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Hohem iSteady Multi
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Insta360 One X Test
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    THE GROX 17 minutes ago

    got more hype and teabags then lipton

  • Two Chemist
    Two Chemist 5 hours ago

    If Halo Infinite turns out as shitty as Halo 5 I'm going to be royally pissed

  • Efrain Diaz
    Efrain Diaz 10 hours ago

    Sony crowd would have went insane

  • Winkler Real Estate Group

    Would I be able to attach the Rode VideoMic Me-L to an IPhone 11 Pro Max and still use with the DJI Osmo Mobile 3?

  • Sgt. sniperdude32
    Sgt. sniperdude32 14 hours ago

    The voice of the pilot sounds just like octane from apex legends

  • Jeff Phillips
    Jeff Phillips 16 hours ago

    Does this gimbal work with Filco Pro? What accessories would you need to use 3Dio. Can autotracking be set to objects or just faces. Love your work!

  • Matheus Barbosa
    Matheus Barbosa 18 hours ago

    Cute review but are you single?

  • scott nadeau
    scott nadeau 22 hours ago

    I seen in another review you can not do the flashlight way of holding it with a +phone it hits a motor is this true can you test it with a gopro 8

  • arun the traveller


  • STORY we
    STORY we Day ago

    many times i see some nonsense people repeat photography to you. U can see the clip 4:35

  • Fennesto
    Fennesto Day ago

    Hohem or Osmo Mobile 3? Cause I may need to add a rode mic and small panel lights for night explorings.

  • Mdeeqdarajo Ibrahim

    Samsung infection or iPhone only

  • Alec Montiel
    Alec Montiel Day ago

    Master Chief needs to have a fight scene with the arbiter. Like a stealth mission where we are exploring their environment when cloak Arb n Chief almost kill each other until they recognize their friendship. Almost like Halo Wars just no death lol

  • 霆鋒 MATT
    霆鋒 MATT Day ago

    I just got it and found 1 reason not to buy it, and 1 is enough. when you use it with iphone and try to edit the video taken through osmo mimo app with Final cut pro on MacOS Catalina, even it sound perfectly fine in preview, all the sound recorded is gone once you import it into Final Cut Pro Turns out this problem is found and reported over a month ago on DJI's forum, but DJI seems don't care at all. DJI is neither coming up with an update to fix the problem, nor disclosing this problem to the public. How upsetting is this.

  • Brock Robert Mclean

    Only trailer in any game thats brought a tear to my eye 😩😢

  • RobZimiga
    RobZimiga Day ago

    I bought the mobile 3 returned it.. Made my s9 overheat and it lost tracking on several shots... The motor is right up against the phone and heats up..I got a warning on my phone it was overheating

  • Cocchini Corp
    Cocchini Corp Day ago

    I had a horrible experience with this company. They had no problem taking my money, but a big problem shipping me the product and then giving me my money back after weeks of dealing with them and FedEx as to why the product could not be shipped. The company assured me they would deal with the shipping company but then just kept regurgitating to me, the same thing the shipping company was saying. Super helpful guys (sarcasm). The shipping company wanted me to upload documents for customs. I'm an American in India at the moment. The problem is, I had already done that 3 times and they kept denying my documents and responding telling me to upload my documents... which I had already done. This went on for 3 cycles with a plethora of wait time in between emails. When I finally asked for a refund, Freedrum said no problem. I waited 11 days to get my money back and still nothing. I finally emailed them again and they gave me some excuse about why they had no yet processes my refund and that they would do it again today (11 days after requesting it - and nearly 3 weeks after placing the original order - still not having received my order). The shipping company then started harassing me after sending them multiple cease and desist letters telling them to stop contacting me asking for the same things I had already done 3 times and to just send the product back. They refused and continued emailing, texting and calling. The day the refund FINALLY posted to my account, ironically the product also showed up at my door.... with $100 customs fee. I told them return it. What a total waste of time it has been dealing with this company

  • Bearded Juggernaut

    Wld you take this one over the smove? This is fairly new to me and I have been debating on one of these but just to see your opinion. Thanks for my input you can give.

  • Èllsi Prod.
    Èllsi Prod. Day ago

    I like It!

