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  • Jean-David Roth
    Jean-David Roth 14 hours ago

    Good to hear you again...

  • M. Lou
    M. Lou 15 hours ago

    Sooooooo guuut 👏👏👏🙏❤️

  • Blaster Nieto
    Blaster Nieto Day ago

    Verga locoo 👓

  • lookapi
    lookapi 3 days ago


  • koko
    koko 4 days ago


  • Bearbones
    Bearbones 5 days ago

    Dat Voice 👌👌👌

  • Enthalpia Entropia
    Enthalpia Entropia 5 days ago


  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment 6 days ago

    Okay king

  • F Ashby
    F Ashby 8 days ago

    play on 0.75 speed to bring your resting heart rate down to aprox 30 bpm

  • Charlie G
    Charlie G 8 days ago

    Legendary song I’ve had in my iTunes since 07... got me through hard times

  • Anicet Pgm31
    Anicet Pgm31 9 days ago


  • A5 specialist
    A5 specialist 10 days ago


  • Purotu Lenoir
    Purotu Lenoir 12 days ago

    agréablement super merveilleux

  • Chris Tredoux
    Chris Tredoux 12 days ago

    2020 and we all going to war?

  • JB Venter
    JB Venter 12 days ago

    We need to buy flowers to anyone who dislikes the video first

  • Bob Paris13
    Bob Paris13 12 days ago

    Trop bien !

  • Alejandro Andrade Lopez

    Love the extended low frecuency range from this recording, the album version has it's own vibe, though.

  • Василий Шабанов

    im just in love with this

  • Dominique Bissaud
    Dominique Bissaud 14 days ago

    Quelle voie !!! Et les mecs sont au top de la précision ! Merci !

  • MrDancingqueer
    MrDancingqueer 14 days ago

    Heard this band for the first time about 7 days ago. I CANNOT STOP THEM. They're on each day in the home here. Riveting lads, FUN music. Astonishing energy in the live clips. Thank god for something new for 2020. Great work FWF.

    • 'FD' faitsdiversshow
      'FD' faitsdiversshow 14 days ago

      MrDancingqueer there’s another live film from 2019 on the channel. And acoustic sessions.

  • William Vyvyan Murray Violist Musician

    Beautiful! Love it...

  • aandredanyel
    aandredanyel 16 days ago

    très sympa à écouter, merci et bravo

  • Old Dave
    Old Dave 16 days ago

    Love at first sight <3

  • Pete Angle
    Pete Angle 19 days ago


  • Ali Semih us
    Ali Semih us 20 days ago

    Mind f

  • Hammerin' Hank
    Hammerin' Hank 21 day ago

    Scott is just a little better than I am on the guitar. He's inspiring me to get a little better :D

  • eric derobert
    eric derobert 21 day ago


    CTSSTC 22 days ago

    Such a great session! Thanks for the upload : ) Glad I ran across this version < 3

  • JEAN LUC Escorne
    JEAN LUC Escorne 23 days ago

    Morceau choisi pour le nouveau film Les Vétos, sorti le 1 er janvier 2020...

  • D'Alene Parole
    D'Alene Parole 23 days ago

    Good Stuff.

  • Nico BZH
    Nico BZH 23 days ago


  • elio parolini
    elio parolini 24 days ago

    Davvero una canzone meravigliosa.

  • J.Roads73
    J.Roads73 24 days ago

    Thank you, we can survive this!!😜👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Ben Pirard
    Ben Pirard 24 days ago

    tout simplement excellent !

  • 陈凌鹏
    陈凌鹏 25 days ago

    Fan from china. 👀👀

  • George292Rainbow
    George292Rainbow 25 days ago

    Distanced by 33 years, these two songs mark the timeless beauty of AATT.

  • ML ML
    ML ML 25 days ago

    Excellent !

  • Florentina Ionita
    Florentina Ionita 25 days ago

    What a surreal voice!!! Andy is just the best! ❤️

    VINCE LALLE 25 days ago

    chapeau l' artiste !!

  • Noah Vanlerberghe
    Noah Vanlerberghe 25 days ago

    This is litterally one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. I only discovered it 2 days ago and I’m playing it every single moment when I can. Thank you so much for making music like this!

  • Bruno Boulanger
    Bruno Boulanger 26 days ago

    Unique and beautiful

  • C Sauce
    C Sauce 27 days ago

    Such a dope song

    OLIVIER PHILIPPE 27 days ago


  • The Tumbler
    The Tumbler 28 days ago

    Great video. Not the best version of the song I've ever heard (vocals sound kinda flat, bass play is uninspired + missing/too quiet keyboards esp. at 2:34), but surely a most wonderful song of one of my fave albums. The video itself is *great*, I love the monochrome looks, the expressive close cams (at 3:27 etc) and some of the split screens. thx a lot for sharing. ❤️❤️❤️

  • zNet
    zNet 28 days ago

    Dead crowd

    KUCHRIT 28 days ago

    Singging or what?

  • Abdulkadir Taskiran
    Abdulkadir Taskiran 28 days ago

    Ji Mem Ararat'ê hatim ✋

    OLIVIER RIGOUT Month ago

    c'était déjà noël tous les jours avec les princes de l'amour, mais là c'est le pompon!

