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Fabolous - B.O.M.B.S.
Views 1.7M18 days ago
Fabolous - So NY
Views 464K6 years ago
Fabolous - So NY (Explicit)
Views 921K7 years ago
Fabolous - Lights Out
Views 2.3M9 years ago


  • Elijah Dorsey
    Elijah Dorsey 48 minutes ago


  • The School Of Hard Knocks

    Absolute trash, go autotune your fast food mic

  • Matt Thomson
    Matt Thomson Hour ago

    say wheres waldo....im too high to seee

  • DeLorian Daffin
    DeLorian Daffin Hour ago

    2020 here We Come 3 peat bitch

  • Dojuan Brown
    Dojuan Brown 2 hours ago

    This shit go!!!

  • Matthew Mockabee
    Matthew Mockabee 2 hours ago

    Lil Durk steppin up dis his bes song on PERIOD. Fab jus lit #beenlit

  • Shanice Williams
    Shanice Williams 2 hours ago

    The fuck GOAT🔥🔥🔥and somehow I still feel like he’s underrated

  • Noriega Nino
    Noriega Nino 3 hours ago


  • Jonathan Nolan
    Jonathan Nolan 3 hours ago

    I typed in FIRE on Google and it brought me here 💣♨

  • Eric Watts
    Eric Watts 4 hours ago

    This song goes hard!!!

  • TONE !!!!!!!
    TONE !!!!!!! 4 hours ago

    This joint is fire!!! Fabulous back at it again.

  • Erik W
    Erik W 4 hours ago

    “In Dubai with sheikhs” Enough said

  • chenga mchana nywele

    tvclip.biz/video/Qlsodn3Ahe4/video.html sapporting music by shearing commenting liking subscribing ringing a bell thank you 👀💥 💥🤣 🤣

  • John Jr Gonzalez
    John Jr Gonzalez 5 hours ago

    TIME waits for No One

    JULESTHATRUTH 6 hours ago

    Hey fab, if you see this, you contributed a lot to the music industry, and you're a definite legend brother 🙏🏽

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer 7 hours ago

    garbage, going back to breathe

  • Chardai Adams
    Chardai Adams 7 hours ago


  • kingjappyjoe420
    kingjappyjoe420 7 hours ago

    Top 10 DOA

  • Pamela Silva
    Pamela Silva 7 hours ago

    Quem for br deixa like

  • CoryHart8517
    CoryHart8517 8 hours ago

    600 got this chick crying it's gone be a cold summer🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Natashia Lizsette
    Natashia Lizsette 8 hours ago

    A Fav on the album

  • mr logick
    mr logick 8 hours ago

    The great hope and the scapegoat You gon have to make quotes and take notes 🔥🔥 Cmon man !!!!!

  • Anthony Livelong
    Anthony Livelong 8 hours ago

    This that one right here, the vibe is damn near nostalgic. 🔥

  • Derrick Mckenzie
    Derrick Mckenzie 9 hours ago

    Still dope

  • mr logick
    mr logick 9 hours ago

    This shit hard !!!

  • Daniel Augusto7 Souza faria


  • Jampier Bruno
    Jampier Bruno 10 hours ago

    I wish you would want to make it right like I do . And it’s been months now ... fucked up . Now or never

  • Boyle Laden
    Boyle Laden 10 hours ago


  • ShaY StaR
    ShaY StaR 10 hours ago

    Who taking this mindset to the summer of 2020?

  • ShaY StaR
    ShaY StaR 11 hours ago

    hip hop heads do you hear this??

  • ShaY StaR
    ShaY StaR 11 hours ago


  • Too Drippy
    Too Drippy 11 hours ago

    Chris brown been rocking them shirts since 2005💪🏾😭

  • Jamir Cant
    Jamir Cant 11 hours ago


  • Jamir Cant
    Jamir Cant 11 hours ago

    mind of the guy crazy tlk two them big loso

  • snuggles825
    snuggles825 11 hours ago


    REX INFINITI 11 hours ago

    Save time with my girl

  • David Maciver
    David Maciver 11 hours ago

    Life’s too short for grudges, too long for DA’s and judges!!!!!!!!!! Fab goated man

  • Marquita Christine
    Marquita Christine 12 hours ago

    This shit hitting home so it’s so fire to me 💯🙏🏾

  • Siani Rodriguez
    Siani Rodriguez 12 hours ago

    Fab talking that shit !!

  • Chantal Rosario
    Chantal Rosario 12 hours ago

    I was like 13 14 when this first came out.. time flies. Always here for it!!

  • Gustavo Gallardo
    Gustavo Gallardo 12 hours ago

    This is the dumbest song I’ve ever heard

  • Trey Bells
    Trey Bells 12 hours ago

    Classic project from Loso

    JLOP BEATS 12 hours ago

    🔥 🔥

    JLOP BEATS 12 hours ago


  • Stoney Swilley
    Stoney Swilley 13 hours ago

    Shit go hard

  • Carla Maldonado
    Carla Maldonado 13 hours ago

    Someone write the lyrics lol

  • arthur fungai Mashamba

    Im here because of Ryan Leslie

  • future hofer
    future hofer 14 hours ago

    Is BOMBS Back On My BullShit or is it Back On My Bullshit this Summer ??

