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Is the NHS ready? Inside the Welsh intensive care unit fighting coronavirus
We've been inside the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. Home to the 'largest intensive care unit in Wales', and where the number of intensive care beds is being increased by the day. (Subscribe:
Staff from different departments are being trained to handle coronavirus on simulation mannequins - but there's also a focus on helping healthcare workers themselves cope psychologically with what they may have to face. And their knowledge is being shared with hospitals across the UK.
Our home affairs correspondent Andy Davies reports.
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‘Up to 6 months’ before life returns to normal: UK government on coronavirus measures
Views 146KDay ago
The the official death toll in UK hospitals reached 1,228 today - a rise of 209. But it was a smaller increase than the one we saw yesterday. (Subscribe: The NHS also announced the first confirmed death of a frontline health worker who had tested positive for the coronavirus - a 55-year-old doctor working in the Midlands. Watch more of our explainer series here - tvcli...
Lockdown will continue for 'weeks and weeks into the future' - Wales’ Health Minister
Views 35KDay ago
Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething AM on Coronavirus restrictions, protective equipment for NHS staff, and timing of a new antibody test. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us: Facebook - Channel4News/ Twitter - Channel4News
Over 1000 people dead in the UK from coronavirus - what next?
Views 572K2 days ago
There is already testing of NHS staff taking place in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. (Subscribe: It is now being rolled out in England with front-line doctors and nurses being given priority. And today we saw the biggest jump in deaths since the pandemic hit the UK two months ago. The US government has approved the largest bailout in US history in an effort to c...
Dying of cancer - and stuck in coronavirus lockdown
Views 51K2 days ago
Lin has terminal cancer and is spending what may be her finals days in coronavirus lockdown - not knowing if she'll ever leave the house again. (Subscribe: She was told by doctors she had between 18 months and two years to live, and is now approaching the 18 month mark. Lin, who lives in Birmingham, now finds herself in a three month period of self-isolation. "I don't ...
Yuval Noah Harari: 'Irresponsible politicians undermined public trust in science'
Views 95K2 days ago
We spoke to the historian and philosopher Yuval Noah Harari, whose book, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, spans the entirety of human history, and explores how little we really know about ourselves. (Subscribe: Krishnan Guru-Murthy asked him how the pandemic is changing our societies and democracies. Watch more of our explainer series here -
Before and after coronavirus - scenes from the world's biggest cities
Views 458K3 days ago
These are the astonishing before and after scenes from cities around the world - as countries go into lockdown to combat the coronavirus. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us: Facebook - Channel4News/ Twitter - Channel4News
Scotland’s NHS using unique system to treat coronavirus
Views 390K3 days ago
A further eight people have died in Scotland as a result of the pandemic, with Glasgow, Lothian and Lanarkshire the areas worst hit.(Subscribe: In a bid to alleviate the pressure on GP surgeries, as of Monday this week, NHS Boards across Scotland started to use a unique system for treating patients experiencing symptoms. Today they have 50 dedicated coronavirus assessm...
U.S.A has almost 100,000 virus cases - more than China - what next?
Views 363K3 days ago
There are now over 94,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States, more than any other country in the world - including China. (Subscribe: The $2 trillion economic stimulus bill designed to respond to the pandemic has tonight been approved by both houses of Congress and will now go to President Trump to sign into law. Follow us on Instagram - Cha...
UK Prime Minister and Health Secretary test positive for coronavirus
Views 131K3 days ago
First the Prime Minister, then the Health Secretary. Both testing positive for coronavirus, both saying they have only mild symptoms and are continuing to work from home. (Subscribe: Then the Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, said he was self-isolating at home with "compatible symptoms". It’s a stark reminder, said Michael Gove, who led the Government's daily briefi...
UK infections doubling every three to four days, says Michael Gove | Coronavirus
Views 126K3 days ago
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove has said the rate of coronavirus infection in the UK is doubling every three to four days. (Subscribe: He also announced new testing capacities for frontline health and social care workers. At the time of the press conference, 14,543 people in the UK have tested positive, and 759 people have died. Watch more of our expl...
Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus | Covid-19 UK
Views 38K3 days ago
The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus, and is self isolating in Downing Street. (Subscribe: Number 10 said the Prime Minister had been tested on the personal advice of the Chief Medical Officer after he began displaying mild symptoms yesterday. Mr Johnson posted a video on Twitter saying that thanks to modern technology, he would be able ...
How South Korea became the ‘model’ for beating the coronavirus
Views 315K4 days ago
A month ago, South Korea suffered what was far-and-away the biggest coronavirus outbreak outside China. (Subscribe: The government adopted what it called a "maximum action" policy to curb the spread and it looks like it has worked. South Korea has been hailed by the World Health Organisation as a model for others to emulate. Follow us on Instagram - Chann...
Biggest daily rise in deaths: NHS warns of coronavirus ‘tsunami’ in London
Views 342K4 days ago
The country has seen the biggest daily rise in deaths from coronavirus - 115 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours. (Subscribe: Across the country there are still reports of a lack of personal protective equipment for medical staff and criticism that testing capabilities are inadequate. Follow us on Instagram - Channel4News
Help for self-employed people - as world economy reels from coronavirus
Views 11K4 days ago
115 new coronavirus deaths have been reported in the UK - as the government says millions of self-employed people will soon be able to claim up to £2,500 a month from the government. (Subscribe: With the world economy reeling from the moves to hold back the virus, Boris Johnson joined a conference call of G20 leaders where they discussed coordinating support plans. Fol...
Rescue package for self-employed, announces Rishi Sunak | Coronavirus
Views 57K4 days ago
Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a new scheme for self-employed people in the UK in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. (Subscribe: Under the package, self-employed people earning up to £50,000 can claim 80% of their income. "The scheme I have announced today is fair. It is targeted at those who need it the most and crucially, it is deliverable," he said. Get mor...
These are the heroes risking their life on the frontline of Coronavirus
Views 34K4 days ago
As countries deal with and response to the biggest threat to life in peacetime - in this war it is not soldiers who are being hailed heroes but doctors and nurses, social care workers, volunteers and those not putting themselves first - but the most vulnerable and in need. As more than 500,000 people in the UK volunteer to help the NHS, people around the world have been applauding those working...
Having a baby in lockdown: our pregnancy in coronavirus isolation
Views 19K5 days ago
When Kieron and Nancy found out they were expecting their second child they didn't expect things to turn out like this... Bringing a baby into the world is challenging enough without the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic to contend with. (Subscribe: The really helpful website can be found here - - and if you want to contact the Bryans ...
Coronavirus: Questions around home testing - as thousands volunteer to help NHS
Views 71K5 days ago
Hundreds of thousands of volunteers have signed up to help the NHS - but the Prime Minister warned tonight the health service only had limited equipment - so delaying the spread of the virus was vital. (Subscribe: He insisted testing for Covid 19 was being massively 'ramped up' - while it's emerged that Prince Charles has tested positive for the virus. Clarence House s...
USA could be next virus epicentre - as it spreads through New York ‘like a bullet train’
Views 218K5 days ago
