Kitchen Nightmares
Kitchen Nightmares
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  • Krishna Lakhera
    Krishna Lakhera 36 minutes ago

    So lemme get this straight Gordon took these doods to a dinner in Vegas and then metamorphosis **phoosh** the restaurant is serving the best pizza in Denver

  • BlackTomahawk
    BlackTomahawk 37 minutes ago

    love how the waiters laugh as serving the food they r like: lol hes the new victim cant wait to hear his opinion!

  • secret_darkzz z
    secret_darkzz z 47 minutes ago

    Waitress: how old is the chicken? fat bouy: *iDk KnOw

    • secret_darkzz z
      secret_darkzz z 45 minutes ago

      There restaurant is amazing now better then from back then

  • secret_darkzz z
    secret_darkzz z 49 minutes ago

    Bruh guys they re-upload videos you watching the same video twice

  • bich ima cow
    bich ima cow 49 minutes ago

    So tender 😭

  • secret_darkzz z
    secret_darkzz z 50 minutes ago

    I feel like they upload a episode that’s from Hella long ago

  • Dawson Sheen
    Dawson Sheen 51 minute ago

    And she says she's not crazy 😂😂😂

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 52 minutes ago

    They never actually wanted Gordon’s help. They just wanted a TV personality to come in, say the food and service is impeccable, and to cash in on the episode.

  • Jayden Calderon
    Jayden Calderon Hour ago

    People think he’s to upscale to know good food. But in reality he probably goes in with zero standards and they still manage to fuck that up.

  • BugCat Tip
    BugCat Tip Hour ago

    Joe: That's a tender piece of elk. *chews for a long time Plot twist: Off camera he spits out the elk. Actually he didn't swallow it cause he probably choke if he did.

  • d3viant
    d3viant Hour ago

    Gen's cough is faker than my grandma's teeth

  • Meditating Gundam

    3:02 I swear I saw this on Animal Planet once


    Oh boo fucking hoo. Get off your ass. Buy fresh food, serve fresh food. Wake up tomorrow. Do it all again. Problem solved cry baby!!! Happy customers, no killing people, and money money money

  • XD lol
    XD lol Hour ago

    Owner- thinks Gordon is saying something about the food Gordon- chimi chimi chimi chimi changa

  • Melissa Aurora
    Melissa Aurora Hour ago

    Gordon with a pencil behind his ear is very cute.

  • Nate Romanowski
    Nate Romanowski Hour ago

    can't cook in that shit but lol af to the cooking everything in a wok though..

  • Nugget
    Nugget Hour ago

    I still think that it is fucking hilarious that Gordon says that he will go for a girl's balls 🤣🤣

  • 10k subs with no video Subscribe or you'll die

    I feel sorry for the guy, I mean he cooks a lot of food at the same time, but Rasmsy is right too

  • shashemption
    shashemption Hour ago

    5:30 Chef Ramsley

  • kaisching
    kaisching Hour ago

    So, how much of it is fake? I mean they're doing everything wrong. If a camera team is watching you, you make sure, that the soup is hot, the fish is cooked, nothing is too salty...

  • TheHolyBone
    TheHolyBone Hour ago

    I’m danish and i’m ashamed

  • cevy
    cevy Hour ago

    Ramsey needs to go to Popeyes lmaoaoao

  • Cyrxn
    Cyrxn Hour ago

    Is this Never Back Down?

  • 10k subs with no video Subscribe or you'll die

    He yet destroyed another career Career killer

  • Shawn DiSalvo
    Shawn DiSalvo Hour ago

    "Smell that, smell this. Smell it! Smell it!"

  • Marmelademeister

    I’m now much less scared of food poisoning. If Gordon survived all of that, it can’t be so dangerous.

  • 10k subs with no video Subscribe or you'll die

    He just destroyed that womans career

  • bmwwmb
    bmwwmb Hour ago

    When Ramsey said that he was going to go for her balls if she kept up her bad behavior, I thought she was going to retaliate by saying I don’t have balls tbh with you.

  • Master of Casets

    yes, classic pizza is deep fried. Yes, yes it is indeed.

