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Puma RS-0 | Unboxing
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  • KoDi
    KoDi Minute ago

    No way ,where can I buy Mars yard for 3100 ?

  • Fishing
    Fishing 7 minutes ago

    You are wasting 1000$+ shoes and ruining them maybe not to sound cringe but don’t destroy 1000$+ shoes maybe donate money

  • joelybgood
    joelybgood 13 minutes ago

    The dog is walking like he's about to poop on someone, he's just trying to figure out which one...

  • Reynaldo Tinajero
    Reynaldo Tinajero 21 minute ago

    The game needs to be changed. 3 rounds of guessing the price (3 chances for all the contestants to move to the next part of the game) then the second part should only be the winner or in the case of a tie (2way or 3way tie) decide who gets to move to the final save your sole round. From then on the game is fine how it is

  • Two Tha Point
    Two Tha Point 23 minutes ago

    Racks got robbed!!!!!

  • Neal Castro
    Neal Castro 46 minutes ago

    where's sindia???

  • Thatdoesntcostmoney
    Thatdoesntcostmoney 49 minutes ago

    Christal is hella annoying but id love to punch her in the head while fucking

  • Anime Heat
    Anime Heat 58 minutes ago

    Can’t watch them destroy shoe

  • Harry Westmoreland
    Harry Westmoreland 59 minutes ago

    the fact Danny knows about Kurupt FM makes me love him more

  • danny king
    danny king Hour ago

    Im sorry but ari 10s are it....hardest shoe imo...noone toppin this

  • Travis Harrington

    All u gotta do is cop some shoe cleaner

  • Milwaukee Brewers

    Dem Moneyatties or w.e they called are hott fire trash, its like police shoes with cheetah prints.

  • Dank Nug
    Dank Nug Hour ago

    Hahaha that People just do nothing shout had me gassed. Great episode

  • woresh GamePlus
    woresh GamePlus Hour ago

    Brendan looks like Price from Modern Warfare

  • Martell
    Martell Hour ago

    13:15 don’t give her no ideas

  • Dylan Ives
    Dylan Ives Hour ago

    This guy is horrible

  • Martell
    Martell Hour ago

    Krystal is soooo fine with her short ass

  • Bryant Smith
    Bryant Smith Hour ago

    The soy sauce hurt me

  • thegatorviking
    thegatorviking 2 hours ago

    You should be banned from coppin' J's for sayin' Tinker designed the 1's.

  • Jose Carpio
    Jose Carpio 2 hours ago

    Fuck racks

  • Ruel Buraga
    Ruel Buraga 2 hours ago

    damn, that welty is indestructable. fkin solid! can't win with welty

    DEATHWISH -CHRIS 2 hours ago

    The editor is brilliant!

  • Brena VanHorn
    Brena VanHorn 2 hours ago

    why you do the travis shoes like that , yall wrong for that

  • J-Mac
    J-Mac 2 hours ago

    Speedy was so trash.

    DEATHWISH -CHRIS 3 hours ago

    A trendy scumstache is STILL a scumstache!

  • J-Mac
    J-Mac 3 hours ago

    Racks got finessed. This game not even fair or balanced.

  • J-Mac
    J-Mac 3 hours ago

    Who tf knows Team Jordan’s

    DEATHWISH -CHRIS 3 hours ago

    This show is wild! I love it!

  • Alejandro Jaime
    Alejandro Jaime 3 hours ago

    This Show is Ungrateful . The disrespect to the shoe

  • Joshua Fleisher
    Joshua Fleisher 3 hours ago

    This is all types of disrespectful

    DEATHWISH -CHRIS 3 hours ago

    Those menthol 10s Danny Brown said fuck it. Fuck Nike

  • what icle
    what icle 3 hours ago

    dem edits mannn....

