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  • Ray Tewell
    Ray Tewell 41 minute ago

    A couple of real intelligent lookin individuals here. One has to wonder what contributions to society these 2 have made.

  • Otis
    Otis 43 minutes ago

    I'm glad to see this disgusting swine get gutted, and kudos to the person who filmed it. This same cop was the criminal who was lying about his overtime pay and stealing from and cheating the city. Karma is a powerful force.

  • PEW AND NOM \Robloxs man
    PEW AND NOM \Robloxs man 48 minutes ago

    One I’m so happy and TWO LETS END CANNERS

  • Ronnie Jay
    Ronnie Jay 50 minutes ago

    Racist cop in some shithole town in Arkansas? The hell you say.

  • Black Devil
    Black Devil Hour ago

    These guys use to suck my dick. Hi guys!

  • K.E.C.
    K.E.C. Hour ago

    Fuck him

  • Les Seman
    Les Seman Hour ago

    I believe Mike Shildt is a career Minor League Manager. That is all. The Cardinals do not need a cheerleader for a manager. These are professionals in the Major Leagues who are paid handsomely to produce results. They needed fires lit under them during this season. And sit those who perpetually under achieve. (Ex. Matt Carpenter) I believe changes should be made in the off season. In my opinion

  • bigbrad 682
    bigbrad 682 Hour ago

    Ha, first Never been first before. It was a bummer of an ending but I'm pretty proud of them for their overall season.

  • Fletcher Rosser
    Fletcher Rosser Hour ago

    That's all we heard in Washington, the rant, over and over F bombs, we're going to F, you guys up, not that we needed that but the fans and players were sure fired up over it!

  • Fletcher Rosser
    Fletcher Rosser Hour ago

    The St Louis cardinals are a class organization as a Nationals fan, I was crushed when you guys came back to beat us in game 5 after we had a a lead, Shildt comments kinda rubbed me the wrong way saying we will beat anyone, nothing wrong with being confident but......

  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar 2 hours ago

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  • crafty bee
    crafty bee 3 hours ago

    No team from the central division was ever going to make it to the World Series - stat numbers don't lie!

  • crafty bee
    crafty bee 3 hours ago

    No team from the central division was ever going to make it to the World Series - stat numbers don't lie!

  • Doris Stubblefield
    Doris Stubblefield 3 hours ago

    Keep your Heads up guys, You all did a great job!!!! I love my Cards!!

  • Ray S
    Ray S 4 hours ago


  • Ric T
    Ric T 4 hours ago

    Pitching my ass...non productive hitters like Fowler, Bader, DeYoung, Matt Carpenter.. shall I go on?

  • mightbegenius
    mightbegenius 4 hours ago

    SCHIDT: "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHO WE PLAY. WE'RE GOING TO FUCK THEM UP". *the very next week* :*( "They just... they beat us. We tip our hats to them.." *karma is humbling*

  • Howard Pagel
    Howard Pagel 4 hours ago

    Not a chance, he is not that good!!!!!!!!!!

  • PatRiot
    PatRiot 5 hours ago

    Police have dropped a nuke on America And want to rebuild relations by putting band aids on dead bodies? Not going to work

  • joe schmuckatelli
    joe schmuckatelli 6 hours ago

    Since the guy had an illegal license plate it will be justified. Seems legit.

  • joe schmuckatelli
    joe schmuckatelli 6 hours ago

    Pig will probably walk free

  • Grant Richardet
    Grant Richardet 6 hours ago

    I Admire this guy he a line does need to be drawn because too many murders are going unsolved

  • Drew GTA
    Drew GTA 6 hours ago

    You’re devastated because you had to “stop what I was doin” dude that’s your daughter..

    • D Brother
      D Brother 3 hours ago

      Probably out somewhere drinking!

  • Michael Dauria
    Michael Dauria 7 hours ago

    Here’s the thing about the Cardinals yeah they have felt short but don’t forget Mike Shildt has taken his Cardinals to win the division beating Atlanta & nobody expected the Cardinals to get to this point but it is what it is & there’s nothing the Cardinals can do about it all they can do is that they can learn from what they have learned & move on.

    • Michael Dauria
      Michael Dauria 3 hours ago

      mightbegenius I couldn’t agree more about Atlanta.

