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  • Mike Larry The Classic

    Good flick

  • Douhghlie04
    Douhghlie04 2 hours ago

    Brittany loves caaaack!!!

  • lexingtonguyhere
    lexingtonguyhere 2 hours ago

    Great movie, thanks for sharing. I highly recommend, a great watch.

  • Valkim Vinot-Lacoste

    Kevin Sorbo, the original Hercules....Chuck Norris dont got shit on him, also, the redhead chick is flaaaaaaaaaames hot, you know after the movie he be tappin that

  • Art Copeland
    Art Copeland 2 hours ago

    The protagonist (Littman?) reminds me of Liam Neeson. Hunter's driver (Tariq) reminds me of Jar Jar Binks. All in all, I'm glad it looks like they combined some real history and real sites to frame the trilogy!

  • Nicole Johnson
    Nicole Johnson 2 hours ago

    Powerful!!! Xavier Zaytoven Dotson!!!

  • Charles Crandall
    Charles Crandall 3 hours ago

    "Miscegenation is never acceptable." God

  • Maureen Gonzalez
    Maureen Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    I'm so glad I found this channel thx :)

  • Rollie R
    Rollie R 3 hours ago

    Great movie, loved the ending, thanks.

  • Joe Montgomery
    Joe Montgomery 3 hours ago

    I have worked in nuclear power plants and I can assure you it's not that easy to get in, it's guarded like fort knox. Also these power plants have multiple fail-safe that would automatically shut it down . Really more safe than your home water heater!

  • M Paxton
    M Paxton 3 hours ago

    Sad, bittersweet memories of the time when I first watched this. So many years gone by. Feeling old now.

  • Michael Tapper
    Michael Tapper 3 hours ago

    Why are there only out of state license plates, isn't Lake City in Michigan?

  • Maj Johns
    Maj Johns 3 hours ago

    Ok a very good movie.

  • Susie Pittman
    Susie Pittman 4 hours ago

    Pretty good movie but his wife is a terrible actress!

    CHILLIN DILLAN 4 hours ago

    Ding dang GOOD!

  • Spell I CUP
    Spell I CUP 4 hours ago

    That moment you realize that Benjamin Bratt,Ving Rhames and Billy Bob Thorton are the only successful actors from Blood in Blood Out .

  • Patrick Jones
    Patrick Jones 4 hours ago

    The Best combination since Miami Vice!

  • Charles Duvall
    Charles Duvall 5 hours ago

    this movie hits home to me as I've a terrible gambling addiction. .. 13 days free at the minute...hopefully I can last .

  • Rollie R
    Rollie R 5 hours ago

    Great movie, thanks

  • Walter Bianco
    Walter Bianco 5 hours ago

    Iceland It s not in this planet

  • John Kemmerling
    John Kemmerling 5 hours ago

    Awesome Movie

  • John Brown
    John Brown 6 hours ago

    Shout out to Terri J. Vaughn.

  • Veta Nakai
    Veta Nakai 6 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing this great movie! It was a Christmas blessing!!!

  • Jamie Sloan
    Jamie Sloan 6 hours ago

    Good movie. Unfortunately, our nuclear reactors aren't the only weak spot. America's power grid controls EVERYTHING. It's only a matter of time, before the bad guys turn the lights out. The American Empire will fall, and it won't be a pretty sight. Get yourself prepared. The only people that will survive are the high end government officials. Everyone else will likely starve to death. This movie isn't fiction. It depicts ONE thing that could happen. "They" have several options, and we aren't prepared for ANY OF THEM. Good luck...

    MY ANANDA 6 hours ago


  • Theodore Coleman
    Theodore Coleman 7 hours ago

    I saw this before it's good...

  • Silvio Carranza Pena

    Fantastic movie I practice surf lesson and then we go to she super chenching it’s is necessary but they be having both new beach and that help people

  • Rick Raven
    Rick Raven 7 hours ago

    Is this about a gay man who was murdered or a man who was murdered because he was gay? Was this a hate crime? The only person I hear about making a big deal about the mans sexuality is his mother. A terrible thing that any parent would have to go through is the death of her child. Murder is murder.

