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  • Toey Noodle
    Toey Noodle 39 minutes ago

    This is dumb af

  • Katie Walker
    Katie Walker Hour ago

    This woman is amazing!!! You're the best teacher ever! We love you Katyusha ❤❤

  • Christian e.g.
    Christian e.g. 2 hours ago

    She's speaking Russian, but she looks like a BEAUTIFUL Khazakstan girl

  • Alex Leybovich
    Alex Leybovich 5 hours ago

    Айвори нал доолго подчас манная тебя инста до Уральск

  • Ivan Erokhin
    Ivan Erokhin 9 hours ago

    Я русский. Нахуя я это смотрю?

  • Ivan Erokhin
    Ivan Erokhin 10 hours ago

    Заглавную Т с тремя палками сейчас никто в своем уме не пишет.

  • Ivan Erokhin
    Ivan Erokhin 10 hours ago

    Представляю, как бы сейчас охуевали иностранцы, решившие учить русский язык, если бы не ленинская реформа 1918 упразднившая все эти яти и ити и прочую чепуху.

  • John Carey
    John Carey 16 hours ago

    I think I could pick it up easier if they would anounciate more slowely

  • Gella Mae Co
    Gella Mae Co 18 hours ago

    How do you Say HI I'm Gella Co from Philippines representing Russia thanks

  • svfty loren
    svfty loren 18 hours ago

    can you do more tutorial for learning Russia language?

  • svfty loren
    svfty loren 18 hours ago


  • That one Slav
    That one Slav 23 hours ago

    How does this help when I already know 3 languages Hawaiian English and Spanish

  • Roc Arson
    Roc Arson 23 hours ago

    Can someone link up with me to practice Russian via Skype?? I can help you with English or Mandarin Chinese

  • Enemy
    Enemy Day ago

    Are you kidding me? Is this russian? Lol We don't say like that!

  • Hemu Ahmed
    Hemu Ahmed Day ago

    I can imagine how naughty you used to be climbing cherry tree 😃😃. Overall she is very good and big hearted women. What I love most her is she is enjoying what she is doing. It's just expanding her beauty even more. I wish I could say 'Priveat' 😃😃

  • Hemu Ahmed
    Hemu Ahmed Day ago

    I have met a women on Facebook, she is Russian and very adorable and cute. I live far away from her. My country is Bangladesh. It would take lot of money to get there and obtain a work permit. Unfortunately, she doesn't speak English. But it often surprise me to think how she would fall in love with me. Anyways, the only reason to learn Russian language to communicate with my Russian Girlfriend. And I'm seeking desperately a international recruiter agent who can give me a work visa. So far, I have watched lots of vedios on TVclip one channel name Bald bankrupt, a booger who travel accross the Russia and discovering some rear speakering language some village local usages. Kaytiya's TVclip channel is my fevurite chennel to learn Russian. The way she give expression as if she is talking to me.. which seems more real...thank you.

  • 100 subs no videos challenge

    Ай спик вообще не знаю what am I doing

  • sufyan khan
    sufyan khan Day ago


  • Haohmaru HL
    Haohmaru HL Day ago

    All 200 should be just swearing mat words

  • subscribe to pewdiepie

    don't say kak 😡my mom is watching

  • Alejandro Chumbi
    Alejandro Chumbi 2 days ago

    Please try to speak thank you

  • Suhail ihsan
    Suhail ihsan 2 days ago

    You are very beautiful 🌹💛

  • CornFetishhh3
    CornFetishhh3 2 days ago

    All the fuckbois saying how attractive she is should watch 7:47 over and over

  • Koala Bear
    Koala Bear 2 days ago

    wow sounds like my dialect edən dva tri štir' (this one is further away :[) pet šes(t) se'em vosm dəvet dəset thank u russian for being so simmular :)


    That's not right, you have to finished all alphabet......😡😡😡

  • Marianne Michelson
    Marianne Michelson 2 days ago

    To difficult for beginners! To difficult words!

  • It's Yerosat
    It's Yerosat 2 days ago

    I know you're from Russia, but your family race is from South Korea right?

    • Mini Tank
      Mini Tank 2 days ago

      why does it matter? really, is that your main concern?

  • Dyela
    Dyela 2 days ago

    This is intermediate at the very least; I have been learning for almost 5 years and (although I understand what's going on) there are parts of it that were difficult/that I didn't understand.

  • Marianne Michelson
    Marianne Michelson 2 days ago

    This video is to difficult for beginners!

  • babu392
    babu392 3 days ago

    Cyka Blyat. That’s all i know :(

  • Frédéric Gadoury
    Frédéric Gadoury 3 days ago

    The intro and outro are quite annoying when you’re listening to the whole lot....