It's the biggest rescue package in history: the US Senate has finally reached a deal with the White House on an unprecedented emergency bill worth almost $2 trillion to help businesses, workers and the health care system. (Subscribe: But coronavirus cases continue to spiral across the country - especially New York that has nearly half the country's cases. Governor Andr...
UK gov coronavirus update: Johnson promises to ramp up testing - 25th March
Views 176K5 days ago
Boris Johnson promises to increase testing as 405,000 people volunteer to help the NHS. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us: Facebook - Channel4News/ Twitter - Channel4News
Intensive care doctor warns of 'tsunami' of UK coronavirus cases - says we 'won't cope' | COVID-19
Views 262K5 days ago
‘I have no doubt at all that we will be unable to cope’ - says Professor of Intensive Care Medicine Hugh Montgomery on the COVID-19 coronavirus. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us: Facebook - Channel4News/ Twitter - Channel4News
Italian volunteers risk lives for the sick and isolated
Views 22K6 days ago
The number of cases in Italy continues to rise, especially in the northern Lombardy region which has seen more than 4,000 deaths to date. (Subscribe: 120 people have died in one little town - Nembro, northeast of Bergamo, the epicentre of the outbreak. Throughout the lockdown there, a group of eighty volunteers has been providing services to those who are sick and isol...
‘Too many people not following stay at home rules’ - London Mayor Sadiq Khan
Views 167K6 days ago
There's confusion on building sites across the country. The Scottish government has ordered all but critical construction work to stop, to fight the spread of coronavirus. (Subscribe: Crossrail, Transport for London and some major housebuilders have followed suit. But the UK government says work can still continue despite fears building sites are breeding grounds for t...
NHS: Dozen trusts fear intensive care units could be full by next week
Views 105K6 days ago
With 87 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours, that's the highest number in a single day so far. (Subscribe: It comes as a survey of Hospital Trusts reveals that 13 Trusts say they will run out of intensive care capacity next week. At the same time, a new tracker app has been launched today which analyses covid-19 symptoms submitted by users, to map how fast the virus i...
Has lockdown come too late - as UK records biggest daily rise in virus deaths?
Views 177K6 days ago
The unprecedented national effort to combat the spread of the virus has continued today. (Subscribe: The Government followed up yesterday's demand for people to stay at home with a mass text message to the whole population. The Health Secretary said the new instructions were not requests but rules - but questions remain over exactly who is allowed to leave their home a...
How countries are dealing with Coronavirus: lockdowns, social distancing, testing and herd immunity
Views 58K6 days ago
With the UK becoming the latest country to do so - and with a fifth of the world in lockdown - nations around the world are beginning to follow a similar pattern in terms of how they’re tackling the coronavirus. Albeit on different schedules. (Subscribe: In this video we look at different approaches taken to tackling Covid-19: social distancing, lockdowns, mass testing...
Coronavius: Half a billion people told to stay home
Views 186K7 days ago
As infections continue to rise, more than one and a half billion people - that's a fifth of the world's population - have been asked or ordered to stay at home. (Subscribe: In the United States, Senators have again blocked a $1.8 trillion economic stimulus package, as Democrats said they were still negotiating with the Trump administration about what it should include....
Breaking: UK to go into 3 week lockdown - PM says "You must stay at home".
Views 270K7 days ago
Breaking news - the Prime Minister has just broadcast a statement to the nation from Downing Street. (Subscribe: Prime Minister Boris Johnson says: "you must stay at home" - unless you have a very specific reason to leave. "If you don’t follow the rules the police will have the powers to enforce them." Get more news at our site - Follow us: Faceb...
Coronavirus shutdown: How to survive lockdown happy and healthy
Views 28K7 days ago
Earlier Cathy Newman spoke to Susan Michie, a health psychologist from University College London and member of the Behaviour Science Advisory Committee, and the behavioural scientist Magda Osman, from Queen Mary's University. (Subscribe: Get more news at our site - Follow us: Facebook - Channel4News/ Twitter - Channel4News
UK doctors fighting coronavirus still say they don’t have protective equipment
Views 118K7 days ago
There are increasing reports from frontline health care staff saying there simply aren't enough specialist equipment or protective measures in place. Our health and social care correspondent Victoria Macdonald has been finding out more and she's with me now. (Subscribe: We spoke to Dr Jenny Vaughan, a leading member of the Doctors’ Association, who have written to the ...
Health Secretary: 'UK is taking actions earlier' than Italy
Views 52K7 days ago
We speak to the health secretary Matt Hancock about the current coronavirus crisis. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us: Facebook - Channel4News/ Twitter - Channel4News
World virus cases pass 300,000 as governments call for isolation
Views 330K8 days ago
It took 90 days to record the first confirmed 100,000 cases. The second 100,000 took 12 days to record. The third 100,000 - recorded today - took just four days. (Subscribe: Italy reported 651 more deaths today - while Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel has gone into isolation after a doctor she'd been in contact with tested positive. The New York City Mayor has said t...
UK gov coronavirus update: special measures to protect most vulnerable - 22nd March
Views 175K8 days ago
Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces new government policies for those more at-risk to the covid-19 coronavirus and says people should follow social distancing rules, and take the virus - and the government's advice - more seriously. (Subscribe: The Prime Minister is joined by Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick and the Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Jenny Harries....
Coronavirus panic buyers ‘should be ashamed’ says NHS Director as world leaders call for calm
Views 161K9 days ago
Frankly, we should all be ashamed: the tough message from NHS England as they joined the Government to urge people to stop panic buying and think of others instead, not least frontline healthcare staff who need access to food and supplies. (Subscribe: And on the need for everyone to follow social distancing there was this: "your action will save someone's life - it is ...
Italian doctor on how virus 'exploded', having coronavirus & how to fight it
Views 2M9 days ago
Dr Sylvia Bignamini is the Health Director of San Francesco Clinic in Bergamo, Italy, the city at the epicentre of the country's outbreak. (Subscribe: She conducted the first coronavirus test in her nursing home and also caught the virus herself. She is now living and working in isolation at home. Watch more of our explainer series here -
UK gov coronavirus update: Shoppers told not to stockpile - 21st March
Views 120K9 days ago
George Eustice, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs tells people to be considerate of others when shopping, and not to stockpile. Mr Eustice is joined by British Retail Consortium chief executive Helen Dickinson and NHS England National Medical Director Stephen Powis. The government also announces extra provisions for supermarkets and shops to ensure they can increase...
Almost 250,000 global coronavirus cases - as millions isolate themselves to protect others
Views 156K10 days ago
There are now more than 250,000 confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide and just over 87,000 patients have recovered. (Subscribe: But today, the global number of dead passed 11,000, with Italy and Spain recording the highest number of deaths in a single day. Germans have been warned if they don't behave responsibly in terms of social distancing this weekend they'll be lo...
UK shutdown: Pubs and restaurants to close - government will help pay lost wages
Views 251K10 days ago
Boris Johnson has told those places where we gather to drink, eat or exercise to shut down indefinitely. (Subscribe: The order brings the UK into line with the rest of Europe which continued its lock down. Since so much of our economy depends on the service sector the Chancellor stood next to him announcing economic measures not seen since the war. Follow us on Instagr...
UK gov coronavirus update: Pubs told to shut - and wage help offered - 20th March
Views 73K10 days ago
Boris Johnson tells people not to go out tonight as cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants and more public places are told to close due to the Covid-19 coronavirus. (Subscribe: Follow us on Instagram - Channel4News