    • EMT
      EMT Day ago

      Glad you like it! 🤘🏼

  • Ematation
    Ematation Day ago

    The created and Prometheans seeing chief run out the back after floating in space probably like “HOW THE HELL DO YOU PUT THIS GUY DOWN”

  • Bobo
    Bobo Day ago

    All it took was a single piano note to get people excited about halo again

  • RebelCartagena

    11:44 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 great visuals

    • EMT
      EMT Day ago

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the video! 🤘🏼

  • Rich Evicks
    Rich Evicks Day ago

    Do you find that this works better than the OSMO 3? It's $50 more (able to use small DSLR I know) But as a Phone Cinema guy Myself I love the OSMO 3

    • EMT
      EMT Day ago

      I absolutely adore the Osmo Mobile 3 mainly because of the software. Having said that if you own a camera like the RX100 or similar this definitely hits a spot in terms of flexibility.

  • Skuu Digital
    Skuu Digital Day ago

    Very interesting... would love to try one of these out with a Moment lens and filter setup! Currently Ihave a 314g setup on my Smooth4 which is maxed out at 210g but can surprisingly hold up to 250g with thorough testing with different setups (with 100g counterbalance weights)

    • Skuu Digital
      Skuu Digital Day ago

      EMT yeah... and it seems like 2019 is the year of the gimbal! Filmic must have a lot of peeps asking for gimbals to be added to their list of compatibility! And yes, thank you for your time to reply too!

    • EMT
      EMT Day ago

      Nice setup! I was genuinely impressed with the payload capacity and the quick release plate. Similar to the Feiyutech G6 Plus but a bit more affordable. It’s like half the specs but works great if you’re looking to consolidate all cameras in one gimbal setup. The one thing is Filmic Pro. I wish it had compatibility with other gimbals as it does with the Smooth 4. Thanks for sharing your time with me! 🤘🏼

  • Lester Leckron

    It looks like you don’t see the arm when using the wide angle lens on your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Plus with a 400 grand payload he can handle more on the gimbal itself. Can you do a video to compare the Mozza mini me and this gimbal?

    • Skuu Digital
      Skuu Digital Day ago

      Even if you could see the arm, all you need to do to remedy that is angle the hilt on a 45 or more!

    • EMT
      EMT Day ago

      Both are fantastic options. I think the Moza Mini Mi might hit the spot for smartphone only shooting even though you can also use a GoPro with the proper adapter. Being $99 is also a big factor. Stabilization wise both will do a similar job.

  • Overlord Raiden

    you got a sponsor? congratz

    • EMT
      EMT Day ago

      Thank you! Fifine Microphones sponsored the channel and I’m definitely loving their new mics! 🤘🏼

  • Nodes of Travel

    Exactly what I was looking for ... Something that can handle iPhone and GoPro at the same time

    • EMT
      EMT Day ago

      Definitely useful for those looking to consolidate multiple cameras for one gimbal! 🤘🏼

  • David Ding
    David Ding Day ago

    Looks like a dope gimbal! Been using the Osmo Mobile 2 myself.

    • David Ding
      David Ding Day ago

      Fennesto not a bad choice! The osmo mobile 2 is still an amazing device!

    • Fennesto
      Fennesto Day ago

      @David Ding Oh yah, within my limited budget, I'll just get Osmo Mobile 2. I'm not using tracking mode, cause I'm using it for my family explorings at night. Gonna buy PolarPro ND Filters, Osmo Mobile 2, Filmic Pro + Cinematic Kit. I've my own flashlight that shines brighter and wide for darker forest.

    • Fennesto
      Fennesto Day ago

      @David Ding Thanks man.. I appreciate!

    • David Ding
      David Ding Day ago

      Fennesto the 3 is better, as it has a folding design and better active tracking. But for me already having the 2, i’m going to wait for the a osmo mobile 4 which should be out next year.

    • Fennesto
      Fennesto Day ago

      Osmo Mobile 2 or 3 is better?

  • mylifeas favour

    notification gang. I'm here

    • EMT
      EMT Day ago

      Thank you so much! I appreciate you! 🤘🏼

  • Common Insaan
    Common Insaan Day ago

    Heyy ur opinion is of great worth... Can uhh plzz tell me if moza mini s is worth it for 79$

    • Common Insaan
      Common Insaan Day ago

      @EMT thanx brohhh

    • EMT
      EMT Day ago

      Totally recommend! It’s such a great tool and for that price! I personally like to use my Moza gimbal with iOS but the stabilization is great no matter the phone! Pro tip: enable anti shake in the menus if you end up picking one up! 🤘🏼

    • mylifeas favour
      mylifeas favour Day ago

      @Common Insaan yes.

