrose Sam Fong
    Primrose Sam Fong 8 months ago

    and if the slime is clumpy try to strain it with a strainer and it should get rid of the clumps

  • Primrose Sam Fong
    Primrose Sam Fong 8 months ago

    for the hand sanitizer slime you have to put it in the freezer for 4hrs

  • ProOnline Gamer TR
    ProOnline Gamer TR 9 months ago

    Vay amınakoyim 5.5 m abone

    HIILANI KAHAWAI 9 months ago

    Karina can you please change the wall paper that has a picture of the puss coming out of your boyfriends pimple, it's really gross.

  • Deliah Hummel
    Deliah Hummel 9 months ago

    hay i don't have a youtube channel but i have always wanted one but my parents will not let me but if i do, do u have any tips on making videos with-out a go-pro because 1. i don't have, 2. i have a ipod, so can u give me some info about making a perfect video with-out having to edit it .thx.

  • amelia reed
    amelia reed 9 months ago

    Wait no your an in considerate fat dumb idiot

  • amelia reed
    amelia reed 9 months ago

    And your a dumb idiot

  • amelia reed
    amelia reed 9 months ago

    I un subed because I didn't win

  • Catastic Gaming
    Catastic Gaming 9 months ago

    DO JOSEPH'S CHALLENGE!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kamari Jae !
    Kamari Jae ! 9 months ago

    Heeeeey Karina , I Have Been Looking Forword To Winnin First Place In The Smile Book Thing . I Really Love All Of Your Videos . PLEASE , PLEASE , PLEASE PICK ME !!!!

  • Trinity The Mystic
    Trinity The Mystic 9 months ago

    Anyone want to be my youtube friend? I will support you and sub

  • Jaqueline Delacruz-Cruz

    love you

    SAKINAH GLENN 9 months ago

    Hi Karina I was just wondering if there is another give a way so write me back soon

  • amelia reed
    amelia reed 9 months ago


  • amelia reed
    amelia reed 9 months ago

    Only eight more days

  • Jenny Harris
    Jenny Harris 9 months ago

    Soz Karina but we can't call u the slime queen if u ain't made magnetic slime gurl.

  • mawda Khalaf
    mawda Khalaf 9 months ago

    I love you

  • Phoebe Robinson
    Phoebe Robinson 9 months ago

    Is this a DIY channel?

  • Rancho Minerva Middle School Fights

    Karina for your next giveaway you should giveaway an iPhone 7


    I liked your period life hacks it helped me out a lot


    He Karina i just got my period and it just sucks

  • Slime Panda
    Slime Panda 9 months ago

    And Karina I did your oreo slime thing it was bomb

  • Slime Panda
    Slime Panda 9 months ago

    How do you make a video on TVclip

  • Slime And more
    Slime And more 9 months ago

    karina garcia, i Love you so much you are my idol. if i win the grand prize i will be so happy. i will be the happiest girl in the world. honestly if i get 2 3 or not win i will be ok with that i just really want to meet you some day and give you a big ginormous HUG!

  • Justin Romero Pena
    Justin Romero Pena 9 months ago

    you should do a karina you better upload which mean you need to do more videos

  • Kennedy Green
    Kennedy Green 9 months ago

    Would somebody tell me when she starts her videos please like you don't have to but i would be really grateful if you did thank you

  • Kennedy Green
    Kennedy Green 9 months ago

    Hi 👋 does any one know when she post her vids

  • My Kawaii Life
    My Kawaii Life 9 months ago

    Hey Karina, is there a chance that you might do a massive giveaway for summer and give out like MacBooks and iPhones? Thanks!

  • Avina's little Chanel
    Avina's little Chanel 10 months ago


  • Bree Isaacson
    Bree Isaacson 10 months ago

    what is the youtube starter kit on your book giveaway Karina

  • Joanna Taylor
    Joanna Taylor 10 months ago

    ILYS much Karina!!! Reply?

  • Deliah Hummel
    Deliah Hummel 10 months ago

    you should make hand-sanitize slime

    • Deliah Hummel
      Deliah Hummel 10 months ago

      i've been watching diys on how to make this but it always failed so mabey u can fix that

  • Rancho Minerva Middle School Fights

    Karina for your next giveaway you should giveaway an iPhone 7 😁

  • Brianna Fogg
    Brianna Fogg 10 months ago

    For your next giveaway you should give a iphone 6. Also because I have never had a phone and I wanted a chance to win a phone.

  • XxTheBanditGirlxX XD
    XxTheBanditGirlxX XD 10 months ago

    When is your next vid coming out ugh!!!!!!???;C

  • samantaa
    samantaa 10 months ago

    been watching since your first video :)

  • Maria Chavez
    Maria Chavez 10 months ago

    Hi I am new to this I love your videos