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  • TheNewVocal
    TheNewVocal 23 days ago

    Greetings from Singapore =) Wish you a beautiful day!

  • Дмитрий Кутузов

    No Russia No Games

  • Alexey Fedotov
    Alexey Fedotov 2 months ago

    To present evidence that the sample was dope...and do not talk what all was involved Putin talkers You and not an organization,but will help us a fair trial

  • Николай Смехов

    You deleted video of opening ceremony of Sochi 2014??? For what!!!??? I'm very disappointed(((((

  • Ismail AGA
    Ismail AGA 3 months ago

    Naim Süleymanoğlu <3 <3

  • Человек.
    Человек. 3 months ago

    You will answer for everything, a matter of time......

  • RealJoeyJohnson
    RealJoeyJohnson 3 months ago

    Can You Upload How Does a City Prepare for the olympics?

  • samuel attias
    samuel attias 4 months ago


  • John Rapp
    John Rapp 4 months ago

    hello sir or madam can you please upload all the 2016 olympic basketball complete gahmese like 2012 and also fooball please from the rio gams like the london games thanks hope to hear your reply soon and ALSO the 2014 sochi hockey al lgames god bless hope to know something soon

  • Rosana Aparecida
    Rosana Aparecida 4 months ago

    where is the full matches from indoor volleyball and beach volleyball? a year have passed...

  • charly inconformista
    charly inconformista 5 months ago

    Ojalá algún día la formula 1 -automovilismo- este en los juegos olimpicos. Es un deporte muy bello y cualquier ciudad tiene un autodromo

  • Maz Dela Cerna
    Maz Dela Cerna 5 months ago

    Loved your vid!! Really interesting!! Don't stop making vlogs!

  • 4rogue6
    4rogue6 5 months ago

    Where is basketball?

  • Rahul Rahul2020
    Rahul Rahul2020 6 months ago

    Kapoor eka

  • alexandre Gorska
    alexandre Gorska 6 months ago

    135/5000 I would like to know how I can watch the videos of the competitions of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 Could you provide some link ???

  • Holly Porter
    Holly Porter 7 months ago

    unsubscribed. not enough running videos and too much guy and trans gender videos

  • addict with a harpoøn

    where is rhytmic gymnastics

  • 阪急電車急行は速い

    IOC会長に提言 平昌オリンピックに北朝鮮の選手が参加してメダルを獲得できなければ帰国後に死刑されるのが分かりませんか?

  • herbert van rijn
    herbert van rijn 8 months ago

    Hello, does someone knows the title/artist of the music of the video Nadia Comaneci - First Perfect 10 | Montreal 1976 Olympics ? Thanks !

  • Kimberly Nielson
    Kimberly Nielson 8 months ago

    when will the full replays of rio be available? everything from london is, so whats different about rio?(:

  • Kimberly Nielson
    Kimberly Nielson 8 months ago

    when will the full replays of rio be available? everything from london is, so whats different about rio?(:

  • John Rapp
    John Rapp 8 months ago

    olympics when will you add the complete 2016 basketball turnements of both men and women like 2012

  • John Rapp
    John Rapp 8 months ago

    when will add the Olympics 2016 basketball complete games and football like 2012 and 2014 Olympic hockey turnement like 2010 it would be greatly appreciated to me and my family hope to hear your reply soon thanks

  • veerayut phoommithes
    veerayut phoommithes 8 months ago

    Volley ball please

  • Amelia Clay
    Amelia Clay 8 months ago

    How much money did you spend on the swimming centres at USOC for the Olympics?

  • yowza
    yowza 9 months ago

    Now this official Olympic channel becomes the WORST sport channel on youtube.

  • Timean MAGNIER
    Timean MAGNIER 9 months ago

    Peut tu t'abboné a ma chaine et je m'abbone a ta chaine SVP

  • John Rapp
    John Rapp 9 months ago

    olympics can you please upload the full hockey games from the 2014 olympics of every game of mens turnement and the full basketball coverage and football of the 2016 olympics it would mean alot to me and my family

  • Timean MAGNIER
    Timean MAGNIER 9 months ago

    Peut tu t' abonner a ma chaine SVP

  • Timean MAGNIER
    Timean MAGNIER 9 months ago

    Peut -tu m'aider à tourner une vidéo SVP

  • lapaset87
    lapaset87 10 months ago

    I would love to see more Bud Greenspan's olympic films in your channel! It's nearly impossible to see them anywhere else, as retail copies are either rare, only in VHS format, or not available at all. And of course all other olympic films would also be warmly welcomed :) Many many thanks for the films you've already uploaded!

