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  • John Wootton
    John Wootton 2 hours ago

    I wonder would one get a tax break for this πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜ŽβœŒοΈ

  • TexasRain
    TexasRain 2 hours ago

    3:56 Why do I have to use the bathroom all of a sudden!? πŸ˜‚

  • FoundationFarmhouse
    FoundationFarmhouse 2 hours ago

    I had to throw out some snow... no big deal though

  • Ken Budd
    Ken Budd 2 hours ago

    Demolition derby in slow motion.

  • James Hill
    James Hill 2 hours ago

    Oddly satisfying

  • Ryan McWilliams
    Ryan McWilliams 2 hours ago

    Andrew you need to make a t shirt that has the beat up truck on it and says "it's easier to take the truck off the engine e"

  • Catagator
    Catagator 2 hours ago

    Maybe should of used the plasma cutter? The saw works, too!

  • Dana Boyington
    Dana Boyington 2 hours ago

    Had to throw away a little snow, no big deal. Andrew 8dk why but I thought that was hilarious

  • Jebediah J
    Jebediah J 2 hours ago

    Love the videos

  • Sean Signer
    Sean Signer 2 hours ago

    Andrew your assault on your old parts truck was hilarious. Your impatience just created a bunch of extra time if you really wanted to swap engines. Can't wait for Castle SeaCan's roofs to be contained ;)

  • Paul Sullivan
    Paul Sullivan 2 hours ago

    Poor truck didn't look like it wanted to go in for a lobotomy. Notice the rear wheel as Andrew pushed it in then later pulled it out of the garage? The side we could see would roll in the opposite direction, almost like it was fighting him.

  • A jones
    A jones 2 hours ago

    Quicker to unbolt the doors🀣

  • dndtoolbox
    dndtoolbox 2 hours ago

    Andrew: Today's Job... Let's get started. I'm going to use my rust removal tool.

  • Bernard Bernard
    Bernard Bernard 2 hours ago

    bonjours Γ  vous et bien c est une faΓ§on rapide pour le dΓ©montage πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ amitiΓ© cordialement bernard de france πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ—ΌπŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ—ΌπŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ—ΌπŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ—ΌπŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ—ΌπŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ—ΌπŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ—Ό

  • Antonio Zoino
    Antonio Zoino 2 hours ago

    He could of saved the seats for the next dodge he gets

    AWDJR 2 hours ago

    Andrew, you should get a waste oil heater for in the shop, since your operation generates a lot of waste oil, I know your not a freeze baby now, but as you get older like me I turned into one from my old construction days lol! Like the truck dismantle, great job.

  • AKA Wireguy
    AKA Wireguy 2 hours ago

    Me too Andrew. I'm very picky about keeping the little trash cleaned up. The big trash is easy to cleanup. It's the small stuff that trashes up a property and makes it look trashy. When I bought my property it was all trashed up with little trash. I spent days combing that property. One of the pieces of little trash that was sticking out of the earth was the band to a Wenger watch. I wore that watch for 20 years.

  • lordhoho1
    lordhoho1 2 hours ago

    I like to run this type of video in reverse and see you put the truck back together again.

  • ricky boldin
    ricky boldin 2 hours ago

    when i was your age that would have bin a lot harder, Thea used real steel not the tin Thea use now.

  • megapooldealsdotcom
    megapooldealsdotcom 2 hours ago

    16:50 Custom Dodge Truck Roadster for sale

  • JacksonGeetarguy 97
    JacksonGeetarguy 97 2 hours ago

    Takes the bed liner out haha

  • Mario Wickel
    Mario Wickel 2 hours ago

    That truck was built Ram tough ! Andrew looked like you were having fun

  • Agent Starling
    Agent Starling 2 hours ago

    Yea!!!!! New vid!!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Ferddy Ferddy
    Ferddy Ferddy 2 hours ago

    please subtitles

  • Randy Wilson
    Randy Wilson 2 hours ago

    I remember where u got that bed

  • randall gruetzmacher

    Wasting lots of good fire wood. Randy Gruetzmacher

  • n8pu
    n8pu 2 hours ago

    I would guess that there was just a 'little' bit of enjoyment in your dismantling of that truck.

  • Diamond Performance
    Diamond Performance 2 hours ago

    Watch out for glass with Levis paws!