  • Cosmic Moor
    Cosmic Moor 15 hours ago

    Fab an Unsung Great!

  • Jason P.
    Jason P. 15 hours ago

    Visuals NEEDED!

  • Blockchain TV
    Blockchain TV 15 hours ago


  • Sarah Bryant
    Sarah Bryant 16 hours ago

    What was the flow/song that they sampled?

  • Barry Wilson
    Barry Wilson 16 hours ago


  • Winston V.
    Winston V. 16 hours ago


  • E46325mod
    E46325mod 16 hours ago

    I'm here for the chorus shits hard as fuck 10 years later still a banger

  • Dj Konfidon
    Dj Konfidon 17 hours ago

    Complete GABBAGE!! I can't thumbs down this BS enough. 😎

  • jonathan brand
    jonathan brand 17 hours ago

    RJ Barret can rap!

  • Amber C
    Amber C 17 hours ago

    Winter 2019 still one of the best songs ever....true classic.. if u cant feel this song i feel for ya...CLASSIC

  • sean leonard
    sean leonard 17 hours ago

    All Ima say is some people ain't top 5 no more . Fabolous took a spot .

  • fonkmaster records
    fonkmaster records 18 hours ago


  • Unconditional Love
    Unconditional Love 18 hours ago


  • William Banks
    William Banks 18 hours ago

    This whole album 🔥🙏🏟️

  • William Banks
    William Banks 18 hours ago

    Facts Fabo!

  • Karim Wade
    Karim Wade 18 hours ago

    It’s gonna be cold summer

  • Shavision Entertainment

    Hip Hop is a Culture and you CANNOT KILL OUR CULTURE! Get it FAB!!! Love you nigga!

  • Karim Wade
    Karim Wade 18 hours ago

    This that new funeral shit killing the Competition

  • SuzeyLong
    SuzeyLong 18 hours ago

    F a b o l o u s - I’m chilling for the whole summer!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 yo this couldn’t have come at a better time. Fab you a legend for these mixtapes 🙌🏽 pure vibes

  • Maurita Williams
    Maurita Williams 18 hours ago

    Dope....Mama Likes.... Bombs

  • Nice Mann
    Nice Mann 19 hours ago

    Classic.. build instead of breaking down

  • Connor Houlbrook
    Connor Houlbrook 20 hours ago

    Should've been CREED jnr's intro song against DRAGO.

  • Cole Slaw
    Cole Slaw 20 hours ago

    This guy Fab is a lyrical genius

  • Waynewilbz420
    Waynewilbz420 20 hours ago

    pocket's gotta be deep now

  • Lamars Smallwood
    Lamars Smallwood 20 hours ago

    Pass me the pippen long 🤥

  • Jerry Benard
    Jerry Benard 21 hour ago

    They all saints when they speak on someone's else's sin right 🔥🔥🔥

  • Steve Conwell
    Steve Conwell 23 hours ago


  • Waynewilbz420
    Waynewilbz420 23 hours ago

    23's on it got the bull's sitting good

  • MIKEJF20
    MIKEJF20 Day ago

    Please stop playing this trash on my list foh outta here fab ass.

  • Meek mill vevo 1

    best underated song of the year

  • DeQoeurious (Dee) Mayes


  • DeVince DeLowry

    1k people thought Kobe Bryant was rapping on the song

  • Zayden Millz
    Zayden Millz Day ago

    December 2019? Anyone? 🐐

  • Dick Blunoff
    Dick Blunoff Day ago

    I’m out for presidents to represent me. (Get money)

  • Kyle Brunson
    Kyle Brunson Day ago

    🔥 100

  • Adam Sarha
    Adam Sarha Day ago

    I’m proud of y’all

  • The King
    The King Day ago

    Gimme neck up in the foreign whiplash 🤣🤣

  • 4Eva Erk
    4Eva Erk Day ago

    Fab should perform this at the all Star game this year since it's in Chicago during the starting intros .... Shit would go so crazy

  • Yemisi Nunzia
    Yemisi Nunzia Day ago

    My shit!!

  • Queen D
    Queen D Day ago

    I listen to this the most on the album...because every word he's saying is true👌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • That Damn MOJO

    This shit go on all coasts

  • Jason Rivera
    Jason Rivera Day ago

    Dam fab sum fire but i think he used alil to much auto tune

  • Mike Mills
    Mike Mills Day ago

    Soul tape vibes...

  • soccer highlight


  • Tabarron Walker

    Pass me the pippen the 🤥 long nose

  • Florence Kirkwood

    Love this song

  • trajanogabriella feitosa

    Manooo eu procureii desesperada por essa musica enfim eu acheiii ela caralho eu tinha 7 anos na epoca ou 9 quando escuteii passei 10 anos procurando essa musica affs como eu amooo falei pra minha mãe que eu não morreria em paz enquanto não achar essa música 😭😭 até que enfim 😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • Bryan Lashley
    Bryan Lashley Day ago

    I'm mix gucci valentino

  • 4u2nvmj
    4u2nvmj Day ago


  • kevin goger
    kevin goger Day ago

    This is fire

  • Zen M
    Zen M Day ago

    Cloudy with a Chance of MeatBalls type beat:

  • The QOR
    The QOR Day ago