NHS doctor’s tips on how to cope in self-isolation | Coronavirus
Views 12K10 days ago
Doctor Radha Modgil, an NHS GP, gives advice on how people can stay mentally healthy and happy while in self-isolation. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us: Facebook - Channel4News/ Twitter - Channel4News
Back in lockdown: Ben Kavanagh’s 3rd coronavirus shutdown - this time in Ireland
Views 236K10 days ago
We've followed him from inside Wuhan to quarantine in Wirral. Now Irish teacher Ben Kavanagh is back in his homeland, but finds himself once more in lockdown as the Covid-19 coronavirus spreads further across Europe. (Subscribe: Coronavirus & Me: Ben Kavanagh’s journey - from quarantine in Wuhan to Wirral: Inside Wuhan: Daily lif...
UK Prime Minister: 'We can turn the tide' on coronavirus in 12 weeks
Views 193K11 days ago
Twelve weeks to turn the tide was Boris Johnson's message at today's Downing Street press conference. But he said the virus would only be "sent packing" if the public followed medical advice on social distancing. (Subscribe: Despite images showing that was not happening on some busy tube trains and streets in London there were no extra restrictions on travel or gatheri...
Spain virus deaths jump 200 in one day - as Italy death toll exceeds China
Views 758K11 days ago
In Spain, the death toll from coronavirus has increased dramatically and now stands at 803. The number of confirmed cases has also risen rapidly to over 17,000. (Subscribe: More than 900 people are in intensive care. Spain has been under lockdown since Saturday, with residents required to stay in their homes for all but essential travel. Spain's neighbour Portugal has ...
Twelve weeks to ‘turn the tide’ on coronavirus: UK government virus update, 19 March
Views 128K11 days ago
Prime Minister Boris Johnson gives the UK Government's daily update on the Covid-19 coronavirus. The Prime Minister is joined by Chief Medical Officer for England Professor Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site -
Life in lockdown Wuhan: Q&A on stockpiling and getting basic supplies
Views 64K11 days ago
Jialan answers some of your questions around how her family gets food and basic supplies, and whether panic-buying is a good idea. (Subscribe: She also opens up about her fears on the possibility that she won’t be able to see some of her friends for a while. Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - www.chann...
Is the NHS ready? Inside the Welsh intensive care unit fighting coronavirus
Views 116K11 days ago
We've been inside the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. Home to the 'largest intensive care unit in Wales', and where the number of intensive care beds is being increased by the day. (Subscribe: Staff from different departments are being trained to handle coronavirus on simulation mannequins - but there's also a focus on helping healthcare workers themselves cop...
Nearly 500 dead in one day in Italy - as global coronavirus cases top 200,000
Views 813K12 days ago
The number of people dying from coronavirus in Italy has risen by 475 in one day to nearly 3,000 - the biggest increase since the outbreak. There are now over 35,000 cases there. (Subscribe: The head of the World Health Organisation says many countries are overwhelmed. But there is positive news from China, where only one new case was recorded in Wuhan where the virus ...
Deaths from coronavirus in the UK reach 100 as schools shut from Friday
Views 273K12 days ago
Boris Johnson announced schools across the united kingdom will close their gates to all but the children of crucial public servants and the vulnerable. GCSEs and A levels - with just weeks to go - have been scrapped. (Subscribe: The death toll in the UK has reached 104 - up 32 in the last 24 hours. Follow us on Instagram - Channel4News
Schools to 'remain closed' from Friday: UK government virus update, 18 March
Views 133K12 days ago
Prime Minister Boris Johnson gives the UK Government's daily update on the Covid-19 coronavirus. The Prime Minister is joined by Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Jenny Harries. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow ...
Donald Trump's coronavirus timeline: how the President’s message has changed
Views 452K13 days ago
Since the coronavirus outbreak, President Trump has offered differing responses. In late January, he claimed his ban on travellers from China “shut it down”, while constantly stating what a good job his administration had done to control the virus’ spread across the United States. (Subscribe: As he touted positive cases in the USA at only five, then 15, then higher, Pr...
How well has the NHS prepared for the coronavirus pandemic?
Views 94K13 days ago
All non urgent operations in England will be postponed for at least three months - to help free up around 30,000 beds. But how well has the health service been preparing for a potential pandemic? (Subscribe: We've been looking into claims that for years the Government has not heeded warnings about the lack of ventilators and intensive care equipment. Follow us on Insta...
Boris Johnson declares ‘war’ on coronavirus
Views 83K13 days ago
This is a government on a wartime footing: a government calling for a collective national effort as Boris Johnson would do 'whatever it takes' - warning of even more extreme measures to come. (Subscribe: While the Chancellor Rishi Sunak promised a £330 billion package of Government backed loans and guarantees along with cash grants for smaller firms - promising that if...
‘We must act like a wartime government’: UK government virus update, 17 March
Views 101K13 days ago
Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance give an update from the UK Government on the latest advice as the Covid-19 coronavirus continues to spread. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follo...
Italy to 'prioritise patients with highest chance of survival' from coronavirus, says doctor
Views 350K13 days ago
Professor Giacomo Grasselli, an Italian government health official, is coordinating the network of intensive care units in Lombardy during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us: Facebook - Channel4News/ Twitter - ...
France and most EU nations close borders for 30 days in coronavirus fight
Views 749K14 days ago
French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that France and most European Union partners will close their borders to non-European countries for 30 days from tomorrow at noon. (Subscribe: At the same time, the movement of French citizens will be strictly curtailed for at least 15 days. Only essential travel will now be allowed in France, with infringements sanctioned...
Inside intensive care unit: Italy fights coronavirus outbreak
Views 1.8M14 days ago
Italian hospitals are at their absolute limit, with hundreds more deaths reported daily, and huge challenges in caring for those infected.(Subscribe: This is the story of one small Intensive care team in one hospital at the heart of the country's coronavirus outbreak in the town of Cremona, just south of Milan. And a warning, some viewers may find our International Edi...
53 people die from coronavirus in UK as people told to stop social contact
Views 448K14 days ago
Measures like this have never been seen in peacetime. Boris Johnson admitted that he is now asking, though not ordering the nation to take difficult steps to combat the virus. (Subscribe: But he said the country has reached the critical moment when without drastic action, the number of cases would double every five days. From the end of this week elderly and vulnerable...
Scotland’s National Clinical Director on herd immunity, testing & how country's tackling coronavirus
Views 82K14 days ago
We're joined by Scotland's National Clinical Director, Jason Leitch - who discusses how Scotland is tackling coronavirus, herd immunity and widespread testing. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us: Facebook - Channel4News/ Twitter - Ch...
"Stop non-essential contact with others": UK government virus update, 16 March
Views 144K14 days ago
Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance give an update from the UK Government on the latest advice as the Covid-19 coronavirus continues to spread. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us:...
Coronavirus: Elderly could face four months of self-isolation as 14 more people die in the UK
Views 539K15 days ago
(Subscribe: Follow us on Instagram - Channel4News
UK coronavirus deaths rise to 21 - as Trump extends travel ban to the UK and Ireland
Views 337K16 days ago
Around the world tough measures are being imposed - Spain's two week state of emergency will mean strict restrictions on movement. France and Germany banned mass gatherings last week. Italy remains in complete lockdown, now reporting 21,000 cases. However Britain is almost alone in not enacting any extreme measures, even as President Trump has added the UK to the list of countries banned from t...
