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  • Shoes and Trick shots
    Shoes and Trick shots 21 minute ago

    basketball players and football players and more youtubers

  • Hunter Cream
    Hunter Cream 32 minutes ago

    It kris mas my favourite 🏀🤙

  • Anime Is dope
    Anime Is dope 37 minutes ago

    Asian dude did nothing wtf i get he small but he could’ve at least hustled slashed and passed or something mans was on the court for no reason

  • Future GOAT & Finals MVP
    Future GOAT & Finals MVP 44 minutes ago

    Guess Who? with LeBron James or James Harden

  • Whitekobe
    Whitekobe 53 minutes ago

    Jesser: was your youtuber born in america ? kris: yes Jesser:leaves troydan

  • Joshua Rao
    Joshua Rao Hour ago

    OMG I felt the pain, I couldn’t take that

  • Michael Thomson
    Michael Thomson Hour ago

    do rappers next

  • Carlos Quinonez
    Carlos Quinonez Hour ago

    Do a guess who of nba teams vs jrodel

  • Javarrius Springer

    Kris london cash rappers

  • average wavy
    average wavy Hour ago


  • EXPOSED !!
    EXPOSED !! Hour ago

    Jesser Didn’t Knick Ricegum On The Diss Track When He’s Dissed Plenty Of Times 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • ShaneTheFreshOne


  • AttackFPS
    AttackFPS Hour ago

    bruh troydan hase made a disstrack, it was on blaze.

  • lms the god
    lms the god Hour ago

    lsk cheesing with the female/male question lol

  • Humberto Lopez
    Humberto Lopez 2 hours ago

    Kris stays wearing that LaMelo jersey bro 💀💀

  • Jacob McNeal
    Jacob McNeal 2 hours ago

    U gave it away when you said he

  • Aron
    Aron 2 hours ago

    You guys won’t believe me i got a message from 2Hype

  • Demonking324
    Demonking324 3 hours ago

    Damn Jesser disrespecting Troys music

  • Evan Pirtle
    Evan Pirtle 3 hours ago

    aye, whats the song that played at the time Kris dunked on Jesse

  • Zache Fiene
    Zache Fiene 3 hours ago

    Gotta bring Mitchell on for Guess that Rapper

  • Marcussocool 88
    Marcussocool 88 3 hours ago

    Squid wad kyries

  • Ruben Arciniega
    Ruben Arciniega 3 hours ago

    A Guess Who? With sneakers!!

  • yusaf arshad
    yusaf arshad 4 hours ago

    Messer with the childish hoodie tgfbro

  • Jen Deist
    Jen Deist 4 hours ago

    I'm 8

  • Epic BootyClappers
    Epic BootyClappers 4 hours ago

    Me: Flight: 5:52 Me: 😂😂😂 good joke

  • Slim_18_
    Slim_18_ 4 hours ago

    Guess who: Rapper edition vs Cash🔥

  • Tyler Patterson
    Tyler Patterson 5 hours ago

    jesser got that TGF hoodie

  • baififty
    baififty 5 hours ago

    The TGF hoodie is fire as frick

  • Elsie Martin
    Elsie Martin 5 hours ago

    I’m not allowed to get your merch but I would’ve and I have the same ball as you!!!🏀🏀

  • Chinua Delsol
    Chinua Delsol 5 hours ago

    when the white balance is off 0:00 - 0:53

  • Ivan 13
    Ivan 13 5 hours ago


  • JHigh Roll
    JHigh Roll 5 hours ago

    Am i the only one who saw mrbeast

  • Joshua Mendez
    Joshua Mendez 5 hours ago

    Vloooog mooore

  • Hype Denmark
    Hype Denmark 5 hours ago

    MY G, music is a thing. would spice things up a lil bit, no hate tho just suggestions

  • Donelle James
    Donelle James 5 hours ago

    Vs Moochie

  • Donelle James
    Donelle James 5 hours ago


  • Quake
    Quake 6 hours ago

    The squidward or Patrick ones I’m tryna win

  • Deletra Hudson - MBA


  • Jamir
    Jamir 6 hours ago

    Dang Jesse just got dunked on

  • Jaden Spencer
    Jaden Spencer 6 hours ago

    Guess that rapper

  • 21 Savage
    21 Savage 6 hours ago

    Guess who on basketball teams

  • cds_ PLGMK
    cds_ PLGMK 6 hours ago

    Don't wear kobes if you can't shoot and why you in 2 hype and can't shoot a nba 3 that is easy and im 13

  • Billy Arena
    Billy Arena 7 hours ago

    is it just me that thinks lsk has the shittest haurcut out?

  • Awoken iEnVy
    Awoken iEnVy 7 hours ago


  • Louisortiz013
    Louisortiz013 7 hours ago

    GET CASHNASTY for the next game !!

  • Clar
    Clar 7 hours ago

    Love this game

  • savage sage
    savage sage 8 hours ago

    You guys should do guess who college basketball players or guess who wnba players.