  • yoon eli
    yoon eli 10 months ago

    do olga korbut interview pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • angel jaspe
    angel jaspe 10 months ago

    excelente, me gustaria ayudar a organizar un evento en cuador...

  • SuperTraillers
    SuperTraillers 10 months ago


  • Randele Alcoran Arcilla

    Many Filipino Olympians was not win to get medals between 2000 Sydney Olympics, 2004 Athens Olympics, 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics was not yet to claimed victory and between them are before the victory of Mansueto "Onyok" Velasco on 1996 Atlanta Olympics and after the victory of Hidilyn Diaz of 2016 Rio Olympics are double silver medalists were get victory and we love for the Filipino Athletes on Olympics to especially for you.

  • Randele Alcoran Arcilla

    We god bless for the Philippine Olympic Team was claimed victory was not defeated and not losses was won on olympic medals for 2020 Tokyo Olympics after the victory of 2016 Rio Olympics Silver Medalist Hidilyn Diaz of Zamboanga City, Mindanao, Philippines and we love choose for the Filipino Olympians was before get win until today.

  • rirdan1
    rirdan1 11 months ago

    Hello. I am unable to find Rio women's uneven bars final. Where can I find it, please?

  • chung2F5
    chung2F5 11 months ago

    Upload full events please.

  • dimitris900
    dimitris900 11 months ago

    Dear Olympic Channel , i have to say that you are one of the best athletic channels of youtube and your videos are always very entertaining . But , i would like to share my thoughts about how 'Olympic Channel' can become better than it is now . I believe that you should change the way you make the medal videos ( the ones that are talking about an athlete winning a medal ) . In my opinion , the whole final of the game should be shown together with the medal ceremony and with the athlete's interviews . Also i agree with some guys here that are proposing that the next opening ceremony should be livestreaming via this channel . And finally , i searched into your videos and sadly i realised there is no video of the whole opening ceremony in Athens (2004) . Hope you are working on a digital restorment of the video and you upload it soon . The same should be done with every ceremony that is missing . Those were my thoughts about things that could be improved in this channel . I really hope that you are reading those comments here , because they can help you improve .

  • s gee
    s gee 11 months ago

    When will you do a proper video about figure skating legend Mao Asada????

  • claudia munoz
    claudia munoz 11 months ago

    Why can't i watch The Rio Olympics full events?! WHY!!!

  • Sebastian Munoz Alaniz
    Sebastian Munoz Alaniz 11 months ago

    Why Can't I Watch The Rio Olympics Full Events?! WHY? WHY?!!!!

  • Tom Klein
    Tom Klein 11 months ago

    What about doing Hitting the wall videos with Brandon White and Jack Laugher (diving) or Simone Biles.

  • BC Sports
    BC Sports 11 months ago

    Very cool channel !!

  • sharath subaiah
    sharath subaiah Year ago

    Is there a reason why the live feed and uploaded recordings of the Asian winter games 2017 is not made available for viewing in India? I get this message "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." India has always been participating in all the Asian Games, and has sent a few participants to the Asian winter games this year too.

    HONZIKADA Year ago

    Proč mám znepřístupněný přímí přenos SWE:CZE girls hockey???

  • Priscila Trindade

    When will this channel start uploading the full events like you did after London 2012?

    • Temporary
      Temporary Year ago

      Yes I was just wondering the same thing. I had a few events bookmarked from the NBC Rio Stream web page, but noticed last night that they no longer load.... aka NBC has taken down the Rio games video.... Hoping they post it here soon..... But seeing as they did not post full replays from Sochi.....

  • ThomasE897
    ThomasE897 Year ago

    It would be great it this channel would put all the women's competition on the channel including all of the shooting events,

  • LerumSloAudio
    LerumSloAudio Year ago

    Hi Olympic! You have uploaded a full Alpine Skiing - GS men's race from Sochi. I really wish there was a full women's GS 2014 uploaded as well! It was a spectacular race and it can't be found anywhere. :/ That would really be appreciated!

  • bala sivaji.
    bala sivaji. Year ago

    can you make a video on Carolina Marin Badminton player on before they were superstars

    OUTTAIDEAS88 Year ago

    The highlights are ridiculous. We need the full replays of the cycling road races and mountain biking. Please upload them.

  • Florian Heigl
    Florian Heigl Year ago

    Hi, Why is there no Highlights video for the RIO Triathlon events on your channel?

  • Denislav Delchev

    Why the channel didn't post a lot more videos about Rio 2016 like in London 2012?

