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  • Alma Arines
    Alma Arines Minute ago

    When I dnt even own a dishwasher🤣🙈 hand wash is the way to go 😂

  • Katelyn Wallace
    Katelyn Wallace 23 minutes ago

    Unroll me is such an innovation- I didn’t know how much I needed this- thank you! 🤩

  • Araceli Vega
    Araceli Vega 42 minutes ago

    Runner 1 😊

  • rosebud21566
    rosebud21566 Hour ago

    Great hacks. I fold my towels in thirds longwise then in third again. This is easier to unfold then hang on towel bar. I’ll also look into the essential too. Thanks!

  • katherine Winkler
    katherine Winkler 2 hours ago

    I LOVE Garlic.... But one thing it wouldn’t work in is Dessert 🍮

  • this is me then
    this is me then 2 hours ago

    Congrats<3 Could you make a video on how to cleanwindows frame ? They always get yellow in the winter time.

  • cdugral
    cdugral 3 hours ago

    Laundry-Rooms scheinen echt ein Amerikanisches Phänomen zu sein. Hier bei uns in gibt’s das kaum. Da steht die Waschmaschine im Bad oder im Keller. Ja, schöner Raum, wenn man einen hat. Ich persönlich müsste diesen Kristall Schnickschnack nicht haben, auch ist die Farbe der Schränke zu „blau“, passt nicht zu den Fliesen. Ist aber Geschmacksache. Aber ansonsten ist das Video diesmal eigentlich nur Werbung für LG. Klar, wenn man 5000$ gesponsert bekommen kann, dann ist es einfach, den Raum neu auszustatten. Im Gegensatz zu den sonstigen Videos von Brittany, wo günstig eingekauft wird, steht hier jetzt -gratis- Qualität im Raum. Bitte einmal über die Aussage nachdenken: wenn ich etwas selber kaufen muss, dann wird das Billigste gekauft ( Waschmaschine) ja, wer billig kauft, kauft oft. Jetzt sind es High-End Geräte... klar! Ich übrigens habe Miele, sehr teuer damals, SELBST bezahlt, aber dafür begleiten Sie mich schon über 20 Jahre. Und was die Läufer angeht: Badematten? Echt jetzt? Stolperfallen! Es gibt in den USA so schöne Läufer, auch gepolstert [Gel] da wird sich doch etwas finden lassen. TJ Maxx oder Marshalls haben die sehr schön und günstig. Also nochmals: bitte jetzt nicht nur Werbung betreiben, das ist so lästig! Ich bin aufs nächste Video gespannt. Wo sind die Spar und Aufräum-Tipps?

  • Deborah Lloyd
    Deborah Lloyd 3 hours ago

    Dearest Brittany, you are brave to share. You are right to share, as it unites us all. Your darling baby 👶🏻 has reminded us that we are one and we are love. Thank you darling baby, your message has been heard With love, Dee Dee

  • quetzalli tolano
    quetzalli tolano 3 hours ago

    🤣🤣🐶🐶 first I think you have a ghost!!! 👻👻🐕🐕🐕🐕🤣🤣🤣

  • Jennifer Lemieux
    Jennifer Lemieux 4 hours ago

    Sometimes it’s overwhelming to go on Pinterest because there’s SO MANY ideas that I haven’t a clue where to begin... so I don’t lol. You do a great job at showing the process at a realistic level and WOW! the results are always gorgeous! Love your content. Keep on keeping on girly 😄👏🏻👏🏻 Also, runner #1 looks best, it gives the room that seamless look 👌🏻

  • Pang Lee Moua
    Pang Lee Moua 4 hours ago


  • Noah Ortega
    Noah Ortega 4 hours ago

    Go to bath and body works for a freshener. And get the graphite! Some people may like it. Also. If it’s really hot where you live all the time like over 100 then I suggest getting the little trees instead. The freshener from the Bath&Bodyworks will die out in 2 weeks. But if it’s under 90, it should last you 4 weeks or a little bit more.

  • PR2010US
    PR2010US 5 hours ago

    Beautiful ❤️❤️ can you pls link that chandelier TIA

  • WhatwouldPICARDdo Makeitso

    Wow, amazing technology.the room looks lovely especially with the new light fixture.

