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Sew Hem: SEW WHAT 104
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  • Aimee Grober
    Aimee Grober 5 hours ago

    I'm a farmer who hates getting up early... The Cock Destroyer.

  • Zyklon 1488
    Zyklon 1488 5 hours ago

    What did the crystal skull tell the black guy?

  • Jack Andjilll
    Jack Andjilll 5 hours ago

    This reminds me of a stage play a scripted stage play. Everybody's too animated. It just don't seem natural and relaxed

  • ragga man
    ragga man 5 hours ago

    how did they get alyssa out of that hotel room? i amsure she was stuck by the window watchign herself on the billboard more than she was ever stuck to a mirror

  • BlackenSoul
    BlackenSoul 5 hours ago

    I’m in love with Bianca’s wig

  • leia cowley
    leia cowley 6 hours ago

    Does anyone else just watch this constantly on a loop because it’s like sitting with friends or... should I get outside and meet real people

  • zyon
    zyon 6 hours ago

    The amount of irritation oozing out of both of their beings from the start to finish of this video sksksksk

  • Megan Gudgeon
    Megan Gudgeon 6 hours ago

    Everytime i look at Raja I think - 24

  • David Potter
    David Potter 6 hours ago

    some... well most look awesome but no real real super winners... even RU is eclipsed by Bianca

  • Glenn F
    Glenn F 6 hours ago

    Too much white hurts my eys

  • Fred Vahtel
    Fred Vahtel 6 hours ago

    “Girl you know this is exactly like Bob the Drag Queen apartment looks... Just skinny little twinks hanging from the ceiling” DECEASED

  • M C
    M C 6 hours ago

    Yuhua, I am here for you every episode

  • Melany G
    Melany G 6 hours ago

    He sounds like kripke

  • Sonny Skye
    Sonny Skye 7 hours ago

    This episode is LEGENDARY.

  • Arturo Llll
    Arturo Llll 7 hours ago

    I love chi chi spilling all the tea PERFECTLY

  • Shiloh Store
    Shiloh Store 7 hours ago

    8:04 more relatable than you know

  • Oginaka
    Oginaka 7 hours ago

    6:15 i relate to this edit so much rn LMAO

  • Angela Sou
    Angela Sou 7 hours ago

    Ok my bad. I thought it was Bianca del Rio from the thumbnail lmao.

  • pixiedust0755
    pixiedust0755 8 hours ago

    I really hope this series continues. Raven makes my day and week!

  • Sean Baker
    Sean Baker 8 hours ago

    "where is your ass, ma'am?" 😂

  • Reuben Jones
    Reuben Jones 8 hours ago

    I don’t know what it is but Katya seems so much happier and healthier in this episode

  • zoinks it's me
    zoinks it's me 8 hours ago


  • Abigail Howard
    Abigail Howard 8 hours ago

    Katya looks STUNNING

  • Sean Baker
    Sean Baker 8 hours ago

    🎵Make me make me make me make me make me shake my titties!🎶 😂 My favorite part.

  • Patrick Eugene
    Patrick Eugene 8 hours ago

    raven saying “bye girl” at the end since willam gets disqualified this episode cracks me up

  • AJ Ulutu
    AJ Ulutu 9 hours ago

    Hahaha alaskas Asian accent ☠☠😸

  • Seamus McAnulty
    Seamus McAnulty 9 hours ago

    Um morgan eyes are painted like 2 empty eye sockets and shes critiquing looks

  • Kat B
    Kat B 9 hours ago

    Ok, the real shade here is that they didn't bother to include Farrah Moan, it's literally in her name. Her moan is famous.

  • Rod Barroso
    Rod Barroso 9 hours ago

    This should have Tammie's name in the title .. I found this by accident...

  • Jye Price
    Jye Price 9 hours ago

    " That's the client, fucking hideous " 😂

  • Jack Larkin
    Jack Larkin 9 hours ago

    I wish Tatiana was there , the irony the recent events would have had.🤣🤣🤣

  • anith perez
    anith perez 9 hours ago

    From Clanton 🤣

  • Kandi Jar
    Kandi Jar 9 hours ago

    *STUNNING * !!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍🌷⚘💜😘😘

  • nick
    nick 9 hours ago

    Farrah’s mom has such a beautiful voice what the heck, it’s so soothing

    BÄLÆGDĒH 10 hours ago

    I love those feminine legs on Trixie. She has such a uniquely androgynous body. Love it.