  • Rob J
    Rob J 2 hours ago

    Yeah. My friend's 06 Taurus has had serious brake line rust issues. Cost over $200 to replace a couple of them with the copper/nickel line. Another line cost $144 to replace. Shame the car companies are not held accountable for this kind of problem. I'm sure there have been some accidents caused by brake line failure.

  • Chris Schultz
    Chris Schultz 2 hours ago

    Windshield in garbage can with claw. Skill

  • Nblad
    Nblad 2 hours ago

    Coulda made a truck bed trailer

  • MC1173
    MC1173 2 hours ago

    That was definitely entertaining!

  • mountain view
    mountain view 2 hours ago

    Any work looks so fun when Andrew does it.

  • IPdandU8me
    IPdandU8me 2 hours ago

    jaws of life or Andrew and excavator

  • laluna
    laluna 2 hours ago

    I'm amazed what this young man comes up with. Guess he sees the world differently when it comes to accomplishing the various task at hands.

  • Mychevysrule
    Mychevysrule 2 hours ago

    Dont forget to pay Andrew for work done. He will repo your vehicle for scrap metal money.

  • Rob J
    Rob J 2 hours ago

    Watching this is almost as much fun as sledge-hammering a junker car at the county fair.

  • Jeff Murray
    Jeff Murray 2 hours ago

    Roof or Chopping Junk Trucks I have to argue that both are equally important! - That was fun to watch. As a proud owner of a Dodge Ram 2500 and a Backhoe Im going to keep this video and show it to my Dodge the next time it acts up!

  • Manson My Dog
    Manson My Dog 2 hours ago

    I'm glad you drained the fluids, you would not want a messy area when pulling the engine.

  • Marcus Dandaneau
    Marcus Dandaneau 2 hours ago

    Dang Andrew, the robots at the Dodge factory would really like this one I'll bet; if they were sentient beings that is; well, let's hope not. Art Alert! Pablo Picasso-ish painting at the 20:06 mark.

  • DCon
    DCon 2 hours ago

    Like a brain surgeon with a scalpel;-)

  • Precision Films
    Precision Films 2 hours ago

    I would have just taken the whole thing to the junk yard, the grey one too, and sold the white cummins and just buy a reg cab Aluminum Ford gas or diesel and call it a day. You wont have to worry about rust anymore. Its 2020. Time to stop wasting time. I dont mess around with junk anymore. I only use nice stuff these days. Over torching bolts. Put the time towards the castle or something worthy.

  • Michael Marriam
    Michael Marriam 2 hours ago

    The roof might be more important but the truck was more fun.

  • Darrell Roeters
    Darrell Roeters 2 hours ago

    Dodge transmissions are junk.

  • Daniel Marek
    Daniel Marek 2 hours ago

    Why wouldn’t you take the bolts out for the cab body and bed so they’d come off easier? You could easily crush them afterwords and preserve the mechanics better.

    PEMG NATION 2 hours ago

    Obviously you arent using that engine....WOW!

  • Steve Diamond
    Steve Diamond 2 hours ago

    Why anyone would dislike this excellent recycling video is beyond me! lmao

  • Super Fast
    Super Fast 2 hours ago

    That heater is called a Salamander? (Johnny Carson voice) I did not know that!

  • Calvin Mercer
    Calvin Mercer 2 hours ago

    It’s funny how much professional TV broadcasters could stand to learn from your channel. You could have a station running your videos 24/7 and it would still dominate 90% of the garbage currently on the air.

  • SR-71 Blackbird
    SR-71 Blackbird 2 hours ago

    Roof more important but not as fun

  • Simen MarΓΈy
    Simen MarΓΈy 2 hours ago

    I like how you opend that hood

  • ibtm
    ibtm 2 hours ago

    GREAT video Andrew!!!!!!!

  • Martin Gaffer
    Martin Gaffer 2 hours ago

    Lol the tailgate was stronger then the hood lol

  • iamrichrocker
    iamrichrocker 2 hours ago

    this engine removal ranks up there with chainsaw radio install...

  • meyer629
    meyer629 2 hours ago

    Anyone listening with ear buds? The sound of crunching metal and things breaking apart and crackling is the coolest sound ever! Especially with the volume turned up! Lol. And the precision way Andrew takes things apart with that bucket! Putting the windshield in the trash can, in one piece! Pure skill! Chris couldn't have done that any better! Lol! Keep on keepin on Andrew! Fan from Florida!