  • Denisse Tavares
    Denisse Tavares 5 hours ago

    I went through the exact same situation and felt the exact same way. It is unreal how much love you can feel for a baby that just starter growing inside you. I was devastated when I learned he didnt make it at week 8 ... hope you feel better soon. I relate to your sadness.. i still cry for my little angel.

  • Denise Lindahl
    Denise Lindahl 6 hours ago

    Give yourself time to greeve. You had a life, your baby in your womb. You didn't get a chance to do all that you look forward to with a child. I have 4 boys here. And 3 children in heaven, keeping the grand parents company. Before I got pregnant with my last child, the Dr. was surprised I had any children and didn't have more miscarriages. I had 2 of them, The last one I lost twins at about 5-6 weeks. I went through about 5 hours of intense cramping the doctor said was labor and there they were. One and then another. I was so heart broken. I ached for another baby especially a girl. I was having all kinds of issues so I went to a reproductive endocrinologist. He said I had PCOS. Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was treated for it and I was able to conceive. I gave birth to a precious little boy. He is such a gift, and a joy! He has Down Syndrome. He is now 14 yrs old and the size of an 8 yr old. Development is about 2 yrs old. And he is such a joy and so much fun! And yes he is work , but I have learned so much and still learning more. All of my children are perfect just the way God made them. He is our teacher. God blessed us with 4 boys here, 3 have special needs. 2 of my boys have autism spectrum disorder. My oldest is typical grown married, working etc. My 3 kids in heaven are remembered at Christmas. When I lost them. When they would have been born. I feel the first was a boy and the twins were girls. You know what you know. I lean on the Lord, and share with others. It's not a club you want to join but you walk a path not all walk. And you know the pain of others. My heart breaks for you. Learn and grow from what you have gone through. Appreciate what you have. Look to the future what joy the Lord has for you.

  • Rebeca Mercedes
    Rebeca Mercedes 6 hours ago

    I used to clean houses, and one of the tricks we used to leave the whole house sparkling & fresh was to wipe all the baseboards & moldings with Method grapefruit spray... The home ended smelling soooo good, and the baseboards looked impeccable. But that witch hazel/oil mix sounds great, I'm going to try it in my house.

  • Dawn Wagner princesslgunab

    I love how your new laundry room came out. Very Classy and Chic. Where did you get that Laundry Symbol Descrition wall Hanging from? What a great idea because I have a hard time figuring those symbols on my Clothing Tags out.

  • Dawn Wagner princesslgunab

    I like #1 runner.

  • Mzmax
    Mzmax 7 hours ago

    Rug #1 definitely

  • Alicia Clevenger
    Alicia Clevenger 7 hours ago

    I like the runner! :)

  • Dawn Wagner princesslgunab

    Oh my goodness I've had this happen to me. It was my first pregnancy and I was 3 months along when I'd just visited my OBGYN that day which he'd told me I was fine. Once I got home I was so happy, excited, elated I started spotting. I called the doctors office and they'd told me he's gone home. I asked what should I do and they told me if it got heavier to go to the hospital. It did and I ended up at the hospital. The doctor finally showed up and was in a bad mood because he'd gone all the way home. Once he did his examination on me he told me that the baby was gone. The hospital wanted to do the DNC on me right away but I couldn't. I had the Ultrasound like you had done and sure enough my baby was gone. I was so so devistated! I know the emotions you're going through sweetheart so don't feel badly about sharing your story with us. Its very hard when you really really are so happy and so excited about having a child that you want so much and feeling all of the pregnancy systems that makes it even so much more real. You were so brave to film this and I'm very proud of you. I know it wasn't easy but you did it and sharing or just talking about it with people who care about you is so very important. My Deepest of Sympathies and Condolences go out to you, your Husband and Family. Much love to you all. From one who's experienced this to you it will take time but you'll get through this. Lean on to those who Love you for Understanding and Support. Take care ❤🙏🙏❤ xoxo!

  • Angela Cox
    Angela Cox 7 hours ago

    I had 1 ectopic pregnancies and 1 miscarriage! It's so difficult to go through I know. You will always remember that baby forever, I think about mine every day. Me and my husband got some of those lanterns and did that as a memorial for each of them cause they are always a part of us!

