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Mowing an overgrown field
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Moving a box truck body
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Moving a building
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Pulling down dead trees
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Hauling away scrap metal
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Fixing my driveway
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Screening top soil
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Levi's 13th birthday
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Servicing the UTV
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Fixing a driveway
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SUV service
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Brush mowing an island
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Digging out stumps
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Cleaning up a tire dump
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Installing a new driveway
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Buying a skid steer mower
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Spreading top soil
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Burying another propane tank
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Fixing gravel drive ways
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Snowmobile riding with Levi
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Excavator thumbs
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Live stream second attempt
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Snowmobile riding
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Snowplowing and snowmobiling
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Buying a new skid steer
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Pickup truck tune up
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Replacing a AHC computer
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Hammering a septic line
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Cleaning up dumped wood
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100,000 subscriber special
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Replacing a culvert pipe
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Fixing a tractor
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How to use a Plasma cutter
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Buying a UTV
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Moving a broken motor home
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Fixing a fiberglass boat
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Levi's 12th birthday
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  • Dylan J. Lombardo
    Dylan J. Lombardo 4 minutes ago

    i dont know if its a joke, but youre supposed to use a dash kit, that the radio slides into, which sldies into the original area of where the stock radio is/was

  • RichMantaray
    RichMantaray 6 minutes ago

    Dont use dji software, get sony Vegas pro , no need to convert any files till u render it for TVclip

  • Bradley Bellwether
    Bradley Bellwether 15 minutes ago

    It seemed like that high output jet needed to be opened up a little more. Seemed like it was dogging a bit on the high end (and maybe a little on the low as well).

  • RichMantaray
    RichMantaray 17 minutes ago

    It helps if u have all the ram same, but honistly, that is a small cheap mainboard

  • Bobs Youruncle
    Bobs Youruncle 22 minutes ago

    $500 for a $60000 motor home ain't bad at aall.

  • Bradley Bellwether
    Bradley Bellwether 27 minutes ago

    Probably a good thing you put those shims in there. Just cause it's straight while static, doesn't mean it won't twist under load out in the water when that jet starts torquing.

  • Bob Cloutier
    Bob Cloutier 28 minutes ago

    Andrew, thanks for great videos, some cool sound tracks, and free entertainment! you really do some great work my friend and its easy to see that you take pride in what you do. it would be awesome if your videos could be sorted by job site. man id love to see one of your projects completed one phase at a time...... start to finish. Fantastic man! keep it up.

  • Ronnie Day
    Ronnie Day 29 minutes ago

    Painting mine camo this weekend. 😁👍

  • Mr. Grey
    Mr. Grey 32 minutes ago

    ***You guys worked harder not smarter next time use a metal blade many types on the weed eater my friend for starters.*** looks good but way to hard.

    JERRY JAMES 35 minutes ago

    I had to stop the video and make an observation. Many times in other videos I have seen you use an adjustable wrench and an open-end wrench incorrectly (IMHO). Adjustable wrenches should be used like a pipe wrench is used. It allows both the upper and bottom jaws of the wrench to apply greater force on the bolt or nut. An open-end wrench can snap the weaker top of the jaw off if too much pressure is applied using a cheater or another wrench to break a nut or bolt free. I could be wrong but my dad told me to use his tools correctly or not to ever use them again. I inherited his old tools and I still use them. Just sayn......

  • Ronnie Day
    Ronnie Day 40 minutes ago

    Sweet, how's it handle a heavy rain?

  • Ivan Dimitrov
    Ivan Dimitrov 51 minute ago

    this is more complicated than driving a apolo 13

  • Richard Garcia
    Richard Garcia 58 minutes ago

    Daniel Murphy good one, I completely understand.

  • Cindy 888
    Cindy 888 Hour ago

    Great job. I love your videos. You are so hardworking.

  • jackie oman
    jackie oman Hour ago

    This was a amazing video ! I laughed and loved it ! Great job ! Young man !😎

  • cuenta clon
    cuenta clon Hour ago

    Man,i'm was not confident enough to build two walls and a tin roof on my backyard,this video inspired me

  • Bobs Youruncle
    Bobs Youruncle Hour ago

    Nothing like digging in New England

  • Charlie Coggins
    Charlie Coggins Hour ago

    Andy, doing that job around poison ivy without having the right close on, MAN you asking for trouble, one other thing you should add for your viewers when your working in poison ivy, never ever burn it

  • Teresa Brewer
    Teresa Brewer Hour ago


  • vinny ferrante
    vinny ferrante Hour ago

    made my day..thank you for this video..

