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  • TheAverageJoe
    TheAverageJoe Minute ago

    God damn holographic sights

  • Syed Gilani
    Syed Gilani 27 minutes ago

    They should have used BF V (5) for Battlefield Vietnam (5)

  • VancouverCanucksRock
    VancouverCanucksRock 51 minute ago

    They changed part of our National Anthem from "All thy SONS command", to "all of US command". Absolutely disgusting.... This is correlated with this Feminist Dog shite in BF V, and other facets of Entertainment.

  • Nathan Pierre-Nelson
    Nathan Pierre-Nelson 55 minutes ago

    I think that this was the battlefield we deserve whatever kinda pg lgbt bullshit we got from dice is a sorry excuse of a battlefield game so glad I haven’t touched that shit since launch

  • Jason Lueng
    Jason Lueng 59 minutes ago

    Will Not work . They already got dynamic anti ram monitoring cheating ware a year ago. Discussion about such algorithms had appeared on some Chinese and Korean forums a year ago

  • Cristian Dumitrescu

    I just don't like the idea of starting in 1944. How can the most important war of the 20th century be sumrised in only 2 years?

  • BenBega99
    BenBega99 2 hours ago

    this is battlefield we were waiting for!!! so happy to play it

  • Wynand Marx
    Wynand Marx 3 hours ago

    playing battlefield 4, it can also get very annoying when you want to jump, and then vault over something and dies.

  • mAKtre47
    mAKtre47 3 hours ago

    My honest opinion is that they missed the mark big time, they had the opportunity to make one of the best WW2 games and graphics to date. But they wanted to go PC with it and lost out, now I think alot of people are looking for a modern battlefield. If they would have put this out for BFV they would have been winning right now

  • Jaime A Gonzalez
    Jaime A Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    Bfv is garbage

  • Ouroboros Studios
    Ouroboros Studios 3 hours ago

    Cheat developers are just as powerful as the game developers. They're reverse engineers. No Anti Cheat will ever be able to ban cheaters completely or stop them. BattlEye, EAC and others have all been bypassed and have been bypassed to this day. And again, there are blatant ones and silent ones. Anyone, to this day, could be using an ESP (See where players are) and silent aimbots designed to look legitimate. Hardware ban? It's flawed and can be bypassed. Want to know how cheaters can really be stopped? Here's the real answer. Microsoft! Windows! Because it all comes down to how vulnerable the OS is. They're getting access to kernel leveled memory because they're bypassing the Windows protection.

  • Dominic Bucci
    Dominic Bucci 3 hours ago

    I would love if bob would make a long campaign kind of based off of band of brothers

  • ismail yılmaz
    ismail yılmaz 3 hours ago

    Dont buy any EA games beacuese all have cheaters EA dont support player the are carry just your money fuck EA

  • Secret Zoo Level
    Secret Zoo Level 3 hours ago

    WWII??? I had no clue it was about WWII no matter how many times people tell me...I think WWII I think of Saving Private Ryan...Nothing like that.

  • CraftingClasher
    CraftingClasher 4 hours ago

    I think it would have been really cool if they had come out with some kind of ultimate version that included massive amounts of WWII content that included the major operations as well as some of the lesser known battles. Having a major route of battles following every major theatre of war as well as smaller offshoots for the lesser known battles would be awesome. I feel like game developers tend to just focus on a few parts of the war rather than everything as a whole. I think having specific weapon restrictions to certain maps could be cool as well. Navel battles, tank battles, and massive infantry battles all together would be awesome. Of course this may not really a battlefield style but I still think it would be cool to have a WWII game that covers everything.

  • Patrick Bordoloi
    Patrick Bordoloi 4 hours ago


  • cLiCk_NoIcE
    cLiCk_NoIcE 4 hours ago

    Just imagine if we got a D-Day operation where we moved into Normandy, now that would be really cool

  • Zachary Thomas
    Zachary Thomas 4 hours ago

    Band of brothers

  • Direct
    Direct 4 hours ago

    I'm already worried about the next bf. If they can mess up this bf that bad then i don't want to know how they will butcher the next bf game.