  • Sheen Gekoo
    Sheen Gekoo Year ago

    Will you be uploading full length of Women's Mountain Bike Final or perhaps Olympicchannel: Rio Replay: Women's Mountain Bike Final on TVclip? www.olympicchannel.com/en/playback/rio-replay-womens-mountain-bike-final/

  • Tiger XZ04
    Tiger XZ04 Year ago

    tomarrow im running 600m and im nervouss

  • caio serpa
    caio serpa Year ago

    when are you going to upload the games 2016 water polo?

    • Tim Kendall
      Tim Kendall 10 months ago

      Good question. Please could there be a reply from the Olympic Channel?

  • Bethany Gordon
    Bethany Gordon Year ago

    Upload full replays of Rio heats, semi-finals and finals like you did for London. No one cares about 'highlights'. If I only wanted to know who won I could Google it, but I want to watch the whole competition and see all the competitors.

  • Markus L
    Markus L Year ago

    Is it posible to upload the full race of the lighweight mens four from rio(finale)?

  • Aurelio Feldman
    Aurelio Feldman Year ago

    Back in 2012 you guys uploaded the heats, semis and finals of the Athletics and Swimming events. 4 months after Rio we only have a few Rio Replays a nothing else. What´s going on?

    • Temporary
      Temporary Year ago

      Wondering the same thing.....

  • Azm Production
    Azm Production Year ago

    Dear sir i wan to withdraw claims made by copyright Thank you for your attention. Best, André Azem Mofarrej

  • alexandre Gorska

    IOC would like to know why you do not divulge on youtube channel any videos of full competitions of Rio 2016 summer Olympics competitions the same way you did with London 2012 ???

  • Sharon Azria
    Sharon Azria Year ago

    Hello, Thank you for the great videos. Would it be possible to upload the full video of the Rio swimming men 4X100 freestyle (the race and the medal ceremony)? thank you!

  • Hannah Thomas
    Hannah Thomas Year ago

    Still waiting for FULL replays of Rio!!

  • Rocío Redondo Lora

    ¿Pensáis subir algún día las competiciones enteras de Río?

  • Adeyemi Segun
    Adeyemi Segun Year ago

    when are you gonna post the football matches?

  • Beto Lorca
    Beto Lorca Year ago

    Wont you upload the full road cycling race ?!?

  • Paul Senior
    Paul Senior Year ago

    Compared to 2012, the videos are pitiful this year. What happened?

  • Luis Hernández
    Luis Hernández Year ago

    Please, you have upload something about Mexico 1968 Olympic Opening Ceremony ???.... i not want the film "La Olimpiada en Mexico" of Alberto Isaac, I want a video of the Opening Ceremony ... Thanks !

  • evilcoffeebean
    evilcoffeebean Year ago

    I'm with many people here: will there be an upload of full events? We had a bad coverage for some sports, like soccer, and I'd love to check out full matches, not only 2 minutes "highlights". I really hoped after 2 months that there would be some updates on that, but nope. Some infos on that would be awesome.

  • Layla Nascimento

    When all full matches will be uploaded here (like handeball)? As you guys did with the 2012 olympic games. Thanks

  • Jorge Villordo Gonzalez

    where doyou work all these video jobs?

  • Rasa Sklizmantaite

    After London Olympics i could watch some matches on youtube on this channel, but not this year, cause i am interested in some volleyball medal matches. There is no replays at all. Rio was disappointing games.

  • SenyaArcher
    SenyaArcher Year ago

    Hello! Will You upload full videos of Archery events from Rio, like videos from London-2012?

  • Le Minh
    Le Minh Year ago

    Please upload some badminton videos of 2016 OL, Please!

  • fel ixxx
    fel ixxx Year ago

    Seriously, this is terrible that we are not able to watch the full games for each competition after The Olympic Rio 2016 was over. The official Olympic channel on TVclip has uploaded none of the video. We don't care about the hightlights. We need to watch the full matches. And please stop taking down when other members try to upload the games and the matches. Thanks.

    • amphetamean-queen
      amphetamean-queen Year ago

      Agreed! After London the full events were uploaded very quickly, now it's been weeks since the end of the games and nothing.

  • uvrocker
    uvrocker Year ago

    Can you please upload more of the women games finals, such as high jump, long jump, pole vault, etc..??We only see men's final mostly uploaded

  • Black Tarzan
    Black Tarzan Year ago

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  • Alen Kováčič
    Alen Kováčič Year ago

    @Olympic Just wondering are you gonna upload kayak and canoe slalom finals of K1 and C1 disciplines? Thanks for the reply

  • John Siakabetis
    John Siakabetis Year ago

    will u upload the beach volleygames?