  • Al All
    Al All Hour ago

    you can split the wood but you need a different pin, it should be wider and thicker going up and longer rod to go through it,,

  • Krystal Weaver
    Krystal Weaver Hour ago

    I thought you broke the bobcat tracked 864

  • Charlie Coggins
    Charlie Coggins Hour ago

    I don't know Andy, I've seen you do a much better job. When you're starting out in business if you do just a little bit more customers will refer you much more often. Trust me that little bit more pays in the long run. Almost every job I have seen you do,, you do just that but not this time :-(

  • crystal fyst
    crystal fyst Hour ago

    why is it a trapezoid er parallelogram? would've been easier to just make it a rectangle

  • Bobs Youruncle
    Bobs Youruncle Hour ago

    That poison ivy oils get all over your equipment too. You touch it later and guess what? Poison ivy. Better power wash the equipment as well as yourself.

  • LongBinh70
    LongBinh70 Hour ago

    I'm just curious why they needed to go down to such a large "shelf" around the remaining hole of the old pool? It looked like they went 4' below grade for an area WAY bigger than what the finished pool ended up being.

  • William Kershaw
    William Kershaw Hour ago

    You have the best videos about using all your different machines that you use and your helpful hints are amazing

  • elaine phleps
    elaine phleps Hour ago

    The difference between men and boys is the price of there toys!!!!Lolo. And buddy this man has some toys!!!

  • Jabber 82
    Jabber 82 2 hours ago

    The precision you have with the bobcat is insane. I bet you could pick a single hair out of someone's nose. Scratch that. The precision you have with any of your machines...

  • paul stratton
    paul stratton 2 hours ago

    fun job,tho not a level used on the building,,cleaned up nicely

  • Artemus Rodricq
    Artemus Rodricq 2 hours ago

    man, Andrew does such good and fine work. I mean the natural innate craftsmanship. If there are no new videos I watch these over and over. GO TEAM CAMARATA!!!

  • Reach Blue
    Reach Blue 2 hours ago

    I love your videos Buddy - people can easily relate to them but is it just me or is your dump truck always getting stuck?

  • Charlie Coggins
    Charlie Coggins 2 hours ago

    Andy, what kind of drone wood you recommend, and what kind of cost are we looking at?

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata 2 hours ago

      That's what I was flying here, its pretty good.

  • Drakey Fenix
    Drakey Fenix 2 hours ago

    That is one crusty car. I doubt you will still have it in 20 years. It will just be too costly in the long run.

  • Max v. Raben
    Max v. Raben 2 hours ago

    Big Radio...ha ha ha !

  • William findspennies

    It's just like being an artist or a Sculptor you do absolutely beautiful work. The way you move those machines is a pure pleasure to watch. I really enjoy your channel. Just think they built the pyramids without lasers and they were in with a couple inches of accuracy.

  • James Mcalarney
    James Mcalarney 3 hours ago

    Me too I like the crowd that sees your videos

  • James Mcalarney
    James Mcalarney 3 hours ago

    Thanks I like your comp stuff

  • William Lassiter
    William Lassiter 3 hours ago


  • James Mcalarney
    James Mcalarney 3 hours ago

    Edit would help me a bunch

  • A minor accident
    A minor accident 3 hours ago

    love your videos Andrew and watching the dogs. You are a master at what you do and it gives the viewer a sense of satisfaction

  • James Mcalarney
    James Mcalarney 4 hours ago

    I hoard old books ,welding,millwright,motors auto books,elec, where I am slow is with computers ! construction estimating and autos from 50s and 60s are memorized

  • James Mcalarney
    James Mcalarney 4 hours ago

    Thanks I needed that

  • L S
    L S 4 hours ago

    why not place leach field above artesian well...I assume all the particulates would be filtered depending on depth of well? anybody? recycling water in drought areas.

  • L S
    L S 4 hours ago

    this is the kind of young man I want my daughter to marry...take him over all the hedge fund managers in the world. Super cool dude and dad must be proud.

  • Harold Kearns
    Harold Kearns 4 hours ago

    What impresses me the most is how clean you kept that little stream. When I was young they would have just drove through that stream from one side to another without any concern at all. The stream still looked as pristeen when you finished as when you started. Good job! I enjoyed watching the bridge go in.

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata 2 hours ago

      Thanks, yeah, that was a bit of a requirement here. We stuck to it.

  • Max v. Raben
    Max v. Raben 4 hours ago

    Pretty good Man!

  • James Mcalarney
    James Mcalarney 4 hours ago

    Love the scenery

  • R Smitdog
    R Smitdog 4 hours ago

    Andrew, did you build your spiral stair cases ? Also I would like to see you build a large wood Gasifier to run a giant generator for your house, Have a good day Brother, oh and the fact that you film everything on top of all your hard work is Amazing !!!!!