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones 3 hours ago

    How'd this dude get his job at complex? Speedy don't know s**t

  • DatBoi John
    DatBoi John 3 hours ago

    I’m off as fuck an seeing Welty laugh for the respectable flex achievement was earned

    • DatBoi John
      DatBoi John 3 hours ago

      Also to include this episode was legendary

  • Bassaero Audio
    Bassaero Audio 3 hours ago

    the system fucking sucks

  • Rico Moolah
    Rico Moolah 4 hours ago

    Welty did Qias wrong dudes admits he's a hype beast so y roast him . An if he like whatever sneakers he like That's him I don't care for SBs I'm not a skateboarder I like vintage basketball and running shoes ..I don't even like adidas that only the shell toes I'd cop . U buy what u like and if U have alot of kicks. Your Basically a sneakerhead not a sneaker professor

    SPAWNSY 4 hours ago

    Anyone else find the chick a little annoying?

  • Thermal D T-1000
    Thermal D T-1000 4 hours ago

    Tony Mui has no input on the Sneaker culture; he gets gifted the product and calls it a day

  • ThatDallasThrifter
    ThatDallasThrifter 4 hours ago

    That Speedy guy is a joke. Talking about you got to be a nerd to know common stuff lol

  • 1017 SNKRS
    1017 SNKRS 4 hours ago

    im so fucking dead rich the kdis thorwing shoes out here @L

  • Santone G
    Santone G 4 hours ago

    "Next, nigga, Next." 🤣🤣

  • Fashion-Boozt Norway

    Racks on that white white!

  • Santone G
    Santone G 4 hours ago


  • John Stamos
    John Stamos 4 hours ago

    Lol racks was hilarious

  • Santone G
    Santone G 4 hours ago

    Goddamn she sexy as hell. Seductive voice too. I want her to read me the newspaper while I take my morning shit.

  • Planet Brooklyn Supreme

    How did Speedy get his job again?

  • Tony Styles
    Tony Styles 4 hours ago

    So many women haters in this comment section 😂 like only places y’all “men” don’t think women are annoying in is porn and on Instagram

  • Ancient Glacier Drip

    Speedy Morman says hes not a nerd but he wearing TONAL air forces with an all black fit you a fuckin lamerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr RACKS need to smash on Hoeseph Smith

  • Marvin Pheiffer
    Marvin Pheiffer 5 hours ago

    Racks deserved to be in the final round,speedy fucked up those sneakers damn and dude still doesn't appreciate it

  • Tony Styles
    Tony Styles 5 hours ago

    We un-stan Speedy Mormon for calling sneaker knowledge holders “nerds”

  • justine o.
    justine o. 5 hours ago

    That guy was weak for not caring about the unions getting fucked up.

  • Frank Bombaci
    Frank Bombaci 5 hours ago

    It’s just a giant ad for Kiwi. The point system is....pointless and they don’t need to keep going over how many points each person has. They need to ask more questions and their be at least 3 rounds before the finals

  • justine o.
    justine o. 5 hours ago

    Also new season maybe an all women cast episode 👀👀

  • justine o.
    justine o. 5 hours ago

    Racks.....”have you ever resold sneakers” 🕵🏼‍♂️ ....................alright

  • DBE 2III
    DBE 2III 5 hours ago

    & listening to Xzibit's debut album

  • Asham Carter
    Asham Carter 5 hours ago

    Rockports, Dockers, Polo shirts and Jitting to techno!!!

  • Maria Smith
    Maria Smith 5 hours ago

    There is something inherently silly about fat, out of shape men wearing athletic apparel. What do they need sneakers for? They move so little, they barely need feet.

  • Jeffrey McNamee
    Jeffrey McNamee 5 hours ago

    Round 2 bonus round suggestion; blindfold contestant and have them guess the sneaker image you project on screen

  • TODR34M
    TODR34M 5 hours ago

    Yea Racks!

  • Jaythagreat !
    Jaythagreat ! 5 hours ago

    I wanna fuck that bitch

  • MrDBcooper77
    MrDBcooper77 5 hours ago

    “ you’re welcome”...😂

  • Nba 2K Clips Central

    nobody wears dunks like stfu

  • Jacob Baxter
    Jacob Baxter 6 hours ago

    C A R M E L

  • Fiore Deutchmark
    Fiore Deutchmark 6 hours ago

    The bones brigade are famous for wearing blue high top vans. Yeah some of them occasionally wore Jordan’s but to say that they were famous for it is just wrong.

