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  • scarylion.roar
    scarylion.roar 6 hours ago

    Sometimes, I dream about square platforms.

  • Anubis Hades
    Anubis Hades 12 hours ago

    Well bloody hell jack, I never new you had your own channel, good on ya mate

  • Zporadik
    Zporadik Day ago

    Filter problem solved at @1:35:40 . God I wish I'd had this timestamp early on.

  • Fire Breath335

    I see that anytime he needs to craft something it automatically goes to the different options, I can't find it online can someone give me the hotkey that is used. Thanks to its very much appreciated as I'm doing my own run of SkyFactory 4.

  • Arturo Petit
    Arturo Petit Day ago

    Jack check backpack from ender mod,it's OP. Better cubes if you can,I believe diamond one can hold 10 times one There's a pickaxe really great and relative cheap. I believe from diamonds ,oxidian & puts cake down. The reason of why you can use water on the nether and no dragon,worlds are a simulation of the real ones

  • Arturo Petit
    Arturo Petit Day ago

    That storage mods needs priority on cables/connectors Saw another gameplay of skyf4 That had the tree's in one section linked to some cabinets connect to master box Then he change/upgraded his storage system to another mod

  • Danny Lang
    Danny Lang Day ago

    Love the vids jack. Wanna thank you for being a part of my life for so long. Started watching ah and rt and especially letsplay in 2013.

  • phillip lane
    phillip lane Day ago

    You know, direwolf20s building gadget would help you a lot. Tell Ryan

  • Foxleader
    Foxleader Day ago

    Hey Jack just a heads up on mobile if you watch on full screen the stream gets a bit choppy when it rains in game.

  • Allan Robertson

    Keep up the videos Jack. I've been watching since you and Geoff were making mw2 spec op videos

  • TTP_Danny
    TTP_Danny Day ago

    Anyone else experience a bunch of lag?

    • EldarCorruption
      EldarCorruption Day ago

      Its exponentially worse when there is rain as well

    • Eric Furst
      Eric Furst Day ago

      Definitely on the recording side cause I'm getting it to and my side says it's playing at 60fps

    • TTP_Danny
      TTP_Danny Day ago

      Chris Cruhigger Glad I’m not the only one. Probably has to do with him streaming.

    • Chris Cruhigger
      Chris Cruhigger Day ago

      Yup...my frames are dog poop

  • Logan Curnow
    Logan Curnow Day ago

    I was watching this while im waiting for chickens to breed to get DIAMONDS

  • Earl Harding
    Earl Harding Day ago

    Love watching your vids, you're always such a positive dude! Keep up the great work bud!

  • Jorqlip 1
    Jorqlip 1 Day ago

    Gameplay @ 6:29

  • AvidIncursio
    AvidIncursio Day ago

    Keep up the great work and videos Jack. Love and support for California 😎

  • AkiraPoland
    AkiraPoland Day ago

    Jack. Are you gonna do Trials Rising dlc?

  • Melissa Hayes
    Melissa Hayes Day ago

    With the parabox, could you have all but one achievement done before you start the loop and complete that last achievement over and over to farm points?

  • Demize Glittersword

    I would have at least Bonsai Hoppered the Clay and Iron Saplings as soon as possible to gain the resources for more Bonsai Hoppers. Followed I think by Coal Sapling.

  • AkiraPoland
    AkiraPoland 2 days ago

    Are you gonna Play something else? You and Brownman are only one i watch from Rooster Teeth.

    • AkiraPoland
      AkiraPoland Day ago

      @Gabe Puratekuta well. I dont Care he isnt. But its like saying i like MJ from NBA. And he dont also Play for Chicago Bulls. Here is The same. He was in RT. He was funny. RT was better with him. Hes not? Okay. Hes funny on his own channel. And RT are funny sometimes too. I had fun watching last episode of gmod. Even if i dont like most of them. I like Jack. Even if dont like Minecraft i sometimes come here. Oh well. I hope you know what i mean. Cheers.

    • Gabe Puratekuta
      Gabe Puratekuta Day ago

      @AkiraPoland Ray isn't in RT anymore, though. So I say: It's been over 4 years. Get over it

    • AkiraPoland
      AkiraPoland Day ago

      @Gabe Puratekuta and Ray who was in RT. those two are only i like from RT. Lindsey is funny also. But thats it. But thats for me.