    • mightbegenius
      mightbegenius 4 hours ago

      Honestly Atlanta would have made for a much more entertaining NLCS. They were obvioiusly the better team.

  • Xftbllplyr
    Xftbllplyr 7 hours ago

    Damn, people forgot that this man won a division and got past the divisional round. The cards choked with errors and cold bats

  • Vern
    Vern 8 hours ago

    Take solace in the fact that your team scored 10 runs in the first inning against the Braves. Then the tables turned and they got to experience that same feeling...awesome Cards! What a miserable showing and COMPLETE embarrassment in the division championship series.

  • Vern
    Vern 8 hours ago

    Shildt, I remember you talking about how your team NEVER gives up. You LIED, pal. They looked like a bunch of whipped puppies and played like it too!

  • william Johanns
    william Johanns 9 hours ago

    Yea yea bla bla bla. Tell people to not use illegal streetvapes. Specialy thc from the street. And tell them to switch from smoking to e cigs. Vaping saves lifes. All this news keeping people from vaping. Going back to the deadly cigarettes or people keep on smoking. Good Job America. Every day 1300 people die from smoking. Equivalent to 5plain craches every day. 👈 And the whant to ban vaping????

  • Joe Thurman
    Joe Thurman 9 hours ago

    Fifteen years of experience? That's a little over three years for each of them. Who wants to bet they all served in Afghanistan. Now do you understand why we should leave when the mission is complete. It's turning our youth into sadistic killers. Think there might be a correlation between prolonged police actions in foreign countries and bad policing here at home?

    NICOLAS TIMLIN 9 hours ago

    The number one factor may be Shildt, the speech master. Maybe his vile speech didn't really light any fire. Maybe the players decided they didn't feel like playing hard for an asshat Shildt.

  • R E
    R E 10 hours ago

    Purposefully, I only watched 1 inning out of the last two games. The Nationals were the much better team in all facets of the game. At least the Blues can walk away with a tie.

  • StLMoWeathershare
    StLMoWeathershare 12 hours ago

    That first inning tho. The Cardinals must have gotten their days mixed up and thought it was Halloween. Instead of showing up as a baseball team they showed up as a bunch of circus clowns, I love my boys but..no. Just no. Congrats to the Nationals! I hope they go on to win the world championship!

  • Nickolas Zair-Hanks
    Nickolas Zair-Hanks 12 hours ago

    Great pitching obviously was the story.

  • Skylin Janns C
    Skylin Janns C 12 hours ago

    She is such a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. Unbelievable

  • Mike Foster
    Mike Foster 13 hours ago


  • Skank Hunt42
    Skank Hunt42 14 hours ago

    The Cardinals little 15 year run was overrated. Lots of playoff eliminations and the two times they won it was handed to them by ridiculous levels of choking. I guess that luck has run out

  • Skank Hunt42
    Skank Hunt42 14 hours ago

    Thanks for nothing shartinals. Guess a real team in the AL will have to get the job done

  • 5ubZ3r0o
    5ubZ3r0o 14 hours ago

    GO CARDS !

  • Mike Foster
    Mike Foster 15 hours ago

    God bless Laila! True Champion! From a Blackhawks fan I have to say you Blues are an amazing organization. Congrats on the cup and for being pure class!

  • LFG Saints Cubs Raptors

    Let’s go cubs

  • Awesome Ewok Legends
    Awesome Ewok Legends 17 hours ago

    I'm loving the blue

  • M J
    M J 17 hours ago

    Who punched this dude in the eye? what was she doing there at 1am this shit don't make no Sense........

  • Angel Of Division
    Angel Of Division 17 hours ago

    A society of pro-suffering.

  • iiAwesomLaw iiAwesomeLaw

    Y’all really gone take my friend like that

  • Steve stevenson
    Steve stevenson 18 hours ago

    Meth is a hell of a drug

  • kimberyote2
    kimberyote2 18 hours ago

    The welfare state breeds violence. Generation after generation. This is their Wakanda they prefer and choose. It is the same. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. Unwed Mother's child after unwed Mother's child. Do you want to exchange the welfare state to stop the violence?? Hell No! And so it continues.