    • R Smitdog
      R Smitdog 2 hours ago

      Watched both, thanks, A-1 Job

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata 2 hours ago

      Yes, I built that. There are two videos about building it.

  • Martin Van Kirk
    Martin Van Kirk 5 hours ago

    This one is my favorite! Thanks Andrew.

    NEXUN DJ 5 hours ago

    Hola andrew camarata te sigo hace tiempo soy de latinoamerica siempre miro tus videos me gustaría que puedas traducir los videos a español para entender mejor tus videos.. Gracias ☺️

  • tony Wyatt
    tony Wyatt 5 hours ago

    the only thing to do with the Nights bridge tractor is dig a big hole and berry it.

  • Lainey Wright
    Lainey Wright 6 hours ago

    I love America and all her companies, but I do not like the engineers and CEO's who design their equipment to only last for a short time. Of course, that is more money back to their bottom line, however, it is at the expense of the consumer. They are on Americans constantly about filling up the landfills, yet everything they build is designed to fail so that the fat cats can make more money.

  • Owen Thomas
    Owen Thomas 6 hours ago

    Grease is important for sure, but so is penetrating oil, which Andrew rarely uses. Nice to keep all moving parts lubricated.

  • No Nope
    No Nope 6 hours ago

    Solid little excavator!

  • z lariviere20
    z lariviere20 6 hours ago

    "i dont wanna tell this guy how to do his job but....." i know the feelin.

  • Drakey Fenix
    Drakey Fenix 6 hours ago

    Just painting over the rust lol

  • Kimbocf Aloggo
    Kimbocf Aloggo 7 hours ago

    that your first time I ever on a skid steer ! Looks like it

    • Jørgen Grøstad
      Jørgen Grøstad 4 hours ago

      @Andrew Camarata Dont worry about Kimbo... something. He dont know you like us other who watched every video you made for years. You are 4 hours away from 100 Million views on your videos, Thats just incredable with 333 thousand subs and most of the subs in last 10 months. just continue be yourself in your own schedule, dont sell out like other youtubers, Keep bying fix up stuff and do your thing, is very honest and very enjoyable to watch. All the best wishes for you future projects. Norway follower.

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata 6 hours ago

      Kimbocf Aloggo lets see some videos of you operating a skid steer.

  • Todd Weber
    Todd Weber 7 hours ago

    Andrew, check these tree harvesting attachments! Great videos!

  • Jerry McGuire
    Jerry McGuire 7 hours ago

    Love to watch this young man work and keeping his equipment up and running and Levi helping enjoy it so much

  • paul stratton
    paul stratton 7 hours ago

    fun job,tho not a level used on the building,,cleaned up nicely

  • armstrong george
    armstrong george 7 hours ago

    There goes the warranty

  • Bruce Barnard
    Bruce Barnard 7 hours ago

    Who pilots the drone while you're behind the wheel?

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata 6 hours ago

      I usually do it and have someone else drive the truck.

  • Casey Hill
    Casey Hill 7 hours ago

    Thanks for the ride!

  • skip fitz
    skip fitz 8 hours ago

    great planting trees under power lines in a few years they will have to be cut down

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata 6 hours ago

      They are set way back, just need to keep the tops trimmed if anything.

  • Ben Winstanley
    Ben Winstanley 8 hours ago

    Man I want work with you ! Give me an interview for a free worker chief 👍👏

  • Bob Young
    Bob Young 8 hours ago

    I watch every video you post and I find every one useful and informative. I like the fact that you send every machine out painted and looking smart! Well done!

  • NeoCynic1
    NeoCynic1 8 hours ago

    Chk your pre-trip and log?

  • Dave Calvo
    Dave Calvo 8 hours ago

    Those damn yellow jackets!

  • T Capo
    T Capo 9 hours ago


  • Mark Boettcher
    Mark Boettcher 9 hours ago

    I've been enjoying your videos. Helps motivate to get to work! Also picking up good tips.

  • HankDruck
    HankDruck 9 hours ago

    Andrew: I am a recent addicted viewer of your many varied projects. You are the "MacGyver" of property maintenance. For your younger followers, MacGyver was a resourceful TV action hero of the 1980's who could get out of any dangerous situation utilizing anything on hand, from picking a lock to blowing up a bridge, always in the interest of justice. I am constantly impressed with your ability to improvise solutions to the many obstacles you encounter on a daily basis. I totally enjoy watching your videos, from creating your sauna cave to moving and removing trees and bolder. Keep up the good work.

  • John Wassink
    John Wassink 9 hours ago

    These videos get me so pumped to keep grinding towards my goals. So far I got a nice duramax truck, skidsteer, 14k dump trailer and 14 ft enclosed trailer. looking to get a mini ex and keep going from there!

