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Cute cat on the bench
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Cats at night
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Hungry cat loves me
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Only black cat so hungry
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Girl kitten feels better
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Kittens are still very small
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Little kittens
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Hungry cat meow on a bench
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Gray cat meow on a bench
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Little kittens open eyes
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Cats meow after rain
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Kittens 😻
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Black cat meow on a cold day
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Little kittens
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Little kittens with mom
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cat gave birth to kittens
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4 hungry kittens with mom
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Kitten today he is hungry
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Black friendly cats
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Friendly cat on the bench
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New kitten with mom
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Little kittens with mom
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  • Gautham Sukesh
    Gautham Sukesh 23 seconds ago

    Hye cat is so cute while meowing

  • Emaan Gohar
    Emaan Gohar 28 seconds ago

    She might of got abandoned because she was a black cat while her mum and siblings were brownish

  • Andor Ferencz
    Andor Ferencz 3 minutes ago

    bring it home

  • Novus Hollow
    Novus Hollow 8 minutes ago

    No one: Literally noone: This dude: skskskskksksksksksksskks #vscoislife skskskksksksksksksksks hydroflask did he predict the future?

  • Daniel Allen Butler
    Daniel Allen Butler 9 minutes ago

    Robin Selput, you're an asshole AND a pussy. You repeatedly upset this kitten, make noises at it that it clearly doesn't like, approach it in a way that it obviously regards as threatening, and then flinch every time the kitten spits and growls at you. First, turn in your man card, then turn in your human being card, because as either one, you're a failure....

  • Czoklet113 Tryche
    Czoklet113 Tryche 14 minutes ago

    Very Cute cat cutestt cat ever

  • Eurovision Fan
    Eurovision Fan 18 minutes ago

    No one: Not a single soul: Cat: Robin:kSKsSkKsKsKsKsKKsSkSkssK

  • obstinatejack
    obstinatejack 21 minute ago

    this is clearly an abandoned kitten, as that little fur ball doesn't shy away from human

  • Freyza Mynamejeff Phuck

    Oh Robin.. such a wholesome man

  • Danielle Dearest
    Danielle Dearest 25 minutes ago

    Kitten: Meows Me: I am taking this child home and giving it all the food and love it deserves

  • TheWaveSon
    TheWaveSon 30 minutes ago

    Yeah, give him a piece of beef bigger than himself

  • 上野智則
    上野智則 32 minutes ago

    I want to grab the cat's tail and hit it against the ground.

  • qwguille8 _ZxD YT
    qwguille8 _ZxD YT 44 minutes ago

    Te lo deberías de haber llaebado

  • Abhijith I S
    Abhijith I S 54 minutes ago

    Take him in if you can, the cold will be too much

  • Boxer Boi
    Boxer Boi 55 minutes ago


  • Доктор пуп
    Доктор пуп 56 minutes ago

    9:14 mini-mufasa death scene.

  • Bunny boy
    Bunny boy 58 minutes ago

    Robin, love you for feeding these kitty's, but where do you find so many?

  • Reongaro
    Reongaro Hour ago

    3:41 ???

  • fayezah Ibrahim
    fayezah Ibrahim Hour ago

    So kind

  • Pedro Sousa
    Pedro Sousa Hour ago

    God blessed u

  • Lelde brakovska
    Lelde brakovska Hour ago

    I’m very sorry baby kitten

  • Unicorn Fuzz
    Unicorn Fuzz Hour ago


  • Carolina Reales
    Carolina Reales Hour ago

    How adorable ♥

  • Mikko Franzel Reyes

    SO CUUUUTTTTTEEEEE!!! I widh I could've adopted this little kitten~

  • Tolgaunal
    Tolgaunal Hour ago


  • salty寂しい
    salty寂しい Hour ago


  • Jasmin yaso
    Jasmin yaso Hour ago


  • 나나미
    나나미 Hour ago

    고양이가 나한태 다리 비벼서 만저 젔었는데.....♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • 나나미
    나나미 Hour ago

    나도 이런적 있었는데.

