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UKIP’s data hijack
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  • Taaj Manzoor
    Taaj Manzoor 2 minutes ago

    As much as people like to bash the news, let's commend channel 4 for great journalism.

  • Albert Pike
    Albert Pike 8 minutes ago

    The EU started the conflict in Ukraine, with help from Obama and other despots.

  • scott weiler
    scott weiler 8 minutes ago

    "Art work "? What a joke! This is not ART.... you're being duped by a charlatan!

  • Broken Games
    Broken Games 9 minutes ago

    I really pray every Presidents watches this and understands that war is just a waste of time and money. Just let everything be.

  • Commandoj251
    Commandoj251 12 minutes ago

    Wasn’t this the lady that Jordan Peterson destroyed in his interview? How does she still have a job after that?

  • Toby Knowles
    Toby Knowles 12 minutes ago

    magic grandpa will never die

  • Michael Harvey
    Michael Harvey 13 minutes ago

    The reverse snobbery from the Labour communists tried to turn the working class people against Rees-Mogg just because he is educated, polite and wealthy. We see through that. Why would we specifically require all our MPs to be former binmen, single mothers or benefit claimants? MPs are not social workers - they need to think about the macro level and bigger picture. We need the most intelligent and successful people running the country and strategising to make the UK economy prosper.

  • Simo Dahmani
    Simo Dahmani 14 minutes ago

    Jordan: I’m exhausted from work Cathy: so you’re saying all women should be your slaves

  • Mikey. Cž
    Mikey. Cž 14 minutes ago

    Conflict isnt amoung soliders never was .... its the dumb leaders whos rational is war more often than not

  • Wile E Coyote
    Wile E Coyote 15 minutes ago

    Sounds like it should have been the VC to me!

  • Michael Buck
    Michael Buck 16 minutes ago

    Now we're coming out of CAP it's a great chance to diversify & improve the land.... some more trees yes , but let's not spoil our existing 'patchwork' scenery of fields , copses , woods ,hedges etc .This is a delicate balance , & farmers have done much to create it . Also, the amount of concrete being laid over greenfield sites cannot be sustained at current levels , especially in the south/south-east of England .

  • JCBAirmaster73
    JCBAirmaster73 21 minute ago

    Best place, crops in fields, fungi, rabbits, live from the land, buy a bit, steal a bit, sharpen your wit. You won't starve.

  • Bill Tan
    Bill Tan 21 minute ago

    Can you respect a person who has no respect for the Father. Does not allow the Father walk down the isle at the wedding. What does it say about MM.

  • Marty Thornton
    Marty Thornton 24 minutes ago

    All employees needs to go on strike. Or join a union.

  • joshy_washy 882
    joshy_washy 882 25 minutes ago


  • Just ERIC
    Just ERIC 26 minutes ago

    the person who came up with this probably had a stroke

  • Theresa Plash
    Theresa Plash 29 minutes ago

    To bad she turned on her Father.

  • I Love Ronald McDonald He Is Cool

    In my experience feminists are just itching to over react and take offence at a moments notice. They bate people with questions fully knowing what the answer will be just so they can over react and bite your head off. There is noting wrong in saying that men are usually stronger than women, it's just a scientific fact. Feminists are usually homophobic C***s too ) :<

  • Jordan Barnwell
    Jordan Barnwell 32 minutes ago

    No fricken way

  • David Pasch
    David Pasch 32 minutes ago

    Damn Europe weed is trash

  • skedtm
    skedtm 33 minutes ago

    January 2020.... still waiting

  • Michael Evancich
    Michael Evancich 33 minutes ago

    I've been to Germany 4 times, (I'm American) and I have a good amount of friends that I like to see over there every year or so. Some of their grandfathers were involved in WWII, as was my grandfather. I sometimes think about how the WWII soldiers' mindsets were back then when they were active. Here they are, 18, 19, 20's? Fighting the enemy, and the thought probably never crossed their minds that 70 something years from now, their grandkids would be really good friends, drinking, partying, laughing, exploring new things, you get the point.

