Kitchen Nightmares
Kitchen Nightmares
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  • coolguy 66
    coolguy 66 6 hours ago

    It's Nevada not Nah-vada Nevada

  • Paul Sant
    Paul Sant 6 hours ago

    Them: I didnt realize chef ramsey would be so unhappy. Us: pikachu face

  • Lord Papi Darkwing
    Lord Papi Darkwing 6 hours ago

    "Laura, let them do it yeah, let them do it" Gordon, the supernanny of the kitchen

  • Connor Kenway
    Connor Kenway 6 hours ago

    Owner: Did you use the microwave? Chef: No Cameraman: *COWABUNGA IT IS*

  • sam2x13
    sam2x13 6 hours ago

    I bet that bus boy was the best part of being in that restaurant.

  • TD
    TD 6 hours ago

    special burger?? is actually special sandwich

  • Justine Bepinosa
    Justine Bepinosa 6 hours ago


  • Bharat Goel
    Bharat Goel 6 hours ago

    Well that's USA for you

  • Silenciobob
    Silenciobob 6 hours ago

    What a fucking embarrassment loool

  • mateo rodriguez
    mateo rodriguez 6 hours ago

    The disaster burger

  • Zakrufu
    Zakrufu 6 hours ago

    Put English captions on at 3:10

  • Flopper
    Flopper 6 hours ago

    probs eat me instead

  • Dhion Kurniadi Citra

    should've open casino, not restaurant...

  • Hamza Du Plessis
    Hamza Du Plessis 6 hours ago

    Chef Ramsay is by far the best Chef this world has even seen. His attitude, devotion and commitment is incredible. Beautiful sense of adventure and action packed personality. Not to be sob bag but there were time when things were very difficult in my life and his shows made my experiences so much easier. Thank you Chef Ramsay. Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Martin Chelsea
    Martin Chelsea 6 hours ago

    The title is written by Ramsey himself.

  • Jethro Fairley
    Jethro Fairley 6 hours ago

    “He’s British, he doesn’t fucking know anything about pizza” - a yank 😂

  • Christian Lopez
    Christian Lopez 6 hours ago

    The owner mad at the server for being good at her job. Fat slob of a bitch.

  • Koyun Koyun oğlu daha çok koyun

    Those kibbi rolls are obviosly "stuffed meatballs" you can found that food any middle east country as appetizer. They just steal a food from them...

  • jude Roberts
    jude Roberts 6 hours ago

    The interviewer is hot 🔥

  • Becca Taylor
    Becca Taylor 6 hours ago

    I think this is one cooking show where the camera crew is glad they don't get to eat the food

  • Psychachu [ official ]

    “Fresh frozen out the can” -- covering all your bases. 😂 Who else thinks these chefs have just been lied to for years before meeting Ramsey? (Excluding the ones who seem like they've made an effort to ignore everyone around them.)

  • hellfire films
    hellfire films 7 hours ago

    The legend says that nora fetehi has committed suicide after watching this dance BECAUSE THE DANCE FUCKING RAAAAAW

  • Alishire Ahmed
    Alishire Ahmed 7 hours ago

    She just called cordon an asshole 😂😂,of course she doesn't know who is the master of the insults

  • Andrew Freeman
    Andrew Freeman 7 hours ago

    When did Jeremy Corbyn start running a pub?

  • Coitus_Sooizz s
    Coitus_Sooizz s 7 hours ago

    Gordon doesn't like the food: 2 hour video Gordon likes the food: 5 minute video

  • Tunç Sönmez
    Tunç Sönmez 7 hours ago

    why are this channel’s video titles like porn titles all the time?

  • Nano_
    Nano_ 7 hours ago

    Its kinda weird hearing that name, because it's my name

  • Drumjunkie
    Drumjunkie 7 hours ago

    The head chef is named after a piece of shit car....coincidence?

  • Roberto De Jesus
    Roberto De Jesus 7 hours ago

    I'd be so excited to have chef sit next to me

  • Dora The Exploder8-}

    “What is that strong taste that I’m tasting” Me: *jealousy*

  • dxrlingx
    dxrlingx 7 hours ago

    1:01 whAt iS tHaaT

  • Calvin Barrett
    Calvin Barrett 7 hours ago

    I need to find this episode that poor lady with Pat and the other girl I can see why she's pulling her hair out. But if the seafood ravioli is that bad get rid of it.

  • Emma Mcintosh
    Emma Mcintosh 7 hours ago

    She's absolutely brilliant 🤣👏

  • Christopher James
    Christopher James 7 hours ago

    It’s a whole farm of wackadoos. Except for Sarah, she wants to help by seeing the restaurant fail.

