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  • Pipito Paerata
    Pipito Paerata Hour ago

    La is a corrupt Democrat state. So no surprise

  • Pipito Paerata
    Pipito Paerata Hour ago

    He's my nutritionist lol

  • King DeeDeeDee
    King DeeDeeDee 8 hours ago

    Are they allowed to retaliate against the pad guys? Or are they suppose to take the punishment?

    • Jeff Sainlar Visuals
      Jeff Sainlar Visuals Hour ago

      Just defend and take the punishment. It's a test of character and resilience

  • Phương B
    Phương B 9 hours ago

    your documentary is like a gift for videophotography beginner like me <3 thank you so much, keep up the excellent work!

  • Normal störd
    Normal störd Day ago


  • Alexalex Alex
    Alexalex Alex Day ago

    Wtf ! He win clear !

  • Mashy
    Mashy Day ago

    Jesus those pad men going after them

  • Wade Jensen
    Wade Jensen Day ago

    The Muay Thai trainers are egotistical fuckwits...period!

  • richard trail
    richard trail Day ago


  • Hery Chauvin
    Hery Chauvin 3 days ago

    Le Génie Adesanya!🔥👍 le combattant le plus parfait de cette génération! toujours un temps d avance, précision clinique, variations de coups, il peu encaissés, en Mma il est insaisissable et peu enchaîné une avalanche de coups!! Bref! Un Monstre!!🔥🔥👌

  • abmo32
    abmo32 3 days ago

    57:15 hahaha "I don't know why' -- ofc you know: comes from a thai psychopath yelling owhaaaa A-IIIII while kneeing TF out of western people in their bootcamp :D

  • abmo32
    abmo32 3 days ago

    53:03 that kneebar attempt is agressive 53:10 oh wow he tries to roll out full speed out of a leg lock 53:14 his leg is locked tightly, be careful dude 53:15 POP - AHHH AHHHHH AHHHH Totally avoidable and silly. Bad knees sucks man, hope he will get decent medical attention, which is not a given unless your are an elite athlete in a popular sport (Tony Ferguson recovered rather quickly, but many other were forced into retirement)

  • David
    David 5 days ago

    Absolutely amazing documentary! Thank you! Very motivating for my own training, and it was really inspiring to see Helena cry right after the last photo was taken at the end! Greetings from Holland!

  • Enver Hasi
    Enver Hasi 8 days ago

    Some people you just have to look into their eyes to see whats going on. Dagestan fighters unbeatable !!!

    • Jwz Jdjdj
      Jwz Jdjdj 3 days ago

      He's a Chechen from Chechenya, brother.

  • Hadji Djikineh
    Hadji Djikineh 8 days ago

    You're the best my brother keep going god will be with you my brother 🙏💪

  • superjam18
    superjam18 9 days ago

    Its like watching Marine training without the guns

  • i o
    i o 10 days ago

    Tik tok sang chấm cái

  • Dee Cns
    Dee Cns 10 days ago

    Warriors all.

  • Subject00001 __
    Subject00001 __ 11 days ago

    Role Model for Koreans 100% 👍👍👍🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  • sinkiy
    sinkiy 14 days ago

    My two favorite girl fighters in the world.

  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson 16 days ago

    Excellent video wish you got more attention

  • minimoe2008
    minimoe2008 18 days ago

    Where is he training now?

  • Angelo Diggines
    Angelo Diggines 18 days ago

    Funny how the world is they always praise the ones that dose nothing an the ones that show up to show out gets no credit that’s with jobs,home,streets, the world need to start looking through the 3rd eye 👁 see’s life for what it is on God

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds 18 days ago

    Must be nice being female, they give a lot more leeway considering there are FAR FAR less female combat athletes. Blows my mind that some of these averagely "in shape" women made it. I'm sure they're extremely tough individuals but the standard is just a lot lower. This will only increase though! There will be a lot more females in the future and it will increase the competition; wMMA has accelerated at an insane pace.

  • Zoltan Németh
    Zoltan Németh 20 days ago

    Muay Thai forever! M T rules!

    • Absolutely Dreadful
      Absolutely Dreadful 4 days ago

      Until you get taken down and put in a rear naked choke. Then muay thai is the most useless martial art out there

  • Tony Francis
    Tony Francis 22 days ago

    What the fuck you want do you know we’re I trained

  • Victor Oleru
    Victor Oleru 22 days ago

    They robbed him but he never let that get into him, because he knows he is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME

  • Dgnius Makileven
    Dgnius Makileven 22 days ago

    those judges need their face smashed in

  • kawika dav
    kawika dav 22 days ago

    Short lived. Better to go for a college scholarship.

    • Gordon Reinz
      Gordon Reinz 11 days ago

      College is a dying culture in the west. It's ideal for the Medicinal & Mathamatic route, but not much of else. Lots of people go to college and graduate, end up working at a gas station for something they're way overqualified for. What these guys are doing is something they were born to do.