  • mommieofdos
    mommieofdos 7 hours ago

    8:01 These stairs are still there! I used to live and work in that area. Those stairs are seriously no joke....especially in winter time.

  • Rick Raven
    Rick Raven 8 hours ago

    I thought that Europe was supposed to be so liberated and accepting? They sound very closeted to me. Especially for such a large and alleged cosmopolitan city.

  • Angela Hamlett
    Angela Hamlett 8 hours ago

    Marco, Marco, Marco... Black men have always found Susan sexy. Penelope too. Perfect message on how I'm feeling right now. Thank you so much for posting! ♡

  • Gregoria Moreno
    Gregoria Moreno 8 hours ago

    Good movie

  • Johnny Mshimbula
    Johnny Mshimbula 8 hours ago

    Watching from Tanzania,East Africa, November 17,2019,awesome story.. Thanks for uploading..

  • Desi T. Myers
    Desi T. Myers 8 hours ago

    He got killed there

  • Desi T. Myers
    Desi T. Myers 9 hours ago

    Please where are you Aeryn

  • Felisha Walden
    Felisha Walden 9 hours ago

    Damn this was done in 2007. Imagine if he went back now..

  • Gregoria Moreno
    Gregoria Moreno 9 hours ago

    Zombies got my second amendment to bear arms they have two guns that's why I'm laughing

  • Gregoria Moreno
    Gregoria Moreno 9 hours ago

    The best part this movie is you scared

  • severino santos
    severino santos 9 hours ago

    I thought this was my kind of film. Was this supposed to be a deep and intelligent film, Woody Allen-esque? The characters came across as shallow and pathetic in a way; their dysfunction could have added a lot of layer or texture to the story. The whole story premise I really found difficult to swallow; I found it realistically unrealistic or unrealistically realistic? I'm confused. Acting was good, though. Maybe it was just me. Sorry.

  • Pa Pa
    Pa Pa 9 hours ago

    *)o ve scary movie's

  • The American
    The American 10 hours ago

    "Active Bravo Sierra" ... NEXT!

  • Amanda Tijerina
    Amanda Tijerina 11 hours ago

    Stupid ass kid! How many boogie men do u need in one movie?

  • Amanda Tijerina
    Amanda Tijerina 12 hours ago

    Damn the father is hot!!!

  • lana lake
    lana lake 13 hours ago

    Popcornflix - Thank you very much!!! Wow, you had to weed out a lot of swear words, lol! Oh and thank you for showing the ending credits! Good film, thank you Popcornflix!

  • The m Family
    The m Family 13 hours ago

    Movie is ridiculous! Think to yourself while watching; someone actually made a movie about this!

  • lana lake
    lana lake 13 hours ago

    I really enjoyed this movie. They were all such likeable characters and you could tell they all cared about eachother very much. Alex was played by Jason Ritter, son of late actor John Ritter, RIP. Siri was adorable!

  • Marie Mountson
    Marie Mountson 13 hours ago

    She knew from beginning he was wild but she liked him lot and hunted him. The end Why she could not Love him the way he was. I guess he fall in love of her the way he could.

  • SheReal Ikonics
    SheReal Ikonics 13 hours ago

    Who cares if you watching this movie!!!!Just leave a comment if the movie is great its just that simple!!!! My godddd

  • Angel Grace
    Angel Grace 13 hours ago

    Soul eater a demon. Thats why private care here requires 2 Nurse and Nurse Aid very expensive. Because there maybe danger.

  • Allan Ashby
    Allan Ashby 13 hours ago

    Why are the opening crredits in cuneiform which changes to English? Wouldn't heiratic -- introduced in Akhenaten's day -- be more appropriate? Oh, and Tell el Amarna is 270 kilometers south of Cairo, not 40 kilomters northeast.

  • Pappy
    Pappy 14 hours ago

    shades of Indiana Jones ? pretty much a total ripoff of the theme . crappy ending too .