  • Ben Jardine
    Ben Jardine 2 hours ago

    For how rusted that old dodge was I was suprised to see how good the floor of the box and box ribs was

  • Ivan Kondaurov
    Ivan Kondaurov 2 hours ago

    "Why is my truck all smashed up and twisted?? Well, you see its easier to replace engine when taking truck off the engine " 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Another Andrew's lifehack.....

  • Bobs Youruncle
    Bobs Youruncle 2 hours ago

    Like folding up a giant soda can. A lot of stuff on that truck I would have pulled first. Lights, mirror, drive shaft, etc. A "parts truck" is more than just an engine. Would save some bucks down the road. Cutting torch would also have helped.

  • lester petersen
    lester petersen 2 hours ago

    looks like not so good an idea after all got to be a better way lol

  • Olly Mtb
    Olly Mtb 2 hours ago

    That excavator needs a rototilt

  • Peter Lee
    Peter Lee 2 hours ago

    Sort of an Aztec ritual....disembowel , cut out heart , and let the wolves have the rest. ...very

  • VanLiving Freedom
    VanLiving Freedom 2 hours ago

    WHY in front of your garage door?

  • Capn Crusty
    Capn Crusty 2 hours ago

    I've got a '98 that I'm still driving and it was satisfying to me watching you disembowel that truck. ☺

  • Bosted Tap
    Bosted Tap 2 hours ago

    It's the year 2040, Andrews son asks for help in removing a truck engine, sure son, back in a minute πŸ˜€. Definitely an example of rusted chassis. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jason Hill
    Jason Hill 2 hours ago

    Stand back! I don't know how big this is going to get! πŸ˜†

  • PReston Boge
    PReston Boge 2 hours ago


  • GEM Mumma
    GEM Mumma 2 hours ago

    thought you'd take the tires off, they look good still

  • Peter Lee
    Peter Lee 2 hours ago

    Harvesting Chrysler /Dodge : be flexible - many disassembly methods are recommended...Torch , catapult , rail gun , transformers snack , or sledge hammer... bring your safe space perimeter tape , and dig

  • HakkaDakka
    HakkaDakka 2 hours ago

    Much easier for sure, hope you got your revenge on that truck lol

  • Martin
    Martin 2 hours ago

    Very entertaining keep up the good work A.C.

  • 427med
    427med 2 hours ago

    did you find out were the rattle was coming from ????

  • ksfraz
    ksfraz 2 hours ago

    After 20 years of driving on salted roads, the steel brake lines rotted instantly.

  • Robin Bell
    Robin Bell 2 hours ago


  • PotΔ™ΕΌny BΔ™ben

    It looks like smashing aluminium foil

  • Leonard Russo
    Leonard Russo 2 hours ago

    If that’s a 5.9 360 engine it will run forever ! I had a 1994 with 300K on it and still ran fine! I’m hoping the 6.4 in my 2018 2500 will be as bulletproof?

  • Ben Jardine
    Ben Jardine 2 hours ago

    The new wheels and tires with the chrome trim rings and center caps made the truck look 100 times better

  • Robert Regan
    Robert Regan 2 hours ago

    Doing for real what every boy did with play trucks as a kid - awesome!

  • Tee Dawg
    Tee Dawg 2 hours ago

    15:55 separate your garbage people! - (excavator not required)

  • Cody Augustyn
    Cody Augustyn 2 hours ago

    Andrew took that truck apart nicer than dodge assembled it

  • 2tana22
    2tana22 2 hours ago

    Nice job dumping the glass into the trashcan, you could brush your teeth with that excavator

  • Greg Souza
    Greg Souza 2 hours ago

    They don't make em like they used to,that's for sure.It's like a big beer can.

  • JacksonGeetarguy 97
    JacksonGeetarguy 97 2 hours ago

    A while back me and a couple of my buddies at work, lifted one of my co workers old crappy Chevy pickup high up in the air with the big rotator tow truck. Haha that crappy old blue thing looked ridiculous. We dropped it from really high up in the air and the thing just got destroyed. He was pissed. We got him a used 2006 Ford F-350 with the diesel in it for him to cheer him up. We weren’t sorry that we destroyed his pickup. We hated that old piece of shit, he did too, so once we got him that nice 06 ford truck, he didn’t care about that old piece of shit he used to drive anyways. It is still sitting at the yard. Covered with snow lookin like crumbled up tinfoil. Haha. It’s funny to play around with old pieces of junk. We did take off a lot of parts from it that still was useful before we destroyed it. Always do that before.