    • Gabe Puratekuta
      Gabe Puratekuta 2 days ago

      So the only one from Rooster Teeth you watch on Twitch/TVclip is Jack

  • Bill
    Bill 2 days ago

    Is it just me or is the video choppy?

  • Drew Millan
    Drew Millan 2 days ago

    Does anyone know what his sword is made of? Love the name by the way Jack. The deadliest of cuts lol

  • Martin
    Martin 2 days ago

    Love watching you play minecraft and love the gang as well! Wish I had the time to play games like you !

  • Jeremiah Sherman
    Jeremiah Sherman 2 days ago

    ~ Squeak Squeak ~ LOL

  • SheSquirrel
    SheSquirrel 2 days ago

    Seeing Jack sing songs from my favorite musical on stream is fantastic! (Chicago)

  • Scout Combs
    Scout Combs 2 days ago

    Hey Jack, you’re awesome! I feel like you don’t get enough love when in the office. Just wanted to let you know you’re one of the best! keep being cool, Bud

  • Treavor Sayre
    Treavor Sayre 2 days ago

    Dang it I always seem to miss your streams

  • Sean Ruel
    Sean Ruel 2 days ago

    This was a great stream

  • Jorqlip 1
    Jorqlip 1 2 days ago

    Gameplay at 8:45

  • Sean Ruel
    Sean Ruel 2 days ago


  • Bare Bonez Blacksmithing

    did anyone else hear the song :dig a tunnel: from the lion king 1 1/2?

  • Bare Bonez Blacksmithing

    1:30 starts playing

  • WarrenRose
    WarrenRose 4 days ago

    I like your streams, they have no pissing around like Ryans

  • Manny G
    Manny G 4 days ago

    tvclip.biz/video/Xe5qt2nfoyc/video.html Jack watch this

  • Tait McMartin
    Tait McMartin 4 days ago

    u need regular food for the gluttany charm

  • Zerolile Delphinicus

    Gluttony charm only usable on Solid foods

  • John Collins
    John Collins 4 days ago

    you should make at least a couple folders for sticks and logs because they become a practically limitless supply of energy when automatically put into combustion generators

  • StateBlaze1989
    StateBlaze1989 4 days ago

    Wait, Jack has his own channel?!

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones 4 days ago

    The villagers are the real MVPs of this tho

  • John Collins
    John Collins 4 days ago

    Jack idk if you read these comments but i've noticed in the skyfactory AH episodes you haven't been tinkering to your full potential. I highly recommend using a necrotic bone on the swords and making a long bow for michael and jeremy. if you look through the matierials and you it shows you all of the modifiers and some are very strong. also you can fully max out each level of haste luck and sharpness in the same modifier so if any of their tools and armor has haste 50/100 you can get it to 100/100 without needing ant more modifier slots

  • Joseph Magenta
    Joseph Magenta 4 days ago

    Ctrl Q drops stacks of whatever you mouse is hovering over

    DESCENDENTTV 4 days ago

    @jackpattillo i know im a week late but Geaux Tigers!

  • Colin McCullough
    Colin McCullough 4 days ago

    Nice work Jack. I’m always looking forward to Skyfactory lets plays, and yours and Ryan’s streams keep me going between fridays. Also, at 28:45, he was talking about an Aether portal which isn’t a dimension in this modpack.

  • Jorqlip 1
    Jorqlip 1 4 days ago

    Gameplay @ 1:18

    • EldarCorruption
      EldarCorruption 3 days ago

      @Jorqlip 1 Now create a sound dampener for those villagers

    • Jorqlip 1
      Jorqlip 1 3 days ago

      EldarCorruption just doing my best for the Pattillion

    • EldarCorruption
      EldarCorruption 3 days ago

      Thanks Chief <3 ♥

  • nitro reexe
    nitro reexe 4 days ago

    Nice Intro Jack!