  • Jacem Aragon
    Jacem Aragon Year ago

    where is the taekwondo?

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith Year ago

    TVclip Olympic Channel. Where the Rio games die. I give this channel's Rio coverage a big F

  • Malu wandekoken
    Malu wandekoken Year ago

    Quando vão disponibilizar os jogos de vôlei feminino da rio 2016 para rever??

  • Nilay rao
    Nilay rao Year ago

    Can we get pool matches of Sabre fencing male

  • John Christian
    John Christian Year ago

    When are you going to upload the full opening ceremony?

  • amphetamean-queen

    When will this channel start uploading the full events like you did after London 2012?

  • shona chiyangwa
    shona chiyangwa Year ago

    thanks for helping me with my olympic homework xoxo real name barbie rwaveya used my best friends name

  • Delaney Lee
    Delaney Lee Year ago

    Can you upload the rio 2016 Women's gymnastics uneven bars final please!!

  • Canal 8 Mar del Plata

    Buenas noches!! me comunico con uds. porque nos han enviado un strike a nuestra cuenta lo que nos está bloqueando la posibilidad de realizar streaming del noticiero. Somos un canal de televisión perteneciente al grupo TELEFE y subimos una promoción de un programa de nuestra grilla que contenía imágenes propiedad de uds. Les pedimos disculpas por este inconveniente y error, no fue nuestra intención promocionar como propio su material, simplemente un descuido. Eran imágenes ilustrativas de un invitado a un programa de televisión, un deportista de Argentina que ganó medalla en los juegos olímpicos. Solicitamos nos puedan levantar la amonestación, con el pedido de disculpas correspondientes. Saluda atte.- Karina Rey

  • André Mesquita
    André Mesquita Year ago

    Honestly I feel appalled by the decision of the IOC to not let anyone post videos of the Rio 2016 Olympics on youtube and did not post the videos of competitions in full as it did with the 2012 London Olympics on your channel! I think a lack of respect for us, sports fans, and in my case fan of gymnastics! I want to review the gymnastics competitions most can not because no one can post more also the IOC not put! For me that is not consistent with the Olympic spirit !!!!

    • lastStand1674
      lastStand1674 Year ago

      Well said dude, I don't think it has relation with copyrights or intellectual property, because they do post some full events, and if they were able to upload some they're definitely able to upload all, as a swimming fan I'm desperately looking for some replays and it seems like you can't find anything outside this channel. I don't get it, is it so hard to upload some more events ? I don't think so, is it expensive that much ? I don't think so. With this kind of decisions they're destroying sport and Olympic spirit.

  • cristian flores
    cristian flores Year ago

    baloncesto please sir


    Good afternoon I would like to ask all my heart to remove one hundred the copyright notice on my channel (MIKE DOMINGODE) due to the video that recorded the final between Brazil vs Germany will delete the video and promise not reoccur this problem thank Comprehension thank you and I look forward answer.


    Good afternoon I would like to ask all my heart to remove one hundred the copyright notice on my channel (MIKE DOMINGODE) due to the video that recorded the final between Brazil vs Germany will delete the video and promise not reoccur this problem thank Comprehension thank you and I look forward answer.

  • Sinèad Murray
    Sinèad Murray Year ago

    Regarding the Artistic Gymnastics, why are you only uploading the top 3 performers for each event?, tv coverage was very selective on who they showed so many gymnasts didn't even get a look in on the live feed. Disappointing.


    Why did you remove all of your videos to your channel to Rio olympic videos which is not avalible in USA? I hate this channel now. Boooo!

  • Thomas Schafer
    Thomas Schafer Year ago

    Can you please upload the Rio replays of the 5k and 10k finals (men and women) or am I too stupid to find them?

  • Bartłomiej Wasilewski

    Can you upload all heats, semis and final of 800m women? Like you did with 2012.

  • Aristotle Stagira

    Why don't you upload full match of all sports ? Olympic is the sport of mankind right ?

  • Jacob Bodnovits
    Jacob Bodnovits Year ago

    Olympics have been over for a while now. Still waiting for videos.

  • 011cra
    011cra Year ago

    Why are these olympic 2016 videos NOT available within the USA?


    Je suis à la recherche des images de la finale de boxe et de la remise de la médaille d'argent au Camerounais Joseph Bessala lors des J.O de Mexico 1968 pour les diffuser sur ma chaîne.

