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    AEA.PEA.OEA.2AG * 6 minutes ago

    5 minutes was all I could stand.

  • therealjaxon
    therealjaxon 7 minutes ago

    I look at this movie like this...😲

  • Charlie Hunt
    Charlie Hunt 12 minutes ago

    Police there are very cruel and homophobic.

  • Linda Nelson
    Linda Nelson 13 minutes ago

    A very good horror/mystery that was well done!

  • Ariella Ortega
    Ariella Ortega 14 minutes ago

    This made me cry and I’m happy he won♥️♥️♥️😆

  • Diane Greene
    Diane Greene 20 minutes ago

    The handcuff clicking made this too bad to watch. What a travesty.

  • SmittenKitten
    SmittenKitten 48 minutes ago

    That woman is amazing. I would have melted into a puddle of despair, never to be heard from again. This entire thing is heartbreaking. He was obviously an incredible man. I hope she finds the truth. <3

  • Mike Baca
    Mike Baca 59 minutes ago

    Major cover up. Very tragic story.

  • Lookey Who
    Lookey Who Hour ago

    Thar critter should be required to get a haircut before boarding a US Navy ship.

  • Will Sieh
    Will Sieh Hour ago

    Great movie! Thank you for sharing

  • Ken Nard
    Ken Nard Hour ago

    Good movie

  • Ambrosia D.
    Ambrosia D. Hour ago

    This poor mother! My stomach is wrenched, imagine being in her shoes where she was getting ready to move in a few short months only to go there to look for son that just vanished. Why wouldn't the police help!!! why wasn't his beautiful face all over the news and signs posted everywhere. How hopeless she must have feltt. I literally wanted to YELL at these assholes! being in another country, not knowing your way around, not speaking or understanding the language, these jerks treating her like dirt. she just lost her freaking son and she can't get some water, get sone fresh air or something to drink? please SOMEBODY ADVOCATE and reopen this case so this mother can get some closure.

  • Kriptonickushman

    The movie was really about the firebird

  • Robert Travers
    Robert Travers Hour ago

    Good flic. Especially Bobbys girlfriend

  • Kenny kendo
    Kenny kendo Hour ago

    Even the baddest motherfuckers out there still have wifey problems 😆

  • Lin Nine
    Lin Nine Hour ago


  • Anneke Konstantine

    I'm sorry

  • thomas edwards
    thomas edwards Hour ago

    Good!!!! Need more popcorn though.

  • scott miller
    scott miller Hour ago

    Edited movie everything bleeped out.

  • Ant Poke
    Ant Poke Hour ago

    I havent been working over 2 months bearly got surgery 4 days ago but watching a free movie ..omg im so happy

  • Seniko Usenia
    Seniko Usenia Hour ago

    ~He Just Knocked The KNIFE "OUT" Of His Hand, And Then Turned Around To Be Holding The KNIFE In His Hand AGAIN!

  • Key Lock
    Key Lock Hour ago

    studied to be a vet still good and what I do and yes the booze helps in most cases just ask my Cat.

  • drink water
    drink water 2 hours ago

    @ 42:22....smh lol

  • Lisa Mcallister
    Lisa Mcallister 2 hours ago

    Intriguing Thanks for the share

  • x13x Monkeys
    x13x Monkeys 2 hours ago

    Yo yo yo , check it out , whatcha think ! Hahahaha

  • gypsygrl1
    gypsygrl1 2 hours ago

    Sounds like something happened in that sauna - Aeryn was probably afraid for his life and ran out. The police were probably bought or threatened and just lied about the whole thing. So sad.

  • x13x Monkeys
    x13x Monkeys 2 hours ago

    He will always be a TACO to me:)❤️🇨🇦

  • Gina Whisnant
    Gina Whisnant 2 hours ago

    The blonde in the airplane group is Taryn Manning from Orange is the New Black and Hawaii 5-0

  • once upon a dime
    once upon a dime 2 hours ago

    It really is heartbreaking.

  • once upon a dime
    once upon a dime 2 hours ago

    Damn what kind of callous mother fucker could watch a mother cry having lost her child and act like that to her? I mean even if you disagreed with the guys lifestyle how could anyone be so cruel in their handling of themselves with the family? And I thought police in America could be rough, but no they don't hold a candle to this kind of evil.

  • Renyl Veral
    Renyl Veral 2 hours ago

    Like me f u watch this movie sept. 17

  • Rob Mullin
    Rob Mullin 2 hours ago

    Cortland is about 2 hours south from me. Anyways, I cannot imagine how this mother must feel to go through everyday without knowing.