    • Common Insaan
      Common Insaan Day ago

      @mylifeas favour Okayy... But Apart from the modes if I want it for the stabilized video... Is it worth it?

    • mylifeas favour
      mylifeas favour Day ago

      I got it because of his review. I love it but now I want zhiyun smooth q2 bc of size,360 and easy menu for usage. Moza it's still not easy to memories the different moods .

  • EMT
    EMT Day ago

    I like the design of the Hohem iSteady Multi since it uses a quick release plate and the motors dont obstruct ultra wide lenses! What do you think?

    • Pritesh Ruthun
      Pritesh Ruthun Day ago

      And your handheld totally looked better with the native camera app

    • Pritesh Ruthun
      Pritesh Ruthun Day ago

      Like it, but it still blocks the port for mic...and filmic with bluetooth mic sounds like I'm underwater...using Jabra 65t

    • EMT
      EMT Day ago

      I know! The quick release plate is so useful! There are other gimbals that have it but they’re usually more expensive! Glad you enjoyed the video! 🤘🏼

    • EMT
      EMT Day ago

      I’ll do my best to get my hands on it!

    • Skuu Digital
      Skuu Digital Day ago

      I love the face that it has a quick release plate with this gimbal. This should be standard now! Also, the gratuitous amount of accessories to get you started is just wow!

  • TrickyLover
    TrickyLover Day ago


  • its pizza time

    F U L L Y E R E C T

  • Ashish Amatya
    Ashish Amatya Day ago

    What ? it does not connect via bluetooth on default phone camera app and need those cables?? thats huge disadvantage for me. may be they fix that by firmware upgrade?

  • Methlokaijufan97

    "I'm walking" , "Potty simulator 2077" " Sooooos "

  • MD Muscle
    MD Muscle Day ago

    I am looking at this gimbal and the Snoppa Atom 3 and I was wondering which is a better buy. My biggest question is about the 3 click to switch between cameras on the DJI. Does the 3 click just switch between the camera for pictures or can you do it while filming and keep filming with the other camera? I know the Snoppa has a button to spin the phone around, but does it have a similar option to switch between the cameras like the DJI?

  • MD Muscle
    MD Muscle Day ago

    Does the Snoppa Atom have a function that can switch between the phones front and back camera like the DJI Osmo Mobile 3?

  • simpleMaster.94
    simpleMaster.94 2 days ago

    The future / De fiucher / El futuro

  • Brando J
    Brando J 2 days ago

    Fucking Todd Howard.

  • Evelyn Rodriguez
    Evelyn Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Do you prefer this over the smove?

  • Dan
    Dan 2 days ago

    Keanu Reeves : "Wake the f*ck up Samurai, we have a breath to take."

  • aramik minassian
    aramik minassian 2 days ago

    Today I bought an xbox x “just” because of Halo.

  • Gloria Martinez
    Gloria Martinez 2 days ago

    Love this gears 5 trailer can't wait!!

  • SPM Dope Lab Studio

    Say Dji Osmo Mobile 3 one more time,..!

  • Squirrel
    Squirrel 2 days ago

    Suck it, Xbox.

  • its just luke Revive

    I love that they instantly recognize Joel from just seeing the side of his beard

  • flemaster12
    flemaster12 2 days ago

    Please be a good game

  • Werner Wynakker
    Werner Wynakker 2 days ago

    Hi, I have a question about a problem I have with my smooth 4. When using the 3x3 Pano mode the gimbal does strange things and eventually I'm ending by switching on/off the gimbal. Logically the gimbal should do it's 3x3 shots left-centre-right or r-c-l, but that's were it goes all wrong, it never takes centre as it's reference point. It takes either left or right as it's reference point doing centre-left-left or c-r-r and where it crashes on the second left or right. Reported this at the Zhiyun company but never got a helpful answer. I'm hoping you could help me on this, I'm still learning how to use it and that problem really takes all the fun out of this proces 😟 I'm using my Smooth 4 with a OnePlus 5. Kind regards, Werner

  • ThatGuys Channel
    ThatGuys Channel 3 days ago

    Evverytime I feel demotivated or lazy or just not excited for anything, I come back to these videos and trailers. Goosebumps never die

  • Ridwan Mohsin
    Ridwan Mohsin 3 days ago

    anyone else think master chief looks a bit too green?