  • Tracy Patterson
    Tracy Patterson 8 hours ago

    Rug option number 1 for sure. What a gorgeous transformation!

  • Ashley Asay
    Ashley Asay 8 hours ago


  • chondro giti
    chondro giti 8 hours ago

    I love that brother part...haha

  • sara tekle
    sara tekle 8 hours ago


  • Jayy Jayy
    Jayy Jayy 9 hours ago

    It looks soooo good! I love it 💜

  • Sharon Doolan
    Sharon Doolan 9 hours ago

    So sorry for your loss 💜

  • Jayy Jayy
    Jayy Jayy 9 hours ago

    Yessss! I love when you most videos like this! Thanks for all the great tips and hacks❤️

  • Suzanne Meyer
    Suzanne Meyer 9 hours ago

    Blue couch - do it!

  • Mom'sTown
    Mom'sTown 9 hours ago

    Amazing 😉

  • Ania S
    Ania S 9 hours ago

    Number 1!!

  • Larissa Hayes
    Larissa Hayes 9 hours ago

    Don’t replace the couch. Your space is beautiful!

  • Elizabeth Salinas
    Elizabeth Salinas 9 hours ago

    I’m so sorry Britney you and your family will be in my prayers 🙏🏻 I haven’t shared this much w my friends or anyone but I will share it here to whoever this might help. I’m Catholic and I deeply believe in God and Jesus. About 4 years ago I told my husband that I was ready to have a baby. We moved to the suburbs I got a better less stressful job and everything seemed perfect for us to conceive. We tried and nothing happened. Then I prayed and basically told God to bless us with our first child when he thought we were ready. After that I would get the urge to bless my stomach w holy water every time I entered Sunday Mass because one day my stomach would be the house of my babies. As a Catholic when you walk in a church you grab holy water and bless yourself, I would grab a little extra and rub it on my stomach. I kept doing that many Sunday’s without thinking about it. Then we got the opportunity to move back to the city which was not my plan to raise or have a baby in the city.. A week after moving I found out I was pregnant. I know it might sound silly or look silly to bless your belly every time you get a chance but I think that was something that truly helped me. I might sound crazy but I just had to share my story in hopes of maybe helping someone. You don’t have to be Catholic you can just pray for health specially our stomach area because one day that will be your future babies house ❤️ Prayers to everyone that is going through a similar story as Britney 🙏🏻

  • Eileen Day
    Eileen Day 9 hours ago

    So sorry that your going thru this. Find strength in yourself, hubby and have faith that your going to be ok. Take your time, feel better soon. Prayers to you, hubby and your son.

  • Sherry Desmarais
    Sherry Desmarais 9 hours ago

    A miscarriage is very painful. I’ve had two. One was as a late teen. The other was about 6 months after we were married. Like you it was very early but I knew I was pregnant and hadn’t seen a doctor yet. I had done an at home test that came out positive. We were thrilled. Our first baby! But it wasn’t meant to be. It was extremely difficult to deal with. I know that you will get through this. But know that after that we had 3 beautiful, healthy babies in the space of 4 years. We were very busy. Lol!

  • Backtomakeup
    Backtomakeup 9 hours ago

    I’m so so sorry for your loss, I can’t imagine the pain and loss you’re feeling. As a mother myself I can completely relate to that feeling that the moment you find out your pregnant your whole life completely changes, even though it was early on it doesn’t make the loss any easier. I so admire your strength and sharing and the fact that you’re donating the proceeds to the charity for women struggling with infertility, that is such a beautiful thing to come out of this. Sending you so much love ❤️

  • Eddy Frandsen
    Eddy Frandsen 9 hours ago

    number one runner is the one to go for

  • Kimberly Murphy
    Kimberly Murphy 10 hours ago

    (((Hugs))) 😢😢🙏🙏

  • Jenny Monroe
    Jenny Monroe 10 hours ago

    The instant you said the baby didn’t make it I cried honey you take your time getting through this. Time will help but you need to heal on your own time! I am so very sorry I hope you are doing better ❤️. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks I know you have to defend your stories on TVclip but your true followers will be there for you! ❤️

  • charlye ann
    charlye ann 10 hours ago

    congrats girl!! you're one of my favorite TVclip cleaning moms!! (my fave YT genre) More motivation/productivity videos please. Maybe something for college students?