  • Finotto Jil
    Finotto Jil Month ago

    Super Boulot monsieur Faits Divers !! Images et son extra...bravo

  • Aliosha Scooter
    Aliosha Scooter Month ago

    C'est trop cool cool👌🏻

  • M. K.
    M. K. Month ago


  • Travis Scott
    Travis Scott Month ago

    Like off of the movie sling blade, Scott said , we ain't got no band . Randy you tuning sob. No really Scott h is my fav artist of all time. Id give anything just to bullshit with him for half a hour.

  • onlyyesterday1967


  • Finotto Jil
    Finotto Jil Month ago

    Where is Crystal Clear ?

  • Franck Yeznikian
    Franck Yeznikian Month ago

    Merci very much !

  • Alberto Peñaloza

    Mexico, por favor!!!

  • Roman Coopin
    Roman Coopin Month ago

    Such a incredible melancholic feeling... They definitely must do more stuff like this!

  • Pär rain
    Pär rain Month ago


  • José Manuel
    José Manuel Month ago

    She become in someone else :(

  • Richie B
    Richie B Month ago

    Love these guys. I haven't noticed anyone but me saying they remind of Sleaford Mods, England's best band right now.

  • Elisa Vieira
    Elisa Vieira Month ago


  • Elisa Vieira
    Elisa Vieira Month ago

    Very beautiful

  • spiro koyfo
    spiro koyfo Month ago


  • Simon Sebastian
    Simon Sebastian Month ago

    Who that song? 😘

    • 'FD' faitsdiversshow
      'FD' faitsdiversshow Month ago

      it's an edit of the live version of the song "Missing" by And Also The Trees

  • fleshomatic
    fleshomatic Month ago

    Dans la boîte de Pandorre qu'est devenu ce Monde vous êtes mon dico LA LOUVE CASEY AIME

  • Coolguy33
    Coolguy33 Month ago

    Do you know what genre you would categorize this into? I LOVE it!

  • Yan Blanchard
    Yan Blanchard Month ago

    super concert samedi 08 décembre 2019 en avant première de Gauvain Sers six Fours plage 83 j'ai adoré accroché de suite vivement d'autre titre un génie de la poésie français

  • Le Cargo !
    Le Cargo ! Month ago

    Magique. Bravo

  • sabhapun
    sabhapun Month ago

    juste merci!

  • elisabethvalencic

    better than B.B : lovely with y style!!! thank y sister!!

  • elisabethvalencic

    abonnez vous a ma chaine billie? si vous voulez? grande joie merci jm votre voix!!!

  • Baldpoodle
    Baldpoodle Month ago

    Good show again man.

  • annie caouren
    annie caouren Month ago

    eexellent!!(qui dit que les vieux n'aiment pas le rock???j'ai 62 ans en février prochain!!!!

  • elisabethvalencic

    tres beau!! merci

  • elisabethvalencic

    extra!! voix faites pour chanter fever ; sole mio; vraie voix merci love!!

  • elisabethvalencic

    tres beau et poetique!! merci

  • mary !!
    mary !! Month ago

    Where’s Henry

  • Mateo Saavedra
    Mateo Saavedra Month ago

    fifa 2018

  • Raq Le Quat
    Raq Le Quat Month ago

    Magnifique ! Voici une chanson inspirée par ce Jimmy (le style, l'ambiance... mais pas le thème) : "Billet Doux" tvclip.biz/video/_SrSe6ifAUE/video.html

  • Ian Wooldridge
    Ian Wooldridge Month ago

    I'm watching something on Foxtel ( cable tv in Australia ) and this song was on, so i jumped on TVclip guessing the songs name and here it is, wonderful !!

  • Emmanuel Obsküre Magazine

    QUELLE SOIREE CE FUT NOM DE ZEUS !!! MERCI @ FaitDiversShow pour cette belle trace (qui met en appétit). Merci aux groupes, merci Twice, merci Clément !

  • calvin
    calvin Month ago

    alcohol is a depressent maybe stop drinking and stop being a bitch just saying

  • The Destrozinho
    The Destrozinho Month ago



    Loved it.

  • Absolutely Vestigial

    Vapid hipster.

  • Naty Gln
    Naty Gln Month ago


  • Seid Kampfer
    Seid Kampfer Month ago


  • Max Timm
    Max Timm Month ago

    J'adore, Juste dommage que la guitare solo soit un peu trop forte et a tendance a "couvrir" la voix de la chanteuse .

  • Pog Ma Hone
    Pog Ma Hone Month ago

    Whaou !

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo Month ago

    It sounds like its about a hardcore drug addiction.

  • shashidhar magaji

    Who else came here after watching little things season 3? 🤩

  • Emre Kumdereli
    Emre Kumdereli Month ago


  • Steve b
    Steve b 2 months ago

    What key is the harmonica in?

  • Michael Buonanno
    Michael Buonanno 2 months ago

    Id like To learn this song 👌

  • Traci Sims
    Traci Sims 2 months ago


  • MindTrance
    MindTrance 2 months ago

    Genius 👍🏽🚀

  • Alain NDiaye
    Alain NDiaye 2 months ago

    Excellent concert , j'aurai aimé y être !

  • Castiel36
    Castiel36 2 months ago

    Genius, absolutely emotional

  • Karine Philippot
    Karine Philippot 2 months ago

    Pourquoi des animaux empaillés ? C'est glauque, ça me gâche ce morceau que j'adore.

  • Andreas Barna
    Andreas Barna 2 months ago

    Fan of his a long time, missed this video somehow, so good. Thx!