  • Art Gonzalez
    Art Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    Corny movie' poor acting! The guy with bow isn't killing dogs

  • Renall Oliver Senior

    Good movie but wicked... Thx..

  • Norma Ramirez
    Norma Ramirez 3 hours ago

    Someone kill him there , that guy & eveline knew what happens to him, I feel so bad for her hopefully she recovers his body, at least she deserves to close this horrible chapter on her life😔

  • Tammy Huennerkopf
    Tammy Huennerkopf 3 hours ago

    Scary movie.

  • mrrabx 47
    mrrabx 47 3 hours ago

    Oh this is my shit I'm always looking 4this movie

  • Z A
    Z A 3 hours ago

    Too difficult to understand their accent.

  • Warren Carlson
    Warren Carlson 3 hours ago

    great flick mr. Pullman pulls it off all the way

  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul 4 hours ago

    Retarded no good Democrats

  • IIGhost807II
    IIGhost807II 4 hours ago

    this woman is such a character. I could see her in a movie as a lead. Love her

  • Guadalupe Barban
    Guadalupe Barban 4 hours ago

    Quiero las. Muvis en español plis no hablo inglés plis

  • Cynthia Marston
    Cynthia Marston 4 hours ago

    I couldn’t get past the gulps of beer....so.

  • Mark Hanslmair
    Mark Hanslmair 4 hours ago


  • Charles Decriscio
    Charles Decriscio 4 hours ago


  • Bea Torres
    Bea Torres 5 hours ago

    Love Sarah Jessica Parker great movie thanks for sharing

    ILL XANE 5 hours ago

    1 bad ass movie

  • Pamela Arias
    Pamela Arias 5 hours ago

    Now this was a good movie

  • Theresa Ford
    Theresa Ford 5 hours ago

    I have this movie on video

  • danny Vandagriff
    danny Vandagriff 5 hours ago


  • shawn Michael
    shawn Michael 5 hours ago

    Beautiful wonderful movie!!!!

  • Jerome Goodwin
    Jerome Goodwin 5 hours ago

    If he died then someone would have seen the clothes he wore it seem like.

    ROB-IN-PHILLY 6 hours ago

    Ha, Cranston looks like a kid...:)

  • TheReal Butch Cassidy

    In The Northside This Is How We Ride

  • Judith Stokes
    Judith Stokes 6 hours ago

    The was the dumbest movie I ever seen. The actors were the worst. Just a stupid movie from the start to finish.

  • Alfred Minor
    Alfred Minor 6 hours ago

    Great job.... being a lover of history and my ancestors.... funni but entertaining

  • Plus2 Golfer
    Plus2 Golfer 7 hours ago

    Imagine it was the gay cop that killed him in a lovers quarrel

    ILL XANE 7 hours ago

    This movies dope. They rscrewed now they killed 1 I like the whole night of living dead style boarding up windows

  • Vedma
    Vedma 7 hours ago

    Damn the acting is so bad lol. Love her though!

  • a girl from new york

    Not bad!!! Thanks popcorn flix

  • Linda Eubanks-McCormick

    Abel you should have stayed xD It was hilarious. I love the old HORRIBLE cgi and cheesy over acting. I laughed through all the "scarey" parts and am still laughing. Terrible movie but great for comic relief :)

  • RAVD
    RAVD 8 hours ago

    A really Great Dare Devil of a Man, at a perfect time for America! Thanks Bobby.

  • Documentary Magic
    Documentary Magic 8 hours ago

    Even with speakers, the voices were so low, you can't hear what they're saying.

  • mdiem
    mdiem 8 hours ago

    Yo, is that _Critical Role_ Matthew Mercer?

  • Pamela Arias
    Pamela Arias 8 hours ago

    I'm glad this movie was about the dog because he seemed to have more common sense than some of the characters. The doctor after finding out what happened to this guy says poor dog! I'm like what about your fellow man who just lost his whole family? At least the vet assistant had the right idea. Then she goes home and had the nerve to ask her mom why can't she get over her trauma like the dog did? Where are the priorities and compassion here? Then the mom of the guy said you look better and smell better. I mean this was just the definition of tacky, other than that the movie was good.

  • Bernard Chase
    Bernard Chase 9 hours ago


  • Debbie Mitchell
    Debbie Mitchell 9 hours ago

    Jump scares not good for my heart, one day it's going to be the death of me, since I love horror movie's!