    • D Brother
      D Brother 3 hours ago

      The welfare state has destroyed the black community! Single moms, no good quality fathers in the lives of their children, black women dating thugs! The black race is doomed!

  • Steve stevenson
    Steve stevenson 18 hours ago

    Joe edwards can fuck right off

  • Roy A
    Roy A 18 hours ago

    Now he can apologize.....for the Cards sucking so bad Ha!

  • daniel tice
    daniel tice 18 hours ago

    far from the final chapter...

  • qvadfeeds
    qvadfeeds 18 hours ago

    this made me cry. i lost one of my friends to retts in june. good man

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 20 hours ago

    I bet 90 percent of the animals that live there all have prison records. So why would they say anything

  • Otis
    Otis 21 hour ago

    Thank you for your service Mr. Meeks!!

  • Steve stevenson
    Steve stevenson 21 hour ago

    Mean while that rat faced kim gardner just sits back and counts her mone

    • D Brother
      D Brother 3 hours ago

      Kim Gardner is not the problem, how these kids are raised is the problem!

  • NolanH
    NolanH 21 hour ago

    He took the most shots during the finals

  • SheWhoTalksToTheWind /ANNE

    They will never find the killer

    • Veo T.
      Veo T. 19 hours ago

      Yes they will.

  • Randy SoCal
    Randy SoCal 22 hours ago

    I Hate when people Almost make it out The Hood and Bad Stuff Happens Before they can Rest in peace

  • Adam Henry
    Adam Henry 23 hours ago


  • Jayden Korba
    Jayden Korba Day ago

    Did o’reirlly actually were a Sabre’s hat to a blues game

  • Mark Capestro
    Mark Capestro Day ago

    Hopefully the Nats end this misery today.

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  • Barbara Heffernan

    Thank you for sharing - this is such an important issue that our first responders struggle with!

  • backpackkid
    backpackkid Day ago

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  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar Day ago

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  • Vandálica y Minúscula


  • walk in beauty

    Sounds delicious

  • Adam Henry
    Adam Henry Day ago


  • R E
    R E Day ago

    I would put Fowler in the cleanup spot. That way he can’t make the first out of the game. I liked Ozunas Matt Holiday catch attempt last night. It was an exact duplicate.

  • Mr W
    Mr W Day ago

    Can shidlt please move edman up in the lineup and drop Wong to 7th vs Corbin

  • StLMoWeathershare

    Someone needs to tell my boys..the Cards.. they can't just watch the ball come across home plate and wish it to magically fly out of the stadium. They have to actually hit the ball! It's a shame we came this far just to get beaten so bad. I can handle not making it to the series but why no effort at all? Cardinals need to invest every cent they have into some great pitchers and power hitters for 2020. We don't need "potential". We need "already there". Maybe scrap the entire team and start from scratch...except for Yadi and Ozuna. LOL Nationals, you guys are rockin' it!

    • R E
      R E 23 hours ago

      StLMoWeathershare haha. Yeah, he’s in a virtual tie with Skip Schumacher as the most annoying hitter in the box.

    • StLMoWeathershare
      StLMoWeathershare Day ago

      @R E Ha ha! So true! Maybe if he would stop bouncing around like Tigger and doing a back bend while at bat he might hit the ball. Perhaps since he always sticks his tongue out he thinks he's supposed to lick it..not hit it. lol

    • R E
      R E Day ago

      Carpenter has been watching pitches sail by for the last two years. He looks like the kid in little league that was scared of the ball and never took a swing.

  • Winter Young
    Winter Young Day ago

    She's beautiful! What an encouragement. More young people need to know of this behavior instead of being bullies; which is so stupid and a huge sign of weakness.

  • TheFenomeno1102

    this useless does not deserve manage any time

  • danielle langdown

    That is great to see. I can see that there is hope out there. well done to the students for making her day.

  • jvermont1
    jvermont1 Day ago


  • Amber's styles!

    That's cool

  • Rich Weschitz
    Rich Weschitz Day ago

    America. We gotta stop complaining and forcefully remove these judges and shoot back at these cops. Otherwise, stop complaining. Because nothing will change otherwise. Ever.