  • Ma Sato
    Ma Sato Year ago

    Still waiting for men's 5000m and 10000m final but it seems you guys have stop uploading :(

  • ye ye
    ye ye Year ago

    games have been over for 5 days now..... pls.

  • Yoshi SBX
    Yoshi SBX Year ago

    Basketball? Please.

  • Savoytruffle C.
    Savoytruffle C. Year ago

    when will the uploader get the videos up in USA?

  • Rocío Redondo Lora

    ¿No van a subir las competiciones enteras como hicieron con Londres 2012?

  • Bettina Sinanova

    Hello, does anyone know where i can watch fencing from these olympics? Thanks in advance

  • André Mesquita
    André Mesquita Year ago

    Full artistic gymnastics videos pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!

  • Nathan Wick
    Nathan Wick Year ago


  • AslaGame
    AslaGame Year ago

    "CAT Play - Tops"-------------------------------> THIS CHANNEL USING YOUR MATERIAL "OLYMPIC GAMES"

  • K270813
    K270813 Year ago


  • Matheus Magalhães

    the whole world wanting to see the ceremonies and you will not post . :(

  • Clay Little
    Clay Little Year ago

    The Olympics are a worldwide sporting event... yet I can't watch them from the States on your channel? Went to watch the Archery part... "The uploader blah de blah not your country" ... c'mon...

  • Matheus Magalhães

    when will post as complete ceremonies ??

  • kingsley205
    kingsley205 Year ago

    Why arent there any badminton videos on this youtube channel? Totally dissapointed

  • Conor Callaway
    Conor Callaway Year ago

    Why on earth do you block USA from watching the Rio 2016 Highlights on this channel?

  • Wilian Ccahuachia - YOUTUBE NEWS

    porque me quitan mi video filmados por mi camara diciendo que estoy violando el derecho de autor, que pendejos so hijos de mil putas

  • Montol Wongphat
    Montol Wongphat Year ago

    where is reply of women's 100m breaststroke Final anyone have link?

  • german gamer
    german gamer Year ago

    Why are some videos on this channel available in the United states and others not?

  • Gawin Marsh
    Gawin Marsh Year ago

    Wasn't there any internet connection or something in Brazil to live broadcast the Rio Games? It's been 3 days since the closing ceremony, there is still no full videos to be published on this channel. What's wrong with that?

  • He Ha
    He Ha Year ago

    +Olympic Where is your complete graduation party from the olympic games Rio 2016???

  • geageanu
    geageanu Year ago

    Highlights? Really? That's a piece of shit! Please add full covarage view for all sport.

    • drfuturity
      drfuturity Year ago

      Yeah. I really don't get why they have full videos of most of the London 2012 games, but none of Rio--at least not yet. I wish they'd explain this instead of keeping us all in the dark indefinitely.

  • Salt Lake
    Salt Lake Year ago

    Last Olympic, Everything was transparent .... Now TVclip admin for Olympic games video playing game by uploading 5 video everyday.. He deserved a gold medal for this. Hats of to the admin...

  • Salt Lake
    Salt Lake Year ago

    Dear Admin...I am still waiting for Rio Replay of 200m and 4x100 m race. Why you are not uploading all the video.

  • Walter Martins
    Walter Martins Year ago


  • Gregory Lee
    Gregory Lee Year ago

    SO if you live in the USA all videos are blocked?? whats up with that?

  • Frenma construcciones

    ojala pudieran subir las competencias completas de rio 2016, gracias !

  • deliriou599
    deliriou599 Year ago

    Is there anywhere where I can see Japan's performance after the Prime Minister came out as Mario from the closing ceremonies? Are the full closing ceremonies uploaded anywhere?

  • Jim Kay
    Jim Kay Year ago

    can you upload full weightlifting videos, thats why we subscribed not to get some 2 sec clips

  • TheYamum49
    TheYamum49 Year ago

    The people want full uploads of all the olympic events. When will they be up and if not at least tell us why?

    • hurkydoesntknow
      hurkydoesntknow 6 months ago

      I would love it if Opening and Closing ceremonies of past Olympics (both summer and winter) were uploaded. Hopefully many of them were filmed for broadcast so it would be nice to see them all over again here on TVclip to enjoy.

    • Bet Freddy
      Bet Freddy Year ago

      +rakataunknown12 same

    • rakataunknown12
      rakataunknown12 Year ago

      As I said; I waited, nothing happened and now I unsubscribed

    • Bet Freddy
      Bet Freddy Year ago

      +Hese Kautiainen same they started at like midnight for me

    • Hese Kautiainen
      Hese Kautiainen Year ago

      i like to see opening and closing ceremony here, as the live stream from the tv comes totally wrong time for me who wont stay awake whole night :D

  • Pyjamaforest
    Pyjamaforest Year ago

    Hi. Any chance you might upload the complete Rio opening ceremony?, just like you have London? I cant seem to find the full Rio ceremony anywhere much on TVclip at all, and I'm dying to see it!