  • ocBTyga
    ocBTyga 2 hours ago

    Japanese chef has the typical Japanese behaviour, hes very respectful, doesnt look for confrontation and if confronted like that doesnt really know how to deal with it. He seems like a very humble and nice man. His wife tho, she's a classic American bitch

  • Lee Woods
    Lee Woods 2 hours ago

    5:18 son squeezing his own tit while looking at gordon

  • Snake _360 YT
    Snake _360 YT 2 hours ago

    My school canteen can do better lol

  • Shahrul Ridwan
    Shahrul Ridwan 2 hours ago

    4:33 : "the food is bland and depressing, really bad" Also Gordon: *aight imma going for a second bite*

  • laughing emoji
    laughing emoji 2 hours ago

    to be specific, its frozen canned dog food. not regular non-frozen ones.

  • ano niem
    ano niem 2 hours ago

    Lol they lesbo's :3

  • random bastard
    random bastard 2 hours ago

    im never eating in a black place

  • Amit Patel
    Amit Patel 2 hours ago

    It's not a raw steak, it's a seared beef tar tar

  • hagen
    hagen 2 hours ago

    beisil bäsil

  • shenraii renku
    shenraii renku 2 hours ago

    i wonder if this fake

  • Helen Taylor
    Helen Taylor 2 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsey:fucking idiot nino:I will give that back to u here u go: fuckung idiot

  • ano niem
    ano niem 2 hours ago

    I want to smoke a blunt with barney :)

  • Markus Salonvaara
    Markus Salonvaara 2 hours ago

    "Chef Ramsay is shutting us down". Way to go dodge your own mistake 🤣

  • Sim_pl19
    Sim_pl19 2 hours ago


  • Roland Lee
    Roland Lee 2 hours ago

    The Japanese guy at the end is so disappointing.. Japanese always take pride in whatever they do, but this dude... he is... almost... Chinese.. cutting corners wherever and serving shit that can make people sick just to not do anything.

  • Solaire of Astora
    Solaire of Astora 2 hours ago

    The Greek food is fucking triggering man it's so easy to make those dishes

  • leedsman54
    leedsman54 2 hours ago

    The chef obviously doesn't care at all.

  • Lucazith
    Lucazith 2 hours ago

    That first woman has absolutely no idea about anything.

  • adiado
    adiado 2 hours ago

    she's clearly a liberal party voter. typical leftie

  • Gordon Ramsay’s Lamb sauce

    *i Am pRoUd oF My bAlLs*

  • yay A nobody
    yay A nobody 2 hours ago

    "The legend of the underground microwave lady"

  • aurasigns
    aurasigns 2 hours ago

    sry I can’t hold it in , u don’t need to have a chef hat on or swirling the pan to fight back , so what if you are 64 there are people who have lived over 90 , and no one blamed you he just said that he can’t change the menu even if you are 64 you should have enough knowledge in your life to know getting up and walking out in the middle of a conversation is plain rude .

    • aurasigns
      aurasigns 2 hours ago

      and the fact that she suddenly acted like something was soo wrong with his amazing looking burger is just plain childish for a 64 yr old woman, and now she’s the victim I can’t this is like dealing with a a 2 and 3 yr old kids in a hissy fit

  • Atle M
    Atle M 2 hours ago

    Now they are both reportedly living in Israel where Samy originally is from.

  • 가차 중추Itzjuliawish_

    I have the best balls at town Me:b-ba-balls?

  • Samuel NB
    Samuel NB 2 hours ago

    Ikira doesn't deserve that women

  • Soviet Doki
    Soviet Doki 3 hours ago

    Gordon looked like a kid when he was playing with the burger This is why i love him so much.

  • I want to die
    I want to die 3 hours ago

    3:10 shit got so serious the crew had to step in

  • Hand Solo
    Hand Solo 3 hours ago

    At least they're throwing it out and not keeping it for the next customer.

  • Fortnite is Aids
    Fortnite is Aids 3 hours ago

    2:25 I’m surprised Gordon didn’t say “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU CRY BABY DONKEY! FUCK OFF”

  • Castle Byers
    Castle Byers 3 hours ago

    I I bet Amy created 538 accounts and disliked with all of them.

  • aly the boy
    aly the boy 3 hours ago

    My mom can make way better food than this

  • Joe Blog
    Joe Blog 3 hours ago

    I bet Gordon doesn't get invited out to his mates places for dinner very often.