Why the United States was so slow to react to the coronavirus outbreak
Views 262K16 days ago
President Trump has faced broad criticism for his response to the coronavirus outbreak - offering confusing advice at times - and now in response has implemented a travel ban and declared a national emergency. Yet the blame is not just his: the CDC has come under fire for its testing kits with a member of the White House coronavirus taskforce admitting that the system is “failing”. In this vide...
Life in lockdown Wuhan: The Coronavirus epicentre two months into the pandemic
Views 881K16 days ago
Jialan Cai is a Wuhan citizen who's been in quarantine for the past two months due to the coronavirus outbreak. She gives us an insight into her life under lockdown with her mum and grandma, where she plays badminton indoors, gardens on her balcony and practises the cello to pass the time. Jialan lives in a community of flats, where other residents are helping each other get through the lockdow...
Coronavirus special: Are we doing enough?
Views 1.1M17 days ago
In a Channel 4 News special on the coronavirus, we're with health staff working on the front-line of the Covid-19 crisis - as well as the scientists, economists and virology experts who can answer the question... Coronavirus: Are We Doing Enough? (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - www.chann...
WHO says Europe new coronavirus pandemic epicentre as global covid-19 death toll passes 5,000
Views 483K17 days ago
The head of the World Health Organisation has urged European countries to take more aggressive action against the virus as he says Europe is the new epicentre, as the focus moves away from China. (Subscribe: Just eight new cases were confirmed by Chinese authorities today, suggesting the spread of the virus is slowing down there. The country has accounted for around 60...
Coronavirus cases in UK rise to 798: could rapid self-testing help?
Views 275K17 days ago
As the WHO urges countries to step up testing their citizens for coronavirus, the UK government appears to be adopting a different approach. (Subscribe: Yesterday, it said it would only test people in hospital for Covid-19, rather than those with suspected cases at home. Now we've been speaking exclusively to a British company which says it has developed a rapid testin...
'America's not safe' - Leading coronavirus expert on Donald Trump's response to Covid-19
Views 394K17 days ago
Professor Lawrence Gostin, world expert on how governments respond to pandemics, on President Trump's "pointless" travel ban and why America isn't ready for the coronavirus. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us: Facebook - Channel4News/ Twitter - ...
World races to contain pandemic spread with travel restrictions - amid stock market meltdown
Views 116K18 days ago
With the announcement that theatres on Broadway will close their doors tonight and the Dow Jones continuing to fall it seems that President Trump's Oval office address last night has not calmed fears in the United States. Meanwhile, a growing number of countries impose travel restrictions and quarantine measures. (Subscribe: Follow us on Instagram - Chann...
UK moves from contain to delay in battle against coronavirus
Views 352K18 days ago
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that the country is now moving from a policy of attempting to contain the coronavirus, to one of delaying its impact . Those most at risk are the elderly and people are being told tonight to be vigilant in helping them to remain free from contact with people who may already be incubating the disease.. There are now 596 confirmed cases in the UK - yet h...
‘I’m surprised we’re not moving sooner’ on coronavirus - Former UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt
Views 790K18 days ago
Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says “we’ve got four weeks” to make sure we’re not in the same position as Italy with the Covid-19 coronavirus. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us: Facebook - Channel4News/ Twitter - Channel4News
UK moves to 'delay' phase for 'worst public health crisis for a generation' - says PM
Views 401K18 days ago
Boris Johnson has announced that the UK is entering the 'delay phase' in tackling the coronavirus outbreak. (Subscribe: Calling this "the worst public health crisis for a generation", he urged anyone with a fever or persistent cough to stay at home and self-isolate for seven days. Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news ...
Coronavirus Explained: What does pandemic declaration mean for the world?
Views 188K19 days ago
The World Health Organization has said that the covid-19 novel coronavirus outbreak is a pandemic. (Subscribe: In the last two weeks new cases have been reported in Iran, Brazil, Greece, Israel, Nigeria, New Zealand - and the list goes on. There are more new cases being reported daily from outside China than inside. But what does the term pandemic even mean? And does t...
Inside the Grand Princess: From coronavirus-hit cruise to quarantine zone
Views 42K19 days ago
Alice and Dale Barnhart were stranded on-board the Grand Princess cruise ship off the coast of California when it was hit by coronavirus. They filmed life inside the cruise ship, their disembarkation and journey into a military base for a 14-day quarantine. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site ...
Chancellor announces multi-billion package to combat coronavirus in UK
Views 118K19 days ago
Rishi Sunak's first Budget was totally dominated by the fight against coronavirus - as the new Chancellor announced a string of measures to help individuals and businesses get through the difficult next few months. (Subscribe: Follow us on Instagram - Channel4News
W.H.O declares coronavirus 'pandemic' - as UK sees highest daily rise in cases
Views 827K19 days ago
This is now officially a pandemic, the World Health Organisation confirmed today - although they declared it was not too late for countries to act, saying they were ringing the alarm bell "loud and clear". 196 people have died in Italy in one day - while the total deaths in the UK is now eight. (Subscribe: The Chancellor has promised the NHS 'whatever resources it need...
Coronavirus declared pandemic - but world can 'change the course'
Views 298K19 days ago
The World Health Organisation has declared the COVID-19 virus is a pandemic, but says the tide can be turned and countries can "change the course" of the global outbreak. (Subscribe: As of 11th March, coronavirus has infected over 125,000 people and led to nearly 4,600 deaths worldwide. Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more...
What we can learn from Italy's response to coronavirus -- Italian ambassador to UK
Views 313K19 days ago
We speak to Italy’s Ambassador to the UK, Raffaele Trombetta, about his country's response to the coronavirus outbreak - and what other countries can learn from it. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us: Facebook - Channel4News/ Twitter - twitter.c...
'I think we can save democracy' - Former Prime Minister of Denmark Helle Thorning-Schmidt
Views 3.4K19 days ago
Helle Thorning-Schmidt was Prime Minister of Denmark from 2011 to 2015. Until very recently she was the CEO of the charity 'Save the Children'. (Subscribe: She talks to Krishnan about why we need to find common ground on political battle lines, her experience as a female political leader and her life-long quest for a fair society. Watch more of our explainer series her...
Coronavirus: UK cases rise to 373 as sixth person dies
Views 302K20 days ago
A man in his 80s with underlying health issues has become the sixth person in the UK to die after testing positive for the virus. The number of known UK infections is up by 54 on yesterday with the total now standing at 373. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow u...
Coronavirus: Deaths jump above 600 in Italy - as country struggles with lockdown
Views 359K20 days ago
It's a lockdown in a European country of a type not seen since times of war. The Italian government has banned all large public gatherings and people can't travel inside the country without an exceptional reason and a permit. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow ...
Coronavirus: China using app to track quarantined citizens
Views 161K20 days ago
As China's President visits Wuhan on a victory tour our International Editor Lindsey Hilsum takes a look at one of the controversial measures China is using to track its quarantined citizens Follow us on Instagram - Channel4News
Coronavirus ‘worse than a bomb’ on Italy, says doctor coordinating response
Views 2.3M20 days ago
Giacomo Grasselli - a senior Italian government health official who is coordinating the network of intensive care units in Lombardy - explains the “critical” situation in Italy, brought about by the Covid-19 outbreak (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us: Faceb...
Coronavirus survivor reveals what it's like to have Covid-19