  • Emmett Bravakis
    Emmett Bravakis Year ago

    Okay the videos from 2012, are soooo much better than the new ones from rio, where are the live commentators?? Or even the full races??? Like the only part of the Mens 800m they show is the last 200m are you kidding me??

  • Emilly Cristine
    Emilly Cristine Year ago

    Pease Please, post the Opening cerimony Rio 2016 complete! i want so much watch it complete :/ thanks

  • DinamoZgrb
    DinamoZgrb Year ago

    Are you going to have full final competitions here or only this 10 mins replays?

  • A Nobbit
    A Nobbit Year ago

    Welp, thanks for Rio 2016. Now i'll just pack my bags for the asiatic olympic season(2018, 2020, 2022). Thank you IOC for making the XXXI olympiad a wonderful games. Now give Asia a good shot!

  • piotrekp89
    piotrekp89 Year ago

    Why won't you upload full events? Nobody cares about those one minute "highlights"

    • Heghine Baghdasaryan
      Heghine Baghdasaryan 6 months ago

      Already passed a year, and the full broadcasts have not yet appeared: (((((There is an impression, that the owners do not care about people and their channel.

    • rirdan1
      rirdan1 11 months ago

      Indeed! AWFUL coverage! What a shame.

    • GoldMedal Olympian1010
      GoldMedal Olympian1010 11 months ago

      It would be much appreciated if this channel could upload full event replays from all events at the 2016 Summer Olympics, or last get NBC to get their live replay feature to work

    • Jim Kay
      Jim Kay Year ago

      hear hear, we don't care abut these 2sec clips

    • piotrekp89
      piotrekp89 Year ago

      even Bejing 2008 had better youtube coverage than Rio

  • TheHrebo
    TheHrebo Year ago

    will you upload closing ceremony for rio ?

  • Carlos Humberto Bobadilla B.

    Aquí están las hazañas de nuestros héroes, de nuestros grandes deportistas, pero también las lecciones para quienes quieran seguirlos. Aquí está la fuente de inspiración de todos los chicos del mundo que quieren emular a los grandes. Este esfuerzo caerá como semilla en tierra fértil, y dará grandes frutos si todos nos preocupamos por mostrarlo a nuestros niños y enseñarles que el éxito se labra paso a paso con dedicación esfuerzo y lealtad para ser el más fuerte, subir a lo más alto y llegar a lo más lejos.

  • x taxie
    x taxie Year ago

    Today is August 22nd. There's nothing coming.

  • azahrindarkbringer

    Hi will you be uploading full videos of the different events in rio 2016? Here in my country very few events were covered by the official broadcaster. I hope you will upload full events since the games is already finish. Thanks!

  • makigott19
    makigott19 Year ago

    WHEN will you guys post the Openning Ceremony and Closing PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • pmprod
    pmprod Year ago

    Hi--are you going to be able to show some full sporting events segments from past Olympics? *These events were once shown on free broadcast at one time. It shouldn't hurt any broadcast rights to upload some full replays of past Olympic events on You Tube.

  • ERTV Music
    ERTV Music Year ago

    Following the example of 2012, there's any chance to avalaible the 2016's closing ceremony?

  • damo chandler
    damo chandler Year ago


    • Omar Ismail
      Omar Ismail Year ago

      did you find any place to download full events?

  • Lia tahiri Bonfante

    olympic games should have a for fun section at the end, just imagine. phelps - bolt - ping pong.

  • roby ghetiu
    roby ghetiu Year ago

    when are you going to post the full trampoline event?

  • Martin Olsen
    Martin Olsen Year ago

    When will all the hockey matches be online ? , our national television only aired a few matches

  • Risas A PARES
    Risas A PARES Year ago

    Please they can withdraw me the claim by rights of author by a video that already this erased, no wise that could not put these videos , but apologize, will not go back it do but, expect know to forgive me, please help me thank you

  • Syieda Busu
    Syieda Busu Year ago

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    Will you upload the Rio Opening ceremony once the games are over?