    • Johnny Tommy
      Johnny Tommy 21 day ago

      kawika dav i fast forward a few parts. Can you time stamp?

    • kawika dav
      kawika dav 21 day ago

      @Johnny Tommy Yeah, did you watch the video?

    • Johnny Tommy
      Johnny Tommy 22 days ago

      Scholarship for muay thai?

    • Villaboy54321
      Villaboy54321 22 days ago

      Some people dont wanna live that boring generic life pal

  • frawldog
    frawldog 23 days ago

    Go to phiphi island and you can watch drunk people box straight from bar for money. It’s fun t

  • myshadow drakos
    myshadow drakos 23 days ago

    give him Jones!!

    • lift meup
      lift meup 17 days ago

      That doesn't take what he has achieved away.

  • Emerlinda Chica
    Emerlinda Chica 23 days ago

    Hello! i would like to ask permission to use your video for school project :) we will put credits thank

  • Oaksman
    Oaksman 24 days ago

    Those judges need to be questioned on which fight they watched. Daylight robbery. Unbelievable.

  • Sonam B
    Sonam B 24 days ago

    Great videography man. Really enjoyed this documentary seeing how the story of each fighter unfolded. Really motivates me to train too. Great work.

  • Justin jambo62
    Justin jambo62 24 days ago

    These judges need their bank accounts investigating !!

  • halcott anderson
    halcott anderson 25 days ago

    the judges was at a different fight,it was certainly not this one

  • Angelo Libero
    Angelo Libero 25 days ago

    Robbery day... Israel is the most strong fighter in his division. GRANDE Israel.

  • Muhammad Mainuddin Muslim Umma


  • Daniel Guzman
    Daniel Guzman 27 days ago

    The same voice of Valentina🤗🤗

  • Michael Darko
    Michael Darko 27 days ago

    Clean robbery ohhhh

  • It's Stizzy //Chid
    It's Stizzy //Chid 27 days ago

    3 time National champion and they think middleweight champion will be the one to change him? gotta give em more credit Eugene

  • Robert Henry
    Robert Henry 27 days ago

    Two of my favorite fighters sparring.

  • Ra Ward
    Ra Ward 28 days ago

    Wow!! That was straight bullshit. Boldly robbed!! That organization should be ashamed of itself.

  • Thein Zaw
    Thein Zaw 29 days ago

    I like Brazilian guy 🇧🇷 Funny Skillful

  • kaaले Mev
    kaaले Mev Month ago

    Mashallah I love you brother jubair....... I'm from India.... 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳💪💪💪

  • Johannes Brenke
    Johannes Brenke Month ago

    Einfach abnormal brutal geile Form am Ende

  • Siti Munaroh
    Siti Munaroh Month ago

    Handsome fighter 👍

  • Joe Calleja
    Joe Calleja Month ago

    I believe this dude wouldve held the UFC 185lb belt at some point if that freak eye injury never happened ..He was TUFF on the feet and extremely dangerous on the ground

  • kris buns
    kris buns Month ago

    And you showed what this small country had and not only you won but you won New Zealander hearts! Congrats for winning.

  • luis ceron
    luis ceron Month ago

    Buenos profes en esas escuela 🥊💪🏋️

  • Purity the Boss lady

    Nice one bro

  • Caroline Donnelly

    Great Vlog. Loved the aerial shots.

  • sebastian ayarza
    sebastian ayarza Month ago

    this is my dream

  • Zoran Jankovic
    Zoran Jankovic Month ago

    This is fucking work.💪🔥

  • Ken Hall
    Ken Hall Month ago


  • blue coture
    blue coture Month ago

    01:16:47 ➡ 🔄

  • Philip S
    Philip S Month ago

    Shitty, surprisingly ugly town but highly glorified, no doubt.

  • Damian Ramon
    Damian Ramon Month ago

    @30:33 Mad respect for that guy! That's a true brother to have by your side. (Found out his name later: Jonathan Chino)

  • Low Cust
    Low Cust Month ago

    So uh why aren't there Nate Diaz vs Kim hgihlights anywhere?

  • Simeona Elisala
    Simeona Elisala Month ago

    He is so humble too

  • Marijan Nikolic
    Marijan Nikolic Month ago

    Tbh people look soft as fuck ..think they need fes years of traininh beforr coming here..

  • Marijan Nikolic
    Marijan Nikolic Month ago

    Howw to get that scholarship where to apply for this?

  • HạMoon ELectro Dance MUSiC Game

    Giống bray quá

  • Sonam B
    Sonam B 2 months ago

    Fantastic insight into the life of an MMA Coach/Fighter.

  • Noah P
    Noah P 2 months ago

    Sure, you think it's a good idea to scroll through the comments now but you'll find out who wins. Is it worth it?

