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Clock Destroyers
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  • J. J.
    J. J. Minute ago

    Raven looks GORGEOUS!! but these UK dragsters are clueless. (All but the top toot) What the hell happened??

  • Thotiana the Slamless


  • Lol Alrighty then
    Lol Alrighty then 2 minutes ago

    Just call it boot or boot

  • Mateus Gomezzz
    Mateus Gomezzz 5 minutes ago


  • Matthew Means
    Matthew Means 6 minutes ago

    I love how they boot baga chips for not being a bond girl but tooted crystal when she wasn't either

  • Ricardo Contreras
    Ricardo Contreras 7 minutes ago

    For growing up with Bond movies it’s baffling that Raja doesn’t get the Oddjob reference. Maybe Raven should too, she probably was around the N64 Goldeneye multiplayer madness era

  • ForeverFragrantKid
    ForeverFragrantKid 8 minutes ago

    Thanks to Wet N' Wild for having Raven be their face!!! I love it!!!🖤🖤🖤

  • Rishi Beauty
    Rishi Beauty 8 minutes ago

    You totally missed the point on Bagga Chipsz. That bowler hat was used by one of the bad guys, Oddjob, in Goldfinger. Still not a Bond girl, but the hat had meaning. Crystal looks like a great villain, not a Bond girl.

  • Fox
    Fox 11 minutes ago

    That Unhhhh guitar sound when Trixie left. Another pair we need reunited.

  • skull kid
    skull kid 12 minutes ago


  • C
    C 13 minutes ago

    Why is everything about sex?

  • Jann Won
    Jann Won 16 minutes ago

    Raven makes this series fun and fresh! Love.

  • Daniel Lepore
    Daniel Lepore 18 minutes ago

    You should you a compilation video on Raja saying "I lived this as a kid". She's been everything! ❤❤❤

  • alex
    alex 18 minutes ago

    i gasped at phi phis contour

  • Alina G
    Alina G 20 minutes ago

    it’s 2019 and i still think the princess deserved top toot of the week

  • Lucas Rodrigues
    Lucas Rodrigues 22 minutes ago

    this is the best part of Rupaul's Drag Race UK. Raven & Raja back again. The rest is kinda meh.

  • Ethan A.
    Ethan A. 22 minutes ago

    Don’t even like Naomi but the prince look was EVERYTHING!!!!!!

  • Lucas Rodrigues
    Lucas Rodrigues 23 minutes ago

    this is the best part of Rupaul's dragrace UK. Raven & Raja back again. The rest is kinda meh.

  • Valeri Oliva
    Valeri Oliva 25 minutes ago

    I want Raven style eyeliner when I’m buried

  • Arturo Llll
    Arturo Llll 25 minutes ago

    I would love to see Raven painting other queens cause it would be soooo interesting to see her doing actual drag makeup, this is so low-key. Kinda like the miss fame series but with Raven hehe

  • Miin
    Miin 25 minutes ago

    I hate all the shoes!!

  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori 27 minutes ago

    I’m so worried for their bowel heath you don’t even KNOW.

  • skull kid
    skull kid 28 minutes ago

    Raja: I grew up on Bond **Doesn't get Bagga's Oddjob reference"

  • Michael Macancela
    Michael Macancela 29 minutes ago

    Can someone replace Raja and Raven. Tired of there critiques when they themselves can’t even pull a look.

  • Joseph Medina
    Joseph Medina 30 minutes ago

    James Bald and Bootleg Evita. I’m fucken dying!!!

  • Chuck Ashton
    Chuck Ashton 31 minute ago

    Thank you, Jinx 😊💜

  • ballyhigh11
    ballyhigh11 31 minute ago

    Raja is wearing her Union Flag hat upside down. It was bugging me all the way through the ruview

  • E R
    E R 32 minutes ago

    trixie look like she modeling her teeth on gary busey

  • Sukirina Daisuki
    Sukirina Daisuki 34 minutes ago

    Seeing everyone gush over Alyssa is adorable

  • C h a z C l a r K
    C h a z C l a r K 34 minutes ago

    *Dials 3*

  • death to a delicate girl
    death to a delicate girl 35 minutes ago

    Raven looks so uncharacteristically soft here, and wholesome. I'm kinda digging it... but still living for that nightmare, girl

  • Rach
    Rach 37 minutes ago

    A British person: exists near an American American person: "ELLO GUVNOR! Do you wan a cuppa taeeeeee"

  • Alina G
    Alina G 37 minutes ago

    so glad they aren’t playing this time, all of the boots they gave out were completely deserved in my opinion. These girls better step it up!!