  • Elijah Nathan Costales
    Elijah Nathan Costales 34 minutes ago

    *In the talent show* Judges:Ok you can now perform your talent Him: Judges:PASSED YOU ARE NOW THE WINNER

  • Adam Powell
    Adam Powell 39 minutes ago

    Come to think of it Johnson did not attend the C4 debate on the environment and I hear that he is threatening to close C4 down.

  • Ali Ataya
    Ali Ataya 40 minutes ago

    The ladies talking about their air defense was incompetent, USS Vincent kill 290 civilian passenger nobody said sorry and it took years to admit

  • Rebecca Green
    Rebecca Green 41 minute ago

    I've seen the video of him n the girl who is a Mom n I think the red headed woman is lying cuz I don't think the girl he rescued would've thanked him otherwise...

  • Adam Powell
    Adam Powell 42 minutes ago

    Maybe Brexit could achieve something constructive. Still, I wonder how the Government is going to fund this?

  • ScorpioSoul13 90
    ScorpioSoul13 90 44 minutes ago

    Giving up is the hardest thing to come to terms with in the moment I think. Realizing that it IS happening and there is NOTHING you can do to stop it. It makes you feel so confused afterwards like, *Did I just allow that to happen? Was that rape* 🤔 And on top of it all you feel dirty and worthless. I wouldn’t wish the nightmare on my worst enemy.

  • Pamela Meadows
    Pamela Meadows 47 minutes ago

    Let's go back 9 and 10 years to how Kate was it one time treated by the press! That woman more than paid her dues with all the awful publicity much worse than what Meghan's went through. And summer trying to make it about race so we don't focus on the self-centeredness and mistakes Meghan's made

  • Pamela Meadows
    Pamela Meadows 49 minutes ago

    I totally believe now Harry had mental health issues prior to meet Meghan. This would explain a lot.

  • anomie nous
    anomie nous 50 minutes ago

    _boom boom boom boom, footage cut footage cut footage cut footage cut, the background sound of a spoons player having a seizure_ You're a news company, C4 *News,* not an amateur drama club - save your cheap attempts to manipulate emotions with editing and just report the news. Heaven forbid. It feels like a child is trying to believably exaggerate or lie in order to get more attention, but they are a child and they can't realise that what they're doing is painfully obvious to adult eyes.

  • Brandon Ortiz
    Brandon Ortiz 51 minute ago

    Why is this in my recommended again

  • Too young to be old
    Too young to be old 53 minutes ago

    Now they are true heroes. Not someone who wins a game of tennis or cricket.

  • Los Angeles Dog Whisperer


  • Los Angeles Dog Whisperer

    it sux.... They put a stop to it. Sad Europe is DRY

  • Nick Gur
    Nick Gur Hour ago

    Same in Manchester got exposed.

  • lee Watts L Hopeless

    Guns on farmers it’s disgusting............. government want to be ashamed of themselves

  • Wednesday's Child

    Get them all out Italy. All the people that are not for ITALY must go. I love the crappy commentary. I hate the media.

  • kostner kostner
    kostner kostner Hour ago

    Fight Islam, it's a killer's religion

  • rocky76dude
    rocky76dude Hour ago

    So someone overheard someone say that the phone conversation which both presidents denied involved Trump saying no investigation no aid . The aid went through and no investigation .

  • G - Roi
    G - Roi Hour ago

    Awesome video.

  • oncebluemoon
    oncebluemoon Hour ago

    When they ask you what dat mouth do

  • Rob Mann
    Rob Mann Hour ago

    I'd say yes.thank God.

  • David Shantz
    David Shantz Hour ago

    What if we leave it to our good Prince Andrew to sort where the Willow Tits nest ? He’s now got an abundance of spare time on his hands, has suitable gentleman’s country attire for scrubbing about in the woodlands, and is apparently rather experienced at sweating after the cute little birds...#nationaltreasure

  • Norbert
    Norbert Hour ago

    I wonder when this girl gets the help she needs....I feel sorry for her....

  • Tejofi
    Tejofi Hour ago

    OHHH right... I can see where this is leading ! So calling far right politicians far right is leftist nowadays ?? Then I guess calling facts facts is also leftist propaganda....