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Connor Reed, a British man who works at a school in Wuhan, explains how it felt to have the Covid-19 coronavirus, discusses what life is like after 40 days in lockdown and how he thinks people in the UK would cope in similar circumstances. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site -
Coronavirus: Financial markets tumble as death toll rises
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It's the worst market fall since the financial crash in 2008. (Subscribe: Coronavirus anxiety combined with a battle between Russia and Saudi Arabia to dominate the flagging oil market - leading to serious financial turbulence. It got so bad that, at one point, trading on the New York stock exchange was suspended for 15 minutes. We have the latest from New York and Lon...
Coronavirus lockdown in Italy as 16 million people quarantined
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The number of people who have died from coronavirus in Italy has jumped a hundred and thirty three in a single day, taking the death toll there to 366. (Subscribe: The World Health Organisation has praised the country for its 'genuine sacrifices' after millions of people were placed in lockdown. So will the UK, where 273 people have now tested positive, up 67 since yes...
More than 200 confirmed cases of coronavirus in UK
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Thousands of new cases - in Britain and around the world - with a surge in both infections and deaths in Italy and Iran. (Subscribe: The family of the second man to die here have paid tribute to a "truly loving and wonderful person". Governments are struggling to work out how to control the spread of coronavirus, with more evidence of panic buying. In the United States...
Coronavirus: second UK death as cases rise to 163, cases pass 100,000 across world
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Across the world the number of coronavirus cases has now topped one hundred thousand. The figure in the UK stands at one hundred and sixty three - the highest twenty four hour increase - and a second person has died. (Subscribe: In America, passengers are stranded on a cruise ship after a man became infected and died. In Italy, the death toll has risen to nearly two hu...
Coronavirus expert: 'War is an appropriate analogy'
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CEO of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations Dr Richard Hatchett explains the long-term dangers of the Covid-19 coronavirus - saying it's the scariest outbreak he's dealt with in his 20-year career. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us: Facebook ...
Coronavirus: The Politics of Pandemics
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This week, we discuss COVID-19 and ask: how it will change our politics. (Subscribe: Gary chats to Matthew Taylor, former Head of Policy for Number 10 under Tony Blair and now Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts, and Danny Finkelstein, columnist for The Times and a Tory peer. Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more n...
Flybe collapses as coronavirus outbreak affects air travel
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Belfast. Exeter. Southampton. Newcastle. Flybe planes provided a network linking up cities across the UK. But no more. (Subscribe: Last night it went into administration after talks over a government rescue collapsed. The business has struggled for years. But the spread of coronavirus has been cutting passenger numbers for every airline, and Flybe couldn't cope. Today ...
First Coronavirus death in the UK as California declares state emergency
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The patient had been in and out of hospital for issues unrelated to the coronavirus. But when they were tested at the Royal Berkshire hospital last night it was confirmed they had the virus. The death is the first in the UK where there are now 116 confirmed cases. The Chief Medical Officer says the UK is preparing to move from the 'contain' into the 'delay phase' of dealing with the outbreak. T...
Coronavirus: Meet Wuhan’s frontline medics responding to the outbreak
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So far most of the images from the epicentre of the outbreak, the metropolis of Wuhan, have been eerie, empty and otherworldly. (Subscribe: But what is it like up close, especially amongst the doctors and nurses on the frontline? In this exclusive report we travel inside the wards of Wuhan. Produced by Lisa Lin & Darius Bazargan. Follow us on Instagram - ...
Coronavirus cases in UK rise sharply - as Italy closes schools for 10 days
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The number of cases of coronavirus in the UK has jumped to 87, the largest increase in a single day in the outbreak so far. (Subscribe: England's Chief Medical Officer has warned that we are on the verge of moving from trying to contain the virus by tracking all known cases, to the ‘delay’ phase of the official response. That's to stop the number of cases rising too qu...
Coronavirus: W.H.O expert explains mortality rate & threat to kids, after trip to Wuhan
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We speak to Dr Bruce Aylward, the current Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization, and the leader of the WHO team that visited Wuhan in China - where the outbreak began, for two weeks in February. (Subscribe: Watch more of our explainer series here - Get more news at our site - Follow us: Faceb...
Adam Rutherford: The genetics of skin colour
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Dr Adam Rutherford is a geneticist, author and broadcaster. He hosts the BBC Radio 4 programme 'Inside Science' and has published books related to genetics and the origin of life. (Subscribe: In his most recent project, he confronts the use of science to strengthen racist ideologies. He talks to Krishnan about how if we understood genetics and history correctly they co...
Coronavirus Q&A: Expert answers your questions on Covid-19
Views 339K26 days ago
We’re joined by Dr Ngozi Erondu, an Infectious Disease Epidemiologist and Global Health Policy Expert, for a Q&A session on the Covid-19 novel coronavirus. (Subscribe: Questions include… Is COVID-19 curable and is there a vaccine? How can I tell the difference between the symptoms of a nasty cold and COVID-19? Can you be infected with coronavirus and show no symptoms? ...
Boris Johnson reveals coronavirus plans - as disease spreads in UK
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NHS England has declared a major incident over the coronavirus outbreak - asking hospitals to open new wards to treat infectious diseases. (Subscribe: As the Government unveiled its battle plan - warning that a fifth of workers could be off work at the outbreak's peak. 12 new British cases emerged today having arrived here from Italy, Germany, Singapore, Japan and Iran...
Coronavirus: UK low-paid hospital cleaners fear taking sick days
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As the number of coronavirus cases spreads - it's likely that many more employees will be taking time off sick. But what happens to the lowest paid workers in the NHS who can't afford to stay at home? (Subscribe: An exclusive survey for Channel 4 News by the GMB union has found that 77 per cent of these workers say they are coming into work unwell - to avoid losing pay...
Coronavirus: Iran says 23 MPs have disease
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The world health organisation has described this as 'uncharted territory' - as nations rush to contain the spread of the virus - as well as containing public fears. In the last hour - Italy said 24 people have died in the last 24 hours - taking the total deaths there to 79. (Subscribe: More than 90,000 people are infected worldwide - with 3,100 deaths. At least 70 coun...
Coronavirus debate: what we can do to protect ourselves
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The government publishes its battle plan tomorrow. But how draconian does it need to be? Is it possible to protect hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people without destroying the economy? And in the meantime, what can we all do to protect ourselves? (Subscribe: We're joined from the United States by Dr Jonathan Quick, former chair of the Global Health Council, and au...
Coronavirus: Italy infections jump 50 per cent in 24 hours - as global death toll pass 3,000
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The country worst affected by the coronavirus in Europe is Italy where infections have jumped by fifty per cent in 24 hours and 52 people have died. (Subscribe: The death toll worldwide has now surpassed 3,000 , with more than 89,000 infections confirmed. Some of the latest countries to report cases include Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Latvia and Senegal. Iran is experiencing ...