  • john lithgow
    john lithgow 9 hours ago

    you need a 4 in 1 bobcat bucket more easy

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer 10 hours ago

    Hes right about isuzu trucks, in my country every farmer has one, and those things last as long as those old Mercedes

  • Life of Leigh
    Life of Leigh 10 hours ago

    why does your music sound like someone is about to get murdered lol

  • Coolest Wookie in the Soyhole

    Garter snake.

  • Harry Ballzack
    Harry Ballzack 10 hours ago

    Yellow jackets suck! Mean little buggers! Hope you got rid of the hornet nest as well.

  • donald alexander richards

    Nice video andrew how does one even get a job fixing people driveways

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata 8 hours ago

      There are many driveways around here that need fixing. Do a good job on one or two, then word of mouth will keep the calls coming.

  • overmanonfire
    overmanonfire 10 hours ago

    just wondering if you have this in the states as well, we grind old tyres to find particles and use them as soil stabilizers

  • 97JoMiller
    97JoMiller 10 hours ago

    you ever thought about doing a video tour of your building? There has been different sections but it's such a cool building it might be a nice video to see.

  • Bobby Marion
    Bobby Marion 11 hours ago

    andrew is the hardest worker on TVclip by far lol

  • We’re the Johnsons
    We’re the Johnsons 11 hours ago

    05:45 *edit cut* when telegraph pole bounces off the pick up 😂

  • Randall
    Randall 11 hours ago

    My question is how do you get enough money to buy all the things you have?

  • We’re the Johnsons
    We’re the Johnsons 11 hours ago

    21:34 It’s burning from the roots underground from the main fire?

  • Nick Henton
    Nick Henton 11 hours ago

    you (we) need a Camarata Texas division ,you'd be booked till 2025

    ERIC EDMUND 12 hours ago


  • James Mcalarney
    James Mcalarney 12 hours ago

    You remind me of me where you are is where I was 25 years ago down to the att and jet skis,one of our favorite things was to shoot bats over the river it would drive them pike batshit crazy when the blood hit the water

  • Raymond Schnieders
    Raymond Schnieders 12 hours ago

    23:25 crash into a tree :P

  • James Mcalarney
    James Mcalarney 12 hours ago

    Fill the bearing with grease and drive the pinion back in or same size as pinion it will hydrolic itself out its the same with trans bearings in the back of crankshaft

    ERIC EDMUND 12 hours ago


  • Ausaf Ahmad
    Ausaf Ahmad 12 hours ago

    You did a fine job sir ! keep it up..

  • Tofthill4
    Tofthill4 13 hours ago

    Nice ass, not you Andrew.

    ERIC EDMUND 14 hours ago


  • مشاري بن فهد الغامدي

    نرجو منكم اضافة اللغة العربية انا تابعت فقط الصورة👍🏻👍🏻

  • Iron & Oak Sawmill
    Iron & Oak Sawmill 14 hours ago

    Amazed that NY doesn't require trailer brakes on a trailer that size.

    • John Wassink
      John Wassink 7 hours ago

      @Iron & Oak Sawmill same here but i think they are legal

    • Iron & Oak Sawmill
      Iron & Oak Sawmill 7 hours ago

      @John Wassink not a fan of surge brakes. Should be regular brakes.

    • John Wassink
      John Wassink 7 hours ago

      @Iron & Oak Sawmill 0:45

    • Iron & Oak Sawmill
      Iron & Oak Sawmill 8 hours ago

      @John Wassink yes, but with no electrical to activate them in the 4 prong plug, they won't function.

    • John Wassink
      John Wassink 8 hours ago

      they do. trailer had drum breaks

  • Dave Pawson
    Dave Pawson 14 hours ago

    Used engine oil mixed with cheap bar oil is what I use as undercoating. I put my truck on ramps and sprayed oil inside of the frame and let gravity do it's thing.

  • MrClickbang357
    MrClickbang357 15 hours ago

    Now I am not an engineer but I do pay attention! Todaystrain cars have a capacity of 100 tons each They HAVE to have the diesel electric set up to get the job done because no transmission would be able to handle the load!!! How many times do you see a 50 car train? That's 5000 tons!!! I don't think it's economically feasible on a dump truck.

    HYUKLDER1 15 hours ago

    Since starting to watch Mr Camarata's regular videos life has two parallel experiences - reality and now an enriching virtual alternative lifestyle involving excavators, fixing stuff, clearing woodland, laying gravel roads, etc.

  • Atomic Reverend Alexander

    As somebody that works construction in Commiefornia I feel your pain.