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  • Sunshine Daydream


    NOT YOU Hour ago


  • WiLL
    WiLL Hour ago

    0:42 Peele's face 😂

  • qwerttzizzi
    qwerttzizzi Hour ago

    Key wasn't acting here!

  • Mandingo's Movie Mayhem

    You're not funny. How ironic that youre on a channel called Comedy Central.

  • ramborghini88
    ramborghini88 Hour ago

    lol im the same i cant drink milk by it self it has to be with something like a bowl of cereal

  • DarkWEB76
    DarkWEB76 Hour ago

    Hahaha I pushed the puss

  • Pineapple Juice
    Pineapple Juice Hour ago

    Damn, I was rooting for you too Nikki. Not a whiff of funny, but I would try again.

  • Kenneth
    Kenneth Hour ago

    Uncensored? I still hear peepz..

  • Jacob's Aquarium

    I love Lavell! I remember him from the show "Last Comic Standing." This guy is a legend!

  • terence
    terence Hour ago

    OMG!! ROFLOL this was their best sketch I've ever seen so far. I think I could cut the sexuazl tension with a knife. Key or peele plays the best asian tranny btw

  • Gabriel Kelley
    Gabriel Kelley Hour ago

    Tosh.0 is still a thing? This exists?

  • JuicyMcnamus
    JuicyMcnamus Hour ago

    She wouldn't be my sister anymore.. stupid bitch

  • demigod1337
    demigod1337 Hour ago

    I just wanted to thank key & Peele... From now until forever, every time I shake a pair of dice I will be picturing this..... 🎲

  • Jamie Nicholls
    Jamie Nicholls Hour ago

    Tyrone *smashes car window* "People do still radio's u know"

  • msflyingfox
    msflyingfox Hour ago

    If they just replaced Al Capone's name with "Donald Trump", they'd have two drunk history episodes for the price of one.

  • Corinne Barca
    Corinne Barca Hour ago

    Oh how I went home jumped in the shower crying hysterically rip my Naval ring out ! That's how terrible it was to have my shirt lifted by him "do you have

  • Márton Bussay
    Márton Bussay Hour ago

    In 2045 : Welcome to the Islamic Caliphate of America....

  • Gabriel Fuga
    Gabriel Fuga Hour ago

    Looks like Brazilian president on some TV shows interviews

  • John Doe
    John Doe Hour ago

    Ah the tooth pick is so obviously meant to be a cigarette lol

  • ThA MAN C MAcK
    ThA MAN C MAcK Hour ago

    They need to have a cut in when Tyrone says “ I’ma tell ya something you mite not know about me Joe... I smoke rocks!” then a clip from JRE needs to come in of Joe saying “Have you ever tried DMT?!”

  • kaveman525
    kaveman525 Hour ago

    I came here for Desire, I am satisfied

  • Nero William Poe

    El tio quando canta se le nota el acento americano xd

  • David Ferguson
    David Ferguson Hour ago

    I hate the long annoying intros to these videos. But the videos are great!

  • carieyoung1
    carieyoung1 Hour ago

    I feel like these two have to exist somewhere in the real world!

  • HighlandOutDoors

    Oh you have the herpees😂😂😂

  • Juwan Hughes
    Juwan Hughes Hour ago

    A A RON 😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • ThA MAN C MAcK
    ThA MAN C MAcK Hour ago

    🗣 Hey Joe Rogan...

  • Connor Kelley
    Connor Kelley Hour ago

    I never read the title of this, I just glanced - I always thought it said bironical penis. Like the LEGO stuff

  • Ryan Anthony
    Ryan Anthony Hour ago

    Drunk driving: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems

  • Johntail Bain
    Johntail Bain Hour ago

    How many Joe Rogan's does it take to make it to the top of a Dave Chappelle?

  • Maria Daly
    Maria Daly Hour ago

    Oooooh damn.... 😂😂☠️

  • Machine Made
    Machine Made Hour ago

    Dr. Gupta suits every race! 🤞🏻👌

  • Sou-C
    Sou-C Hour ago

    She is so unfunny

  • Diamond Cascade Black Spring

    i started crying in fear when the old lady came out...