  • Shayde Woodard
    Shayde Woodard 10 hours ago

    Bro , I literally screamed ,"ah!" at :35

    BÄLÆGDĒH 10 hours ago


  • Daviti Zivzivadze
    Daviti Zivzivadze 10 hours ago

    Scarlet and Blanca look so good together!

  • TacoJFK3226
    TacoJFK3226 10 hours ago

    As if those victims had anything to do with Rodney King

  • Bianca Collier
    Bianca Collier 10 hours ago

    I'm super late I love Ts Madison...Milan so fine OMG

  • Rafael Moreno
    Rafael Moreno 10 hours ago

    Shawn is fuckin hot

  • melody g
    melody g 11 hours ago

    katya: do they have fake deer that you can like- trixie: noo but they DO have fake deer and

  • Esbeidy Ayón
    Esbeidy Ayón 11 hours ago

    8:34 HAHAHAHA

  • Kate Fredrick
    Kate Fredrick 11 hours ago

    God I love them ♥️🔥😂😂😂😂😂

  • themusicalboy26
    themusicalboy26 11 hours ago

    Please make them a permanent series like unhhh 😩

  • Melanie Evans
    Melanie Evans 11 hours ago

    What is tammies accent though??!!!

  • dgky70
    dgky70 11 hours ago

    I think Raja is ugly. She has great fashion sense but her face looks like a boy. I am shocked she doesn't work on that.

  • Jillian Davis
    Jillian Davis 11 hours ago

    not in a bad way, but violet's outfit makes me think of the female dragon from shrek and I kinda love it

  • Jade Rose
    Jade Rose 11 hours ago

    Epaulette is pronounced EPP-YOU-LET

  • marvin raphael monfort

    Baddazzle! ♥

  • Bridgette Mezlini
    Bridgette Mezlini 11 hours ago

    To the queens credit, I’m pretty sure people usually go in groups into those things, not just 2 people. Had they had 2 or 3 more queens with them, they would’ve rocked it for sure

  • Unique Murray
    Unique Murray 11 hours ago

    Omg why dont you both have your own show

  • Unique Murray
    Unique Murray 12 hours ago

    Omg Bionca explaining the pillow case joke kills me and Alyssa actually doing it killing me right now

  • busker0000
    busker0000 12 hours ago


  • Anthony
    Anthony 12 hours ago

    "They don't just take any 90 pound twink..." I can't tell if she is throwing shade at season 10 or not...

  • Kitopher Sandoval
    Kitopher Sandoval 12 hours ago

    This whole episode was basically kandy ho, ginger minj, and Kennedy kavenport vs violet chacki, pearl, and max while Katya just watches, miss fame getting a video from her mom and jaidyn having her own mental breakdown lmao 😂

  • Almon-Joi Nye
    Almon-Joi Nye 12 hours ago

    when you pretend to be that dumb bitch please

  • Bridgette Mezlini
    Bridgette Mezlini 12 hours ago

    Yvie is so beautiful and punk rock. I can picture her in Greenwich Village in like 1985. And I wanna go in a time machine and visit early to mid 80’s Greenwich circa Desperately Seeking Susan era so badly, so I mean that with so much love and respect❤️

  • maatryoshka oi oi oi
    maatryoshka oi oi oi 12 hours ago

    I'm going to tell my kids that Morgan McMichaels was Billie eilish Lmao

  • Jay Mather
    Jay Mather 12 hours ago

    Rewatching these older episodes now makes me so happy

  • Bridgette Mezlini
    Bridgette Mezlini 12 hours ago

    Best series on this channel, and I love this channel!!

  • qharris291
    qharris291 12 hours ago

    ”YOU RULE!” Me: Awwww!

  • DC
    DC 12 hours ago

    Yvie is so crazy lmao that laugh 😩

  • Shiro Senpai
    Shiro Senpai 12 hours ago

    5:24 hahahahahhahahahahaha lmaooooo omg

  • Shiro Senpai
    Shiro Senpai 12 hours ago

    5:24 hahahahahhahahahahaha lmaooooo omg

  • Toxxxiana
    Toxxxiana 13 hours ago


  • QUEENEmma
    QUEENEmma 13 hours ago

    I love her, she’s such a sweetie!

  • R C-R
    R C-R 13 hours ago

    The looks on Raven's face after some, if not most of Gia's descriptions are hilarious, more of these two please...

  • Via Edwards
    Via Edwards 13 hours ago

    Woooooow. I was really trying to eat and y’all just ruined it😭😭.