  • Ag Reddy
    Ag Reddy 11 hours ago

    ‪Real killer is not carona but it’s dad China. They should pay the price of damage.‬

  • kshitij shekhar
    kshitij shekhar 11 hours ago

    The fall of the west will be a gift to the world.

  • Subodh Mishra
    Subodh Mishra 11 hours ago

    Muslim deshon ke so called Janbaaz mard itane gire huai Hain ki yeah auraton Ko apane pair ki juti samjhate hai.bhai app aek psychological fact batana bhul gaye ki jis mard ko apani mardaangi par shak hota hai vah apani aurat ko parde me rakhta hai aur isake liye majahab ko baisakhi (crutches) banata hai.agar koi bhi aurat apane husband se satisfied hai to vah apana ghar todkar dusare mard ka daaman kyon tarah ke ikka dukka mamale ho sakate hain.rahi aadmiyon ki baat to shaadi ke chand baras gujarte hi dusari jawan aurat par laar tapkane lagate hain.auraton ke jisam ke baare me baat karana to unake liye Allah Allah ka diya hua tohafa hai.jyadtar mardo ko koi mauka mil jaye to aurat ke saath humbistar hone me aek minute bhi nahi lagayenge.apani Bibi ko parde me rakenge aur dusari auraton ke jisam ki jhalak paane ke liye takajhanki karte rahenge.yeah jo Khalil Miyan hain pata nahin kitani auraton par haath fera hoga aur ab asmat ke sabase bade bade pharedar ban rahe hain jaise imran Khan niyazi jisane kisi umara ki aurat ko nahi chora aur haal filhal adha darjan bachhon ki amma ke saath gam galat kar rahe ki anek anek haseen MNA to inaki Bandi hai hi.europe ki to jaane de raat do baje bhi akele sadak par kam kapade me jaati kisi ladaki par Bombay me haanth laga le to pata chal jayega ki mardaangi ki kaise baarh bajati hai.rahi baat nirbhaya jaise mamale ki to yeah koi aam ghatana nahin hai aur yeah to Rama aur mohamad ke jamane me bhi aek aadh hadasa hota tha

  • P Mur
    P Mur 11 hours ago

    They hung out on the iland

  • P Mur
    P Mur 11 hours ago

    The pandemiç barely started look at globalist with motive

  • Enigma McC
    Enigma McC 11 hours ago

    They totally named that place as a joke

  • Jon
    Jon 11 hours ago

    Don't interrupt well spoken guests just to keep up your fear mongering agenda

  • JONE H
    JONE H 11 hours ago

    we are leading the tech, so asking us before punching our face whether Chinese or not. we gave the Guide to world man.

  • Don Sonny
    Don Sonny 11 hours ago

    Theres a reason this criminal had to flee Russia after defrauding millions of retirees and disabled people , these are the kinds of people western media must bring out to speak for them

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    a d 11 hours ago

    Big brain

  • Hayden Tamou
    Hayden Tamou 11 hours ago

    This sounds like what I do in general

  • save your hero
    save your hero 11 hours ago

    the black dude is correct though , if he wants to open carry he is going to get the cops called

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  • Margaret Morris
    Margaret Morris 11 hours ago

    Please sign this urgent coronavirus petition at Title: "China is Resolving Coronavirus with Vitamin C Injections. Demand the Same for the USA!" Petition the UK, etc.

  • Nana Konadu
    Nana Konadu 11 hours ago

    Lovely guy

  • save your hero
    save your hero 11 hours ago

    2020 there is still no wall . You see you can’t always trust government cuz even the most liked always have their own agenda

  • um02122
    um02122 11 hours ago

    Now it's US. Next!

  • Alex Bonn
    Alex Bonn 11 hours ago

    Measures need to be put into place to in some way contain the next disease. Army's should protect the boarders of infected countries and no planes should leave. If it can be kept in one place the worlds medical equipment resources can be deployed and lots could be saved. It will take decades to recover economically.

  • Eka Archvadze
    Eka Archvadze 11 hours ago

    The world without humans looks abandoned and scary. Humans are the most precious jewels of the world. They make mistakes, but anyway without humans the scenes lose their spark.