  • Spritemon 98
    Spritemon 98 5 days ago

    You and the other guys at achievement hunter shouldn't bring politics up while your playing games

  • 01shield
    01shield 6 days ago

    gg on the 100k

  • Blake Evans
    Blake Evans 7 days ago

    Jack is an amazing person <3

  • TheAlivere
    TheAlivere 7 days ago

    Pausing 1:19:00

  • Mohamed Salah Yahyaoui


  • Theolous l
    Theolous l 8 days ago

    It’s so weird knowing some people don’t know Jack from Achievement Hunter/RoosterTeeth( If you don’t know Achievement Hunter it Letsplay definitely watch them they are great)

  • TX BattleJunk86
    TX BattleJunk86 8 days ago

    Lmao Jack's video has 3x the ads that stric has on his

  • TX BattleJunk86
    TX BattleJunk86 8 days ago

    To bad you couldn't throw the case around a hit to get some scratches and dents that would make it even better

  • Andy
    Andy 8 days ago

    Congrats jack you've worked so hard to get here

  • Ivy Wolf
    Ivy Wolf 9 days ago

    When does he stream this? looks fun!

    • Ivy Wolf
      Ivy Wolf 8 days ago

      @ImFrelledevery wednesday evening?

    • ImFrelled
      ImFrelled 8 days ago

      Wednesday evening.

  • Big Disappointment
    Big Disappointment 9 days ago

    1:24:00 Jack tramples their crops. Wow, after multiple episodes of him yelling at other people 😂

  • Collin Aills
    Collin Aills 9 days ago

    Why did I not know that this man had a channel.... I've missed the best Achievement Hunter

    • Eorzat
      Eorzat 5 days ago

      Michael, Jeremy, Alfredo, and Ryan (I believe) also have their own personal YT channels if you also didn't know.

  • Scott Cress
    Scott Cress 9 days ago

    Does it annoy anyone else that he wastes so much wood by using full blocks for his starting platform? Is there a reason he doesn't turn the blocks into halfs?

    • T_E_C_H_N_9_N_E MHPH
      T_E_C_H_N_9_N_E MHPH 9 days ago

      He jukinhlikeropeinheliedtogetfagsbitchesgoawayimsocipathfuckoffwjyareyoustillreadingtjis writer-director Toto696953257

  • EiferBrennan
    EiferBrennan 9 days ago

    Even though I didn't do much of anything, I had a blast, and I hope I can get in next time too! I promise to be more productive next time!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 days ago

    Playing with BEAULO? Holy shit

  • Bill Irwin
    Bill Irwin 10 days ago

    can somebody link the dnd ch jack talked about at 2:18 id like to watch it

  • MikeyRocks88
    MikeyRocks88 10 days ago

    congrats jackie brown. ;)

  • Emperor Infinity
    Emperor Infinity 10 days ago

    Which button for smack with shield

  • Noah Green
    Noah Green 10 days ago

    I wish jack add a new statue to the church of slab for every 10000 bit donation

  • Lauryn Slade
    Lauryn Slade 10 days ago

    Chaos Wonderful, wonderful chaos

  • Dalton Bridevaux
    Dalton Bridevaux 10 days ago

    porcelain melter sounds like a toilet with a terrifying aura, and should be pacmonster's toilet for his second sign

  • Oberon Crex
    Oberon Crex 10 days ago

    I may disagree with some of Jack’s politics but that doesn’t matter honestly. Jack is one of the best people to EVER exist. He’s so awesome, chill, and humble.

    • Oberon Crex
      Oberon Crex 10 days ago

      pan_senpai amen

    • pan_senpai
      pan_senpai 10 days ago

      I feel like regardless of opposing politics we can all agree that jack is an awesome guy who just loves everyone and deserves the world.

  • Kenneth Luper
    Kenneth Luper 11 days ago

    Would you allow a late join possibly I've played it quite a bit if you'll allow it

  • Malborn
    Malborn 11 days ago

    Great for you Jack, i hope the community keeps growing keep up the great work.

  • Big Disappointment
    Big Disappointment 11 days ago

    Drinking game: Take a shot everytime Jack says, "Look at all these beautiful people working together." And "Does anyone need invites?"

  • Breanna Morice
    Breanna Morice 11 days ago

    What is the water water dirt thing?

  • Andrew Gushee
    Andrew Gushee 11 days ago

    This was an awesome video

  • caleb jones
    caleb jones 11 days ago

    That was truly an awesome episode. Loved the team work and fun

  • Taryn Cobb
    Taryn Cobb 11 days ago

    Congrats on the play button, Jack. !!!