  • In Yahshua's Holy Name

    Plot simple so I had the pleasure of hearing the sickening hero grabbing from one actor to the next ...." No... I'll this or that then ....no Tom will go....ok ,well I'm going with you.....no..... I'm not leaving my wife....." All that was needed was the camera man to zoom in n out every 25 seconds 😂😂😂😂.

  • ansahs ansah
    ansahs ansah 14 hours ago

    Okay movie. Main character a big coward. Needed more before ending. My main gripe: Black nurse should've had a nude scene, just saying. Lol

  • Michelle Plasencia
    Michelle Plasencia 14 hours ago

    This movie was boring as hell but I’m glad he liked her for her.

  • Mary-Ann Lepers
    Mary-Ann Lepers 14 hours ago

    I am so touched by the love between this beautiful mother and son. My prayers are with her. She has done all she can do. God is in charge now.

  • Jeanie Delgado
    Jeanie Delgado 15 hours ago

    Great movies! I hope you do more of these! I also thought of Indiana Jones! I watched them all in a row!

  • Timothy Neiswander
    Timothy Neiswander 16 hours ago

    Nice Indy Jones movie clone. Not as polished but still a good romp. The creators of the Jack Hunter series must have been fans with the obvious nod and wink references.

  • Steven Najar
    Steven Najar 16 hours ago

    What a movie

  • Uncle Bingo
    Uncle Bingo 16 hours ago

    Update Whitey Bulger was caught and captured in Florida with money buried in the walls he later had his eyes and tongue ripped out in jail. Why you ask? Cuz he's a Rat🐀

  • noluthando makhaye
    noluthando makhaye 17 hours ago

    John is hella dumb though

  • Tammi J {Honeyy} Slaugher

    Wow she seen him staring at her daughter when she was walking in the kitchen & she didn’t say shit to him but had the audacity to say some to her 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Hakimu Malunda
    Hakimu Malunda 17 hours ago

    Mission of justice is such a great movie I like Jeff wincotts super tough kick's Mathias Hue's is a bad ass

  • Krysis
    Krysis 17 hours ago

    These are really good. whats even better is they used natural backgrounds...no cgi! refreshing.

  • Mirabel Lebarim
    Mirabel Lebarim 17 hours ago


  • Elijah Mumford
    Elijah Mumford 17 hours ago

    ...BUT CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME WHY ...is it ...''AIRMAN-FIRST-CLASS...in CHARGE...of Things'''...should at least be STAFF-SARGEANT...or...above''...w.t.f.'' ''WHERES THE RANK'''''''

  • Gary Brabbs
    Gary Brabbs 18 hours ago

    I love the fact i'm the type of person to love this movie., narration ranks up there with a river runs through it.

  • Prince Ishan
    Prince Ishan 19 hours ago

    It’s one of the most heartbreaking mysterious videos I have watched. Poor mother, my heart is definitely broken into pieces. Obviously, some people who are high ranking officials involved in this case. There’s no way they can refuse to accept witnesses. On the other hand, there no one who’s in his/her right mind can run naked aimlessly, unless there’s something serious, unfortunately people who were around him failed to understand that and to run for his rescue.

  • Phillip Moody
    Phillip Moody 19 hours ago

    Kind of like a remake of Deep Blue Sea. Except for the genetically altered dogs

  • Laura Gonzalez
    Laura Gonzalez 19 hours ago

    Great movie ❤

  • Ramrod fishing Outdoors

    That was the best movie I’ve seen all day ! 👍👍

  • Beve Smith
    Beve Smith 20 hours ago

    Mmmm, I always thought whipping boys are good friends of princes, therefore, it would hurt the prince to see his friend whipped for his misdeeds.

  • Max Doubt
    Max Doubt 20 hours ago

    What a boring will-they/won't-they story.

  • Iamthewatchman Cathie

    Thought this movie was corny. I'd maybe recommend it to a 13 yr old.

  • antony kulik
    antony kulik 21 hour ago

    Scott's,Norwegian and Brits.....ok.....