  • Ørange !
    Ørange ! 7 hours ago

    Thing: happens Editor: *FLUTE NOISES*

  • Tasty_xperiences Instagram

    Even if you serve the food you're responsible for the dishes. Americans are yuk 🤮

  • Bloxanity
    Bloxanity 7 hours ago

    0:12,Jake isn't here?!?,u gotta be kidding me,THATS A WINDOWS XP RIGHT THERE!

  • Giorgos Papadopoulos

    You stuck-up precious little bitch😂😂😂😂👆👆

  • crazycatgirl18
    crazycatgirl18 7 hours ago

    The steak looked good to me, and I've never had steak that wasn't chewy in some capacity. But I also don't eat steak too much.

  • CyLilkiller
    CyLilkiller 7 hours ago

    if you want to laugh just work as a waiter at a restaurant that gordon will visit

  • crazycatgirl18
    crazycatgirl18 7 hours ago

    How does he touch all this without GLOVES?!

  • Paul Carroll
    Paul Carroll 7 hours ago

    The thing about crazy people is, they don't know they're crazy.... that's why they're crazy!

  • The Queen Of Pop
    The Queen Of Pop 7 hours ago

    Gordon: Why don't you tip the girls? Amy:If ThEy WoRkEd As HaRd As My HuSbAnD

  • shalissaxox
    shalissaxox 7 hours ago

    gen gen gen gen gen *nino*

  • Alishire Ahmed
    Alishire Ahmed 7 hours ago

    After whatching kitchen nightmares I remember how much I like to eat in my house.....eewwww😖(And of course cordon ramsay's restuarants)

  • agnat86
    agnat86 7 hours ago

    This is just way to obviously fake, all those customers chanting "Yes!" and "Thank you!" all at the same time, as if on cue. If you ask fifty unsuspecting people is they think the lasagna was made that day, some will say yes, some will mumble it, others will not speak at all, and the result will be a murmur with several voices rising above it saying slightly different things. These people are saying "Yes!" the way soldiers do when their sergeant issues a command.

  • Lorie Urschel
    Lorie Urschel 7 hours ago

    What gets me is the owner KNEW the ravioli was s*** but kept it on the menu.

  • Kaya Akay
    Kaya Akay 7 hours ago

    Lex could see

  • Syfe Plays
    Syfe Plays 7 hours ago

    I guess we can all call these hell’s kitchen

  • Lee Oliver
    Lee Oliver 7 hours ago

    I would rump is old malt on one of them tables

  • Jian Baguitan
    Jian Baguitan 7 hours ago

    You can already see it in their eyes. Lol. Petty fuckers.

  • Matthew Lane
    Matthew Lane 7 hours ago

    Why do I have a feeling that the owner has a crush on chef Ramsay


    ???? 1:01 ?? december? ?❤

    ZEROGRAVITY 7 hours ago

    Her: im sweating Gordon:your sweating im shiting my self😂😂😂

  • Willie L
    Willie L 8 hours ago

    Neither do we, it's not even on the dictionary

  • Darth Beta
    Darth Beta 8 hours ago

    Ricky : eats dog sh#t Gordon : what is it ? Ricky : a snickers

  • jelle luyten
    jelle luyten 8 hours ago

    *Chew chew chew* it's tender *chew chew chew* that's how elk should be *chew chew chew chew chew...*

  • Matthew Kirkham
    Matthew Kirkham 8 hours ago

    Heard Gordon offered her a job after this was aired

  • RedNasty7
    RedNasty7 8 hours ago

    39$? I can get the same burger from in out for 5$

  • Felix Müller
    Felix Müller 8 hours ago

    Bland Bland Bland Always the same bullshit

  • Shaify Randoms
    Shaify Randoms 8 hours ago

    This makes me glad the UK is really strict on food hygiene.

  • Alya Sk
    Alya Sk 8 hours ago


  • Ariel Playz
    Ariel Playz 8 hours ago

    Can I please have an F in the chat for the lobster

    GBHGY 8 hours ago

    Gordon: God bless america Also Gordon: *FUCK OFF FLY*

  • Help me get 10,000 subs with no videos

    RIP Chef Mike. The GOAT of the kitchen.

  • Dunecigar
    Dunecigar 8 hours ago

    The young woman is real pretty.