  • ILikeCHEEZ9
    ILikeCHEEZ9 11 days ago

    um why am i just now finding out this exists? I've been subbed to RT for about 8 years since I was 15. This channel is 12 years old. I shouldve bee subbed to this long ago. Now I'm off to go watch the millienium falcon build

    • ImFrelled
      ImFrelled 8 days ago

      His twitch is SortaMaliciousGaming

    • nitro reexe
      nitro reexe 8 days ago

      @unofficial support Its Called Ryan Haywood Twitch live Streams Archive

    • unofficial support
      unofficial support 11 days ago

      Ryan also streams on twitch and has a TVclip channel that uploads the vods

  • Something54321
    Something54321 11 days ago

    2:15:55 song from UP?

  • SuperNightOwl
    SuperNightOwl 11 days ago

    Jack you should of built your base below the platform where spawn is so spawn is unobstructed

  • Austin Arts
    Austin Arts 11 days ago

    We need a Rooster teeth show of just Jack in a black room with a black table building Lego stuff and talking softly as he does, like lego bob ross

  • Mark Bennett
    Mark Bennett 11 days ago

    All members of the Cult of the Slab should have a matching piece of armour to identify themselves as a cult member. lol.

  • 904_ Kg
    904_ Kg 11 days ago

    Congratulations Jack you beautiful bastard

  • Aleksandra Gad
    Aleksandra Gad 11 days ago

    38:42 wonder sheep? what's happening

  • PissTest
    PissTest 11 days ago

    I especially like this one you invited all random people and just go off doing their own thing definitely would love to see more videos like this

  • Smp and Lox
    Smp and Lox 11 days ago

    I can’t believe a cult started like an hour in.

    • Paladin Aeon
      Paladin Aeon 8 days ago

      You should check out the Cult of Kermit, took over Protonjon's chat after he played a Muppet's game.

    • EiferBrennan
      EiferBrennan 9 days ago

      The Church of the Slab has existed well before this, but we finally made it official here.

  • Rimothy Logbone
    Rimothy Logbone 11 days ago

    Oh my gosh, congrats Jack! By the power of the beard!

  • Team OP
    Team OP 11 days ago

    1:09:57 That’s all I will say.

  • KamenJay
    KamenJay 11 days ago


  • SwitchIt
    SwitchIt 11 days ago

    So happy for you Jack! You deserve a little recognition for your hard work, care and consideration for those who watch you. Both in AH, twitch and TVclip, you bring us all a lot of laughs and joy. Hug that silver, you're worth it all and more

  • Jazz Hands
    Jazz Hands 11 days ago

    jack got his button!!!!!!im so happy for him! and me because MMP skyfactory!

  • Michaela Levy
    Michaela Levy 12 days ago

    So proud of you Jack!! You’ve truly earned that button and everyone you’ve touched through all the work you do for charity and fans proves it.

  • Guardian of wolves
    Guardian of wolves 12 days ago

    I think you can inv every one with @a

  • Nathaniel Cordero
    Nathaniel Cordero 12 days ago

    Love you jack!

  • Michael Aigner
    Michael Aigner 12 days ago

    I am trying to login to my minecraft account but I can't

  • David Rosa
    David Rosa 12 days ago

    Does anybody know if the server is open 24/7 or only when Jack streams

    • pan_senpai
      pan_senpai 10 days ago

      Last time he did it he only kept it open when he streamed so I'd assume he'd do the same thing.

  • MLG Mike
    MLG Mike 12 days ago

    I can't wait to see the chaos unfold

  • Who Cares reallly
    Who Cares reallly 12 days ago

    I built up a legacy in my very own way so suprise motherf*ker Jack's here to stay

  • Wolf Spike
    Wolf Spike 12 days ago

    Aye congrats on the YT Silver Play Button Jack you deserve it you beautiful bearded man haha <3

  • Jordan Borrelli
    Jordan Borrelli 12 days ago

    Congrats man and thanks for the awesome content

  • SchmeEeE
    SchmeEeE 12 days ago

    Skyfactory has to be a lot more fun with others.

    • SchmeEeE
      SchmeEeE 10 days ago

      You think so? I've only ever played skyfactory by myself

    • Jordie Evans
      Jordie Evans 12 days ago

      i disagree.

  • Jorqlip 1
    Jorqlip 1 12 days ago

    Howradisit are you rem or ram I forgot

  • thomas linton
    thomas linton 12 days ago

    Ew its Jack 😂😂 jk Jack we love you!

  • Dracolegacy
    Dracolegacy 12 days ago

    totally getting in on this my next wednesday off work.