  • Rebecca A
    Rebecca A 3 days ago

    I love her accent omg.

  • MGstaR17
    MGstaR17 3 days ago

    Also you are beautiful and this gives many motivation.

  • lorna Ruiz
    lorna Ruiz 3 days ago

    Its hard for me , i need to learn russian langguage😢

  • Mr Mafia
    Mr Mafia 3 days ago

    Nice watch from Syria 👍

  • Donya Ebrahim
    Donya Ebrahim 3 days ago

    Can i ask which playlist is A1 and A2 and so on?

  • Rodrigo Pellicioni
    Rodrigo Pellicioni 4 days ago

    I can read Russian счас

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    Who's watching Svetlana teach Russian in 2019?

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie 4 days ago

    Wonderful! Please make more compilation listening videos like this. Thank you very much.

  • Dominykas Čyras
    Dominykas Čyras 4 days ago

    I disliked because there is no English audio. I am not but if I were blind this video is useless. I wanted to find something that I could listen without looking at the screen

  • F1esta
    F1esta 4 days ago

    учим, спасибо)

  • lorna Ruiz
    lorna Ruiz 4 days ago

    I need to learn russia languages because my husband russian.. huhu it’s hard to learn 😢

  • Styleeyz
    Styleeyz 4 days ago

    Lmao i have to learn how to speak russian in 2 months because of a bet

  • Melinda Pecséri
    Melinda Pecséri 4 days ago

    Well, most of these words are basic for Russian studies, and I don't see any of them really hard. Maybe they are for English speakers, but not for Central Europeans :) My biggest challenge was to properly pronounce oкружающая среда

  • Mike Stotik
    Mike Stotik 5 days ago

    hi, I am Mishka, and am native Russian speaker, and I can teach you to speak Russian like my grandmother)) in return, I want you to teach me how to speak like your grandmother)) mikestotik@gmail.com (совсем бесплатно и без всяких подвохов и подписок!!!)

  • Communist Party
    Communist Party 5 days ago

    This video helped me establish communism again

  • مروان أبو مأمون

    Hi .good morning .u .r .good teacher

  • no_fun_mila x
    no_fun_mila x 5 days ago


  • sunichiro
    sunichiro 5 days ago

    I'm learning English and Russian at the same time!

  • OC Vegas Property
    OC Vegas Property 5 days ago

    Helped me to slow the video speed as some parts were too fast.

  • Cyber Slayer
    Cyber Slayer 5 days ago

    I give up , I give up

  • Critically Conk
    Critically Conk 5 days ago

    Yay, Svetlana

  • Eddy Ferraes
    Eddy Ferraes 6 days ago

    СССР - Союз Советских Социалистических Республик how to pronounce it?

  • Nevel850
    Nevel850 6 days ago

    Мне нравится ваши видео! They are so useful ! :D

  • Doug 9000
    Doug 9000 6 days ago

    well, i learned english to learn russian in english, so i can try to learn chinese in russian.

  • Mr TavoMama
    Mr TavoMama 6 days ago

    Hot poteita

  • Sumit Deshmukh
    Sumit Deshmukh 6 days ago

    best cute seconds 4:16 to 4:18 with that adorable smile @4:18 ...you my crush..preevet ...eyto sumit)))

  • Ratnesh keshri
    Ratnesh keshri 6 days ago

    Any one is here to do practice with me

  • jonathan johnson
    jonathan johnson 6 days ago

    Learn russian so that i can understand giberrish word from boris

  • Rohit N
    Rohit N 6 days ago

    I have only one reason make russian friends girl special

  • Kim Fifa
    Kim Fifa 6 days ago


  • Happy Lemon
    Happy Lemon 6 days ago

    No. 3?🤣🤣🤣 No. 4 - yeah that's reasonable

  • Sound Engineer Звукоинженер

    28:12 Русские зимы? лол Зима очень холодная в России . Более подходит.

  • Sasha Gusev
    Sasha Gusev 6 days ago


  • Sasha Gusev
    Sasha Gusev 6 days ago

    The practice of communicating in Russian with native speakers in WhatsApp is free

  • Sunwellis
    Sunwellis 6 days ago

    Dumb explanation!

  • Аааа Аааа
    Аааа Аааа 6 days ago

    хорошее видео! с меня лайк! но я изучаю английский и если есть люди, которые хотят изучить русский, то давайте поможем друг другу! я помогу вам, а вы мне!