  • ThAtGuY1110
    ThAtGuY1110 4 hours ago

    Dice needs to fucking increase the player cap we should of been past this 64 player bs and the excuse of the servers can't handle it cause they can.

  • Barbatos Lupus Rex
    Barbatos Lupus Rex 4 hours ago

    DICE and EA are stupid for letting what we have now as BFV to be fully produced instead of what was a better concept towards what we got. Bunch of nitwits if you ask me.

  • TseSuutromAria
    TseSuutromAria 4 hours ago

    Do you guys notice that it's almost time for them to make a new game and BFV still not complete?

  • Jäger The Fäger
    Jäger The Fäger 5 hours ago

    Operation underground is the locker of bf5

  • Vade
    Vade 6 hours ago

    Genuinely doesn't feel like ww2 man, out of all ww2 games I've played, its not gritty or authentic, its just bf1.5, bf1 waa fresh and new, didn't mind that

  • SpacemanApeINC
    SpacemanApeINC 6 hours ago

    Why don’t we see Pacific Theatre of the War in WW2 video games? I would love to play a Chinese resistance fighter or soldier against the Japanese or maybe even participate in Operation Ichi-Go or even the Gilbert or Marshall’s island Campaign? Not to even mention the most Bloodiest battle of the Pacific The Battle Of Okinawa. Pacific Theatre is such a missed opportunity by DICE, there’s a lot in the way for diversity’s sake if that’s what they as well.

  • sit on my face girl
    sit on my face girl 6 hours ago

    Just play battlefield 1

  • prince skyrider
    prince skyrider 6 hours ago

    I'm just going to say something I like bf5 and yeah mabey it's not historically accurate but here's the thing all dice needed to do was say that bf5 was an alternate history ww2 and then no one could've been mad at it because it's alt history which is what I personally think the game is.

  • TheSatanicTicTac
    TheSatanicTicTac 6 hours ago

    sad, really feeling the phantom pain now

  • Hispanic Cuckslayer and Sjw flayer

    Bf turned into cod with a bigger map everyone just running around no tactics at all its really annoying tbh

  • Flimsy
    Flimsy 7 hours ago

    Why do they jump from battlefield 1 to battlefield 5? Like learn how to count

  • willem hollgleider
    willem hollgleider 8 hours ago

    Why play this arcade crap .no mods any way

  • Tristen Elkins
    Tristen Elkins 8 hours ago

    Dude are you a air main because it help with the unbalanced 69-0 plane aces

  • Cullen Bohannon
    Cullen Bohannon 8 hours ago

    what we can do is send this to dice and hope they get the message to either fix the game in a new direction or for them to know what to do for the next Battlefield

  • E H
    E H 9 hours ago

    To get a marketing edge they should go for a vietnam game, but the slightly angered investors most likely want the safest battlefield possible. Sad

  • Ileas Toomey
    Ileas Toomey 9 hours ago

    there should have been a mission in bf5 called sink the Bismarck and they should have had the sherman firefly in multiplayer

  • That Blackguy74
    That Blackguy74 9 hours ago

    I like how he calls the sniper recon like the older battlefield games I hate how dice started to call recon the generic "sniper" name

  • MixedReadings
    MixedReadings 9 hours ago

    One of my main gripes with BFV was the lack of vehicles, I'm not sure if I'm just imagining it but I'm sure BF3/4 had more vehicles fighting it out in games?

