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  • Tristan Fodulla
    Tristan Fodulla 2 hours ago


  • Yzaes Duo
    Yzaes Duo 4 hours ago

    In the sponsor game, the mage had face of blitzcrank and his ult literally xD

  • innerFire
    innerFire 5 hours ago

    Qiyana is so retarded and broken. Banning this shit till they nerf her.

  • Anto Sharboonian
    Anto Sharboonian 5 hours ago

    the build is terrible. want mana? go essence reaver. manamune scales waaaaay too late and your early game power is what makes draven good. build is trash because a real draven player doesnt need mana!

  • snipejackz
    snipejackz 7 hours ago

    You used to be good to watch but all u do now is duo abuse unsubscribed. You better thank taliyah for carrying your arse and just sitting mid

  • Secktor 12
    Secktor 12 7 hours ago

    lol i am playing better, titling less, having better mental, bitch you were crying like a baby in game 2 almost for no reason at all

  • DstEdd D
    DstEdd D 7 hours ago

    Ahaha!! Minions.)) 14:27

  • Alexander Morteo Vermillious

    That Rakan was nasty. I love it.

  • 伍Joe
    伍Joe 8 hours ago

    [~*S E N N A*~] not Lucina xD

  • Marc B
    Marc B 9 hours ago

    Now how the hell are you gonna play Kalista?

  • Hunter Ingebritson
    Hunter Ingebritson 11 hours ago

    done with akali lol cant take all these fkign nerfs gona main zed instead he hasnt been touched

  • Tiger Mark King
    Tiger Mark King 12 hours ago


  • iShadowBeaTz
    iShadowBeaTz 13 hours ago

    does someone know the name of the song playing on the first game?

  • Asatora
    Asatora 13 hours ago

    14:01 was concerning

  • Omer Azulay
    Omer Azulay 14 hours ago

    YOU MEAN your jg duo got you masters!!!

  • jack trade
    jack trade 14 hours ago

    14:28 Lmao true despair

  • Dzire
    Dzire 14 hours ago

    Anyone know what song is playing at 18:00?

  • Chris Metz
    Chris Metz 14 hours ago

    That would have been hilarious if you died to sivir r feels bad as a sivir bot laner

  • Vetrix
    Vetrix 14 hours ago

    11:33 These minions tho 😂😂😂😂😂

  • TZJ1000
    TZJ1000 15 hours ago

    The got hit with the "BOFA"

  • George Sasu
    George Sasu 15 hours ago

    Thanks for showing me that game, I'm actually going to try it.

  • Clarence Grenier
    Clarence Grenier 15 hours ago

    The champion was taliyah <3

  • Ivan Škojo
    Ivan Škojo 17 hours ago

    I miss tank ekki

  • AmiR HM
    AmiR HM 17 hours ago

    “I love how the camera moves with the way you move in the map” “Uffffffff, ufffffffff” -Redmercy trying to promote a game 😂😂😂😂😂

  • aleXbow
    aleXbow 17 hours ago

    your clickbaits are so lame

  • Mohammad Bilal
    Mohammad Bilal 17 hours ago

    At 14:25, those minions were running you down super hard coz of the Sivir ult. Sivir ult affects all allies, including minions. You can even see the Sivir ult animation on those 3 minions who were running you.

  • Mason Bryan
    Mason Bryan 17 hours ago

    14:30 I wish the face cam was zoomed in XD

  • Jared
    Jared 17 hours ago

    What's the background music?

  • Waleed Belal
    Waleed Belal 17 hours ago

    Whenever redmercy plays Qiyana i just wish he loses because i hate that champion so much

  • Noigen Asian
    Noigen Asian 17 hours ago

    Can you stop duong

  • jordi de waard
    jordi de waard 18 hours ago

    This cassiopeia the type of player to complain about AP items sucking and about assassins being broken lul

  • Adrian Slowakiewicz
    Adrian Slowakiewicz 18 hours ago

    song at 9:00 ?

  • Luka Grdzelishvili
    Luka Grdzelishvili 18 hours ago

    are you paying your opponents to say these things?