  • tony kramer
    tony kramer 37 minutes ago

    Omg i miss them soooo much

  • none of your fuggin biz
    none of your fuggin biz 37 minutes ago

    oh god, it's so hard to be sitting ur ass down on a chair up on the podium just talking and talking..... now that's what's called h u b r i s

  • Dominique Ditolla
    Dominique Ditolla 38 minutes ago

    Ugh love a great Futurama reference! Jinkx is the most underrated queen. LOVE YAH BETCH ❤️

  • Karim Sinan
    Karim Sinan 41 minute ago

    Raja is so mean and I LOVE IT.

  • Gray Anderson
    Gray Anderson 43 minutes ago

    I feel that Raven talks to me in every video about makeup. I grow confidence...Love ya' beautiful Raven💚💜💙💛

  • Dee Dev
    Dee Dev 46 minutes ago

    Who would ever listen to anyone who holds a dog around the clock. That’s a clear sign of insanity. Plus she “tells the future”. Yeah. Definitely Lunatic tenacities.

  • Rachel Burden
    Rachel Burden 47 minutes ago

    I LOVE Katya’s hair at 11:49

  • Peloria Kush
    Peloria Kush 47 minutes ago

    Wet n' wild makes the best brow pencil for me! Can't beat that price and that it works better than the rest, win!

  • Neokamatari
    Neokamatari 48 minutes ago

    Very funny like always... Jynx really knows how to be entertaining and a satanist. Kami, look at the camera... thank you... ♡

  • Uncomfortable Silence
    Uncomfortable Silence 50 minutes ago

    Raven serving Coco Peru realness!

  • DoggoTrash
    DoggoTrash 51 minute ago

    Holy fuckkkk Raven is backkkk

  • clever clogs
    clever clogs 51 minute ago

    You don't remember Pussy Galore, the aviator Bond Girl? Lazer Minnelli was my favourite BECAUSE of the crappy bowler hat - you not seen Goldfinger?

  • Pedro Pan
    Pedro Pan 52 minutes ago

    Bring back my guuuuuurls

  • ella rosenberg
    ella rosenberg 53 minutes ago

    divina just looked like a halloween costume. SHOOT crystal all the wayy

  • Nell Suter
    Nell Suter 54 minutes ago

    How have I never noticed trixies new teeth until now.. big white teeth come thru...

  • Thomas
    Thomas 54 minutes ago

    im loving their ruthlessness here and rajas honesty!

  • Sara M
    Sara M 56 minutes ago

    Raja looks absolutely amazing omg 😍

  • Ruby Tueday
    Ruby Tueday 57 minutes ago

    raven giving me 60's beach fish and im here for it

  • Loverra Peace
    Loverra Peace 58 minutes ago

    The Brit girls don't even get prize money only a you tube show or something. Also the little cheap pins for winning the weekly challenge is pathetic.

  • Foster
    Foster 58 minutes ago

    Raja’s face looks like an up and down ice cream sandwich

  • jlcrowe
    jlcrowe Hour ago

    Raven is giving Coco Peru realness!

  • Charlie Umbriel
    Charlie Umbriel Hour ago

    I love heeer💛😂

  • RedheadL
    RedheadL Hour ago

    The funniest family in showbiz. You both make me laugh so hard!

  • Eli Taylor
    Eli Taylor Hour ago

    Jujubee's reads never fail to make me laugh! "Is she flagging down the ice cream truck? What's going on here?" LMAO 😂😂😂😂 But no, in all seriousness.....Darienne Lake needed better shoes to fit her wide-ass feet for that Mother of the Bride challenge. Oh god God...

  • aaron sanderson
    aaron sanderson Hour ago

    Wet n wild is one of the few brands that has tons of good stuff. That foundation slaps ❤️❤️❤️

  • Eduardo J Perez
    Eduardo J Perez Hour ago

    Raven given us Miss Coco Peru realness 😍♥️

  • Calista Liotta
    Calista Liotta Hour ago

    man raven is fucking glowing

  • Monjay Kovati
    Monjay Kovati Hour ago

    Stunning.. but imagine Kimora doing this....*mic drop*

  • Alejandro Morales

    Raven looks STUNNING.