  • Cobra 1commander
    Cobra 1commander 10 hours ago

    It hasnt happended thats what happended just wait a few years

  • Ben George
    Ben George 10 hours ago

    How do you bind your keys on PC to turn so quick in a jet... thanks 🤙🏼

  • Tardar Sauce
    Tardar Sauce 11 hours ago

    BFV got ruined by SJWs and Feminist

  • Tom Wilson
    Tom Wilson 12 hours ago

    1. Why are some headshot skulls different colours? Like Pink, Green and blue etc.. 2. Why do you think people won't be playing this game anymore? I love battlefield 5. I don't see what's wrong with it

  • Liam Stephenson
    Liam Stephenson 12 hours ago

    They already made Battlefield 2

  • Jay Ny
    Jay Ny 12 hours ago

    Battlefield V feels nothing a ww2 game. Just feels like s random game to be honest

  • Lucky Raptor
    Lucky Raptor 12 hours ago

    This honestly makes me really sad

  • Irate Beau
    Irate Beau 12 hours ago

    Bad squad leaders who dont know to/refuse to use reinforcement points on anything but the supply drop or smoke barrage, if even that. The most irritating is when they go full potato even when you get on mic and tell them to use some of the 60k points we have racked up! Also, as someone who's regularly plagued by high ping, there isn't really anything anyone can do about it. AT&T is the only provider in my area (full monopoly) and from about 11pm - 2am they have a daily reset that causes my ping to spike into the 800s, and is also the time I am most likely to want to play BF. However, I do think that people should generally stick to their own regions to stop obviously preventable lag. Connecting to servers half way around the world is just

  • Despicable
    Despicable 12 hours ago

    Bad Company 2 for the win.

  • officershepherdsa
    officershepherdsa 12 hours ago

    That repair man is so definitely me! I've chased tanks at half health yelling with my wrench in hand or got out of the tank mid Firefight just to keep the tank in one piece often under fire. Doesn't always work but i like to think those few extra minutes makes a difference

  • Nebur
    Nebur 13 hours ago

    These streeks are amazing but i think bf5 is a team play so people shuld rewife others if they are a medic!!! In my opinion.

  • Spencer Arms
    Spencer Arms 13 hours ago

    You guys realize that including women in the game is not about being “historically or politically correct”, it is about trying to market the game to as wide an audience as possible

  • Eli Masemann
    Eli Masemann 14 hours ago

    Playing on aussie servers we get so many high ping hackers from Asia and it sucks, it just kills entire servers

  • texaspete33
    texaspete33 14 hours ago

    A lot of these are boring, "fire a rocket near a plane types." Impressive when they are rare but not when they are common.

  • xPersianxKing
    xPersianxKing 14 hours ago

    The fact you play on Normal is unfortunate. You are not a battlefield player.

  • Chosenmind1223
    Chosenmind1223 15 hours ago

    but if they released this EA wouldn't be able to appeal to a non gamer group of Jsw and fucking gentiles, and feminists.

  • kobre dabre
    kobre dabre 15 hours ago

    lokk in this way thay cheat in games but imagine that people IRL im sure they all have sad life only here they can be some thing (with cheats) if you ask me hang them all

  • Hunt3r v2
    Hunt3r v2 16 hours ago

    Maybe ... just maybe they will make bf2 like true ww2 game and abandon that retarded bf5

  • Jesse S
    Jesse S 16 hours ago

    Even the bf4 music in the background was better than the gameplay tbh

    SLINDER MAN 16 hours ago

    I nearly cried when I saw this breathtaking video. Lol Just make the guy who made this great work EA CEO already.

    BROKEN LEGEND 117 16 hours ago

    So um when can I place my preorder?😂😂😂

  • Mr78Stiffler
    Mr78Stiffler 16 hours ago

    Played a lot BF since 1942 and there are not more or less of these loosers in BFV than in BF3, BF4 or BF1. Report them, leave the server an hope Dice get as much as they can HW banned. There is nothing more you can do.

  • Senshi_Tf
    Senshi_Tf 17 hours ago

    Battlefield V for Vietnam. I wanna smoke some rice field bois with an flamethrower

  • Adam
    Adam 18 hours ago

    Damn this little side project he did looks amazing. Exactly what I was expecting with Battlefield V. It's so sad how badly this game came out.

  • Mike Giorgianni
    Mike Giorgianni 18 hours ago

    If you're going to recreate lesser known WW2 battles then they should have created more iconic ones to show the fans, just how accurate they CAN recreate these scenes. I think this would immerse players into the lesser known battles better cause even if they didn't know about it they can assume it is an at least most credible source aesthetic wise.