  • Brandon Jruptz97
    Brandon Jruptz97 2 months ago

    The crowd sound like frogs getting electrocuted

  • Brandon Jruptz97
    Brandon Jruptz97 2 months ago

    Instant disqualification for common assault on the ref 😂

  • nepenthis Duvet
    nepenthis Duvet 2 months ago

    Just how strong is Shownu,of Monstax X to have defeated a UFC fighter of this level twice in an arm wrestling match!That is no joke,M proud of both of them.

  • aijaz khan Khan saab
    aijaz khan Khan saab 2 months ago

    Masha Allahu khairan wa ahsanan jaza subhaan Allah masha Allah subhaan Allah

  • Intellect, reason&Logic Use your brain

    what happened at 242, you looked like you were going to fall over. was it too hot?

  • linh nguyen
    linh nguyen 2 months ago

    A thathu đã bị anh Ben đấm sấp mặt

  • Real Deal
    Real Deal 2 months ago

    You hit my pads and I will hit your head... This is no sparring it's just silly

  • shaari mohd amin
    shaari mohd amin 2 months ago

    Zubaira is the next undefeated champ he is a talented fighter congrats zubaira wish achieve your dream..

  • Wrestler- Kickboxer
    Wrestler- Kickboxer 2 months ago

    If only he kicked more in his fights instead of banking on that right hand (which has been getting him KO'd)

  • 하하아아
    하하아아 2 months ago

    Real fighter fight rich kid can't fight

  • Bilisumma
    Bilisumma 2 months ago

    Wow another alpha male fighter 💪

  • god mind
    god mind 2 months ago

    Israel. Just came across you about 3 weeks ago, watched almost all your fights. You're my nigga, cocky but humble, African ninja. Hope to meet you some day. NUWAUPU/AB NAFUR

  • Tom Ciaccio
    Tom Ciaccio 2 months ago

    You need steel ribs to do that

  • Solidsince76
    Solidsince76 2 months ago

    Wow that big bloke come 3rd on the hill run? That's alot of weight to move up that hill. If mma doesnt work out, give rugby a go lol

  • kalle kanin
    kalle kanin 2 months ago

    Why did the dude training with the females cover his head and face?

  • CoinWalker
    CoinWalker 2 months ago

    why would anyone go to thailand to train with a bunch of white dudes and not thai pro´s?

  • marcelo yanez
    marcelo yanez 2 months ago

    vamos argentina lrpm

  • Petr K
    Petr K 2 months ago

    Guten Tag. Ich geise Otto! Hande hoch!

  • kelvin akinde
    kelvin akinde 2 months ago

    I was so happy for EDUARD. .. BELARUS!!

  • kelvin akinde
    kelvin akinde 2 months ago

    Moustache trainer is the DON!

  • kelvin akinde
    kelvin akinde 2 months ago

    Why has the format changed. This format was better the full documentary rather than episodes. Also the production in 2019 isn't as good

  • David Jeong
    David Jeong 2 months ago

    bruh I thought this was highlight video, literally half of the video is training smh. Ill knock this guys out myself.

  • Andrew Grist
    Andrew Grist 2 months ago

    Next time could you put more ads into the video, I almost went a full minute without an ad

  • mikebalko
    mikebalko 2 months ago

    I couldn't keep watching after they had guys fighting blinfolded, wtf

    • mikebalko
      mikebalko 2 months ago

      @Radovickkz 25 Yeah they must have been from falling on their asses for no reason

    • Radovickkz 25
      Radovickkz 25 2 months ago

      mikebalko buthurt? Pfff

  • mikebalko
    mikebalko 2 months ago

    LOL, when the guys holding pads are kicking and hitting the contestants in the head and body why are the contestants just hitting the pads instead of kicking and hitting the pad holders in the head and body also!? Of course the contestants are going to take a beating doing that, it's completely illogical.

  • eddie rdz
    eddie rdz 2 months ago

    the fact that your foundation for your mailbox was crap.....from an engineer

  • Clarence Neil Bande
    Clarence Neil Bande 2 months ago

    Can I use dis for a video? Thanks

  • 88swordmaster
    88swordmaster 2 months ago

    49:36 probably the most evil coach in the Tiger gym

  • Gum Disease
    Gum Disease 2 months ago

    Kind of disappointed. I came here for a muay thai documentary, and got an MMA one. No thanks.

  • WWeRockFan1001
    WWeRockFan1001 2 months ago

    Would love to see him against Israel adesanya

  • Russell Johnson
    Russell Johnson 2 months ago

    My favorite kickboxer like to see him fight again

  • Sunrisers Zain
    Sunrisers Zain 2 months ago

    Masha Allah Tabarak Allah zubair ALLAH bless you 👍

  • Roy Muk
    Roy Muk 2 months ago

    look at all the trainer's ears.. most of them have cauliflower ears. Damnnn

  • Safwan Ahmed
    Safwan Ahmed 2 months ago


  • Rob Nicholson
    Rob Nicholson 2 months ago

    damn, so jealous