  • Chad Kanipe
    Chad Kanipe Day ago

    Yadi is a punk,always has been.Cardinal way is a joke.

  • Buttercup
    Buttercup Day ago

    They black.

  • Cyndi Roberts
    Cyndi Roberts Day ago

    It’s about time these thugs gets what’s coming to them.

  • JOHN B
    JOHN B Day ago

    And these police unions got the nerve to call and ask for donations GTFOH!

  • Steve stevenson

    What a piece of dogshit

  • Steve stevenson

    Well at least the car wasnt damaged

  • Steve stevenson

    So much for that speech

  • Steve stevenson

    Bunch of bums.

  • John Brown
    John Brown Day ago

    Don't ever forget the murders of Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner, also known as the "Freedom Summer Murders." There are still white racist police officers that fill police agencies around the country.

  • 5ubZ3r0o
    5ubZ3r0o Day ago

    Cards in 7

    • StLMoWeathershare
      StLMoWeathershare Day ago

      @Quang Nguyen We can't do that. That would require us to actually hit the ball. LOL

    • Quang Nguyen
      Quang Nguyen Day ago

      Lmao. Score an earned run off a nats starter first

  • Alan Morris
    Alan Morris Day ago

    And they try to convince us that racial profiling is only imagined. I'm so glad the cop was stupid enough to say that on video. Our police agencies need to stop hiring these white racist bastards.

  • Skank Hunt42
    Skank Hunt42 Day ago

    This is what happens when the wrong teams make it. You get a lame unnatural irregular series. The AL is where it’s at right now, now that’s a matchup

    • Velocity Bluedoes2
      Velocity Bluedoes2 Day ago

      Skank Hunt42 bro I bet you like the team that wins the World Series every year 🤣🤣🤣 and I was happy for them

    • Skank Hunt42
      Skank Hunt42 Day ago

      Velocity Bluedoes2 BS don’t pretend like you weren’t devastated and that you’re happy for them 😂 you just don’t want to sound like a hypocrite right now

    • Velocity Bluedoes2
      Velocity Bluedoes2 Day ago

      Skank Hunt42 not even mad, cubs deserved a WS

    • Velocity Bluedoes2
      Velocity Bluedoes2 Day ago

      Skank Hunt42 Thanks man, congrats Chicago 😉

    • Skank Hunt42
      Skank Hunt42 Day ago

      Velocity Bluedoes2 nice World Series in 2016 loser. Just what you trash Ohio people deserved

  • Skank Hunt42
    Skank Hunt42 Day ago

    Just look at that nlcs logo, this was supposed to be a Braves Dodgers nlcs instead of this dud of a matchup

  • Skank Hunt42
    Skank Hunt42 Day ago

    Thanks for nothing. I guess the Asstros will have to put this team in their place since you guys couldn’t

  • Ivan
    Ivan Day ago

    Cardinals have no hitting control.they swing bats at too much outside pitches Mike schilt is outmanaged and wont get f**ked by nats manager.cardinals are done and gone. Get ready for next 2020.

  • Flyin Bryan
    Flyin Bryan Day ago

    Wow smh this so wrong

  • montanadoctor
    montanadoctor Day ago

    “Natives” should shut up! They deserve NO benefits, if they live on a reservation, since they’re on sovereign nations. After hundreds of years, let’s continue to celebrate the founder of our great nation, instead of kissing up to a very few, loud, welfare-abusing indians. BTW, most US citizens were also born in this country, making them as much of a native as any indian.

  • A Boring Sandwich

    This is why EVERYONE traveling near KC STL or Springfield should carry a loaded firearm and be prepared to respond to a threat... people who are willing to shoot a father in front of their kids deserve to be stopped permanently...

  • Erica Watts
    Erica Watts Day ago

    A couple montha.ago I went to a game and played the violin with all my violin group

  • Westside STL Pat

    What a waste

  • maxx glass
    maxx glass Day ago

    Curious to see what the toxicology tests reveal...

  • foxy the gamer p

    Hey that dresser is ikea. They ment to be move one time after put tougher.

  • Nococonuts Games

    Who tf leaves thier keys in thier car

  • Kimberyote3
    Kimberyote3 Day ago

    The criminal media, doing its best to destroy our country, 24/7.