  • kvh
    kvh 18 hours ago

    its sad bf5 and cod ww2 both fuckt up the gameplay. they hyped way to mutch with character customization and not with the gameplay at all, let alone the realistic part of ww2. the gameplay is poor and not realy funny. look at bf4 and waw they nailed the gameplay. bf5 and cod ww2 and bf1 did not do that at all.... its sad... (srr for my poor english btw)

  • iena71
    iena71 18 hours ago

    WW2 Was Germany vs Russia and after that you can get an intro with the americunts throwing the A-bomb after Little Japan was defeated.... Pacific? Who cares. Normandy? Who cares? ZHUKOV took Berlin end of the Story!!! THIS was WWII.... not Hollywood save private ryan, Dunquerque or Pacific waste of time. DICE please make a real WW2 game historicaly at least 80 % correct!

  • Dylan Hale
    Dylan Hale 19 hours ago

    Its fine, I'm still not smart enough apparently to play Battlefield 5. Fuck them.

  • Edy Slender
    Edy Slender 19 hours ago

    Am I the only one who does not understand why people dislike BF V?

  • Blue
    Blue 19 hours ago

    I see this every game on this. Map it's sniper Central and with the enemy air superiority we always lose against the enemy and we barely took 100 tickets for the whole 40 minutes

  • Ethan Fuller
    Ethan Fuller 20 hours ago

    4:19 dude I was in that game! I saw the plane land and take off lmao

  • Sopa DeQuesoCaliente
    Sopa DeQuesoCaliente 20 hours ago

    "I hate people who use tactics and camo to their advantage" that's what you are saying. If camping a corner the whole game gets him kills or gets him control over an area. I much prefer that over some one who runs around and gets killed without doing anything. Camp if you want, it's a tactic which works irl and in games. Besides, it's always fun to find places were you can actually use camo to your advantage.

  • StraightupGamer
    StraightupGamer 21 hour ago

    nice! ahh i love only in battlefield clips! haha

  • James mackay
    James mackay 21 hour ago

    Really want the next bf to be another 2,3 or 4

  • Just-in Case
    Just-in Case 21 hour ago

    You’re right, the quality of players has dropped!! I’ve been surrounded by medics and not one has revived me.

  • Fester the Nationalist

    Shoulda, coulda, woulda

  • OfficialEpic222
    OfficialEpic222 21 hour ago

    That’s why I only play Hardcore, hitmarkers are BS

  • James G
    James G 21 hour ago

    If it ended up like that I actually would have bought it, and hundreds of thousands of other people would've bought it. Rather than the trash they released. .

  • TurqoiseGravy7
    TurqoiseGravy7 21 hour ago

    3 words Katyusha Rocket Truck

  • Spoon tan
    Spoon tan 22 hours ago

    What was the outro song?

  • gianluca zuanazzi
    gianluca zuanazzi 22 hours ago

    0:57 bugfield 4 and people blame bf5 foe fuckin nothing

  • Dimitris Christ
    Dimitris Christ 22 hours ago

    What's your favourite battlefield

  • Jordy Smeulders
    Jordy Smeulders 22 hours ago

    Give this man a medal

  • Cairn The Aviator
    Cairn The Aviator 22 hours ago

    Wow that's pretty sick

  • H H
    H H 22 hours ago

    Could have just shown Hell Let Loose footage in the background to fit your video title

  • H H
    H H 22 hours ago

    O wow a power point basically...sorry I'll just play Hell Let Loose to see what bf5 could have been, it does a pretty damn good job

  • Jiří Dušek
    Jiří Dušek 22 hours ago

    I want sotry driven campaign game where im just normal grunt in a war. I havent played one since Vietcong in 2003. Thats quite some time ago.everything today is multiplayer.

  • Jonner O'neill
    Jonner O'neill 22 hours ago

    I love bf3 and still play regularly but do wonder where all the ea rush severs are gone... there's only dice with conquest severs..