  • Franzeco333
    Franzeco333 Hour ago

    I am lost in the woods, with nothing but a giant creature near me. It appears that this bipedal creature wants to approach me. Is it dangerous? I don't know. I must be careful. It's getting closer, and it's holding a black rectangle. Maybe it _does_ wants to attack me. That might be it's weapon. I should play defensively. I am giving this giant one warnings, but I am afraid that this massive creature knows as much as me that I am not ready for a combat, especially against this creature. My claws just will not be enough. I am too young. I should have listen to my mother when she told me not to get to far from the herd. I am sorry, mother. But, what is this smell. I can smell food, and it appears that it is coming from this giant one's front paw. Is this... Food? I am still not guarding down. Not because of the adrenaline of the moment, but because I am scared. I am not trusting this furless giant. Hmm. It dropped it's piece of meat. I am not going to lie. It smells incredible. Maybe because I have not eaten in hours, but I am not sure of what should I do. Apparently, this giant one is offering this giant piece of meat to me. I am really hungry, and even when I know I will not eat a piece of meat the size of my head, I really feel like I could, but this giant one is still pointing me with that weird rectangle. Should I... accept it? What if it is a trap. I am honestly scared, but also hungry. ... I will give it a shot. This... This is delicious! I feel great again, and thanks to this bipedal giant one. I am still a little scared about it. I have never seen a creature like this in my life, so I do not know if I should trust it. ...But it appears that this giant one is actually harmless. I guess I will give it my trusts. After all, it saved my life. Now, it's giving me a head massage. It looks like I have gained it's trusts too. Maybe it is too soon, but I feel very confident about calling it... ...My friend. Thanks you, giant one.

  • Jersey MusicMan333

    There’s a bird!... but... screw it... Meow mix is right here....

  • Jersey MusicMan333

    I love this cat...

  • SpartanSoldier76

    "Stranger DanGeR"!

  • Fun-Time Foxy Jr

    So cuteeee

  • TheAveragePlayer

    *Kitten before being carried* :Hisss *Kitten when carried* :Please put me down pls pls pls

  • Eddie Murphy
    Eddie Murphy Hour ago

    Thank You!

  • Lavdrim Kaljeshi
    Lavdrim Kaljeshi 2 hours ago


  • c
    c 2 hours ago

    Omg the runt!!!!😩😩😩

  • Allen the 76 Last psycho TDM

    Now do you adopt this baby cat 🐈 it looks cute

  • M Prince
    M Prince 2 hours ago

    Thank you for feeding those sweet little kitties!! You are doing an awesome job trying to save all of them!! This video will give you some more tips on how to syringe feed. You can turn on the close caption to Russian. She has other educational videos you can watch as well that can give you more tips to help you. You may need some help trying to feed all of those babies around the clock. You are doing an awesome job!! I just wanted to give you some more tips on how to take care of them. Hope this information will help you both now and in the future. Thank you again for all you do, to help all of the animals you can.

  • Alex and Friends
    Alex and Friends 2 hours ago

    1:41 Jumpscare

  • Ihavenolife_uvu
    Ihavenolife_uvu 2 hours ago

    Sooo cute TvT EK!

  • Yes And No
    Yes And No 2 hours ago

    Please remember me when this gets recommended to someone seven years later

  • HeheXd123
    HeheXd123 2 hours ago

    C U T E

  • Jessica Scovell
    Jessica Scovell 2 hours ago

    awwwwww cuuuuuuute

  • brahim119
    brahim119 2 hours ago

    Beautiful cat, when a stray cat acts like that, it means s/he wants to adopt you. I have been adopted by two of them already.

  • MacJIuHA
    MacJIuHA 2 hours ago

    А кошечка то боевая

  • completelynew009
    completelynew009 2 hours ago

    Those benches with gaps must be uncomfortable for cats to walk on? :(

  • redwarriorXYT Youtube

    First time hearing his VOICE

  • Hayabusa
    Hayabusa 2 hours ago


  • Renata M
    Renata M 2 hours ago

    Robin, the first vsco girl!.. Ksksksksks

  • aFaceInside
    aFaceInside 3 hours ago

    No collar/tags, but it is not behaving feral. It looks healthy and uninjured, it's probably an indoor cat that got outside and got lost.

  • Jon Thompson
    Jon Thompson 3 hours ago

    Saint Robin....patron Saint of stray cats and kittens

  • watergod 83
    watergod 83 3 hours ago

    How does he resist the urge to just scoop it up and shower it with kisses?

    SYED HAROON PASHA 3 hours ago

    Awwwww! So cute 🤗😄

  • Areyouangry
    Areyouangry 3 hours ago

    Dude it’s a cat, not a rattlesnake

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole 3 hours ago


  • Tom Lake Charles
    Tom Lake Charles 3 hours ago

    Robin: “Ksksks” Cat: THE PROPHECY. *IT IS TRUE.*

  • Radio’s channel is now taken over by Spinel

    Top 10 prettiest cats that ever existed Number 1: all cats

  • Jean Desmond
    Jean Desmond 3 hours ago

    I really enjoyed seeing you guys having such a good time. Cats play rough sometimes, but that's OK as long as no one gets hurt. That little tortie doesn't take "no" for an answer, does she? 😸😁☻💕

  • Dimas Pandito
    Dimas Pandito 3 hours ago

    Looks like someone pet...

  • Shivam Maheshwari
    Shivam Maheshwari 3 hours ago

    I misread Cat on the cute bench lmao

  • Layra Hernandez
    Layra Hernandez 3 hours ago

    Get the kitty to the Hospital :3

  • Eva Tervala
    Eva Tervala 3 hours ago

    How fast they grow ! I was only a week away, because heavy work, but didn't expect this beatiful little gang to be so strong ! Wau !