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    iona douglas Year ago

    Ok im really mad right now!! why be so mad because other youtubers that are posting about the Rio Olympics they just want to keep there subscribers updated on the Rio Olympics but No u just have to come in and ruin there content and they get an copyright strike for just posting the video. U guys are retarded

  • Lorraine Cook
    Lorraine Cook Year ago

    I'd like to say how disgusted I am the way the Olympics have been handled this year. I've watched them for over 55 years and I can't ever remember one where the times had to be changed to suit the USA, and not only that the female relay team werre disqualified and they appealed twice both times the results were the same the disqualification stands. Then lo and behold I watch them doing a time trial to see if they can run to a fixed time with no one else on the track, of course they are going to. There were two boxing matches I watched were the results were completely wrong and the judges dismissed but did the two poor boxers get their matches reviewed... NO lthey didn't it seems there is one rule for the USA and one for the rest of the world. The times of the events should correspond with the country they are held in and not to suit the Americans, why should I have to stay up till three and four am and all the poor althletes be tired before they start, I think the name should be changed to the USA Olympics they seem to be in control.

  • pandoblier
    pandoblier Year ago

    Please upload more motivational and historic clips from older olympic games. Matthias Steiner was a good one. But dont forget Ulrike Meyfahrt (second Gold after 12 Years), Steffi Graf (Golden Slam), Britta Heinemann (legendary semi final 2012) and so on.

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    hh nn Year ago

    I would appreciate it if your channel could upload Sapporo Olympic ceremonies(1972).

  • Seamanduras Rivadeneyra

    Excuse me. A question, because this does not exist in its official website, a video of competitions Canoe?

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    when u uploading the rio 2016 weightlifting full videos

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    Upload the games

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    Watcher WLC Year ago

    Where is the full coverage I heard about? I need an alternative to NBC, which is not allowing me to stream online. What a joke!

  • TheGr8Entertainer

    This is not an official Olympic TVclip channel. That's why it is not linked from the official Olympic website. The person who owns this TVclip fake Olympic channel is illegally uploading Olympic footage! That's why it has zero content from the Rio 2016 games! TVclip should investigate who is the owner of this channel and take this down for illegally using copyrighted videos!

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    Rodolfo Bittkau Year ago

    Hello. What's the name of the soundtrack you used for your Nadia Comaneci video? (The one titled "Nadia Comaneci's perfect 10 | Countdown to Rio 2016")

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    Bolin Chen Year ago

    feel shamed of the Rio Olympics referees. especially boxing, gymnastics, sailing and beach volleyball.

    JOEY BIN Year ago

    On August 21 You bring up the Olympic Games in 2016 To TVclip?

    • drfuturity
      drfuturity Year ago

      Hi, Rettermine. How were you able to figure this out? I do see the banner mentioning Aug. 21, but it doesn't clarify exactly what's coming...and the channel only mentioned highlights were going to be uploaded then so far near the top of this page. I hope they meant both highlights and full events. Were you able to gather this info somewhere else? Thanks.

    • Retterime
      Retterime Year ago

      Yes. That's when the events will be put on TVclip.

    • TheGr8Entertainer
      TheGr8Entertainer Year ago

      This is a FAKE Olympic TVclip channel. That's why it is not linked from the official Olympic website. The person who owns this FAKE TVclip Olympic channel is illegally uploading Olympic footage! That's why it has zero content from the Rio 2016 games! TVclip should investigate who is the owner of this channel and take this down for illegally using copyrighted videos!

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    2016 Rio sucks

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    some of us waiting 4 years to see our favourite athletes!please do something make a live stream like 2012!!!

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    No live channel for this major olympic event? Nor highlighted sports. Worst management ever.

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    why no live streaming ?

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    Excellent channel - Are you planning to upload Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony ?

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    Will the global block ever be lifted on Olympic footage? I can't make a video with over 10 seconds of Olympics video spaced throughout it without Content ID locking it down, even if fair use clearly applies. Why not just claim monetization on all those videos instead?

  • Junior Nunes Eliosvaldo

    when will you publish the video of the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016?

  • Olympic
    Olympic Year ago

    You can watch live coverage of Rio 2016 here: go.olympic.org/watch?p=yt Highlights are available on your nation's broadcaster channel and they will be published on the official TVclip channel after the Games have completed.

    • Tim Kendall
      Tim Kendall Year ago

      Yes, that would be great. Was there a reply to this?

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      Love the photo!

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      hey I cant view anything from Rio in the US. pls help :(

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      "CAT Play - Tops"-----------------------------> THIS CHANNEL USING YOUR MATERIAL "OLYMPIC GAMES"

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      when will post as complete ceremonies ??

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    Why is there absolutely no content from the olympics? What is this a giant joke? Rio has enough controversy anyway, but you decided you won't even show it to the people?