  • foroneali
    foroneali Hour ago

    Me: what is wifi pass Friend: on back of router Back of router:

  • oyinbo peppe
    oyinbo peppe Hour ago

    These are Racist Attacks.

  • Toinen Osoite
    Toinen Osoite Hour ago

    O you British farmers! Good luck with American standards - you will not survive... Well, some "ecosystems" have to perish in order for society to get rid of "dead weight". Congratulations to every farmer who voted for Brexit!

  • Leen Sawair
    Leen Sawair Hour ago

    Sorry the username you entered has been already taken Suggested usernames:

  • Katie Byers
    Katie Byers Hour ago

    What is dis

  • András Pakuts
    András Pakuts Hour ago

    Who was it harming tho?

  • Marc Padilla
    Marc Padilla Hour ago

    Tune in,tune out.Greed rebellion. Be free,live within your means like God intended it.With nature as one.Elites keep changing the rules of the game to favor more power and wealth for themselves. Keeping people needy,sick,and tired.

  • Valiant Vincentius

    The best lesson for us about war: "It's a waste of time for nothing but sorrows"

  • A wild owo appeared

    Nobody: TVclip recommendations:

  • Stephen Metcalfe

    *get off my backside* can't really be mistaken for anything else. Ever since it became obvious that the BBC protected him I've refused to pay license fee. I'm perfectly willing to go to jail over this if need be, I'd rather go to jail than back down over this

  • Kelly Farr
    Kelly Farr Hour ago


  • Kelly Farr
    Kelly Farr Hour ago

    PELOSI IS A NASTY DISGUSTING VILE WOMAN! As long as she is affiliated with the democrats they cannot have my vote

  • Apolo
    Apolo Hour ago

    If women want equality shouldnt they go to World War 3 with us

  • Curtain McVarlin

    Yeah okay dude, whatever weird dream you had, it wasn't real. Sorry if it felt so.

  • Rob Mann
    Rob Mann Hour ago

    Mass migration Grooming gangs Fiscal incompetence Vote rigging Selling us out to Europe Betrayed,demonised white working class Identity politics Pc culture Left wing bullshit Brenda from Bristol Emily's photo Iraq Antisemitism Entitlement Communism??? The scariest front bench I've ever seen..... Perceived indoctrination of the young for political ends... Terrorist sympathiser... Monty Python tv interviews... Democracy denial.... Unpatriotic.... Maybe...... I hope Emily takes the helm,fingers crossed.

  • Andrea Mora Ocando

    White proud nationalist guys.

  • Gladlina Roberts

    Always the constant hate from some of you. You people hate for no reason. There are more bigger issues in the world.

  • John P
    John P Hour ago

    This was like watching a white belt roll with a black belt in ju-jitsu

  • Matt Miller
    Matt Miller Hour ago

    I'm saying there are many reasons that something happens. Here's an example of one of the many reasons. So you're saying that this one reason is the sole reason that happens.....

  • Schrandy Curry
    Schrandy Curry Hour ago

    When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought an error popped up

  • Helen Weinstock
    Helen Weinstock Hour ago

    He needs to be put the death immediately.

  • Jonatan Palmelind

    stop wasting all that weed and give it to me

  • icdgyixify
    icdgyixify Hour ago

    The CAP became corrupt. It always favours the French. Let's change what needs changing, and keep what is sensible.

  • 8563robbie
    8563robbie Hour ago

    Its like watching Krishnan try to climb a greasy pole wearing boxing gloves and a suit of armour......

  • yossarian3x
    yossarian3x Hour ago

    and why are so ridiculously expensive ...

  • Hamza Turan Kubilay

    A nuke would smash really well to that place.

  • oli grzzy
    oli grzzy Hour ago

    That was heroic

  • Felix
    Felix Hour ago

    Best clip of 2018. Will go down in the history of Jordan Peterson. Shows perfectly how stupid journalism has become and the weird view on relationships and phenomenon in society. Great stuff for future scientists to look back on.