  • alex b
    alex b 23 hours ago

    i'm still playing BF4 and BF3 i love those games.

  • Th33b
    Th33b 23 hours ago

    BF4 has some of the best DLC maps ever in a BF game the only issue is nobody plays those maps because DICE hid them behind a wall. They separated the community so you got the majority of the player base playing the base game maps, while the DLC was only accessed by those who paid for the premium pass. I wish the keep that shit out of the next BF game. They shouldn't separate the player base like that. I play BFV but I'm not sure if this is the case with it or not cause honestly I hate the game setting & can't find myself enjoying it, I dropped it soon after I got it.

  • Nope weeb
    Nope weeb 23 hours ago

    Why the Korean war never get no love

  • Goose
    Goose 23 hours ago


  • Blutige Tränen
    Blutige Tränen 23 hours ago

    I'll believe it when I see it. I don't really believe that any of the companies involved care about the community's experience. If anything, it sounds like EA wants to know what I'm running in general versus whether or not I'm using cheats.

  • Howling Beats
    Howling Beats 23 hours ago

    Damn the amount of aim assist

  • bkS_cord
    bkS_cord 23 hours ago

    That honorable mention is great!

  • Garrett B NCR
    Garrett B NCR Day ago

    BF5 is a large scale arcade FPS with WW2 costumes, what alot of WW2 gamers want to be is in a WW2 realistic movie like saving private ryan, pacific, or band of brothers, we are playing mostly scared but patriotic 18 year olds with a shit ton of gear, you shouldn't be able to run a marathon or fall out of a 2nd story but land like you're a weightless feather, when you're shot you drop like a pile of sandbags, 100+ pound sandbag, heavy gore, it shouldn't be a cartoon when you're playing a mature game, somebody gets blown up by a 100 pound explosive there is no reviving them, they're dead. You're supposed to be perceiving one of the most intense moments of history, recreating what generations before us experienced but we'll never understand. BF5 revive mechanic is a vital part of the BF system but you shouldn't survive explosions, I feel the game needs more gore and bodies, when you're shot and "killed" you fall and don't get up asking for help, you should be moaning in pain screaming for help. I don't want hyper realism after all it is a game but I would like something for players who want realism in their WW2 shooter especially since the console community doesn't get realistic WW2 games. All matter of opinion and after all this is DICE's game not mine.

  • KeradSnake
    KeradSnake Day ago

    Did you just said that these maps in the description are iconic? Except for Bastogne, Ardennes, and Omaha Beach, the map described in the website is waaaaaaaaaayyy underrated and only a few titles featured those, IMO

  • NFG_Zacky
    NFG_Zacky Day ago

    Look at battlefield 5. The game has been out for almost a full year. We still only have 2 factions. Not very many maps. Dead servers because of lack of maps. We need to see some Pacific theater. We need the Canadians, the French, the Italian forces. Right also who can forget the Russians. The lack of content in battlefield 5 is embarrassing.

  • What Are Thooose!!!

    This was I thought the new ww2 Battlefield was gonna be and not the blasphemous bullshit we got now. I would buy a dozen used copies of bf5 on eBay only to film it burning with a caption “the destruction of the gaming culture”

  • Jack isn't Black

    Assault: STG 44 Medic: Suomi Support: Bren Gun Recon: Kar98

  • 朱镇东
    朱镇东 Day ago

    For Asian hackers,this is the funniest joke in 2019

  • Hitman Agent 47

    Us fans need to show EA and Dice, that screwing us over comes at a heavy price. Anyone willing and able could get together and. Create our own game that captures the battle field spirit and is somewhat historically accurate, then once its complete, and any major issues, ie: bugs, glitches, etc. have been hammered out we could release it on steam. How awesome would that be.

  • Bigg GIB'S fun house

    Yea, give it a new title (Battlefield WWII, or on a more humorous level: Battlefield 5: The way you f*ckers should have done it the first time) and I would gladly pay for this version.