  • Gabe J
    Gabe J 13 hours ago

    Jinx stfu.

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 13 hours ago

    Yay. Nina is my fave from that season

  • Vavist Neceni
    Vavist Neceni 13 hours ago

    The girl at 2:34 was so sweet <3

  • Omar Rodríguez
    Omar Rodríguez 13 hours ago

    Watching this after shocking Werq the World

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 13 hours ago

    I loved Naomi 😊😘😍 so glad she made Top 3. Bob deserved to win though but Naomi is absolutely amazing looking and those legs xoxo

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 13 hours ago

    Acid Betty was rude in untucked about Trixie. That was nasty, it wasn't a read. I loved Chi chi and Kim Chi. They were real and sweet. Kims runway clothing is everything ❤️💋💜💖🤗👌💕 Haha I love how Alyssa says "Sassafrass"

  • Nataly Giordano
    Nataly Giordano 13 hours ago

    I live for this but THERES A CHILD DEAR LORD

  • Gengar Crobat
    Gengar Crobat 13 hours ago

    Scarlet looks exactly like Tammie Brown with that hairline. Anyone else see it?

  • Ed Rosas
    Ed Rosas 14 hours ago

    What the fuck is wrong with that black gurl make up. She paired a blk beard

  • musicisloveismusic
    musicisloveismusic 14 hours ago

    I am Asia, Asia is me.

  • fussick
    fussick 14 hours ago

    Primary colour realness

  • Mon Mi
    Mon Mi 14 hours ago

    I opened the video thinking that she was Bianca. Dislike, I dont like fake fake clickbaits loool

  • ariana rivera
    ariana rivera 14 hours ago

    Omg I love Alaska

  • The Great Awk-ward
    The Great Awk-ward 14 hours ago

    Katya just seems like she's so fun and comfortable on camera!! Violet is a fantasy as always...BUT, THIS COMPLIMENT is for Katya!

  • BakaFangirl
    BakaFangirl 14 hours ago

    I kinda also want to see violet and aquaria do one of these just because they are such fashion queens it would be fun to see their options together

  • ArielV3rsac3
    ArielV3rsac3 14 hours ago

    Who walks at 11:22

  • Zac
    Zac 14 hours ago

    everyone sees the short version.Why? because it gets more reaction and generates more $ and advances agendas.If you watch the whole see what appears to be pcp or similar drugged king kong not just resisting arrest, but going after the officers.When you go that route,white black,green,yellow people all know what you got comin. So the short version got many innocent people killed, just to generate revenue for news outlets,and yes CNN once again. They should be prosecuted for destroying LA and Ferguson Mo. criminal negligence.

  • vgdkhs
    vgdkhs 14 hours ago

    This isgenius

  • Aimee Shoyo
    Aimee Shoyo 15 hours ago

    Stop yas qween yassssss

  • Corry Tutahione
    Corry Tutahione 15 hours ago

    Those queens on that couch make it look like an armchair for one.

  • Isaac M
    Isaac M 16 hours ago


  • Quinton Roberts
    Quinton Roberts 16 hours ago

    I don't know why but I fucking died when Raja said *"Oh no."*

  • Amber in the box
    Amber in the box 16 hours ago

    Us floridian treasure coasters are goofy as hell. Lol i live gis style

  • James Hopkins
    James Hopkins 16 hours ago

    I want Gunther inside me.

  • Titouan Camy
    Titouan Camy 16 hours ago this Baga Chipz at 9:54 in the background?

  • ConorETNTheories
    ConorETNTheories 16 hours ago

    RuPaul... Condragulations you are the winner of every challenge in existence! Shantay you stay always❤️

  • Malia Lynde
    Malia Lynde 16 hours ago

    it bums me out that some of these looks are from episodes that I haven't seen, and I can't find them. Like 2:07. Is it just me or is wowpresents hiding that episode from some other time?

  • Zmodel_2003 unhh
    Zmodel_2003 unhh 16 hours ago


  • Louie Everett
    Louie Everett 16 hours ago

    Uk drag race is made for Americans more than anyone in the uk

  • Twistedsistaart
    Twistedsistaart 17 hours ago

    LOVE that Katya referenced Heather's 🖤 I took you to a Remington party and what's my thanks? It's on a hallway carpet. I got paid in puke!!!! Lick it up baby! lick it up!

  • Zak GRAHAM
    Zak GRAHAM 17 hours ago

    Obviously those two bitches are the new Katya and Trixie! Vivienne as Trump is uncanny 😂