  • TreyTrey22
    TreyTrey22 3 days ago

    It’s not a complete replica of the old games but.. it’s not something completely new either like what halo 4, and 5 brought us which.. we didn’t technically like.. lore might turn out really good for halo 4, and 5 depending on how this next game pans out lore wise. This trailer and reaction goes to show that making something new might not be the best idea(halo 4, and 5) but building off what’s already there and adding your own touch too it might work better than predicted (halo infinite)

  • Bing Cherry 6
    Bing Cherry 6 3 days ago

    What type of lenses did you use on your phone? Please give the name & maybe review....?!

  • parinith huigere
    parinith huigere 3 days ago

    Please make a video on dji osmo mobile 3 with gopro hero 7!!

  • Sorly
    Sorly 3 days ago

    343 is literally just Nostalgia baiting everyone lmao it's all fun and games until Req packs and shit come back

    • Sorly
      Sorly Day ago

      @NarrowStone Please give me a source for that information I seriously doubt they would get rid of the thing they've made so much money off of

    • NarrowStone
      NarrowStone Day ago

      Pretty sure they said no more req packs

  • Sorly
    Sorly 3 days ago

    Man I can't wait for req packs

  • sid mash
    sid mash 3 days ago

    I've never even played halo but seeing people in joy makes me happy😂

  • Wopback
    Wopback 3 days ago

    I know this is an older review, but which gimbal is ideal for recording a kids soccer game? I have a Note 10 plus which is heavier. 1 or 2 options would be appreciated.....

  • Sebastian Loft
    Sebastian Loft 3 days ago

    I dont wanna hype to much, for the past 4 years games and devs havent really delivered on what they promised...

  • Kyle Brook [KyleAB5000]

    3:28 - never before has just a sound effect made me so fucking happy

  • TheTieuLongFX 強さ - 鬼ちゃん

    What do you prefer. The hybrid one or the the two filters seperatly? (ND and PL)

  • GabrielQuaresma
    GabrielQuaresma 3 days ago

    Take my moneeeeeey

  • Henry German
    Henry German 3 days ago

    I just got one of these and after experimenting with taking photos, I am disappointed with the image quality of photos taken with the Mimo app (I haven't experimented with video yet, although I bought it to take videos). Is there a way to use the Iphone 8 plus camera app to take photos with the OM3 instead of with the Mimo app? How about to shoot video?

  • Curledvermin117
    Curledvermin117 3 days ago

    The pilots reaction to chief awakening was basically our reaction to this trailer and “we’re going home” representing us going back.... back to our home.... our childhood. Home.

  • Gokul Nath
    Gokul Nath 3 days ago

    That og music at the end... Literally gave me the chills

  • Nikhilesh Pareek
    Nikhilesh Pareek 3 days ago

    I have made video DJI osmo mobile 2

  • Jishan Khan
    Jishan Khan 3 days ago

    Yeh it's best!

  • Pen Edward
    Pen Edward 3 days ago

    John wick himself

  • xot1c
    xot1c 4 days ago

    *I can't feel my hair*

  • Pindei Studios
    Pindei Studios 4 days ago

    Gustavo santa olea dice JAJJAJAJAJ es Santaolalla capo,ahre que es en inglés

  • Cергей Вернега

    Hey. Do you think it's worth switching from an iPhone XS MAX to an iPhone 11 Pro MAX?

  • Gamesmaster OG
    Gamesmaster OG 4 days ago

    Dont any of you hold your breath, this is a song and dance played for years, JP version for ever!

  • Kelvin Kong
    Kelvin Kong 4 days ago

    Breath taking

  • Im already tracer
    Im already tracer 4 days ago

    I think there going to bring back halo reach style weapons because if you see the assault rifle that chief was holding, its the reach assault rifle is you look closely.

  • Praxis Visuals
    Praxis Visuals 4 days ago

    how did this trailer slip by me??? I had no idea that a new Halo game was even coming out??? So cool!