  • Booger Uppercut
    Booger Uppercut Hour ago

    This show always bothered me because it's the Max Landis format and they act like it isn't.

  • Ryan Anthony
    Ryan Anthony Hour ago

    The man’s name is Disco??

  • lillian lewis
    lillian lewis Hour ago

    She would have had fun if she spent money

  • Israel-Did-9/11
    Israel-Did-9/11 Hour ago

    Nikki, you'd benefit greatly from 2g of dried magic mushrooms and contemplation on past trauma. (then hit me up for that good lovin). gl

  • Jrahmah
    Jrahmah Hour ago

    watching this on drugs makes it so much more funny and inspirational lmaoo

  • toolittoquit
    toolittoquit Hour ago

    Damn, comedy Central really using Joe's name for those views. Just check the views on all their other views.. 😅 still a good bit though.

  • de hash
    de hash Hour ago

    3rd time I am watching it lol

  • DaddyDeno
    DaddyDeno Hour ago

    He’s always crying because he’s always in pain from getting fucked in the ass

  • Meya
    Meya Hour ago


  • DaddyDeno
    DaddyDeno Hour ago

    When you think Americans can’t get any dumber or stoop any lower

  • Adams Warriner
    Adams Warriner Hour ago

    glad this show is popular so people get money from doing wasteful things go humanity

  • Seth Bender
    Seth Bender Hour ago

    Omg I’m cracking my ass off. He was like oh she dead.

  • Goblin Slayer
    Goblin Slayer Hour ago

    The ‘J’ is silent

  • Austin Bostrom
    Austin Bostrom Hour ago

    “What kind of dunk were you going to do?”? Maybe I just don’t know enough about basketball but I’m pretty sure a dunk is a dunk

  • Benny Collie
    Benny Collie Hour ago

    I care very little for this disrespect of our national anthem and flag.

  • EyesOfByes
    EyesOfByes Hour ago

    Jim Carrey be like: "I've had better"

  • patzer
    patzer Hour ago

    Boring 🥱


    I want “DON’T YOU PREJUDGE ME!” as a ringtone 😭🤣

  • Eric Villanueva
    Eric Villanueva 2 hours ago

    scene set in 1950s. background cars set in 2019 lol

  • Martin Thomas
    Martin Thomas 2 hours ago

    Who are the faggots in red shirts.

  • Leondra Madden
    Leondra Madden 2 hours ago

    Carlito’s outfit 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Muslim Mystic
    Muslim Mystic 2 hours ago

    Who the fuck are these guys, pair of amateurs

  • •E•Z•Z•Y•
    •E•Z•Z•Y• 2 hours ago

    Japanese American Audie Murphy

  • How about No
    How about No 2 hours ago


  • thatfitdad IG
    thatfitdad IG 2 hours ago

    I'd step on all 300 girls faces to get to Nikki

  • Dustin Merck
    Dustin Merck 2 hours ago

    Was that a uncle remus bird? Lol

  • Apeksh Naidu 38
    Apeksh Naidu 38 2 hours ago

    Jeez ...Came here for the meme...found a blonde babe

  • Andros Forever
    Andros Forever 2 hours ago

    How dare he ruin the biggest plot twist of our lives "oh shit, I'm dying.."

  • Elli Mann
    Elli Mann 2 hours ago

    Lucy Lawless!!! 🤣

  • the wolf studio
    the wolf studio 2 hours ago

    Can we just give one out to Trash can.

  • Justin Villasenor
    Justin Villasenor 2 hours ago

    Froyo lol

  • Kashish Chandna
    Kashish Chandna 2 hours ago

    Okay but why is no one talking about key's forehead😂 ohmygod that hair line to skin match 😂😂

  • #OTF 1
    #OTF 1 2 hours ago

    T mart lol

  • Mestayoku
    Mestayoku 2 hours ago

    Is this the guy that introduced DMT to Joe Rogan?