  • Diego Malaver
    Diego Malaver 6 hours ago


  • The Tillman Review
    The Tillman Review 6 hours ago

    00:47 "Compliments of the company? TRANSLATION: "Did you actually buy those bricks?" Me: "Yes...I bought them, at release..."

  • MattyAllen
    MattyAllen 6 hours ago

    Who like this show as is? Anyone?

  • MattyAllen
    MattyAllen 6 hours ago

    Great hosts but the show needs a complete redesign.. destroying shoes? Second round winner automatically wins? Fire the producer and get dad and Welty to make a new game up... fucks sake!

  • Doniver Camacho
    Doniver Camacho 6 hours ago

    Krystal Vega gone get this meat stick

  • WalkingFoxGR
    WalkingFoxGR 7 hours ago

    Crep protect kit

  • sonyipod
    sonyipod 7 hours ago

    Lol 15:04 !

  • Arlando Frazier
    Arlando Frazier 7 hours ago

    The co host is so annoying

  • Sbusiso Doobi Dlamini

    Stop giving away the shoe in the title, it kills the hype, the suspense. I'd rather be surprised at the end then watch Krystal destroy them.

  • VirTuOhSo
    VirTuOhSo 7 hours ago

    this should be the panel every week

  • Chill Demon
    Chill Demon 8 hours ago


  • Francesco Mbele
    Francesco Mbele 8 hours ago


  • Fanai Armstrong
    Fanai Armstrong 8 hours ago

    Racks in the middle 😂😂

  • Vernon Miller
    Vernon Miller 8 hours ago

    bro those are my all time grails..

  • Fume Raider
    Fume Raider 9 hours ago

    Did complex not wanna give out anymore money so they just get employees on now lol?

  • Conke
    Conke 9 hours ago

    Racks looks like hipster bob marley

  • Maverick Reviews
    Maverick Reviews 9 hours ago

    When she asks to move in with you @ 12:27

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 9 hours ago

    11:48 I’m fucking dying

  • Clayton Mccoy
    Clayton Mccoy 9 hours ago

    Nike boots dc all day

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B 9 hours ago

    This show sucks. Just show Krystal dancing around.

  • Clayton Mccoy
    Clayton Mccoy 9 hours ago

    Jim Carey

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 10 hours ago

    sound effects at 8:20 had me dying for some reason

  • John Jäger
    John Jäger 10 hours ago

    Crystal need an onlyfans account

    THE DUDE 10 hours ago

    Give the shoes to vick from reshoevn8er

  • messagekl
    messagekl 10 hours ago

    The girl is hot 🔥🔥🔥❤️

    THEODSTKING117 10 hours ago

    While the edits are excessive I think its intentional and kinda has some charm to it. Plus some of em are actually funny

    THEODSTKING117 10 hours ago

    While the edits are excessive I think its intentional and kinda has some charm to it. Plus some of em are actually funny

  • Tyler Burch
    Tyler Burch 10 hours ago

    Racks needs to get off them drugs

  • Gee Que
    Gee Que 10 hours ago

    Sooo there's not enough sneakerhead civilians in NYC??

  • My Dick In A Box
    My Dick In A Box 10 hours ago

    Racks and Oberg need to create a show together

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 11 hours ago

    “are you from New York?” “Yeah I’m from Jersey” - worst take

  • Ezra Simon
    Ezra Simon 12 hours ago

    yoyoyoyo i met brendan in sneakerlah malaysia

  • Hamcracks
    Hamcracks 12 hours ago

    hell yeah fuck these utube hypebeasts get em welty

  • Jian White
    Jian White 12 hours ago

    I'm glad that Philly is here doe

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 12 hours ago

    “sweat pants chillen with no makeup on” edit: *hope he doesn’t take it wrong* this my favorite show on TVclip rn💀💀

    SOUND GODS 12 hours ago

    speedy is definitely a nerd