  • Two HD
    Two HD 18 hours ago

    We like it when ur a little goofier and happier

  • Keyan Adkins
    Keyan Adkins 18 hours ago

    What was the song he used for the first bit of the video? It sounds like something from an anime

  • Anthony Lin
    Anthony Lin 18 hours ago

    0:30 No one: Red: *ALRIGHT GUYS FOR THIS VIDEO*

  • Foxy Fox
    Foxy Fox 18 hours ago

    Whats the name of the 1st song? Would appreciate it if someone would let me know

    • Foxy Fox
      Foxy Fox 8 hours ago

      Anna yvette - Red line

  • Westheim
    Westheim 18 hours ago

    Why do you look so more amused? @redmercy when the actual vid starts and not the game you "want" us to check out? just kidding kkeep up the great vids, we all need sponsors

  • Yo It's ShyNe
    Yo It's ShyNe 18 hours ago

    14:30 If you Q at minnions you could heal back a bit :') thank me later !

  • Blood
    Blood 18 hours ago

    is it me or does the editor always use the same music

  • Shurenji
    Shurenji 18 hours ago

    Miss the old days when red used to play only zed ☹

  • Keynon Jackson
    Keynon Jackson 18 hours ago

    @15:03 what is the song in the background/and or mix?

  • David Thole
    David Thole 18 hours ago

    Such a funny interaction at 14:25 with the minions because of Sivir’s ulti I believe

  • Luka Banicevic
    Luka Banicevic 18 hours ago

    Just play morde its ez

  • Luiz Ricardo
    Luiz Ricardo 18 hours ago

    some shit gameplay tbh, didn't do the video's job which is to showcase why the build is "extra op"

  • Krykey
    Krykey 18 hours ago

    its Qiyana btw

  • rickenbacker40011
    rickenbacker40011 19 hours ago

    It’s never a champion why you always say that XD

  • Harvey Miantezila
    Harvey Miantezila 19 hours ago

    Got to masters because video was sponsored #RichboiMercy

  • Nicholas McNally
    Nicholas McNally 19 hours ago

    Song in first game?

  • Andro X
    Andro X 19 hours ago

    Masters? Looks like gold five tops rofl :D

  • Rellykz
    Rellykz 19 hours ago

    I'll see you in soloque to send you back to D1 hell :)

  • Spanced the Bro
    Spanced the Bro 19 hours ago

    Man I love that Qiyana Taliyah combo so op and cool with the ult

  • Brandon S
    Brandon S 19 hours ago

    Oh I thought you were going to say taliyah got you masters back since the duo carried all those games

  • alial66
    alial66 19 hours ago

    I see a new chair there, congrats

  • MyDanny112
    MyDanny112 19 hours ago

    Nazimercy confirmed 0:20

  • Yiğit Oğuz
    Yiğit Oğuz 19 hours ago

    am i the only one skipping the boring qiyana dogshit character gameplay

  • Ayvaz
    Ayvaz 19 hours ago

    Definitely new mentality helps for climbing and thats a fact :P good to see ya doing well Red Keep up the good work! Now can we ACTUALLY get Challenjour tho ? thy Big dreams aren't big Memes if manage to actually reach them hehe xD

    • Lord Vlada
      Lord Vlada 15 hours ago

      Thanx man we can get challenger. In our dreams.

  • Shazzy P
    Shazzy P 19 hours ago

    Your dúo got you back to master only way you climb is by duoing duomercy

  • Painful Hydra
    Painful Hydra 19 hours ago

    Sitting at iron 2 21 lp.

  • Viktor Main
    Viktor Main 19 hours ago

    You cosplayed Nick over there at 14:01

  • HotRamen House
    HotRamen House 19 hours ago

    5:30 you could have ulted syndra into the wall and get blitz as well 6:00 qiana's ult worked for the entire length of the talyah ult lol

  • Nightblue3 the fan god Void

    12 day asking Red to 1vs1 Shiphtur

  • Alex Joo
    Alex Joo 19 hours ago

    You are disgusting me

  • Hisham AbouLila
    Hisham AbouLila 20 hours ago

    the song played during the 2nd game pls ?

  • Falloutman216
    Falloutman216 20 hours ago

    Your mental in the Talon game was actually Buddhist monk levels of mental.

  • chương nguyễn hoàng

    Meanwhile i'm stuck in plat 2 Feelsbadman

  • yasser YA
    yasser YA 20 hours ago

    what runes do you use for Qyianna?

  • -Last Gamer- Lg
    -Last Gamer- Lg 20 hours ago

    Hey whats the intro music used?