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    Where is the basketball game recap of all the other country????? I just hope the video can be upload ASAP.

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    Unlike 2012, we cannot watch olympics on youtube. Well done, IOC. You do realise in many parts of the world the finals of many events are on too late and we would like to watch highlights of specific sports online. The current broadcast model is redundant and many cannot afford premium tv to select individual sports we are keen on, hence the need for online streaming to cater for those that want this option. If you have not noticed, on demand tv is the future and we really thought IOC had embraced it in 2012 and that future Olympics would always have the TVclip option for live streaming. Total Fail.

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    Will we be able to see the full Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony on the channel any time soon?

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    I'm only 11 years old and it's my dreamt of go in the Olympics when I'm older. Let's see if that would happen. Country is canada

    • Watcher WLC
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      I hope you are in a sport you love and are training already. There's a lot of work ahead, but you can do it!!

  • Buster Ecks
    Buster Ecks Year ago

    Official Olympic TVclip Channel doesn't have ANY updates on any events, doesn't have any recent videos from this year's events, yet is going above and beyond to ensure content isn't posted by other users. Yepp, makes sense. No surprise why this year's Olympics has so much negative criticism.

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  • Jacqueline Roz Golda Abad Lora

    will you upload the women's artistic gymnastics?

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    hallo there i want to ask something, is there any live streaming in internet i saw the news, but seeing in live is more exciting thank you :) -Ryu

    • Ryu Sasaki
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      thanks mate :) p.s: my girl love supernatural :D

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    quando vocês irão postar o vídeo de abertura da cerimônia do rio 2016??

    • mamacordella
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      TheGr8Entertainer, it all was on TV for the public to see, we all saw it, now we have the right to share it, it was published worlwide for humans to see, what is your problem? It is for educational puposes, to inspire our youth. These Olympic Games were ....P L A Y.... play, fun in the beginning, now getting more dangerous & outrageosly insane, probably deadly.

    • TheGr8Entertainer
      TheGr8Entertainer Year ago

      This is not an official Olympic TVclip channel. That's why it is not linked from the official Olympic website. The person who owns this TVclip fake Olympic channel is illegally uploading Olympic footage! That's why it has zero content from the Rio 2016 games! TVclip should investigate who is the owner of this channel and take this down for illegally using copyrighted videos!

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      não creio, nem resposta eles deram. se for, aff

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    where are the highlights for tennis??

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    please upload the full opening ceremony, i missed it and I didn't find it anywhere on the internet to watch it now

    • Oliver Knechtle
      Oliver Knechtle Year ago

      No unfortunately not, I live in Switzerland

    • drfuturity
      drfuturity Year ago

      It's still available to watch on the NBC site, if you live in the U.S. Hope this helps!

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    You have taken my movie out of you tube, it was a quote with a slideshow, no sound included. Please contact.

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    so why cant they post events yet?

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    What about live streaming like we had in 2012? Most countries need premium TV channels to watch any of it...

    • HarveyAU
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      London 2012 had such a good set up for live stream viewing, can't believe they are not doing it this time around. :(

  • Hornray T
    Hornray T Year ago

    No more live streaming like the previous olympic?

    • TheGr8Entertainer
      TheGr8Entertainer Year ago

      This is a FAKE Olympic TVclip channel. That's why it is not linked from the official Olympic website. The person who owns this FAKE TVclip Olympic channel is illegally uploading Olympic footage! That's why it has zero content from the Rio 2016 games! TVclip should investigate who is the owner of this channel and take this down for illegally using copyrighted videos!

    • Carvalho
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      After what they did with 2012, what a disappointment

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    Upload the full video of opening Ceremony of Rio 2016!!!! Really I need whatch it again!!!! PLEASE

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    Upload the full video of opening ceremony please ¡¡¡


    Hi! Can you please upload some volleyball matches and the opening ceremony? The livestreams have moved on and I want to see the opening ceremony once again. You made it possible during London 2012 but why are you not doing it now in Rio 2016?

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    I expect to see live coverage on youtube for this major event

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    mano deixa eu postar meu video pela mor de deus tem outras pessoas fazem isso tu não bloqueia

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    Please upload the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony! And why not Beijing 2008? It would be great!

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    The olympics are cool. The most things I look forward to when concerning the Olympics or should be in the olympics are: Tennis Fencing Skating Wrestling Gymnastics BMX(XL Games) (Biking and Skate Boarding) --------------------- They should add a short dance competition, if not then add or keep them as have it in half-time sessions.

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