  • a filthy lizard person

    How do I say the Duolingo bird is coming to kill me for not taking my Russian lessons my Russian friend is scared and I don't know how to tell him then I'm going to die I could only use emojis because those were the closest thing he could understand to my language please help it's coming it's going to kill me every door in my house is locked but it's going to kill me some way its power is Unstoppable we can't defeat it but I need to tell my friend before I die

  • a filthy lizard person

    All I want to say is death to America but I don't feel like that would be taught very easily also if you're wondering it's so then I can say a joke in Russian to my dad who doesn't speak Russian

  • Guillaume Laliberte

    Damn, that girl is so HOT !!!

  • jim
    jim 7 days ago

    Great lessons!

  • cisa93
    cisa93 7 days ago

    I get to meet President Vladimir Putin 😮😮😮😊🥰

  • Sazzad Ahmed
    Sazzad Ahmed 7 days ago

    This is not right .They should have upload all Alphabet.

  • Le Cobra
    Le Cobra 7 days ago

    *1 Hot Russians.

  • Ramesh Mirza
    Ramesh Mirza 7 days ago

    Bulshit 😡

    KILLHACAY 8 days ago

    ermmm?! i aint one to judge but she looks like she shud be teaching the chinese languages shows how much i know lol. very good video lesson though educational informative and great learning format wiv the words n translation on the screen and the teachers narration. keep up the great work im learning alot

    JUVAINI 8 days ago

    Hello, I'm Kirill 16 yo and I'm native russian if you wanna learn russian we can help each other for free

  • Эльдар Каримов

    бля каеф, ток что англ послушал и русский чтобы почувствовать свою мощь ебать)

  • Sudarsahan Rao
    Sudarsahan Rao 8 days ago

    yellow blue bus

  • Sudarsahan Rao
    Sudarsahan Rao 8 days ago

    izvinite, vi govarite po anglisky

  • Sudarsahan Rao
    Sudarsahan Rao 8 days ago

    bol' she spasiba

  • CornFetishhh3
    CornFetishhh3 8 days ago

    At 6:36 she says “start having conversation with geese.” All geese speak Russian

  • Zarja Vršič
    Zarja Vršič 9 days ago

    I kinda don't trust those lessons anymore since there are lots of grammatical mistakes. For example, you don't say я хочу остановится but rather остановиться since it's an infinitive ...

  • The Sore Winner
    The Sore Winner 9 days ago

    So we're just gonna ignore that stereotype of black guys being into chubby white women? Especially how he had dreadlocks 😂

  • Mum Bigjoe
    Mum Bigjoe 9 days ago

    thnmaks kayta this so amazing

  • Happy Lemon
    Happy Lemon 9 days ago

    -balshoye spasiba, thank you very much -nyet means No

  • Happy Lemon
    Happy Lemon 9 days ago

    Harasho means okay? I only understand Da (yes) and telephono. Utra means morning? Kampani means company?

  • Alyssa Borinsky
    Alyssa Borinsky 10 days ago

    She said kto tam me, pochtalone pechkin

  • Reese Archer
    Reese Archer 10 days ago

    i think i have a crush on my teacher

  • Adixy prozz
    Adixy prozz 10 days ago

    I love'd it

  • مروان أبو مأمون

    Hi .u .r.good teacher.good morning

  • Jatin jinx
    Jatin jinx 11 days ago

    If you speak slow when you talk in Russian it will be easier for me to understand :( though your lessons are really helpful.

  • Awkward Alien
    Awkward Alien 11 days ago

    This was a very helpful was of breaking things down. Please make more!

  • عمار الطائي

    Love ❤️ you and Russia 🇷🇺

  • klim - dim
    klim - dim 11 days ago

    Katyusha, you're definitely stupid. Starting with how you pronounce your own name. It's like a native English/American will say "hi, my name is Dzhon (just because Russians wrongly say Dzhon and not John). (Furthermore in Russian there are not 25 must-know adjectives but much more. I'm not sure you can teach others just because you're Russian, it's not enough. As I'm Russian too so just shocked how bad you're in teaching of Russian (but good enough in artificial part convenient for buying souvenirs in any airport)

  • Hey I'm a person
    Hey I'm a person 12 days ago


  • XxføxyŠkïêśxX
    XxføxyŠkïêśxX 12 days ago

    This is easy for polish people - me

  • Paradox Previat
    Paradox Previat 12 days ago

    Alisha Ur English is so beautiful I wanna watch u to speaking russian.

  • Barney Fife
    Barney Fife 12 days ago

    You are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. If only i could meet you. AS well the lesson was brilliant and im all on board if there is a pay site. So grateful . please let me know Barney

    • ingwarthewise
      ingwarthewise 11 days ago

      Barney Fife uhh, please be more realistic?