  • firetricks
    firetricks 2 hours ago

    Anyone else see the guy burn his hand lowering the claw to the ground ?

  • northwoodsREDNECK
    northwoodsREDNECK 2 hours ago

    I see a motor swap video coming? Let’s hope!

  • Steve Shrader
    Steve Shrader 2 hours ago

    ...i feel like i just watched a mechanical dinosaur feeding it's young with another dinosaur...Andrew reminds me of the rubber band man..."everything he does..seems to come out right"...PS...was...a good engine...

  • satanclaw
    satanclaw 2 hours ago

    I liked the part went it missed the garage door opening and hit the building :P

  • Mark B
    Mark B 2 hours ago

    Here in the UK,, I don't get the fascination with Dodge, Ford, Chevy,, etc etc,, we have 2 very very good makes of 4x4 here,, Toyota+Nissan. That's it,, All the others play catch up,,, Ford are terrible,, bad engines,, thirsty on fuel... Great video, πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ


    You need to tell us, how much money you got for that tin foil minus the fuel cost for dump, excavator and labor. hahaha. So i guess hes sharpening his skills for a new side job, paramedic rescue vehicle extraction...

  • David Barr
    David Barr 3 hours ago

    As the former owner of a mid 70's Power Wagon, this was so gratifying to watch!!! Thanks Andrew, I needed that!!!

  • Myron Marcotte
    Myron Marcotte 3 hours ago

    that was very satisfying to watch. especially since it was a dodge. LOL

  • Ricardo Pereira
    Ricardo Pereira 3 hours ago

    Destruction Mode cause its easier to take the truck of the engine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Timothy Bailey
    Timothy Bailey 3 hours ago

    Not a man alive, not a real man, wouldn’t pay good money to tear up an old truck with an excavator.

  • Morgan Adair
    Morgan Adair 3 hours ago

    Sometimes it helps to take a little frustration out on a old junk truck than being in the building mode. I was beginning to believe that standing on end and cutting some key components off or out ... truck took more space in bed of truck than I thought it would. Most dodges are falling off the frame but your old repairs were strong and held on good. Makes you wonder how strong the "jaws of life" are when they get you out from inside of one of those. The frame broke way early on showing the rust doesn't save or help much there. Eight bolts hold the cab on and I do think if you pull another one off, unbolt it first or plasma cut some off. Think, that cab is held together with spot welds and for the most part held good. With Andrew's skill set, he could make his own frame rails the a metal cab and put power to it. You had a good time and the dogs watched out the window..

  • B Keen
    B Keen 3 hours ago

    Well, that was enormously satisfying to watch

  • fuddrucker74
    fuddrucker74 3 hours ago

    Man, love your vids generally, but wow. You made yourself. Headache here. 15-20 mins with a sawzall,the demo-saw, and positioning the truck with the excavator, would have made thisa quicker and a hell of a lot less messy. And easier to save the parts you wanted. You could have salvaged more parts too. Also, if you take a good size chain and cinch the truck to a stump, a machine, or a pintle of your dump truck. You can rip the pick up apart much easier, and not just rely on it's own weight for resistance. Playing is fun too,though. Lol. Like I said, I enjoy your vids. Thank you.

  • David Morse
    David Morse 3 hours ago

    Rather than take the engine out of the truck, let's take the truck off of the engine. I love it! Andrew must have a lot of pent up frustration not being able to work in this weather. Poor truck. I think the engine might be damaged by all this abuse.

  • Mark Fierro
    Mark Fierro 3 hours ago

    You did an amazing job

  • Daddys Fastest Swimmer

    See how the steel ones just rust out instantly?

  • Sam Cyanide
    Sam Cyanide 3 hours ago

    The paint looked nice on that job I should start painting stuff when I fix it

  • Edward Mclaughlin
    Edward Mclaughlin 3 hours ago

    Andrew ran into similar problems that a T-Rex would have encountered eating a Dodge pickup. The airbags did not deploy, I think there was a recall on those. The snow was not your friend, very funny and entertaining