  • Bhupinder Tube
    Bhupinder Tube 11 hours ago

    I'm afraid, life cannot become normal until the vaccine is discovered, not even in China with their stringent controls.

  • LizziChi Ⓥ
    LizziChi Ⓥ 11 hours ago

    Watched this January 26th, thinking "oh we'll be fine in America! That's a Chinese thing!" 😒 so now I'm back to see if I can find an update on this dude.

  • Mark Madison
    Mark Madison 11 hours ago

    Miami beach is one of the only places that has more people during the outbreak

  • Lean Emmaus Polinar
    Lean Emmaus Polinar 11 hours ago

    The Chinese Communists are just covering up their mess and that's the truth I believe that they are lying and the DOCTOR IS RIGHT

  • U Deependra
    U Deependra 11 hours ago

    Many so called shithole countries outperformed USA in containing the virus..

  • john jones
    john jones 12 hours ago

    fear porn, how many die each year from the seasonal flu, and reporting fake new on chinas death toll

  • Maatouk Haythem
    Maatouk Haythem 12 hours ago

    Is this real?

  • Lady Rose
    Lady Rose 12 hours ago

    Mary Poppins: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!! Liam Dutton: Hold my dictionary

  • Anders Ottosen
    Anders Ottosen 12 hours ago

    are you all undereducated in the states , albania , is the only country in europe runned by corrupt gowerment ...that is why it can happen in albania .....europe gets there hashies from marocco and afganistan and the provins in northern india/pakistan . now go home and ask trump why he is the dumbest president ever ..

  • John Keith
    John Keith 12 hours ago

    Made IN China and covered up by CHINA. This should be considered as an act of war on the world.

  • 1 1
    1 1 12 hours ago

    bullshit...theres no fucking way

  • n m
    n m 12 hours ago

    Only confirmed ones I’m sure that China has more cases

  • x yz
    x yz 12 hours ago

    Conclusion: China created this virus intentionally in level 4 lab to destroy big economies. Just think, these guys are eating bats and snaked for ages, why the virus didn’t breakdown back then?

  • Gustavo Hernandez
    Gustavo Hernandez 12 hours ago

    Clueless always talking out of his was

  • Buttquacker
    Buttquacker 12 hours ago

    The coverup is that 1 million in china are sick with the virus and the death tool exceeds 100,000 people. Run the numbers, extrapolate the data, include the R-Naught (which in China is 6 to 8 easily) and you will see that the numbers I posted above are actually less than the real numbers they're hiding. You are telling me that 80K cases, 70K have been cleared up, and a couple thousand dead? YEAH RIGHT! In a province of 93 million people living on top of each other with as much as 15 living in 1 household!?!? NO WAY!

  • Roy Zong
    Roy Zong 12 hours ago

    Wait, so the U.S is showing the actual number of the ppl who got infected and the government is not lying?

  • Ameer Ando
    Ameer Ando 12 hours ago

    Philippines is the first democratic country in Asia yet lags behind economically from its Asian neighbors. Western style democracy does not work in Asian nations - Philippines is the best example.

  • hillbilly beer dranker

    Not much faith in science that says the summer heat will end this pandemic?

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl 12 hours ago

    common sense.

  • Chetan Tawade
    Chetan Tawade 12 hours ago

    I think S Korea r doing very well....

    VISHAL PANDEY 12 hours ago

    Lol . I came here for fun but actually got some news I have never heard of . Thanks anyways .

  • Daya Madwa
    Daya Madwa 12 hours ago

    Jo kokkla tyala tokkla😂

  • Vj Nikm
    Vj Nikm 12 hours ago

    That's really good reporting...most of the indian news channels suck at it, stating facts which they do very well...

  • Gina Lerch
    Gina Lerch 12 hours ago

    When will we start making our own masks like they do in the US and in theCzech republic? There is no time for political nonsense here, lives are at risk, particularly of the NHS front staff. When will we get going here?

  • FunSize Boyce
    FunSize Boyce 12 hours ago

    That throwaway feeling never goes away, no matter how old you get. It's a dirty that is never washed. Awful.

  • ungas024
    ungas024 12 hours ago

    Shame on Turkey to deny these people of this Historical Facts it's like the nazi denying the Genocide of Jews. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Anupam Banerjee
    Anupam Banerjee 12 hours ago

    That little documentary touched every point but one - the 14year olds (or whatever) who gave away their phone nos to guys in 10mins flat, weren’t as naive and gullible as were depicted herein. These young women and sometimes even their parents aren’t entirely oblivious to what they are upto, perhaps not clearly knowing what they actually are in for. To me, they are no less guilty for their greed and misadventures.

  • Jackson Cadenhead
    Jackson Cadenhead 12 hours ago

    This guy must be Muslim .. so clearly biased

  • David Cecil
    David Cecil 12 hours ago

    At least you go quickly if you really think about it probably shouldn't even yawn around this guy!

  • Buttquacker
    Buttquacker 12 hours ago

    China has more than 1 million cases and 100K deaths. Extrapolate the numbers, R-Naught, and population density and see for yourself. Their numbers don't match!

  • The Truth
    The Truth 12 hours ago

    Someone ate a bat and half of the humanity is under lockdown!

  • jack fly
    jack fly 12 hours ago

    Ok some one get the men in the two White coats with the strait jacket! He's out of touch with reality!!!!! Way behind the eight ball!!

  • Chew Chewy
    Chew Chewy 12 hours ago

    Sounded like he was speaking backwards

  • chris m
    chris m 12 hours ago

    just wanted to give you guys the heads up!!!

  • beebisbiasedbigtime
    beebisbiasedbigtime 12 hours ago

    STRONG Borders would have prevented this

  • MUSE
    MUSE 12 hours ago

    That's not a achievement. China built new 4000 beds hospital in 20 days

  • Gretchen Sloan
    Gretchen Sloan 12 hours ago


  • PennyPie
    PennyPie 12 hours ago

    Not an accurate account of NYC. Downtown east village area and east midtown areas are bustling with people. Only difference is that half are wearing face masks. No one wants to be cooped up during the day. It’s only empty at night. During the day parks are occupied, people running outdoors, cycling, skate boarding, filling up all the sidewalks!

  • Anima Pradhan
    Anima Pradhan 12 hours ago

    "Your password is too weak, please try again"

  • Smiley Santana
    Smiley Santana 12 hours ago

    I'm Stil waiting for it to go down to zero!

  • ivan van den bogaert
    ivan van den bogaert 12 hours ago

    Dont stay home ! We need groups immunity ! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fako Idrizovic
    Fako Idrizovic 12 hours ago

    China should pay hi prize, stop buying any product from China

  • johnson darryl
    johnson darryl 12 hours ago

    I like the music they chose. Where can I download?