  • Debra Mischke
    Debra Mischke 21 hour ago

    Did I just hear the priest swear and use Jesus's name?! That's odd. Good movie, nail biting.

  • Savior Flaire
    Savior Flaire 21 hour ago

    This dude got alot of ❤️ heart. !!!

  • Blue Sky #HTD4LIFE
    Blue Sky #HTD4LIFE 21 hour ago

    Wow 👍👍👍👍👍🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🤘

  • Patrick Wiss
    Patrick Wiss 21 hour ago

    How did I not hear about this movie

  • Breaunna Kay
    Breaunna Kay 22 hours ago

    holy shit plot twist

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes 22 hours ago

    Good flick. A bit strange,but good anyway.

  • QueenOfAll_ Lady Rose
    QueenOfAll_ Lady Rose 22 hours ago

    Is that the first one? Jack Hunter should get some balls, letting himself run by this CIA girl!! Psssst

  • James Shaffer
    James Shaffer 22 hours ago

    The 3rd story with Ben is tragic of course. Ben truly didn't want to fight at all. Its clearly visible. David brought it on himself. I truly feel for David's wife and Father but Ben did NOT kill his son, David killed himself by putting himself into something that didn't even concern him. Tragic and I hope his father can heal some. David's wife is a strong sensible woman and she deserves recognition for how she handled herself. I know she helped Ben be able to deal with the tragedy a lil better. Hope you doing ok Ben. Not so sure about first story. But the second story, definitely a murder. Man thought he could just lie and get away with it. Glad he didnt. Cheers from the USA.

  • Bruce W McLaughlin
    Bruce W McLaughlin 22 hours ago

    If you are going to disable the bad guy , disable the bad guy all the way. Sort of great movie just a bit dumb .

  • Willie Brown
    Willie Brown 22 hours ago

    Seemed more political then a movie roe vs Wade it's like Tupac said I'mma man I can't have 1 I don't have the rite 2 tell a woman when and where 2 create 1

  • Jose Abad
    Jose Abad 22 hours ago

    very good

  • 1datsunlover
    1datsunlover 22 hours ago

    Damn, that female lead is easy to look at!

  • James Shaffer
    James Shaffer 23 hours ago

    Anybody else notice at 12:45 she pointing a rifle at the man with the bolt straight up on the rifle. At 12:51 it's down without her putting a hand on it. Ya. I know it's not perfect. I just found it amusing if I noticed it right off then the editors should have seen it too. Lol.

  • Savior Flaire
    Savior Flaire 23 hours ago

    WTF. Was he thinking about going to Austria ! The most backward,. homophobic,. anti-Semitic,. ignorant country in the world. !! You got to ask yourself why did he go to this hostile place. ?!?!?!

  • Jean Wrenn
    Jean Wrenn 23 hours ago

    Good movie = I'd seen it a long time ago...Michelle Pfeiffer and Ashton Kutcher

  • Lady Day
    Lady Day 23 hours ago

    Excellent movie! Great Actors. Thanks for the upload.

  • RobertJames728

    7 years, 7 nights I was still banging away 😝 wuss!

  • gingermollypark

    I'm chubby!!!!!!!!

  • Tatianna T Vaughn

    I love this movie very touchy I know what it’s like losing your loved ones very sad but you’ll see them again one day in heaven with Jesus

  • Richard Snowden

    well done but a bit confusing...

  • gingermollypark

    This movie is so funny.

  • Marcella Casey


  • alice partosa
    alice partosa Day ago

    Now I am confuse what to eat for breakfast...shouldn't start watching anything to begin a day with.

  • Juliette
    Juliette Day ago

    That is the Don Cesar Hotel in St.Pete, Fla. I used to live across the street ! In opening scene ,Cool!

  • Susie Pittman
    Susie Pittman Day ago

    This is a good movie, but I get tired of middle aged men's love interest always being half their age.

  • Walt Gogo
    Walt Gogo Day ago

    Gone 2: The Revenge of Lt. Unshtein