  • Joshua Rosado
    Joshua Rosado 8 hours ago

    Got my merch

  • Nicholas Cianflone
    Nicholas Cianflone 8 hours ago

    You are my loyal hero

    LIL GUJ 8 hours ago

    People who's telepathic would be good at this game

  • MoneySplash Gaming
    MoneySplash Gaming 8 hours ago

    Guess who rookies

  • Not Xbot
    Not Xbot 8 hours ago

    The Rock was in Moana

  • Abdullah Hashem
    Abdullah Hashem 8 hours ago

    Jesser rockin the childish hoodie🔥🔥

  • Not Xbot
    Not Xbot 8 hours ago

    I just thought about it, Kris had James Charles in his pants😂

  • Ex Zoura
    Ex Zoura 8 hours ago

    Simon is part of sideman 😂

  • Jan Meir Rivin
    Jan Meir Rivin 8 hours ago

    Hi kristopherrr For squid? Pleaseee Im i live in the phillipines For christmas gifttt plsss? Im a big fann

  • Kellen Laperna
    Kellen Laperna 9 hours ago

    Did u fail vlogmas Sry kris mas

  • YeejKoob Vang
    YeejKoob Vang 9 hours ago

    Literally the first song I thought about that Cash made😂😂😂😂

  • Erica Farmer
    Erica Farmer 9 hours ago


  • Miles Gurley
    Miles Gurley 9 hours ago

    Ummm did anyone realize that they switched cards with flight and mr beast because kris had mr beast and jesser has flight

  • Jay mazzy
    Jay mazzy 9 hours ago

    Apparently kris isnt black... According to jesser lol

  • Omen Gruenwald
    Omen Gruenwald 9 hours ago

    I’m out of school on 17th

  • Paris Wil
    Paris Wil 9 hours ago

    Naw you be cheatin in this joint.... How you get this point for the the first game and you guessed wrong too!!!! Then in the last game you asked him if his person name is jenna... thats guessin a person! Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Louisa Venturina
    Louisa Venturina 10 hours ago

    Idol for chris

  • Simple
    Simple 10 hours ago

    2:44 ah, back when she can see her toes

  • Maximus MAZZEO
    Maximus MAZZEO 10 hours ago

    Down here in Australia my school is called Gladstone views and we end on the 21 of December but for Americans it is the 20h

  • Fabian Zamora
    Fabian Zamora 10 hours ago

    Jesser got scammed last rounddd!!!

  • Patrick Monserrat
    Patrick Monserrat 10 hours ago

    sorry kris. can't rock your merch all the way here from philippines :(

  • Alexander Goss
    Alexander Goss 11 hours ago

    jesser repping tgf hoodie 🔥

  • nash castillo
    nash castillo 11 hours ago

    Not gonna lie cash is the stupidest out of all in 2hype

  • Maddi Sinclair
    Maddi Sinclair 11 hours ago

    we see u with that lamelo jersey

  • 11 KyrieJhuff
    11 KyrieJhuff 11 hours ago


  • Rdqn
    Rdqn 11 hours ago

    Easily the sexiest out of your group no homo

  • Baby Shaq
    Baby Shaq 11 hours ago

    5:44 they didn’t even give team Jesse the 2 points that the guy in the white singlet shot

  • Blake Cheaves
    Blake Cheaves 12 hours ago

    Bruhhhh where do you get the spongebob kyries. Every time I try to get the pineapple house they sold out. Literally my dream shoe😢😍

  • Jah Goat
    Jah Goat 12 hours ago

    December 2019 and we still don’t know how he got down😂😂😂😂

    SLICE 12 hours ago

    That’s shits Korean I understand all that

  • Hunter Cream
    Hunter Cream 12 hours ago

    I love your vids. I’m gonna cop your merge

  • lovro lež
    lovro lež 12 hours ago

    Do NBA players

  • Garlentz Jean
    Garlentz Jean 13 hours ago

    “Gotta wake em gotta shake em” oh god 😂

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 13 hours ago


  • Donte 2104
    Donte 2104 13 hours ago

    Just before he said are they female I said why don’t they ask that mind blown right there😂😂

  • Adam Ghobj
    Adam Ghobj 13 hours ago

    Hungry Jacks mmmmmmmm

  • Gray Minaj
    Gray Minaj 13 hours ago

    Last round... Jesser: is your TVclipr a male? Kris: i don’t know.

  • TB_BradStar 101
    TB_BradStar 101 13 hours ago

    One more week 🙏🙏

  • Squad Tank
    Squad Tank 13 hours ago

    Faze rug do him

  • Bradley t
    Bradley t 13 hours ago

    Out of school now BABY

  • Sean Tilley
    Sean Tilley 13 hours ago

    Guess who: All Dragon Ball series characters edition. Let’s see the love. Do it with ZachTTG

  • Lucky and QuiantDeft
    Lucky and QuiantDeft 13 hours ago

    3:12 flips over cash

  • DanD0T
    DanD0T 13 hours ago

    kris put down troydan for gaming...

  • Michael Normatov
    Michael Normatov 13 hours ago

    patricks size 10.5 plzzz

    DËÅD PØØL 14 hours ago

    MR BRO

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas 14 hours ago

    Jesser “is your youtube black” Kris “No” Jesser: *Forgets to put down kris*

  • Nicholas Vang
    Nicholas Vang 14 hours ago

    Go against Bri

  • Ki
    Ki 14 hours ago

    Either one will be perfect

  • Pyxel
    Pyxel 14 hours ago

    You still did it wrong kris😭