  • Finding ME
    Finding ME 12 hours ago

    May you Lin, reach all your wishes and plans and if not able remember there is always a reason. Having lost someone this past year, hospice care was incredible! My thoughts and prayers will be with you along your remaining journey. It matters not what others are doing, it matters what you are doing! Your message will touch so many and live in their hearts! Thank you dear lady your message has been heard, I'm so sure of it. You probably have changed many after this. God bless you!

  • Chief
    Chief 12 hours ago

    Reality without CGI...

  • BlackSwarm 28
    BlackSwarm 28 12 hours ago

    Auto-generated captioning just shits itself when he says Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

  • dorothyell
    dorothyell 12 hours ago #masks4all Spread the word!!! Share this video, save lives!

    • annag cocl
      annag cocl 12 hours ago

      a Coronavirus pandemic on the same day with a lot of the same people (even China) and the media that are running today’s real deal. Go read this EVERYONE! www.t

  • Awatcher66
    Awatcher66 12 hours ago

    This was so moving. You conveyed your feelings of anger & disgust for that terrible man, and the undeserved shame and blame for yourself, and the way you felt trapped and helpless. So awful that he not only raped women, but also manipulated their careers & lives afterwards. This will be help other women who have been raped, and help others to better understand them. Lysette, you are obviously a very honest, brave woman. hank you for sharing this and hope it helps you heal ... and laugh more!. x

  • Muzungchim r
    Muzungchim r 12 hours ago

    It's five years old video, hope things are changed now or may be changing... Pablo Escobar has received love though he is wrong in many ways through Narcos series

  • monika laosi
    monika laosi 12 hours ago

    My heart goes out to these brave men and women of Italy!

  • Chamorille E. Arnabell

    This doesnt sound so NK w/o "Dear Supreme Leader" words in the ending... Still, damn accurate af

  • CleoPhoenix
    CleoPhoenix 12 hours ago

    Wait. We've been told if you're younger with a strong immune system, theres next to no risk. But NK is reporting our immune system can be overactive and harm itself? Who, what, what now? I am confusion.

  • Sleepwalker
    Sleepwalker 12 hours ago

    everything from china is fake. the only real thing they gave this planet is the virus. and people die, lots and lots of people.

  • Linda Yusof
    Linda Yusof 12 hours ago

    Lovely view..calming

  • melody eisenberg
    melody eisenberg 12 hours ago

    Hi Ben, I hope you are still well. I'm in california. We just entered into our 15 days of our type of quarantine. Thank you for doing these videos. It's good for all to see how others have been affected, some worse than others. I am so grateful you are safe with your mom. My son loves in Washington and in on the front line with patients and caring for his staff. I am very proud of him for all his courage. Gotta say I get scared. Thank you for your quote about worry. It's true. You have a similar look to my son. You resemble Justin Timberlake. Lol. God bless you my dear. Please let's us know you are well. Prayer to you and your loved ones.😄 ooh btw Happy Belated Birthday

    PAYUNG HITAM 12 hours ago

    Eat union 2x perday

  • Eva Ddungu
    Eva Ddungu 12 hours ago

    Do u guys think the animals and birds r wondering as to where all the humans r ? Especially the pigeons....

  • abidakhamisa66
    abidakhamisa66 12 hours ago

    Please drink hot water and steam your face this is the medicine for covid 19

  • corbin dallas
    corbin dallas 12 hours ago

    Fear mongering

  • Joe Amor
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  • Alvin Sabran
    Alvin Sabran 12 hours ago

    looks better without humans looks peaceful

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  • Gaming Godz
    Gaming Godz 12 hours ago

    Whats next. Buy vaccine to china..its their business

  • H
    H 12 hours ago

    Jordan: I love my wife Cathy: So BASICALLY you're saying that you're homophobic

  • hater gater
    hater gater 12 hours ago


  • David Ronson
    David Ronson 12 hours ago

    China is the model that South Korea copied.

    • JONE H
      JONE H 11 hours ago

      insane. you got the Chinese Corona.

  • chris m
    chris m 12 hours ago

    If you weren't all busy following me around by the thousand it probably wouldn't have spread dickheads hahahaha!

  • Trouttaranaki
    Trouttaranaki 12 hours ago

    Thank God I live in New Zealand. We have a leader who is well respected and is taking every possible step to keep us safe and secure. I would be seriously afraid for my family if we lived in the US. Trump is a complete fucking disaster.

  • Pepe Dimarco
    Pepe Dimarco 12 hours ago

    Looks like the government will kill more people that covid19 👍

  • s3xigod3ss
    s3xigod3ss 13 hours ago

    Being in quarantine for 14 days away from the population was the best move....too bad it still slipped in and has taken so many lives.

  • Khoshie Hum
    Khoshie Hum 13 hours ago

    I think cronavirus come from pig please do not eat pig

  • Mark Francis Valenzuela

    Felt like i was watching anime

  • kamelthorn
    kamelthorn 13 hours ago

    It’s called consequences

  • Khoshie Hum
    Khoshie Hum 13 hours ago

    I think cronavirus come from pig ,please do not eat pig

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s 13 hours ago

    North Korea and China should destroy each other

    • David Cecil
      David Cecil 12 hours ago

      N. Korea probably would only make a small dent at best but I like your thinking. The sad thing is the People are trapped in that system I'm sure some love that communisim but many plainly see how horrible it is no freedom at all and no way out.No goals in life since you are totally controlled in every way

  • Nikita Stewart
    Nikita Stewart 13 hours ago

    The pain I’m his eyes honestly hurt my heart💙

  • laughinggravy2
    laughinggravy2 13 hours ago

    The reason we are all prisoners in our homes is not this virus 30years ago or nhs bed capacity was 299,000 today or bed capacity is 141,000 under half the beds cut in 30 years, this includes medical and nursing staff this is why we are prisoners the scare tactics by this government will cause untold hardship to the failing economy every year 17000 to 25000 fall victim to a normal flu over 600000 world wide you will find most people who die form this virus are elderly with underlying health problems or citizens in cities with damaged lungs due to poor air quality ie pollution, this is a normal flu it's dangerous but so are all influenza viruses

  • Claire
    Claire 13 hours ago

    We should wear masks like S Koreans. For all of us😷

  • Andro MourningStar
    Andro MourningStar 13 hours ago

    Cover up? Absolutely.

  • Jose Lino:
    Jose Lino: 13 hours ago

    Ó mundo tá preocupado com ó corona. Vírus. KKK que já Matou 3 Mil pessoas no Mundo. 😝😝😝. as gerras Já mataram milhões de pessoas em há um grande bom tempo e ninguém faz campanha.contra as guerras. 😜👎👎😜

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    It feels very creepy and unsettling to see how lonely the world's cities look these days. It blows my mind that a microorganism did all this!