  • Redonk
    Redonk 8 hours ago

    It's like Charlie's "bad room" on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

  • greg ap
    greg ap 8 hours ago

    If I was a chef or a student and a 16 time Michellin star recipient tried to teach me something I would be so F'ing grateful. Ego can be a killer

  • leonard librojo
    leonard librojo 8 hours ago

    It looks like meat thrown in a pan. Thank you Mr. Obvious

  • Corbin Yo
    Corbin Yo 8 hours ago

    Sarah cute

  • the radical communist


    BMDCOMPS TM 8 hours ago

    Ribs: Ramsay: *So TENDAH*

  • Aesthetic Gacha
    Aesthetic Gacha 8 hours ago

    Wait so gordon ramsey actually likes food??!!

  • SnaiKYG
    SnaiKYG 8 hours ago

    1:49 the woman: the fuck did he just say

  • furious gaming yt
    furious gaming yt 8 hours ago

    Omg h this I soo funny haha

  • Buzztron
    Buzztron 8 hours ago

    Its fat free cheese dipped in fat

  • Thick Might
    Thick Might 8 hours ago

    The customers act kind of fancy while all of the restaurants I go to good or not no one complains

  • koko jinabel
    koko jinabel 8 hours ago

    Pinto in our country means door. Now, get out, Pinto.

    PC BROADCAST 8 hours ago

    Holy fucking shit these are the most arrogant and stubborn people I’ve ever seen with Gordon Or ever for that fact

  • Typical Key
    Typical Key 8 hours ago

    Anybody watching Ramsey videos whilst eating in a restaurant wanting to criticise the food? 🤣

    • Typical Key
      Typical Key 8 hours ago

      Funny thing is: the restaurant I am eating as of this comment is actually taking forever to serve a dish my dad and I ordered 🤣🤣

    PC BROADCAST 8 hours ago

    I literally fucking hate people like this

  • Lord Papi Darkwing
    Lord Papi Darkwing 8 hours ago

    Ok so you fry it? They And then you? They!! Stop blaming the waiters Gordon

  • Shadow TF
    Shadow TF 9 hours ago

    Woman : *Fake cough* Also Woman in her mine :* damn , shit this burger taste good, just have to fake cause my husband is here*

  • Joan Foxholes
    Joan Foxholes 9 hours ago

    Unbelievable .I can say fuck but you can't because I am the great chef Ramsey FUCKING HELL!!!

  • TheDarkV-Creation
    TheDarkV-Creation 9 hours ago

    2:12 the meme

  • Six Beer Math
    Six Beer Math 9 hours ago

    Honestly, it's bar food. All the "glamorous" customers show up because they hear the name Ramsey for a 10 dollar sandwich and expect it to be gourmet

  • Freya DK
    Freya DK 9 hours ago

    The seating arrangement sucks


    Doesn't matter how many times I watch this its always recommended to me, make it stop

  • Random
    Random 9 hours ago

    why did it say nino at the end

  • Shameer Khan
    Shameer Khan 9 hours ago

    i'd smash the plate over his fucking head

  • Sapphire
    Sapphire 9 hours ago

    every time I watch this the owner's are so stupid I always wonder do they think people will watch and be like yep I'm going there for dinner tonight or something. Makes me think it's Fake or over done for view's. like if I had a Restaurant and got bad review and watched this show so you know you'll he's coming and be on tv and and he says your food is Crap then i'll be like help me not F U. you'll be closed in 6 weeks without his help especially after everyone watched what your doing in your Restaurant???

    • j mula
      j mula 7 hours ago

      Most reality tv is dramatic for the viewers.

  • Miranda Littler
    Miranda Littler 9 hours ago

    If you can't take criticism get out of the restaurant business! You need it to improve! Sad.

  • Nctrnl Mjsty
    Nctrnl Mjsty 9 hours ago

    She had a good heart towards Pat. He wouldnt stand a chance with anyone else.

  • Arkham Knight
    Arkham Knight 9 hours ago

    I laughed so hard at 1:28

  • DaedricTV
    DaedricTV 9 hours ago

    3:03 How can you not know what Brie cheese is?

  • thebrapman
    thebrapman 9 hours ago

    "Hey honey I heard gordon Ramsay is going to be at that awful restaurant tonight." "He is? Probably because their restaurant is so bad and their food is disgusting" "Yeah. Let's eat there tonight" What.

  • iPythonzz
    iPythonzz 9 hours ago


  • heyysimone
    heyysimone 9 hours ago

    "spotless...absolutely spotless" *theres gotta be something fucked in here*

  • Violago
    Violago 9 hours ago

    "You You You You You You You You You Yo uYou You You You You and fucking NINO!"