  • Philip Hernandez
    Philip Hernandez 2 hours ago

    Spear mine rhino

  • Kieran Keefe Saldanha

    Magical negros are Klorthopaedic

  • Noe Yanez
    Noe Yanez 2 hours ago

    My name's Jeff. Channing Tatum anybody? No?.... Okay

  • azzam fardiandanu
    azzam fardiandanu 2 hours ago

    Being afraid invaded by indonesia???? Really??? I m indonesian and that fact is shocked me

  • teeonezee
    teeonezee 2 hours ago

    was funny until halfway.

  • Wermhats Wormhat
    Wermhats Wormhat 2 hours ago

    Is this show back on with new episodes?

  • CardinalKaos
    CardinalKaos 2 hours ago

    Have yall done Admiral Grace Hopper yet? Cause you REALLY need to if you havent

  • paco rodriguez
    paco rodriguez 2 hours ago

    That dude is a real bum now he just be on the Vegas strip asking people for money smh Wasted whatever money he had on alcohol,drugs and u think he had the bitches in the first place lol

    ՏԻԳՐԱՆ ՄԵԾ 2 hours ago

    Wtf man!! He has some physical problems and it is not nice to laugh at him

  • Elli Mann
    Elli Mann 2 hours ago

    Crazy crazy craziness and this is still relevant. We miss you John!

  • James Gaultier
    James Gaultier 2 hours ago

    Why isn't Will Sasso used more?

  • Ricky.
    Ricky. 2 hours ago

    Toothpaste Jerky :D

  • Kartik Chainani
    Kartik Chainani 2 hours ago

    4:15 this was the inspiration for Joe’s current diet

  • Quintin Boddy
    Quintin Boddy 2 hours ago

    lol Disco Inferno WcW

  • Liquid Sunshine
    Liquid Sunshine 2 hours ago

    Stop with Nikki promote real comedy please.

  • Dr. Naz
    Dr. Naz 2 hours ago

    Oh my God I would drop her off the side of the road.

  • theylied1776
    theylied1776 2 hours ago

    I don't have a great strip club story. I think I've only been to a strip club maybe six times, and that was because my bosses at the time liked going.

  • Day Night
    Day Night 2 hours ago

    No one could wrote it or act it better

  • Bossman Jenkins
    Bossman Jenkins 2 hours ago

    On the real they need to put one real crackhead on there and watch Dave turn into Negrodamus.

  • xx7secondsxx
    xx7secondsxx 2 hours ago

    Hahahaha am I the only one whom was like "man.... that dudes been under the water for a while!" At 3:44 lmao

  • Alexander mathi
    Alexander mathi 2 hours ago

    She needs a latitude and longitude number to find her own asshole

  • Michael T.
    Michael T. 2 hours ago

    Why was tongue censored?

  • Oh Kush420
    Oh Kush420 2 hours ago

    “Snuggle on the couch every night. I’m gonna let you pick the movie . Even Tho You ALWAYS pick the movie” 😂

  • MaJ
    MaJ 2 hours ago

    4:58 not on mines you dont 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Marc H.
    Marc H. 2 hours ago

    Dudeeee Kyle caaaant be his real name lmaaaaoo

  • Istdoch Allesegal
    Istdoch Allesegal 2 hours ago

    As an aside, her new 'do looks great on her

  • Keaton Castillo
    Keaton Castillo 2 hours ago

    THIS is a talk show.

  • Reginald Denny
    Reginald Denny 2 hours ago

    "Tell my family I love them. It's a lie, but they should feel like I do." 2:59

  • Clandestine Nerf
    Clandestine Nerf 2 hours ago

    Willie is held together with sticks and seeds.

  • grimey 5.56
    grimey 5.56 2 hours ago

    Dan those Ken Griffey Junior's were awesome! I remember that exact shoe and I wanted them too! But never got them 😞. Lol.

  • allthatjazzspaz95
    allthatjazzspaz95 2 hours ago

    He has a wife??? Do they have sex?!