  • oof lol
    oof lol 3 hours ago

    she looks like a grumpy cat

  • diniqua watkins connal

    Ramsey: "is that the wedding soup" Owner: "it gets them in the mood to get married" Ramsey: "Jesus I rather get fkn divorced"

  • K3LO
    K3LO 3 hours ago

    Okay now I’m fucking hungry!🍕

  • Ronny Gonzalez
    Ronny Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    CAFE 36 🤔 takes 36 minutes to get a glass of water

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 3 hours ago

    Me: * Sees food * Oh that looks good Gordon: This is fucking disgusting Me: Oh that’s gross

  • Erika Aleksandra
    Erika Aleksandra 3 hours ago

    I just waited him to shout like: IT'S RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noor Ahmed
    Noor Ahmed 3 hours ago

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That is the worst restaurant I have ever seen 👎👎👎the food looks reallyyyyy disgusting 🙊🙊😱😩

  • Overlord Nappa
    Overlord Nappa 3 hours ago

    you are working like a *DONK-EY*

  • Zaq
    Zaq 3 hours ago

    the moldy lamb bones

  • 가차 중추Itzjuliawish_

    Guy:I’ve been feeding celebrities and they said it’s fantastic! Me:

  • Smiley Face
    Smiley Face 3 hours ago

    CeCe called Gordon “Big headed British jerk” when Gordon is Scottish

  • Rumbly Zombie
    Rumbly Zombie 3 hours ago

    Did thanos snapped the fucking menu away?

  • Fraglers
    Fraglers 4 hours ago

    in which episode is this ?

  • M S
    M S 4 hours ago

    The problem is neither with Gordon nor it's with the chef it's just that for us normal people these foods are good cuz we don't exactly know what really a good one tastes like as we are not expert chefs and for common people it's cool

  • moodymidget
    moodymidget 4 hours ago

    yall sayin that you would eat that pizza-

  • AnnabelleXD
    AnnabelleXD 4 hours ago

    Yes this is what I needed 😂🙏🏻

  • Magda Dziczek
    Magda Dziczek 4 hours ago

    "I think he likes Steven" Who doesn't😂

  • Ey Jey
    Ey Jey 4 hours ago


  • sssinfullyyours
    sssinfullyyours 4 hours ago

    They know that Chef Ramsey is going to their restaurant that day. Then why do they still serve frozen and microwaved food? Mind boggling!

  • jms980
    jms980 4 hours ago

    The female owner is hot!

  • Weinmaraner productions


  • O D
    O D 4 hours ago

    One potato. Two potato.

  • Martin Villanueva
    Martin Villanueva 4 hours ago

    They shouldn't have put the cooked chicken right next to the RAW chicken in the first place.

  • Assunda McDonagh
    Assunda McDonagh 4 hours ago

    "My son resents me" ~Alan the owner "Gee i wonder why? I mean after you stole $2500 dollors from your son" Me

  • Lukáš Kolorédy
    Lukáš Kolorédy 4 hours ago

    1:10best series !!!!!!

  • Kinxzy
    Kinxzy 4 hours ago

    all these places always use a microwave but they are still all wondering whats wrong with there restaurants.. like come on if you're not lazy and actually want help you know thats a problem.

  • TesTy Monster
    TesTy Monster 4 hours ago

    imagine symon and ramsey eating together ..

  • TesTy Monster
    TesTy Monster 4 hours ago

    imagine symon and ramsey eating together ..

  • 왕자님
    왕자님 4 hours ago

    I feel a bit bad for that cute server girl

  • Undecided
    Undecided 4 hours ago


  • Lukáš Kolorédy
    Lukáš Kolorédy 4 hours ago

    6:39...... always look at first on table tablecloth salt pepper stool floor and window sills !!!! always!

  • Misha Grin
    Misha Grin 5 hours ago

    Will be stuck in our heads for every

  • Patrick Godding
    Patrick Godding 5 hours ago

    Meat pies are NOTHING like that

  • Kojin Amaterasu
    Kojin Amaterasu 5 hours ago


  • Jane Lex
    Jane Lex 5 hours ago

    3:25 by the look she gave him I can tell she's in love😂

  • No Fanz
    No Fanz 5 hours ago

    whlesome as fuck

  • TesTy Monster
    TesTy Monster 5 hours ago

    they should collab symon and ramsay roast roast till the kitchen burn

  • Do Kyung Soo
    Do Kyung Soo 5 hours ago

    this is more challenging that *FEAR FACTOR* !!

  • Al Ju
    Al Ju 5 hours ago

    I loved that she said "enjoy" Like wtf hahhahahaha