  • NotBorn Yesterday
    NotBorn Yesterday 9 hours ago

    Censorship edits are so "bleeping" annoying! :-(

  • Private Label
    Private Label 9 hours ago

    Mow Powa BABY

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez 10 hours ago

    Did that really happen about undocumented soldiers joining the military and not even getting a permanent us citizens resident?

  • maxime giordani
    maxime giordani 10 hours ago

    hilarious! these 1939 coloreds have modern day Dominican style hairlines

  • saflip969
    saflip969 10 hours ago

    Lesson learn here females are CraZy.. 39:54 She noticed the long hair shadow and she still wanted some! Until she got caught up... Blames it on the guy. The bitch is psycho hoe 41:25 she could had easily tried to defuse this whole drama by telling everyone the truth but she had to make a bigger scene. 1:29:43 Evil Smerk from her.

  • R. Harlan Smith
    R. Harlan Smith 10 hours ago

    This is the best high school play I ever saw. The town of Religion has a pretty good Country and Western radio station, too. If you hate Westerns and you have low cinematic standards, this is the film for you.

  • Documentary Magic
    Documentary Magic 10 hours ago

    For those who have eyes to see . . .Reality portrayed in movies.

  • Shawn Neil
    Shawn Neil 10 hours ago

    This is totally disgusting, my heart goes out for her

  • Gerrit Peacock
    Gerrit Peacock 10 hours ago

    It's hard to feel sorry for a douchebag. That guy is a douchebag. Bad guy's gun axe thing was silly.

  • Robert's Art Studio
    Robert's Art Studio 10 hours ago

    Is this based on the SNL sketch.......

    STEVEN GRACE 10 hours ago


  • Julian P
    Julian P 10 hours ago

    load of Shyte like all these type movies

  • Maggie Joseph
    Maggie Joseph 11 hours ago

    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ...if it wasn't for Lord Jesus Christ many of us would be living still in darkness and not knew a true meaning of love, undeserved mercy and everlasting comfort....my description of Jesus....if you know Jesus you are alive, if you refuse Jesus even if you think in your mind you are alive but truly I say you are dead.

  • Mississippi Mud
    Mississippi Mud 11 hours ago

    Steven , Corbin ,larenzo haven't seen these guys in a long time .glad to see them in something meaningful .

  • Warren Carlson
    Warren Carlson 11 hours ago

    hate this British shit

  • Rosevan Cande
    Rosevan Cande 12 hours ago

    Watching 12:17am i cant sleep gush i love this movie i wish i have alan in my life ella is so lucky to have his pure love this movie is worth watching wish they have part two

  • 321Catboxnwc
    321Catboxnwc 12 hours ago

    not a space movie

  • Rhonda Peace
    Rhonda Peace 12 hours ago

    I wonder why no one contacted the ‘tourist’ that was taken to the hospital that night?

  • Elizabeth Montoya
    Elizabeth Montoya 12 hours ago

    This movie never gets old 2019 💗

  • Al Howe
    Al Howe 13 hours ago

    More Please

  • Berry White
    Berry White 13 hours ago

    Doggett bit by a dog.

  • scrowty mcbugerballs
    scrowty mcbugerballs 13 hours ago

    What a great light hearted movie. its mix of comedy and everyday life in early 1900s was uplifting .

  • calmy Sohento
    calmy Sohento 14 hours ago

    Awesome movie...worth to watch!!

  • Love
    Love 14 hours ago

    Great movie thanks so much. It makes it easier to get through my work hours

  • chris mauk
    chris mauk 14 hours ago

    you said full movie: it is edited for language at the least

  • Jonathan Humtsoe
    Jonathan Humtsoe 15 hours ago

    Hey I m from Dubai if you show subtitles clearly it will be nice

    THESHOMROM 15 hours ago

    I hoped that there would at the least be some who weren' scumbags.

  • ignitesomething 35
    ignitesomething 35 15 hours ago

    A very heart wrenching portrait of a mother’s deep love for her child! The loss of a child is a piece of ones heart ripped from her soul. This world is an unjust place full of corruption and deceit. Living abroad/traveling abroad is extremely dangerous, and it has been proven over and over again. The United States judicial system is corrupt as well. God Bless you mom for pursuing the truth and trying to lay your sons body to rest! All my love.

  • nguyen lan
    nguyen lan 15 hours ago

    It's heart touching movie ! Thank you.