  • Khit Francisco
    Khit Francisco 10 hours ago

    You're the best!

  • Nichole kennedy
    Nichole kennedy 10 hours ago

    Can I just offer you a little bit of hope!! I’m begging you to PLEASE HEAR ME OUT, PLEASE !! JUST READ THIS!! So we had our 1st child and he was just like your Carter (a perfectly normal little boy) and actually he was gonna be named Carter but at the last minute we went with Parker . So when Parker was a little over 2 we decided to go for baby #2. My husband is a State Trooper and could not be with me however my mother was. As the tech was looking for the heartbeat she was pointing out all the little toes and fingers and said excuse me I’ll be right back something in my heart just knew what was happening . So the dr came in and my worst nightmare was revealed to me. But it was the way it was revealed in such a nonshalant type of way such as miscarriages are much more common than you realize and gave me the statistics of 1 out of 4 well this one out of 4 has never in my life experienced something so tragic so how about being a little more gentle with the way you just broke the news to me and how do you expect me , my mental, emotional state , my body to go from being pregnant to just at the words that just came out of your mouth to now become unpregnant . Now you tell me DOC how do I process all of this. YOU DON’T , I sweet precious it takes a lot of tears, prayers and a lot of time alone but you will get there . I would love to send you a precious book that a sweet girl sent me . Had it not been for that book I would’ve mentally cracked up. To be honest when they sent me home, me knowing I had what I had inside me it was eating me alive quiet literally so I had them schedule me for a DNC the next morning . I went through many different phases , phases I’m embarrassed to even admit because the depression was just that bad. I wanted to just give up. But one day I completly turned my life around and let me share the most amazing story with you. Ya see June 29th was the most dreaded day of each year after my miscarriage that was the day my angel went to heaven , but 3 years later I have birth to the most beautiful little girl on that same exact date and listen at this it gets even better. She was not due on June 29th she came 9 weeks early and I lost my baby at 9 weeks . She did have to be placed on a ventilator and it was touch and go . But let me tell you she has been the best example to show me we serve an amazing god . Just one more thing and I’ll wrap it up. She was born with a condition on her brain known as peri ventricular leukomalysia and what that is, is when your brain is covered with a lot of brain matter and your spark plugs so to speak shouldn’t be able to charge a spark in order for your brain to function. Well this little thing has fought so hard her entire life. True she couldn’t hold her head up, walk until we got her a dog even with every kind of therapist coming into our home . She and her dog mastered life together . She had a feeding tube that we had to hook her up to so when we would cook meals we had to take her outside so she couldn’t smell the food . She overcame that. Right now she is a 12 year old normal child and her MRI does not match her physical abilities which is something that’s never been seen. According to her Brain she shouldn’t be able to do anything but she is. So let me tell you just like Jeremiah 29:11 says God knows the plans he has for Brittany Vasseur, plans to take care of Brittany Vaseir and plans to give Brittany Vasseur the hope and the future she so deserves, declares the lord. Never give up-Paisley Kennedy Feel free to reach out to me anytime on fb Nichole Vonderau Kennedy (sending you my heart, my prayers and my love sweet precious girl, it just takes time)

  • Marcia D.
    Marcia D. 11 hours ago

    Am so sorry for your loss. You cry all you want. Anyone who tells you otherwise is heartless. You need to mourn and deal with your grief.

  • Vicki Clingingsmith
    Vicki Clingingsmith 11 hours ago

    It is so heartbreaking. We lost both our babies. It’s been almost 35 years, but it still hurts. First was full term, second baby died at 14 weeks. The pain will fade, but it will never go away. Mourn your Angel Baby 💔 God bless you and your family!

  • Sheri Mutreja
    Sheri Mutreja 11 hours ago

    I am so sorry you went through this. I did, five heartbreaking times. Sending lots of love to you. 💕

  • Bodies
    Bodies 11 hours ago

    Definitely will be checking for these appliances when we move. Omg! Allergy and asthma friendly is a must bc my kids ugh!