    HIGH VISION 4 days ago

    It actually makes me so happy to hear the joy of people seeing this stuff unfold. Video games are now becoming a work of art more than anything. The emotion and the generation growing up on characters like Master Chief... It's epic <3

  • Matthew Nguyen
    Matthew Nguyen 4 days ago

    Just received this Gimbal....... looking forward to using it. Well film and edit review samples. Thank you sir!

  • kazi shohag
    kazi shohag 4 days ago

    Thanks bro....

  • Mohd Hussin
    Mohd Hussin 4 days ago

    Can you make slow motion on 4k resolution with 60fps.

  • Pound Ponsuke
    Pound Ponsuke 5 days ago

    Got this in yesterday and totally agree with you about all the plus. Esp the tripod. I have seen someone selling the stand which is just like a plastic square thing for 7 - 14 Euro (I live in Germany), now thinking about what's going to happen if there's windy... that little square thing won't hold it for sure. I'm glad I got the combo set.

    STAY HERE 5 days ago

    Uncharted - zombies and pistols

  • Christian Gonzalez
    Christian Gonzalez 5 days ago

    I can't stop watching this trailer.

  • ElGavino
    ElGavino 5 days ago

    This never gets old. This gives me goosebumps every time. I also get in the mood to play with some LEGOS

  • H Y P N O
    H Y P N O 5 days ago

    Im still watching this in 2019..

  • Scene - مشهد
    Scene - مشهد 5 days ago

    Thanks for the review, Please share the LUT used in this video

  • Nicole Elements
    Nicole Elements 5 days ago

    i swear she better be able to swim in part 2 bc im not trying to look for palettes anymore😂😂

  • ravioli sensei
    ravioli sensei 5 days ago


  • AwkwardPSN
    AwkwardPSN 6 days ago

    and i learned something new today . thank you sir

  • COB Dex
    COB Dex 6 days ago

    Best childhood game ever!

  • IAmAnAvocado
    IAmAnAvocado 6 days ago

    I just recently sold my PS4. Tempted to buy one again just so I can play The Last of Us 2.

  • keluyurandotcom
    keluyurandotcom 6 days ago

    how to using moza mini s with actioncam like gopro or xiomi yi?

  • Paul Kramm
    Paul Kramm 6 days ago

    DO NOT UPGRADE TO IOS CATALINA!!!!!!!! there is a significant bug in the new OS or Filmic pro app that prevents you from transferring more than one file at a time. This has been frustrating to many of us who have upgraded to Catalina, and we're hopeful that Apple and Filmic pro will issue an update to resolve this bug soon. Please, no finger-pointing... Just fix it!!!

  • Sentient Thundertank

    That piano hits harder than any theme for any game character ever, halo may have taken a nose dive in the past few years but chief is still my hero.

  • mas parjo vlog
    mas parjo vlog 7 days ago

    moza mini mi good😁

  • Bham Verdeflor
    Bham Verdeflor 7 days ago

    Hi EMT, I have a few questions: 1. How heavy is the Moza mini s? 2. Is it possible to attach both gopro hero 7 and smart phone by using extension accessories like L bracket? 3. Can I connect microphone & LED light as well?

  • Shandy Brandy
    Shandy Brandy 7 days ago

    I have just got my Osmo Mobile 3 combo and yet to use it. Your review on this product was excellent. However, the videos taken by mounting your phone into the Osmo 3 gimbal, appears noticeable bopping up and down. Does it means that we have to still make that Ninja walk to get the desired smooth and buttery footage? And before concluding, may I request you to suggest an appropriate Moment lens that is compatible to Android as well as iOS. Thank you again and wish you a great day ahead. Cheers!

  • C O
    C O 7 days ago

    I think reaction to hologram message our lone dude's wife and daughter reaction should be a vid. Like Damn that was emotionally done so well

  • Devon Teeple
    Devon Teeple 7 days ago

    Saw a trump add so i dislike video

    • EMT
      EMT 7 days ago

      I’d do the same haha

  • Yon Fu
    Yon Fu 7 days ago

    Free vision Vilta-M vs Vilta-SE, which would be better choice. I’ve never used a gimbal and want to try one.

  • Jezza Lenko
    Jezza Lenko 8 days ago

    I'm only getting 1080p @ "30fps" on a Sony XZP...not good enough

  • gling cho
    gling cho 8 days ago

    2019.10 R.I.P Blizzard