  • Yagamiᅡᅣᄀᄆ
    Yagamiᅡᅣᄀᄆ 2 hours ago

    I touch for a minute the man talk like madara

  • Jyotirvid Pawan
    Jyotirvid Pawan 2 hours ago

    Dear God sent honorable respectful 'lady', I bow in respect to you. These world leaders are deaf they only hear what benefits them.

  • Terry Donegan
    Terry Donegan 2 hours ago

    The Police are frightened of the Muslim Community

  • Martin Evans
    Martin Evans 2 hours ago

    Poor woman

  • brian niziol
    brian niziol 2 hours ago

    Welcome to the future. You amazon people are time travelers about 5 years ahead of the rest of us.

    ALEET 2 hours ago

    Imagine they finished the war then and there

  • a name
    a name 2 hours ago

    Cathy: "So you're saying we should embrace the hopelessness?" Salvoj: "Of course, but here I'm a Hegelian, you know?" She couldn't understand Jordan Peterson, let alone Hegel.

  • Winston Footlong
    Winston Footlong 2 hours ago

    100% of the men in this video will be a paedophile

  • R K
    R K 2 hours ago

    Trump made history MAGA 2020 period!!

  • R K
    R K 2 hours ago

    Idiot grandma better we finish this hoax of impeachment

  • Richard Kennedy
    Richard Kennedy 2 hours ago

    4:34 "Gender doesn't YET serve as the kind of motivator for voting that race has in our country." They want us divided and concurred. They are literally plotting to end this country.

  • Abdul Qadir
    Abdul Qadir 2 hours ago

    He did something wrong during hajj its fake

  • Tanner King
    Tanner King 2 hours ago

    I’m sorry we’re you from?

  • Jack Knight
    Jack Knight 2 hours ago

    That sennheiser mic is probably worth more than the whole house

  • Beach Boy
    Beach Boy 2 hours ago

    Arrest the Israelis

  • The Trooper
    The Trooper 2 hours ago

    What a bunch of drunken scruffy unemployable tramps the yes campaign is, look at the state of them. Absolute scum.

  • The Terminator
    The Terminator 2 hours ago

    When you are this disgusting looking in life and no one is physically attracted to you, your best chance at making everyone else miserable like you is to enter politics and change the future laws. You may not be able to get laid but atleast you can legally take away people's rights by using your own insecurities.

  • Enigma
    Enigma 2 hours ago

    How childish and pathetic do you have to be to deliberately bring up a persons defect in mid interview because he's keeping himself cool and composed and is much wiser

  • I am Sauce
    I am Sauce 2 hours ago

    I was once sitting on a bus and some perfectly normal lady told me to move so she could sit, she wasn’t pregnant or in any obvious pain she was just drunk so ye

    • I am Sauce
      I am Sauce 2 hours ago

      And not a deadly drunk just an annoying drunk

  • Captain Jack Sparrow

    This goes to show how corrupt the government is. Starting wars that the people have to fight. People who have never met faced to kill each other. And for what. A small dispute through a telephone line?

  • Abubakkar latif
    Abubakkar latif 2 hours ago

    Ya Rab Destroy this dog bashar al-assad and his partner . YA Allah YOU ARE THE STRONGEST AND ALL WISE .YARAB TAKE REVENGE FROM SYRIA people from bashar al-assad and his partner . Ameen YA RAB ALMEEN

  • John C Live
    John C Live 2 hours ago

    Check Jaywick sands happy Club on Danny Sloggett created it and also with John C from hastings east sussex created Hastings Happy Club

  • granddad08
    granddad08 2 hours ago

    This is nothing more than gossip he who listens to gossip is LIAR Bible verses about Gossip And Lies. ... Proverbs 6:16-19 ESV / 895 helpful votes ... If anyonethinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives ... An evildoer listens to wicked lips, and a liar gives ear to a mischievous tongue.

  • Boxing Nutt
    Boxing Nutt 2 hours ago

    Well done buck, top man.

  • Cassie
    Cassie 2 hours ago

    I don't think Harry ever wanted to be part of this hoopla; Megan or not