  • Kristin Montiel
    Kristin Montiel 11 hours ago

    Option 1 definitely!!!

  • Linda Royal
    Linda Royal 11 hours ago

    I love make over videos, especially on a budget or DIY. Seems the only decor part of this video was only about 3-4 minutes long, the rest was spent advertising the washer/dryer. It did turn out nice, but a little disappointed not more "how to" wasn't shown. Would of liked a link to the laundry chart sign, that I really liked and would to purchase.

  • J Flo
    J Flo 11 hours ago

    Firework diffuser. Must have. Where can I order it? 😊

  • Sandy Miller
    Sandy Miller 11 hours ago

    Too much like an LG commercial. I appreciate the hassle but think the delivery could’ve been better

  • pam daniel
    pam daniel 11 hours ago

    Y'all are so funny!! You need to come out with a handbook for using essential oils for quick reference. I can't keep it all straight. LOL

  • Christina N
    Christina N 12 hours ago

    The washer syncing with your Alexa reminds me of the Disney original movie, Smart House! 😂 anyone remember that movie?!

  • Kendra Haywood
    Kendra Haywood 12 hours ago

    I had to rewind...@sasquashleg 😂😂

  • Karen Graves
    Karen Graves 12 hours ago

    What a great inspiration picture to work from!! Great job - looks amazing! Option 1 runner.

  • Megan Nicpon
    Megan Nicpon 12 hours ago

    Rug #1

  • Tracy Laird
    Tracy Laird 12 hours ago

    Oh heaven I love it

  • Miss Marble
    Miss Marble 12 hours ago

    You deserve those laundry appliances because you are very appreciative of the things you have in your life and make good use of them in addition to helping others!!

  • Megan Wong
    Megan Wong 12 hours ago

    Great video! The 1st item you mentioned was my favorite bc it’s multi-functional and easily assembled. I actually bought it before I saw this or the catalog & I’m so glad you chose the same cool / flex piece! Gr8 taste!! No worries-you don’t need the manual when you put out all the pieces!!!! EZpz

  • Mikéla Govig
    Mikéla Govig 13 hours ago

    Vote for option 1 - the longer runner!

  • Karen Gurrola
    Karen Gurrola 13 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing! Definitely going to use theses tips🙌🏼

  • Cynthia Gonzalez
    Cynthia Gonzalez 13 hours ago

    Omg. Sorry to hear this sad news. I don’t know what you are going through because it hasn’t happen to me but I believe in god. He works in mysterious ways and knows why he is doing this. Trust him.

  • aguilacec
    aguilacec 13 hours ago

    hahahal.... you husband at the end :D :D

  • Melanie Holten
    Melanie Holten 13 hours ago

    Option #1! Also that tile you chose is AMAZING!

  • Marsha Balderrama
    Marsha Balderrama 13 hours ago

    Thank you for this info. I’m looking for a new washer/dryer. I have the Samsung Steam washer and Steam Dryer. THEY SUCK! It takes 2 hours to steam wash. And the quick wash is for 35 minutes and doesn’t clean the clothes well🙄

    • Marsha Balderrama
      Marsha Balderrama 13 hours ago

      I also have a Samsung Refrigerator that the ice bin freezes over, I have to thaw it out about every other month. 🙄 NEVER will I Ever buy a Samsung appliance again! I love the TV’s though.

  • Chantee' WK
    Chantee' WK 13 hours ago

    Please wait sometime and get retested first. You need a second opinion.

  • Inez Moreno
    Inez Moreno 13 hours ago

    Where did you get those dishes? They’re beautiful!

  • ellagirl4ever
    ellagirl4ever 14 hours ago

    Option 1!!

  • Larie Gonzalez
    Larie Gonzalez 14 hours ago

    My heart goes out to you, in my prayers

  • Theresa McGowan
    Theresa McGowan 14 hours ago

    So sorry for your loss

  • Paris
    Paris 14 hours ago

    Um YESS replace your couch with the blue one. I totally get it. The people who said “No” don’t get it. It’s a splash of color, it’s newer, it’s fun sexy but elegant, it’s spontaneous, it looks comfy. YES. I would get it if I didn’t just buy a new couch.