  • Alison the crazy kenny fangirl qwp

    me: **reads description** also me: *HE IS BOTH GENDERS*

  • 王兆成
    王兆成 4 hours ago

    No body : TVclip : Wanna see a cat on a bench ? Me : Here we go again...

  • Alison the crazy kenny fangirl qwp

    other cats: **eating food** white and gray kitten: **eating robins hand**

  • Mina Michael
    Mina Michael 4 hours ago

    Man:skskkskksksk Me:i realised that is he sounded like a vsco boiii

  • Blazing Phantom
    Blazing Phantom 4 hours ago

    *Mew mew*

  • David Davenport
    David Davenport 4 hours ago

    They're getting so big

  • Castle Rock RAIL FAN

    great video 🐱

  • almighurt.
    almighurt. 4 hours ago


  • john michael fabraquel

    Kitten-hisses Hooman- kskskskkksk Kitten-are you a vsco boy 😂😂

    FGAAM 4 hours ago


  • Ćŕýşťåłķïø

    Hes new to the sksksksksk community

  • Саша Рожков

    А чё царапнул?

  • A guy with random convictions

    Why did I laugh at "Snow"?

  • Anna G
    Anna G 4 hours ago

    Smol bean awww 🥺🥺

  • william becking
    william becking 4 hours ago

    did the black kittens left eye get better ( 5:01 )

  • Kris Puskar
    Kris Puskar 4 hours ago

    When she fucking keeps picking up the cat when it’s saying put me down

  • ale4DUB
    ale4DUB 4 hours ago

    Thank u for being kind to all the cats u come across .. Wish everyone was like this

  • Dallas Time Bandits
    Dallas Time Bandits 4 hours ago

    Show a vet receipt. I know you cant

  • BearsFan 360
    BearsFan 360 4 hours ago

    I have cats like this but know there huge

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 5 hours ago

    Kitten: I Hate You Guy: sksksksks Kitten: He's speaking the language of the gods! *GIVES FOOD" Kitten: HE HAS COME TO END OUR SUFFERING!

  • Maria Götz
    Maria Götz 5 hours ago

    🙏🏻 Thank your for you heartly help❣️💖 This little poor, sweety Baby. I whishes and hope that the lovable Soul will life. All the best him❣️ 🌹💕🐕💖🌹

  • El Gato Diablillo
    El Gato Diablillo 5 hours ago

    OMG, IS SO CUTE!!!!!

  • Satya
    Satya 5 hours ago

    Woah, that piece of meat is bigger than the kitty's head 😲

  • ZuriPlayzroblox Zuri

    I love how they are rubbing their heads on each other’s body and on robins legs that’s so cute 😭

  • Sia Diya
    Sia Diya 5 hours ago

    the cat scratching the pole was caught off guard 😅😅😅

  • Ig Corp
    Ig Corp 5 hours ago

    Подох бы этот кот и хрен с ним, вон там ещё у кошки куча! Куда их прикармливают? Зачем расширять популяцию котов, если не могут стерилизовать?

  • ArchRockK
    ArchRockK 6 hours ago

    That's how my first ex reacted to me

  • KatiV
    KatiV 6 hours ago

    I see a video of his in my feed all the time and it's a new cat each time. So many people being judgemental and complaining that he didnt take these cats in, but you cant just take in every cat you see in the streets. That vet bills food water litter and then youd have to make sure they were in a spacious enough home and they all got along. Youre not a horrible person if you dont take in an animal just because it's cold outside. Look at its coat. Yes it is cold but it is also an animal that is adapted to this cold weather from living there its whole life so what may seem like -6 to us could be 46 to them. Just stop being so judgemental

  • Titus 2:13
    Titus 2:13 6 hours ago

    I'd hiss at you too if you kept picking me up just to gawk at me in front of a camera you idiot...

  • Ig Corp
    Ig Corp 6 hours ago

    На кой хрен прикармливать и кормить полудиких котов?? Разводить ещё больше животных?

  • carrie white
    carrie white 6 hours ago

    Aww pretty cat.

  • subo7ai
    subo7ai 6 hours ago


  • Sharon Bell
    Sharon Bell 6 hours ago

    Why are there so many stray cats running around! Nasty animals.

  • Afwina Yusuf
    Afwina Yusuf 6 hours ago

    I wish kind hearted people like Robin, Sarper Duman, the Turkish meow meow lady (and the guy), and all animal rescuers out there shall be protected from bad things by powerful invisible forces and also guaranteed heaven. Amen.

  • pamsu S
    pamsu S 6 hours ago

    This kitten is part of Yautja Clan.

  • Drexon Bacalzo
    Drexon Bacalzo 6 hours ago

    Pls save all this cats :).