  • DiGGa2XXL
    DiGGa2XXL 20 hours ago

    how hard will you cry after the BC will have his extra 125 range on this Q?! xD

  • Aggelos Tsox
    Aggelos Tsox 20 hours ago

    Song in 12:00?

    • -Last Gamer- Lg
      -Last Gamer- Lg 20 hours ago

      real question what is the intro music in the vid

  • BarFightStudios
    BarFightStudios 20 hours ago

    Dude I genuinely care...STOP USING TALON AND ZED

  • United States Of Animes

    6:00 the ult wtf

    FAZE UNKNOWN 20 hours ago

    Day10 of asking ma boi dimitri to 1v1 llstylish

  • Than2003
    Than2003 20 hours ago

    Song during gameplay?

  • Pharaphel
    Pharaphel 20 hours ago

    Does he mean Taliyah?

  • Ciccio  White
    Ciccio White 20 hours ago

    Riot Games: "describe your past 2 weeks of League of Legends experience" Me: 14:29

  • Zed The defender of Tomorrow

    More Quiyana damn

  • Takis takaras
    Takis takaras 20 hours ago

    change title to my duo got me to masters LUL

    • ur dad homo
      ur dad homo 20 hours ago

      this better be a joke cus he actually has been playing well

  • Zo ok
    Zo ok 20 hours ago

    keep it up ma boi Red From Ulan ude

  • Oli Don Bello
    Oli Don Bello 21 hour ago

    14:25 Loughed so hard, my Neighbours called the Cops xD

    • Sankalp
      Sankalp 20 hours ago


  • M7md Alameen
    M7md Alameen 21 hour ago

    Congraaaaatz 🌹💕

  • Strickonaut Gaming
    Strickonaut Gaming 21 hour ago

    LOL @ The Minions with Siv ult almost catching Red. :D

    • Daniel Shea
      Daniel Shea 9 hours ago

      "Those minions were moving at mach 20 bro!" -RichboiRed 2019

    • Andrew Zheng
      Andrew Zheng 11 hours ago

      his *YYOOOOO* had me dying lmao

  • Tiến Dũng Nguyễn

    14:32 me when I see my jungler doing stupid shit.

  • abdelrahman aboalnasr

    this reaction 14.30 yoooooo lol xd

  • Hamza El_Shater
    Hamza El_Shater 21 hour ago

    3rd viewer :)

  • Nidus ARMY
    Nidus ARMY 21 hour ago

    Day 2 of asking to see urgot gameplay

  • Maricelys Jimenez
    Maricelys Jimenez 21 hour ago

    Reddds ❤️

  • Athrion One
    Athrion One 21 hour ago


  • Ryan de Vaan
    Ryan de Vaan 21 hour ago

    Master this cant be

  • Mitoru
    Mitoru 21 hour ago

    0:31 thanks i want to get earraped.

  • Faiz Amin
    Faiz Amin 21 hour ago

    heart me pls <3

  • Black Sky Air
    Black Sky Air 21 hour ago

    Next video: back to d1 I guess :/

  • Shravan Mani
    Shravan Mani 21 hour ago

    Why are there dislikes like what do they hate lol

    • Evaine LeBlanc
      Evaine LeBlanc 19 hours ago

      Probably cuz he's been duoing for the majority of this season to get him free wins/LP. Which is sad since most of the old viewers prefer his solo grind than watching him get spoonfed kills from his said duo.

    • ZhadowFalcon
      ZhadowFalcon 20 hours ago

      Maybe the clickbaity titles

  • Pulis Mousa
    Pulis Mousa 21 hour ago

    Never been here before 700 views

  • ninja panda
    ninja panda 21 hour ago


  • M. Raffeek
    M. Raffeek 21 hour ago

    0:30 thanks for demolishing my ears red

    • Strickonaut Gaming
      Strickonaut Gaming 11 hours ago

      LMAO! I thought my youtube just glitched out or something XD

  • Jason Trinh
    Jason Trinh 21 hour ago


  • Van Detta
    Van Detta 21 hour ago

    Congrats on your return to masters

  • TRGSpidey
    TRGSpidey 21 hour ago

    0:31 90 Redmercy's at the same time

  • GodLotus
    GodLotus 21 hour ago

    day 12 of asking red to 1v1 with Shiphtur