  • Rebecca Miljanic Makeup

    I want a makeover by Raven 🙌💚💚💚💚

  • Charlie González Pérez

    I love Alaska, she's amazinggggg, and Monet is hilarious as well😂🤩💕

  • Ezra Mead
    Ezra Mead Hour ago

    Raven is giving me 60's mom realness

  • Morganized Morganizer

    Hi I'm the girl who is adamant about getting you a doorbell, the *_fucking knock destroyer_*

  • chelsea ward
    chelsea ward Hour ago

    20:08 violet shaking her ass in the mirror is such a fat MOOD

  • ChewwwBeccca
    ChewwwBeccca Hour ago

    🐽 Idk why I didn’t get a notification when this came out but I’m glad I found this, love you so much Nina✨😻🖤💋

  • Scary Ari
    Scary Ari Hour ago

    Raven came back and she seems nicer? lol

  • Jeremy Shaw
    Jeremy Shaw Hour ago

    It is such a pleasure to have this series with Raven. Love Raven’s voice, for one. Can’t wait for more of these just to listen to her.

  • Ashley C
    Ashley C Hour ago

    OMG MOM Corp 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lena Andriani
    Lena Andriani Hour ago

    5:21 Trixie’s laugh sounds like Pennywise in the new IT movies. Am I the only one who hears it???

  • Eddie Valentine
    Eddie Valentine Hour ago

    Rescue Rangers! Love the reference to Gadget!

  • Meghan B
    Meghan B Hour ago

    “I took Jade Jolie’s baby blanket from her childhood home”

  • Velvetmango
    Velvetmango Hour ago

    4:40--I think it's supposed to be Odd Job.

  • Lauren Pritchard

    Are they seriously having to blur a set of 3 prosthetic boobs?! That is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Jorge Preciado
    Jorge Preciado Hour ago

    Raja finally went in. Finally! Her critiques mean everything to fashion photo ruview

  • Kate Crook
    Kate Crook Hour ago

    I so would have had like a silver floor length skintight gown (that has a hoop thing at the bottom) with this wierd oversized cone around my neck with two huge olives on a giant toothpick in it. ‘Shaken Not Stirred’ Likeeeee cmon. Genius.

  • Allis Haus
    Allis Haus Hour ago

    I just love u gurls together <3 And that British accent is killing me (talking with the British accent, abviosly) 😂

  • R's Daughter
    R's Daughter Hour ago


  • R's Daughter
    R's Daughter Hour ago


  • Just Ryan
    Just Ryan Hour ago

    These videos with Raven feel so awkward. And no judgement, I would be too.

  • Shawn McGuire
    Shawn McGuire Hour ago

    Did they really just edit Raven when she said James Bond movie title Ocotopussy? Please that movie is from 1983....I think it's ok to say the title.

  • Vicky Perry
    Vicky Perry Hour ago

    My god Raven, you look younger with age wtf!!

  • Mas850
    Mas850 Hour ago

    Sis... So we not doing blush? Ok.

  • Pedro J. Moya
    Pedro J. Moya Hour ago

    Raveeeeeen 💕

  • Ezra Mead
    Ezra Mead Hour ago

    My prediction for the winner!

  • glennsilvaable
    glennsilvaable Hour ago

    This is just a long commercial, but since i love Raven so much, i have to watch it.

  • J Rogue
    J Rogue Hour ago

    Raven I am so HAPPY you are back!!!🙂

  • ohjeezriles
    ohjeezriles Hour ago

    Ugh, don’t give the racist one a toot. Come on.

  • Barbara Luiza
    Barbara Luiza Hour ago

    Cool Mom it's almost at the same level of madness as UNHhhh 😂😂😂😂

  • Willie Tate
    Willie Tate Hour ago

    I am currently watching this on October 14th, 2019 and Trump is currently under an impeachment inquiry. Ironic?

  • Ezra Mead
    Ezra Mead Hour ago

    Just want to remind you all that Scaredy isn't the first "not-gay" person on RDPR- Courtney Act is Pansexual. I'm not sure she addressed it on the show, but let's just not forget about pansexuals

  • Petric Kerley
    Petric Kerley Hour ago

    Jam a bastard in it you crap! 🖤💜🖤💜

  • David Borromeo
    David Borromeo Hour ago

    6:33 welcome back bitch.

  • Ryan Singrossi
    Ryan Singrossi Hour ago

    I love Jinx so much! She's hilarious! 😂💞

  • Selene
    Selene 2 hours ago

    you know raven used high-end and theater make-up for her own make-up and not wet n wild 😂

  • cesar martinez
    cesar martinez 2 hours ago

    I wish they explained some of the scenes more cuz I forgot what happened in both of their seasons.

  • David Borromeo
    David Borromeo 2 hours ago

    Tracy and her off drag camera crew realness!

  • cassandra sotos
    cassandra sotos 2 hours ago

    Raven nose is Perfect for his face...