  • madonna williams
    madonna williams 14 hours ago

    Option 1

  • Chelsea C.
    Chelsea C. 14 hours ago

    Rug #1! Super cute design!!!

  • Emile Gore
    Emile Gore 14 hours ago

    Don't put lemon or anything citrus or peppermint in your toilet paper roll! If it gets on the toilet paper and then on your sensitive will burn like a mofo...

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith 14 hours ago

    Your channel is my absolute favorite! You give me so much inspiration for my home and I’ve become obsessed with some of your amazon favorites (those soft leggings, oh my gosh!!!) Are you going to do any essential oil kit giveaways? I’ve been keeping an eye on them for a couple of months now

  • Sarah Rasmussen
    Sarah Rasmussen 15 hours ago

    option 1! Such an awesome sponsorship!

  • MsJgreen77
    MsJgreen77 15 hours ago

    Your Wings Were Ready, But My Heart Was Not;

  • Megan Mehlenbacher
    Megan Mehlenbacher 15 hours ago

    I have been finding spiders everywhere this year, so have many of my friends... What the heck is going on!? Thanks for the tips, can't wait to try your hack!

  • Selena Macias
    Selena Macias 15 hours ago

    Personally I love the Velcro remote hot but I would let part of the remote stick out if you do not have a glass transparent coffee table and put the label on the back of the remote that way you can see only the label sticking out from the coffee table. That way you don’t have to search under your table.

  • niky_nightmare
    niky_nightmare 15 hours ago

    Amazing room transformation 🎉

  • connie denton
    connie denton 15 hours ago

    I would actually pick both options, that way when something gets dirty you can have the other one down. And it gives you something to wash lol since you are looking for things. Good video.

  • jolieart
    jolieart 15 hours ago

    Curtis stone pan? The BEST pan ever

  • Kate Xoxo
    Kate Xoxo 15 hours ago

    So true.. I feel so sad for you dear I hope ull be able to make another baby soon❤

  • Eteferahu Etafer
    Eteferahu Etafer 15 hours ago

    Baby craft can

  • Savannah Bishop
    Savannah Bishop 16 hours ago

    Your eyes look purple/violet in this video! Soooo beautiful💜

  • Graita B.
    Graita B. 16 hours ago

    What a wonderful room. If you have to place a rug, then option 1, but if you have to use Clorox , sometimes, it can accidentally drip and damage the rug. See if you can find another alternative, not made of fabric.

  • Hiba Arshad
    Hiba Arshad 16 hours ago

    loved the transformation... n plz go wth the longer runner

  • Patricia Barrera
    Patricia Barrera 16 hours ago

    Baby learning to express gratitude --fantastic!

  • Patricia Melanie
    Patricia Melanie 16 hours ago

    I like the longer runner. Looks cute. But I’m cringing that you took out your awesome sink! I wish I had a sink in my laundry room haha :) but I guess having that sidekick kind of can replace that. Looks awesome!

  • Julia Walker
    Julia Walker 16 hours ago

    I like the 1st runner!!

  • Crystal Hilton
    Crystal Hilton 16 hours ago

    I have the kallax cubby 🤯 I didn't know they had drawers options!

  • Amy P
    Amy P 16 hours ago

    Now we just need a machine that puts the laundry away 😂

  • Inge Gordon
    Inge Gordon 16 hours ago

    YES!! the lemon is my go to!

  • Musichowler
    Musichowler 16 hours ago

    That ending is hilarious! Excellent video.

  • srp820
    srp820 16 hours ago

    Wow, so beautiful! Love the extra features and the new cleaning “cabinet.” I personally like option 1 runner better. Could you even get a taller cabinet where the credenza is? That will give more vertical storage, if needed 😊

  • bridgette Rocha
    bridgette Rocha 16 hours ago

    Beautiful! Where’d you find that light?

  • Sandra Migacz
    Sandra Migacz 17 hours ago

    Velvet couch is beautiful! Dare to be different

  • Lisa Jervis
    Lisa Jervis 17 hours ago

    I just love the lights on your bed

  • Lisa Jervis
    Lisa Jervis 17 hours ago

    I love watching you you give me hope for organizing